Transcript of RuneFest 2018 - Recipe for Faster (Panel)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] hello thank you for coming
[00:08] it's nice to see so many of you here
[00:13] I've written that bit down prior yeah so
[00:18] thank you for coming to our talk called
[00:20] recipe for faster howdy-ho
[00:23] so we are all members of the web team
[00:26] before we get properly started can
[00:28] anybody tell me what you think that
[00:30] means go on I guess
[00:35] we manage the website I think okay we
[00:44] got some informed answers that's cool so
[00:48] the point of this talk is to give you
[00:50] guys a bit of history as to what our
[00:52] team has done sort of the the part that
[00:55] we've played in the saga that is
[00:56] runescape and talk a bit about what
[00:59] we're doing now hopefully exciting stuff
[01:01] and then also get you guys involved in
[01:05] giving some feedback in suggestions and
[01:06] things as to what we're doing in the
[01:07] future
[01:08] cause Jax is typically very player
[01:10] focused and you know we really do care
[01:12] so just to sort of give you a bit more
[01:15] context I'm gonna take you guys through
[01:17] what it is that we sort of do because we
[01:19] all do individually very different
[01:21] things within the team so I'm gonna pass
[01:23] on yeah so I'm on volcán I one of the
[01:27] web team case so I just test everything
[01:30] before it goes live the rest to make
[01:34] moto-style have a front-end web
[01:36] developer so I build all the pages that
[01:38] people see I'm Monty oh I am a systems
[01:43] engineer and I make everything behind
[01:47] the websites work so you don't really
[01:49] know is what I do unless it breaks my
[01:53] dress casts I am the producer in the web
[01:57] team so these on me to work out what all
[02:00] these guys should be doing next and I
[02:02] spend most of my time deliberating over
[02:04] one thing or another and trying to work
[02:06] out what we should be doing all right
[02:09] and I'm ma Dave I do a little
[02:11] of what mods Oster and DL do and so
[02:16] switch between because I can't make my
[02:17] mind up so in in more general terms and
[02:24] what we do for the business in and you
[02:26] guys is we manage the websites that you
[02:29] all know in love
[02:30] runescape old-school but further to that
[02:32] we also make hundreds of other non game
[02:36] systems from things like account
[02:38] creation to help you manage your
[02:40] accounts in your information and also
[02:42] facilitate other teams in doing things
[02:45] like localization and data ingestion
[02:47] figuring out what's going on we also
[02:49] make the payments flow so giving you
[02:52] guys better user experience when it
[02:54] comes to syllabi and things within the
[02:55] game who we do it for so we've got over
[03:00] two hundred and sixty four million
[03:02] accounts however numbers can sometimes
[03:04] be a bit arbitrary so for a bit of
[03:07] context that is more than the combined
[03:09] population of all of those countries in
[03:11] yellow then for any of you from any of
[03:14] those countries that aren't just UK
[03:17] great diverse so what that actually
[03:24] means is we've got about four major
[03:26] websites in four languages and we serve
[03:29] about thirteen currencies so the journey
[03:33] to get to this point as you can imagine
[03:35] has been quite long and gonna
[03:37] complicated topsy-turvy so what we want
[03:39] to do is take you back all the way to
[03:40] the start and kind of build from there
[03:44] yep so where did it off again well we
[03:48] have all those players it's not bad
[03:51] considering that all start off from a
[03:52] single room in Cambridge business part
[03:54] and it was all using a 64k ISDN
[03:58] connection so it took to give you sort
[04:01] of an example that as that slow that it
[04:03] took about a minute or so to load a web
[04:06] page
[04:10] then we use a lot of embroider Java
[04:14] client and the company was only around
[04:18] six sort of employees in fact it took
[04:20] nearly a year to hire a web developer
[04:23] for the team from here it didn't take
[04:26] long for the company to make further big
[04:27] steps and in 2002 we ended just
[04:30] membership so membership it started on
[04:33] the 26th of February 2002 and there was
[04:36] initially just a couple of wee ways in
[04:38] which you could pay for it so these
[04:40] included the virtual check pay by phone
[04:43] and text or paper cash now what's
[04:47] interesting about this pay by phone was
[04:49] it was read dialed what they called a
[04:51] spatial number so you dial the special
[04:54] number and you had to stay on the line
[04:56] long enough for the payment process and
[04:59] for the membership to be given so back
[05:02] in the times of dial-up and everything
[05:03] people may have hung up so they may have
[05:06] been charged so if I had to get in the
[05:07] membership so I had a few teething
[05:09] problems but as we continue on through
[05:11] you'll see how we've made more steps
[05:13] along the way so continuing on 2002 2003
[05:17] we made our first significant changes to
[05:20] the website around this time you may
[05:23] remember the likes of agility skill
[05:25] Gertrude's cat and the Layton's quest
[05:29] there's just an example of what it was
[05:31] like back then no as the popularity of
[05:35] the game started to grow there started
[05:37] to be a few sort of bugs that players
[05:39] started to pick up on this may be one
[05:42] that he's may have heard of it was known
[05:44] as the pink party hat bug now this is
[05:48] where the most valuable in qiyam item
[05:51] the pink party hat was being duplicated
[05:54] we didn't actually know how this was
[05:56] being done so as a company we decided to
[05:59] invite our players he ever told us hey
[06:02] first are they sorry he ever told us
[06:05] idea first was given lifetime membership
[06:08] so that involved us having to change our
[06:11] systems in order to cope with applying a
[06:14] lifetime membership
[06:15] according to which was the first time
[06:16] this is ever McDonald you may know pink
