Transcript of RuneFest 2018 - Ninja Team Q&A (Panel)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:06] hello everyone
[00:09] then welcome to the ninja Q&A we are
[00:13] then
[00:13] well we're part of the ninja team the
[00:16] rest of them couldn't make it
[00:16] unfortunately
[00:17] let's enjoy ourselves so I'm on Timbo if
[00:20] you don't know who I am
[00:21] we have man Meili not labcoat my fiddly
[00:29] I'm not Harrison I'm not porky so what
[00:36] we did today obviously get your cue aids
[00:38] questions to us 20 ever have an
[00:39] introduction so if you don't know what
[00:42] the ninja team is what rocky feeling and
[00:44] living under a leaf a last couple weeks
[00:45] a couple years so the ninja team we
[00:47] focus on quality of life fixes getting
[00:49] your quick fix suggestions into game we
[00:53] operate very quickly so we meet every
[00:55] Monday to discuss your ninja fixes that
[00:57] come in for the weekend over the last
[00:58] week we go through them we still say how
[01:02] how quickly are the fits if there's too
[01:04] much of time we sort of passing on to a
[01:06] different team or they'll go into a
[01:07] different backlog but what we do is we
[01:09] see if they're very quick and they're
[01:10] very impactful to you guys so if we can
[01:12] get them done very quickly and there's
[01:14] something that you guys really really
[01:14] wanted to see the high voter number I've
[01:17] read it or we see a lot on the forums or
[01:19] see a long discord we see a lot of
[01:20] social media we try and get that fixed
[01:22] and that's what we tend to do for this
[01:27] yeah that's what we do all day well not
[01:30] me but these guys so what we want to do
[01:33] is give us questions you can give us an
[01:36] interest suggestions if you want but I
[01:37] highly recommend that you stick around
[01:39] afterwards what Harrison has the laptop
[01:42] the ninja laptop the ninja laptop well
[01:45] we will note down your suggestions and
[01:47] Monday when we get back to Rufus we'll
[01:48] go through them all and hopefully you
[01:50] may see them something they upcoming
[01:52] weeks but to start with does anyone have
[01:54] any questions at all we do have
[02:02] pre-prepared questions in case no one
[02:03] has anything
[02:07] the remark firm yes
[02:09] the finger should be more a quality of
[02:11] life update instead of new content that
[02:16] is a very good question we do do some
[02:20] patch weeks and some ninja weeks and if
[02:22] you notice in those weeks we do a lot
[02:23] more ninja fix than we normally would we
[02:27] know that quality of life is really
[02:28] important to you guys and it's well
[02:31] we're lucky cuz and then some of the
[02:32] niche fixes are the most like well
[02:34] received updates we do in a week I do
[02:37] think we could probably do some more but
[02:39] like it's not Italian up to us it's up
[02:42] to the quality of the suggestions it's
[02:43] up to what releases we need to go out
[02:45] it's up to those sorts of things so
[02:46] maybe but I think we do we do a lot
[02:49] energy because every month we do up to
[02:51] like 15 inches pictures a month so
[02:52] hopefully yeah you do you're doing great
[02:55] work so yeah thank you very much I don't
[02:57] about myself on the back too much
[02:58] someone it's literary pat me on the back
[03:00] okay
[03:02] any more questions hi I'm so mutated
[03:09] Bart is very good ability but it's very
[03:11] very buggy it doesn't work on bosses
[03:13] like ya komaru and it doesn't give you
[03:15] adrenaline if you use it as your first
[03:16] ability and there's a glitch if you
[03:18] click on the ground and it pretty much
[03:20] works the way it shouldn't are you
[03:22] planning on fixing this and it's also
[03:24] like a part of a wider bug if you don't
[03:26] want to attack you don't get adrenaline
[03:27] can this be addressed so first of all I
[03:32] would suggest sending bug report
[03:34] contrary to popular belief we do
[03:36] actually read to as a QA team we'll go
[03:39] through and we'll make sure like if it
[03:40] seems like it's not being actioned or
[03:42] anything it might just be a case of like
[03:43] it wasn't very clear it's or like a
[03:46] Louis or minority affecting bug as Phil
[03:51] mentioned about adrenaline not
[03:52] generating on the first video we know
[03:54] about that one it's definitely on
[03:55] something to fix because you're out so
[03:56] then convenience right yeah so for your
[03:59] answers your question maybe
[04:04] any more questions shall I choose from
[04:07] the list
[04:08] ask anything but how we pick name to
[04:11] know anything yeah
[04:22] what you think is the best and worst
[04:23] received ninja update that you you've
[04:26] worked on and what do you personally
[04:29] consider to be your favorite one best
[04:37] was like tears of gothic changes I would
[04:40] really wanted to get rid of that delay
[04:41] and I'm happy that is gone worse things
[04:44] I've had to work on
[04:46] I'm not even naming them this like every
[04:49] time I get into a piece of code is like
[04:52] there's some maintenance to be done so
[04:54] they tend to balloon a bit I the game is
[04:58] 17 years old let's point out and and you
[05:00] realize that if you see the code it's
[05:01] fine
[05:04] so I'm actually addition to the team but
[05:07] I think my best received update they
[05:13] defects that's all I do so I'm like oh
[05:15] yes and my little mini update probably
[05:19] having told some players here probably
[05:21] like quality of life was just the grand
[05:24] exchange updates I did like four four
[05:26] five like changes to it that was very
[05:29] good
[05:31] worst received in terms of like most the
[05:34] people that most people that end no it
[05:36] was probably the feather packs like like
