Transcript of RuneFest 2018 - Breaking Records (Panel)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] hello we're the audio team I guess
[00:19] that's why you're here we have a
[00:21] slideshow but we don't so we're going to
[00:24] start with a song has anybody got any
[00:26] requests okay well do sea shanty tiles
[00:43] let's let us know if our performances as
[00:46] good as the Royal Philharmonic last
[00:47] night can I tell you about the Royal
[00:51] Philharmonic they didn't see that music
[00:54] before they played it last night
[00:55] they literally played it without well
[00:58] they did one rehearsal and then they
[00:59] played it so amazing musicians this is
[01:04] sea sea sea shanty - take it away mr.
[01:10] mandolin
[01:13] [Music]
[01:22] [Music]
[03:22] [Applause]
[03:38] so RuneScape's got how many tracks now
[03:41] we're in the Guinness Book of Records it
[03:44] was 1198 but now I think we're up to
[03:48] 1200 and ish thank you Eric
[03:56] the very the very first song for
[04:01] runescape that was ever written was
[04:02] written by this month am i right of me
[04:05] Ian and that was harmony and you wrote
[04:08] it how long ago years ago so how did it
[04:17] sound here in the Royal Philharmonic
[04:18] play harmony last night amazing right
[04:23] well we're going to get we're gonna
[04:24] murder it now so this is harmony
[04:28] [Music]
[04:39] [Music]
[06:35] [Music]
[08:33] [Applause]
[08:44] we're winging this I think one of my
[08:51] favorite songs runescape is autumn
[08:53] voyage so we're going to play it okay
[09:07] you can tell he's a south will record
[09:10] this so we're going to do autumn voyage
[09:13] and more will give it a little twist
[09:15] like you've never heard it before or
[09:17] will never want to hear it again
[09:41] [Music]
[09:47] [Music]
[11:06] [Music]
[13:24] [Applause]
[13:31] thank you
[13:33] what shall we do now so I'll pass the
[13:38] mic to Ian let me let me introduce my
[13:43] team
[13:43] I'm mod Lord I run the audio department
[13:45] so everything that comes out Jagex audio
[13:48] wise is my fault including yesterday
[13:50] which was a more of a success than most
[13:52] things that we do so here we have mod
[13:57] Surma mod Ian mod grace and mod slippers
[14:04] mod slippers because his first day at
[14:06] work he shuffled across the department
[14:09] wearing slippers like he'd been there
[14:11] all his life I'm gonna pass the
[14:14] microphone to Mahdi and because he likes
[14:16] to talk and I'm the one who's got a sore
[14:19] throat so thank you for coming any
[14:21] questions no so well I've been attacked
[14:27] it's quite a long time now and you know
[14:29] we've sort of seen the team grow and
[14:31] things develop from you know what they
[14:35] were a long time ago with the real
[14:37] simple chains to the kind of stuff that
[14:39] we've got now and you know I just want
[14:41] to say thanks like all you players
[14:44] community because you know without you
[14:47] guys kind of listening to the music
[14:49] giving us the comments and playing the
[14:51] game you know we wouldn't have a job we
[14:53] wouldn't have to be able to do the
[14:54] things that we lean and love doing at
[14:56] the end of the day so you know big round
[14:59] of applause for the players in the
[15:00] community from our team think please
[15:04] [Applause]
[15:10] just to say that last night for the
[15:14] audio team was a huge thing we've been
[15:17] planning it since I had a kind of
[15:21] drunken conversation with the exec
[15:22] one of the execs after last year's room
[15:24] fest on the night and like let's do an
[15:26] orchestra next year and so here we are
[15:28] with the Royal Philharmonic it's been a
[15:31] huge amount of work but for the audio
[15:34] team you know
[15:35] we have quite an extraordinary
[15:36] soundtrack and we thought it was about
[15:38] time the rest of the world saw have
[15:41] heard it so this year has been a
[15:44] priority in getting our stuff out
[15:46] commercially so we have if my glamorous
[15:49] assistant could show me here we have
[15:52] some new releases coming out we have
[15:56] actually these are the vinyls they're
[15:59] the only two copies in existence at the
[16:01] moment there we go so it's a huge
[16:06] milestone for us these are coming out
[16:09] November December you did a brilliant
[16:11] job thank you and there'll be more to
[16:15] come so we're on Spotify iTunes and on
[16:18] CD and we're going to be doing lots more
