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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] right so the boys are back for the
[00:06] fourth year in a row it's time for the
[00:08] runescape combat tour hey guys right so
[00:19] well welcome to another combat showcase
[00:23] got a pretty awesome presentation ahead
[00:26] of us for you guys so I'm not Raman I
[00:29] put on every single boss since the
[00:33] release of or I do cover a few things
[00:41] have done so I made the EFC combat
[00:43] system legacy
[00:45] I'm a revolution dansgame and a couple
[00:49] of people you updates
[00:53] [Music]
[01:08] cool so jump in straighter we're going
[01:11] to be we're going to be covering a
[01:13] couple of upcoming content releases so
[01:17] first off you may have heard about it in
[01:19] marks reveals we're going to be jumping
[01:21] into a mysterious island or reclaimed by
[01:23] Nature
[01:24] it's the lost world with the release of
[01:27] 120 slayer the top end didn't really
[01:29] film we only really had a soul of our
[01:32] creatures had a gemstone dragons so to
[01:35] stop cutting it out a bit we are
[01:37] releasing on Monday three brand new
[01:39] languages as you can see here I went for
[01:43] a very much cute for Debbie themed
[01:44] movies but I also wanted to do something
[01:46] a bit different so as there are three
[01:49] the first creature at level one a week
[01:52] will be the best XP per hour plus layer
[01:56] the second creature at 1:04 will be the
[01:59] best G field per hour and then the third
[02:02] one will be a nice balance between the
[02:04] two so that means when you're when
[02:07] you've been assigned creatures of the
[02:08] Lost Grove you're able to be your way
[02:10] well essentially you can go up and be
[02:11] like do I want GP during one XP or you
[02:14] get a bit of both
[02:15] now it wouldn't really be a slayer
[02:17] creature if we didn't have unique
[02:19] rewards so introducing the new sin
[02:21] domain gloves now there something
[02:23] special about these gloves they not only
[02:26] are they tr-85 and they're hybrids but
[02:28] they also have a strength bonus of
[02:29] around tier 70 so you're not turned off
[02:33] by their the hybrid aspect being turned
[02:35] down they were also able to apply a
[02:37] passive poison to anything you target
[02:40] but we already have weapon boys after
[02:41] that right so not only are you able to
[02:44] wear these you're able to drink weapon
[02:46] poison and completely enhance the amount
[02:48] damage the output don't don't drink
[02:50] weapon poison yeah don't pay that - oh
[02:52] yeah
[02:52] apply it apply it to your blade or
[02:56] whatever
[02:56] weapon you're using so duster so
[02:59] creatures but that's an awfully
[03:02] incredible environment for just a couple
[03:04] of slag reaches three so if you went to
[03:07] the reveals you would have met this guy
[03:09] this is so like the Guardian the group
[03:12] coming in at the top in the PBM above a
[03:15] d-pad Myakka and hardware garage hard
[03:18] Yakka on over oh go and Yakka earlier in
[03:21] the year I put out a PBM survey in
[03:24] relation to group bosses finding out
[03:25] what kind of loot distribution method
[03:28] what kind of loot district do that what
[03:31] kind of loot you want to drop from the
[03:32] boss and what kind of group size you
[03:35] want with over 5,000 replies I was kind
[03:38] of staggered by the actual result on the
[03:41] size of the bosses it was actually
[03:43] Jerome oh that came out on top so not
[03:45] only will saw like be really seen with
[03:47] 67 man mode but he's also gonna be
[03:49] releasing what would you removed so if
[03:51] you can't we we understand that you know
[03:53] finding a lot of people to take on a
[03:56] boss is kind of an issue so he's going
[03:59] to have his own do remove of different
[04:00] mechanics and auto mechanics from the
[04:02] original one so you know if you haven't
[04:05] got enough members of the team you can
[04:07] take your trusty Powell or that random
[04:09] dude you just met / if and take on so on
[04:11] we've drops not changing and not being
[04:14] different to 7mm nothing to stop you
[04:19] going in solo of course but this time I
[04:21] will not be betting my 3pi how now
[04:28] with sonic I want to try something
[04:31] different I really want to push PBM and
[04:34] high-level bosses so rather than have
[04:36] you know the usual eight Auto attacks
[04:38] and a main attack like most of our
[04:41] bosses do you know they hit you they hit
[04:43] you they hit you they do a special we're
[04:45] so lucky I'm going to be introducing new
[04:46] sub tats so they'll be thrown into the
[04:49] mix with the auto attacks so as the
[04:52] fight progresses auto attacks will start
[04:54] to kick in they're not going to be as
[04:56] brutal as special attacks but they're
[04:58] gonna be something you want to look out
[04:59] for
[05:00] you'll be encountering more DPS checks
[05:02] we we know that you guys can output a
[05:05] massive amount of DPS it depends our
[05:07] sweating you are right you can really
[05:08] push it depends what gear you have and
[05:11] what abilities you have so you know why
[05:13] not utilize that to our advantage
[05:14] let's say for example so like is
[05:16] charging a massive attack if you don't