[06:18] party hats not as purple party hats they
[06:21] reach Ange the name yep justice over
[06:28] thank you
[06:30] so we move on to 2004 which as some of
[06:35] you may remember us some time we finally
[06:36] launched runescape to the first major
[06:38] update to the client with that came the
[06:40] wonderful new black website in a sort of
[06:42] mid-2000s theme and the famous gray
[06:44] buttons that some of you may remember
[06:45] and so there are loose resemblance to
[06:48] the old-school website I guess and
[06:50] obviously the firm annex trials quest
[06:51] and we're all here today runefest for
[06:53] that very thing that was the year we
[06:54] launched it and of course I'm sure we're
[06:57] gonna get some questions on this later
[06:59] but this is when the forum was launched
[07:00] as well and if that wasn't enough also
[07:03] the desktop client that's where we began
[07:05] to transition people to play in a
[07:07] standalone application rather than in
[07:09] the browser I imagine some of you are
[07:13] gonna recognize this particular era
[07:15] website it is of course the old school
[07:17] this particular area we obviously use
[07:20] today to for people to get into the old
[07:23] school version of the game obviously
[07:25] that wasn't enough pushed out a ton of
[07:27] skills in that same period of time
[07:28] slayer hunter farming and construction
[07:30] crazy busy year and the polls and the
[07:34] grand exchange which is pretty much
[07:35] pivotal to a lot of how the game works
[07:37] now um so what some of you may not know
[07:41] about our web platform and we're gonna
[07:44] go into some of the technical detail you
[07:46] I'll make it really quick so it's not
[07:47] too boring a promise and like the game
[07:49] has its own scripting language our
[07:51] websites or at least the older parts of
[07:52] them run on their own templating
[07:54] language it's called web script and it
[07:56] runs on our web before platform which is
[07:58] like a great big nest of services that
[08:00] power all the things that you see on the
[08:02] website from account creation grant
[08:04] exchange everything like that has its
[08:06] own little service that runs it and web
[08:08] script is basically a templating
[08:10] language that allows us to render the
[08:12] HTML power to you guys so it's a bit
[08:14] like PHP if anyone's ever used that but
[08:16] a really horrible old version of it that
[08:18] we're trying to replace as per speaker
[08:21] so in that areas we move on towards 2007
[08:25] 2008 we introduced the German language
[08:27] to expand our payment systems to support
[08:28] that introducing more methods PayPal
[08:31] subscriptions and of course in that era
[08:34] we hit a million members which is
[08:35] fantastic the company's growing it's
[08:37] it's amazing it's a fantastic time to be
[08:39] here
[08:40] and if that wasn't enough we thought
[08:43] well better change the website again
[08:45] rinse kp/h de launchers there's another
[08:48] huge update to make improving the
[08:50] graphics the quality of the game updated
[08:52] desktop client again everything's
[08:54] getting bigger better faster and we
[08:56] introduced two more languages French and
[08:58] Portuguese to the game and the website
[09:01] and of course in this year one of our
[09:03] most popular web pages and still kind of
[09:07] used today a lot but in a different form
[09:08] The Avengers log so a way to show your
[09:10] stats off to the world so in 2012 yeah
[09:22] we did another website rework but this
[09:26] one was the biggest in company history
[09:29] and it took about six months of late
[09:33] nights to complete so this website was a
[09:38] bit ahead of its time but we needed to
[09:42] make sure it was still compatible for
[09:43] older browsers like Internet Explorer 6
[09:46] so we needed to come up with some
[09:49] interesting solutions to do the funky
[09:51] stuff that we wanted to on the website
[09:53] like color gradients in the title so
[09:56] this was done by layering lots of
[09:59] versions of the same title on top of
[10:02] each other but slightly offset just to
[10:04] get the color difference so if you
[10:06] wanted to see the link preview to the
[10:08] page you just see adventures like
[10:11] adventures like adventures like
[10:12] adventures hook so some of these pages
[10:15] are still visible today such as the
[10:17] clown's page and the account settings
[10:21] 2012 was also the year we introduced
[10:24] bonds which allow you to pay for in-game
[10:28] benefit wait pay for benefits with
[10:31] in-game currency now we've got a fun
[10:34] fact for you
[10:35] so the first
[10:37] active player to buy a bond he's in this
[10:41] room
[10:43] it's the p-mod this key and the person
[10:49] after that was our CEO Phil so on to
[10:55] 2013-2014 this was the year of runescape
[10:58] 3 we reworked the community page and
[11:02] introduced the best theory so the new
[11:06] html5 client was revolutionary for the
[11:10] era which led to something we know has
[11:13] bugs would you like us to do should we
[11:23] do the sound effects Buffy so this is
[11:27] where Mozilla had to fix and bugs on
[11:30] their end to make our client work on
[11:33] Firefox so these were the last new pages
[11:37] built in web script so again in 2013 so
[11:46] this update we added see the high scores
[11:49] yeah so this so where there were roughly
[11:54] a million pyre updates per day oh wait
[11:58] 2013 2014 I seem to have forgotten
[12:01] something hmm
[12:05] old school yeah so this was the year we
[12:10] introduced old school do you guys
[12:11] remember this voting page along that's
[12:18] you along with the new game we also had
[12:23] to bring back the website yeah so 2015
[12:33] this is where we move towards industry
[12:36] standard technologies like free marker
[12:38] instead of web script so free market
[12:41] allows us to do fancier things with a
[12:43] website
[12:44] embed animation video things like that
[12:47] it also makes it easier for us to make
[12:50] pages suitable for mobile so this is the
[12:55] time where chrome dropped its NPAPI
[12:57] support which stopped letting people
