Transcript of RuneFest 2014: Old School RuneScape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:11] over 80 game updates 2 million accounts
[00:17] and 1 million live stream views opening
[00:23] the show it's the mighty why they are so
[00:28] 2007 put your hands together for the old
[00:32] school runescape team odd pass mod
[00:37] jhansi mud mud ke reach
[01:00] great so good morning and welcome to
[01:03] Rufus everyone in case you hadn't
[01:07] realized in the old school theme and 12
[01:09] months ago all most of the day we were
[01:11] released what's probably most important
[01:13] update in old school and that was God
[01:14] Wars think it was then that you guys
[01:16] realize potential old school could be
[01:18] and since then eight new bosses we've
[01:20] had mother lode mine we've had rooftop
[01:23] agility two huge skill in pieces of
[01:25] content both designed by players we've
[01:28] had pvp updates galore from this guy pvp
[01:32] worlds we've had rejuvenation wilderness
[01:34] project we've had bounty hunter which is
[01:38] proving a massively popular right now
[01:39] and nice one and that's put me
[01:44] completely out my stride now and we've
[01:46] had you know hundreds upon hundreds of
[01:48] quality of life updates from things as
[01:49] simple as no right-click teleports on
[01:51] your menu and bank tabs which there's no
[01:52] absolutely huge but throughout the
[01:54] entire thing has been you guys you've
[01:57] decided what wants to go in game and
[01:59] together we've done that to make old
[02:01] school really great and so yeah there we
[02:03] go this is a team let me introduce you
[02:05] to everybody like you don't know clicker
[02:08] yes yes which button is if you reckon
[02:12] that one where's my presentation was
[02:23] it's on here there we go here we go ash
[02:26] senior content developer you know he
[02:28] makes the magic happen he's responsible
[02:31] for things such as what we are bank tabs
[02:34] God Wars that's all ash we've got damn
[02:37] another content developer if you've
[02:39] killed something or you've been killed
[02:41] by something that's probably Dan's fault
[02:43] John now he makes sure the magic you
[02:46] guys works he was when the driving
[02:48] forces behind clue scrolls and if a boss
[02:52] knees or any monster needs a drop table
[02:53] John does that and then we've got Ronan
[02:56] community manager hashtag the bowl
[03:00] get it trending yeah he's he makes sure
[03:04] the magic that you guys are getting is
[03:05] actually what you want we've got a
[03:07] couple of people up here that aren't
[03:08] here we've got mod ghost he is a user
[03:12] artist and animator join the team what
[03:14] two weeks ago now yeah he's you see
[03:17] lasers artwork in his presentation has
[03:18] tons of really nice stuff yeah he makes
[03:22] all the models it makes all the in-game
[03:23] stuff and then we've got mod wiis as
[03:24] well I ran to cheat an expert and he
[03:26] bans all the box gets rid of all the
[03:28] real war trades of people we don't like
[03:29] and he's the one responsible to that
[03:30] there's a fantastic job over half a
[03:32] million accounts he's managed to ban
[03:33] since old school came my helps like
[03:34] absolutely amazing there we go so far so
[03:39] good so we can talk about today so you
[03:43] can see me and ash can either chat to
[03:44] you about poles and the priority pole
[03:46] and down and rainin are going to take
[03:48] you through the new constant got some
[03:50] great stuff in there the corporeal beast
[03:52] John will take you through that
[03:53] afterwards rights future of poles so you
[03:58] know one of the most important things
[03:59] that old school is you guys and what you
[04:01] guys want and the way you express that
[04:03] taught it through the poles so we put
[04:04] them in game and this is what we've seen
[04:05] since we put them in game now over
[04:07] ninety percent of poles oh I might
[04:08] repent of votes that get Maeve done from
[04:10] in-game we see the amount of average
[04:12] votes double which is fantastic you know
[04:14] one of the things he did come to us and
[04:16] say you're quite concerned about whistle
[04:18] holes being diluted by everybody getting
[04:21] a much easier access to the polls so we
[04:23] made a pie chart and it is actually a
[04:25] pie chart mr. cowers strike to auggie
[04:30] afterwards and he said it should be a
[04:31] red berry pie but we decided summer
[04:33] fruits are there any way we look to the
[04:34] question of of the court base and the
[04:38] signal should it drop the elisa in the
[04:40] arcane and the spectral and it's the
[04:43] closest question we've ever had only