[05:18] do anything he's going to kill you
[05:19] straight up but we'll put your DPS in
[05:22] check so you're able to battle down that
[05:24] massive here to get it just below the
[05:27] threshold where you'll be able to
[05:28] survive and even make it hit nothing you
[05:32] also have a massive Arsenal at your
[05:35] advantage like let's take intercept cave
[05:37] for example like that is a really opie
[05:40] combo and what we usually do web us is
[05:43] is we kind of skirt around it will knock
[05:45] your barricade off or will taker is
[05:48] intercept away but for this I don't
[05:50] really want to do that I want you to
[05:52] meet utilize all the different things
[05:53] you have let's say daggers pin by
[05:55] sawback he can't do anything because
[05:57] he's stunned but don't worry
[05:59] xx PVM Lord 21 at the back has got your
[06:01] got your back with intercepting Kate
[06:04] that's not my experience when I raid
[06:08] but this could take him away from a
[06:11] really critical moment in the fight
[06:12] maybe there's a DPS check at the back
[06:14] and then the stop-attack kicks in John
[06:16] gets pinned and then no one fair to save
[06:18] him with these sub attacks I really want
[06:20] it to change the way the fight plays out
[06:22] meaning you'll have to adapt as much as
[06:24] you possibly can and every fight is just
[06:27] a little bit different with celac as I
[06:35] said we want to do things very
[06:36] differently so you will have multiple
[06:39] health pores not just the one you know
[06:41] he's got four million health less will
[06:44] and down to zero you'll have to go
[06:45] through one health poor to helpful were
[06:47] three helpful and then maybe that
[06:48] unlocks the final helpful we really want
[06:51] to explore this avenue with new bosses
[06:53] going forward basically we're about to
[06:59] change the face of PBM and high-level
[07:01] boss monsters as you know it to avoid
[07:03] spoiling too much I don't want to go
[07:04] into anything but it was good to know
[07:06] that so like is currently in development
[07:07] he does have a fully playable fight from
[07:10] start to finish so with that far along
[07:11] with it and play test we'll be starting
[07:13] in tap as soon as we possibly can of
[07:16] course we can't introduce a brand new
[07:18] boss without new rewards right so solid
[07:22] will be really cool a lot of solid will
[07:24] be dropping the new tier 92 dual wield
[07:27] range weaponry as you can see here so
[07:32] they are Bijlee stunning
[07:34] they're they're very themed around Solak
[07:36] and they'll be very expensive on release
[07:42] right so that's that's more in sonic
[07:45] dead once it goes through our next
[07:47] upcoming release so in 2010 we released
[07:51] our best skill objectively you can try
[07:56] and disagree with me but it's I've got
[07:58] data is proven and I was dungeoneering
[08:01] and when we introduced that we met a
[08:04] whole host of exciting new monsters for
[08:07] the first time and since then slowly
[08:10] some of them have started to trickle out
[08:12] into our bulerias the game Calgarians a
[08:16] demo and we're gonna be doing that again
[08:18] this year we have stalkers so coming
[08:23] soon you're going to be able to get a
[08:26] stalker Slayer task and you'll be able
[08:29] to choose between fighting seekers and
[08:31] soul gazes who will be added to Sam
[08:34] Urick stronghold so if you've completed
[08:35] dishonor on one fees you start to gain
[08:37] this new task you'll be able to choose
[08:40] between flying the Seekers or the soul
[08:42] gazes and they'll have the same Slayer
[08:45] requirement as they currently do into
[08:47] engineering
[08:47] so 71 and 99 respectively when you
[08:53] fighting them occasionally a elite
[08:57] stalker will spawn and I know sometimes
[08:59] you don't feel like you're going to
[09:01] bother with Millie Maiasaura spawns but
[09:02] you will bother with this one there's
[09:06] gonna have a rare chance of dropping the
[09:08] sneaker people pet which is very
[09:10] difficult to say and it is also gonna be
[09:14] dropping something else that's getting
[09:15] outside of dungeoneering for the first
[09:16] time that's the hex hunter beau
[09:23] so Alto of dungeoneering the hex on
[09:25] turbo has been become a tier 80 bow but
[09:28] when you're fighting a magic user it's
[09:31] become more powerful and if that magic
[09:33] user is specifically weak to arrow
[09:35] attacks is gonna become the single most
[09:38] effective bow possible in that situation
[09:41] that's gonna be coming soon awesome
[09:46] right so it wouldn't really be a combat
[09:48] talk if we didn't have mod pie talk
[09:50] about the actual combat system itself so
[09:54] my PI hey what are you so I'm going to
[10:00] talk to you a little bit about where we
[10:02] want to go with combat and while these
[10:04] things aren't directly updates
[10:06] themselves they tie in to everything one
[10:08] of the updates that you could be getting
[10:09] soon and the first one I want to talk to
[10:12] you about is something we're dubbing web
[10:15] and weapon type diversity now stood on
[10:17] this stage before and mentioned weapon
[10:18] diversity before but I haven't really
[10:19] filled it in so when we release the EOC
[10:25] we took away a lot a couple of levers
[10:27] that we use to make weapons unique think
