Transcript of RuneFest 2018 - A Day in the Life of a JMod (Panel)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] hi friends
[00:06] hey I'm what jay-z I'm in the talent
[00:10] acquisition team and welcome to you a
[00:12] day in the life of a J mod is everybody
[00:15] having a good runefest
[00:16] where did everybody enjoy last night oh
[00:22] god I could have died
[00:24] yeah say welcome to my panel and I
[00:28] suppose let's just go around you know
[00:30] make introductions job titles and then
[00:32] let's launch straight into the questions
[00:34] and then at the end I want to give you
[00:36] guys an opportunity to ask some
[00:38] questions - okay so we'll build in some
[00:39] time for that say hello I'm more breezy
[00:44] I joined two months ago as junior QA on
[00:48] the mining and smithing team hello I'm
[00:51] mod made you all I joined jagex four
[00:53] months ago as a senior designer on a
[00:55] very secret project hi i'm mod Lottie
[01:01] I'm a senior product analyst for
[01:04] runescape and old school and my name is
[01:07] Maud Walker and I've watched Jax enough
[01:09] for like five and a half years I joined
[01:11] as a web systems developer moved over to
[01:14] the fable the game engine team and I've
[01:16] been working on an old school runescape
[01:17] for the past like two years or how long
[01:19] we've been kind of ramping up for cool
[01:22] okay stick with me guys right morning
[01:27] good morning guys it's like 9:00 to
[01:31] 10:00 a.m. we have flexible working
[01:33] hours so some of these guys are suckers
[01:35] like I bet what does your morning look
[01:39] like when you get in what is it like how
[01:41] do you prepare for the day ahead come
[01:43] from the Sun with Nate you normally T to
[01:45] begin with like nothing happens before
[01:46] tea and so I can in make sure that
[01:49] everything's still running we have like
[01:51] a big systems board behind us and if
[01:53] that is red that is bad so I will look
[01:55] at that immediately and sort that out
[01:58] and then usually I'm just giving free
[02:00] rein to kind of continue whatever that I
[02:01] happen to be working on which right now
[02:03] is old school rooms get basically first
[02:09] thing I do is get a flask of coffee
[02:13] I'll step on that check my emails check
[02:16] if anything's broken make sure all the
[02:18] data feeds are still coming through okay
[02:20] moan at him if they are and then I'll
[02:25] look at sort of if there's been any hot
[02:27] fixes overnight so I can check out to
[02:29] see if we need to refund players or
[02:31] anything like that with some analysis
[02:33] yeah I you should get to work around
[02:36] 9:00 and I'm actually starting to get
[02:38] hooked on hot chocolate right now
[02:41] machines and after that I usually said
[02:49] and go through my schedule for today I
[02:51] do priorities for whatever design
[02:54] questions that I need to need to solve
[02:56] or decisions that I need to get get
[02:58] through for today and try to catch up
[03:00] with my creative director and out of
[03:02] designers and make sure that we
[03:03] established a mission that works for
[03:06] different features of the game that they
[03:07] synergize together so my day starts
[03:15] around a a.m. again early so I can leave
[03:17] early I start with a bowl of porridge
[03:20] and some hot chocolate
[03:21] which is perfect and then I get my PC
[03:25] and since I'm on QA I have to go through
[03:28] book use in the morning so any bugs that
[03:31] you guys have sent us I'll go through
[03:33] try and reproduce them and if it's a bug
[03:35] submit as a bug to depth then I go on to
[03:38] mining and smithing and I get for our
[03:40] task list and I mine on a mine and I
[03:42] smell finney-smith and so many bugs to
[03:46] our devs all right any any suggestions
[03:48] or feedback and then if I have any sort
[03:51] of meetings or anything to talk about
[03:53] sort of the balancing of the skill and
[03:54] issues interfaces etc etc do that as
[03:58] well well whatever you do well I guess
[04:04] in probably between half a and nine
[04:06] o'clock I always try to always like to
[04:08] leave by half five really and I get in
[04:11] and the first thing I have to do is I
[04:13] have to go to the canteen and I have to
[04:16] get one of Jesse's omelets
[04:17] oh my gosh nice and now I'm so spoiled I
[04:21] literally can't imagine life without I
[04:24] cooked breakfast in
[04:25] and I feel II struggle that reinvest
[04:28] I've had no cook breakfast that I'm
[04:30] terribly hungry so but yeah in the
[04:33] morning I'm like come on now big omelet
[04:35] and that sets me up for my day for sure
[04:37] we're getting a little bit spoiled Oh
[04:39] Jax is all real anger that you had with
[04:43] the bread yesterday on the stage say
[04:49] yeah I mean so I know if I had kind of
[04:52] touched a bit on his day as well what he
[04:54] gets up to during the day how about you
[04:57] guys what do your days look like I know
[04:58] for me typically free p.m. I get
[05:01] everybody at my death I don't know why
[05:02] what it is about my afternoon but 3:00
[05:05] p.m. I just get everybody come to my
[05:07] desk and they want one thing or another
[05:09] typically it's please can we get some
[05:12] cake that is my afternoon the free p.m.