[04:45] passed by 300 votes we break it down
[04:47] into sort of how much XP each fighter
[04:49] had and as you can see only nine percent
[04:52] of our voters have less than a million
[04:53] XP and over sixty percent I'm 110
[04:55] million X page that shows that there's a
[04:58] big weight in towards the high level
[04:59] players and across all all parts of the
[05:03] pius x is very similar so we're not
[05:06] seeing new players coming in and voting
[05:08] the way the moon brings to the community
[05:09] down and it's as we see the boat past so
[05:11] that is great ash wants to talk to you
[05:14] about some other stuff of 18 so yeah
[05:18] what that says with the introduction of
[05:21] in-game polls we've got quite a big
[05:23] change to how people are voting and
[05:24] where they're voting and that means it's
[05:26] perhaps time to look at some of the
[05:28] other changes people are talking about
[05:29] with regards to how we run polls in
[05:32] particular the big one seventy-five
[05:34] percent is it time to change it now we
[05:37] start with 75 percent for a reason it's
[05:39] a high threshold because back when we
[05:41] launched in February 2013 a lot of
[05:43] compete were concerned that if old
[05:45] school were allowed updates at all it
[05:47] would you know rapidly diverge down some
[05:49] route that's they didn't like now when
[05:52] we set high threshold so that for an
[05:54] update to happen the whole community
[05:56] would really have to be behind it and it
[05:58] wouldn't be scraping through with light
[05:59] 51-percent support and upsetting half
[06:01] the players but now you've got a better
[06:05] handle on what updates we're likely to
[06:06] poll what updates we're going upon what
[06:09] a base we really aren't ever gonna poll
[06:11] we'd be running too well polit poll
[06:14] removing the 75 cents threshold take it
[06:17] down a bit but you have to tell us what
[06:19] you'd like it set to because some say 66
[06:21] some say 70 could even go higher if I'm
[06:23] not sure there's much demand for that I
[06:25] could leave it where it is so if you
[06:27] feel that it's working nicely already
[06:28] now other changes we can do with the
[06:30] polls regarding you know in game voting
[06:33] is to take away the website bit now when
[06:37] we first offered in Game poems we
[06:39] promised would leave the website there
[06:40] at first and the reason of that is that
[06:42] a lot of people said they like that
[06:43] option to be there but as Matt's shown a
[06:45] lot of point using it and this holding
[06:47] is back of it take the abstain option
[06:49] it's a popular thing to be able to say I
[06:52] don't care about this question but I
[06:54] want to voting the other ones at the
[06:55] moment people are having to vote in
[06:57] questions even if they don't have an
[06:58] opinion if we do an hour sustained
[07:01] option the way I'd like it to work is
[07:02] that some you know the people who voted
[07:04] yes or no we calculate whether there's
[07:07] 75% yes out of those ignoring the ones
[07:10] who voted abstain and the website isn't
[07:13] very good for showing that kind of
[07:14] result it would just show the three
[07:15] categories straight out now Glasgow web
[07:18] team to reprogram the website so the
[07:20] old-school polls work completely
[07:21] differently to RS three poles that's
[07:24] quite a bit of work for them
[07:25] with respect to that team they've got a
[07:26] lot of work already it would be quicker
[07:29] and easier if you guys were okay for us
[07:31] to remove the website poll former all
[07:32] together and just have the in game 1 as
[07:34] the official way of voting and as we
[07:37] shown most people using it already so we
[07:41] would like to abstain I know it's
[07:42] popular and that's one of the things
[07:44] we'd like to do to make it work better
[07:46] for you apart from that quick and easy
[07:49] once you voted the chance to go back to
[07:51] the poll form and change your vote you
[07:53] know if you see a persuasive argument in
[07:55] the week of discussion that goes on for
[07:56] the rest of the pole you might actually
[07:58] want to change your mind and we'd like
[07:59] to let you we don't have to do that of
[08:02] course there's a lot of people who said
[08:03] they don't want to see votes swinging
[08:05] back and forth like a yo-yo but some we
[08:09] think we'd like to put that to a pot and
[08:10] see how people feel and finally voting
[08:15] requirements at the moment the website
[08:17] no is about skill total it knows about
[08:20] your subscription it doesn't know your
[08:23] quest points or how long you've been in
[08:24] game or anything like that and for