[16:21] we're thinking maybe a boss collection
[16:23] next of old school in new stuff as well
[16:25] lots of stuff on Spotify there seems to
[16:28] be a huge demand and it's just taken us
[16:30] a while to to do it but we've done it
[16:32] properly and like the old school MIDI
[16:35] stuff we actually had it professionally
[16:36] remastered which is which so it sounds
[16:39] as clear and crisp as its as its ever
[16:42] sounded anybody else would let's say I
[16:50] think I should pass over to who would
[16:52] you like to hear from next I think you
[16:55] should maybe he listened to Mudd grace
[16:56] and a little bit of her history I think
[16:58] we should all give a little bit of our
[17:00] yeah I think we you know we've all got a
[17:02] little part to play in a marine scope
[17:05] music and stuff like that so I'm gonna
[17:07] pass to you now about ten years now so I
[17:15] think the first thing I worked on was a
[17:16] spirit of summer pot - yeah which was
[17:21] the the big thing everything's a big
[17:25] fine thing in runescape right I mean I
[17:29] think most actually the most fun that
[17:32] I've had this year we were to get stuff
[17:33] with stuff for the pirate Quest the
[17:35] pirate finale you'll paid that because
[17:38] yeah I got to write a piece of music for
[17:40] a marching crab which was quite a
[17:43] surprise hit him we didn't know we
[17:45] needed to write that track all I was
[17:46] just reading through the scripts and
[17:48] there was a note from developer that
[17:49] said hello audio can I have a piece of
[17:51] crab marching music in here please for
[17:53] this cutscene it's like okay yeah we're
[17:56] trying make that work that was really
[17:58] that was really funny because we like we
[18:00] used to just like march up and down the
[18:01] corridor singing it to grace because it
[18:11] could be absolutely anything it could be
[18:12] marching crabs
[18:13] it could be underwater boss fights it
[18:18] could be some mystical Island that's
[18:20] just appeared out of nowhere or a
[18:22] different is a real plane we have no
[18:24] idea but it just makes our life so much
[18:26] fun because especially when we're
[18:27] writing music music cells are I'm gonna
[18:31] say varied and also that kind of feeds
[18:35] into runescape music quite a lot it's
[18:36] quite varied as well so hence there's a
[18:38] lot of different styles of music in
[18:39] runescape but I think because the
[18:41] aesthetic with runescape is quite varied
[18:43] it all kind of fits together in its own
[18:44] unique way which I do think is it's
[18:46] quite a unique appearance so we're
[18:52] responsible for music sound design and
[18:55] voiceover in both in both games
[18:58] obviously not no voiceover in old school
[19:00] but recently we've dusted off the old
[19:03] old-school tools so we've been writing a
[19:04] lot of new old-school music but also
[19:08] we've been revisiting voiceover lately
[19:11] there's a new I think there's a reveal
[19:12] at 5 o'clock but yeah but we've been
[19:17] doing some beautiful new voiceover for
[19:21] the game and I think it's like it adds
[19:23] an extra level of immersion to the
[19:26] experience so Oh have they they've
[19:30] mentioned it okay that's fine play it
[19:33] when it comes out because it's I think
[19:34] it's a it's called the needle skips it's
[19:38] a new it's a new piece of content and
[19:39] it's I think from an audio perspective
[19:41] it really shows off what way what we can
[19:44] do a lot of nice music by grace over
[19:46] there and we've been into a studio and
[19:48] recorded some new voiceover for it so
[19:50] it's really cool show play song
[19:56] does anybody know how career okay we'll
[20:00] do that then they've once paid their
[20:03] time 10gb Steve
[20:52] [Music]
[21:07] [Music]
[21:20] [Music]
[21:40] [Music]
[22:11] [Music]
[22:28] [Music]
[22:33] [Music]
[22:41] [Music]
[22:54] [Music]
[23:08] [Music]
[23:27] [Music]
[23:41] [Music]
[23:47] [Music]
[23:53] something like earlier does anybody have
[23:59] any questions the orchestra thing is
[24:15] that for reinvest particularly or is it
[24:17] actually part of the game sort of
[24:19] evolution of the game music well
[24:24] obviously a lot of the music is is
[24:26] already in a lot of the stuff on the new
[24:29] soundtrack will end up in the game it'll
[24:32] be in menus or big pieces in the game
[24:34] it's kind of a lot of the new orchestral
[24:37] music that we did Abbey Road is really
[24:39] sort of for the future for the next few
