Transcript of RuneFest 2018 - Combat Council Q&A (Panel)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:06] hello welcome to the combat council
[00:09] panel I'm Madeline I'm modeling by mod
[00:12] yeah go mud days and I'm not sell
[00:17] basically just gonna run a general Q&A
[00:19] get some conversations going
[00:21] sadly mod PI can join us today so
[00:23] overlord of combat yeah and we'll try
[00:26] our best to answer all the questions we
[00:28] would usually pass under him and mato
[00:30] Ryan will be joining us soon he's just
[00:32] on the stream so without further ado I'm
[00:35] gonna open up to the floor let's rock
[00:36] and roll
[00:37] hands up if you've got questions and
[00:39] Alex will come round model Amman he'll
[00:44] come around to the mic and give it to
[00:45] you all we have questions we've already
[00:50] prepared okay
[00:58] mud ramen has so like been as popular as
[01:01] you'd hoped
[01:03] I've had this question a couple times
[01:06] yes obviously it doesn't look like a lot
[01:10] of people were playing it a lot of
[01:12] people were throwing themselves at it
[01:13] and then dropping out but runescape
[01:16] really needed a rule endgame boss to
[01:18] throw themselves out they've been
[01:20] farming ad for a year now
[01:22] you know add all the other bosses you
[01:24] know you've got Virago but then the top
[01:27] players who are pushing in rage on tell
[01:29] us really needed something new to play
[01:32] and that's like we did the seventh man
[01:34] it was originally seven man which is
[01:37] very difficult it's very hard to find
[01:38] that amount of players and we've
[01:40] understood that that's one of the big
[01:42] issues of group content in runescape
[01:43] that's why we introduced the Duomo and
[01:46] that really pushed the numbers up so it
[01:48] answered that question
[01:49] yeah don't know well what about the solo
[01:52] mode
[01:57] I think if we were to do something solo
[02:01] we would have to do another solo boss
[02:03] next kind of give everyone something to
[02:05] throw themselves at and then if people
[02:08] are still crying out for a so like solo
[02:09] mode then yeah there's no there's no
[02:11] harm and going back and trying to give
[02:13] that the thing you've got to understand
[02:14] is it's designed as a group boss you
[02:16] can't just go and say call if one person
[02:18] goes in we have to talk tweak all the
[02:20] mechanics we got to make sure all the
[02:23] mechanics that were designed with geoo
[02:24] in mind or seven people in mind work and
[02:27] are still fun in a solo environment so
[02:31] possibly who knows I'm not gonna give an
[02:34] ETA because yeah would you consider solo
[02:45] and duo and trio rots to give more loot
[02:47] than just a single one because it's
[02:49] obviously more difficult takes more
[02:50] supplies and it's just an interesting
[02:52] way to their approach the boss I mean
[02:58] it's it's a hard question to answer
[03:01] right here on the spot it's something we
[03:03] could look into for sure to be honest
[03:05] I'd like to know what other bosses you'd
[03:08] want this done with and get a whole
[03:10] patch of if you have the same issue with
[03:12] other bosses yeah the reason sober odd
[03:17] is very similar in that respect is if
[03:18] you lose multiple people you're still
[03:19] getting that guaranteed amount of loot
[03:21] and a lot of people have asked for that
[03:23] kind of system to be applied to other
[03:25] bosses kind of took those steps in that
[03:29] direction we've so like if you die you
[03:30] still get a loop so hopefully in you in
[03:34] relation to your question you're asking
[03:35] if you do a solo kill you're getting the
[03:38] value of four people correct yes more of
[03:42] a balancing thing would have to
[03:43] obviously discuss that but there's no
[03:45] there's no reason why not but that's not
[03:47] a promise
[03:57] so this is probably a multi-layered
[04:00] question relating to the idea of a
[04:02] reaper care so um what's it what's the
[04:07] progress in the reaper care and spooning
[04:09] off from concur
[04:13] this is something we want to look into
[04:17] like in the next year it's obviously an
[04:20] issue that we know faces some players
[04:22] especially some people that struggle
[04:24] with combat one of the ideas that like
[04:27] you might have seen introduced valley
[04:29] dungeons is the idea of a story mode
[04:31] this is a way that like players can
[04:33] enter these sort of fights they can get
[04:35] their kill but they don't get very good
[04:37] glue out of it that means that like you
[04:39] know complex can still keep their camp
[04:41] cape but like they're not rewarded for
[04:43] it as much and then like the pv Emmett
[04:46] who want to go for it can grind the
[04:48] kills get really good loot out of it so
[04:49] that's quite general thinking in the
[04:51] area but there's still more we want to
[04:54] look into it about and we also want to
[04:56] throw it out to you and like what would
[04:57] you like to see like watching if we made
[04:59] changes what would you like to see how
[05:00] of it please let us know
[05:03] just let say that also the current
[05:05] ownership of the comp cape and its
[05:07] current state also belongs to Timbo so
[05:10] it's not something we can decide on
[05:12] specifically but yeah I think the
[05:16] general consensus is that people would
[05:18] like it to be split from the concave as
[05:20] a Reaper achievement I know both mod
[05:26] days and I are keen to get that project
[05:28] to hopefully in the next two months or
[05:30] three we might might try and snag it
[05:33] donor when they
[05:40] I'll be honest we unwrapped a ship
[05:43] Boston enjoy I'm like I can do God Wars
[05:47] dungeon 2 basically and and as I plan to
[05:51] bring out any similar content along in
[05:53] their levels you know for the people
[05:55] that enjoy Boston but can't Boston for
[05:58] their life
[05:59] I think we've definitely filled out the
[06:01] top end of PVM for a while we've got
[06:03] people pushing the tell us we've got so
[06:05] like so they are just so low and you're
[06:08] high level done you your solo and your
[06:11] group will have all done definitely time
[06:14] for some mid-level kind of got it was
[06:16] two-tier content okay just I am I fully
[06:20] respect someone who's going for couples
[06:21] to personally I think that is the sort
[06:24] of gateway to the higher bossing so if
[06:28] we could add more content like that that
[06:31] opens it up to more and more people