[10:30] the ability system and GCD took away
[10:32] attack speed and the weakness system
[10:34] took away attacks that's like stab slash
[10:37] crush accuracy so and that what that did
[10:40] was it balled it down to just like to
[10:42] wait raged and you will Mel a so we want
[10:46] to bring more life to the different
[10:49] types of weapons that you're using now a
[10:51] little while back we allowed how words
[10:55] and the size to make use of their range
[10:57] to when they're pulling it doing a
[10:58] wheeze and I'm not sure what's that was
[11:01] that popular do you like that yeah
[11:03] thought so
[11:04] so we're gonna be continuing that work
[11:07] and making a lot more weapon types
[11:10] special so I mentioned previously the
[11:14] attack speed is deprecated so why if
[11:16] spitballing here don't quote me on this
[11:18] all right but what if I just to read it
[11:21] right now
[11:22] what if they a dagger randomly
[11:25] just didn't incur GCD what if I don't
[11:29] know maybe one day javelins might
[11:31] actually be good and the age-old debate
[11:34] about whether or not radius or longsword
[11:36] can finally are better can finally be
[11:38] answered because right now the answers
[11:40] obviously mesas we've got prayer so but
[11:44] seriously like we want to start rolling
[11:46] this up to much much more weapon types
[11:48] we think it's going to add a lot more
[11:49] depth to what you're actually playing
[11:51] and what you're going to be taking to
[11:52] bosses but also when we release
[11:54] something we're not just sound stage
[11:57] going are jewel will range we can you
[11:59] can actually get excited about the new
[12:00] tr90 dagger on the new tr90 longsword
[12:02] and if you know just going to give you a
[12:04] lot more in your toolset right so the
[12:08] next thing i wanna talk about affects
[12:10] the whole combat system everything and
[12:13] we've been looking at our styles the
[12:17] styles that we use and we're going to be
[12:18] improving the gameplay we think we can
[12:21] do a lot better so a little bit of
[12:25] backstory to this when we originally
[12:27] made EOC we worked an awful lot on
[12:30] something we like to call equivalents
[12:31] and by that I mean when we release
[12:33] something for mage say we make damn sure
[12:36] the range and melee gets something
[12:38] equivalent right not the same but
[12:40] equivalent and that's how we keep the
[12:43] combat system balanced currently and
[12:45] also you don't feel too bummed out when
[12:47] you when you have a force to take
[12:50] specific style for a combat to do to the
[12:53] combat triangle right now while this is
[12:57] great well it's cause is all of the
[12:59] rotation between the different size
[13:01] different types of styles that you're
[13:03] using you kind of get caught in the
[13:05] motion so they all still all feel really
[13:07] quite similar you just dpsing alright so
[13:10] what we want to do is we wanna make the
[13:13] styles feel a lot more distinct from
[13:16] each other we want to start ramping up
[13:19] what we're offering you in terms of
[13:21] gameplay in what we're giving so for
[13:23] instance we want to ramp up the
[13:26] synergies between abilities we've done
[13:29] this a little bit but I think we can do
[13:30] much much better we can we can make you
[13:32] think about your rotations an awful lot
[13:34] more we are going to be perfectly happy
[13:38] to give a style something that's
[13:39] completely unique to that style and you
[13:41] know what we've come to the conclusion
[13:43] that that's okay it makes that style
[13:44] interesting and unique and when you're
[13:46] doing mage you're doing like you feel
[13:50] different to be doing range and I think
[13:52] that's gonna be really great thing we're
[13:54] also gonna have things like effects that
[13:55] fire off randomly in combat that effects
[13:57] your rotations so you're actually going
[13:59] to have to think about your rotations
[14:00] when you're performing them now in order
[14:04] to do this we're going to be adding it
[14:07] via rewards from new content remember me
[14:09] saying that it's ritai into all of the
[14:11] updates the reason why we're adding it
[14:13] by a new content rather than just
[14:15] retrofitting it to the existing one is a
[14:17] question of complexity like this
[14:18] complexity is great but it's not for
[14:20] everyone right and if we add it as part
[14:23] of rewards then as you play the game and
[14:26] slowly unlocks them you learn but as the
[14:28] system goes along and when the new
[14:29] person comes along they're not
[14:30] immediately thrown at this complexity
[14:34] change page we've actually already
[14:38] started doing this so things like
[14:40] mutated Daisy shot and salt the wounds
[14:42] that little interplay we've got this
[14:44] unlocked for a shared worlds we want to
[14:46] do more of that we want things to be a
[14:48] bit more interesting now I'm going to
[14:51] talk about an elephant in the room who
[14:53] wants to talk about forty court we're
[14:54] tacking so we have a plan it's a grand
[14:59] plan so traditionally we take for to
[15:03] court attacking what we do but fix the
[15:04] bug and go thanks right we've done the
[15:06] thing we've bounced a combat system well
[15:08] I tell you what I've got a different
