Transcript of RuneFest 2018 - Quests & Lore

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] ladies and gentlemen
[00:06] please welcome to the stage mod jack and
[00:09] mod raven
[00:16] [Music]
[00:20] hi everyone welcome to our law talk i'm
[00:23] mod jack this is mod raven hello
[00:25] we're pretty excited we're pretty
[00:28] excited to be up here on the main stage
[00:29] because it gives us a break from the law
[00:30] hole they normally keep us in
[00:32] so just to give you a quick overview of
[00:34] what's in the talk first we're going to
[00:35] be telling you a little bit more about
[00:36] the two quests coming in 2018
[00:38] that's right two more quests
[00:42] good good as well as a great piece of
[00:45] story content from early next year
[00:47] next we're going to be giving you an
[00:48] overview of the next big storyline and
[00:50] who it's going to be about
[00:51] we're not announcing any specific
[00:52] content and we're going to be explaining
[00:54] why
[00:54] then we're going to give you some
[00:55] exclusive new law we've written for
[00:57] runefest
[00:58] presented in a way that only makes sense
[00:59] up here on the big stage
[01:01] finally we're going to be doing a short
[01:02] q a with questions we've pre-selected
[01:04] from the internet
[01:07] just a warning there will be spoilers
[01:09] we're talking about where the story is
[01:11] going after end game
[01:13] so we're going to have to spoil endgame
[01:14] to do that we may also spoil other older
[01:17] content
[01:17] but we won't spoil game of thrones
[01:22] the updates we're going to be talking
[01:23] about will be covered in more detail in
[01:24] the full runescape winter reveals talk
[01:26] at five
[01:27] but since this is the quest talk we
[01:28] stole all the quests so we can give you
[01:30] a sneak peek about them now
[01:36] so we'll start with the first quest
[01:38] coming out hence quest
[01:41] which is the needle skips
[01:43] [Music]
[01:45] the needle skips is the 400 quest point
[01:49] quest
[01:50] that's right four zero zero which means
[01:52] we're going to do something a little
[01:53] different
[01:54] as is traditional so to give you some
[01:58] context this quest was originally
[01:59] written by mod osborne
[02:00] and the initial tech was created by mod
[02:02] christa and later modified by mod helen
[02:05] it's a novice quest so everyone can do
[02:07] it it's open to everyone who's a member
[02:10] so the needle skips
[02:15] the needle skips is a unique discovery
[02:18] system inspired by
[02:19] games like her story and day of the
[02:21] tentacle with the idea of multiple
[02:23] different points of view to give you an
[02:25] idea of how this works
[02:28] what you would do is rather than in most
[02:30] quests you would go
[02:31] from a to b to c to d possibly back to b
[02:34] again depending on how mean we're
[02:35] feeling
[02:37] with needle skips you're presented with
[02:40] this and you're presented with a piece
[02:43] of the needle the needle is one of the
[02:46] other elder artefacts you can see it
[02:48] on the picture just in the left it's
[02:50] that kind of strange thing with little
[02:51] hole in it
[02:53] the needle its function is a bit special
[02:55] what it does
[02:56] is allows the user to roll back time
[02:59] just a little
[03:00] not a tremendous amount but enough to
[03:03] fix some problems so the elder gods
[03:04] would use it to
[03:05] uh amend when they've messed up a bit
[03:07] they'd you know turn a planet into
[03:09] blamange and go
[03:10] oops we shouldn't have done that so
[03:13] with this in mind what you would do with
[03:15] this needle
[03:16] is you would click the needle and you
[03:19] would get a special interface
[03:21] like this which is a word
[03:24] can change the world and very simply you
[03:27] would input
[03:29] a keyword into that little search box
[03:31] the top
[03:32] and this would unlock part of the story
[03:36] so what we've seen so far from the
[03:40] picture we've seen this person along the
[03:41] floor we would type in
[03:42] megan and in doing so we would unlock
[03:46] this chapter here we had hoped to play a
[03:49] sound but something went probably wrong
[03:50] when we tried it so i do apologize
[03:53] each chapter gives you a bit of a puzzle
[03:56] a bit of the information about what's
[03:57] going on
[03:58] tells you just a bit enough to find more
[04:00] keywords enough to
[04:01] continue searching for more keywords
[04:03] digging deeper
[04:04] into the story so you would slowly see
[04:08] the story unlock
[04:09] slowly see it unravel and you would
[04:11] discover the events that would transpire
[04:13] what we've done is we've broken it down
[04:15] into three
[04:16] sort of specific acts involving these
[04:18] things and each one
[04:19] is looking at it from a different point
[04:20] of view so you see the story evolve
[04:23] change and you see it from
[04:24] how different points of view different
[04:25] standpoints so you can try and piece
[04:27] together the full
[04:28] idea of what happened doing this makes
[04:31] the quest
[04:32] uniquely immersive because you are the
[04:34] ones going through you are the ones
[04:35] pulling out the pieces
[04:36] you are the ones piecing the whole story
[04:38] together rather than being just a
[04:39] passive observer