[08:26] people who said they liked us to change
[08:28] the voting requirement away from just
[08:29] skill total you know so it's cool total
[08:32] all quest points or a lot of time in
[08:34] game or some combination of the three
[08:36] anything you like really if we move to
[08:39] the voting were voting to be just in
[08:41] game we could actually do that stuff for
[08:43] you something we haven't been able to
[08:45] offer before so with the changes to
[08:47] polls now it's time to change some of
[08:49] the rules that you've been thinking
[08:51] about for a while and we'd like to know
[08:53] how you feel about it thank you cool
[09:03] well we did a priority pal we've done
[09:05] two in the pie three in the past now we
[09:07] did last one was back in September these
[09:08] are results from it dan and Ryan and
[09:11] take you through the top one the
[09:12] continent ashen I want to talk to you
[09:15] about Slayer and achievement diaries so
[09:17] Slayer you guys know Slayers really
[09:19] popular it's been popular in rs3 its
[09:21] popular in old-school it's on the best
[09:22] skills out there see Aaron particularly
[09:23] likes it well done so yeah it says this
[09:28] is what we want to do with slayer so
[09:31] Slayer assignment lists we've had a lot
[09:34] of feedback over the years that we've
[09:35] been running but one and a half years
[09:37] that we've been running about the way
[09:38] the Masters are sighing you monsters in
[09:41] particular there's some slight oddities
[09:42] out there derp Adele he's one of the
[09:45] tops their masters for high-level people
[09:47] and equally harpy bug swarms and
[09:49] childish she gives you banshees and if
[09:52] you want wyverns well child has got him
[09:54] I think needs got him but your dell
[09:56] dozens fort ever reason now people will
[09:59] say well can you had an option for
[10:00] unlocking this an option for unlocking
[10:02] that and by large we'd like to and we've
[10:05] done quite a few of them but we started
[10:07] to find the codes getting in the way of
[10:08] it in particular it's getting harder and
[10:11] harder to time or exceptions in because
[10:13] the original Slayer code written it in
[10:15] 2004 it just wasn't expecting there to
[10:17] be exceptions and when people ask about
[10:21] the relative weightings of tasks we
[10:23] can't give a straight answer because
[10:24] half these things depend on which tasks
[10:26] will higher up the list in the code
[10:27] which you can't see so what we'd like to
[10:30] do is just rewrite those lists from
[10:32] scratch we invite you to rewrite list
[10:34] some scratch and post on the forums for
[10:36] us and then we can start afresh give the
[10:40] lists that each masters got the relative
[10:42] weightings of each monster on there and
[10:44] then it'll be a lot easier for us to add
[10:47] things through things as you unlock
[10:49] toggles and by thinking with reward
[10:51] points and I think that'll give us a lot
[10:54] more scope in the future for other
[10:55] requests in particular combat medals
[10:58] from Slayer dot beasts you can't get a
[11:01] darkbeast task unless you've got a
[11:02] combat level of 110 I think it is you
[11:06] don't need a hundred and ten fights
[11:07] darkbeast but that's what Jarrod hell
[11:09] thinks now we could take those
[11:11] requirements off we could leave them on
[11:13] but some first we'd like to kind of
[11:15] restructure the code a bit so that it's
[11:17] not such a hack where we try and do it
[11:19] because the last thing I wanted to end
[11:20] up with a slave assignment list it just
[11:22] falls over when you try and get a task
[11:24] so we'd like to restructure the list but
[11:27] we'll put it to a pole before making any
[11:28] of these changes apart from that
[11:31] high-level slur tasks there's two ways
[11:34] to go about it and we'd like to offer
[11:35] you both of them first the bosses
[11:38] there's few bosses out there so your
[11:40] honor springs to mind where you can't
[11:41] have her as task because she doesn't
[11:42] really correspond to a slayer category
[11:44] and we can't have flappy bird women as a
[11:47] category because she's the only one in
[11:48] it really so if we go with bosses as a
[11:52] category of Slayer target then you can
[11:54] get all your Slayer bonuses like yes
[11:56] they are helm and other things that
[11:57] reach is going to mention later to work
[11:59] against turn perhaps which might go down
[12:01] rather well or perhaps not would be
[12:03] hauling it apart from that higher-level
[12:06] versions of existing monsters came out
[12:08] in rs3 back when the smoking kills quest
[12:11] came in we can do it too and then people