[15:10] thing what about we don't just fix the
[15:11] bug what we do is we take what makes for
[15:13] tech in the auto attacking interesting
[15:15] and we support it in the combat system
[15:17] in a properly balanced way what about we
[15:20] take what makes the game fun and build
[15:23] it into the systems for you and we won't
[15:25] just do that for mage we'll do that for
[15:26] range and melly as well so each one
[15:28] actually has interesting gameplay now
[15:33] I'm really excited to start evolving the
[15:35] combat system into something I'm much
[15:36] more
[15:37] interesting for you guys especially for
[15:39] those that like to get elbow-deep in the
[15:40] combat system I just want to create the
[15:42] whole thing 2:11 and just show you guys
[15:43] you know what Yossi can be much better
[15:46] but ok so that's great for those of you
[15:49] that I really like lean forward and
[15:50] really really love combat what about for
[15:53] those of you the little bit lean back
[15:55] what about revolution so revolution is
[16:02] actually getting a bit of an upgrade so
[16:07] they're known again the combat council
[16:09] like to troll me like they'll just
[16:10] message me ago by the way mold pie of
[16:12] just released this new staff and every
[16:14] time you ought to attack it resets to
[16:15] cool down and while magic like no no and
[16:19] then one day what we said someone came
[16:22] to me and said you know by the way more
[16:23] pie I've just taken revolution I've let
[16:25] it do threshold anomalous I'm like what
[16:29] and we all laughed and we said that's
[16:31] ridiculous that's okay that's stupid
[16:33] and they'll feel a little while when
[16:35] actually no we're ramping up full manual
[16:38] screw it
[16:39] so you're thinking it I'm gonna confirm
[16:41] it soon revolution is going to be able
[16:44] to perform rationals enormous as part of
[16:46] revolution
[16:47] [Applause]
[16:51] that's not although again when when we
[16:56] were talking about this so don't know
[16:57] about you but I have thresholds inside
[16:58] my revolution area so screw it
[17:01] we're going to let you resize it so
[17:05] you're gonna be able to it for the FKS
[17:09] layer task loss watching Netflix but
[17:11] seriously full manuals gonna get really
[17:14] really good so that's it from me in
[17:17] terms of like where we're going with the
[17:19] combat system what do we have well so a
[17:24] big thing in the combat combat council
[17:26] is tap and passion products wow that was
[17:30] always hard to do in rehearsals so at
[17:33] least art the year next angel of death
[17:35] was released mod Ollie's Gomorrah and
[17:38] avarice was at a project revolution plus
[17:41] boss was at a project and so like you
[17:43] saw earlier he started off as at a
[17:45] project so tap is a it's a massive thing
[17:47] for us we can really push what we want
[17:49] to do in our spare time and get it
[17:51] released so, deg, do you wanna talk about
[17:54] one of your tablets so earlier in the
[17:57] year obviously we released shared world
[17:59] which started as a half joke half
[18:02] prototype that I worked on in a
[18:04] lunchtime and since then you guys have
[18:08] been playing it and been giving us some
[18:09] great feedback on some changes that you
[18:11] want to may be made and we already
[18:13] started working on some of those
[18:15] obviously the animal rebalance went out
[18:17] I think maybe a month or two ago now you
[18:20] told us that you feel rewarded enough
[18:22] for the time that you spent there
[18:23] so we addressed that we updated it but
[18:26] you've still got more concerns you still
[18:27] want more feedback we want to work on
[18:30] you said that there's enough variety
[18:32] between worlds say that you feel like
[18:35] you're doing the same thing and you want
[18:37] some more changes so we're gonna add
[18:38] more objectives towards not always is it
[18:42] going to be slave 70 out of 100 monsters
[18:46] sometimes it's going to be find this
[18:47] thing that we've hidden in the level or
[18:49] defeat this one particularly powerful
[18:51] monster something to make it feel like
[18:54] your gameplays been broken up a bit
[18:57] we also want to add the ability to more
[18:59] measure yourself against how your
[19:02] friends are doing we're gonna be adding
[19:04] high scores show world couple of
[19:06] different types so you have ways of
[19:08] measuring your own performance and how
[19:10] you're doing and seeing how you're doing
[19:12] against the rest of the world right so
[19:16] next up is something I'm sure all of you
[19:19] well not all of you but a lot of you
[19:21] wanna hear about and that is rates so
[19:24] two years ago we announced grades - and
[19:27] we haven't yet delivered on it it's
[19:28] probably it's definitely the biggest
[19:30] piece of unfinished business we have in
[19:32] ppm right but rate has a couple of
[19:35] issues so Before we jump into grades -
[19:39] we need to make some improvements to
[19:40] have the raise themselves so you only
[19:43] ever really need to do raids once every
[19:45] two days so most of you do that at 1
[19:47] a.m. reset and that's it you don't go
[19:48] back in less you're hunting the pets for
[19:50] an final boss so we kind of want to give
[19:52] you a reason to start doing raids more