[05:15] hunger strike yeah in the afternoon I
[05:20] try to get some actual work done no life
[05:25] as a signer you spent a lot of time just
[05:27] talking to people and having
[05:29] brainstorming or meetings or discussing
[05:32] things excess staffing or a little more
[05:34] fun like how do you know how RA I should
[05:37] be a for example but usually in the
[05:39] afternoon there on through you that's
[05:40] want to chat it sit down and get my head
[05:42] together and get some documentation out
[05:44] there and a little bit on yeah how the
[05:47] game is going to look and feel I mean so
[05:51] we have we working like an agile sprint
[05:55] button so we usually have stand-up like
[05:57] 10 o'clock half 10:00 so I have my
[06:00] golden hour like 11:00 through to 12
[06:02] 5-12 or I have like that's all the time
[06:04] like and like cord to myself so I'll
[06:06] lock myself on work and then round 3 is
[06:08] my again gone now or I can get stuff
[06:10] done I live try and arrange my meetings
[06:11] around that and there's a tea room where
[06:14] basically someone raises the tol we'll
[06:16] all kind of golfer again there's a lot
[06:18] of tea involved in a games development
[06:19] or coffee and but that tends to be
[06:23] around just after lunch so but that's
[06:25] again that golden hour where I can kind
[06:26] of get in my zone and no one's going to
[06:27] come in and disturb me while I'm kind of
[06:29] trying to get all those things to figure
[06:31] out themselves out on sir my day is
[06:36] probably the most buried of anyone's it
[06:39] will entirely depend on what's being
[06:41] released in runescape or hold school so
[06:44] I'll be looking at the updates when
[06:46] they're coming out or I'll be sat with
[06:49] the development teams or the design
[06:51] teams to work out what they're gonna
[06:52] plan for the next yeah months next week
[06:55] see what sort of players are gonna get
[06:58] involved and then try and work out where
[07:00] there's some niches that could
[07:01] potentially be filled and then also
[07:04] things like level requirements so if
[07:06] they would have put in a new Slayer
[07:07] monster they'll be like oh where are
[07:09] people stopping slaying is there a
[07:11] specific point do we want to put in a
[07:13] monster master or something in at that
[07:16] point and then go from there so then
[07:19] also when content gets released they
[07:22] want to know exactly how many people are
[07:23] getting involved was it worth the
[07:24] development time so I'll spend some time
[07:27] with them trying to work out how many
[07:29] people sort of engaged with each bit of
[07:32] the content as well so if you're at
[07:34] least quest sort of like Dragon Slayer 2
[07:36] then you've got the boss afterwards and
[07:39] got the quest so they'll want to look
[07:40] know how many people are completing the
[07:42] quest how many people are doing the boss
[07:43] whether or not they're sticking around
[07:45] with it or not and then work out if the
[07:47] drops are okay and then sort of go from
[07:50] there it's very buried it's nice cool so
[07:54] I mean one question that I think would
[07:56] actually be pretty interesting for a lot
[07:58] of people in the room is you know
[08:00] casting your mind back to five years ago
[08:02] and we've got you know quite varying
[08:03] experience here on this panel right but
[08:07] farhad for example five years ago what
[08:09] were you doing and did you ever think
[08:11] you would be in the position you're in
[08:13] now no I don't think I didn't think I'd
[08:18] be here saying that runefest
[08:21] during a talk five years ago I just
[08:26] going to university during game design
[08:28] absolutely loved it because I wanted to
[08:31] the games for quite a long time growing
[08:32] up so I have loved games much hell
[08:34] through that sort of influenced my
[08:36] decision to become a designer so that
[08:40] that for about four years graduated last
[08:42] year
[08:42] and I did a little bit of sort of yeah
[08:48] [Music]
[08:49] yeah I started out as far as like a ARV
[08:52] our app developer for an architecture
[08:55] department at University so it wasn't
[08:56] crazy exciting but like VR it was clue
[08:59] and then a few months ago I saw an open
[09:04] position for Jax so I fired apply got a
[09:07] few emails at the phone interview came
[09:10] down and then I'm I'm here so yeah
[09:15] that's what I started off as a kid wants
[09:18] me to do animation I love cartoons and
[09:22] then I wanted to do graphic design free
[09:24] BR stuff like that that grew into
[09:26] wanting to the games and Here I am five
[09:33] years ago I was actually already in the
[09:35] industry I feel like you know part of
[09:38] decoration at this point I was in
[09:40] Montreal working for water better games
[09:42] on the game called Batman Arkham origins
[09:44] as I gave my programmer at the time
[09:46] after that I went to I know as Montreal
[09:52] to work on Deus Ex mankind divided as a
[09:54] programmer and after that I went to Hong
[09:58] Kong to work on roller coaster as a
[10:01] cider and that slowly I transitioned and
[10:05] made one more project the Hong Kong and
[10:08] then I moved over to Kafka maneuver
[10:10] where I worked as feature no boss fights
[10:14] that's for those for those pretty cool
[10:16] and now Gammage working on exciting
[10:22] still a lot of artificial intelligence
[10:23] but can't anyone that and like it's all
[10:26] fun so I grew up playing the game
[10:32] runescape so since I was about 11
[10:35] probably so I always wanted to be part
[10:39] of the games industry I used to do level
[10:41] Excel sheets which would track my
[10:43] experience how much money I was making I
[10:46] was sort of one of those people that
[10:47] wouldn't date lad yeah data nerd data
[10:50] nerd
[10:51] is the word yeah so I would sit there
[10:54] with my Excel sheets to work out what's
[10:56] the best thing to be doing so yeah I got
[10:59] into the industry sort of after that I
[11:01] went to college and did maths and
[11:05] computer science because I wanted to get
[11:06] into programming and then also other
[11:08] bits and pieces and then I went to
[11:10] university and did computer science and
[11:12] then there was the there was an
[11:13] internship program at jagex and I know
[11:15] how why not yeah yeah let's do this so I
[11:19] applied and I got the place and yeah I
[11:22] never really looked back I went back to
[11:23] uni for my final year and then came back
[11:24] and just excelled it's been awesome yeah
[11:28] yeah I just joined like five years ago
[11:31] so if I just got the beginning getting
[11:33] and I moved to Cambridge
[11:35] after graduating from T side with a calm