[04:40] you are piecing it together you are
[04:42] witnessing it as it goes along
[04:44] and another thing that makes this really
[04:46] quite immersive
[04:47] is this quest is fully voiced that's
[04:50] right
[04:51] [Applause]
[04:53] yes you may well cheer
[04:57] uh and i recommend playing it with the
[04:59] audio on not only is the voice acting
[05:01] amazing the audio team have done a
[05:02] fantastic job
[05:04] of the general sound and ambience so
[05:09] what's the story i hear some of you ask
[05:11] as i try and flip over my cards
[05:14] so the story isn't about
[05:17] gods and epic battles
[05:20] it's about these three people
[05:23] who are primrose gail
[05:26] and megan it is entirely focused on
[05:30] these three people
[05:31] we only see things from their point of
[05:33] view which means we're not telling
[05:35] you know stories of gods tricking people
[05:38] into terrible things or great battles or
[05:40] this kind of thing
[05:41] we're telling a deeply personal story
[05:44] we're telling a heartbreaking story of a
[05:47] mother's love for her daughter
[05:48] and the lengths that she'll go to
[05:51] because this quest is so
[05:53] um immersive because it's all about
[05:54] peace and destroy together i'm not going
[05:56] to go through and give you the full
[05:57] picture
[05:58] i want to give you just enough now to
[06:00] get an idea of the sense of the
[06:01] characters
[06:01] and a sense of what you're doing but
[06:03] it's much more fun if you go through and
[06:05] learn it so what i have done instead
[06:07] uh is i've got some quotes from mods or
[06:10] i did but i put it somewhere clever
[06:12] um who have played the story so far
[06:16] so i'll start with a quote from mod
[06:19] rahman
[06:20] madram played this and he went i never
[06:23] thought a quest would knock while gothic
[06:25] sleeps off the top of my
[06:26] quest list but this house
[06:30] mod days said this has me tearing up
[06:37] mod james h said this is beautiful
[06:42] and mod rowley said eh i suppose law
[06:45] players might like it
[06:48] [Applause]
[06:56] so on to our second new quest this year
[06:58] which is actually going to be the
[06:59] christmas update
[07:00] mod days mod ramen and mod erator that's
[07:03] right eritor
[07:04] just finished work on our amazing
[07:06] halloween event when they moved on to
[07:08] christmas they decided that what we
[07:09] really needed this year was another
[07:10] permanent quest
[07:11] so that's what we're bringing you you
[07:13] can find out more about the halloween
[07:14] event and what else is happening in
[07:16] christmas at the reveals talk
[07:17] but what you want to hear about is the
[07:18] quest i assume it's possible you're not
[07:21] aware
[07:22] but this christmas will be the 10th
[07:23] anniversary of myths of the white lands
[07:25] so to celebrate we're heading back to
[07:27] the land of snow for our new quest
[07:29] violet is blue
[07:31] now because it's a permanent quest it's
[07:33] possible some players won't play it at
[07:34] christmas i know you guys are well but
[07:36] some players might not
[07:37] that means the quest isn't strictly
[07:39] christmas themed but it will be seasonal
[07:42] so that means yes to ice and snow and
[07:44] celebration love and family
[07:45] but no to santa reindeer the queen of
[07:47] snow and her snow imps
[07:49] so what else is there to explore in the
[07:51] land of stone the first thing that
[07:53] springs to mind is sliding ice puzzles
[07:55] since it's only been 10 years you're
[07:56] probably not ready for another whole
[07:58] quest of them
[07:59] but i'm sure we can sneak one in
[08:00] somewhere so what else would be suitable
[08:02] well there is one type of creature that
[08:04] needs snow introduction
[08:06] not doing a whole quest about them would
[08:08] be abominable
[08:09] there's not many in the game but they
[08:11] have left a big footprint
[08:13] have you guessed what i'm talking about
[08:15] yeti
[08:22] the yetis we've met before have been
[08:23] humans cursed by the gnarls
[08:25] but what about the ones we've never seen
[08:26] before living in peaceful seclusion in
[08:28] the land of snow
[08:29] let me introduce you to mr yeti and mrs
[08:32] yeti
[08:33] and their adopted daughter violet they
[08:36] live near the major settlement of yeti
[08:37] town where mrs yeti works as a spaghetti
[08:39] chef
[08:42] violet is human and now that she's six
[08:44] she wants to make the trip to yeti town
[08:46] and visit the rest of her people
[08:47] unfortunately violet doesn't realize
[08:49] she's not a yeti and mr and mrs yeti are
[08:51] worried about how all the others are
[08:52] going to react to her disgusting
[08:54] hairless face this is where you come in
[08:58] your job is to make sure violet has a
[09:00] brilliant day
[09:01] you need to get her to yeti town and
[09:03] make sure every experience she has along
[09:05] the way is a magical one
[09:07] like the needle skips it's going to be a
[09:08] close and personal story but this one's
[09:10] going to be uplifting and positive
[09:12] and full of seasonal cheer if you're
[09:14] paying close attention you might know a
[09:16] little something about the origins of
[09:17] the land of snow
[09:18] so i'll be trying to sneak some renmark
[09:20] law in when the team aren't looking
[09:27] okay so those are the two upcoming
