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Transcript of RuneFest 2017 - The Next 5 Years of Skilling

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Automatic transcriptionEdit

[00:04] hello and welcome to the rinse keeps
[00:07] killing talk I'm on Timbo and I'm on
[00:09] Ryan and here we're choice talk to you
[00:11] today about the next five years of
[00:14] skillet so what does runescape scaling
[00:19] look like in 2023 we sat down myself
[00:22] with mod Ryan the skilling Council
[00:24] another man a number of other different
[00:25] moderators and we've come up with a plan
[00:28] that we think has been a mix killing
[00:29] absolutely awesome for the next five
[00:31] years we want to fix a lot of problems
[00:33] we have a lot of cool stuff and
[00:35] generally we want to bring skilling out
[00:37] to a level that's very similar to combat
[00:39] we want to make skilling more exciting
[00:42] more worthwhile more interesting and
[00:45] that is what hopefully will present to
[00:46] you today how we're gonna team how how
[00:50] we're gonna achieve that is through
[00:51] these nice little points on the screen
[00:55] right now first of all we have the best
[00:57] patient of skilling what that means is
[00:59] that you shouldn't choose what skill you
[01:01] want to train you should choose how you
[01:03] want to train that skill as well there
[01:05] should be different methods of how you
[01:07] want to train a skill depending on your
[01:09] needs
[01:09] whether you want to speed GPUs run an
[01:11] air carrier next up we have skilling
[01:15] endgame Kombat has a fantastic endgame
[01:17] you look at combat you look at raves you
[01:19] look at bosses tell ops warden daredevil
[01:22] there's tons and tons of content in
[01:24] combat there's none of that in skilling
[01:26] we have skill pets there's not much
[01:28] there next up we have scary works and of
[01:32] course a brand new skill we want to have
[01:34] a number of scary works in the next
[01:36] couple of years and we want to release a
[01:38] brand new skill in the next five years
[01:40] of course we also have adding key
[01:43] milestones key milestones is what I can
[01:46] set it to be things like Avalos hat caps
[01:48] steel tires there's tons and tons of
[01:51] skills in the game that don't have those
[01:52] key milestones and we want to add them
[01:55] every single skill by 2023 should have
[01:58] something like overloads
[02:00] of course we want to bring back the
[02:02] achievement to skills once it meant with
[02:05] have memories of skills again we want to
[02:07] bring back their sense of achievement
[02:08] I'm going to bring back in MO blocks we
[02:10] want people to be that excited about
[02:12] seeing skill capes and seeing sort of
[02:14] different achievements you've done the
[02:15] skilling and last of all adding 120s
[02:18] we're not taking away your capes when
[02:21] I'm going to do that yet we want to
[02:22] bring the idea to you guys we want to
[02:25] bring the idea to you guys about 120
[02:27] skills 120 slay didn't go down very well
[02:29] but we want to talk to you we want to
[02:32] understand why it went wrong what you
[02:34] guys want for 120 skills and how we can
[02:36] go forward and making more 120 skills
[02:38] for their next five years so first up
[02:41] the first patience killing now as I
[02:44] mentioned what I mean by desperation is
[02:46] killing is being able to sort of have
[02:48] this sliding scale between experienced
[02:50] GP and intensity my intensity I mean
[02:53] sort of how much you need to pay
[02:55] attention to the screen so if you think
[02:57] of like Warfel fishing it's very rare
[02:59] Kay barbarian fishing is not so afk it
[03:02] requires a lot of intensity so we think
[03:04] we believe in these three slides first
[03:06] up we have PI GP fly intensity
[03:09] relatively okay experienced next up the
[03:12] opposite lots of lots of experience very
[03:15] little meet another very little GP for
[03:17] high intensity as well and then of
[03:19] course if you want to hear okay you
[03:21] should be able to airplay in the skill
[03:22] as well and get a decent amount of
[03:24] experience a decent amount of GP you're
[03:26] not really paying attention to the
[03:27] screen your charity your mates you're
[03:28] watching Netflix or something when we
[03:31] ask you this year in the survey about
[03:33] what you wanted to see you came up you
[03:35] came up with this and it's very clear to
[03:38] us that diversity team skilling is did
[03:40] your heart as it is to us we want we
[03:43] want there to be tons and tons of
[03:45] different methods for every single skill
[03:46] but you just don't have to rely on air
[03:48] pay a certain skill with hygiene hikes
[03:50] for your high GPU we want them to be
[03:52] different ways to trade every single
[03:53] film the game and we want to make sure
[03:55] that has available to you in the next
[03:56] five years
[03:57] of course our existing content doesn't
[03:59] fare so well
[04:01] so I just want to break it down for you
[04:03] a little so we have multiple methods in
[04:06] the game and we as designers and
[04:08] developers like to call them lean
[04:10] forward and lean back gameplay so lean
[04:13] forward gameplay is something which some
[04:15] of the veterans in the room may not be
[04:17] more familiar with such as power mining
[04:19] or power fishing something where you put
[04:21] a lot of work into that that dropping
[04:24] aspect of like trying to get the best
[04:25] experience out whereas a lean back
[04:27] method is something more casual as
[04:29] Kimber mentioned say you're just fishing
[04:31] or cutting trees like you trees and then
[04:34] taking a look to the bank it's a lot
[04:35] more lean back there you don't have to
[04:38] put too much work into it but we want to
[04:40] so that they're there they are the two
[04:41] examples you should see on screen right
[04:44] now what is waterfall and barbarian
[04:46] fishing and you may notice that when we
[04:49] release water fishing we actually
[04:52] created an issue which something we will
[04:54] have to make more on to talk about is
[04:56] over the past few years you guys as
[04:58] players said you know you want more
[05:00] methods of training they give you more
[05:02] XP you also said you want more methods
[05:04] of training that were more lean back so
[05:06] you can do other things at the same time
[05:07] while playing runescape now we try to
[05:09] attack all both of these issues at the
[05:11] same time with waterfall fishing and
[05:12] this is fundamentally caused us an issue
[05:14] and that issue is that the intensity for
[05:17] a waterfall fishing is very low while it
[05:19] is also the most rewarding
[05:20] I'm sure if you turn to the first next
[05:23] students said what should I train
[05:24] where should I trained fishing at high
[05:26] level the chances are you're going to
[05:27] say water fishing this isn't what we
[05:29] want from a skill we want you to be able
[05:31] to say you know do I want to go make
[05:34] money today do I want to go
[05:35] P or should I try my hardest till I put
[05:38] as much effort into playing today and
[05:39] that sort of thing so as the chart shows