[11:37] side degree and when I knew I kind of
[11:39] wanted to get in games and I played like
[11:41] runescape for like since the beginning
[11:43] that point Selina Jagex is gonna be like
[11:44] a car like thing and it's just so I've
[11:47] made a friend who worked
[11:48] Jagex at the time so that tree was my
[11:50] best friend and but we went to a
[11:52] convention of in the North called IMAX
[11:54] and basically a little hole jagex or
[11:57] crewman team came in and for that
[11:58] convention and so I had like basically a
[12:01] chance to talk to the whole team just to
[12:02] myself it was like look I've applied
[12:04] like six or seven times and been going
[12:05] back what do you think they're like oh
[12:07] look at this one exactly like you apply
[12:09] so I did and then it was all kind of
[12:11] history from there basically but yeah I
[12:14] love to runescape start to have finally
[12:16] getting work on that was dream come to
[12:18] basically that's really cool and I mean
[12:21] if I kind of touched on the fact that he
[12:22] went to university and study design
[12:24] right and now you're in QA which
[12:26] actually is quite a popular route into
[12:28] the games industry QA and CS customer
[12:31] support
[12:32] so typically they're quite good
[12:34] entry-level roots to get yourself into
[12:37] games when you get yourself into a large
[12:39] enough studio
[12:40] there are usually opportunities to move
[12:42] on from that move across into other
[12:44] departments right so yeah that's a good
[12:47] show I know mod Lottie as well
[12:50] she mentioned our internship I know what
[12:52] Baco came in through our graduate scheme
[12:54] so just on that note that is kind of on
[12:57] hold at the moment
[12:58] partly because of just how mad it's been
[13:01] for us this year in terms of hiring it's
[13:03] a journey and a good one a real positive
[13:07] one because we are seeing jagex grow and
[13:09] you know we are kind of helping jackets
[13:11] to achieve its full potential kind of
[13:13] thing right but on that note you know
[13:16] hopefully next year I can't make any
[13:17] promises we will be looking to like
[13:19] investigate and reinstate our Graduate
[13:21] scheme or internships our placements
[13:24] because that's something that I'm very
[13:25] passionate about because I was an ex
[13:27] teacher basically so yeah hopefully
[13:29] there's gonna be my project for next
[13:31] year depending on how hiring Connie goes
[13:33] over the next few months
[13:34] basically so watch this space
[13:36] essentially you can you can say go in
[13:39] you can QA upstairs if you have know you
[13:41] tried that they've got like eight
[13:42] actually yeah you should check it out if
[13:46] you haven't already and see what they
[13:47] kind of couldn't the appreciation of
[13:48] what those guys kind of you know
[13:49] spaghetti in sight or plastic bugs a
[13:54] question to Joe Dido five years ago did
[13:57] you think you would be working the game
[13:58] in this no way so yeah I mentioned I was
[14:01] a teacher before right so five years ago
[14:03] I was kind of coming towards the end of
[14:06] my teacher training I actually trained
[14:09] to teach French and German at secondary
[14:10] school and at this point I just spent so
[14:13] much of my life thinking I'm gonna be a
[14:14] teacher that when we as he hit I was
[14:17] like oh just this is horrendous take
[14:22] every role like I really miss working
[14:23] with young people and stuff but there's
[14:25] various other stuff we can talk about
[14:27] but that's another conversation for
[14:28] another time and know that I have utmost
[14:31] respect for teachers and you should have
[14:33] two days so when I realize that oh my
[14:37] god like what I thought was my dream job
[14:39] really is not my dream job I was a bit
[14:41] lost and I kind of stumbled into
[14:43] recruitment and this was like agency
[14:46] side so it's super high pressure
[14:47] contract recruitment basically and it
[14:51] wasn't for me because it was all about
[14:53] the money and doing me wrong like I did
[14:55] alright with it but it just was very
[14:57] soul-destroying
[14:59] I was really lucky and I was approached
[15:01] by another agency but these guys
[15:04] actually specialized in the games
[15:05] industry so I had the opportunity to
[15:08] work with loads of studios all over the
[15:11] world and it literally was just because
[15:15] I happen to know
[15:16] somebody that I got into this place and
[15:18] got to work with Studios like remedy
[15:23] kijima productions Starbreeze but just
[15:26] amazing she is all over made amazing
[15:28] friends which is one of the things about
[15:30] the games industry because yeah there
[15:32] are some egos but really for the most
[15:33] part just everybody's really lemon ice
[15:37] it's really small trees like small it
[15:40] seems big but it's small everybody knows
[15:42] everybody and it was that way that I met
[15:44] one of my really good friends and who
[15:46] was working at Splash Damage at the time
[15:48] the guys behind like kids of war and
[15:52] stuff like that and she was the one who
[15:55] put me in touch with my manager Peter
[15:57] level and Here I am sure I haven't even
[16:02] a year ago even a year ago if you'd been
[16:03] like Jodie you're gonna be in the house
[16:04] this time next year I'd have been like
[16:07] nah and yeah okay so on that note if you
[16:16] could you know give any just like one
[16:19] one piece of advice actually to anyone
[16:21] aspiring to get into the industry what
[16:24] would you what would you say what would
[16:26] you what's your number one advice just
[16:28] make games basically and I was trying to
[16:31] think I don't know if it's correct but I
[16:33] use a lot of social media to kind of
[16:34] keep up to day with not just what we're
[16:36] doing but like industry wise there's
[16:37] really small because we got like
[16:39] frontier of the roads and we've got an
[16:41] image around the corner and they've been
[16:42] doing great thank you
[16:44] but right now an employ future as well
[16:46] yeah and there's a hashtag inktober for
[16:48] like artists so you can see all of the
[16:50] kind of people who like really good eyes
[16:52] there's like everyone reads and think
[16:54] they're good and that's not just you
[16:55] that's people who are in this industry
[16:56] everyone like everyone really kind of
[16:59] just gives everyone support
[17:00] so there's inktober and there's also
[17:01] blocked over and there were seen the the
[17:05] block outs for uncharred
[17:07] and like how they've built that up and
[17:08] stuff like that you know there is you
[17:10] see the polished finished article which