[24:41] years
[24:42] ideas and new themes that we can that we
[24:44] can build on so whilst some of the
[24:46] stuffs feels new and fresh it'll become
[24:49] quite familiar to you in time that's for
[24:53] this like runescape live yesterday it'd
[24:55] be nice to go and do it again that's
[24:57] kind of it we kind of set a nice
[24:59] template so that we could maybe go to
[25:02] Royal Albert Hall and do it or Sydney
[25:07] Opera House something like that my
[25:12] friend in the red jumper over there
[25:14] thank you see I had a question grace
[25:17] mentioned the fact that she was asked to
[25:19] create music out of nowhere in the
[25:21] corridor my question was to be how free
[25:25] are you to do whatever music you are do
[25:27] you have some rules that you abide to to
[25:30] say this is runescape music like
[25:33] and even if you have that all developers
[25:35] sometimes coming back to you and say
[25:36] this doesn't fit I don't like this music
[25:38] could you redo it or are you completely
[25:40] free Oh Ashton Munster I speak I I think
[25:50] the the the fact that runescape
[25:53] encompasses so many different styles of
[25:55] music and I'm sure you all agree with
[25:57] that like you've got you know everything
[25:59] from you know like I kind of you know
[26:01] Arabic dance tune to you know a lullaby
[26:05] that we played and then like some Latin
[26:07] music cobster exactly like you know
[26:10] runescape music there is no there's no
[26:12] such thing as runescape music it's
[26:14] everything it's just music essentially
[26:16] so you know in that sense that there is
[26:19] it's quite hard to get it wrong but also
[26:23] I mean I think my my perspective on it
[26:25] is that essentially you like there's you
[26:28] know we often think from the outside
[26:29] that when you have when you create when
[26:32] you're creating music for something you
[26:33] have to get it to fit that you know you
[26:37] have this thing here and then I have to
[26:38] create something that fits with that
[26:40] where it's actually I think the process
[26:41] is quite different because what happens
[26:43] is you know you get your brief you get
[26:45] your quest you get your art you know you
[26:47] get your story you know characters and
[26:49] then you know and then you create
[26:51] something that goes alongside that and
[26:53] then together those things combine to
[26:55] create something new which is the
[26:56] complete product this is the complete
[26:58] the community the complete the overall
[27:00] the overarching you know theme and that
[27:02] will change depending on what you've
[27:03] created and so it's a case of you know
[27:05] you combine your your work your audio
[27:08] work with the visuals and the story in
[27:09] the gameplay everything like that and
[27:11] it's like what is that end product that
[27:14] we that we've made and is that in line
[27:16] with what we intended so it's a it's the
[27:18] same it's essentially the same thing but
[27:19] it's another way of sort of coming at it
[27:20] but I think it's really hard it's
[27:22] actually a lot easier than you think to
[27:24] get it right because the the spectrum of
[27:26] what kind of works within the runescape
[27:28] environment is you know it's very broad
[27:30] sometimes we do get sort of direction
[27:34] from developers if they have a specific
[27:36] theme in mind like when we did so lack
[27:39] developer on that had very definite
[27:42] ideas about what he wanted also for the
[27:44] voice talent on
[27:45] we have dog Coco who does plays Witcher
[27:49] character and Viva who plays her story
[27:52] so we had some he was quite quite
[27:56] definite about the sort of voices that
[27:58] he wanted in the style of music but you
[28:00] kind of interpreted that and took it in
[28:02] your own direction as well I love the
[28:04] time that thing is you know because you
[28:07] know as audio people that we have the
[28:08] vocabulary to talk about what we want
[28:10] and you know and so our job in a lot of
[28:13] ways as you know is to sort of is to you
[28:16] know to listen to what other people are
[28:17] saying and in various different ways and
[28:19] just try and you know translate that
[28:20] into into you know into the audio
[28:24] language and to say and you know so that
[28:25] and so like so it's a really good
[28:27] example yeah so Kyle gave me a huge Bay
[28:29] list of stuff in the asite I want
[28:30] something like this and something like