[13:00] play runescape in their browser so we
[13:04] had to work around this by launching the
[13:07] client from the website instead we also
[13:09] launched runelabs which are those
[13:11] players to make suggestions on the game
[13:18] so following year we took what we've
[13:22] done in 2009 with the adventures log and
[13:26] we made it do a whole lot more so some
[13:30] of the guys that worked on this are in
[13:32] the room right now but quite simply I
[13:37] think we're quite proud of this because
[13:38] we took well if you know how the high
[13:40] scores and the adventures log work they
[13:44] don't update very often so with this
[13:46] what we what we were aiming to do was
[13:48] it's close to real time as possible so
[13:51] as your my name or smithing or gaining
[13:53] any XP in the game we send it down this
[13:55] pipeline which eventually ends up in
[13:58] this web app which is also quite a big
[14:01] step forward for how the how that day is
[14:04] accessed because you can now see delve
[14:06] quite deep into the the minutes and
[14:10] hours and days of data and it kind of
[14:13] aggregates it into different forms so I
[14:16] guess maybe another fun fact about this
[14:18] is that we give our systems kind of
[14:21] funny names sometimes just for when
[14:23] we're releasing them and building them
[14:25] it makes a bit easier to describe what
[14:26] we're working on so one of the systems
[14:29] that's that's behind the scenes in here
[14:30] his base is named after a Stephen King
[14:32] book called the langa Leo's so what the
[14:37] idea here was that the data you're doing
[14:39] things in the game and the data is kind
[14:42] of eaten by these these these Langille
[14:44] years and eventually makes it into your
[14:47] profile so the year after that we then
[14:51] started to do a lot more work on our
[14:53] payment system so you can see here that
[14:57] those
[14:57] we took what we had before and we've the
[15:00] main feature we've added is ability to
[15:01] buy more than one thing at the same time
[15:04] and this is this allows us to do a bit
[15:06] more on the offer side so we're going to
[15:10] buy those two things multiple things
[15:12] together and means that you get
[15:13] potentially get cheaper items so now we
[15:20] get I think this is probably the biggest
[15:22] question and we get for our team is what
[15:24] is your team working on right now so
[15:27] probably the biggest thing is we're
[15:28] supporting the mobile versions of the
[15:30] game which I hope everyone knows we're
[15:33] releasing old school at the end of this
[15:34] month and then runescape were actively
[15:37] working on that as well so what we're
[15:40] trying to do here is make it as easy as
[15:41] possible to use all of our current
[15:43] systems on your phone or on your tablet
[15:45] we're redoing the front end a lot of
[15:48] these systems as part of doing that
[15:50] we're clarifying the the branding on
[15:53] these I think in the past we've had a
[15:55] few issues were were old school launched
[15:57] and kind of the systems were runescape
[15:59] II so we're trying to make it clear that
[16:01] some of our systems work for both games
[16:03] in these examples say if you change your
[16:05] character name it applies in both games
[16:08] and you can also use your account in
[16:11] both games as well so the other thing
[16:14] you'll see from our team in the next few
[16:17] weeks as well as is the ability to pay
[16:19] on mobile inside the app so what this is
[16:25] this is really kind of necessary for it
[16:27] for any mobile game but if anyone is
[16:30] lucky enough to get say an iTunes gift
[16:31] card for Christmas you'll be able to use
[16:35] that top-up say your iTunes Bower and so
[16:37] you Google Play Google pay balance and
[16:40] then use that to buy things in old
[16:42] school and also because the membership
[16:45] works across both games you also receive
[16:47] those benefits in runescape as well and
[16:50] also the other thing that we put a lot
[16:52] of work into recently I don't know if
[16:54] anyone's anyone sold twitch Prime
[16:56] promotion that went on over the summer
[16:58] yeah so that's quite a quite complex
[17:01] thing for us to do and obviously one of
[17:04] the things that I think we enjoy working
[17:05] on most is
[17:07] systems that work at real scale so
[17:10] switches it's very interesting because
[17:13] they when this propulsion launch that
[17:16] you know there's there's a lot of
[17:17] marketing behind it and to which have
[17:20] this menu on their website where you can
[17:22] see the benefits you know all the prime
[17:24] offers that are available and they kind
[17:26] of they notify people when by the new
[17:29] benefits available so for us what I miss
[17:31] our systems they need to be able to hold
[17:34] up for hold off to everyone coming along
[17:37] at once so that's probably one of our
[17:40] biggest challenges and also the one I
[17:42] think people in the team really like
[17:44] working on the most as well so also
[17:48] another one is if you put old-school on
[17:51] mobile we're now remembering your login
[17:54] which i think is a long wait feature so
[17:56] you close the app you don't come back
[17:58] for a couple of days reopen it and your
[18:01] account is there and you can just play
[18:02] you doctor put your password in again so
[18:04] there's a bit of work from our team to
[18:05] enable that so working on that that's in
[18:08] the old tool Peter right now and it
[18:10] should be available in the runescape
[18:12] mobile version as well when it releases
[18:14] as well so I think that's today the
[18:20] other thing I want you to highlight is
[18:22] that our team is hiring so if anyone is
[18:24] a budding web developer or systems
[18:26] developer we would love to hear from you
[18:28] especially the guys at the back they
[18:30] used to be in the team now saying they
[18:31] want to come back again No so yeah so
[18:36] we've got a few questions we we put a
[18:40] call for questions out on Twitter and on
[18:41] the forums and we'd also love to hear
