Transcript of RuneFest 2014: The Highlights

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:16] welcome to runefest 2040 good morning
[00:24] guitar so we're at tobacco dock London
[00:29] otherwise known as elf City there is so
[00:33] much going on it's very very excited
[00:42] how're you all doing
[00:46] my pleasure to tell you all about the
[00:49] exciting things that we've got planned
[00:51] for the game that we all know in love
[00:53] team and I are extremely proud to unveil
[00:56] to you exclusively at runefest to
[00:59] everyone here and everyone watching at
[01:01] home a new game we're joined by some
[01:03] mods now in the studio they're gonna be
[01:06] trying something that's never been done
[01:08] before we're gonna get players in we're
[01:11] gonna make a boss live and then
[01:12] hopefully they'll be other player not
[01:13] going to use at the end of the day came
[01:15] down from doing big quiz earlier so it
[01:18] got a few laughs the plate
[01:19] behind-the-scenes video it was a fake
[01:21] behind-the-scenes video I am going to be
[01:23] grilling ten of our most popular mods
[01:28] the cosplay is amazing I've seen the
[01:31] Serina Gerber amazing its outstanding
[01:33] how much detail how much time people's
[01:36] put into these fashions I wanted this
[01:38] costume take to me about 200 hours 200
[01:41] hours yes it's the fourth and you don't
[01:42] know
[01:50] greenfinch this year has been amazing I
[01:53] was here last year but this is way
[01:54] beyond idiot my expectations and they've
[01:57] done a wonderful job with the set
[01:58] dressing having worked on the LCD on to
[02:00] finish myself seeing that world come to
[02:03] life around me something I've had
[02:04] involved in creating as being a real
[02:05] honor I've got a lot of friends here and
[02:08] it's great to come over again each year
[02:10] to see everyone love the core of what
[02:20] makes our game crying and after you sit
[02:22] down to speak to them have a proper
[02:23] conversation with a face to face it
[02:25] makes all the difference really get to
[02:26] understand what they're about darkness
[02:37] fell twenty forty dollars in the elf
[02:40] City
[02:44] it's been a great day
[02:46] amazing players had a great time Rufus
[02:49] 2014 fun bring on Rufus 2015