[28:31] this and and the you know the first
[28:36] track sounded completely different to
[28:38] the second track it sounded completely
[28:39] different to the third track and so it
[28:40] was a case of sitting down saying hey
[28:41] what is it from this track that you like
[28:44] and that reflects what you're after
[28:46] because you know this one's really slow
[28:47] and then this one's really big and
[28:49] dramatic and you know what what what is
[28:50] it and then so gradually over you know
[28:52] if you can get a good dialogue with the
[28:54] developer then you can unpick you know
[28:56] what what that vision is and then you
[28:57] can sort of rebuild it together as you
[29:01] as you know as you work on the process
[29:02] and then there's also a route you know I
[29:03] I think we all work quite iteratively as
[29:05] well you know we all like I you know I
[29:07] don't I think it's a mistake as a
[29:10] composer to sort of write a whole like
[29:12] symphony you know the last two hours or
[29:14] something and then check in with the
[29:15] development say what you reckon yeah
[29:17] it's any good
[29:19] you you check in as you go is that oh
[29:21] you know what do you think of these
[29:22] themes or you know what do you know and
[29:23] although although you know essentially
[29:25] we take responsibility for how it sounds
[29:26] at the end of the day and our judgment
[29:28] is trusted and that's one of the things
[29:29] really empowering about our department
[29:31] but you know we have that dialogue all
[29:33] the way through and we you know we try
[29:35] to encourage people to listen all the
[29:36] way through the process which you know
[29:37] really helps to you know to create it
[29:41] anyone else
[29:47] tract oh hello so all of you what's your
[29:51] favorite track what's your favorite
[29:53] track you've written okay mm-hmm I think
[30:04] my favorite track is going to be the
[30:06] waterfall Suites there was four tracks I
[30:08] do I think yeah I mean being a brewski I
[30:11] played myself fishing to them was just
[30:13] remarkably Pleasant and the ones I've
[30:16] written do we have any em runescape
[30:20] players we skate three in old school yep
[30:22] there'll be no player in farms recently
[30:24] I adore my I don't know if he happens
[30:32] ready if you've listened to them you
[30:35] know great we haven't I encourage you to
[30:37] do so but my granny pottering to you
[30:38] granny pottering ttan tune it's got some
[30:41] nice whistling in which features all of
[30:43] us actually yeah we that's it
[30:48] I won't trying whistle hey except for
[30:50] you for what a little bit yeah how much
[30:53] tuning did you have to do on those
[30:55] whistles oh not much not not much or 13
[30:57] at all it was fantastic but yeah was
[31:00] fooling granny Pocklington miss granny
[31:01] pottering tinnitus favorite song I think
[31:08] there's a song from 2012 called sunrise
[31:10] it's just a really beautiful pretty song
[31:14] and it was named after friend of mine
[31:18] and it's just a really beautiful
[31:21] poignant moment so I've always adored
[31:23] that as far as the things I've written I
[31:25] always end up writing all the comedy
[31:27] stuff like silly videos and shanty songs
[31:31] and things like that
[31:33] I guess I did book of a thousand songs
[31:36] [Music]
[31:37] went in through the Willows maybe is if
[31:40] it's sung at a pitch where everybody
[31:41] else can sing it because it's I tend to
[31:43] write things that people can't sing very
[31:45] well so so maybe is like popularity is
[31:49] concerned maybe book of a thousand songs
[31:54] home sweet home no I like the really
[31:59] quirky stuff as well I probably played
[32:02] harmonies sea shanty in all those ones
[32:04] enough now I think for me to last me a
[32:07] couple of lifetimes couple of millennium
[32:09] so but I like that like the really
[32:10] quirky stuff for like some of the killed
[32:12] a growing staff and anything that's just
[32:15] a little bit kind of weird and then that
[32:17] that definitely appeals to me cuz it's
[32:19] just interesting you know so I guess
[32:24] probably background no one because
[32:27] glassblowing
[32:28] is why I remember a black background
[32:30] quite a lot but it's just a really nice
[32:31] gentle track for me with mine I think
[32:35] it's probably going to be one of the
[32:37] Lost Grove tracks
[32:38] so probably memories of the Grove just
[32:41] because again it was the same developer
[32:43] of so like actually he had a very clear