[12:14] who've got like a banshee task who are
[12:16] quite high level they can go for a
[12:18] tougher kind of Banshee maybe get a
[12:20] reward that's more commensurate to their
[12:21] level when the effort I put in for it
[12:24] and that way yeah when you're a high
[12:28] level per person doing Slayer you can
[12:29] maybe get a better XP rates than you can
[12:32] when you stuck on a tedious task doesn't
[12:35] have to make the skill unbalanced of
[12:36] course and better jobs as well so I want
[12:40] things you've come to us and said is we
[12:41] want any way to Train slice we've been
[12:43] looking at sort of do some group content
[12:44] imagine you're in a room with all you
[12:47] mates you're in a dungeon you've got
[12:49] slime monsters coming out the floor
[12:50] coming out the ceiling coming out the
[12:51] walls different slime monsters maybe net
[12:53] girl maybe half a dozen abyssal demons
[12:55] maybe I don't know crawling hams
[12:57] crawling across the floor it's up for
[12:58] you and your mates to stand in there and
[13:00] stay alive as long as possible getting a
[13:02] slayer XP why you can do it we could
[13:03] even use things such as the Slayer
[13:05] points to be able to buy time in this
[13:08] dungeon so there's a way of turning your
[13:10] Slayer points into XP while still doing
[13:12] more Slayer and again there is of course
[13:14] the co-op's liar even though it failed
[13:16] last year at 67 you guys keep coming to
[13:18] us and say we want coops later we won't
[13:19] share our task as our friends we've been
[13:22] looking at that as well and one of the
[13:23] ideas we've came up with
[13:24] is if you go and get a slayer task you
[13:26] get 200 nickels for example you share
[13:28] that task on your friend they will get
[13:30] hundred you will get a hundred you ain't
[13:31] go toddle off and kill Nick riyals until
[13:33] you've done it all and that way you can
[13:35] play together okay for it so on the
[13:38] screen you can see a great big well a
[13:40] bizzle demon boss that's an idea for an
[13:43] abysmal demon boss that is drawn by
[13:45] Gareth WOD ghost on you artist who's not
[13:47] here um we knew that with the release of
[13:51] the cave Kraken boss and the
[13:53] thermonuclear smoke devil you went and
[13:55] called it we'd like to do more of that
[13:57] kind of thing because people who've been
[13:59] grinding on the same high and monster
[14:00] for a while maybe give him a change
[14:02] something bigger and tougher with better
[14:04] drops and speaking of drops the abysmal
[14:07] dagger drawn by Mort Alfred give him a
[14:09] cheer and up Alfredo of we miss you
[14:17] how's your hangover this morning yeah he
[14:22] threw that on the live stream in like
[14:23] half an hour or something with thousands
[14:25] of people watching online impressive
[14:27] anyway we'd like to get in game because
[14:29] we like it and if we had in the bizzle
[14:31] demon boss we could do that now the
[14:34] Slayer shop we didn't give you very many
[14:36] things you could spend your points on we
[14:38] know we should come back to that room
[14:39] springs to mind like I rs3 has we all
[14:43] just think about maybe some more ammo
[14:44] and there's a there's four slots for
[14:47] blocking Slayer tasks we haven't got
[14:50] enough quest points to a lot of fifth
[14:51] yet but if you've got ideas about how
[14:53] you'd like us to do it hey send them in
[14:55] maybe we'll do that instead maybe we'll
[14:57] it seems unlikely we'll be adding a lot
[15:00] more quests in the immediate future
[15:01] because they don't do very well on
[15:02] priority polls but if you've got
[15:04] something else you could have as a
[15:05] locket from we could do that and finally
[15:08] hellhounds people seldom like how hounds
[15:11] very much because they don't drop
[15:12] anything we'd like to rework hellhounds
[15:15] if you've got requests send them in in
[15:17] particular mod James the livestream oh
[15:19] he went and um modeled a three-headed
[15:21] hellhound boss just for fun in his spare
[15:23] time I don't know why but I like it and
[15:26] we'd like to have that in game as well
[15:28] so when would this happen now we've got
[15:31] some very big projects on at the moment
[15:32] and Halloween
[15:34] Iron Man we'd like to look at resizable
[15:36] and we promised you a trading post a
[15:38] while back so I think it's going to be
[15:39] early 2015 when we're kicking off with a
[15:41] slayer project but something we'd like
[15:44] to here's what we're thinking about and
[15:47] we hope we can deliver a selection that
[15:49] you guys like and if you like something
[15:50] else instead tell us a quadrupole that
[15:53] thank you