[17:12] is something you should aspire to but
[17:14] you won't do on your own but you should
[17:15] look to kind of get pieces things you've
[17:18] never seen before assignment and and get
[17:20] the experience as soon as of making bad
[17:23] games cuz that's the only kind
[17:24] good games yeah I don't really know like
[17:30] I I think one of the things I mainly did
[17:33] was look at sort of just Google
[17:35] everything
[17:36] like literally Google's your best friend
[17:39] so if you want to know something don't
[17:42] just say off no idea just google it like
[17:44] work out reading the articles and do a
[17:47] better research work out who's best to
[17:49] talk to yeah we got people like yeah
[17:52] make connections like that's the main
[17:54] thing is you make connections as judy
[17:56] was saying yeah and you can get in
[17:58] anywhere really as long as you've got
[18:00] some sort of expertise and willingness
[18:02] to learn like learning like yeah
[18:05] honestly like jagex constantly learning
[18:08] is like one of the biggest things we do
[18:10] at jagex is you're constantly
[18:11] progressing not only yourself but your
[18:13] work and it it really is great so learn
[18:15] connect that's sort of my - I think cool
[18:20] well my advice would be similar first to
[18:23] build on your portfolio is very very
[18:25] important yes when you are a student and
[18:27] you can mix and match and find the
[18:29] things that would fit there for example
[18:31] that you did an internship or you were
[18:33] part of an indie group or a student
[18:37] group who made a team together for a
[18:40] competition or you can put if you have
[18:42] some good you know Paul polish up your
[18:45] game jam games a little bit put your
[18:51] University projects out there anything
[18:53] that you can come up with that would
[18:56] show you that show that you have a
[18:58] little bit of experience will it will
[18:59] help you a lot so it's pretty much what
[19:04] these guys have been saying make stuff
[19:07] tomorrow what you do if you're a
[19:08] programmer or a designer artist or audio
[19:11] just make stuff so like I'm I want to be
[19:14] a level designer so I'll just create
[19:16] like some sort of like block mesh levels
[19:19] benches sort of just make some cool
[19:21] that's nice make some more you know just
[19:23] just make stuff and build a portfolio if
[19:28] you've been i games on projects if you
[19:32] had previous jobs replacements anything
[19:34] like that put all in a portfolio show
[19:36] your best work even if it isn't
[19:38] what you might consider good definitely
[19:42] use things like Twitter LinkedIn connect
[19:45] with your favorite devs connect with
[19:47] people from your favorite companies
[19:48] follow them they might leave companies
[19:51] they might go halfway across the world
[19:53] but if you're following them keeping up
[19:54] with them the people who are on like the
[19:59] games industry social media are always
[20:02] there for advice they'll always be
[20:03] tweeting there are all be Fred's people
[20:06] always give advice how to write a cover
[20:08] letter how to build your portfolio etc
[20:11] etc it's definitely beyond that and so
[20:16] one last thing is that there's a sort of
[20:18] a big difference between playing liking
[20:21] playing games and liking making games I
[20:24] think there's a lot of people from my
[20:26] university for example that can tell you
[20:28] everything about every game ever made
[20:30] and they're super passionate but when it
[20:33] comes to making games you know they
[20:34] might they might just not be built for
[20:35] it but with that being said go for it
[20:39] like just make it and if you don't like
[20:40] it that's that's fine you'll definitely
[20:43] learn a lot from it and you'll meet a
[20:45] lot of cool people go to any events
[20:48] networking game jams any event at all
[20:52] even if you don't like those sort of
[20:54] crowds even if you get nervous or
[20:55] whatever it just just go for a building
[20:58] yourself as a person for sure I want to
[21:01] add one last thing that I think we all
[21:03] actually forgot find a mentor find
[21:06] someone who will be there give you
[21:08] advice look at your portfolio look at
[21:10] your resume look at your cover letter
[21:13] you know show you help you with
[21:17] different questions that people might
[21:19] ask you on an interview for example tell
[21:22] you what you need to learn maybe look at
[21:24] your code maybe tell your weak points
[21:26] and maybe give hints on what's your next
[21:28] step I think like this is funny that we
[21:32] haven't actually caught up in terms of
[21:34] my top three tips to get into games but
[21:37] you guys have all hit the nail on the
[21:39] head because yeah it's a hundred percent
[21:42] about just reaching out going to these
[21:46] events you can go to like develop and
[21:48] brighten it's not
[21:49] Spencer that's alright you can budget
[21:50] for it go to Gamescom if you ever get
[21:53] the chance to go somewhere like that
[21:54] it's insane it's actually so good kills
[21:57] you
[21:57] but it's good and you know it does seem
[22:01] quite daunting sometimes when you're in
[22:03] a crowd full of people and you're trying
[22:05] to make friends and stuff but know that
[22:08] honestly everybody is really friendly in
[22:11] games genuinely and you'll be ok and
[22:14] everybody does want to help you succeed
[22:16] right portfolio such a big thing yes I
[22:21] want to see you University work and your
[22:23] internship work and all that sort of
[22:24] stuff but personal projects
[22:27] don't don't forget about your personal
[22:28] projects that's my number one number one
[22:30] thing because if you just rely on
[22:32] University work alone you know you've
[22:33] got 25 other people on your course yeah
[22:35] you might have done sorry different
[22:37] projects but ultimately it's all pretty
[22:39] much the same I need to see what makes
[22:42] you you what are you passionate about I
[22:44] want to see creativity I want to see
[22:46] your personality in these projects right
[22:48] so just keep doing it keep making making
[22:51] making find time for it because if you
[22:52] really want it then you'll find the time
[22:54] for it right yeah I think that's kind of
[22:59] what we yeah tips wise that's good I
[23:03] think I was gonna throw in a bonus
[23:05] question gamedev heroes do we have any
[23:10] heroes kijima right now is like kind of
[23:15] all like obviously all the fallout from
[23:16] I was the exclusive just call out
[23:19] exclusive recruiter for Kojima himself
[23:21] and I place people on death stranding
[23:24] what it's such a cool game like I don't