[32:45] vision of what we wanted to that track
[32:47] particularly I only wrote it day but it
[32:50] just it's just set the mood really
[32:52] nicely and the develop I came in and sat
[32:56] with it and used to say yet did leave it
[32:57] don't add anything else don't fix any
[32:59] mistakes just leave it as it is um and
[33:02] we did so it's only a short piece of
[33:03] music but it was just a really quick and
[33:08] my favorite runescape track is sea
[33:11] shanty 2 because it's just great like
[33:19] like it's one of those things you don't
[33:22] have to be a runescape player to to sort
[33:25] of really appreciate how brilliant that
[33:27] melody is my partner my fiancee she she
[33:31] doesn't play any games at all she
[33:33] doesn't you know she didn't know
[33:34] anything about runescape until I started
[33:36] you know working at jackets anything
[33:37] like that
[33:38] but she's still whistled c22 all the
[33:40] time you know I showed it just can't get
[33:42] out of her head you know it really is a
[33:43] you know a work of art I think you know
[33:46] very very catchy art and the melody is
[33:49] you know it is more complicated than you
[33:51] think it's like we you know I actually
[33:54] had to sit there and score it out you
[33:55] know I couldn't just play it off the
[33:57] hoof I had to like work it because you
[33:58] know the changes you know in certain
[34:00] places that you don't realize when you
[34:02] just listen to it so see Shanta - for
[34:04] sure and my favorite thing that I've
[34:06] written
[34:07] and was probably serious deliverance
[34:10] from Templar by menisci
[34:12] just because it was a complete riot to
[34:14] write really like not kind of super
[34:17] option
[34:19] I wrote we were we were working on the
[34:21] on does anyone anyone played the temple
[34:24] of Antony she so so we were working on
[34:27] the final bus and we created you know
[34:30] two pieces of music for that and one of
[34:32] them was just kind of like this wild
[34:33] sort of Javanese gamelan piece and that
[34:36] was kind of quite fitting with the a
[34:37] menisci thing and then and then the
[34:38] other one was just like a big load of
[34:40] noise as the you know as the rift opens
[34:42] and and all the souls come out and stuff
[34:44] and it was just meant to sort of be
[34:45] noise really but it ended up going on
[34:48] YouTube as a piece of music and it's
[34:50] quite funny it's like they're it's
[34:51] really controversial like people and
[34:53] it's gotten way more dislikes and as
[34:56] like it's in my mic one yeah but and
[35:00] then and then we were certainly Dan oh
[35:02] we're talking we were just like you know
[35:04] what I think we need like we need a
[35:06] theme we need something to go at the end
[35:08] here that's not just noise it's not just
[35:09] gamble and you know really so I just
[35:11] sort of wrote this track and it was just
[35:12] like you know the idea which is say just
[35:14] chuck everything in there you know a big
[35:16] melody a load of horns a guitar solo
[35:18] just right I have everything ego it was
[35:21] really fun the subtitles for cursor
[35:24] corruption on YouTube
[36:09] [Music]
[36:35] [Music]
[36:57] [Music]
[37:22] [Music]
[38:03] [Music]
[38:41] I sure I've got a quick question there's
[38:58] one thing that you'd like to hear it say
[39:00] added to risk Oh what would it be well
[39:07] brass what you mean like a brass band or
[39:10] some solos that is a great idea actually
[39:14] you're the second person today this
[39:15] talks about that I actually had yeah I
[39:19] had an idea of like making a runescape
[39:21] brass band
[39:22] my lord we need to buy a tuba a bassoon
[39:26] a I reckon what we should do is like go
[39:29] up go up north so that way there's like
[39:31] a mining band or something and just hire
[39:33] them in they'll be brilliant what would
[39:35] you like to see removed or car soffit
[39:40] changed or sort of you know cold as much
[39:43] as possible what really annoys you with
[39:45] the audio
[39:47] nothing oh that's brilliant yeah they do
[39:55] they do need to be changed and that's
[39:57] definitely on the cards that we'd like
[39:59] to do a program of that so you know if
[40:01] there's any of people want to audition
[40:02] for that we can stab thank you is that
[40:09] it thanks so much everyone
[40:29] [Music]
[40:42] [Music]
[41:04] [Music]
[41:11] [Music]
[42:13] [Music]
[42:45] [Music]
[43:06] [Music]
[43:43] [Music]
[43:56] [Applause]