[05:42] Bob Arum fishing used to be one of the
[05:45] good methods of fishing where you're the
[05:46] official sorry catch your fish and then
[05:48] drop them since waterfowl fishing was
[05:51] released this is no longer really a
[05:53] viable method waterfowl beats fat while
[05:55] also it's just not as intensive so
[05:58] you're not really rewarded anymore for
[05:59] putting the effort in over the years
[06:03] though we have other skills that have
[06:06] similar issues but we have actually
[06:08] resolved some of them runecrafting is a
[06:10] good one to talk about once upon a time
[06:12] the original release of runecrafting it
[06:15] was all about just rang rings you know
[06:17] crafting runes on altars making money
[06:19] game exp back in 2012 I believe we
[06:22] released our in spam or in spam really
[06:25] interesting one because it changed the
[06:27] way Moritz runecrafting worked it
[06:29] ultimately made it so that the skill was
[06:32] more lean back more afk but it also
[06:34] rewarded you up quite greatly in terms
[06:37] of XP at the time for any of you that
[06:39] may have been around you may have heard
[06:41] talks about runespan and some people
[06:43] disagree with it because of how it fit
[06:44] to the skill in 2015 we release the
[06:49] demonic skull for those of you that
[06:51] aren't aware it's an item that gives you
[06:52] bonus XP when crafting runes for the
[06:56] abyss and if you look at this chart what
[06:58] what reliefs and that actually did was
[07:00] it made room running a viable thing to
[07:02] do again it made room running viable for
[07:04] XP it made it also viable for money and
[07:07] we feel as if this is this is a good way
[07:09] of doing something where to run runes
[07:11] through the abyss it requires a lot of
[07:13] effort it's not something you can easily
[07:14] do and look away from the screen there's
[07:16] also the added effect running through
[07:19] the wilderness which of course isn't
[07:20] safe but we don't want to get too much
[07:22] into a risk in terms of skill but this
[07:24] is one of our good examples of something
[07:26] that over the years we've obviously
[07:27] identified try to find ways in which you
[07:29] as a player have a choice and we won
[07:32] feel empowered to make that choice when
[07:34] you play runescape they want you to feel
[07:35] like if you really want to put a lot of
[07:38] effort in today you will be rewarded for
[07:39] it at the same time if you just want to
[07:41] come on in chill talk to friends we
[07:43] still want you to gain something from it
[07:44] but we want it to be that that option
[07:46] where you know if you want to put EF in
[07:48] you'll get the trailer so yeah that's
[07:51] the versification skilling in a nutshell
[07:53] we will take questions at the end for
[07:55] any questions on that topic but I would
[07:57] like to move on to something we want to
[07:59] call the skilling endgame so what is the
[08:03] skilling Hang game that is a very good
[08:05] question
[08:06] we ourselves honestly don't Reno it's
[08:09] one of those things where if you look at
[08:11] combat there's a lot of things as timbo
[08:13] mentioned didn't originally at the front
[08:15] desk start at this presentation you have
[08:18] you know timed competitions you have
[08:22] amazing feats like daredevil and defeat
[08:24] title you've now got the boss collection
[08:26] of you know there's endless things you
[08:27] could do at an endgame and ultimately
[08:29] there are you know endless bosses which
[08:31] you work on killing for either money or
[08:33] you know to try and compete with friends
[08:36] those sorts of things we don't have
[08:37] Lance killing our could be the only
[08:39] thing we really have in skilling at the
[08:41] end game is milestones which are all
[08:43] based around XP people will tell you you
[08:45] know what you're working on I'm working
[08:47] on my 99 and why are you working on it
[08:49] for well my skill cape or my max cape
[08:51] these are all XP focus goals so
[08:54] ultimately once you reach 90 an eye on
[08:55] that skill sometimes you don't train
[08:57] that's going more you don't use it for
[08:59] anything and we want to meet skills feel
[09:00] useful especially at the endgame because
[09:03] you have acquired you know all that
[09:05] experience become a master of that skill
[09:07] we want it to feel beneficial to you
[09:09] whether that's in you know I could throw
[09:12] this around as the idea of like a
[09:13] skilling boss it's it's a controversial
[09:15] topic because what would you do for a
[09:16] skilling boss but it's one of those
[09:18] things where you could it's an end game
[09:20] piece of content that we could try and
[09:21] tie your skills into at the same time
[09:23] we'd like to do more things like more
[09:25] achievements like focus around ski
[09:26] and like ways in which you can utilize
[09:28] the knowledge you haven't the skill to
[09:30] of course obtain those achievements and
[09:32] you know potentially oh there are more
[09:34] collection systems of course we have
[09:37] skill pets which is great but it's an
[09:39] orangy style of sorrow started reward we
[09:43] want to try and add more things that are
[09:44] based purely on skill themselves so you
[09:46] can utilize that knowledge for this
[09:48] section really is up to you guys I hope
[09:50] skilling the in-game is something that's
[09:52] very important to us and we definitely
[09:53] high up in our plan it's reason wise we
[09:55] will talk about second but is ultimately
[09:57] up to you guys with what we come up with
[09:59] we think it's very important you guys
[10:01] think it's very important skilling is a
[10:03] very important part of your day-to-day
[10:04] gameplay and you're like getting high
[10:07] skills it's cool getting scoped as a
[10:08] school there's nothing really to do with
[10:09] those skills so we really want to hear
[10:11] from you guys the next five well in the
[10:13] next couple of months really but and
[10:15] then help us build what's getting in
[10:17] game is and then get out there and then
[10:19] 2023 we can look back and go oh yeah I
[10:21] remember that I remember timber stood on
[10:23] that stage we said skinning hangings
[10:24] gonna be a thing and now I'm playing all
[10:26] this different bits of content and
[10:27] different skills are really tying in and
[10:29] making that's killing in game they
[10:30] really want to get a hold of ya so as
[10:34] soon as said if this is is a big thing
[10:36] for us second on the list but we do
[10:39] really need your your feedback on it
[10:41] again isn't an easy thing to sort of
[10:43] tackle especially when ultimately skills
[10:46] in runescape you do most of the work at
[10:48] the beginning and we just don't have
[10:49] anything at the end so yeah that's
[10:51] what's going in again next approach is
[10:55] scurry works
[10:57] now as again in the survey than this
[10:59] year
[11:00] scary works are a big deal to you
[11:02] therefore they are a big deal to us as
[11:04] well we know that you want all skills to
[11:06] be reworked we know that you guys really
[11:08] really want to see those your favorite
[11:10] skills those skills you know they're no