[09:29] quests that will be coming out by the
[09:30] end of this year
[09:31] so i also want to talk about a big piece
[09:33] of story content that will be coming
[09:35] early next year and this is of course
[09:38] elite dungeons
[09:39] the shadow wreath yes
[09:44] cheer
[09:47] so rather than take you through the full
[09:49] detailed story because again we'd quite
[09:51] like you to experience it
[09:52] i'm going to take you through a what we
[09:54] know now so everyone's on the roughly
[09:56] the same page
[09:57] so we'll start with what is the shadow
[09:59] wreath otherwise known as authentriath
[10:01] well
[10:02] we know it was created a long time ago
[10:04] by
[10:05] the dragon kin we know this from pieces
[10:08] of hate
[10:09] we know that they attempted some sort of
[10:12] summoning ritual you can see it here
[10:14] in this lovely picture they attempted to
[10:16] summon for something that could
[10:17] potentially
[10:18] they believed helped them in their
[10:20] struggle against jazz's curse
[10:23] we know that this did not go well
[10:29] we know that something changed the
[10:31] drankin caused them to turn on one
[10:33] another
[10:34] dragonkin fought dragonkin differently
[10:36] to how they currently fight now because
[10:37] they were nasty and
[10:39] creepy and sharp pointed deep and we
[10:42] know the drankin were forced to sink the
[10:44] structure
[10:45] they shrunk it yeah they sunk the alfin
[10:48] krief
[10:49] down below which is why it's now become
[10:50] known as the shadow roof
[10:52] so if i stop moving all my cards at once
[10:56] it would make my life easier
[11:00] next up is the temple of amnesia
[11:03] which is the next part of the storyline
[11:08] the temple of abinishi is a water
[11:11] based cult it is a cult dedicated
[11:14] to purity to cleansing the soul
[11:18] from sin both in this life and the next
[11:22] sounds really nice cleansing people
[11:24] purity all that sounds very nice very
[11:26] religious
[11:28] they did this by using strange black
[11:32] stones to literally
[11:33] cut away the sin from people to remove
[11:36] it from the cycle
[11:39] we also know they had some lovely
[11:42] helpful
[11:42] friendly little minions alongside them
[11:44] on the temple of amnesia
[11:46] and these were the crassians crassians
[11:49] are lovely happy little creatures
[11:51] and not at all weird psychotic
[11:52] lovecraftian monsters that are forged
[11:55] from black stone so we know
[11:59] that all of this so far has led back to
[12:03] black stone
[12:04] which in turn has led back to orphan
[12:07] create
[12:08] or the shadow reef as it's also known
[12:11] even the temp amine she found her had a
[12:15] meditative moment where he had a some
[12:17] sort of vision and in this vision he was
[12:19] greeted by a strange sing-song voice
[12:21] that said
[12:22] something along the lines of take these
[12:23] black stones cut people's in the way
[12:25] yadda yadda
[12:26] and he did this underwater
[12:29] at a particular location that maybe just
[12:32] maybe was oh yes it was
[12:33] orphan kriev so
[12:37] blackstone is used a lot there's lots of
[12:40] manipulating people
[12:41] there's building these strange cult
[12:43] they're spreading these strange things
[12:44] ago and we see some of it tied into
[12:46] dungeon 2 as well which means
[12:49] someone is pulling these strings
[12:53] someone has set all this up set all
[12:55] these things in motion
[12:57] someone is behind all this so far and
[13:00] who
[13:01] is that person well if you've been
[13:02] reading all the law books you will know
[13:04] that the person behind the temple of
[13:06] amnesia and all this stuff
[13:07] is a guy called cranon but you may know
[13:10] cranon with a different name
[13:12] but cranon is probably better known as
[13:15] the ambassador
[13:19] so yes
[13:27] who is cranon i hear no one say
[13:31] cranon was the dragonkin that led that
[13:33] summoning ritual
[13:34] on the lovely previous picture the guy
[13:36] in the middle going no
[13:38] that was cranon so what is cranon doing
[13:42] now well
[13:44] cranon made a mistake in the previous
[13:46] summoning ritual
[13:47] it didn't go well lots of people killed
[13:49] oh terrible
[13:50] but he said a lot of time to think about
[13:53] this an awful lot of time
[13:55] time that has warped him changed him the
[13:57] malign influence that he's linked to
[13:59] has given him this new spangly form that
[14:02] you see
[14:02] on the screen behind me so he said
[14:05] centuries to work out
[14:06] what went wrong and how he might improve
[14:10] it
[14:11] so he has built a cult and slowly
[14:13] manipulated humans passing through this
[14:15] black stone
[14:15] changing people's souls altering them he
[14:18] has corrupted powerful anima beings like
[14:21] cereu
[14:22] so they will help towards his cause
[14:25] which means that he is building up to
[14:27] something big he is building up to
[14:29] something
[14:30] that endangers pretty much everyone he
[14:33] threatens the lives of
[14:34] every single person on gilanor which
[14:36] leaves the only question to be
[14:39] do you really think you can save them
[14:46] so that's the quest and story content
[14:48] coming this year and at the start of
[14:49] next year
[14:50] but that's not all we have planned for
[14:52] 2019.