[18:44] from any of you guys that have any
[18:45] questions for us yep okay so we're gonna
[18:48] read some out that we've kind of
[18:49] pre-prepared yeah in terms of like
[18:53] generalities of things me Oh from the RS
[18:56] forums apologies if I mispronounce any
[18:58] names from people watching at home what
[19:01] new features will we be looking forward
[19:02] to on the runescape site well I think it
[19:06] will likely be a continuation of the
[19:08] things that we've been working on
[19:10] recently Mobile is a huge huge challenge
[19:14] technically and it's a huge change for
[19:18] our company as well in that we're going
[19:20] from support
[19:21] in a game the most people play on their
[19:22] PCs to one where we can't really predict
[19:25] what people are gonna play the game on
[19:27] so I think the main things you'll see
[19:29] from us in the coming months are an
[19:31] expansion of as many things as possible
[19:33] to make it better on all of those
[19:34] devices and everything we do now you
[19:37] know we we keep that in mind while we're
[19:39] doing it so it's difficult to be
[19:41] specific about that because one of the
[19:43] things that will happen is the game on
[19:45] release it will learn so much about how
[19:46] people want to play it so as that
[19:49] evolves it'll become obvious which of
[19:51] the system that's kind of as I said the
[19:53] right to star I've gotta work out which
[19:56] thing we should be doing next so yeah
[19:59] more of that it's probably what you what
[20:01] you can expect in the next few months
[20:04] Spearman to the 30
[20:06] also from the runescape forum's asks how
[20:08] is the progress on converting the
[20:10] remaining areas of the website to a
[20:12] mobile responsive layout model star yes
[20:15] this is pretty much the question I get
[20:17] the most probably or at least nearly the
[20:20] most we've been doing a lot of work on
[20:21] this um sometimes it's not always
[20:23] obvious but we've moved a lot of systems
[20:25] like web login account creation a few
[20:30] other things that pop he's probably
[20:31] gonna touch in and will touch on a lot
[20:32] of her questions a lot of the systems
[20:34] that we use and player experiences that
[20:36] they go through getting into their
[20:37] accounts have already been converted
[20:39] moving some of the more prominent pages
[20:41] is a bit more of a technical challenge
[20:42] and we are getting there I don't we're
[20:45] not going to commit to them just yet but
[20:46] we're making progress and will areas of
[20:49] the website such as the account
[20:51] management interface be updated to and
[20:53] the new themes and styles music okay so
[20:58] yes the answer is we've actually already
[21:00] started we've done several of them we're
[21:03] going to if you go now you can actually
[21:05] change your email password has set up
[21:08] your links to your social accounts all
[21:09] in a responsive format which shortly got
[21:12] a really cool update coming to the next
[21:13] one as well to improve the ticketing
[21:15] system so it'll look more like a sort of
[21:17] really awesome looking chat interface
[21:18] right um follow again from the forums
[21:22] asks at the moment the Ridgid website is
[21:25] a mix of two or three different designs
[21:26] from
[21:27] ten years are there any plans to update
[21:28] key areas such as account settings to a
[21:30] modern looks I think there's a sort of
[21:32] touch number yes so while the focus at
[21:35] the moment is for mobile saying that
[21:38] it's actually in in the progress right
[21:41] now we're updating the account settings
[21:43] as we speak right now right now so we're
[21:48] here yeah and the same thing he asks the
[21:55] runescape homepage poll is underused and
[21:57] new polls appear roughly once a quarter
[21:59] why is that well I think just with we're
[22:05] trying to move more towards possibly
[22:07] using social media a bit more because
[22:09] you can get a further reach with it so
[22:12] that's probably just whether the polls
[22:14] are a little bit less busy than where
[22:16] everyone is so Delta slug again from the
[22:20] forums asks is there any chance of
[22:22] moving the sign-in and sign-out button
[22:24] away from the Play Now button at the top
[22:26] of our screens or at least increasing
[22:28] the spacing and so I took a look at this
[22:30] one this is definitely something we can
[22:32] consider as we look to make more pages
[22:34] on the site responsive I did take a look
[22:36] at it I think it's a good suggestion
[22:38] would be nice to not accidentally click
[22:40] things I don't know how to pronounce
[22:43] this name guitar edge from the risk of
[22:53] forums asks how our language
[22:55] translations managed different templates
[22:57] that get loaded based on the language
[22:59] parameter or shared or the answer is
[23:03] both so the older things use separate
[23:08] templates and then the new ones use
[23:11] shared straightforward in on the topic
[23:15] of high scores Matt - 5 8 RS on Twitter
[23:19] asks is there a way to have all of the
[23:22] inactive accounts put back on the high
[23:24] scores guess I'm the bearer of the bad
[23:28] news this moment we don't really plan to
[23:32] really include this but it's not to say
[23:34] that though
[23:35] the line that we don't consider it
[23:37] future
[23:41] fair enough so on the topic of api's I'm
[23:46] gonna I'm gonna take this one there's
[23:48] been quite a lot of questions over the
[23:50] years about api's of curiosity is
[23:53] anybody in the room interested in this
[23:54] kind of thing okay interesting right I'm
[23:57] glad I've prepared a very big answer for
[23:59] ya so we've had questions like why are
[24:03] there not any cause headers where are
[24:06] all of the public facing API is where's
[24:08] the documentation no there you go are
[24:13] there any plans to make more public
[24:15] api's and will they will it be updated
[24:18] and things like that
[24:19] so to answer kind of all of those those
[24:22] kind of questions and I've seen them a
[24:23] lot on reddit as well API maintenance in