[11:12] longer relevant those skills that have
[11:14] really rubbish trading methods or don't
[11:16] have really many offer options or
[11:18] rewards or those sorts of things and had
[11:21] just proved in the survey you would
[11:23] rather much see scary works the new
[11:24] skills
[11:25] now of course five years is a long time
[11:27] so we're gonna do both but scary works
[11:30] is important you told us how many
[11:32] skilled worker works you would like to
[11:34] see for a brand new skill and that's all
[11:36] really help us inform sort of how many
[11:39] scary works before we should even think
[11:41] about starting this new skill and that's
[11:43] why scary work is a more higher priority
[11:45] to us than creating a new skill now of
[11:48] course we all know we all know and love
[11:50] money and smithing my name is missing is
[11:54] a topic that has been banded around the
[11:56] last couple years but I can't I can't
[11:59] tell you after months of talk holes dev
[12:02] blogs dev Diaries we do have a team
[12:05] right now at Jagex who's working on
[12:07] mining and Smith
[12:08] they aren't they've heard what you want
[12:09] they've read everything they've scrawled
[12:11] the forum's Twitter reddit the in-game
[12:14] they've understand what you want you've
[12:16] told us to finally it's in the poll that
[12:18] you want a full scary work you wanted
[12:20] them properly and that's absolutely
[12:21] we're going to live other than that
[12:25] construction we were construction work
[12:27] is something that comes up a lot you
[12:30] might remember this summer summit a
[12:31] little while ago we showed my doctor's
[12:33] first site that was really awesome
[12:36] we loved the idea of the construction
[12:38] rework and we want to do you one in the
[12:40] next five years we want there to be a
[12:42] construction we were finished
[12:43] in five years by 2023 whether or not
[12:47] it's like mod doctor's prototype though
[12:49] you saw sort of screenshots a video of
[12:51] well maybe it's something more like the
[12:52] aquarium but from screening where your
[12:54] whole house is or even plagues down
[12:55] different areas you can rotate them you
[12:58] basically have a complete your freedom
[12:59] of your house that is what we want to
[13:01] see comes destruction in the next couple
[13:04] years whether or not we do more that is
[13:06] entirely up to you guys there are tons
[13:08] and tons of skills out there that are
[13:09] very useful agility like crafting like
[13:13] there's all these rubbish skills that
[13:15] that we really have much of a point to
[13:17] them their training methods are old they
[13:20] don't have a point especially for
[13:21] agility fire making party making is
[13:23] another halfling rubbish skill so let's
[13:28] know we want to see reworked when I said
[13:30] this plan is much as jaws of his powers
[13:33] it's very important that we listen to
[13:35] you guys know not always done that in
[13:37] the past but we think it's very
[13:39] important to listen to what you guys
[13:40] hear and what sort of scary works you
[13:42] want to do in the future of course it
[13:45] wouldn't be a skinning talk without
[13:46] talking about a new skill so first of
[13:49] all we're not announcing a new skill we
[13:52] are so we're not having the specifics of
[13:55] a new skill we just want to talk to you
[13:57] about the idea of a new skill as we said
[13:59] this comes after skill reworks in our
[14:01] list of things we want to talk about so
[14:03] skill reworks are our priority right now
[14:05] so that mining smithing and whatever the
[14:07] potential other one we could potentially
[14:08] do is but and your skill like endless
[14:12] possibilities and use skill is one of
[14:13] those things that internally we talk
[14:16] about a lot you know
[14:17] RuneScape's been around for over 15
[14:20] years now and there's a lot that's gone
[14:22] into the game so when we talk about new
[14:24] skills we always try to think about like
[14:26] how can we fit so a bit of content like
[14:28] as a whole new skill into our game it's
[14:30] it's not an easy thing to do we got to
[14:32] make sure that we find out a nice way in
[14:35] which we can introduce that skill
[14:36] whatever it may be so that it doesn't
[14:39] make you feel like every other skill has
[14:41] some aspect of that so
[14:42] mean by that is let's take the famous
[14:45] sailing as an example for any of you in
[14:47] here you may know sailing was a joke as
[14:49] a skill maybe once upon a time but if we
[14:52] were to turn sailing into a skill like
[14:54] what would we do for it you know you
[14:55] could maybe sell out to the Seas and you
[14:58] know find treasure that sort of thing
[14:59] however is that too close to Uncharted
[15:01] ours for the art at the same time you
[15:04] know what if you could customize your
[15:05] boat is that too similar to ports so we
[15:07] have to think a lot about this sort of
[15:09] thing and like where it interacts with
[15:10] other skills and content you're trying
[15:11] to figure out what we want to do so as I
[15:14] said like Tim Barnard is discussions a
[15:16] lot ins plenty of others we always talk
[15:18] about new skills like are there really
[15:19] cool things we could do and you know
[15:21] we've spoken out skills like necromancy
[15:23] would it be cool to raise the army of
[15:25] dead
[15:26] I would any spoilers anyone not doing
[15:28] any quests well spoiler alert maybe you
[15:31] could raise your picks from the dead but
[15:35] ultimately you know necromancy critical
[15:37] thing could it be a cool skill but at
[15:39] the same time is it too close to
[15:40] something these are all great things
[15:42] that you know in a like an idea as a
[15:44] concept but a new skill isn't something
[15:46] we brush we have to think about in
[15:47] detail another skill idea that slow it
[15:50] around probably one of my more favorite
[15:52] ones at the time is the idea of
[15:54] archaeology how cool would it be if you
[15:57] can actually uncover content you know in
[15:59] the game you might uncover an agility
[16:01] for so long lost agility course or you
[16:03] find ancient relics among new prayers
[16:05] you know the temple of sinasohn as an
[16:06] example sentences that's I'm knowing the
[16:12] Lord so I got an analysis six but yeah
[16:14] you can unlock you know a new forever so
[16:16] these are these are the cool things that
[16:17] you could go into that scope now
[16:20] ultimately with the new skill we want to
[16:22] make sure that it follows all rules of
[16:25] my skill diversity so we have learned a
[16:29] lot in the past about new skills but we
[16:31] also ask you a bunch of questions in the
[16:32] big serving and ultimately we are
[16:38] so when we took like a new skill and as
[16:41] you can see roughly you guys were
[16:43] looking at it within the next couple
[16:45] years of course the new skill take some
[16:47] time to not only design but make so this
[16:51] is that this is a guideline of sort of
[16:52] things that we want to do
[16:53] scuri well it's been a priority another
[16:55] question we asked you which is really
[16:56] interesting one is what type of skill
[16:59] would you want the next skill to be now