[19:55] often maybe you want to farm it for loot
[19:56] or maybe there's a rare chance of
[19:59] getting active as super rare rate or
[20:02] maybe there is a new drop table for when
[20:04] you're farming out over and over we want
[20:08] to increase engagement give plays a
[20:09] reason to actually go the grouping
[20:12] system itself is also an issue it's
[20:14] pretty clunky and it's hard to you know
[20:17] get everything going you get everyone to
[20:19] ready up and start a rate so we're
[20:22] thinking about potentially moving it to
[20:24] the friends chat system or offering
[20:25] support for both so you can just jump in
[20:27] your friends chat get 10 people and go
[20:29] in no pattern about it doesn't have to
[20:33] be all improvements though right deck
[20:35] now one of the things that has been
[20:38] suggested quite a few times since we
[20:40] first implemented raise was adding a
[20:41] insane or gold version of the daredevil
[20:44] title and I'm happy to say that that's
[20:46] something that we
[20:48] looking at adding so for people who
[20:51] haven't been reading this before on
[20:54] reddit or one of the other places has
[20:56] been suggested this is a version of
[20:58] daredevil that requires you to complete
[21:00] every Raider treatment in a single run
[21:03] and we're going to ask you to not leave
[21:06] we're going to say that no one in the
[21:08] group can die or join late or stand
[21:10] outside or even thank that sounds pretty
[21:15] cool we also want to investigate some
[21:17] other things like lower group sizes so
[21:19] you don't have to get the massive amount
[21:21] of ten people to do the race the
[21:25] activities you have to do in between the
[21:28] boss you'll know when you do does AG you
[21:30] just log out you go back in your spawn
[21:32] that jellyfish right that leads us on to
[21:34] jellyfish jellyfish is just this tedious
[21:37] annoying bit of content between zag
[21:40] Nakamura right
[21:41] no one likes jellyfish if you like
[21:43] jellyfish the law talk might be more
[21:45] suited to you there's a big jellyfish
[21:47] section in the law or cactus tree you
[21:49] might not expect it so we kind of want
[21:52] to give you a reason to actually do
[21:53] these activities maybe the jellyfish
[21:56] give a rare drop themselves so you walk
[21:58] away feeling damned didn't get it this
[22:00] time but maybe next time or maybe it
[22:03] gives you a buff to take into the next
[22:04] class you know we really want to assure
[22:08] you that raids 2 is not it's not dead
[22:11] essentially like we want to improve
[22:13] raids and we want to push it I think
[22:16] raise is definitely the thing that among
[22:17] the combat council is one of the most
[22:19] loved pieces of content and we all
[22:20] really want to push it so earlier in the
[22:26] talk we mentioned that we're adding the
[22:29] Slayer creatures to the Lost Grove and I
[22:31] talked about stalkers and that's a lot
[22:34] of Slayer tasks actually and there's
[22:37] more people training Slayer than ever
[22:38] now that we've added 120 and if you're a
[22:40] slayer most like more and you're getting
[22:43] really busy
[22:44] it's ok they've come up with a plan
[22:48] would use some of their workload the
[22:51] slam masters are going to get together
[22:52] and they're gonna invite you to become
[22:54] you
[22:55] slayer myself you're going to continue
[23:03] the journey that you began with men of
[23:05] us working on your Slayer codex and your
[23:08] player own dungeon NPCs are going to
[23:11] come to you and ask you for Slayer tasks
[23:14] and they're gonna ask you for what
[23:17] equipment should I bring what sort of
[23:19] tactics do I need to use what tax do I
[23:21] need to look out and you're gonna have
[23:23] to advise them and based on how well you
[23:25] do they will return and they'll share a
[23:28] little bit they look and their
[23:29] experience with you you're also as part
[23:33] of being in the exclusive Slayer master
[23:36] club going like a couple of perks you're
[23:39] gonna get mates rates on the Slayer
[23:41] store and you're also going to be able
[23:43] to say sometimes not use that VIP ticket
[23:47] I just say you used it up the others
[23:50] won't know you're gonna run lock these
[23:53] perks in a much the same way that the
[23:55] memorial to gothics perks and there's
[23:59] just some of the things that you're
[24:01] gonna get to when you are your own
[24:04] Slayer much though so that's a couple of
[24:07] our top projects or is it John we left
[24:09] you out so I've done an awful lot in
[24:14] combat but there's one thing I've always
[24:16] wanted to do and I've always wanted to
[24:19] make a boss I've brought back an old
[24:21] boss with the will deworm and I've made
[24:23] more holiday event bosses than I can
[24:26] count and I've taught everyone on this
[24:29] stage and more people that I can count
[24:31] how to make a boss but I don't ever I
[24:33] don't have my own signature model I'm
[24:35] also don't have my pariah or actual
[24:37] while I'm working on the boss that's my
[24:40] current tak project now when I was
[24:43] working on like who should I make into a
[24:44] boss I wanted someone that's existing in
[24:47] our law and I was thinking we've taken
[24:51] down big iconic hair
[24:52] in the past in world events we've taken