[05:40] those people liked it especially on man
[05:43] but then there was a few people where
[05:46] because the price kind of plummeted
[05:48] feathers we're not too happy with it or
[05:51] they expecting a vessel you money in
[05:55] feathers
[05:57] by my best ninja fix
[06:00] I don't know my best one is probably
[06:03] making a civil lock rings tell you what
[06:06] you got dropped instead of it just
[06:07] shining brightly I did the luxury work
[06:10] so it's kind of a bit selfish for me
[06:12] maybe but then into fix was yeah it now
[06:14] shows you what you got and how many
[06:15] wanted you got which was really cool
[06:17] my worst ninja fix removing trees maybe
[06:22] I think removing the West varrock tree
[06:25] so people couldn't do that jacket raised
[06:26] ones anymore was pretty funny and maybe
[06:29] my worst ninja fix well I don't fix
[06:33] itself I usually pass all the things
[06:35] that we start to fix and push a little
[06:38] bit on that that we started working on
[06:39] those and one that I enjoyed doing the
[06:42] most was the the death type that
[06:45] approach dark changes to Claudia and
[06:47] mega duck which was pretty well received
[06:50] I think less mega decks die now always a
[06:53] good thing but because I only usually
[06:57] pass things forward I didn't have a
[06:58] negative one really best ones probably
[07:03] the actionbar
[07:04] switching thing I did where you change
[07:06] whoever style them bars of the weapon is
[07:09] story they change the bar for you worst
[07:13] one don't actually know how I'm prepared
[07:17] for that maybe everything's bit later
[07:19] I'll get back to it but yeah it's hard
[07:22] to think of a worse time whether it's
[07:23] something that a lot of players are
[07:24] asking for
[07:36] so I know the emails the main security
[07:40] of most accounts Chloe wants emails
[07:42] hacks then they can reset via ventilator
[07:45] but have you considered putting a reset
[07:47] they lay on the offense cases that can
[07:49] be enabled at a bank just our user and
[07:52] so I if we wanted to say save if I
[07:56] wanted to put a 7-day delay on my
[07:57] ventilator reset would that be something
[07:59] you could consider adding or not really
[08:02] it's potentially I'm not entirely sure a
[08:07] lot of authentication stuff is done like
[08:09] web modules as opposed to in-game
[08:11] content there's definitely not something
[08:14] that we would ignore security of is
[08:16] important to people so yeah something we
[08:18] can look to try and work with the web
[08:20] team about anymore
[08:33] are there any plans to like give the the
[08:39] new interface system to give that just a
[08:42] recolor option because some items and
[08:44] some text is very hard to see on the the
[08:47] current dark blue theme so it's like
[08:49] wondering if we could maybe like I
[08:51] didn't recover it's a green or purple or
[08:53] whatever we weren't just basically if
[08:54] it's able to swap the color of the
[08:59] interface without having to switch to
[09:01] the legacy skin I don't think we've got
[09:05] plans to just change the color of the
[09:07] text we are printing it so that all
[09:10] interfaces can easily change from the
[09:13] new system to the old to the legacy
[09:16] system because there's quite a few
[09:17] interfaces out there which still don't
[09:18] change color we're still going through
[09:20] them but presumably once we've got all
[09:23] of the interfaces done we might consider
[09:26] doing several skins but that would be
[09:29] distant future like we can add mod age
[09:34] who isn't here does like his interface
[09:37] is very much as well and every now and
[09:39] then secretly he will change the color
[09:41] of the text usually to more white
[09:44] so it is indeed like more contrast so we
[09:47] do we do like these changes you make
[09:48] them every now and then but it's no like
[09:54] if we come across it will do it usually
[09:56] but we don't have a specific focus on it
[09:59] yeah I think specific examples would be
[10:01] useful if you post on the forums on red
[10:03] or something at a later date and there
[10:05] are specific examples of certainly and
[10:07] faces we can definitely look at those in
[10:08] general if you have a ninja fix that
[10:11] will happen in one of those interfaces
[10:12] that doesn't change it will get changed
[10:14] with the ninja fix thank you
[10:23] so just on the visibility I'm slightly
[10:26] colorblind so tell us p5 is actually
[10:29] very difficult for me to see which color
[10:30] virus I get would it be possible to add
[10:33] some sort of other visual indicator just
[10:34] like a text saying red virus or yellow
[10:37] VAR I don't know if it's yellow or green
[10:38] because I'm colorblind but some sort of
[10:41] other indicator so we know what to look
[10:43] for I think we actually already changed
[10:45] that but yeah I think maybe not such a
[10:48] way that you actually can see it silly
[10:50] yeah we have to colorblind people in the
[10:52] office so it's hard to get their full
[10:54] attention sometimes because one's
[10:56] working on mobile be yeah I think
[10:58] there's definitely an option on the
[10:59] entrance to try and go into color by
[11:01] mode if yeah I mean give that go by all
[11:05] means if it's not what you'd expect let
[11:07] me know we can try and look into making
[11:09] that be bear could you go into more
[11:18] detail about the whole process from ID
[11:20] received my reddit for example until the
[11:24] fixes in their live game and also
[11:28] highlight the places where you really
[11:33] slow down I suppose like spaghetti go to
[11:36] coat is one thing we hear a lot or maybe
[11:40] there are some more things okay so we
[11:47] have we use a sheet okay spreadsheet and