[17:01] you can see here so you wanted something
[17:03] completely new and a support or trough
[17:05] skilling in that survey something
[17:06] completely new said example
[17:08] dungeoneering I'm going to talk about
[17:10] dungeon air in a moment because that's a
[17:12] really interesting skill to talk about
[17:13] but it was one more question that we put
[17:15] in the survey which was what is your
[17:17] favorite skill now Slayer is way out
[17:20] there as it was the favorite skill you
[17:22] can see like massively however second
[17:24] skill is dungeoneering some some of you
[17:26] guys that she approached me today to
[17:27] tell me your favorite skill engineering
[17:29] and you said it sounds like an unpopular
[17:31] opinion but it's honestly not
[17:32] dungeoneering is an interesting skill in
[17:35] that it's a really interesting skill
[17:38] when we released it like I remember the
[17:41] year we released it but we really sit
[17:42] quietly time ago so a temp it really
[17:46] shook the game it was completely
[17:47] different to what you guys were used to
[17:49] it really wasn't like any other skill
[17:51] you can look at something like fishing
[17:52] woodcutting
[17:53] they look they are similar skills or
[17:55] mining you've gather a resource and then
[17:58] there's a there's a second skill that
[17:59] works with that whereas dungeoneering
[18:00] was completely different it really
[18:02] changed it of course we have the joke
[18:04] occasionally where people call it
[18:05] minigame argument's sake
[18:09] yeah thank don't say that be a
[18:12] dungeoneering
[18:13] is a skill and it isn't it just one of
[18:16] those interesting ones where we learn a
[18:17] lot from it and at first you know the
[18:20] community really didn't like the skill
[18:22] but ultimately over the years people
[18:24] have grown more towards it it does a lot
[18:26] of cool things that we'd like taken to
[18:28] new skills when when I look at skills
[18:31] like the divination it's got a linear
[18:33] skill altum Utley you get to level one
[18:36] to ten you move
[18:37] on you go to somewhere else you go for
[18:38] level 10 to 20 it's a very linear skill
[18:40] you move between the craters you never
[18:42] have a reason to go back and something
[18:43] that we call crink leanness in design is
[18:46] the idea that a skill has the reason to
[18:49] sort of go all over the place a good
[18:51] example this is say wood cutting a level
[18:55] 13 cut willows right I think 45 min cut
[18:57] maples but is it a good idea to cut
[18:59] maple to 45 not really because you cut
[19:02] them too slowly they don't give you as
[19:04] much XP because of that so you stay at
[19:06] willows you stay at willows to say 60
[19:08] you can now cut use now you have the
[19:09] option of do I want more XP still you
[19:12] stay a little you know there's that idea
[19:13] of like whether you should go back and
[19:15] at what time do you go back to stuff
[19:17] because you're now better at it you can
[19:18] do it faster we want to include this
[19:20] more in skills as we said we want you to
[19:22] have the choice we want you to feel like
[19:24] you even power to make the decision how
[19:26] you want to play the game and we want to
[19:28] do that with our new skill in my opinion
[19:31] divination doesn't really do that we
[19:33] tell you what to do and you go there and
[19:34] do it there you don't have much of a
[19:36] choice for that that being said new
[19:39] skill really cool I did something that
[19:41] we are looking into and thinking about
[19:43] I'm talking about wall time oh you okay
[19:47] thank you very much
[19:48] next up key milestones so key milestones
[19:52] I think of something that's very
[19:53] incredibly important to skills something
[19:55] that really drives you to get to that
[19:58] 94-96 have law really pushes you to
[20:00] level something get me Leo's get Bob's
[20:03] get our spirits Haribo back when when
[20:06] energy was a thing like they were really
[20:08] exciting milestones for me to go and
[20:10] level up for my something you really
[20:11] target I mean a lot of people in this
[20:13] room will have 92 prayer or 96 prayer
[20:15] just you can get social turmoil there
[20:18] are very awesome key milestones and
[20:19] their skills that you level for in
[20:21] you're very excited about so that is
[20:22] what we want to try and bring to many
[20:24] more skills in the game if you look at
[20:26] this slide we have a comparison of what
[20:29] that skill was actually have key
[20:30] milestones in the game right now
[20:31] thankfully to the invention patch 2 we
[20:34] actually release the sort of key
[20:35] milestone for machines which these are
[20:37] awesome they're really cool but there
[20:39] are tons and tons of skills in the right
[20:40] hand side that doesn't have a key MA
[20:42] and we think that has absolute change
[20:44] and something we need to rectify the
[20:45] next five years every single skill
[20:47] should have a use and have something
[20:49] that really excites you to the level of
[20:50] up and have a key milestone for example
[20:54] like let's look at fire making imagine
[20:56] if you could like burn incense that
[20:58] gives you buffs around when you're
[20:59] scaling the wall doing combat or for
[21:01] example maybe if you could have in
[21:02] tradable food and cooking or maybe even
[21:05] just like some sort of scale support
[21:06] items from hunter that you level up and
[21:08] you get a new hunter new creature and an
[21:10] elf benefits you in many more skills and
[21:12] helps you get that sort of different
[21:13] expand our different our diversity key
[21:16] milestones are something that is very
[21:17] important to us and something that we
[21:18] definitely want to do and every skill by
[21:20] 2023 will have a key milestone that
[21:23] isn't absolute promise that you cannot
[21:26] take away from me that will happen but
[21:30] key milestones yeah again very reports
[21:33] worth very important to you there are
[21:35] tons of other skills out there that just
[21:36] don't have anything that's worthwhile
[21:37] and we want to try and rectify that next
[21:41] up Ryan well do you remember five years
[21:45] ago when I actually see you a moment
[21:46] well I did the Granite State how's it
[21:48] granting senior yeah so once upon time
[21:51] you know five years ago he asked me if
[21:53] he wanted to see my moment
[21:54] do we see that happen much anymore not
[21:57] really you know there's a lot of me by
[21:58] the way oh is that you yeah suddenly a
[22:04] real out
[22:05] it's one of those things where you know
[22:07] once upon a time used to say to your
[22:08] friends everyone to your remote we don't
[22:10] see it anymore time is echoing and the
[22:15] last time you saw that was say five
[22:16] years ago and it's one of those things
[22:19] that we want to ring back so you know I
[22:22] have a lot of memories of runescape I
[22:24] remember the days where I just got 92
[22:26] magic and I had to cut up to try and
[22:28] pass ice Roger my brother in Carson was
[22:30] just one of those cool memories that you
[22:33] know it sticks with me I've got plenty
[22:34] of those things I mean for me like