[24:25] general is something that we it's not
[24:29] lost on us you know we read the forum's
[24:30] we read reddit for feedback like
[24:32] everyone else and we like using things
[24:33] and making things as well the
[24:35] straightforward answer to your question
[24:37] is that the systems that are delivering
[24:39] the API is at the moment are quite old
[24:42] the few that are technically
[24:44] public-facing and we're probably only
[24:46] meant for use by bespoke pages on the
[24:49] same domain hours and so it makes sense
[24:51] to leave them with things without things
[24:54] like cross-origin and perhaps leaving
[24:55] them in kind of esoteric formats they
[24:57] don't quite make sense to to people just
[24:59] trying to make a little hobby project in
[25:01] terms of addressing the real issue of
[25:03] the api's needing work to fix them being
[25:05] lackluster or confusing we'd love to
[25:08] we'd love to work on things like that
[25:10] many members of the department are
[25:12] really passionate about creating
[25:13] interesting and useful tools to be
[25:15] leveraged by the community and improving
[25:18] all these kind of old services but
[25:20] sometimes unfortunately those things
[25:22] raise security issues that take time to
[25:25] consider and sometimes they simply just
[25:27] come second to other priorities it's
[25:30] hard to justify building a slew of
[25:31] public API eyes for people when we can't
[25:33] preempt what they're going to be used
[25:34] for so we don't really know how valuable
[25:36] they would be historically though the
[25:39] projects that we've worked on have
[25:40] always been about letting people do more
[25:42] their own information and the important
[25:45] thing is that when you ask it means that
[25:46] we can see who wants what the most right
[25:49] and as we work on a project improvements
[25:51] are always being made to touch things up
[25:53] and we're hoping that the push for all
[25:55] of these external integrations like
[25:56] mobile and twitch will put us in a
[25:58] better position in the future to make
[26:00] certain services available but before I
[26:02] came to work here Jagex i was working on
[26:04] a facebook chat bot that let you search
[26:06] the ground exchange and I was using a
[26:08] bunch of kind of player made github
[26:10] repositories and things like that so
[26:13] there's lots of fun little so things are
[26:14] currently possible and and we would like
[26:17] to see them improve in the future does
[26:20] that pay you satisfied of that is that
[26:21] okay thanks so on the topic of the
[26:31] forum's I've only got one here but I can
[26:35] imagine there'll be some questions by
[26:36] people in the audience afterwards so a
[26:39] lot of players that's the header for
[26:41] this one a lot of players have asked
[26:43] what are the future plans for the
[26:44] runescape forums so a couple of things
[26:48] usually come up when we talk about the
[26:49] forum's there's these how the forum's
[26:53] like the system works and then there's
[26:55] how the forum's are managed so I don't
[26:57] think any of us can really comment on
[26:59] how the forum's are managed and eff mods
[27:01] all of that sort of stuff because it's
[27:03] not on really our our area of expertise
[27:06] but in terms of the system is this one
[27:09] is definitely one of the older ones I
[27:11] think everyone's aware of that and and
[27:13] as we I think it's probably one of the
[27:15] things that become clearer as we go
[27:18] towards mobile as is is there any table
[27:21] viously on mobile the communication
[27:23] methods are quite different typically so
[27:27] at the moment our focus is on as I said
[27:30] all those things to do with mobile so I
[27:34] think right now it's not something we're
[27:35] actively working on changing we do bits
[27:38] here and there to keep it keep it up and
[27:40] running but we're not actively looking
[27:43] at adding any new features to the forum
[27:45] to the system itself at the moment okay
[27:48] and we've got just
[27:51] and off one we've got a very technical
[27:53] question about website sessions and then
[27:55] we've got some general ones of our team
[27:57] at Dave OH
[27:59] at D underscore Dave 96 asks will you
[28:03] guys be changing the setup of the
[28:04] website so I don't need to log in like
[28:07] every ten minutes or if I go to a
[28:09] different section of the website
[28:12] yes yeah we are currently actively
[28:17] moving across from HTTP PS pages over to
[28:21] HTTPS so we're creating a secure
[28:24] connection so once you log on securely
[28:26] you will be able to remain logged in at
[28:29] the moment they're having the constant
[28:31] logins when you're swapping between the
[28:33] pages and hopefully that well as we
[28:36] develop the pages move over to more
[28:40] responsive pages we'll start to make
[28:43] them HTTPS and therefore reducing the
[28:45] number of times you log in because we
[28:47] also have the same kind of issues with
[28:49] this when we're doing tests because we
[28:52] have to log in constantly because we're
[28:54] testing the various things and we keep
[28:55] swapping across different places we're
[28:57] constantly logging in Honduras a time
[28:58] today I think that sort of touches on
[29:01] like the answer to a lot of the
[29:02] questions that we've had as well is that
[29:04] we play the games we use the systems
[29:06] that we make and things like that so
[29:08] we're always looking to make them a bit
[29:09] better and Wolff blue 42 asks are there
[29:12] any changes to the timeouts in the login
[29:14] sessions yeah it might have might sort
[29:24] of resolve itself with some of the new
[29:25] updates some questions about our team
[29:31] and rege RS and twitter asks that's you
[29:34] but you asked it on Twitter what is a
[29:38] feature that you personally would like
[29:40] to see added to the website and I guess
[29:41] this is for all of us but one thing I
[29:45] was really excited to answer this one I
[29:49] would like to modernize the old school
[29:53] okay thank you very much
[29:58] contentious may have looking forward to