[23:26] even know what it's about and if I get
[23:28] to the end of it I still don't know it's
[23:29] amazing so yeah he obviously knows what
[23:32] he's doing cuz somebody sees and then
[23:34] he's gonna do his own thing there's a
[23:35] lot of trust in him just being able to
[23:37] do that so yeah obviously everyone a JX
[23:41] or oh my game down heroes like I
[23:43] secretly like I've been there five years
[23:46] like I'm still like I don't feel like I
[23:48] belong and I'm looking around like your
[23:49] grant and your grant and your grant your
[23:51] career and I don't want any kind of
[23:52] things yeah I think my dev here is a the
[24:00] Gallo brothers like they built
[24:02] everything they
[24:03] they inspired me as a as a young kid to
[24:06] get into this industry and they did so
[24:08] much and I'm so grateful for what they
[24:11] did yeah
[24:12] so I have I'm actually a little bit of
[24:16] anger myself this one person in game and
[24:19] it's actually composer
[24:21] her name is Yoko Shimomura she made the
[24:24] music for legend of mana and Kingdom
[24:27] Hearts and scenery Chronicles and
[24:29] something that I've realized more and
[24:32] more as I became a developer is that how
[24:35] much the music played a part for me in
[24:37] the old games that I used to play how
[24:40] much they helped me build my feeling in
[24:43] my connection to the game and the whole
[24:45] atmosphere in them and even now I been
[24:48] anytime I can I try to go to different
[24:50] different concerts different different
[24:52] arrangements loved the concert here
[24:54] yesterday
[24:54] I've actually went to Tokyo Game Show to
[24:58] see a panel with her and I got I got I
[25:02] got I got an autograph and a CD sent to
[25:04] me so really cool composer
[25:08] check her out Yogesh muda my heroes I
[25:13] think within JX a mod Osbourne will mark
[25:18] mo it's jack mo Timbo these guys are all
[25:21] designers the I sort of look up to being
[25:24] that I want to be in design one day
[25:25] being able to sort of just be in the
[25:27] same room as them and just sort of hear
[25:28] them talk here the way they saw move and
[25:31] act and think is definitely great
[25:33] eyesight the jagex Richard Lamar Shaun's
[25:37] I'm not sure if many people know of him
[25:38] but he was leda's einer on one of my
[25:40] favorite games jak and daxter I was on
[25:43] the ps2 but he was also the designer for
[25:45] Uncharted and he is now a professor at
[25:49] the University of Southern California
[25:50] doing stuff with games some really sort
[25:54] of deep level sort of psychology and
[25:55] stuff like that so yeah definitely
[25:58] someone I look up to you mega say that
[26:03] kind of covers our prepared questions
[26:05] right and I wanted to open it up to the
[26:07] floor and you can ask us collectively as
[26:11] a group any questions or you might want
[26:13] to ask us as individuals
[26:15] and say yes raise your hands I'll go
[26:18] round you with us I'd like to ask
[26:26] you all a question about do you all
[26:28] still play runescape or does it feel too
[26:30] similar to work I don't want my my
[26:33] favorite thing to turn into a chore I've
[26:37] actually had this conversation with
[26:38] quite a few people today I would say I
[26:42] think that Jagex
[26:43] is quite a unique scenario in that the
[26:49] people who joined Jagex for the most
[26:51] part are really into the game really
[26:54] into the game and are quite happy to
[26:55] spend 8 hours a day working on the game
[26:57] and then going home to spend another
[26:58] eight hours playing it right but you do
[27:02] see across the industry
[27:04] the general trend is that sometimes it
[27:08] is a bit overkill you know you will kind
[27:11] of lose the game will lose its charm I
[27:14] think if you spend all day working on
[27:16] especially if you know what goes on
[27:17] behind the scenes in the game right how
[27:20] it works and stuff like that I think the
[27:22] charm of a game is to just experience it
[27:25] as the finished product right you get
[27:26] all the surprises and all that sort of
[27:28] stuff and so I think yeah I don't know
[27:31] it's really mixed it really is next but
[27:34] for the most part sometimes it can lose
[27:36] its charm if you work on something I try
[27:39] all day balance we get so much exposure
[27:43] to what everything's going on and so for
[27:46] instance of old school and Dragon's Lair
[27:48] - I try to avoid as much talk about it's
[27:50] like a play as a player I don't play as
[27:52] much as I did but I try and experience
[27:55] some of the big stuff that I know I'm
[27:56] excited about as a player so I
[27:58] deliberately avoid anything that isn't
[28:00] relevant to me in terms of my work and
[28:02] my development as well so if you guys
[28:05] are like that it'll be like there's a
[28:06] article that's come over like no don't I
[28:08] read that just in case of spoilers kind
[28:10] of so I was a very hardcore player I've
[28:15] been playing solidly for around eight
[28:17] years when I first started Jagex when I
[28:20] first started it did sort of dawn on me
[28:22] like wow this is a big change like I
[28:25] could see everything
[28:26] and then I go home and I do the same
[28:29] thing but honestly like that changed
[28:32] entirely when I started being more
[28:34] involved with the development teams and
[28:35] stuff like you get really excited about
[28:37] boys coming out you get you get to know
[28:39] exactly what's coming out and you get to
[28:41] then experience at both in the pre and
[28:43] post-development stages I avoid test
[28:46] worlds because I don't want to actually
[28:48] play your content so I'll wait for them
[28:50] to actually come out but I was
[28:53] completely rs3 until I actually got put
[28:55] into old school and then I started
[28:57] playing old school very hard like that
[29:02] was when hardcore Ironman came out and
[29:04] yeah I go on that hype train and I think
[29:09] I was averaging something like 10 hours
[29:10] a day on that account whilst I was still
[29:14] in a full-time employment I would go I
[29:16] would go home when I would play until
[29:18] like 2:00 a.m. get up in the morning
[29:21] like do my farm run go to work then it's
[29:25] been miss the weekends playing so I
[29:27] think it actually inspired me to play
[29:29] more which yes free pretty cool yeah
[29:32] that's kind of not safe yeah I like
[29:35] being the Dare you like be able to just
[29:38] analyze your own play oh my god you have
[29:41] like spreadsheets and stuff - yeah yeah
[29:45] - so for me as a designer um I do spend
[29:50] a lot of time playing games else at home
[29:52] but it will be mostly for me part of my
[29:55] job is to keep up with the industry keep