[14:53] it's been some time since endgame and
[14:55] it's time for the main storyline to
[14:57] continue
[14:58] [Applause]
[15:06] but we want to change the way we've been
[15:08] presenting story
[15:09] in recent years we think too much law
[15:11] has been revealed outside the game
[15:13] on live streams on social media and even
[15:15] here at runefest
[15:17] we think the right place to experience
[15:18] the story and learn about the world is
[15:20] in game
[15:21] so we're going to be aiming to do more
[15:22] of that from now on we want there to be
[15:24] much more of a sense of mystery
[15:27] that means i'm not here to announce what
[15:28] the next major storyline quest is going
[15:30] to be
[15:31] you'll find that out in 2019 much closer
[15:33] to the release date
[15:35] what we are going to tell you is what
[15:37] and more specifically
[15:38] who we're going to be focusing on next
[15:43] i'm joe i'm joking i'm joking jerky it's
[15:46] not so liskey
[15:49] in the last few years of quests the gods
[15:51] returned to gillinau
[15:52] and celisco tried to set them against
[15:53] each other there were some major
[15:55] revelations at the end of endgame
[15:56] as big as the changes in the world wakes
[15:58] there are many different ways to take
[16:00] the story from here
[16:01] so where do we go next when we're
[16:04] choosing what stories to tell
[16:06] we don't just get to decide for herself
[16:08] raven
[16:09] just wants to kill some more signature
[16:10] heroes
[16:14] i want to make a quest where you just
[16:15] follow wahesatel around and watch him go
[16:18] shopping and do his laundry
[16:21] okay okay fine i'll make it but what do
[16:24] you the players want other than
[16:26] his tail doing his laundry
[16:30] we frequently once uh run surveys and
[16:32] polls and conduct focus groups to try to
[16:34] gauge what you're most interested in
[16:37] most recently we ran a survey asking a
[16:39] representative sample of players
[16:40] how excited they were for each of our
[16:42] major potential storylines
[16:44] and these are the results
[16:52] so hopefully you can see there are clear
[16:53] three winners elder gods gods and dragon
[16:56] king are sitting comfortably ahead of
[16:57] the rest
[16:59] we've just had three years of god quest
[17:01] so obviously it's time to give the other
[17:03] two some room
[17:04] that's not to say that gods or gnomes or
[17:06] the unnamable thing that's third from
[17:08] bottom
[17:09] won't get a look in the focus of the
[17:12] next big storyline
[17:13] is going to be the elder gods and the
[17:16] dragonkin
[17:18] yeah lots of love for the older gods and
[17:20] dragon game in particular we're going to
[17:22] focus on two specific characters
[17:24] their history together and their future
[17:26] together
[17:29] okay so
[17:32] let's start with the first one which is
[17:34] elder gods
[17:36] so let's just catch up with what the
[17:38] elder gods are so everyone's on the same
[17:39] page
[17:40] so the elder gods very simply
[17:43] are the creators of everything
[17:47] they needed to be certainly dramatic
[17:49] what they do
[17:50] is they create worlds they refine these
[17:54] worlds
[17:55] to make a perfect animal world that can
[17:58] feed all the anime into it
[17:59] and be lovely and delicious and then
[18:01] what they do is they go down
[18:04] they lay their eggs in this world and
[18:06] then
[18:07] the original ones die off and the eggs
[18:11] wake up hatch and tear the world to
[18:14] pieces
[18:16] because you would
[18:20] we've seen previous worlds of the
[18:23] revision we've seen their previous
[18:25] perfect world
[18:26] that was frenesque
[18:30] where's the new one where's the new
[18:33] perfect world oh
[18:34] yep the new perfect world is of course
[18:37] gilenore
[18:38] that lovely place where everyone you
[18:40] know does their skilling cuts their
[18:42] trees
[18:43] raises animals on the new planet farm
[18:47] yes the elder gods are powerful
[18:51] alien strange beings and we barely
[18:54] register as life forms to them
[18:58] i need better cards so
[19:03] we need someone we can talk to a focus
[19:05] for this if you will
[19:06] so let's go to jazz jazz is the most
[19:11] approachable of the elder gods
[19:15] jazz as you may know created the stone
[19:17] of jazz
[19:18] from her egg so she has denied herself
[19:21] that chance
[19:22] to be reborn she is this one singular
[19:25] form
[19:26] is what she now is stone of jazz is
[19:29] quite important to any of you who have
[19:31] ever played any quests ever
[19:34] as the stone of jazz is the source of
[19:36] much of runescape's magic and mystery
[19:38] it is the source of runic magic if you
[19:41] think about it it's where the essence
[19:43] came from their proximity to the stone
[19:44] of jazz
[19:45] and therefore it is also the source of
[19:47] many of the god's power
[19:49] zamrak got his power apart from the
[19:51] stone
[19:53] sarah domin got his power apart from
[19:54] stone guthix got his power apart from
[19:56] the stone
[19:57] so all of these come back to jazz
[20:03] jazz is also in her approachable way
[20:07] orchestrated the events that have led up
[20:09] to much of the recent storyline
[20:10] she is the one who took slick and went
[20:12] you
[20:14] you will be my agent and instructed him
[20:17] to
[20:18] gather the big players the spokespersons
[20:21] for all of life if you will obviously
[20:24] slick messed around with it and did his
[20:26] own
[20:26] slick thing but the intention was to
[20:29] gather everyone together for one
[20:31] very simple completely harmless question
[20:34] which was she got the player there and
[20:36] went
[20:38] should mortal life be allowed to exist
[20:40] or more accurately she said