[11:50] we document all the ninja fixes that is
[11:55] the admin into spreadsheet and this is
[11:57] available to the news team and to all
[11:59] jagat staff and they can put an
[12:01] intersession there's lots of things
[12:12] hopefully the camera doesn't pick up on
[12:14] that do not do mean so yeah we have we
[12:19] have we have the ninja spirit than the
[12:20] ninja fix spreadsheet which we have
[12:24] access to in soda jacket staff they can
[12:26] put suggest and down from wherever they
[12:27] find it so they can be their own stress
[12:29] and so it can be placing the
[12:30] registrations and
[12:32] when we come to review on a Monday so a
[12:35] lot people if you tweet a mod about
[12:38] ninja fix they will normally put it down
[12:40] in the spreadsheet
[12:41] normally I can't trust everyone they
[12:44] will put on the spreadsheet and when we
[12:46] meet on a Monday we will go through each
[12:48] individual clip suggestion and see
[12:50] different things about it so the
[12:52] feasibility of it can we literally do it
[12:54] like is is it even like can we do
[12:57] ourselves do players want it do we see
[12:59] this comes to coming out quite a lot is
[13:01] there something that's quick to fix and
[13:04] if it has come from like reddit forums
[13:07] Twitter we all check to see the
[13:09] popularity of that as well
[13:10] especially on reddit obviously there's
[13:12] an upvote system we see the percentage
[13:13] of whether it's how many of those it has
[13:14] on the forums you can see if it's like
[13:16] oh I agree or bump or people bump it and
[13:19] stuff how many replies it has all on
[13:21] like disk or Twitter we see how people
[13:22] really agree with it or likes and
[13:24] retweets popularity isn't everything
[13:26] obviously there are a lot of popular
[13:29] ninja fixes like just give us more XP
[13:31] which we won't do contrary to popular
[13:34] belief and then once once we once we
[13:38] personally approve it as a ninja team
[13:40] then ninja fix will then sort of go into
[13:42] like document system if we if our team
[13:47] cannot do their ninja fix we are very
[13:48] unlikely to do it so if it's graphical
[13:50] if its engine if its website like we are
[13:53] very very unlikely to do it we are all
[13:55] content developers we are content
[13:59] developers QA community management if we
[14:01] can't fix it we will fix it but if if
[14:03] it's outside of our team it's very
[14:04] unlikely to get fixed by us as I said we
[14:06] pass it on to those guys but it's very
[14:09] likely to get an inter fixed and that's
[14:11] the process essentially and then once we
[14:14] go into the week we'll prioritize what
[14:15] work we're working on so we'll go
[14:17] through the NIT fixes we've approved go
[14:20] through which ones we think we should
[14:21] work on first which ones are quick which
[14:23] ones are impactful which ones are plays
[14:26] really won and these these lovely people
[14:28] will develop them Harrison will QA them
[14:32] and then they go out while that process
[14:35] process box down is if we do require
[14:37] different another team or a fee as much
[14:41] after investigation it is much larger
[14:43] than we expect it to be
[14:44] some some new fixes sound really easy to
[14:46] do see you guys and don't we don't blame
[14:49] you at all but they felt like once we
[14:51] investigate it and you see the code it's
[14:53] like actually this is gonna take us four
[14:54] weeks to do an interface and it's like
[14:56] that's crazy amount of time really
[14:58] should we spend four weeks tuning in to
[15:00] fix well if it's really impactful or if
[15:03] it's like really useful to do yeah well
[15:04] we'll push on and we'll take one of
[15:07] these guys time and they'll spend four
[15:09] weeks doing it but it has to be very
[15:11] very top priority for us to do so and
[15:14] that's where the process can bow down if
[15:16] we have ninja fixers take over like
[15:18] three to four weeks they'll get sick go
[15:20] back down the priority list will come
[15:22] back to the meeting in a Monday so okay
[15:23] what we gonna do this week and we go
[15:26] there visit oh yeah it's that one do we
[15:27] do we do that we push it up you push it
[15:29] down
[15:30] that's know hopefully that was useful to
[15:35] people watching
[15:36] yeah it's also worth mentioning like
[15:39] code gets mentioned a lot among players
[15:42] among us there's a whole other sort like
[15:44] process for a lot of things as well like
[15:45] does it really fit the game like who is
[15:48] it gonna affect like game law as it
[15:50] balanced like a lot of things that we
[15:52] could just be like that'd be cool for
[15:53] games like is it gonna ruin some other
[15:55] kind of like method to the game there's
[15:57] to go see like various sorts of like
[15:58] people Timbo most of the times like is
[16:01] this actually like acceptable because we
[16:03] look at something and in the moment
[16:04] we're like oh that's really actually
[16:05] good but it takes like an outsider
[16:07] perspective just like actually that's
[16:10] probably very bad there's definitely a
[16:13] lot more to it
[16:20] thank you moving so as a conics cluesive
[16:24] can you read a few lines off of that
[16:27] spreadsheet for us come on
[16:32] [Music]
[16:35] give give us some give some approved
[16:38] ninja fixes y'all some approved that
[16:42] doesn't mean that they're gonna come out
[16:43] next week yeah so one that was fairly
[16:50] recent was making like the making the
[16:53] key bind or adding an AE key bind for
[16:55] the confirmed destroy interface because
[16:57] it's why yeah why end for yes no or
[17:00] there's just a missing learn I was
[17:03] pretty popular on reddit so that's a yes
[17:11] it's a long list
[17:12] I'm trying to find some impressive