[22:36] completing which the Maj after me was
[22:38] absolute highlight of one my career I in
[22:41] unnecessary to do his skills by
[22:42] absolutely you love like I remember
[22:44] every single moment I remember the music
[22:45] Karen whare was and we rock clothes I
[22:48] was wearing we're like this is vivid
[22:50] memories that we have a runescape that
[22:52] is something we really want to bring
[22:53] back into skilling and also to get rusev
[22:56] in general skilling more so because
[22:59] skinning doesn't have that sense of
[23:00] achievement when you I got 599's that's
[23:03] double xp weekend and while I was really
[23:05] cool at having 99 pies you said you had
[23:08] a 99 pie with last I met a 99 bucks so
[23:10] you should have weighed in today because
[23:12] we're gonna have a giant ie9 pile and
[23:14] today oh nice nice bug to bug thanks but
[23:17] I mean we want to try and bring the
[23:19] sense of achievement when you're going
[23:20] for a goal you feel really proud about
[23:22] that your friends are really happy they
[23:24] message you grats
[23:25] you have a party everyone gets drunk and
[23:27] wizard mine bombs that sort of thing
[23:29] like we want to bring those sorts of
[23:30] memories back to runescape and bring
[23:32] that sense of achievement back to skills
[23:33] I'm sure if you guys will turn to the
[23:35] person next to you I'm sure you have
[23:36] many memories of which you could tell
[23:37] them about the game
[23:39] something of course we just want to
[23:41] create more of one of the big things
[23:43] that I like to think very Marin scape is
[23:45] if we compare combat skilling we have
[23:48] this thing called about the wow factor
[23:49] is why lights called up in combat you
[23:51] have a lot of these things which you get
[23:53] like wow moment you'll be whether you're
[23:55] on a swear task you have your common
[23:57] drops as represented by I think my bones
[23:59] and room plate body but you get your
[24:01] common drops you then have your off
[24:03] drops like rare drop table the idea of
[24:05] ceramic scales in this example rulers
[24:09] you then also have your other items clue
[24:11] scrolls effigies these are already cool
[24:12] things that you get I'm gonna go through
[24:15] the whole child combat has a lot you've
[24:17] also got Slayer items if you do on a
[24:19] sphere tasks some of those items are
[24:21] useful they make a lot of money I know a
[24:22] lot of guys today said to me they enjoy
[24:24] slave to makes money and then you have
[24:27] your boss strikes your big drops they
[24:28] make a lot of money as well of course at
[24:30] the end of a scale
[24:31] you've got the elusive painful moon ring
[24:33] which is that probably the biggest well
[24:35] man we have in game right now and also
[24:37] the boss bet however that's okay let's
[24:42] take a look at skilling pretty empty
[24:44] right there's honestly not any any real
[24:48] moments of wow when you're skilling if
[24:49] you're carrying a you tree you are
[24:50] simply kinda you train you're not
[24:52] there's no like situation where suddenly
[24:54] something happens and this is something
[24:56] we want to bring me back into skills so
[24:58] it's worthy we want to fill these gaps
[25:00] we want to make it so that when you're
[25:01] skilling and your pet you know you're
[25:04] swinging with your friends or whatever
[25:05] it is you're doing
[25:06] suddenly you jump out your seat I want
[25:08] to see people jump out their seats again
[25:09] and you know get that moment of like
[25:11] this is really cool this is I just got
[25:13] I'm really cool you know you get your
[25:14] broadcast your friends start messaging
[25:16] you I mean didn't you have that moment
[25:17] this week right yeah I mean earlier as
[25:19] week I got Roo
[25:20] and I didn't even know I got
[25:22] and my friend said to me Oh disco and I
[25:24] was interesting like shouting you went
[25:25] freezing yeah it is one of those moments
[25:27] of our binax I've been wanting it for a
[25:28] while and I got it and as you can see
[25:31] skill fits is one of those things
[25:32] however it is one of the only things so
[25:35] ultimately in the next five years we
[25:36] plan to fill this we just want you to
[25:39] feel that when you're skilling you can
[25:41] get stuff out of it beyond what the core
[25:43] aspect of like a gathering skill is
[25:45] saying this we also want to make
[25:47] skilling worthwhile again for making
[25:49] money we want you to better make good
[25:50] money for skilling it's one of those
[25:51] things we lost over the years and
[25:54] ultimately people as I said people say
[25:56] swear makes a lot of money we want sting
[25:59] to have that aspect at the same time as
[26:01] you know still leaving combine a good
[26:03] State we don't wanna take away what
[26:04] combo gives you from bosses and that
[26:06] sort of thing but skilling needs to make
[26:07] money again there are methods that I'm
[26:10] sure some of your where you know maybe
[26:11] it's like divination can make money or
[26:13] you can you do things like tan hides on
[26:16] a portable there are ways of making
[26:17] money through skilling but we want to
[26:19] make more of them and make it an actual
[26:21] option for you to come on and say I want
[26:23] to make money today and you have a
[26:24] skilling method you can be so yeah that
[26:28] that's what we want to do with
[26:29] essentially bringing the big WOW factor
[26:30] back to runescape the skilling is
[26:32] something like really strong to me
[26:34] massive scale of myself and it's just
[26:36] something I really want to do I want to
[26:37] be jumping MSC I want I want to be doing
[26:40] bat-mite
[26:41] [Music]
[26:42] beggin ya right let's leave them alone
[26:49] next up don't kill me 120 skills now of
[26:56] course one place killers has been a bit
[26:58] of a controversial topic of course we
[27:01] least one of 120 Slayer this year with
[27:02] metaphors it's safe to say I didn't go
[27:05] down very well and we know that and
[27:07] we're sort of trying to learn from it
[27:08] what we feel sort of was lacking from
[27:11] some Slayer was it was I'm really full
[27:13] the skill wasn't full
[27:14] the vast majority of my 90 to 120 that's
[27:17] that's a huge amount of experience a
[27:19] huge amount of time a lot of investment
[27:21] and there really wasn't that reward all
[27:23] that extra opportunity or difference in
[27:25] training skill there's certain when I'm
[27:27] alone from and so I want to go forward
[27:28] with and obviously want to fill out
[27:29] Slayer eventually going forward we want
[27:32] to talk to you guys about the ideas of
[27:33] 120 skills of course had a minute we
[27:35] have master capes they're really awesome
[27:38] but then they don't actually go to one
[27:41] and actually happen in those skills go
[27:42] to 120 yeah so we asked you guys what
[27:46] you saw in the survey you guys told us
[27:49] this it was very interesting to us
[27:52] actually the vast majority of people do
[27:55] want 120 skills they might not like it
[27:58] because they list the comp but they do
[28:00] people are interested in 120 skills but
[28:03] most of you interested only if we do it
[28:05] right and if we do it on the right skill