[20:42] prove that mortal life should be allowed
[20:45] to exist
[20:46] or i'll destroy it
[20:51] which makes her the single biggest
[20:54] threat to all of gyllenhaal everything
[20:56] in general she is the
[20:58] biggest threat so
[21:03] as well as jazz we have the next lot who
[21:06] are
[21:06] the dragonkin so the dragonkin
[21:10] are an ancient race from the previous
[21:13] revision they're not from this
[21:14] we're unlike they're from a world before
[21:17] and in that time
[21:19] they fled the revision they escaped its
[21:22] mass destruction
[21:23] and they went to jazz and tried to
[21:24] petition much as
[21:26] she's asked the players to that mortal
[21:29] life should be allowed to exist they
[21:30] should be saved
[21:31] and jazz looked at this and went what an
[21:34] interesting thought
[21:35] i know i'll enslave you to the stone of
[21:38] jazz that seems fair right
[21:41] so the dragonkin have been enslaved to
[21:44] the stone
[21:44] cursed to feel terrible pain and anger
[21:47] at its use whenever it's used
[21:49] it hurts them they get driven into a
[21:51] frenzy and they want to attack
[21:54] in turn this created two factions within
[21:57] the dragonkin
[21:59] on one hand you have the necroscerties
[22:01] and the necrocertis went
[22:03] i feel pain i feel anger what do i do
[22:05] with this i will obliterate everything
[22:07] in my way
[22:10] and they turn to violence and
[22:11] destruction and want to
[22:13] use their fury to just burn the world to
[22:15] cinders
[22:17] then there's the dactyl and the dactyl
[22:19] went
[22:20] yes we have a problem and we will
[22:24] use this pain uses anger as a focus as a
[22:26] drive to give us purpose
[22:28] and they seek to find a solution to the
[22:32] curse
[22:34] which in turns leads us to our big
[22:36] player who is of course
[22:38] this lovely fellow here who is keropak
[22:42] keropak is the leader of the dactyl
[22:46] kerapak has spent human lifetimes
[22:50] researching the curse and seeking a
[22:52] solution
[22:53] he is absolutely driven towards this in
[22:56] his entire focus his obsession
[22:58] he wants to find a cure he wants to find
[23:00] a solution
[23:01] to the terrible dragonkin curse
[23:04] he's a very let's say detached character
[23:09] some might say unethical but he's
[23:11] scientifically detached very focused
[23:13] has a goal and he will do anything
[23:16] to achieve this goal which has included
[23:20] twisted experiments he took little
[23:22] dragon eggs and went what would happen
[23:24] if i pour boiling metal over them
[23:27] interesting
[23:29] he has experimented on various pieces of
[23:32] sentient life including other dragonkin
[23:34] if any of you have been
[23:35] to eat dungeons 2 you will have seen
[23:38] some of the journals of things that he
[23:39] did
[23:41] he is willing to throw himself into
[23:43] mortal danger
[23:44] he turned up at endgame he turned up
[23:47] heroes welcome
[23:48] he's willing to throw himself in the way
[23:49] of danger in order to achieve this goal
[23:52] to find a solution to the curse
[23:55] which leads us to the next bit
[23:59] the lives of the dragonkin were focused
[24:01] entirely around the stone of jazz
[24:03] the necrocertis were slaves to it and
[24:05] the daktil spent every waking effort
[24:07] trying to escape it
[24:09] all of that changed to the end of end
[24:11] game
[24:14] keropak destroyed the stone of jazz
[24:16] freeing his people from the curse
[24:18] the necro certis hateful and angry and
[24:21] no longer bound to pursue false users
[24:23] what will they do with their freedom the
[24:26] doctor will have thousands of years of
[24:27] unethical that's right i said unethical
[24:30] knowledge and research
[24:31] will they find a new purpose for it and
[24:34] what about jazz
[24:35] elder gods don't think on the same time
[24:37] scale as mere mortals
[24:38] so her threat at the end of end game
[24:40] didn't have much of a sense of imminence
[24:41] to it
[24:42] but in 2019 that's going to change the
[24:44] threat of the elder gods will stop being
[24:46] abstract now you might be thinking
[24:51] if the storyline follows on directly
[24:52] from the events of selisky's end game as
[24:54] we've described
[24:55] doesn't that make you both very high
[24:57] level and locked behind one of the most
[24:59] exclusive quests in the game
[25:01] the last data that we collected shows
[25:03] that only 11 of players have actually
[25:05] completed endgame so that would make it
[25:07] a very exclusive storyline indeed
[25:11] our job as mods when we have our law
[25:13] hats on
[25:14] is to promote the story of a gamer most
[25:15] significantly quests
[25:17] we want as many players as possible
[25:19] playing quests but just as importantly
[25:21] we want you to love playing them
[25:24] more players playing and loving quests
[25:26] means more quests get made which means
[25:27] you get more quests to play
[25:29] with that in mind we can't restrict the
[25:31] main storyline of the game to only high
[25:33] levels or only the 11
[25:34] who completed end game so for the new
[25:36] elder god and dragonkin storyline
[25:38] we're going to be doing the same thing
[25:39] we did with the world wakes and with
[25:41] missing presumed death
[25:43] and reset the quest and level
[25:44] requirements that means any member
[25:46] will be able to get right in and enjoy
[25:48] the new storyline
[25:52] of course you should still go back and
[25:53] play all the previous 6-h quests
[25:55] not only because they're great but
[25:56] because you need to complete them for
[25:57] the quest cape
[25:58] and as everyone here knows the quest
[26:00] cake is the best cake
[26:11] i mentioned earlier that we're intending