[17:14] looking ones not impressive but every
[17:20] little helps you know they're just
[17:22] little things like oh yeah you've just
[17:24] you've just made it to the highlighting
[17:27] on the action bar quirks property but
[17:30] actually it does help you know when you
[17:32] know when your cue bones are back you
[17:33] know it helps yeah like there's another
[17:35] one for like trading trading raffle
[17:37] prizes so like the golden stuff be able
[17:39] to trade those one to one like you could
[17:41] with like so there's trade under outfits
[17:43] I believe is so that's something we'll
[17:45] try to look into talk about Slater's
[18:03] lair alright there is one on there it's
[18:08] already a while in the thing so
[18:09] sometimes can take a month for longer
[18:11] before something gets done but one of
[18:13] the things that social Slayer I'm
[18:16] relatively new to runescape you could
[18:18] sometimes say it good like six seven
[18:19] months experience with it now so I don't
[18:22] have a lot of knowledge and at some
[18:24] point I was doing Slayer and I tried to
[18:26] group up with a friend and well you need
[18:28] your gemstone and you need them both but
[18:30] you can't trait them so it's very hard
[18:32] to make a party and I know apparently
[18:34] I'm not even supposed to do social sway
[18:35] because it's not really beneficial there
[18:38] you go looking to see you there over
[18:39] there hold on but it's very hard to team
[18:42] up and if you want to team up
[18:45] why not why it doesn't have to be such a
[18:47] complicated process so I feel them
[18:49] they're like can we make social play
[18:51] you're a better experience or make it
[18:53] easier to team up and I think it's
[18:56] somewhere along the lines in there
[18:58] have you found it no it's in the list
[19:03] thank you as what state it was or what
[19:05] we write just to give them an idea
[19:07] what's the line number of the latest
[19:09] ninja fix just to give you an idea of
[19:11] how many things there are in the list
[19:12] not all of which are approved BSA every
[19:15] year we basically start new list because
[19:17] the list gets so long that does she just
[19:19] stops loading but so we moved to Google
[19:23] Docs but yeah at the moment this one's
[19:25] on 489 suggestions so it's quite a lot
[19:29] thank you
[19:35] have you ever released a ninja fix and
[19:39] then afterwards was like I could have
[19:42] done better
[19:42] oh yeah one time like the one that comes
[19:48] straight to mind is like the action bar
[19:50] stuff like it's a whirling good be able
[19:52] to pick with the stars but like it was
[19:54] separate so if you wanted like a general
[19:55] category like all ranged weapons like
[19:57] change of this bar so like it could've
[19:59] done better there like that sort of
[20:02] answer your question it's the difference
[20:04] between do I want to get the fix next
[20:06] week or in a month yeah it's like a lot
[20:09] of time so things like how demanded is
[20:11] it by players like should we try and get
[20:14] like what they won out and then like
[20:16] layer or downline see like if we can try
[20:18] make it better you know delay off for a
[20:20] while and risk people with me like our
[20:22] ninja team might not necessarily seen it
[20:24] like they don't really find interesting
[20:25] that sort of thing you can also think
[20:30] about sometimes we add something in area
[20:33] a for example the time of climb top
[20:36] climb button in the slate our yes but we
[20:41] also added that to do windmill and I
[20:43] correct yes so we just double check in I
[20:47] don't want to make the stay hit
[20:48] everywhere so we do it everywhere like
[20:50] if something if people appreciate
[20:51] something I'm like oh hey we can also do
[20:53] that to another area it's it's usually
[20:54] something we consider doing so that's
[20:57] like for us like an improve
[20:59] and I say like we don't see it first but
[21:01] then once we hear about it's like oh
[21:02] that's a good idea let's do that on top
[21:04] of it seems like people appreciate
[21:09] something big then we could try and like
[21:10] spread it across the game world much
[21:12] better yeah and we end up sparking
[21:15] people's imaginations as well when we do
[21:17] niche fixes so oh thank you for that
[21:19] ninja fix but what about this yeah okay
[21:22] sure we'll do that as well why not
[21:23] it's forget another ninja fixing great
[21:34] would it be a ninja fix to start slowly
[21:38] increasing the game world size as in
[21:41] scale theory so like increasing the
[21:44] space between say Draenor and Fallot or
[21:46] to maybe fit more content in there but
[21:49] do it like pizza at a time rather than
[21:51] the entire world at once so with ninja
[21:54] fixes we tend to focus on small and
[21:57] easily achievable things at high impacts
[22:01] basically like ripping apart the world
[22:04] and shoving more stuff in the middle is
[22:06] not a small task you've already broken
[22:09] our rules of not involving other teams
[22:11] we do try to like patch old looking
[22:13] areas like there's a there was a big job
[22:16] for mod AOB not long ago just to try and
[22:19] like go over some dated-looking areas so
[22:24] there was a big job for him to do with
[22:25] loads of pictures attached that we got
[22:26] from reddit and he went through them
[22:28] already smashed all out so the graphic
[22:30] side is definitely something we can look
[22:32] into but sort of area reworks is a bit
[22:35] beyond ninja it's good suggest
[22:48] all right how about increasing the size
[22:51] of the font in the chat box I know a lot
[22:53] of people have trouble seeing their
[22:55] monitors from far away and I think the
[22:57] only way now to change it is to change