[06:35] obviously this is a bit more of an issue
[06:37] but there's been talk on reddit it's not
[06:44] a thread maybe it's someone else but
[06:46] it's a sure I face as well I've got
[06:48] rheumatoid arthritis and it affects my
[06:51] hands quite a lot so I'm I still go with
[06:55] Boston myself I can I can solo elite
[06:59] dungeons to one and two that's about the
[07:03] best I can do I've never actually
[07:04] managed to get a tell off skill and
[07:06] there in any any thought about possibly
[07:10] allowing the use of kind of very very
[07:13] small macros things like be able to put
[07:15] a wand and shield on in a single click
[07:17] not like an entire rotation because
[07:21] that's just stupid
[07:22] but we actually discussed this the other
[07:26] day and if we were to bring macros of
[07:28] some kind in it would potentially be in
[07:30] that form of soul binding a shield and a
[07:34] one together or whatever else goes into
[07:36] your world and I think Iago was quite
[07:39] keen on that idea himself yeah it's
[07:43] obviously a little bit of a gray area so
[07:44] they'll have to be a lot of work behind
[07:46] the scenes first investigation it's the
[07:48] best way to approach those sort of
[07:49] things
[07:51] yeah but yeah that I'd love to see that
[07:54] myself as well and here is mod or in
[07:59] modern yin welcome any more questions
[08:06] perfect we got one on the back so if the
[08:15] t92
[08:16] Mele armor comes out with the binding
[08:19] and smithing rework what does that mean
[08:20] for the consistency of le dungeons where
[08:23] there's t92 of each combat style
[08:31] wonderful yes we'll be working closely
[08:33] with the mining and smithing team to
[08:35] make sure that these armors are a
[08:38] similar balance across the board all
[08:40] three styles we are actually at NSS have
[08:43] been mentioned because absence but we're
[08:46] looking at adding additional perks to
[08:48] the tier 92 to make them a little bit
[08:49] more worthwhile we realized that the
[08:52] upgrade and the cost ratio is not
[08:55] currently satisfactory so we're looking
[08:57] to improve that yeah I hope that answers
[09:00] your question essentially I've been
[09:02] working with mod Jack to ensure that the
[09:04] tier 92
[09:06] Mele parks will be of similar value to
[09:10] the ones that we're going to give the
[09:11] Alisa Renick and elite a tectonic
[09:14] climbers so okay excellent
[09:31] can we stop using time locks on bosses
[09:34] like add and the final boss in 82 can we
[09:38] just not do time locks yes we can stop
[09:44] doing that that's fine
[09:46] you'll find out in the elite dungeon 3
[09:50] release that there is a reason for that
[09:52] but it's unacceptable that it's been
[09:53] left this long without any explanation
[09:55] so yeah I agree a question for modern do
[10:08] you think it's possible to design a boss
[10:10] for which the absolute matter would be
[10:12] too smelly instead of magic and what
[10:14] about ranged okay so unfortunately melee
[10:23] in any MMO is the bane of any combat
[10:26] designer
[10:27] especially when a loss of the combat
[10:29] styles are so homogenized to the point
[10:32] where a range or a mage character could
[10:36] do exactly what melee character can do
[10:38] but from further away there are ways to
[10:42] alleviate this with certain boss
[10:45] mechanics and that may mean playing to
[10:48] Meles strengths the few that it has and
[10:52] that's our fault we've let that happen
[10:54] over the years we will look to rectify
[10:56] that but slowly over time and that might
[11:00] be things like running around the boss
[11:03] avoiding things but only being able to
[11:05] attack the boss in a short cone for
[11:07] example a shield that covers 270 degrees
[11:12] of the boss and that means that any
[11:14] combat styles that are reliant on
[11:16] channels which thanks to the mutated
[11:19] melee abilities is not necessarily the
[11:21] case with melee and hopefully those will
[11:24] become more accessible in the future as
[11:26] well that placed at the melee strength
[11:29] of being able to attack while moving
[11:31] around a boss quite nicely you've also
[11:34] got the mobility of melee
[11:35] yes of course essentially rain
[11:38] and mage don't ever need gap closers
[11:42] because the gap closing is inherent in
[11:46] every single attack that you do you can
[11:48] be 10 tiles away from an enemy and still
[11:51] hit them no problem
[11:53] melee struggle at that obviously and
[11:56] with things like bladed dive and barge
[12:01] especially mutated barge if used
[12:03] correctly these can provide the extra
[12:07] mobility for certain mechanics that must
[12:09] be designed with those in mind the issue
[12:12] that we have is in runescape not only
[12:14] can you switch styles from hit combat
[12:17] and just equip a new weapon to access
[12:19] bladed dive we actually have to ensure
[12:23] that certain things like defensive work
[12:27] with certain weapon types you have
[12:29] shields that allow you to do every
[12:32] single defensive ability in the game
[12:34] this may have been a mistake on our part
[12:36] we probably not going to change that
[12:39] but that means that retro actively tank
[12:42] armor is now somewhat useless if
[12:45] defensive scaled with tank armor you'd
[12:48] have a nice extra fourth pseudo style to
[12:52] the game also so yes it is possible yes
[12:57] it is difficult and we have to figure
[13:01] out the middle ground between making
[13:02] melee fun in a boss fight and not
[13:05] hindering the other two styles we have
[13:08] methods of doing that and I plan on
[13:10] making one of the bosses in elite
[13:13] dungeon 3 the shadow reef be an example
[13:16] of that so watch this space I'd like to
[13:28] throw our weapon diversity to sort of be
[13:31] discussed let's keep in to later is
[13:37] something game Janus coming up it has
[13:42] been looked at previously but the design
[13:44] for it especially I think we want to
[13:47] sort of get some real foundations in
[13:49] over game jam
[13:51] see where it goes from there no promises
[13:53] on anything following on from the last
[13:59] question about magic being a primary use
[14:02] I was asking about how forty King is
[14:06] being looked at I know that c40 was
[14:09] nerfed or changed a bit but it's still
[14:12] prevalent and that might be a reason as
[14:14] to why people are so you know but for me
[14:17] I'm Australian so it's very hard to
[14:19] compete with people on your own worlds
