Transcript of RuneFest 2018 - Highlights

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to RuneFest 2018!
[00:26] We've come to see the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra play the RuneScape music,
[00:30] it's the most fabulous thing we've ever seen.
[00:40] So good, so bright, so vibrant, fabulous.
[00:49] Hello everyone and welcome to RuneFest!
[00:57] The thing that I really enjoyed about RuneFest today was the moment where they opened up the doors
[01:03] and you come into this sort of magical place where you've got a snow-covered world,
[01:09] people creating helmets and chain mail and it's really beautiful, an outstanding job.
[01:15] So, what have we got planned for you?
[01:19] Till Death Do Us Part
[01:22] Next up is the exciting Needle Skips quest!
[01:29] Welcome everyone to the Old School RuneScape reveals!
[01:34] I'm pleased to announce to you, the Kebos Lowlands.
[01:38] Next up, the farming guild.
[01:42] We've added some quests and we've added some bosses.
[01:46] But there is one thing that we haven't added...
[01:49] And that's a new skill!
[01:54] We're finally going to open the gates to the crystal city of Prifddinas!
[02:02] RuneFest is more or less just meeting all the Scapers and just being social and having fun.
[02:07] You come to a gathering where you have something in common with every single person.
[02:16] All your favourite streamers, YouTubers and Jmods are here.
[02:20] It's just so much fun and the best atmosphere of any place I've ever been.