[22:59] the resolution on your display at the
[23:02] moment we're not really touching
[23:03] interfaces because of mobile like they
[23:05] are they are busy we're working all the
[23:07] interfaces anyway so if we go and plug
[23:09] in there yeah it's a combination of like
[23:13] mobile I don't necessarily think we've
[23:16] fully support interface scaling as much
[23:19] as we'd like right now mobile is still
[23:21] very much a work in progress as we're
[23:23] well aware and fonts on what you might
[23:27] necessarily think is just easy text in
[23:30] runescape font is actually a sprite it's
[23:32] an image so when you when you stretch a
[23:34] font an image it becomes a bit bad it's
[23:39] for pix layers so we wouldn't want to
[23:43] make it so it's like big over then it's
[23:45] like you still have to screen to be able
[23:46] to like determine what the word is so
[23:50] yeah we want to get spoiled like
[23:51] properly so what like text with it
[23:53] images would have proper anti-aliasing
[23:56] so you be able to like really properly
[23:58] eventually most of the interfaces are
[24:00] planned to be resizable so they are
[24:02] working on it on a regular basis thank
[24:05] you just not no not agile
[24:12] are there any fixes they you guys want
[24:15] to see that the players really haven't
[24:17] been paying all that much attention to
[24:18] and you haven't gotten to work on it
[24:20] because of that I'd like to remove
[24:21] remove from the group as would let me
[24:23] great it's a lot of trees the thing is
[24:34] we have the luxury of being able to put
[24:36] on the newest additions down on the
[24:38] sheet that we discuss and there are some
[24:41] arguments sometimes in the room when
[24:42] I've been in fixes its destiny no one
[24:45] else agrees with it and so go back and
[24:48] forth have a very nice discussion on
[24:52] that no like sometimes like staff
[24:55] members will just put down ideas that
[24:56] they have that like got no support from
[24:58] the playerbase
[24:59] and it's just like entirely random like
[25:01] that mean me extravagant kebab or
[25:09] something it was in their mod days
[25:13] wanted the ability to add chopped onions
[25:14] and chopped kebabs to make kebab mix why
[25:19] I get I think he just had a kebab the
[25:21] night before he said least thought like
[25:23] why wouldn't I want that I don't think
[25:26] we approved it no it's definitely in the
[25:28] other fruit section so not even staff
[25:31] can get their ninja fixes to it don't
[25:32] worry yeah I said we're lucky we can
[25:36] really and we do reject their own
[25:38] suggestions so it's not like a boys club
[25:41] it definitely have meaning to the
[25:43] players not just an individual
[25:53] hi so you said you luck system hmm so
[25:58] before in above six seven years ago I
[25:59] could spec Goblin and if everything was
[26:02] healing zero zero zero zero zero zero
[26:04] that was a clue scroll how did you
[26:06] change that to the current system sorry
[26:15] I don't think he wants to tell you the
[26:17] details cuz that would be revealing
[26:18] everything yeah we see what you did
[26:22] there yeah anything happen a lot
[26:29] reworked yeah sure
[26:30] except that his own missing runes drop
[26:32] rate yeah is there anything the players
[26:42] suggest often but you're like no we're
[26:45] not gonna do that that that would be
[26:47] horrible
[26:47] jealousy earns makes no sense I mean it
[26:53] used to be the Omni query the Omni
[26:55] gris-gris that we used to get every week
[26:57] and we said why I know it's bank space
[27:00] like it was a lot of work for us and we
[27:02] were like yeah we did there bench me
[27:04] right yeah we do see ya hey yo he does
[27:07] work we eventually pushed the priory up
[27:09] high enough yes the 500 up vote
[27:12] threshold I'm read it on the list don't
[27:15] think I reached them to neg what thank
[27:18] you but I don't think we have that many
[27:22] recurring suggestions that we've sort of
[27:24] just dismissed these days it's not a
[27:31] ninja fix
[27:34] on sailing earns what any more questions
[27:41] oh you mentioned social Slayer earlier
[27:48] any chance Ironman could go in there
[27:50] action like don't expect anything
[27:58] anytime soon but we have been like we've
[28:01] got a combat council we've had that for
[28:03] a while we've got a log house all right
[28:07] yes and we've recently started to
[28:09] organize with all our fellow J mobs that
[28:12] really go for Ironman as well we've got
[28:13] our Ironman canceled so we are still
[28:16] setting up so we hope to potentially do
[28:20] something in the future at least make
[28:21] sure that content that comes out is very
[28:25] nice for Ironman instead of missing out
[28:28] half of the fin but how that will turn
[28:31] out and how that will look we don't know
[28:33] but it's I'd like to think it's a step
[28:36] in the right direction I hope that
[28:39] answers your question a bit if you can
[28:41] find mod ramen I would be the best
[28:43] person to ask he'll be very happy with
[28:45] that as well he loves Ironman I love
[28:56] this dead air is great and we have the
[29:01] ability to maybe die more items so that
[29:03] they'll work with presets I mean one
[29:06] things like the room pouch s time for
[29:07] Everton lot with the wrong room pouch
[29:09] and stuff like that food pouches done
[29:12] mod Malee's worked on it yeah it's done
[29:15] it just needs testing needs testing is a
[29:17] bit of a large change because it's a lot
[29:19] of new items interacts with call magic
[29:22] quite a bit so we'll make sure it works
[29:24] doesn't screw runes and stuff like that
[29:26] but yeah it's definitely something we
[29:28] want Dundee sorry yeah there's also a
[29:31] new item review at 5 o'clock that I'm