[24:55] them down in quests
[24:57] why the hell is we never taken one down
[24:59] in a bot as a fox right so I'm gonna
[25:03] introduce you to who I'm working on and
[25:05] it doesn't get much bigger than this guy
[25:08] you're going to be taken down hostilius
[25:11] so for those of you that don't know who
[25:13] hostilius is because he's only really
[25:16] mentioned in law books I'm gonna give
[25:17] you a bit of a backstory I know this is
[25:19] the law talk try not to fall asleep on
[25:21] me but it does go to a good place and
[25:23] I've got some concept art filling in
[25:25] just to keep you occupied so hostilius
[25:28] is quite possibly the most badass demon
[25:31] we have in our law he's a custodian
[25:33] demon and what how they get their power
[25:36] is they ingest other demons and
[25:38] hostilius has ingested more demons than
[25:40] any other demon in fact this guy's size
[25:43] could dwarf even of God he ruled over
[25:46] the infernal dimensions but was
[25:49] eventually overthrown Sirach tricked him
[25:51] for all of his armies and zamorak led a
[25:54] rebellion against him with the Evonik
[25:56] demons who were enslaved now by the
[26:00] evonik demons who enslaved hostilius was
[26:02] left for dead he's banished in the abyss
[26:04] left to rot I think it's about time that
[26:08] someone checked up on him don't you so
[26:13] old enemies have returned to killing on
[26:16] hostilius is stirring well that's enough
[26:21] law so now I'm giving us another spoiler
[26:24] here you might need to kill hostilius
[26:27] but how do you kill someone that's so
[26:30] big that they dwarf a god well the
[26:33] answer to that one is pretty simple you
[26:35] kill them from the inside out
[26:38] so what you're going to be doing is
[26:40] you're going to be crashing into the
[26:41] abyss jumping on top of hostilius
[26:44] breaking your way inside his body during
[26:46] the boss fight and killing the guy from
[26:48] the inside out so
[26:53] that's enough floor again so one what
[26:57] I'm going to tell you now is what makes
[26:58] this tinniest
[26:59] a bit more unique right so yeah it's
[27:01] just a cool guy that's not the no top
[27:02] mob hi why why should I kill this boss
[27:05] well the first thing is is the group
[27:07] size I'm I'm annoyed with solo and group
[27:11] boss
[27:12] so you know what hostilius is going to
[27:14] scale to the amount of players that take
[27:16] him on from the get-go hostilius has
[27:18] been built from the ground up to be to
[27:21] scale to the amount of players that take
[27:22] him on so whether it's 3 a.m. you're
[27:24] alone you want to solo him or you've
[27:26] just come home from work you're all a
[27:27] discord and you rather taken down
[27:29] together hostilius will adjust the fight
[27:31] to however many people take him on
[27:35] hostilius as well is going to be
[27:37] releasing with three difficulty notes
[27:41] now it goes without saying the hostilius
[27:44] being such a big character is he comes
[27:46] with an awful lot of loss so the first
[27:48] difficulty mode actually is a casual
[27:50] mode and what casual mode is going to do
[27:52] it's going to tone things down it's
[27:54] going to be for the questions so they
[27:56] don't miss out on the awesome law that
[27:58] we're providing them it's also going to
[27:59] provide you with your first kill count
[28:01] so you can get Reaper title and any last
[28:04] request paper of course and rewards that
[28:05] you need on top of this you've also got
[28:09] normal mode so that is just your
[28:12] standard bossing it's aimed at most ppl
[28:14] is how you're gonna be getting your lose
[28:15] the mechanics from this one is the
[28:18] challenges are only going to be gameplay
[28:19] based right so they're not going to be
[28:20] any ability based mechanics so think QbD
[28:23] level to complexity not tell us
[28:25] but the final one the final one is the
[28:28] one that everyone here is going to enjoy
[28:29] and I'm dubbing this one hardcore mode
[28:32] not hard mode because hardcore mode is a
[28:36] complete step up hardcore mode is going
[28:38] to be completely merciless I'm going to
[28:42] hold I know the combat system inside now
[28:44] I made it and I'm gonna make this thing
[28:45] the most difficult thing we've ever
[28:47] thrown at you if I'm not questioning
[28:49] whether or not this thing can be killed
[28:51] and release I'm gonna make it harder and
[28:53] if any J mod internally can get it I'm
[28:55] gonna make it harder I really want
[28:58] something for you guys just to shout
[29:00] about and I really want
[29:01] to show you what a mud pie boss actually
[29:03] looks like because it's gonna be awesome
[29:05] and what my boss fight' looks kind of
[29:08] monstrous so that is so we had saw like
[29:20] we got the loss proof creatures we got
[29:22] stalker creatures we've got revolution
[29:24] plus plus we've got changes to weapon
[29:26] styles and diversity and obviously
[29:28] hostilius
[29:30] so that kind of wraps up our talk we
[29:33] want to thank you for coming listening
[29:35] to us I want to thank my deck and my pie
[29:39] we're gonna open up into the Q&A now so
[29:42] if you have any burning ppm questions or
[29:44] PvP or anything combat-related feel free
[29:46] to ask us and we'll try and answer them
[29:48] to the best of our ability all of the