[28:08] so that is why it's on the sort of the
[28:10] latter part of our plan it's a sort of
[28:11] the ending of our plan this more so than
[28:14] any other one is up to you guys let us
[28:17] know what you want to go to 120 how you
[28:19] want us go to 120 and what should be in
[28:22] 99 to 120 in those skills as you said we
[28:25] think it's very important that there's
[28:26] something different to do something like
[28:28] some may be so complete if a new
[28:29] training methods it should be full and
[28:31] launched there should be any gaps you
[28:33] should be able to do something for
[28:34] night-night always 120 we wanted to have
[28:36] the skill diversity in those skills as
[28:38] well make sure you actually doing
[28:39] different things to 120 is
[28:41] just high intensity or low intensity or
[28:43] all GP and we want to make sure that I
[28:46] mean 120 skills feel natural we feel
[28:48] that it's absorbing inevitability
[28:49] they're different where the weights or
[28:51] the skills are going lots more people
[28:52] are getting maps lots more people are
[28:54] getting like 200 mils and 99 and virtual
[28:56] 120s and we feel which would need to
[28:58] approach this topic for you guys for the
[29:00] next five years makes you were all happy
[29:02] we're all gonna do next make sure we're
[29:04] all sort of sorted and we're happy and
[29:06] it's all been finally signed off by
[29:07] every single player in the game that
[29:09] sort of thing we want to try and make
[29:10] sure that one point skills isn't this so
[29:12] topic that will sort of like players go
[29:14] oh not one to win skills I won't do that
[29:16] anymore but actually they're really
[29:17] excited about them they really want to
[29:18] go forward and do 120 skills because we
[29:21] think it's really awesome we think it
[29:22] really cool
[29:23] there's tons of tons of content we could
[29:24] do and from 99 to 120 I want to make
[29:27] sure that you guys are happy and excited
[29:29] and with us you know it's one of those
[29:33] things where like I says we're not
[29:36] saying we're going to do it by any means
[29:38] and we definitely wouldn't do all skills
[29:39] in five years I really can't see that
[29:41] happening but depending on the skill it
[29:44] needs to be the right skill you know we
[29:46] have to take this into account sometimes
[29:47] when we think about adding new content I
[29:49] mean if we were to added you familiar
[29:50] that was best in the steel Titan
[29:52] realistically what would we put it out
[29:54] right now we'd have to shove it in at
[29:55] level 99 and we don't want to do that
[29:58] for the future of the game it's just not
[30:00] healthy we'll get into the realms of you
[30:02] know in a couple years time it's like
[30:04] why do we unlock everything at 99 it
[30:06] doesn't make much sense so ultimately
[30:07] this is where that room between 90 and
[30:10] 120 becomes useful I just wanna
[30:12] reiterate something timbers as well it's
[30:14] we also want to make it feel like the
[30:16] skilled kind of changes the past might
[30:18] sign that you are a master like you you
[30:20] shouldn't feel as if you're doing the
[30:21] same thing necessarily if we can create
[30:24] new ways in which that skill benefits
[30:25] you or how you use it how you train it
[30:27] like we want to do that so this is why
[30:29] those topics as well the you know when
[30:31] we get back in the next in next week
[30:33] yeah let me get back to work in the next
[30:35] week you know talk to us about it tell
[30:37] us these things like we want to like
[30:39] compile all your feedback on what you
[30:40] want to do this sort of thing because
[30:42] ultimately you know we want to make the
[30:43] best game for you and that is sort of
[30:46] the end part of our 5-year plan but to
[30:49] wrap it all up we have a video to show
[30:51] you about sort of the very first
[30:53] skinning update that sort of encompasses
[30:55] our five-year plan that we're coming out
[30:57] very soon it's called
[30:59] deep-sea fishing so this is this is a
[31:03] very very early prototype of a concept
[31:05] of fishing you may be able to see so
[31:07] fishing as a skill is ultimately
[31:10] Leanback met you you click one fishing
[31:13] spot which moves you know over a couple
[31:15] of minutes this example you may see a
[31:16] fishing spot is moving every second
[31:18] there's a bunch of fishing spots
[31:19] available and the player is clicking on
[31:21] them and turning around and click on all
[31:22] of these different spots it's way more
[31:24] interactive way more lean forward
[31:25] gameplay and it's of course going to be
[31:27] more rewarding now in this example the
[31:30] player is turning around as I said
[31:31] trying to see where the spots are and
[31:33] clicking on them you may not gonna see
[31:35] us but the player is also building up
[31:36] the idea of a bonus and what we were
[31:38] talking about with this is the longer
[31:39] you can stay engaged we wanted to feel
[31:41] like we can reward you for that so while
[31:42] he's constantly catching fish as quickly
[31:44] as possible he's gaining a bonus now we
[31:47] wanted to try and add more like DM DS to
[31:50] the skill itself we don't feel this is
[31:52] something at another topic of where we
[31:54] don't want you to feel that you have to
[31:55] walk away from a skill to go and take
[31:57] part in a D&D for that skill you know in
[32:00] this example is similar to fish fish
[32:01] fling is that maybe a giant fish could
[32:03] spawn and you can just interact with it
[32:05] there and then it gives you a bit of
[32:06] lean back gameplay so you can take a
[32:08] break but you know it's rewarding we try
[32:10] to encompass all these ideas together
[32:11] and makes killing you know a variety of
[32:14] it and make it make it more diverse yeah
[32:17] that's deep-sea fishing very early for a
[32:19] tripod it's a very early working for a
[32:21] ghost website but we wanted to show you
[32:22] something exclusive there'll be more
[32:25] about in their interviews later and that
[32:27] is the end of our talk if anyone likes a
[32:30] yep and if anyone like to have any
[32:33] questions please put your hand up and
[32:35] someone will give you
[32:36] maybe yes
[32:41] those are really hot so looking into
[32:47] combining things like 120 skills and
[32:49] reworks what are your thoughts on kind
[32:52] of working this two things in together
[32:54] with something such as construction for
[32:55] example you have that reward space
[32:57] between 20 what you said is a lot of
[32:59] experience that's where you'd be kind of
[33:02] rather than keeping as a separate yes I
[33:05] mean yes so ultimately if you guys want
[33:08] us to combine them 120 skills and Kure
[33:11] words we will absolutely do that if we
[33:13] come we come to vacant the construction
[33:15] rework and you guys are like actually I
[33:16] wouldn't mind this being 120 and then
[33:18] telling us what won't when he means when
[33:20] you guys then absolutely we'll do that
[33:21] then these things aren't separate or
[33:23] apart our compound compartment n where
[33:26] that word is so firm the chance they are