[14:20] and yeah keeping a good rotation thank
[14:24] you
[14:30] we probably won't make any more changes
[14:32] to forth ticking and on that note for
[14:36] people asking for a similar option in
[14:39] melee and range that will not happen we
[14:43] do not want to homogenize that's all so
[14:46] we're strafing away from that as much as
[14:48] we can yeah so answering your question
[14:53] again yeah we probably won't make any
[14:55] more changes to for taking I'm just
[15:02] trying to like quickly what I think we
[15:03] would do like instead of like changing
[15:06] for ticking is we try and bring ranged
[15:08] and melee up in different ways to give
[15:11] them different niches so there's there's
[15:14] more for a style variety and there's
[15:15] more options there something old-school
[15:20] do really well and we appreciate that
[15:23] and I'm sure some of you know is they
[15:25] have very specific weapon niches and
[15:28] this I'm not too knowledgeable about
[15:33] old-school myself but I know there are
[15:34] certain weapons that are best in certain
[15:37] areas and not in others we don't really
[15:40] have as much of that in this game we
[15:42] have certain aspects of t90 weapons and
[15:46] tier 78 weapons in the Sunspear that do
[15:49] very specific things and are very good
[15:50] in certain scenarios but we don't have
[15:54] enough of that
[15:56] it's again someone we look to progress
[15:58] to bring them up to scratch with major
[16:09] so you've said that you're done with
[16:12] higher level busing for now but people
[16:14] will eventually start to get bored of
[16:16] CELAC how much harder do you think
[16:19] bosses can reasonably get without
[16:22] pushing into above tr90 not $30.99 well
[16:27] we've we've seen with to hell us you
[16:29] know 2k + and range that things can get
[16:32] pretty difficult it's all down to
[16:34] mechanic design now like with wit forth
[16:38] for K tell us and around them and rages
[16:40] we've really been able to learn what the
[16:42] players can do rule number one of
[16:45] runescape boss design is never
[16:46] underestimate the player because you
[16:48] design one thing and they will go around
[16:50] it they'll find they'll find a way to do
[16:52] differently as for pushing difficulty I
[16:57] think that would have too much in
[16:59] difficulty abarth around a thousand tell
[17:01] us and we're so like seven man currently
[17:03] is I think we wouldn't push too much
[17:05] further unless we get another kind of
[17:08] enraged building thing like tell us has
[17:10] kind of happy with the difficulty level
[17:12] and when we start to introduce new sets
[17:16] of gear or you know tier 95 to 99
[17:19] whatever whatever comes next then we
[17:22] can't definitely push it once more but
[17:24] for now I think our ground on boss
[17:27] difficulty is definitely we're out the
[17:28] roof a little bit of crowd participation
[17:33] I'm going to ask you to put your hands
[17:35] up for two things and it's relating to
[17:37] boss fight difficulty now first of all
[17:41] I'm going to ask you if you consider a
[17:43] boss to be very difficult in the sense
[17:45] of knowing how to play the game and that
[17:47] is being able to squeeze out the art
[17:50] most damage per second out of your
[17:52] character being the most difficult part
[17:54] of a boss fight and the second part will
[17:57] be if you consider group coordination
[18:01] and being able to maybe have a leader
[18:05] and seven different roles in a boss
[18:07] fight be the hardest part so first of
[18:10] all if you think knowing your class and
[18:12] knowing your everything of your combat
[18:14] style is the most difficult could you
[18:16] raise your hands this is pretty much
[18:20] what I thought it would be and then
[18:22] secondly group coordination okay yeah
[18:27] Court so I think that's our main answer
[18:29] is that we can really really make some
[18:33] crazy bosses if we include ten man five
[18:36] seven man fights five man fights but it
[18:39] looks like I think you'd prefer if it
[18:42] was slightly smaller numbers in terms of
[18:45] challenging individual challenges and
[18:47] such okay cool thanks early game and
[18:55] free to play bosses are and the combat
[18:58] system in general is a bit really tough
[19:01] and overwhelming for new players to get
[19:02] to grips with are there any plans on
[19:04] implementing things so you can actually
[19:06] get people familiar with this combat
[19:08] system and also I think personally
[19:11] you'll be good to have some of the
[19:12] lower-level Fried's like pay to play
[19:14] bosses available on free-to-play just
[19:17] because there's literally not much for
[19:18] them to do whatsoever and the content is
[19:21] very limited so have you guys got any
[19:23] thoughts on that
[19:24] me and Raman were actually discussing
[19:27] misty a few days ago something we'd like
[19:30] to do is look at introducing a new
[19:33] free-to-play boss which is basically
[19:36] designed about teaching you like the
[19:38] core mechanics that you'd expect to
[19:40] encounter in like the future bosses so
[19:43] like you know this is tough like dealing
[19:44] with like stuns and bleeds movement all
[19:48] those sort of things that you've come to
[19:49] expect it like the lair bosses and then
[19:52] something like we were toying with as
[19:54] well is actually like lock-in it so this
[19:56] boss is only available on free to play
[19:58] so if any members want to fight it they
[20:01] have to actually come to free-to-play
[20:02] and they can only wear the free-to-play
[20:04] key yeah it'd be really interesting to
[20:06] know what your thoughts are on that
[20:07] because it's it's a nice way of keeping
[20:08] the drops value bought to free-to-play
[20:11] and like members can stay and they can
[20:14] focus on the bosses they want let's say
[20:26] on any of these sort of feedback points
[20:28] that are open to you you can tweet any
[20:29] of us and we'll pick them up from there
[20:31] as you have to if not I don't know some
[20:34] male and we have done quite a bit of
[20:39] work recently on the combat Academy we
[20:41] sort of rework that from the ground up
[20:43] and really tried to introduce players to
[20:47] something reasonable to learn but at the
[20:51] same time useful so I see our game is
[20:54] really complicated and to give them
[20:56] everything at once that they would need
[20:58] it higher age tell us would be way too
[21:00] much getting a nice balance it can
[21:03] always be tweaked and it can always be