[30:02] well what I would really like to see is
[30:05] more responsiveness especially across
[30:08] the community page just assume one you
[30:11] come to
[30:12] and it's just make it a bit easier to
[30:15] click especially one mobile I'm dying to
[30:20] hear what more asked us answer this from
[30:22] with but and the thing I might want to
[30:23] change as is our communication platforms
[30:25] and to it to a certain extent that does
[30:27] include the forums are news everything
[30:29] we use to push information out to the
[30:31] players I think we can make a lot of
[30:32] gains there and improve that flow and
[30:34] ultimately make the website quicker
[30:36] which is pretty much the topic of our to
[30:38] like increasing how fast we can get the
[30:40] information and the results to the
[30:42] people that need it without playing
[30:45] favorites so far I think I do kind of
[30:50] agree that there's a lot that we can do
[30:52] in how how we present the game on the
[30:55] website to both the active player base
[30:58] which I Schumann's everyone in this room
[31:01] and also I think there's a few things
[31:03] that we do that aren't is obvious to to
[31:06] people about new players or marketing
[31:08] there's a little good I think we're
[31:10] gonna do a lot of work in that area in
[31:12] the future in something that really
[31:14] needs needs us to do quite a lot of work
[31:18] but yeah that and also I think it's
[31:21] great I think it'd be great if we could
[31:24] make it a bit better
[31:24] sorry make how you access the game a bit
[31:28] easier as well so there's a few things
[31:30] we're looking at in relation to making
[31:32] it clearer the game is now a download
[31:34] because I think that's on mobile it's
[31:37] definitely a download and obviously the
[31:39] other thing about mobile is that when
[31:41] you most of the players we expect to
[31:44] come on mobile are gonna start in the
[31:45] App Store they're not gonna start on the
[31:48] website so again that's gonna be quite
[31:50] quite a challenge is to get those
[31:52] players to come to our website to
[31:53] understand what's new in the game and I
[31:55] think you'd probably look forward to I
[31:57] think the old school team actually
[31:58] recently have added in a feature that
[32:00] shows the latest game update which isn't
[32:02] a it's a link off to the website but we
[32:05] want to make it so that when you follow
[32:07] that link and you're on your mobile
[32:09] so much nicer experience so kind of a
[32:12] bit of a bit of what everyone
[32:13] essentially I think I'm I'm a my PI
[32:16] who's distracted by shiny things I like
[32:19] the best cherry and I like the html5
[32:21] client and things like that I like the
[32:25] notion of adding certain game aspects to
[32:28] the web context so things like kind of
[32:31] special twitch stuff and things on the
[32:34] websites that let you somehow kind of
[32:36] key into the game world without having
[32:37] to necessarily be in it all the time I'm
[32:41] kind of interested in that stuff so mio
[32:44] asks what is or was your favorite part
[32:47] of the website to work on that's for
[32:49] everybody - well I guess I've been here
[32:52] the longest I think of everyone here so
[32:54] I've seen quite a lot change in that
[32:56] time probably that's a really difficult
[33:00] question I think we're in Metrix was a
[33:03] real it was a real challenge really
[33:05] exciting to work on and and behind it if
[33:09] you could just see what it's like behind
[33:10] the scenes and you'd like this sort of
[33:13] stuff I think that was that was a real
[33:15] passion for me when when we finally
[33:17] released that and and got it working and
[33:20] it kind of laid the groundwork for a few
[33:22] other things that we did as well so I
[33:27] like modernizing things so we don't
[33:31] always set aside time to sort of revamp
[33:35] some of the older stuff so when we come
[33:38] across a project or a ticket that
[33:41] requires a certain module that is very
[33:44] old I'd like to sort of do do touch-ups
[33:47] on it while I'm there so it gives me the
[33:49] opportunity to do the things I like it
[33:52] make things shiny I'm probably gonna
[33:55] echo a lot of that every time now we
[33:58] make a point when we make us of stars
[34:00] will change to a system that we actually
[34:01] actively go in and try to make that as
[34:04] best we can and I think one of the
[34:05] really good examples of that is gonna be
[34:07] when we launched it updates the
[34:08] ticketing system and so when guys are
[34:10] sending in tickets to Jack's it's gonna
[34:11] make it a lot easier to read on your
[34:14] mobile and your computer it's gonna be
[34:15] so much faster and I think that's the
[34:17] sort of thing I most enjoy yeah I guess
[34:20] mine's the conus
[34:21] we're because I like breaking their
[34:22] stuff if I'm able to find the box before
[34:26] it gets live fair enough I'm really
[34:30] enjoying working on getting mobile ready
[34:32] at the moment because I know that that's
[34:34] something that I want to use when it's
[34:36] ready I'm so excited to kind of get back
[34:38] into the game I guess the the guy
[34:41] thought third person rather whose name I
[34:44] couldn't pronounce before asks on
[34:46] average does the team split up and work
[34:48] on various different things across the
[34:49] website for various updates to be
[34:51] deployed together or do we just take a
[34:53] piece of one project and get it done one
[34:55] by one how does that work it depends on
[34:57] the ticket so if if jobs sort of span
[35:02] several modules then you can have
[35:04] several people working on the same
[35:06] project at the same time just in
[35:08] different modules so that they don't
[35:10] overlap or anything so or there are ones
[35:13] where it does overlap and you just hope
[35:15] for the best I think that's it for the
[35:19] yeah cool so hopefully that's been of an
[35:25] eye-opener for what we do in our team I
[35:27] can imagine that there were some things
[35:28] that you did expect and then some things
[35:30] that you might not have necessarily