[29:57] up with the tech keep up with how the
[30:00] genres and designs are evolving so
[30:02] you'll always always find me play any of
[30:05] the games coming out there in the last
[30:08] year hopefully for some research so I've
[30:13] been playing for about 12 years now and
[30:16] up until I joined Jags I always quite
[30:19] hardcore for the last few months before
[30:21] that then I joined jagex and I got to
[30:23] play a bit and then I was kind of like
[30:24] okay I'm tired of this when I get home
[30:27] and now it's kind of like the projects
[30:30] are still kind of new so the things I'm
[30:32] playing are still kinda like new to me
[30:34] but since we're QA
[30:36] we have to play the content we have to
[30:39] make sure that it's good for you guys so
[30:40] we have to spoil quest for ourselves
[30:43] which isn't very nice but at the same
[30:45] time like and like one of the reasons
[30:47] that I bit the IP I want to become a
[30:50] designer and why go into industry was to
[30:51] give was to see how you guys react when
[30:55] we go out like there's a satisfaction of
[30:57] getting something out there and then
[30:58] getting people to react you know like
[31:00] whether they hate so I love it that is
[31:01] really satisfying so but I still play
[31:05] now when I go home I'll do some raids
[31:07] through my Reaper tasks through my daily
[31:10] is of course because I have to I don't
[31:11] have time I work unfortunately but yeah
[31:17] but and another thing is like if you do
[31:20] get tired of runescape just like what's
[31:22] said here it's good to play other games
[31:24] it's good to get sort of an influence
[31:26] get some inspiration see what's going on
[31:28] I really love like story games I really
[31:31] love adventure narrative that to me is
[31:33] it's perfect so it's good to have some
[31:36] freedom when you go home as well next
[31:39] question on their site hi guys so I've
[31:47] got background in film and I like how
[31:50] that kind of ties in with gaming do you
[31:52] guys and have you ever observed in the
[31:54] office on a wider scale to people watch
[31:58] a lot of films as well as play a lot of
[32:00] games and does that does that help with
[32:02] the influencing of the content that you
[32:04] create absolutely
[32:06] I don't think I've ever worked anywhere
[32:07] that has had as much movie bus like
[32:13] honestly a lot of us are big fans of
[32:15] films and typically
[32:19] genres I would say but yeah if you're
[32:23] into films just find anyone at die gags
[32:25] no they're into them too so when I
[32:28] worked at Warner Brothers we would see
[32:31] every new film the day before chemo we
[32:34] would oh the whole office would actually
[32:36] walk together to a movie scene the mat
[32:38] never rented only for us and have yeah a
[32:40] little preview on on every new game that
[32:42] came out and attacked or something that
[32:44] also Capcom did for us that we would
[32:47] also rent a whole cinema and we
[32:49] Coco I think about six months ago or
[32:52] something like that and it's really
[32:54] important to stay inspired they're like
[32:58] similar mediums on this you get
[33:00] inspiration from the same I mean even
[33:01] the orchestra which y'all can when they
[33:03] play it like love the Rings it's
[33:04] undeniable like talking is somewhat you
[33:06] know responsible for in escapes and but
[33:09] the blur add the lines that kind of now
[33:11] being blurred as well so you'll see like
[33:12] motion capture actors on their both
[33:16] sides of that you know they're not just
[33:17] in film now they're in games not very
[33:19] big wedge that used to define games as
[33:22] opposed to cinema room film it's not a
[33:24] lot there anymore now and you can tell
[33:26] that now and then like said there are
[33:28] people who are working in games and in
[33:29] film and across them back and forth it's
[33:31] quite funny but watching the guys cuz
[33:32] I've been work with BAFTA and you can
[33:34] see the back of the film guys like the
[33:35] games guys are coming for us and they've
[33:37] got so much cool stuff as well because I
[33:38] kind of the new kids on the block it's
[33:41] cool to see that line blurring basically
[33:48] I'd love to see more kappa runescape
[33:50] that would be pop see wicked I don't
[33:52] know Never Say Never
[33:53] like if it made sense like the level of
[33:56] detail and finesse isn't necessary and
[34:01] commercially released products right now
[34:03] but if we were say working on other
[34:05] exciting things Mary I don't know I like
[34:07] to use that but like for instance like
[34:09] mint Janelle blur they all like you know
[34:10] you can see that yeah and you can make a
[34:13] crossover even if you see what the stuff
[34:14] that named your theory are doing with a
[34:16] little studio from senior sacrifice I
[34:18] don't know if any of you guys have
[34:19] played it but the even I think it was a
[34:22] couple years ago at SIGGRAPH which is a
[34:24] big graphics convention they kind of
[34:27] debuted this tech that they're using
[34:29] where it's like real time graphic
[34:30] rendering and it's insane it's actually
[34:34] in saying it's mega they had the main
[34:35] actress in the game just onstage
[34:38] literally acting out her scene and you
[34:40] could see on the screen this engine just
[34:42] rendering it all in real time and that's
[34:45] the kind of technology that is shared
[34:47] between like film and games and it's
[34:51] really cool to see how we are
[34:53] contributing to pushing that boundary
[34:55] actually and working closely with film
[34:58] studios as well right
[35:01] say it's a thing yes okay next question
[35:09] hi I have a question that's primarily
[35:12] for Maud Lottie um although anyone can
[35:14] answer so I'm a data science student and
[35:17] I know what data science looks like and
[35:20] a lot of on other industries but I was
[35:22] wondering if you could share a little
[35:23] bit more about what it looks like within
[35:25] the game
[35:25] sorry the games industry yeah sure we
[35:29] can talk more and I don't have to it's
[35:31] as well if you want that's so good this
[35:35] so we we roughly get around 2 terabytes
[35:37] to 3 terabytes a day a day from both of
[35:40] the games and that's how much refeeds
[35:42] and all sorts so we have a lot of data
[35:45] it's a lot of raw data we track a lot
[35:48] yeah it's difficult to actually then use
[35:52] that so a lot of the data science side
[35:55] of things is gonna be some analytics to
[35:58] sort of transform that day or into
[35:59] usable data and then we put that into
[36:03] different things so we've got for for an
[36:06] example we do game economy modeling and