[21:04] perfected but we have really tried to
[21:06] make the with conversion from a newbie
[21:10] player to a saw said the experience PD
[21:12] Emma and following on from your saying
[21:19] look group sizes and I get groups going
[21:21] I think with elite dungeons you've
[21:23] stumbled across like the absolute
[21:25] perfect numbers of just kind of one two
[21:27] three where it's completely optional any
[21:29] of those three numbers because I've been
[21:34] doing possum for a few years now and
[21:36] I've never found it easier to get a
[21:38] group go and orderly into dungeons
[21:39] because if you've got one person and you
[21:41] can't find a third you just go anyway
[21:43] and if you can't find anyone you just go
[21:45] by yourself and if you get this terrain
[21:47] well yeah be aiding you still just go
[21:48] and would it be in kind of you can do it
[21:52] with any of those three numbers you just
[21:53] get what you can and go it's just it's
[21:57] the perfect range that sounds fantastic
[21:59] yeah that's exactly what we're aiming
[22:01] for giving solo players a challenge and
[22:06] making boss fights scalable not in
[22:10] mechanics but due to the innate
[22:13] difficulty of not having two extra
[22:15] friends there was the ideal for us it
[22:18] means that there's a little less
[22:20] balancing and a little less tweaking
[22:23] a little more churning out fun boss
[22:24] content what we'd like to do is
[22:28] potentially I mean it's not coming
[22:31] anytime soon but what we'd like to do is
[22:33] make it easier to find a group because
[22:34] our group system is I would say dated
[22:37] and clunky but those would be very
[22:39] horrible words to describe a system
[22:41] one of our friends implemented
[22:44] essentially yes I mean I really
[22:50] appreciate that it basically comes down
[22:53] to my one issue where's the group sizes
[22:57] of elite dungeons from a personal point
[22:58] of view is that duo is not as rewarding
[23:02] as it should be and we will thank you we
[23:05] will look at making the dungeon know
[23:08] that you're in a duo and award loot
[23:11] accordingly for the third dungeon and
[23:14] that will be retroactive to the previous
[23:16] team that's correct we've we've put
[23:30] three warnings on dungeon entry that you
[23:34] are currently alone in a group and you
[23:36] need to get out of that group but
[23:39] realistically maybe it's a preference
[23:41] thing to just not let people in if
[23:44] they're alone in a group it's easier for
[23:48] us to detect whether you are in a group
[23:50] or not than to count the number of
[23:52] players but I think if we move to the
[23:54] duo addition to the loot the drop table
[24:01] yes
[24:05] mm-hmm you have to discard your progress
[24:13] going into the second dungeon because
[24:15] the first one that teleports out and it
[24:18] just wipes you progress the first in the
[24:20] first one but the second one you can
[24:21] teleport you're completely right
[24:27] you get used to discarding your progress
[24:30] so you just fly past the warning
[24:32] thinking you just discard in your
[24:33] broadcast yeah this this week we combed
[24:37] through a list of 50 minor open bugs for
[24:42] the entire elite dungeons project we
[24:45] closed a bunch of them because we
[24:46] accidentally fix them before but that is
[24:49] one of the open jobs that we need to do
[24:51] and that will be addressed for the next
[24:53] update say thanks for reminding me so
[25:04] melee is still separated into two
[25:07] different skills from runescape classic
[25:08] days is there any reason or any changed
[25:13] plan to make it like one skill or adapt
[25:15] one of the skills to something that's
[25:16] more fitting for runescape 3 I would
[25:19] hand that question every time up I but
[25:21] he's not here so I would say it's a very
[25:24] difficult question to answer but a very
[25:26] valid point
[25:27] it is definitely archaic from the old
[25:31] days where it made sense in like games
[25:34] like old the game old school where it
[25:37] doesn't really work when reintroduce EOC
[25:41] tweet John Mud Pie is a difficult
[25:46] question to answer I think we're all of
[25:48] us up here are in full agreement with
[25:50] that statement it's just not one we
[25:52] can't say right now but we agree the
[25:57] last thing I remember him saying about
[25:59] that is that it's far too late to remove
[26:01] it so it's probably going to stay though
[26:04] we all think is really stupid say yeah
[26:10] continuing with my question earlier
[26:13] about abortion as there anything and the
[26:15] works at the moment and would it be the
[26:17] skill of God Wars dungeon to or
[26:20] something similar
[26:21] yeah that's you Orien there's always
[26:29] room for something the scale of God was
[26:33] tension to for mid-tier now out of
[26:35] interest what combat level would you say
[26:38] mid tier was obviously from three to one
[26:40] three eight anywhere from a hundred to a
[26:48] hundred and thirty it's a big spectrum a
[26:51] lot of people would argue there anything
[26:54] below ninety nine is mid tier in I think
[27:03] it sometimes it's to do with mechanics
[27:06] sometimes people struggle with mechanics
[27:08] sometimes I do because sometimes bad
[27:12] will you know yeah yeah and so I think
[27:15] that might be something to maybe look at
[27:17] I don't know how you feel but yeah
[27:18] definitely them maybe them amount of
[27:22] mechanics or just something to do with
[27:25] that anyway so personally from my own
[27:28] experience I'd say that's about 120
[27:31] combat was the mid-tier I've really sort
[27:34] of I've progressed through a maxed
[27:35] account and I've sort of followed it up
[27:37] on a secondary account and you really
[27:39] notice the difference not as much as you
[27:41] think in those ten however many combat
[27:44] levels on your different skills and I
[27:46] would say that is the difference between
[27:47] the high end in the mid tier choose guys
[27:52] like I was just saying about mechanics
[27:55] I'm all for when they're all together at
[27:57] once yeah so if you've got that practice
[27:59] might have a boss is there any scope
[28:01] where you can toggle off certain
[28:03] mechanics to learn one in there that
[28:09] might be hard mod Shani is working on a
[28:13] but he's working on being able to pick
[28:16] phases oh is this much on your as this
[28:18] you know
[28:21] near the moment yeah okay well it's
[28:23] still much on in the moment but he's
[28:24] working on a system way you're able to