[35:31] considered before and this is very much
[35:33] been a chance for us to break the
[35:34] silence for our team this is our first
[35:37] kind of public talk from members of our
[35:39] team and quite often we we sort of
[35:41] lament that we do do the websites but
[35:44] also we do a lot kind of behind the
[35:46] scenes that people don't necessarily get
[35:49] a chance to really engage with and
[35:50] therefore we can also engage with you
[35:52] about it sometimes so we are really
[35:55] interested in kind of helping that
[35:57] interaction and to that end we'd like to
[36:00] take some questions
[36:02] shall I go around put the microphone I
[36:04] think alex is oh thank you so you
[36:15] mentioned that you guys used to use your
[36:17] own templating language so I thought
[36:19] that was interesting that wasn't aware
[36:21] of that
[36:21] so obviously you don't use it anymore
[36:24] and it was a while ago but what was the
[36:26] reason at the time dinner
[36:29] that instead of using something standard
[36:31] so I actually missed this point out on
[36:33] my presentation part which I'm really
[36:34] sorry about so as originally created by
[36:36] Andrew Gao Ahmad Atlas and I've
[36:38] forgotten here the third person was big
[36:40] what's like thank you I never met him
[36:42] but the reason they created at the time
[36:45] in that era of Jagex we were very much
[36:48] about creating our own technology to do
[36:50] tasks everything was in-house everything
[36:52] was so bespoke and the games we gain
[36:54] reflects that as well it has its own
[36:56] language they built it because they
[36:58] figured they could do it better and add
[37:00] the features they wanted faster and
[37:02] initially it gave them a lot of sort of
[37:04] quick wins with it over time it then
[37:06] inevitably you have to train people in
[37:08] it and the costs rose and raised on rate
[37:10] so it became a less efficient but yeah
[37:12] the short term answer was they they
[37:14] thought it'd be faster and it wasn't the
[37:16] very beginning everything was in-house
[37:17] everything they understood they knew how
[37:19] it worked they built it how they wanted
[37:20] it with both the rigid versions getting
[37:29] their own mobile clients what is
[37:31] actually going to happen with a ridge
[37:33] gave companion app is there any idea of
[37:36] what's going to happen in the long
[37:37] future it's going to be integrated in it
[37:39] is going to move over to the website
[37:41] because web technology has a lot of more
[37:42] features like notifications and
[37:44] everything like notifications yeah so
[37:47] obviously the companion companions
[37:50] actually built on the html5 client that
[37:54] we mentioned before it's just a variant
[37:55] of that so as that's evolved in those
[37:59] things that are changing it changes
[38:01] really fast on mobile right and so I
[38:04] think probably we'll have to look and
[38:07] see what happens like what do people
[38:08] actually want from a mobile version of
[38:10] runescape before we can really decide
[38:12] exactly what course to take on that so I
[38:16] think but as you mentioned things like
[38:18] notifications all these features the
[38:20] mobile devices they have built into them
[38:22] people just expect that that on mobile
[38:25] so it's gonna be interesting to see
[38:26] which of those ones people find valuable
[38:29] and then whether whether there even is a
[38:31] need for a companion app if you can do
[38:33] things like manage your bank inside
[38:35] being the game itself it'll be
[38:37] interesting to see how that
[38:39] sorry I don't really have a solid answer
[38:43] for that because we don't we haven't
[38:44] really decided you know it's gonna work
[38:45] here hey I was wondering what for each
[38:53] of you your path was that brought you to
[38:57] web science at Fagin sorry the web team
[39:02] yeah so so I've been in the web team I
[39:05] guess since I joined jackets eight years
[39:07] ago which is quite a long time anyway I
[39:10] think about it but the game testing
[39:15] initially strove uni and then I just
[39:18] happened to wander into a bit of
[39:20] software testing for jackets which is
[39:23] the role model condone oh and and yeah
[39:27] it just kind of developed from there for
[39:29] me I really like working in this team is
[39:31] great fun so I originally wanted to be a
[39:36] dentist but then I did some work
[39:41] experience at a dentist's I think I just
[39:49] started off by doing some experience and
[39:52] then I just got hooked I guess so I did
[39:54] a degree in computer science and I did
[39:57] some internships at the tech company I
[39:59] will not mention it's a big one
[40:02] and I went there twice and then I came
[40:06] to Jackson did an internship for a
[40:08] summer and I really enjoyed it and they
[40:10] invited me back as a graduate and I've
[40:12] been here for a year and a bit now
[40:14] mine's a bit more around the Bowery but
[40:17] I'm so I worked actually initially in
[40:19] the same company as Neil to anybody
[40:21] becames testing I then moved to another
[40:23] company to do level design for they make
[40:25] a lot of racing games probably not out
[40:27] to mention them here but and then I
[40:29] moved to Jagex and I worked on Stella
[40:30] Dawn which was a which is a game that
[40:34] ever made it really made it out
[40:35] unfortunately and then I worked on
[40:37] transformers and then rinse rinse cape
[40:40] and then of course eventually moved into
[40:41] the web team because I realized websites
[40:43] what I really want to do
[40:47] yes so I saw an internship come up for
[40:51] jagex and I recognized in the M because
[40:53] I used to flavor and skew by the way
[40:54] back in the day and sort of come and go
[40:57] from at the moment then I was working
[41:01] actually in one of the other departments
[41:02] I was building an internal system that
[41:06] the testers that the Gihon would
[41:08] actually store the results on quite a
[41:10] sophisticated iam system there so once I
[41:14] finished our internship I went back
[41:16] graduated from uni and I believe that