[29:33] reviewing that is also recoverable that
[29:36] you can get two of
[29:38] so yeah there's a teaser for you sorry
[29:45] I've got a list of three here is it
[29:47] posits from your Twitter or something
[29:50] is it possible so that when you're
[29:52] looting something and your loot or
[29:54] interface comes up that combat does not
[29:57] interrupt it but at the moment you just
[29:59] stand there so just like three times
[30:04] yeah do you mean so you continue
[30:06] retaliating yes yeah so on loot release
[30:10] that was like the biggest complaint ever
[30:12] that people would get ran away from like
[30:14] their loot and it's really conflicting
[30:16] so it potentially sounds like a toggle
[30:19] okay brilliant next one is is it
[30:22] possible if you loot all some of your
[30:24] drops will go straight to your familiar
[30:25] instead of you manually putting it there
[30:27] yourself
[30:33] it sounds like you guys like toggles
[30:36] yeah it's it's almost like we made a
[30:38] whole interface for it and finally I'm 9
[30:41] Ironman by the way can we please have an
[30:43] auto cooker for sorry and also cooker
[30:46] for invention is it possible it's called
[30:49] the machine
[30:51] sorry I'm getting water cooker from
[30:53] something else can we get an invention
[30:55] machine for cooking that wouldn't be a
[30:59] ninja fix I don't think that would be an
[31:00] update of its own oh yeah I mean you
[31:04] know we can always suggest it for people
[31:05] who want to suggestion but is unlikely
[31:08] to come from our team yeah the balance
[31:10] Rumi doesn't really like that's just
[31:12] another thing to point out is that even
[31:15] if we say when we were ninja suggestions
[31:18] even if it's like oh we're not gonna do
[31:20] that as a ninja fix we do sometimes pass
[31:22] them on to the relevant team and it will
[31:24] eventually just become an update thank
[31:28] you in the in the invention guild you've
[31:34] got the machines and you can build a cut
[31:37] a certain amount of them at one time
[31:39] because they take up energy would it be
[31:41] possible to allow us to fill to build in
[31:46] every slot but just toggle off the
[31:48] machines so that they don't use up the
[31:50] power
[31:50] I mean I know the guys that main
[31:55] machines looked into it and they
[31:56] couldn't get it to work so I guess no
[31:59] it's not ready oh it's not really our
[32:02] nose from us but it's a know from those
[32:04] guys I imagine it's probably something
[32:07] they considered say it out to keep
[32:08] rotating machines there's probably some
[32:11] balancing behind it is to like resources
[32:15] and like convenience and things like
[32:16] that but yeah probably not something
[32:19] we'll look today I'm afraid
[32:25] we're your if you are legendary puts out
[32:28] is there a way that you can specify your
[32:31] items that you could let familiar can
[32:34] pick up nowadays it's like just a
[32:37] category and I maybe I would like to see
[32:41] if you could put like specific item that
[32:43] this picks up so prioritizes that item
[32:45] or something like that it's possible
[32:50] probably require like a decent size
[32:54] settings when doing to be able to like
[32:56] for you to pick where you want like
[32:58] you're familiar to be picking out and
[33:00] that sort of thing similar to like the
[33:01] living interface like a sky so in the
[33:03] sort of area where you have like
[33:04] configuration for it hello I am an Iron
[33:14] Man by the way excellent nice
[33:16] is there any way i earn men could be
[33:18] allowed to do sinkholes or is that not
[33:20] classed as a ninja fix i mean that is
[33:24] that is literary social content so no
[33:30] yeah there's an argument that ppm is
[33:33] more costly game than sinkholes good go
[33:37] do the engineering it's great like i
[33:39] think this is a beautiful example of
[33:43] where we as Jagex
[33:46] or runescape development can can do Gynt
[33:49] is like what it's like the clear line
[33:51] what shooting iron men get access to and
[33:53] what not like if i find a beautiful
[33:56] example like well this is part of it
[33:59] this is not where quests at mine and we
[34:02] hope
[34:03] we can find that with them okay at some
[34:05] point I joke I joke around but we
[34:08] probably do any clearer restrictions and
[34:10] no restrictions clearer guidelines and
[34:12] what is and shouldn't be I in that
[34:14] content I'm of the opinion that
[34:16] sinkholes shouldn't be iron content why
[34:23] do you want to do some causes an Iron
[34:24] Man but as an Iron Man don't you want
[34:29] things to be challenging that's fine no
[34:41] Virginia I want to know like if
[34:42] someone's saying to us like can I men be
[34:44] able to do this like I almost want like
[34:48] a compelling reason for it as opposed to
[34:51] like I'll just do it you know because
[34:53] yeah like to imagine like we should have
[34:56] good guidelines in place for hire men to
[34:57] be able to determine like yeah that's
[34:59] reasonable for I meant to be doing or
[35:00] like no it's defeating like the core
[35:04] aspect of iron man thank you going back
[35:11] to the legend II pet thing you were
[35:13] saying would it be possible to have a
[35:15] setting basically so the pet just picks
[35:17] up whatever casts salute beam yeah again
[35:20] I would come from cover or command a
[35:23] configur sort of sayings window if we
[35:25] were to like implement
[35:35] so as a question from obviously updates
[35:39] of different sizes for ninja faces
[35:41] what's like the minimum time you can get
[35:44] something out from it from suggesting it
[35:46] testing it to releasing it recently we
[35:50] did the sayings window being open in
[35:53] combat that was a big complaint from the