[28:27] select the phase of certain bosses so if
[28:30] you're fancy
[28:30] chucking yourself a purple bomb for
[28:32] whatever reason you can as for turning
[28:37] off certain mechanic so for example not
[28:40] getting vines in so light it's a bit
[28:43] more difficult than that because you'd
[28:44] have to it's really difficult I think
[28:49] it's worth potentially just suggesting
[28:51] to him thrown out there I really like
[28:55] the idea personally you know it's
[29:10] there's two parts to this answer and the
[29:14] first part is that it's absolutely
[29:16] extremely difficult to do to the bosses
[29:19] that already exist but any new bosses
[29:22] that we create with that in mind be that
[29:24] new solo boss or a new God Wars dungeon
[29:27] that has you know God Wars dungeon 2
[29:29] plus mechanics it's actually very simple
[29:32] to do it's just going back and doing it
[29:35] to the 18 to 30 bosses that we have in
[29:38] the game right now yeah going forward
[29:41] it's definitely something we can think
[29:42] about because we've all looked at boss
[29:44] code here and toggles our a thing and
[29:47] yeah it's not impossible it's just I
[29:50] would hate to do it on Virago or you
[29:54] know tell us I guess yeah
[29:56] no thank you question back to you about
[30:00] that is would you rather have be able to
[30:04] have only just one mechanic which you
[30:06] could play a play over and over with the
[30:12] same damage output from the boss or
[30:15] would you rather all five mechanics with
[30:18] a really low damage output because
[30:21] that's easy that's the practice mode
[30:22] yeah we can make practice modes a lot
[30:25] easier if that's a I think Packers may
[30:27] still output the same amount of damage
[30:28] right
[30:29] currently yeah you say there's practice
[30:31] mode and there's story mode which
[30:33] traditionally dungeons which is
[30:34] basically everything is everything is
[30:37] absolutely nerfed the mention that we're
[30:40] changing story mode if you were watching
[30:43] any of the stream earlier probably
[30:45] weren't because that's where I was and
[30:47] you were here
[30:48] so we're nerfing story mode in elite
[30:51] dungeons to allow more players to access
[30:55] the story content side of things and
[30:57] gain the attunement to the next dungeons
[30:59] as it were
[31:00] it was 33% of incoming damage that's now
[31:03] 10% so a story mode for new bosses would
[31:07] be very welcome we talked about story
[31:11] mode for solak as well oh yeah yeah so
[31:13] to allow Campos who aren't necessarily
[31:16] PVM heads to regain their cape and it
[31:19] shouldn't be too difficult to do again
[31:21] in future bosses this also comes back to
[31:25] the earlier point raised about the
[31:26] Reaper and calm cape if we decide to go
[31:29] with this direction maybe it's a
[31:31] possibility so we don't need to split
[31:32] the capes saying anything but it's
[31:35] another direction answering question
[31:41] either I don't mind I don't mind the
[31:47] damage output and coming to eat and all
[31:49] that by it just gives you a chance to
[31:51] learn actually wait this is the tick
[31:53] that I need to click that box this is
[31:55] the time I need to next I struggle with
[31:57] timing
[32:07] when developing new combat content what
[32:09] you find is the biggest limitation
[32:11] whether it's the the engine or the
[32:12] mechanics or the presence of items or
[32:14] abilities that might exist that is a big
[32:19] question resistor through its system is
[32:28] the massive one not being able to do
[32:32] like proper circular attacks like you
[32:36] kind of make a circle but when you're on
[32:38] the edge of the circle you're actually
[32:39] not it looks like you're in a obviously
[32:43] the TIC system I don't know if you
[32:45] exclude that in your question I was too
[32:47] busy thinking about it good system and
[32:51] tech system obviously with wrinkly
[32:54] mechanics because we have that tick
[32:56] system it's very easy to avoid kind of
[32:59] things we intend to be cool so for
[33:02] example with the QT file
[33:04] it's an NPC that walks towards you and
[33:06] if you on the same tick click on the
[33:08] square in front of it that mechanic is
[33:11] then void so we run into that quite a
[33:13] bit
[33:14] grid system I could go into I could go
[33:18] into it for hours I believe a Ryan loves
[33:22] the tech system yeah you're looking at
[33:27] things like radial checks and cone
[33:31] checks and even things like is this
[33:35] creature looking at me is a lot more
[33:38] difficult to do in our engine than in
[33:40] other more modern game engines
[33:44] god bless mod SOVA who has recently made
[33:48] a kind of reusable tool for us I was
[33:52] just going to say yeah 83 82 sorry
[33:54] you've sort of introduced this awesome
[33:56] spiral attack yeah that was mod sober as
[33:59] you say yeah and that's the kind of
[34:01] stuff is still capable of being done in
[34:04] yeah just because we work with squares
[34:07] doesn't mean we can't do circular math
[34:09] it's just a lot more restricted you've
[34:13] seen things
[34:14] what have we added so far the sanctum
[34:17] Guardian fight we actually rewrote the
[34:20] checks which were this wasn't you was it
[34:24] horrible no so we had so more days here
[34:32] this is the limitation of our grid
[34:34] system
[34:35] Claudia goes round in a circle and she
[34:39] takes 16 server cycles to do that which
[34:42] is about 10 seconds and there are custom
[34:45] rectangles which mod days has had to
[34:47] check for to see if any players are in
[34:49] those things at those times that is the
[34:52] kind of thing that we would have had to
[34:53] have done we would have had to get the
[34:55] grid paper out we would have had to have
[34:56] drawn this and gone okay and it was
[34:59] pretty bad that that's absolutely fine I
[35:05] was happy with it until mods over the
[35:08] perfectionist that years some days
[35:11] spotted a what we call it like a dead
[35:14] square where a safe spot where you could
[35:17] literally just stand there the whole
[35:18] fight so if you ever do in Claudio and
[35:20] you want to cheat the system find the
[35:22] little square then you have to stand it
[35:24] it doesn't do any damage anyway so
[35:30] obviously when we introduce something
[35:31] that hits for like 8,000 Life Points
[35:34] we kind of want to make it count so that
[35:36] took a day of mods overs life basically
[35:41] from like 7:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m.