[26:13] to reveal more of the law and story
[26:15] in-game and less of it out of game that
[26:17] leaves us in an awkward situation here
[26:19] on the stage
[26:20] because traditionally we like to give
[26:22] you some cool new law and we just said
[26:23] we're not going to do that
[26:25] but don't worry we've come up with a
[26:26] solution we've written some brand new
[26:28] law books about places that we're not
[26:30] visiting anytime
[26:31] soon we're going to present them in a
[26:32] way it takes advantage of this huge
[26:36] screen
[26:43] the journal of fel arnason
[26:48] asa i'm sorry
[26:51] i went in search of the mystic cave in
[26:53] the utter north that leads to the white
[26:55] lands
[26:56] in that place i would find adventure and
[26:58] riches and redeem our family's name
[27:02] i found the thin place in the deepest
[27:04] parts of the cave
[27:06] but what lay on the other side was not
[27:08] the land of snow
[27:10] there was snow for sure but not the
[27:12] wholesome forests and gentle drifts of
[27:14] legend
[27:16] what greeted me instead was a bleak and
[27:18] jagged landscape
[27:19] of dark stone mountains all around the
[27:22] biting wind howled
[27:24] and in the distance blizzards raged each
[27:27] large enough to swallow relica on all
[27:30] the lands around
[27:32] i wept then for the way behind was
[27:35] closed
[27:36] and i could see no sign of food or
[27:38] shelter anywhere in that place
[27:41] i had no choice but to explore
[27:45] to seek any sign of shelter or
[27:46] sustenance in this forsaken place
[27:49] i set out and saw soon that the land all
[27:52] about was a sheet
[27:53] of ice which filled in the space between
[27:56] the mountains
[27:58] this was no slow-moving glacier but an
[28:01] eternal
[28:02] frozen plane miles deep
[28:05] in places the snow was blasted away by
[28:08] the wind
[28:08] and i could see the murky ice reached
[28:10] down into the depths below
[28:12] where the roots of the mountains lay
[28:16] i found myself following a road of sorts
[28:18] carved in the icy plain
[28:20] a groove was cut two or three feet deep
[28:22] in the ice
[28:23] a trench which ran in a perfectly
[28:25] straight line
[28:26] for as far as i could see in either
[28:28] direction
[28:31] i could see no sign of who or what had
[28:33] made it
[28:34] but i followed it in the hope of finding
[28:36] its maker
[28:39] as i wandered i saw shapes through the
[28:42] ice
[28:42] on the bottom far below they were too
[28:45] regular
[28:46] or too incredible to be natural rock
[28:49] they were buildings
[28:51] great cities even buried in a frozen
[28:54] sunken slumber
[28:56] what i could make out of the
[28:57] architecture seemed impossible
[29:00] and when i try to sleep in this place
[29:02] the strange distorted shapes of those
[29:05] buildings haunt me
[29:07] i wonder who could have built them and
[29:10] whether they ever stood above the
[29:11] surface of the ice
[29:13] had they been ruined and buried or were
[29:16] they somehow built within the ice itself
[29:20] this world is nothing but loneliness
[29:24] i walked for what must have been days in
[29:27] that unchanging wilderness
[29:29] my supplies almost depleted
[29:32] i encountered only one thing in that
[29:34] walk
[29:35] which could be confused for something
[29:37] edible
[29:38] a large and voracious slug-like thing
[29:41] attacked me from a snowdrift
[29:44] with impossible agility it leapt at my
[29:46] face and i was barely able to cut it
[29:48] down
[29:49] i tried to eat it but a thick and
[29:52] stinking echo
[29:53] repelled me and i left it on the ice
[29:58] my hope was almost gone then but
[30:01] finally through the snow ahead of me i
[30:04] beheld a man
[30:05] on the road i rushed to him for where
[30:08] there were travelers
[30:09] surely there was civilization food and a
[30:12] bed
[30:14] i found a cloaked figure his face
[30:16] impossible to make out
[30:18] walking slowly and determinedly down the
[30:20] center of the road
[30:22] never breaking stride i paid him
[30:25] greetings in a shivering voice
[30:28] but he gave no sign of notice and did
[30:30] not slow down
[30:33] cold and fearful and angered by his lack
[30:37] of response
[30:38] i demanded that he stop he ignored me as
[30:41] though i did not exist
[30:43] and trod on i rushed ahead of him
[30:46] such that he would have to greet me or
[30:48] go around
[30:49] instead he simply walked into me without
[30:52] acknowledgement
[30:53] although i put my arms out to stop him
[30:56] and pushed with all my might
[30:58] i could do nothing to halt or even slow
[31:01] him
[31:02] i saw then that nothing could stop his
[31:04] travel
[31:05] and i realized the impossible truth
[31:09] he was not walking along the road
[31:13] he was making it the slow
[31:16] tread of his unwavering footsteps had
[31:19] carved an exact line
[31:21] around and around this world for ages
[31:25] i could not fathom
[31:28] i fled from the unnatural road towards
[31:30] the mountains
[31:32] but there i found something even more
[31:34] awful
[31:36] every fremonic knows the legend of the
[31:38] glacors
[31:40] those savage beings of ice brought forth
[31:42] by unholy sorcerers what appeared on the
[31:46] horizon
[31:48] was a glacore of truly titanic size
[31:54] i know now where i am
[31:58] this is not the white lands this
[32:01] is the icy hell which some call lange
[32:06] as i write this account i can see the
[32:08] massive glacore moving in the distance
[32:11] it looms as tall as a mountain storms
[32:15] cling to its side in a wicked and unholy
[32:17] light
[32:18] shines from within its core i can see no
[32:21] hope
[32:22] no survival in this place but i
[32:26] can still find honor in battle and
[32:29] death to be the first to slay such a