[16:01] so treatment Diaries just in case sir
[16:04] you can read that they're popular rs3
[16:09] really popular in rs3 we want to do the
[16:10] same thing you keep telling us you want
[16:12] to do the same thing as well we don't
[16:14] want to do them one every few months we
[16:15] want to do them all at once and we've
[16:17] had a sit-down try and planned out how
[16:18] we would do them a lot of these sealer
[16:21] animations great a lot of you recognize
[16:25] are a few new ones on there's a
[16:26] wilderness achievement Diaries there are
[16:27] as one inch round win there's a few
[16:29] islands that cover to chant covered as
[16:30] well we want to talk about and ash is
[16:33] going to take you through what sort of
[16:35] things are looking at yeah it's one of
[16:37] the questions we often get asked is if
[16:39] you do achievement Diaries will they be
[16:40] like the ones in IRS 30 will they be
[16:43] different tasks and the answer is you
[16:45] choose hey we can copy from RS 3 or we
[16:47] can write something different for you if
[16:49] you prefer now what John sees been
[16:51] running a thread on the forums for a
[16:52] while now inviting people would suggest
[16:53] tasks they'd like to see added to them
[16:56] and got a request there now unlike tasks
[17:00] that are kind of themed to the area
[17:01] especially for example in seers village
[17:04] you have a task where you pick some flax
[17:06] in the area and spin it on the wheel
[17:08] that's in the area and fletch it there
[17:10] and chop a log in the same area and that
[17:13] way you've made your bow in the
[17:14] fletching area and I like that kind of
[17:16] task so I'd like to have more of that
[17:18] kind of thing if you wouldn't mind in
[17:21] particular we came up with ideas like
[17:22] anchovy pizzas you can do the fishing
[17:24] and grinding the flour and all that all
[17:27] in the language Draenor area so that's
[17:29] one the kind of thing that could go on
[17:30] the lumbridge trainers heart the diary
[17:32] time list there and also canopy you
[17:36] could pick your own ear at leaf from the
[17:37] farming patch that you've grown and kill
[17:39] your own unicorn grind up the horn sends
[17:42] ideas like that and I love you for it or
[17:44] if you'd like something different said
[17:46] that instead and that's what we can
[17:47] offer now there is one thing up on this
[17:51] screen you can see there's a guy
[17:53] standing on us church steeple jumping
[17:55] off you won't necessarily recognize the
[17:57] touristy book that's on which Haven
[17:58] church and you can't point the camera
[17:59] that way but that's what it looks like
[18:02] honest and the reason it's there is that
[18:04] with the rooftop achieve with the
[18:06] original portunity we did last year one
[18:08] of the things on the blog that we never
[18:10] launched was the ability to just
[18:12] famous buildings like you like how she
[18:14] wizard's tower apparently which Haven
[18:16] church the idea was just climate for the
[18:19] achievement and they will stick
[18:21] something nice up there for you could be
[18:22] the opportunity to get a rooftop farming
[18:24] patch in why not so this really nice
[18:28] opportunity to come back to that idea
[18:29] that we just dropped out of the rooftop
[18:31] agility project for time constraints
[18:33] last year and yeah achievement Diaries
[18:37] we hope to be working on that late 2014
[18:40] 4 launch early next year obviously if
[18:43] you've got other requests we might end
[18:45] up shuffle in that but that's a plan so
[18:47] far if you'd like something different
[18:48] let us know thanks so it wasn't an
[18:51] accident we chose 11 achievement Diaries
[18:53] it makes it quite nice for a possible
[18:55] reward as you see there Garrett has made
[18:57] us a quite a fantastic book an outfit
[18:59] and with 11 awards we can do 11
[19:02] different items which includes jewelry
[19:03] includes weapons you have to have an
[19:04] outfit that matches what each individual
[19:06] item does it depends is entirely up to
[19:08] you again it can be very much down the
[19:10] road of Rs 3 such as an aerial furnace
[19:13] or a cabbage poor or the other one I've
[19:15] got written down coal trucks adding more
[19:17] coal to coal trucks or it could be
[19:19] something completely different but again
[19:21] the end result is that you guys will
[19:22] decide what the achievement Diaries will
[19:24] be the tasks you get in there the
[19:25] rewards you get from it and those what's
[19:27] going to make it really good and now
[19:38] so now the big one for a long time now
[19:41] we've been talking about a big expansion
[19:43] tours for runescape a new continent out