[29:51] combat counsel is actually a true infest
[29:53] so if you see any of these names on the
[29:55] back of a t-shirt or you want to tweet
[29:58] us then please do we just go into the
[30:01] Q&A now so I believe there's a floating
[30:03] microphone going around and so raise
[30:07] your hand if you want ask a question I'm
[30:13] not too sure if is specific for you guys
[30:15] in terms of mechanics but have you ever
[30:19] thought about changing like the graphics
[30:21] for magical abilities and stuff as a so
[30:27] the way I remember runescape years ago
[30:30] is I would be using an
[30:32] in throwing Regina earth ball war about
[30:37] like a fire earth breath kind of thing
[30:40] so I remember runescape having like
[30:43] earth throwing with stuff with with
[30:46] magic abilities yeah
[30:47] wore a bow like changing so fireproof
[30:50] currently uses fire even though you're
[30:52] not using fire abilities you could be
[30:54] using a water ability and it's still
[30:55] using quiet so as it involves are we
[30:58] working a lot of animations or adding on
[31:00] new ones we could probably do it for
[31:02] things like dragon breath like if you
[31:03] can blow air or you can blow like rock
[31:05] or water but we there's no way we could
[31:08] do it for the entire converses and there
[31:09] are so many animations you would not
[31:11] believe it anyone else got a question oh
[31:18] we got a few
[31:26] sorry can you shout down the microphone
[31:28] that's why everyone's talking to you
[31:30] yeah well basically I just wanted to ask
[31:34] because magic enraged seem to have less
[31:39] abilities and melee does it's for
[31:42] example you only get one basic dual
[31:45] wield are one basic two-handed ability
[31:49] for magic in range whereas melee as of
[31:52] about like five we do and I was just I
[31:54] would just wanted to know if there's any
[31:57] plans for having more of those basic
[31:59] magic and ranged abilities so when we
[32:04] again when we may do see there's two men
[32:07] two skills the tie-in to Matt Malay and
[32:11] that's why you've got extras because
[32:13] obviously this is ruining right and
[32:16] leveling up has to mean something but we
[32:19] very much since even the beginning of
[32:21] you see actually we very much been
[32:22] focusing on mage and range in giving you
[32:25] more action or mobility so the things
[32:27] you remember like conch blast and sonic
[32:29] wave and those those came out because we
[32:31] recognized that exact problem
[32:33] and we go as I said previously at the
[32:36] top we're going to be giving you more
[32:37] abilities and we're definitely not
[32:38] ignorant of the fact that we need a lot
[32:40] more diversity especially in the basic
[32:41] rotations of major brain
[32:53] hello regarding the Magister boss
[32:56] they're phasing during the
[32:58] is there any intention of fixing yeah if
[33:02] it's a big issue when there's a want and
[33:05] a cry out for it then it's something we
[33:06] can definitely look into you almost feel
[33:08] like you can get past the kills of the
[33:09] fading respect and then yeah
[33:19] can we get a little tonic restaurant
[33:20] sorry can we get a little Tod to be
[33:23] fresh for no you cannot that will hold
[33:26] me for four years I can guarantee we're
[33:35] going to give an MP or we're gonna give
[33:37] Slayer masters a task we have masks
[33:42] where we can force the test to first
[33:44] layer master why can't we just give
[33:46] ourself a task for something we don't
[33:47] have a mass before like Slayer master
[33:51] alone well maybe you'll be able to we
[34:02] haven't gotten that far yet to be honest
[34:04] caveat though that that we can't always
[34:06] do that because I believe there's a bit
[34:09] of a balancing issue there like I'll
[34:11] always have Ripper demons these that
[34:13] yeah yeah that sort of thing
[34:22] fingers one down as far ends just out of
[34:26] curiosity for example if you some
[34:29] abilities in range to like the the one
[34:32] that hits twice if you use a monster
[34:34] that can stun why does the second attack
[34:36] not hit what the first one does with
[34:42] some abilities that hit twice for
[34:44] example with ranged if you have an
[34:46] ability that will hit twice and a
[34:48] monster can stun you for example one of
[34:50] the ascension creatures
[34:52] if you hit with the first ability the
[34:54] first strike will hit but then if they
[34:57] study the second strike that should have
[34:59] hit won't
[35:00] why does that happen between the yeah
[35:06] well that be because you're stunned the
[35:11] words found on the first TV role in the
[35:12] second I mean feel free to come and
[35:16] speak to me about it if I'm not getting
[35:18] the introduces after the talk of the
[35:20] hard happier have a discussion with you
[35:22] about it if you're not my game
[35:30] after the berserker or update essence
[35:34] rather supreme pots stopped getting the
[35:38] boost directly with essence is that
[35:40] planning on being fixed that sounds like
[35:42] a fog if it's a if it's about just come
[35:44] see us afterwards so clearly you intend
[35:49] to do something like four tickles
[35:51] attacking yeah do you intend to just add
[35:54] and like an extra button for auto attack
[35:56] and like leave it all in is gonna be