[36:09] that sort of thing so we'll look at
[36:11] trends within the game economy for when
[36:14] we release save raids or some other big
[36:17] piece of content we've also got
[36:19] sentiment analysis so we've got chat and
[36:23] sort of how that is interpreted so we'll
[36:26] see what people are talking about then
[36:28] also whether or not that's positive
[36:30] negative if all of a sudden everyone's
[36:31] saying you know bad things about jackets
[36:34] we want to know certainly and we also
[36:37] want to do stuff it's all sort stuff so
[36:41] we've got C CRM systems so we can look
[36:44] at sort of targeting certain people with
[36:46] promotions which you know that's a
[36:48] business but yeah I mean they're the
[36:52] main things we we have like I think 14
[36:56] people in our department currently
[36:57] there's three product analysts I'm the
[37:02] senior we've got three I think
[37:06] commercial unless one of them's
[37:08] marketing analysts we've got three data
[37:11] scientists three day are engineers
[37:13] philatelist out ahead of politics I
[37:15] didn't count when you work some numbers
[37:22] are interested in your numbers like
[37:25] we're all very tired we believe you
[37:28] basically yeah I'm not sure how much
[37:31] more we've got two databases we've got a
[37:35] big day and then we've got a small one
[37:38] which is more quick and reliable for the
[37:40] analyst so that's good yeah yeah we can
[37:44] we can catch up after if you want to
[37:45] really get into it I can introduce you
[37:48] to some of the data scientists as well
[37:49] because they're there around yeah what
[37:53] else next question do we have enough
[37:59] like maybe one maybe two yeah I reckon
[38:01] we could squeeze in maybe two more
[38:02] questions I mean I'm happy to stick
[38:04] around a little bit if anyone wants to
[38:05] reference as well I know if you guys
[38:06] like busy was there another question hey
[38:11] I'm curious how does the reality of
[38:13] working for Chinese compare with how you
[38:16] thought he was gonna be before you join
[38:17] the company interesting question so how
[38:24] does the reality of working at jagex
[38:26] compare with what you thought it might
[38:27] be like before you joined I don't even
[38:32] know how to answer actually I think the
[38:36] thing is Jagex has been going through
[38:38] such a transformational stage over the
[38:40] last kind of year and a half ish that's
[38:43] like I think culturally we are shifting
[38:47] in a way it's still I mean in the game's
[38:52] history as a whole right now is yeah
[38:53] what's change every just feel like that
[38:55] like four five years ten years ago but
[38:57] it moves so fast
[38:58] so whatever expectations that you had
[39:00] about any studio a year and a half ago
[39:02] it's gonna be different
[39:04] what has it what isn't different
[39:06] actually is just how down-to-earth
[39:09] everybody is that is fully why I
[39:11] expected joining and it's definitely the
[39:13] reality of joining Jagex as well and you
[39:17] you know you will make some great
[39:19] friends wherever you are about I have to
[39:21] say you know of all the ketchups that
[39:23] I've had with various people who are you
[39:26] know expiry
[39:27] industry professionals have worked at
[39:28] different studios or you know all their
[39:30] lives one of the key things that he say
[39:32] is that you know there's there's nowhere
[39:34] else quite like Jagex in terms of the
[39:36] people that you come across and the
[39:38] friends that you make but yeah you have
[39:43] experience elsewhere so I'm curious
[39:47] that's the worst things I get I think
[39:50] that when you've been in this industry
[39:52] for a while you learn how to decode your
[39:56] interviews you know you you know you
[39:59] hear their the stories from the
[40:00] grapevine is up so I had a pretty clear
[40:03] image of what I got myself into but I
[40:06] have to say that the social factor has
[40:08] been above and beyond and also the
[40:12] there's a certain difference between
[40:14] North America and Europe and that people
[40:16] are a little bit more more humble and
[40:18] less hierarchical here and it's been a
[40:20] welcoming change for me I've enjoyed a
[40:22] lot and I've been able to get a lot of
[40:25] trust and responsibility and grown very
[40:28] quickly in my team which is also above
[40:30] expectation yeah I mean for me
[40:33] personally I didn't really come in with
[40:35] any expectations I had an idea of what
[40:38] the office might look like or I had an
[40:40] idea of what like I may be speaking to a
[40:42] wall might be doing on a day to day
[40:43] basis but all of that was out of the
[40:45] window on day one and then ever since
[40:49] then since about two months ago
[40:50] everything has been positive I don't
[40:52] think I've had one day of work which I
[40:54] could have considered bad or even one
[40:55] day of work which I could have think is
[40:57] considered work it just feels like it's
[41:00] like a dream to be working with yeah
[41:05] give it a couple more months give it a
[41:08] couple more months and I'm sure I'll
[41:09] feel that way but right now no it's been
[41:12] great
[41:12] everyone has been super supportive
[41:14] everyone has been super friendly if I
[41:18] have any ideas or any feedback for
[41:19] absolutely anyone in the company
[41:21] everyone's been open to hearing it and
[41:23] giving me feedback everyone's open to
[41:27] chat everyone's open to play the game of
[41:28] pool or darts yeah it's just like it's
[41:33] and I mean I moved up from Scotland move
[41:35] away from family moving down here has
[41:38] actually felt like I've moved to
[41:40] like like another home I think if I move
[41:42] down here and it wasn't like this it
[41:45] would it would feel a lot more lonely
[41:46] and cold but it's great like I stay so
[41:50] late in the office just cuz there's well
[41:53] you know colds like I stay so late an
[41:56] office just cuz there's always something
[41:58] to do or there's always someone to be
[41:59] with even after you finished your work
[42:00] there's like we just sit and we talk
[42:02] about runescape or we just sit and talk
[42:04] about ideas or we have a beer Friday
[42:05] where we where we just drink beer and
[42:08] play pool and play darts and just just
[42:11] hang out and there's like there's people
[42:13] from all different sort of walks of life
[42:15] and stuff which like it just brings so
[42:16] much to it it's great it's great you
[42:20] almost said the family word and it does
[42:21] feel it feels cheese is like a family
[42:23] well it does feel for us doesn't it like
[42:25] see the bad days which you've not yet