[35:43] writing in this circular math for
[35:46] runescape grid system and that was
[35:49] content not engine mmm this is obviously
[35:52] otherwise you wouldn't have got it until
[35:53] 2021 but it means that we can now say
[35:59] okay there's a spiral attack the that
[36:02] goes round on black stone dragon fight
[36:03] and they're using that exact same code
[36:06] the the Conal blast from the sanctum
[36:10] Guardian now uses that exact same code
[36:11] and I'll upload a gift from
[36:16] confluence page like documentation page
[36:20] where we spawned a load of cabbages to
[36:22] show exactly what tiles would be hit
[36:26] and yeah you can show the mini-map of it
[36:28] and how accurate it is now I'll upload
[36:32] that probably Monday just look for it
[36:35] and all of the different mechanics that
[36:38] we can do and maybe I'll just upload all
[36:39] like 16 variations of it so you can see
[36:42] the kind of cool stuff that we can do
[36:43] now that includes things like having
[36:46] ripple rings so you might have a boss
[36:48] that jumps up a lava rock Oh in a way
[36:51] and smashes back down and then a ring
[36:54] around will do sharp damage like coming
[36:58] out of the ground and then another ring
[36:59] will come up and then another ring will
[37:01] come up and you have to like surge to
[37:02] the middle and then come back out and we
[37:04] can do this now because of one simple
[37:05] thing that a J mod made and we've all
[37:07] contributed to the combat system in this
[37:10] type of way before and it just means
[37:11] together we can like design and make
[37:14] these awesome bosses I can't remember
[37:16] the question was any more than most the
[37:18] difficulties right yeah over time we're
[37:22] making it simpler for ourselves given
[37:24] the tools that we have we all run into
[37:27] problems Raman here made a wonderful
[37:31] check for us the if you're on any boss
[37:34] and you take any damage when you're in
[37:36] death's office it stops you from dying
[37:39] because the number of boss fights we've
[37:41] released where you get hit and then hit
[37:44] again after death yeah that's that's our
[37:47] fault but this man here took a few hours
[37:49] out and made like a catch-all for that
[37:52] and the more things we do to the system
[37:53] the better the bosses will come the
[37:55] safer they'll become and the easier it
[37:57] will be to develop pretty much covers
[38:02] yeah so a while ago I picked up pulsing
[38:06] but if I see like veteran players
[38:10] quitting up a lot of hours in bossing I
[38:15] would wonder if it's possible that if
[38:18] you consume food or other potions that
[38:21] you can and practice mood cut them back
[38:24] because you put like really a lot of
[38:26] money in it and you don't get anything
[38:28] back from it and if you really really
[38:30] want to perfect perfect
[38:33] a boss then you have to put in really a
[38:35] lot of time and really
[38:36] of money no I'm kidding
[38:41] no it's definitely a valid a valid
[38:43] opinion a valid question I mean if we
[38:49] were to change it what we would have to
[38:51] do is we kind of give you a lesser
[38:53] version let's say a weird funky overload
[38:57] that didn't really mix properly or some
[38:59] sorry berries that aren't like don't
[39:01] kill what you fully but they are given
[39:03] to you when you go in I think my Johnny
[39:05] might have done something like we do
[39:08] have that with shared worlds yeah we've
[39:10] done that with shattered worlds where
[39:11] you can go in and get I can load out we
[39:13] offer you it's not as good as the stuff
[39:15] you would usually get but if you are
[39:19] learning practice mode and you kind of
[39:23] want to bring your own stuff then that
[39:24] option will obviously still be there
[39:27] bring the replenishment parts or
[39:28] enhancements caliber because in these
[39:31] boss fights you do want to remember to
[39:33] use them you want to bring your ring
[39:34] switches whereas if we were to offer a
[39:36] load out the best we were there like we
[39:38] couldn't make a version of all them
[39:41] items for you it would just have to be
[39:43] limited to potions food and that's it
[39:47] that is a hypothetical as long as
[39:50] shortly so yeah that's it if Sean he's
[39:53] done that great again is something we
[39:56] can suggest to him with always working
[39:57] on do you really think you should be
[40:02] able to practice and perfect the bosses
[40:04] for free you've answered it for us yeah
[40:10] it's it's a it's a difficult one
[40:12] obviously if you throw yourself at a new
[40:16] boss and you're just dying over and over
[40:17] in most of the games all you're really
[40:20] losing as time whereas some runescape
[40:22] you lose in charge you have to do
[40:24] reclaim cross from death you've lost
[40:26] your surprise if you have to pack Yakka
[40:28] super bruised you lose quite a bit yeah
[40:32] you lose a lot more for this all right
[40:34] now valid valid question something we
[40:39] thought about and obviously we are
[40:40] looking at practice mode there's no
[40:42] reason we can't offer that
[40:52] they died again so if you died twice
[40:55] unfortunately you'd lose the items that
[40:56] were stored in deaths deaths handbag we
[41:01] yeah they would have been reimbursed if
[41:04] it's a bug like that reimbursement but
[41:06] if you died normally and then you went
[41:08] back and died again we can obviously see
[41:09] that so the guy that sends in I lost my
[41:11] tech daughter no you didn't so that's
[41:16] most similar to that voice and use the
[41:23] yeah you really only happens on boss
[41:26] launches and when it does happen it's an
[41:29] easy fix but it will never happen again
[41:32] don't hold me to that holding you to it
[41:38] um last year two things which were
[41:40] mentioned in the combat talk was one
[41:42] planted feet from melee can you touch if
[41:45] that's gonna actually happen or if you
[41:46] just decided to disregard that secondly