[19:45] to the west that you huge landmass
[19:46] something that will give us a new era of
[19:48] game design a new era of stories
[19:50] somewhere we can develop a new platform
[19:51] for our future from a lone dev blog
[19:54] we've introduced and expose you to some
[19:55] upcoming ideas such as a Coliseum and
[19:58] various other things and now I'm going
[20:00] to present to you that you continent
[20:01] Zeya reasonably often is why a new
[20:08] continent and if you get any old school
[20:11] player after all to list their fondest
[20:13] runescape memories odd day gonna have
[20:14] something on there like completing rune
[20:16] mysteries running around Barack like a
[20:18] noob or hitting a 10 on dell riff and
[20:20] then screaming at your mum to get the
[20:21] camera it's always about the exploration
[20:25] and discovery there's always going to be
[20:26] something in there from that and a new
[20:28] continent would give us a massive amount
[20:31] of content to give you that exploration
[20:34] and discovery it doesn't matter what
[20:36] level you are with your level 10 or 126
[20:39] on the new continent you will have no
[20:41] clue you will be a noob full stop so
[20:45] that discovery will be all there it
[20:48] already expand the horizons for old
[20:49] school as there's going to be an entire
[20:53] new man landmass you're going to have an
[20:55] entirely new area separate from
[20:57] everything out so you can keep the nost
[21:00] our job the rest of the game intact
[21:01] doesn't it brought everyone to odds were
[21:03] to begin with while also giving them a
[21:05] brand new addition to the adventure so
[21:10] we've already expose you to a few bits
[21:12] of its parts and your content in the
[21:14] first dev blog so we're gonna expose you
[21:15] to a few others now this is one Kingdom
[21:17] that we called great current it's a huge
[21:19] populous city in broad in political
[21:21] political anarchy it was run by a lone
[21:24] king who bought five districts together
[21:26] with the death of that King both five
[21:28] districts those heads of houses of those
[21:30] districts have decided that they want to
[21:31] fight for power so we have five families
[21:34] now who have different ideas and you as
[21:37] a player can come along and you can
[21:38] influence the population to side with
[21:39] that family we wanted to make your
[21:41] decisions mean something at the moment
[21:43] the gameplay is rather static you can't
[21:45] really affect anything you can annoy an
[21:47] NPC and it
[21:48] wouldn't react to you it would just say
[21:49] hello to you the next day so we'd like
[21:51] to make your decisions really means that
[21:52] we really engage what you want to do and
[21:54] what you've what direction you want to
[21:55] take the game with this we're going to
[21:57] allow that by allowing you to engage
[21:59] with these families inside of them take
[22:00] on their ideology and convince the rider
[22:02] population to sort of join you in that
[22:04] side and you're going to get some
[22:05] benefits from that that roan is going to
[22:06] take you through so you got the shays en
[22:08] family and their master warriors if you
[22:10] were to side with them you'd get access
[22:11] to brand new weapons stores new training
[22:14] areas and area specific amounts as well
[22:18] one thing in old school that has never
[22:19] been well in runescape in general that's
[22:20] never really been a possibility is
[22:22] mounts with the new continent we can
[22:25] build the game around the idea of mounts
[22:27] and give people an area where it would
[22:29] actually work because you're not exactly
[22:30] going to have a good time running
[22:31] through barrack and a back of a five by
[22:33] five black dragon you'd be bumping into
[22:35] everything just wouldn't work and the
[22:38] next house the second emblem in there is
[22:41] the Pisco ilyas family they are the
[22:45] masters of the ocean they have the best
[22:49] transport links and there they catch all
[22:52] of the fish for great core end if you
[22:54] were to side with them you'd get access
[22:55] to stuff like sea fishing new transport
[22:57] links all sorts the badge in the middle
[23:01] there is that of the lover King family
[23:03] which dan has so kindly put a J on the
[23:05] end of just make it out a little bit
[23:06] more difficult to pronounce they are
[23:09] master blacksmiths if you were to side
[23:11] with them you get access to new oars in
[23:12] gem resources as well as the ability to
[23:15] craft new weapons with all the resources
[23:18] you're gathering the fourth badge there
[23:21] is the arceus family which has a you
[23:24] with an accent on it come on down give