[32:32] beast
[32:33] is it even possible if this account
[32:36] lies unfinished you will know that i
[32:40] failed
[32:43] [Applause]
[32:54] this document is written in the dragon
[32:56] kin language
[32:58] but uncredited the so-called
[33:02] shadow realm in my research expeditions
[33:06] to the mainland
[33:07] i have spent some time studying the
[33:09] sorcerers of the empty gods empire
[33:12] their so-called dark magics come in five
[33:16] schools
[33:17] and it is the school of shadow which
[33:18] most interests me
[33:20] not least because of their
[33:21] misconceptions i have read them describe
[33:24] it
[33:24] as a coterminous dimension and although
[33:26] there is an element of truth to this
[33:28] they quite fail to see the full picture
[33:32] these sorcerers are adept to an extent
[33:34] and turn their power to inventive ends
[33:37] they can summon forth shadow as a raw
[33:39] corrosive force
[33:40] but they also use that same energy to
[33:42] reanimate the dead
[33:43] in both sapient and non-sapient forms
[33:46] the most learned can even shadow walk
[33:49] stepping into what they call the shadow
[33:51] realm to walk unseen
[33:53] what they seem quite unaware of is that
[33:56] everything that they experience
[33:57] is but that tiny part of it which coils
[34:00] around gilano
[34:03] the shadow realm may be a place but it
[34:05] is not a part of any plane or world
[34:08] it stretches from the very pit of this
[34:10] universe below even the lowest planes
[34:12] and reaches all the way to the highest
[34:14] to gilenore itself
[34:17] along the way its tendrils reach out and
[34:19] touch many worlds
[34:21] wrap around them and those worlds too
[34:23] are said to have shadow realms
[34:25] in these furthest planes the shadow is
[34:27] merely a thin invisible membrane
[34:29] that clings to the outside of the
[34:31] planets that it touches
[34:34] it is possible to navigate the rivers of
[34:36] this interplanar network
[34:38] but as one travels lower into the
[34:39] universe the shadows
[34:41] become thicker and denser what are
[34:44] rivers in the transcendent plains
[34:46] become great seas in the catalytic and
[34:48] elemental plains
[34:50] surrounding the planets with a huge
[34:52] amorphous halo beyond the edge of normal
[34:54] site
[34:55] a shadow walker on these worlds could
[34:57] soar up into the sky
[34:59] beyond the atmosphere and out into
[35:01] planar space
[35:04] just as the abyss and void hold their
[35:05] own forms of life so too does the shadow
[35:08] and such beings can be found
[35:10] occasionally in these shadow seas
[35:12] far from a world's surface they are
[35:14] twisted and elusive creatures
[35:16] more formless than definite they are
[35:18] suffused utterly with shadow energy
[35:20] composed i believe of the same matter as
[35:22] the sea they swim in
[35:24] while within their realm they are quite
[35:26] invisible from beyond it
[35:27] and when brought forth into real space
[35:29] they expire rapidly
[35:32] further down in the lower plains the
[35:35] stuff of shadow near fills the plane of
[35:36] bubbles with its unseen presence
[35:39] shadow walking in those places one finds
[35:42] oneself floating in a purple sea
[35:44] the shadow realms of the planets merely
[35:46] dots in a limitless ocean
[35:48] beyond frenesque at the utter end of the
[35:50] universe are the true depths
[35:52] where the realm grows thicker and darker
[35:53] still such that even gods must turn back
[35:57] in even this place there is life of a
[35:59] sort
[36:02] the shadow leviathan a great worm large
[36:05] enough to coil around worlds
[36:08] it hunts through the dark seeking any
[36:10] pinprick of light to devour
[36:12] if it has a mind it knows only hatred of
[36:14] the living
[36:15] planes not filled with the shadow cannot
[36:17] sustain its bulk and so seems safe
[36:19] from its predations what none can see
[36:23] whose lives do not span the breadth of
[36:25] eons as ours do
[36:27] is that the shadow realm is spreading
[36:29] when first we were subjugated by the
[36:31] stone
[36:32] the shadow barely reached the lower
[36:33] planes
[36:35] with each millennium that passes the
[36:37] planes gradually fill with it
[36:38] until it spills out across the universe
[36:40] covering more and more worlds
[36:43] having reached even gilenore i do not
[36:45] know what if anything
[36:47] can stop it from filling the universe
[36:52] entirely
[36:54] [Applause]
[37:04] usually in our law talks we like to
[37:06] round things off with a q a
[37:08] uh we didn't want to spend several
[37:09] minutes passing the microphone around
[37:11] this enormous room
[37:12] so we've pre-selected some questions do
[37:15] we have time for q a how are we doing uh
[37:16] yeah we've got a few shall i start okay
[37:19] okay
[37:20] any plans for the sixth elder god
[37:24] yes we haven't forgotten about it as i
[37:27] said earlier we're definitely not going
[37:28] to tell you
[37:29] what they are
[37:32] uh is the player human so we've
[37:36] discussed this
[37:37] um as far as we're concerned the player
[37:40] comes from the human kingdoms which one
[37:42] is up to you to decide
[37:44] and we will be treating the player as
[37:46] human
[37:47] if for some role play reason you have
[37:49] another origin for your character by all
[37:51] means keep it
[37:51] but as far as we're concerned yes the
[37:53] player is human and they come from the
[37:54] human kingdom
[37:55] what about being the world guardian uh
[37:57] well the world guardian is a title
[37:59] rather than a race
[38:00] so they're still human they're still
[38:01] human
[38:03] oh yeah um okay here's a good one
[38:07] which is canon rs3
[38:10] or old school oh so
[38:14] we're still developing this but our