[33:29] solved is our plan for next five years
[33:31] we want to do all of those and if some
[33:33] combined together that's absolutely fine
[33:37] [Music]
[33:46] and I was wondering whether or not
[33:48] you're going to plan or add any social
[33:52] skilling activities in general because
[33:55] every time I get online and now tell my
[33:58] friends let's do something together it's
[34:00] our experience or combat really good so
[34:04] we ought to mention the answer did
[34:05] forget to mention that
[34:07] so using deep-sea fishing as an example
[34:09] something we do want to I'm just going
[34:11] to extend my talk now something we did
[34:13] want to do as we do want to do with
[34:14] skills over the next five years is stop
[34:17] segregating players I don't know I'm
[34:20] sure maybe you all agree but we do a lot
[34:22] of you know if you're you know between 1
[34:25] and 50 fishing you might be over here
[34:27] and if you get to nice fishing you spend
[34:29] the other you know you're on the other
[34:30] side of man we want to stop doing this
[34:31] and and try more for like an area where
[34:34] you can fish and you as a you know a
[34:37] mid-range Fisher you can see those
[34:38] people that are high range fishers next
[34:40] to you fishing next year so you can
[34:42] interact with people in their skill and
[34:44] they wouldn't say XP ways hopefully at
[34:48] the same time it's that idea that we
[34:51] also just don't want to put be putting
[34:53] you in what we call instances so
[34:55] uncharred Isles is a good example you go
[34:56] away to an island on your own wouldn't
[34:59] it be cool if you could all go to a
[35:01] night to an island together you know
[35:02] that sort of concept so that is
[35:03] definitely something we are thinking
[35:05] about and we were supposed to say the
[35:06] talk thanks for reminding us yes
[35:11] so I had a question about construction
[35:14] so you know you're talking briefly about
[35:16] the construction update like reworking a
[35:18] little bit and it seems like you have
[35:19] some cool ideas for how you change your
[35:21] house and everything the only thing is
[35:22] though is currently I as a player don't
[35:25] ever go to my house because there's
[35:27] really not any reason to go there after
[35:29] you've unlocked the aquarium and
[35:31] everything like moat after after it's
[35:32] all Bill harder they have a reason to go
[35:34] there so will you guys be looking at
[35:35] more reasons of why we'd actually want
[35:37] to go to our house yeah that will be a
[35:39] key milestone in construction by 2023
[35:42] flow but yeah any question properly yeah
[35:46] I mean a construction rework would
[35:48] probably involve a complete rework with
[35:49] the player in-house make sure there's a
[35:51] reason to go there make sure you want to
[35:52] check in with your house maybe use like
[35:54] maybe the cooler was a good idea have
[35:56] other skills you can do inside your
[35:57] house it's not just a few dollars make
[35:59] the teleports relevant again most of the
[36:01] things obsolete ly yeah that we parked
[36:03] the truck very well with 120 Slayer one
[36:09] of the things that was sort of
[36:11] advertised but it was becoming a slam
[36:12] master rifle in the Codex would be
[36:15] possible to get a temple tracking slash
[36:20] managing miscellanea manikyam will you
[36:23] accomplish their master of NPCs they
[36:26] would go I just let us come back and
[36:29] you'd get their points or a portion of
[36:32] their drops some along those lines yes
[36:35] [Music]
[36:37] biron Slayer master I said it was it was
[36:39] mentioned I know that more days talks
[36:41] about the idea of Being Earnest no
[36:43] master a lot he really liked that idea I
[36:45] don't want to speak for him and say that
[36:46] he wants to do it still I'm pretty sure
[36:48] you know here's it by interests in it it
[36:51] is a cool concept right and that
[36:52] that really you know cements what we
[36:54] were saying about post 99 we want you to
[36:57] feel like a master I know that Monday's
[37:01] is thinking about maybe I'll try and get
[37:03] him to clarify something if you find
[37:06] more days or come to the combat showcase
[37:07] later on and that's question you know
[37:09] get more information now with regards to
[37:15] bring back social skills
[37:16] how we gonna cope with stealing
[37:18] resources
[37:23] is this in regards to resources such as
[37:26] lair that's a special skilling is it in
[37:30] regards to like a resource you don't to
[37:32] fight the resources is that we mean
[37:33] competition yeah
[37:37] so back you know back in the original
[37:39] days of runescape there was a lot of
[37:41] that like you're fighting for yours and
[37:42] you may get into arguments tell someone
[37:43] a cop well we do want to take that way a
[37:46] bit like obviously we have in the past
[37:49] but various things but we would we would
[37:50] want you to feel like you can train
[37:53] together without the worry that you're
[37:55] ruining someone else's training by
[37:57] taking part like stealing their rock or
[37:59] stealing their thing that is like one of
[38:01] the top things we want to do we do we
[38:02] want you to feel that you can enjoy
[38:03] playing the game whilst playing with
[38:05] your friends and not saying I don't want
[38:09] to waste XP some of the baby and fix
[38:12] Aaron stone so doesn't happen Arizona so
[38:15] insane yeah
[38:16] so I got a question about the economics
[38:18] and skilling curtly this is law revenue
[38:22] if you're doing ppm for example magic
[38:25] logs you do a OD more than you could
[38:27] ever cut with wood cutting so whole by
[38:30] money making with actual Skilling's yeah
[38:33] I mean I plan a plan has always been to
[38:36] remove skilling drops from ppm I mean is
[38:39] a big task and then it's a big-ass part
[38:42] of the problem with money and swifting
[38:44] is removing alcohols and roc tables yeah
[38:48] we definitely do that in the future and
[38:50] we killing stuff for magic losses makes
[38:52] no sense the people who are chopping
[38:54] magic logs should be gay imagine those
[38:56] things as a nation with the main supply
[38:58] of magic logs in the game I don't
[38:59] disagree with you how we go about and
[39:02] when we go about it is the problem
[39:03] problem things but we're also thinking
[39:06] about it new job tables have very
[39:08] limited resources on them so we're
[39:10] trying to sort of retroactively for new
[39:13] drug tables but also sort of try and
[39:15] think about how we can do remove mats
[39:18] remove them from others as well we have
[39:22] the idea of necromancy I think it'd be
[39:24] good way if you made an elite skill with
[39:26] magic somnolence layer and then after
[39:28] you kill the Slayer creature you could
[39:30] like you know harness soul and then
[39:32] that's how you sort of build the
[39:34] creatures that you could someone with
[39:36] necromancer you know just so it was an
[39:38] elite skill plus it would interactive
[39:40] Slayer and other creatures that's a
[39:42] really interesting point that is
[39:44] something we have discussed in the basis
[39:47] that you know as I mentioned when we
[39:49] think about new skills we're talking
