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Transcript of RuneFest 2018 - Save the Date!

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Automatic transcriptionEdit

[00:00] Hi, everyone. I'm Mod Shed and it's that time of year again.
[00:02] RuneFest 2018 is back and we've got some seriously awesome things to tell you about,
[00:07] and some things we'll probably just keep to ourselves for now,
[00:10] that will make RuneFest 2018 the greatest RuneScape Festival in the history of the world!
[00:17] But before we get into how this year's show is going to change your life,
[00:20] we've got some news for you.
[00:22] For years RuneFest has made its home in our nation's capital.
[00:24] From Tobacco Dock to Battersea Evolution,
[00:27] RuneFest has evolved into the show we know and love today.
[00:29] However, in recent years we've really struggled to find a venue
[00:33] that can contain the might of RuneFest,
[00:35] and so we decided to take the decision to move the show out of London.
[00:39] But we needed to find a new home.
[00:41] But not just any home, a truly epic home.
[00:44] And so we scoured the length and the breadth of the country
[00:47] to try and find a venue worthy of RuneFest.
[00:50] And finally, after months of searching,
[00:52] we can finally reveal our new venue!
[00:56] Shed!
[00:57] Yes?
[00:58] It's that one!
[00:59] It's that one!
[01:02] It's this one! That's better! It's this one!
[01:14] This is the Farnborough International Exhibition Center.
[01:17] 16,000 square meters of brand spanking new venue just 30 miles west of Central London.
[01:24] We will be one of the first events to grace its walls.
[01:27] It was only finished six weeks ago and it's waiting just for us.
[01:37] We didn't just want to grow the show now,
[01:39] we wanted the ability to future-proof RuneFest,
[01:41] and here at Farnborough we have the ability to do that.
[01:44] Plus, you get all of the perks of a brand new venue.
[01:47] Ample on-site parking, brand new hotels, and better food and drink options.
[01:52] Plus, here at Farnborough we have the added bonus
[01:53] that you have your own private jet hangar, if that's how you roll.
[01:59] Look, Mod Osborne is leaving.
[02:02] So that's our new venue!
[02:03] More information will be released over the coming months
[02:06] and tickets will be on sale soon.
[02:07] Make sure you check the website for more information,
[02:10] as well as our social media channels,
[02:12] which just leaves me to tell you to save the date,
[02:14] Friday 5th and Saturday 6th October.
[02:18] And we hope we will see you all here in six months' time!