[41:49] you said that you wanted to make changes
[41:50] to raid so they weren't so boring and
[41:53] you know tiresome going through jellies
[41:55] and also the armored assist the looting
[41:57] system for armor is pretty broke in the
[41:59] seeing the fact you could take six seven
[42:01] months to get it no matter how much time
[42:02] you put in is this something which
[42:04] you're looking to address in the near
[42:05] future it's one of you to you can take
[42:17] it okay I'll take it if you want yeah
[42:24] you take this one good it's something
[42:27] we're still looking into yeah the OMA
[42:33] Palmer
[42:33] [Music]
[42:38] reverse psychology doesn't always work
[42:40] okay so we actually discussed this for
[42:44] Ally dungeon two and what you got was
[42:46] mutated melee abilities instead it's
[42:49] something that we want to do and it's
[42:50] something that mod PI wants to do may
[42:52] come with some caveats such as the way
[42:54] it's implemented for the other two
[42:56] abilities that is basically as simple as
[42:59] you're gonna get as an answer is it's an
[43:02] idea that we'd like to keep in the
[43:04] reward space so yeah it's gonna come at
[43:06] some point don't know when it could be
[43:08] in five years it could be in five months
[43:10] not RIT not really sure what was the
[43:14] second part of the question raise raise
[43:16] raise unlocking um hopefully and no I'm
[43:21] not gonna say that because otherwise I'm
[43:23] gonna dig myself into a hole um
[43:26] speeding up the speeding up the bits in
[43:31] between rates is something we did talk
[43:34] about obviously a lot of things we
[43:36] mentioned last year we haven't they were
[43:40] more hypothetical with like this is
[43:41] stuff we would like to move towards
[43:43] maybe in the game jam one of us being
[43:47] probably me might look at it please
[43:50] tweet me to remind me because I will
[43:51] forget I I could speed it up as for
[43:56] actual getting items quicker as in the
[44:02] arm of radar my pieces probably won't
[44:05] want to touch that
[44:06] until we introduce new rate buses as
[44:09] they're not on the horizon probably had
[44:12] to leave it where it is for now if we
[44:13] did change it right now players would be
[44:15] the players that have put in like two
[44:17] years to get you know their bank
[44:20] placeholder acto because that is crazy
[44:22] they would be pretty mad kind of upset I
[44:25] would be too probably we should just
[44:29] wait until we introduce new bosses to
[44:32] the masquerade 2024 so this is a quick
[44:41] question about mechanics I don't play
[44:43] this game very often but I do like
[44:45] bossing every once in a while first
[44:48] question is would you ever add jumping
[44:51] mechanics because we have surge
[44:53] mechanics and escape mechanics and
[44:55] things like residents would you ever do
[44:57] something like a height jump mechanic a
[44:59] timing jump mechanic and if anyone's
[45:02] played Mass Effect you know how and
[45:03] sometimes when you reload you can reload
[45:05] a certain time to get a damage boost
[45:07] would you ever add something
[45:09] those lines okay so jumping
[45:13] I'll cover the I'll cover the issue of
[45:16] jumping in runescape first but then give
[45:19] you the kind of semi positive answer
[45:21] that you want after it's so jumping in
[45:23] runescape is supposed to be or jumping
[45:26] in any game is supposed to be a movement
[45:28] enhancement addition to the game and
[45:30] with runescape we don't need that at all
[45:32] because we click on things and our
[45:34] character animates over them and we do
[45:36] this on a bespoke basis if there's a
[45:38] ladder we climb the ladder other games
[45:41] you would just jump into the ladder and
[45:43] stick to the ladder and climb up the
[45:45] ladder now that means we have no need to
[45:49] have jumping to the game we have no need
[45:52] to add a key bind to make your character
[45:55] hop or anything like that but when it
[45:58] comes to boss fights and what you're
[46:00] asking for then is what we know in the
[46:02] industry has a skill shot you'll see it
[46:04] in League of Legends you'll see it in a
[46:06] lot of MOBAs in fact and it's something
[46:09] that when timed correctly works in your
[46:12] favor we add mechanics to boss fights
[46:15] like that quite often it might be that
[46:19] you get an item in the boss fight that
[46:21] when you click it your character does a
[46:23] thing that shields you from an otherwise
[46:26] insta-kill blast which is the equivalent
[46:29] of jumping over the thing that might
[46:31] kill you so yeah I think our closest
[46:36] parallel in the game to a skill shot
[46:39] currently is for ticking and spell
[46:42] weaving it sort of hits that beneficial
[46:46] from hitting something perfectly right
[46:48] it's obviously a touchy subject and it
[46:53] could potentially cause issues down the
[46:56] line whether it be intended or not if we
[46:59] were to add another similar mechanic but
[47:03] again potential avenues for bringing
[47:05] major money a range of mallasuri a
[47:09] perspective magic but it's interesting
[47:12] idea it's very interesting
[47:15] okay so when you see people doing
[47:17] high-end rage telescope with no food or
[47:19] you see people doing crazy PBM
[47:20] achievements with no food does it ever
[47:22] make you think that the damage
[47:24] mitigation you can get it offenses is a
[47:26] little too much where maybe resonance is
[47:28] too strong or devotion plus Q is way too
[47:32] strong and maybe needs to be tweaked a
[47:34] little bit say at the minute there's a
[47:35] lot of discussion in terms of debilitate
[47:39] and how it is annoying when it splashes
[47:42] and I think that applies to pretty much
[47:45] any ability it is very annoying when it
[47:47] splashes and we understand that that is
[47:50] a whole bigger picture problem
[47:52] debilitate in and of itself is really
[47:55] strong and if it were to hit every time
[47:58] and apply the same effects every time it