[39:50] about where they interact with other
[39:51] skills Slayer codex is a perfect example
[39:53] of cat essentially catching
[39:55] a monster and in this example would be
[39:57] like what if instead of putting in your
[39:59] dungeon you could summon it back out
[40:00] like that so that is something we also
[40:03] think about is how to tie the skills
[40:04] together because as the survey said
[40:07] cross killing is something that you guys
[40:08] want we want to try and find ways to
[40:10] make cross skilling feel like it fits
[40:12] very well of course invention is semi
[40:15] cross killed because you train it with
[40:16] other skills not all skills but that's
[40:19] what we want to try and get that feel so
[40:20] then that is one of those sorts of
[40:22] things that we do think about what our
[40:26] thoughts on XP scaling to the level as
[40:28] opposed to like a lot of things at
[40:30] certain level and then it being reset
[40:32] amount of XP the whole time I think
[40:38] there are some places that works really
[40:40] well at the same time we don't want
[40:42] content to feel like it would never
[40:44] change so you could stay in one place
[40:46] forever
[40:47] I knew the XP would scale based on your
[40:49] level at the same time there are
[40:51] definitely some methods we've added and
[40:53] past can't name top of my head but they
[40:56] do actually scale with your level
[40:57] because it is a nice way of doing things
[40:58] I think that if we put both together the
[41:00] idea that we try and do that but not for
[41:04] a you know 1 to 99 there's like level
[41:05] bandings that works very well and it is
[41:09] something we we do think about we have a
[41:11] lot of conversation about runescape
[41:15] [Music]
[41:17] your opinion on high-intensity after
[41:19] some scaling like smithing house after
[41:22] some workshop can this be expanded to
[41:25] maybe fletching and have manual flashing
[41:27] arrows and darts and like an old school
[41:29] runescape and also can have one today or
[41:33] milestone here thank you I mean where is
[41:37] appropriate we definitely look at adding
[41:39] things like Alison's workshop
[41:40] I think awesome swatch shop is a great
[41:42] example of skill diversity in smithing
[41:44] we're in sumo neo-soul just absolutely
[41:46] the best experience with smithing right
[41:47] now but it's very intense so there's a
[41:50] lot of clicking sometimes you stay oh
[41:52] it's not exactly very okay but actually
[41:55] inside terminus inside the husband's
[41:57] workshop was also their cerements
[41:58] they're very llama
[41:58] she's very okay so if there are if there
[42:01] are places working it's appropriate we
[42:03] get a really good player I did we will
[42:05] add those into each other at the shop
[42:06] yes well you know a lot of the five-year
[42:10] plan revolves around we want you guys to
[42:12] help us so ultimately if you have ideas
[42:15] tell us say what we've made so much
[42:18] runescape we've talked about so much
[42:19] runescape you know just talk to us about
[42:21] it and we will help you make the game
[42:23] that you want to play
[42:28] I got here you still got to go up when
[42:32] when you do skill reworks do you put 4
[42:34] into accumulation tick tick manipulation
[42:37] methods or do you just against it
[42:39] do you do something about that at all so
[42:42] we don't put them in as such however
[42:46] it's it's an interesting one because
[42:48] there is an element of it's a whole
[42:51] thing to talk about because ultimately I
[42:53] I I can use an example Hunter it's very
[42:56] good example of a ticking tick
[42:57] manipulation as you mentioned it does
[43:00] add more intensity to it but not in a
[43:02] way in which we designed it to be
[43:03] however we can tell that players enjoy
[43:06] putting that more effort in to benefit
[43:08] more from it and it perfectly explains
[43:10] what we want to do with skills which is
[43:12] more intense more rewarding so
[43:14] ultimately we would want to try and do
[43:16] more of that without it being in that
[43:18] sort of way or that make sense you guys
[43:25] are planning for next 5 years of
[43:26] skilling how are you gonna take into
[43:28] account the amount of people that
[43:29] already have 99
[43:30] or 120 that's going to go up but in the
[43:33] next five years as well
[43:39] skills of course those that really have
[43:41] 99 that's 120 s with the fighting plan
[43:43] of course things that would change yeah
[43:45] the question of what we're going to do
[43:46] for the people that currently have those
[43:50] well I mean they already have them so
[43:52] they're welcome to use them we're not
[43:53] gonna force you to grind for hundred
[43:56] hours if you already 120 like mining or
[43:58] 120 like destruction we're gonna make
[44:01] you redo those hours again you'll have
[44:03] access to all the methods you'll have
[44:05] already have to do a little bit of
[44:06] legwork to get in understand with the
[44:09] new method is an example and to try out
[44:11] all the new methods but we're not gonna
[44:12] take anything away or sort of making
[44:14] grinds many many hours to try and catch
[44:17] up with other people who aren't already
[44:18] 1:21 I know that's it
[44:23] well that's one last year you guys
[44:26] talked about elite skills are you guys
[44:30] thinking of doing anything anything more
[44:32] with elite skilling definitely in the
[44:35] future I don't think the next elite
[44:37] learned in the net skill beam elites ago
[44:39] I think invention an elite skill was
[44:42] sort of had a bit of a it was a bit a
[44:43] bit cool bit bit weird a bit people in
[44:46] you even stand it will really get it but
[44:48] we really like the idea of reading
[44:49] skills like that so mentioned I
[44:51] necromancy could it have magic prayer
[44:53] and summoning all mixed together that
[44:55] sounds awesome and we love the idea
[44:56] running skills but we're going to have
[44:59] on the back burner for now and so maybe
[45:01] this girl after this one will be a
[45:02] mythical imagine this worry it's the
[45:04] sort of thing where I think we would
[45:07] design a skill and depending on how that
[45:10] design turns out we may think more about
[45:11] whether it should be an early or not
[45:13] because sometimes ultimately an idea you
[45:15] know a seed and the seed of an idea we
[45:17] work on that idea and also believe that
[45:19] when we like oh actually this ties
[45:20] really well you know it starts that sort
[45:22] of like train of our ideas that flow
[45:24] from it so a skilled hoodstarz
[45:26] just a you know it's good to 99 and then
[45:28] we may decide they should be an elite
[45:30] down the line once we design more to it
[45:31] it's hard to say right now for us to
[45:33] miss edits there are positives and
[45:35] negatives to making at least go and that
[45:38] is the end of us all thank you very much
[45:41] for coming I hope you enjoyed it myself
[45:44] and mod Ryan will be any alkyl rip chill
[45:47] area which we called the bar 3 p.m. is
[45:49] gonna come tour just to have any more
[45:50] questions of course you just see our
[45:53] backs and there we are
[45:55] thank very much