[42:27] had ironically they're the ones I enjoy
[42:30] most because when you get through one of
[42:31] them and you we have dares where
[42:33] everything's on fire which is more
[42:34] stairs actually well there we go and
[42:36] then when you get through a day like
[42:37] that and you're just looking around your
[42:39] team and it's just like wow we actually
[42:40] survived that together it's kind of like
[42:42] a band of brothers and this kind of
[42:43] everyone kind of comes together and so
[42:46] again five years ago me ten years ago me
[42:50] to air be working in games like I'm just
[42:52] happy to be here and I'm clinging on
[42:53] with all my strength to remain in the
[42:55] industry but never thought I'd do things
[42:58] like this like nor chance like Rufus you
[43:00] know I I loved runescape I loved playing
[43:02] runescape I love the players to
[43:04] genuinely interact with you guys
[43:06] intimately like this first affairs as a
[43:09] player and as a developer as someone who
[43:11] like releases things out into the open
[43:13] you know they mean a lot to me like my
[43:14] you know that that feeling you don't get
[43:18] anywhere else that's weird yeah it's
[43:19] it's not feeling I can explain until
[43:22] you've kind of done that so I did like
[43:24] you almost got the family this is family
[43:27] I mean I'm gonna echo exactly what they
[43:29] said to be honest but I honestly was
[43:33] expecting jagex be worse than it was
[43:34] when I first came in because as a play
[43:36] always here like reddit that's a thing
[43:41] cuz even
[43:43] right think about it this way people
[43:46] will always take the time to leave a
[43:48] negative review but he leaves a positive
[43:51] review bye
[43:52] if you have something bad to say you'll
[43:54] say it but sometimes when you think
[43:56] something good you don't necessarily
[43:57] think ah I'll take some time out and
[43:59] parity so bad I mind beats that's pretty
[44:03] much it it's like I came in thinking all
[44:06] Jagex is just you know money-grubbing
[44:07] that's that's what they are like you see
[44:10] them ready all the time you see the
[44:12] sweater and everything but honestly like
[44:14] you sit in Jagex and they're constantly
[44:16] talking about players like it's never
[44:18] about like money or anything like that
[44:20] it's about how do we get plans to stay
[44:22] around how do you get players to be
[44:24] happy with the game how do we get
[44:26] players to enjoy it and it's a little
[44:28] bite you guys so yeah it was refreshing
[44:31] to be at JPEGs after that yeah don't
[44:33] read read it is why I'm also reading
[44:36] stay off reading the cards don't reread
[44:40] it someone invited me to what's we going
[44:43] on I read it yesterday I think he wants
[44:46] me to like JT you're you're so brave
[44:49] you're different the sandwich lady yeah
[44:53] it's not being a great couple of weeks
[44:55] for that so yeah once you once you open
[44:57] that door you yeah anyway I think I
[45:01] think we're out time ish no pressure
[45:09] this has to be a good one yeah we're all
[45:13] Jojen if Jagex were Talisa game that was
[45:20] basically runescape in the style of
[45:22] Skyrim and you didn't have to work on it
[45:25] do you think he would get as pulled into
[45:27] as deeply as you did then feel game
[45:30] before you started working on it yes
[45:33] I mean wouldn't that just be that just
[45:35] be Skyrim Ryan and we just just look at
[45:37] the sky right except one more particle
[45:39] effects and more pets yeah we should not
[45:45] like a futuristic runescape like mechs
[45:48] camp or something like that we should
[45:49] like instead of doing so like so so the
[45:53] question is would I have the same
[45:56] reaction to the game if I wasn't any
[45:57] company is that right
[46:01] it's a triple err think runescape
[46:04] properly yeah I hope so
[46:09] but I think yes cuz like if we're in
[46:12] scape is anything to go by then you know
[46:15] like a lot of us have sort of an
[46:18] attachment to it I'm having going
[46:20] outfitting being in that social space
[46:22] and that's the thing of like if it was
[46:24] an online you know like if it was Elder
[46:26] Scrolls online then you're with other
[46:30] people and whatnot so it's great I think
[46:32] that's what makes RINs get great is
[46:34] there's so much to do but you're also
[46:35] with people online so if it was like
[46:36] Skyrim where it's just a single-player
[46:38] thing I think you've taken a lot away
[46:40] and jagex thrives in that said that
[46:44] sorry if you know online social play
[46:49] that's not to say that we couldn't do it
[46:51] I'm pretty sure we have some great
[46:52] people who could do it on that night we
[46:58] actually hired the guy responsible for
[47:00] building the infrastructure behind Elder
[47:02] Scrolls say yeah yeah say yeah sorry
[47:09] this is my joke this in my life it's
[47:13] very exciting when I make these hires
[47:14] but yeah I think it would be the same
[47:17] reaction I would just be more excited to
[47:19] work on it like that would be a crazy
[47:21] thing to work on that sounds amazing so
[47:28] I think that runescape like this this is
[47:31] the fantasy setting in the sphere in the
[47:32] world that I think there's a lot of
[47:34] places you can take that with in
[47:36] different genres and I would be
[47:39] interested every time yeah so I guess
[47:48] that kind of wraps it up right I hope
[47:50] you guys enjoyed the panel know that if
[47:53] you see us about of course for more than
[47:54] happy to stop and you know talk some
[47:57] more about stuff like this you can
[48:00] follow it I think we all have Twitter
[48:02] accounts right nice I'm still a junior
[48:05] sir and I'm still on probation so well
[48:08] see
[48:08] if I'm more breezy easy hey
[48:14] I'm more JZ so Jagex jay-z on Twitter
[48:17] feel free to add me there check it's
[48:23] Paul Carr at made you all cool
[48:34] thanks guys yeah sorry I just want to
[48:37] plug if any of you guys are are s free
[48:40] players where we have a mining smithing
[48:43] beta right over there we would love to
[48:45] see your guys's reaction any issues any
[48:48] feedback please do come and play it a is
[48:50] the Alpha right now so please it's a
[48:55] dame on account
[48:55] oh sorry sorry
[48:59] so just across from the food court we
[49:02] are next to the rock painting fans food
[49:05] court weird like right there yeah I've
[49:10] got a way to be for about 15-20 minutes
[49:13] I'll stick around here if anyone wants
[49:14] to talk to me that didn't want to kind
[49:15] of ask question
[49:16] happy to answer questions as well thanks
[49:22] guys thanks :
[49:22] [Applause]