Transcript of RuneFest 2016 Highlights - RuneScape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:11] It's RuneFest, baby!
[00:13] RuneFest!
[00:20] Let's have some fun! Let's do it!
[00:28] It's RuneFest 2016!
[00:31] We're now in Battersea Evolution in Chelsea.
[00:33] It is massive. It is open.
[00:35] And the players have just been let in and obviously we're seeing the excitement.
[00:39] It's Waiko, isn't it? Basically you guys have created Waiko.
[00:44] It's just beautiful. This big expanse with that giant galleon as you come in.
[00:48] We're really impressed with just how big it is. It seems bigger than ever.
[00:51] We've got coconut shies, we've got hoopla,
[00:54] we've got buckets and spades all over the place, fishing.
[00:58] The new venue is amazing.
[01:00] Hello everyone and welcome to RuneFest!
[01:08] We had an amazing thing happen in the last week.
[01:10] We just hit 250 million accounts.
[01:15] We've got a lot to talk about.
[01:16] Sliske's Endgame!
[01:18] Are you all ready for combat?
[01:20] Yes!
[01:21] Welcome to the Old School reveals of the next 12 months.
[01:24] How about a dynamic weather system that changes as the world moves around?
[01:30] RuneScape expansion!
[01:32] RuneFest is all about giving people that look behind the closed doors of Jagex and how we do things.
[01:37] Most of us are high-level players and we love it, just as much as you do.
[01:40] The skilling talk, and the lore talk in the outside tent, and the big reveals.
[01:44] We're finally going to do a bank rework!
[01:46] This makes me extremely excited for the next year.
[01:48] Managed to go and play the new RuneScape Chronicle campaign mode.
[01:52] I love RuneScape Chronicle so I found that a lot of fun to give that a go.
[01:56] We've got all new Karamja maps as well.
[01:58] Volcanos, pirates. It's going to be awesome!
[02:01] We're here all the way from Canada to show off RuneScape Idle Adventures.
[02:04] It's just been great getting everybody's feedback, hearing what they love, what they hate.
[02:09] We're lucky to be chatting to Tom from Special Effect,
[02:12] a charity that is close to the heart of, I think, the whole RuneScape community.
[02:15] Everyone loves it.
[02:16] This is my first RuneFest. I'm having a great time so far!
[02:28] Cosplay this year, I say this every year, but it's even better than last year.
[02:33] I feel like every year, everyone steps up their game.
[02:37] This year there's lights, there's glowing bits and pieces on peoples' outfits.
[02:42] It's amazing.
[02:44] We're here to celebrate some of the greatest achievements our community has made over the past year.
[02:51] Adam, what you've done and the amount you've raised in just a few hours
[02:56] can help fund a Macmillan cancer information support centre for a whole year.
[03:02] So, thank you!
[03:03] You're welcome.
[03:08] One of the best things about RuneFest is meeting everybody.
[03:10] And it's a very happy positive way of interacting with everybody. A big community feel to it all.
[03:16] Meeting people and seeing everybody, it brings the community, makes it alive, you know.
[03:21] We've been looking forward to coming to RuneFest for the last couple of weeks. I've been counting down the days.
[03:27] It feels like brotherhood and sisterhood.
[03:29] We're united by something so common and so familiar.
[03:32] Even if you're OSRS or RS3, everything is RuneScape, and everything matters today.
[03:40] Honestly, it's like a once in a lifetime experience.
[03:42] The streams are amazing, I'm sure you can see how great it is, but it's just that much better being here,
[03:47] getting to see the people, talk to them and to see everything live.
[03:50] It's just amazing experience.
[03:52] RuneFest!