[41:20] most of me had some kind of impact
[41:22] because a guy goes by the name of Mark
[41:24] Bruce who might be sitting at the back
[41:26] of this room kept-kept messaging me a
[41:29] messaging me and they asked Jimmy he's
[41:32] like I really want you to join our team
[41:34] so I was like third time I decided I go
[41:37] for us as we interview and no I'd ever
[41:42] want to come back and a connectivist a
[41:46] the web team quite a lot and I thought
[41:47] you know why not work in with them and
[41:51] really enjoy the QA side of it so that's
[41:54] why I end up in the web team hmm I mean
[41:58] he sends me messages too but they're
[41:59] never that nice yet so I was doing a
[42:04] sort of like kind of straight computing
[42:06] degree up north but I didn't really know
[42:09] what I wanted to specialize in and it
[42:11] came to be around about the time that we
[42:12] should have been applying for jobs and
[42:13] getting experience and things when I was
[42:16] a kid I used to make comics I thought I
[42:18] wanted to be an artist but I needed some
[42:20] way to host them so I started building
[42:22] really rubbish websites and it just so
[42:23] happened that when it came time to apply
[42:25] to jobs all my skills were web-based but
[42:29] sort of still a bit creative so I looked
[42:31] at all of the options and nearly got a
[42:33] job with a different games company but
[42:36] the grass was greener and Jagex was
[42:38] really cool so fortunately I got that I
[42:41] spent a year doing sort of random grunt
[42:43] work like making people a cup of teas
[42:45] and no we didn't really do that and then
[42:48] and that came back after I graduated and
[42:50] I've been here only a couple of months
[42:52] now
[42:55] yeah even less thanks yes you anymore Oh
[43:02] somebody's got a question in the back up
[43:04] a bit hesitant to really I don't know if
[43:07] I'm okay with this hello sorry
[43:20] are there any systems you want to get
[43:23] rid of as question for each person any
[43:27] any systems or modules you want to get
[43:29] rid of in particular like scrap from all
[43:33] the ones that show up in red on our
[43:35] dashboards or get rid of I'm gonna go
[43:47] I'm probably gonna say per se none of
[43:50] them they all serve a purpose in their
[43:52] own right there are some really old
[43:53] stuff that we're not really allowed to
[43:54] talk about that we should give it up in
[43:56] general it's more about repurposing and
[43:58] improving a lot of what we do and I
[44:00] think I want to develop a lot of the
[44:01] really old systems let's let's take the
[44:04] forum's as an example it would be really
[44:05] great one day to actually drive that
[44:08] into sort of a modern version of it so I
[44:10] guess the forum was but not to get rid
[44:12] of the forum's but to have a better
[44:13] version of it I can't really mention the
[44:20] module it's a really long one so we were
[44:24] going through gdpr stuff and we were
[44:28] decommissioning a bunch of modules that
[44:30] we didn't really need and we didn't want
[44:33] to maintain and there was one that I
[44:34] really wanted to but didn't happen I
[44:38] want to get rid of that one yeah thanks
[44:44] for this question
[44:48] as mod All Star said they all serve a
[44:53] purpose right they wouldn't be built if
[44:56] there wasn't a reason for them to exist
[44:57] I know quite a lot of them it's really
[45:02] hard to single out any particular ones
[45:04] that we would want to get rid of but I
[45:08] think just kind of like that
[45:09] modernization thing and and we do this
[45:12] all the time we when we when we take on
[45:15] a new project or a new system we want to
[45:18] build we look hard at the ones that are
[45:20] already there and say should this should
[45:22] this really exist and we do get rid of
[45:25] things and most of them you don't even
[45:26] see so you want to notice I think
[45:30] probably probably some of the the things
[45:35] around how the website works I think
[45:38] we're looking at really modernizing that
[45:40] and the fact that there's a lot of
[45:41] things
[45:42] Jagex built where nowadays if you said
[45:45] to any web company hey make me a website
[45:47] you wouldn't do it in that way so all of
[45:49] those things basically would be top of
[45:51] my list to be removed that's sort of an
[45:56] answer I get rid of and sort of like
[46:01] Alison is sort of the current sort of a
[46:03] kind of saying sort of pages we kind of
[46:06] want to modernize them because just make
[46:09] them a bit better so that's all I guess
[46:12] think about because as if ya came across
[46:16] a everything's quite important at the
[46:17] moment is or they all have their purpose
[46:19] I think the prevalence of idea is that
[46:24] as we touch things up some things become
[46:26] defunct and we get rid of them as you
[46:28] might expect it's interesting because
[46:31] lots of things are kind of
[46:32] interconnected and this big web you
[46:35] might call it between all the different
[46:36] set of modules that we make and things
[46:38] like that I like like I said hundreds of
[46:40] different services that do kind of small
[46:42] jobs and all talk to each other in the
[46:44] background and move information about
[46:46] and things like that and they all kind
[46:48] of combine together to do one big job
[46:50] and when you have another big job
[46:51] sometimes you reuse ones that you've
[46:53] already made that serve the same purpose
[46:54] and sometimes you create some new ones
[46:57] so yeah just get rid of the ones that
[46:59] don't do anything um so we got time for
[47:02] like one more question do you think yep
[47:06] anybody's got one okay oh it went down
[47:16] again all right we'll wrap up so right
[47:21] so thank you all for coming
[47:22] it does mean a lot for people to sort of
[47:24] let us know that they care about what
[47:27] we're doing you can find us all on
[47:29] Twitter and we'll also be milling about
[47:32] afterwards if you've got any more kind
[47:34] of direct questions about what we do
[47:35] other than that I hope you enjoy the
[47:38] rest your room first