[35:56] sings windows sort redesign initially
[35:59] that is to support mobile there is many
[36:01] reasons why we did that we didn't just
[36:02] do it just like oh let's change it so
[36:05] yeah that was a top complain so we asked
[36:08] mod hunter like how quickly can we saw
[36:09] like turn this around get it done he did
[36:11] it within like an hour mod hunters like
[36:13] a beast so we got that done we got it
[36:16] tested put into like I'll release kind
[36:18] of building it should be uploaded next
[36:20] week I think is or is it released now
[36:22] I've lost track of time but yet the the
[36:25] quickest really the quickest turnaround
[36:27] time we can get as a week probably
[36:30] should be two weeks yeah we can get that
[36:33] in a week if it's a super or a like
[36:36] Harrison said the combat sayings was a
[36:38] big deal this week last week what day is
[36:41] it
[36:43] we can't get out as soon as as soon as
[36:45] we possibly can awfully obviously
[36:47] requires a game of day or not like
[36:48] expert yeah assuming that it's a ninja
[36:51] fix like an actual ninja fix if it's a
[36:53] bug fix actually depending on the type
[36:55] of code the turnaround can be like
[36:57] several minutes it's just a few minutes
[36:59] like we just fix it and it goes straight
[37:01] into the game we how to fix it but
[37:03] that's not gonna happen on a day-to-day
[37:05] basis with ninja fixes anymore
[37:15] you can do it modeling on this is a
[37:20] quick follow up from that question what
[37:22] is a defining line between a hot X and a
[37:25] danger fix so fix that will require an
[37:28] update back or can be injected lies I
[37:30] don't want to bore you with the
[37:31] technicality yeah so there's a very sort
[37:40] of like distinct line for it's mostly um
[37:42] QA you kind of make like the final call
[37:45] on
[37:46] hapax would basically be like is this
[37:47] really detrimental to the game and a
[37:49] gameplay experience so like if you're
[37:50] doing something and like it's generating
[37:52] wealth or XP and things like that then
[37:55] we obviously would look topics because
[37:57] it's game breaking is damaging ninja fix
[37:59] we probably would never look to fix it
[38:01] really it really sort of depends on like
[38:03] what the issue is I think the best
[38:06] example I can give of that it was when
[38:08] we did something to presets you could
[38:10] drag or you couldn't drag them anymore
[38:12] you can toggle like which ones or on
[38:14] each key which key bind and that was
[38:16] like presets are very core to the game
[38:19] right everyone uses them for players
[38:21] versus monsters so we tried to like do
[38:23] that one it's like a special sort of
[38:25] exception hopefully that answers your
[38:29] question anymore for anymore
[38:37] hi can we help miscellanea rework like
[38:40] what'd you have in mind like you could
[38:44] do more things than just chop wood and
[38:46] make planks are you annoying man oh just
[38:55] checking maybe yeah again it's one of
[39:04] those things it's like what mainly is
[39:05] writing it down yeah is it one of those
[39:07] things that people are like do they
[39:09] really want it like if we said yeah
[39:11] miscellany reworking like reviews for
[39:13] example we have one person's you know
[39:14] yeah so it's like yeah is something
[39:18] that's really worth like if we were to
[39:20] do a miscellany rework it's we'd have to
[39:22] like look into like the actual area
[39:24] because it's quite dated again like if
[39:26] we're gonna be forcing players to go and
[39:28] visit do they want to see this dated
[39:30] content there's a lot this is still a
[39:32] lot too in his like again
[39:34] balancing behind like what we had being
[39:37] able to like I had favor is it I think
[39:39] is to like or your reputation or ever is
[39:42] a favor so yeah those sorts things the
[39:46] one thing I can guarantee is they
[39:47] wouldn't give you lots of divine energy
[39:53] good no no no the the graphical glitches
[40:05] that are occurring when you use a
[40:06] lodestone network at the moment where
[40:09] game world basically either the textures
[40:12] the textures download and it just looks
[40:15] all black and it starts flashing is that
[40:18] something that would be worked on by the
[40:20] ninja team or is that something else
[40:21] that's done by our tech team we solely
[40:24] focus on sort of content updates the
[40:28] blackness that you're experiencing is
[40:29] definitely an issue has probably been
[40:32] around I think for a while now so it's
[40:34] the tricky one for the tech thing to be
[40:36] like narrowing down obviously their
[40:38] priorities change week to week as we
[40:40] release new bills so different things
[40:42] can arise but it's definitely we know
[40:45] about so yeah we can try and bring up
[40:48] again for you make sure can update out
[40:50] just with because the texture thing like
[40:53] I know that some engine people are
[40:55] looking into seeing if there's like a
[40:58] better way to approach that boxy and
[41:00] you'd have a lot on the plate so Wow
[41:11] we believe in you do you guys have a
[41:26] like a set time in your day as kind of
[41:31] gameplay time for brainstorming
[41:33] different ideas so or do you do that at
[41:37] work hours it's probably they're both
[41:40] I'd say like we've pushed members of
[41:44] staff to like try and get familiar with
[41:46] the game play different sorts of areas
[41:48] towards it and like if they find some of
[41:50] that's essentially like it could be
[41:52] better you know this is what I team's
[41:54] supposed to be doing so we highly
[41:55] encourage until I write them down as
[41:57] they're playing and then send it all
[41:58] over to us or like write it down as
[41:59] they're going along that kind of thing