[38:16] answer to this question at the moment is
[38:18] they're different interpretations of the
[38:20] same story
[38:21] so events may play out slightly
[38:24] differently but it's the same world
[38:29] so neither or both both both yeah let's
[38:32] go with both
[38:35] [Laughter]
[38:38] it's obviously male or female i think we
[38:41] answered this one last roon fest
[38:42] uh ob sooth is male they just like
[38:44] hearing it i think i think they just
[38:46] like hearing it
[38:47] um oh here's a good one okay is zaros
[38:51] planning to collect on the packs made
[38:53] with the other gods at end game
[38:56] so the pac zaros made a pact with each
[38:59] of saradomin zamarak and armada i don't
[39:01] think
[39:02] and he agreed to do something for them
[39:04] in exchange for them doing something for
[39:06] him in end game
[39:07] so now end game is over zaros doesn't oh
[39:10] sorry they don't owe zaros anything
[39:12] because the pack was strictly within end
[39:13] game but what he agreed to do for them
[39:15] he still needs to follow through on yeah
[39:17] so we'll find out what happens with that
[39:18] in the future yes
[39:21] uh which mod is the biggest law nerd
[39:24] uh the biggest lawn nerd
[39:28] is probably mod koc he's the one who
[39:29] comes to us and he goes
[39:31] uh this thing here but here there was a
[39:33] thing and there was a different thing
[39:34] and then seven years ago there was this
[39:36] and uh and we go oh you did
[39:38] i think of that yep you're right yeah so
[39:41] it's him
[39:42] um okay
[39:46] what are the gods up to now that the
[39:48] stone is gone
[39:51] so the stone was just a means to an end
[39:53] i think for most of them they didn't
[39:54] they only wanted it because it would
[39:56] help them to achieve their goals
[39:57] whatever they were
[39:58] um which i think for the most part he's
[40:00] conquered gilanor and rule over it
[40:02] maybe not armadillo but saradomin and
[40:03] zamarak probably both want to do that
[40:07] are there revenant aviancy uh
[40:11] there should be there just aren't any
[40:13] currently for graphical reasons
[40:15] um but there's no reason there couldn't
[40:17] be revenant aviante just that just
[40:18] aren't
[40:19] because models uh
[40:22] a boring answer but a fair one um
[40:26] feel free to write your revenant aviancy
[40:27] fanfic
[40:30] yep send it to him uh
[40:36] do solas and telos have souls
[40:39] uh no since they're creations of the
[40:42] anima they're essentially divine beings
[40:44] by definition
[40:50] uh can you tell us more about keropak
[40:54] no classic
[40:57] yep uh any plans to revisit dimension of
[41:00] disaster
[41:01] uh yes if it ever comes up uh we went
[41:03] back there for the halloween event a
[41:05] couple of years ago
[41:06] and i i think we quite like it we'd like
[41:08] to see what more of the world looks like
[41:09] but
[41:09] it's sort of intrinsically a joke so it
[41:11] doesn't suit yeah serious content
[41:13] it's always fun to play with yeah i
[41:18] definitely
[41:20] what planet did the dragonkin confront
[41:22] jazz on
[41:24] so we discussed this and we're not
[41:26] entirely sure that
[41:27] question is correctly worded because we
[41:32] didn't really have them on a planet yeah
[41:34] i think our decision was it was kind of
[41:36] either the abyss or possibly the
[41:37] emptiness of space um
[41:39] so whilst jazz was kind of going i'm
[41:41] making a world isn't it pretty
[41:44] what are you um was what we imagine i
[41:47] want some concept out of that now we can
[41:48] get that for next week
[41:49] we could so yeah it wasn't really on a
[41:52] planet we think it's sort of more
[41:53] space entrance of space yeah um i
[41:56] haven't got any more
[41:57] oh you're right that's it uh i've got
[41:58] one more oh are there two sets of elder
[42:01] gods on gyllenhaal
[42:03] oh so this is to do with the
[42:06] egg eggs and to do with the uh actual um
[42:09] elders themselves
[42:10] so it's a because we're weird and like
[42:12] that um
[42:13] it's not really true that there are two
[42:16] sets of elder gods
[42:17] more likely what we have is one set of
[42:19] elder gods and one set of elder gods and
[42:21] potentia because once the elder gods are
[42:23] born the previous ones will
[42:24] die so it's not like there's two at the
[42:27] same time of the same elder gods it's
[42:28] not like two wins
[42:30] um it's one and one in potentia except
[42:32] of course from jazz who is just
[42:33] that one yeah if she gave up her baby
[42:36] yeah
[42:38] i think that's all we've got time for
[42:39] isn't it i think that's it yeah we now
[42:41] have to
[42:42] clear out of here soon
[42:51] oh yeah they just get past it oh they've
[42:54] they've they've taken my last slide we
[42:55] had one more slide but they've skipped
[42:57] it we have the slide back
[43:00] no there we go nevermind um so we'll be
[43:03] over by the mining and smithing
[43:05] computers um do come and try the
[43:06] demonstrable it's fantastic
[43:08] yep uh if we didn't answer your
[43:11] questions come and ask them or
[43:13] there you go post them on discord yes
[43:14] there we go
[43:16] come talk to us on discord ask lore
[43:17] questions tweet us ask your questions
[43:19] yep
[43:20] we got about 150 or something
[43:23] on the reddit thread yeah i think we're
[43:24] gonna have to try to work through some
[43:26] of those we'll try to although quite a
[43:27] lot of them are i'm sorry we can't
[43:28] really tell you about that yet because
[43:30] that's upcoming content
[43:31] yeah do come and ask us so you've been a
[43:33] fantastic crowd give a cheer thanks
[43:35] every time we started to say something
[43:37] funny
[43:39] see you all next time