[48:00] would be even stronger and it just adds
[48:03] to the problem you've outlined yeah and
[48:04] they just announced the Lucky Strikes
[48:06] Ajay no they renamed that but with that
[48:08] too now you're gonna have a hundred
[48:09] percent debilitate you've got reflect
[48:10] and then you've got Devo that gives you
[48:12] 10 to 20 seconds of immunity and then
[48:14] Kay that's another 13 with turtling so
[48:16] in a full minute you could be completely
[48:18] immune to damage pretty much the whole
[48:20] minute I can still wanted to that's yeah
[48:22] it's is insane when you can really
[48:25] string the abilities together like that
[48:26] it is insane
[48:28] you can sort of view that as the top
[48:30] tier people who can do that so it
[48:32] shouldn't necessarily it shouldn't
[48:39] affect the lower tier players in such a
[48:42] negative way that we have to nerf it to
[48:43] the ground there's definitely some to
[48:46] keep in mind I think one of the biggest
[48:48] issues with this is actually like if we
[48:51] make changes they would just be like
[48:52] straight-up nerfs like if we reduce the
[48:58] effectiveness of resonance for example
[48:59] that is just a straight North which
[49:00] wouldn't really go down well with the
[49:02] majority of people because most people
[49:04] can't push 4k tell us so realistically
[49:08] what we have to do is we'd have to group
[49:09] that I move like a wider rebalance in so
[49:11] we'd look at like all abilities as a
[49:13] whole and maybe like we address
[49:15] everything in one go and you see like a
[49:18] big rebalance and then that you can
[49:19] relearn from there and that's probably
[49:21] how we'd have to realistically address
[49:23] it as a general rule of thumb with just
[49:26] about
[49:27] is that we don't like to take away
[49:28] without giving something back as soon as
[49:32] something is perceived as a nerf even if
[49:34] for the health of the game it creates a
[49:36] negative stigma around that update or
[49:38] patch or whatever it is oh yeah I'd like
[49:44] dark dark darkest yeah dark piece is a
[49:46] perfect example of this so we've with
[49:48] the release of say 120 we there were
[49:51] level nights a creature and we reduce we
[49:53] increase like their health by about 50%
[49:55] and their max hit by a hundred percent
[49:57] to where they should be and the outrage
[50:01] that caused meant we had Reaper within a
[50:03] week so we have to be so sensitive about
[50:04] these issues I guess at the same time
[50:08] like sometimes it's worth taking the hit
[50:10] on the short term for the long term
[50:11] health of the game and I guess that's
[50:13] something that you guys get to look at
[50:14] yeah shall we take one or two more
[50:33] questions so that's the - I have a
[50:39] question about a mutated furry and
[50:41] mutated Barch so so you know when you
[50:43] use the ability codex it replaces the
[50:45] ability but yes I'd rather prefer the
[50:47] regular free because you can bleed it
[50:49] with me - there's any way you can no
[50:53] that's a completely valid point it would
[50:56] take a minor rewrite as an additional
[50:58] ability because it's an override we yeah
[51:02] I mean it's completely doable and maybe
[51:04] we should have given you the option to
[51:06] use both it does crowd to spell books
[51:08] lightly it's not a massive problem yeah
[51:12] it's pretty crowded already yes
[51:16] all I can say to you is your concern has
[51:19] been noted thank you
[51:26] during Lucy's endgame there was a boss
[51:30] fight which was three which is Greg
[51:32] Nomad
[51:33] char I think it was and basically that
[51:36] had the ends of combat triangle is there
[51:39] any plans to release either mid to high
[51:42] level bosses like that in the future
[51:44] because recently there's been more kind
[51:45] of solo what you would do as a group you
[51:49] know more singular bosses so what debate
[51:51] plans release ones that basically
[51:52] challenge you on all three ends either
[51:54] solo or group that would probably have
[51:58] to be a group boss making a player bring
[52:01] all three styles in their inventory is a
[52:04] massive ask it would have to be a
[52:07] council fight of some sort
[52:11] that's basically my answer to the
[52:13] question it's it's a fair point
[52:15] it is really nice having all three
[52:18] combat styles in a boss fight but
[52:20] usually most bosses when you look at it
[52:23] it's usually melee and then range or
[52:26] mage it's usually two that we never
[52:28] really introduced three just to throw
[52:31] one back at you is this something that
[52:33] you envisage bringing hybrid armor and
[52:35] all three weapon switches - um I haven't
[52:38] really planned that far because I don't
[52:39] do bossing I was just curious it's
[52:42] absolutely possible to do this is
[52:45] whether it's fun to bring half an
[52:47] inventory worth of equipment yeah more
[52:49] likely it would be a group thing yeah a
[52:50] group thing not a problem at all like
[52:53] when you die that's a lot of money yeah
[52:55] I think personally the closest we've
[52:58] come to this recently is eg one in the
[53:00] there are a lot of different combat
[53:02] style enemies and you've will benefit in
[53:06] the trash mob killing if you bring
[53:09] different styles within your team the
[53:11] bosses obviously is modern has said
[53:14] previously they are really hard to work
[53:16] around to different commerce styles
[53:17] being that major strong ranged as same
[53:21] thing and melis just difficult so there
[53:25] are imperfections in 81 but I think that
[53:28] is the closest we've come to being able
[53:31] to sort of introduce all three roles are
[53:36] we ending up there awesome appreciate
[53:39] everyone coming asking questions coming
[53:41] to listen to us
[53:42] we will stick around I believe the bar
[53:44] opens in half an hour
[53:45] so we'll be here for half an hour and
[53:47] then to the bar thank you everyone
[53:50] [Applause]