Transcript of RuneFest 2017 - Highlights

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] We're here at Battersea Evolution,
[00:03] this amazing 5,500 square meter structure in the heart of Battersea Park.
[00:08] It's the perfect setting to bring RuneScape alive.
[00:19] There's nothing like coming to RuneFest.
[00:21] You walk in and suddenly enter into this whole new world.
[00:25] There's a starry night above you and there's smoke everywhere and you can just hear wildlife.
[00:30] Everyone around you is so excited and passionate.
[00:33] It's like nothing else.
[00:41] Come on!
[00:44] Welcome to RuneFest 2017!
[00:50] We have RuneScape on mobile for you all to try
[00:54] for Old School and RuneScape.
[01:02] Shiny new updates, Dimension of the Damned,
[01:05] the Lost Grove, our brand-new boss monster Solak.
[01:10] Welcome to the Old School reveals!
[01:12] Theatre of Blood as our second ever raids.
[01:16] A sequel to quite possibly the most iconic quest, Dragon Slayer 2.
[01:36] It's time for the Golden Gnomes!
[01:40] The best Old School streamer.
[01:42] Faux!
[01:43] And the best artist is...
[01:45] AngelScape!
[01:47] The winner of the most creative cosplay award is...
[01:50] Plushy Tum!
[01:53] Your winner of the community champion award is... Mr Mammal!
[01:58] Congratulations Woox on winning the lifetime achievement award!
[02:02] Woox!
[02:06] If you weren't here at this year's RuneFest but thinking about coming to another one in the future,
[02:11] there's one big reason why you should come.
[02:13] Because it is the biggest RuneScape and Old School party you can imagine.
[02:18] You'll know the experience of being together and enjoying the game,
[02:21] sharing the passion
[02:22] and being obsessed by everything that comes out of this wonderful world that we call Gielinor.
[02:32] RuneFest!