[36:02] broken down like a brainstorm but we'll
[36:04] let you know before we do it basically
[36:06] like we've got this cool like thing
[36:09] we're saying that our like we call this
[36:11] spell weaving and it'll be awesome
[36:12] that's what most people call at the
[36:14] moment said we've been teasing yeah that
[36:18] is definitely one of the post one of the
[36:20] fossils yeah so we don't have it a
[36:22] completely now down but we will let you
[36:23] know before we do it any other
[36:24] possibilities just throwing ideas in the
[36:26] mix keep it you know obviously majors
[36:29] fairly like it's incredibly overpowered
[36:31] compared to any of those it is like we
[36:34] don't just want to give made something
[36:35] like that's actually the talk of really
[36:37] words like for Tikal attacking I spoke
[36:39] about because let's be honest it's an
[36:40] elephant in the room right okay so I
[36:42] want to directly talk about that but
[36:44] range and then a will be getting calls
[36:46] their stuff as well like won't be the
[36:48] same thing yeah yeah equivalent and
[36:52] sorry one last thing talking about 40
[36:55] quarters I think like we have four tick
[36:57] altars with every ability so when you
[36:59] switch to or one
[37:01] and then you switch back to the staff to
[37:02] do auto and you just change back like in
[37:04] four ticks you guys aware of that I know
[37:07] you've been planning and fixing that as
[37:08] well so our plan is at the same time we
[37:12] shall leave it until you undo the whole
[37:13] of database yeah exactly
[37:15] basically we don't like with notorious
[37:17] for this and we don't just want to take
[37:19] away your toys and say we do it later we
[37:21] want to do it all that wouldn't go and
[37:24] just events complete pretty nice so with
[37:29] regards to the ability to put thresholds
[37:32] and Ultimates on your ability bar on
[37:34] revolution yeah are you gonna be putting
[37:36] any sort of disadvantage as it is
[37:38] currently stands because sometimes you
[37:40] may not want to use your evolution your
[37:42] threshold as soon as you hit it to set
[37:44] an adrenaline say if you're waiting to
[37:46] get to a hundred percent for the
[37:47] ultimate how do you sort of distinguish
[37:50] between whether it's going to sort of
[37:51] use a threshold or ultimately basically
[37:54] thinking of a revolution works now Noah
[37:56] still on cooldown if you have the
[37:58] adrenaline and the threshold is the
[38:00] lowest one on cooldown it's going to
[38:01] perform it it's down to you to optimize
[38:04] your a revolution bar and to use the
[38:05] other bars all the resizable revolution
[38:08] area to say I want to do this now I'm
[38:11] happy to net revolution there much magic
[38:13] for example like I would just put what
[38:14] if I was using revolution I put one
[38:16] magic at the start so it's always
[38:17] starting on the first one as soon as
[38:19] it's ready it's going to fire off
[38:25] hello are you going to look into adding
[38:30] things like affinity D buffs for range -
[38:33] perhaps I power it up like Mellie has
[38:36] status all her magic there's a gothic
[38:37] stop I things like that potentially
[38:40] that's never knew we could go down back
[38:41] again we don't want to just go straight
[38:43] equivalents this is the thing that we're
[38:45] exactly talking about right you don't
[38:46] wanna take range because it doesn't have
[38:47] a diva but actually if you're in a group
[38:49] class then other people can debuff for
[38:52] you it affects the NPC not just you
[38:54] right and that's actually a cool thing
[38:56] so your ranges that might have like
[38:59] spitballing don't quote again that maybe
[39:01] your ranges have better DPS which takes
[39:03] better advantage of a lower affinity and
[39:05] the other stuff that affects the
[39:06] affinity so affinity for instance only
[39:09] being on melee and mage doesn't worry me
[39:11] because like that's what makes those
[39:15] other two styles cool and range and what
[39:17] you're saying is range needs something
[39:18] that makes it cool whether or not that's
[39:19] affinity different dating can we have
[39:25] planted feet from melee again
[39:28] can we have planted feet from melee
[39:30] again
[39:35] yeah maybe you can have our equivalent
[39:37] probably 24 in the 2014 not 2015
[39:47] runefest you mentioned about an item
[39:49] that would you could level us with was
[39:53] that your intention for where invention
[39:55] was going because at the moment it feels
[39:56] sort of like the item level in the
[39:58] invention is just mainly a training
[40:00] purpose rather than something you can be
[40:03] proud to keep like having a level 69
[40:06] thought so with the latest invention
[40:09] batch it actually like a level 20 gives
[40:12] you about it except 10% law on your or
[40:14] perks is going there but like certainly
[40:18] harken back to years what we were like
[40:20] level my ex that was definitely a so
[40:24] yeah aspect of that presentation the the
[40:29] actual leveling that we have in game is
[40:32] kind of the where that proposal
[40:34] progressed to yeah invention was more
[40:38] like the evolution of that
[40:42] alright that looks like it's it thank
[40:44] you very much guys really appreciate it
[40:46] thank you
[40:47] [Applause]