[42:00] yeah we're lucky in the ninja team that
[42:02] a lot of us are big players of the game
[42:04] I'm max I relaxed he's maxed what KOC is
[42:09] comped or trim comp account room which
[42:11] one I think he's almost master quest
[42:12] Cape as well mod hunter used to be a top
[42:15] 10 player so like we have a lot of
[42:18] wealth of a rink experience we play the
[42:19] game a lot I think
[42:20] Alfie very model lab coat you've been
[42:23] playing the game game you've been trying
[42:25] to play the game so I can play the game
[42:28] trying I'm not trying I'm playing it
[42:31] okay you're playing it that way um so
[42:34] he's trying to play the game so we
[42:37] Harrison said when we all right Sampson
[42:41] says we're like when we play the game I
[42:42] have a notepad text okay Netflix I'm
[42:47] playing the game and I wrote down
[42:49] anything that annoys me or anything that
[42:50] comes to mind or if you're not playing
[42:51] the game I think that aspires me yeah
[42:54] it's definitely not an uncommon thing in
[42:55] the office for someone to be doing
[42:56] something and you'll hear like
[42:58] obscenities about it like I won't say it
[43:01] but and then like its we'll all go over
[43:05] like it's really not uncommon for a
[43:07] people to be gather around the desk
[43:08] being like always going on here I don't
[43:10] understand what you've done or like why
[43:12] this is being this way like that's the
[43:14] sense of our team supposed to be doing
[43:16] like making the flow of the game better
[43:17] and the experience
[43:23] what's the ninja fix that's taken the
[43:26] longest to complete like from beginning
[43:28] to end
[43:32] yeah I've been working on all the really
[43:34] really long one there ain't no we've
[43:36] done I've just completed one on the back
[43:39] end of the aura management things to
[43:41] stop it from breaking next time we had
[43:42] an aura because otherwise it was going
[43:44] to collapse over and that took me
[43:45] absolutely yonks yeah door is a prime
[43:52] example of sort of like Adenauer right
[43:55] it's a bit more tricky it's best around
[44:09] then it's quite complicated in the first
[44:10] place but it was a it was an interesting
[44:12] challenge and hopefully when the cheap
[44:14] fix go low nothing will break okay yeah
[44:18] we usually try to take the approach of
[44:19] like try and prototype decent idea of it
[44:23] see if it's like feasible and if it's
[44:25] gonna take like an excessive matter like
[44:27] I always mentioning earlier like if it's
[44:28] gonna take a long time and players just
[44:29] gonna be like bored or not care about
[44:31] anymore then you know is it still worth
[44:33] us doing so we should try and like get a
[44:35] good idea of what we're trying to do
[44:36] like a design for it basically they
[44:42] thought you seemed like it I didn't
[44:44] something you would fake the audience or
[44:46] interface are you aware that every time
[44:49] you add a new currency it shifts
[44:52] everything in your currency currency
[44:54] favorites down one so it breaks all you
[44:57] currency favorites don't think we were
[45:00] aware about that because I think you've
[45:04] basically labeled everything from like
[45:06] zero to like 50 or something and then
[45:09] you favorite so basically just saved is
[45:11] like seven ten eleven and then you you
[45:14] want those in the middle and then shift
[45:16] so we do not want and but it's reference
[45:19] card code did I think so your favourites
[45:22] are now pointed it Dan you've dirty two
[45:25] new positions you can tell I haven't
[45:27] your face of code end up with a whole
[45:28] new
[45:29] the end up with a whole load of
[45:30] favorites that aren't your favorites
[45:31] anymore I think Harrison's gonna write
[45:33] it down
[45:33] oh right thank you it's happened about
[45:36] three times now yeah we got two more
[45:41] questions left in player of farms is it
[45:53] possible to get a barn or maybe like a
[45:55] back-alley trader that you can sell like
[45:57] the animals for for like a lower beam
[45:59] price or something just to get rid of
[46:01] all the bunnies out of like banks no to
[46:08] the barn but in terms of like a trash
[46:13] seller so on who sell your buy things
[46:15] for low values mean mod Rowley mean mod
[46:22] rally I discussed a vendor that will buy
[46:25] things for like low rates like 23% or
[46:27] there should be where he wants to do a
[46:30] bunch of player and farm fixes anyway so
[46:31] maybe that'll come in the future
[46:32] everyone become a ninja all come from
[46:34] him so it might take a little longer
[46:36] than we would normally do it last
[46:39] question
[46:41] no pressure make a cow
[46:52] could you give this ladder a skateboard
[46:54] or some wheelies or something for next
[46:56] year I'm not sure it would be an
[46:59] improvement you might fall over no
[47:02] offense
[47:04] maybe one more questions we have to pick
[47:15] one okay so we got a question from
[47:22] Johnny jumping jacks it was said when
[47:25] will you remove dead mini games and I'm
[47:29] proud to announce we are removing
[47:31] mobilising armies from the game and the
[47:38] reward so met will still be in the game
[47:41] obtainable in other ways terrible in
[47:43] different ways and the completions of
[47:45] Cape acquirement formula as well means
[47:46] is being removed that's a nice one to
[47:50] finish and I think so thank you everyone
[47:53] for attending if you want to come talk
[47:55] to anyone of us yeah I've got my little
[47:57] booklet if you have any any just
[47:59] suggestions I will write them down I
[48:01] need to run off the golden domes but
[48:02] these guys will stick around here so
[48:03] it's you guys
[48:05] yeah thank very much
[48:07] [Applause]