[23:26] it a rest it's popular for that they are
[23:29] masters of wizardry and if you were to
[23:31] side with them gain their respect you
[23:33] would get access to new rune essence
[23:35] mining locations as well as new spells
[23:37] and a new moon altar to probably soul
[23:41] wounds are and the thing about new
[23:43] spouses that we've been talking about
[23:44] this magic PDC a new spell what PDC for
[23:47] a while play a design content contest
[23:51] and because of that people have been
[23:53] spamming in great ideas to loads of
[23:56] different spells so we have an absolute
[23:57] mountain of great ideas to go into a new
[24:00] spot
[24:01] you could get from that family and then
[24:03] finally you've got the Hasid eous family
[24:04] and they are master farmers they are at
[24:06] one with the land if you were to side
[24:09] with them you get additional farming
[24:10] plots where you would get accelerated
[24:12] farming times as well as increased yield
[24:15] from your crops now we know everybody
[24:19] loves pvm we love pvm we just delivered
[24:21] Corp to you so we've been talking about
[24:22] a raid for a while now we'd like a real
[24:24] raid dungeon it didn't come that high up
[24:27] in the priority pole but with the new
[24:29] continent with area so Phil we figured
[24:30] we put one in there anyway so we're
[24:32] going to talk about our raid the
[24:33] paradigm of Exodus now this is an
[24:35] enormous PvE dungeon a huge huge dungeon
[24:38] and inside is a huge huge dragon we
[24:41] talking about dragons for a while and it
[24:42] was actually one of the community
[24:44] members are suggested to be do a dragon
[24:46] so we're going to take on that idea
[24:47] because it's a community-driven game one
[24:49] unique thing about this dungeon though
[24:51] is it's very similar to imagine virago
[24:53] meets dungeoneering it's going to be a
[24:55] progressive raid style but imagine that
[24:56] virago desk sort of size that scale that
[24:59] borrowing down the burr hole we're going
[25:01] to sort of take that on and we're going
[25:02] to sort of elaborate that into a much
[25:03] more bigger expanding randomly generated
[25:07] not really set to a particular routine
[25:08] style dungeon we're going to have
[25:10] obviously the rounded edge generating
[25:12] elements no room is going to be the same
[25:13] so if you go back through again after
[25:15] doing it you're not going to experience
[25:16] the same route it's going to be
[25:17] different every time we're going to have
[25:19] puzzle mechanics much like Dungeoneering
[25:21] again so you can have to work the team
[25:22] to summon demi bosses in there to sort
[25:24] of really progress that's complete
[25:26] puzzles to get your team through we
[25:27] figured that be are quite nice touch
[25:28] it's generally going to be an epic boss
[25:30] fight so we're imagining maximum party
[25:32] size of about thirteen minimum five for
[25:34] the hardcore people although I imagine
[25:36] there's gonna be some people who want to
[25:37] do with a four-man three men look see we
[25:39] have our whoopsies out there so this is
[25:41] going to be a generally a massive
[25:42] massive fire we haven't really got much
[25:43] information at the moment about it but
[25:45] it's going to be really expanding I
[25:47] think that was drawn by Garth our artist
[25:49] if you can notice the tail actually
[25:50] extends outside the volcano which gives
[25:51] you an idea of how big and how tough are
[25:53] going with this we kind of expect it to
[25:55] be if we get resizable mode our first
[25:57] recital mode boss that's how much we're
[25:59] looking for in terms of scale but again
[26:01] we know if you'd lost pvm we love pv and
[26:03] we have some pv Emma's up there already
[26:04] so we have to really entertain you with
[26:06] a proper raid because some of the bosses
[26:09] we got by now don't really cut it
[26:12] another new area actually this is next
[26:14] to the volcano a new area called coral
[26:16] rule it's an ancient city inside the
[26:18] volcano and this area is only accessible
[26:20] to the strongest and most agile of you
[26:22] out there so agility will actually mean
[26:24] something for this inside of it you'll
[26:26] be able to gain access to the new race
[26:29] called the tasa call they're born and
[26:31] bred Guardians they're born for combat
[26:33] they were born into combat they embrace
[26:35] death even their own that the guardians
[26:36] of balance obviously naturally assigned
[26:38] to gothics they they don't mourn their
[26:41] dead they are they embrace death that is
[26:43] life to them and one of the advantage to
[26:45] these people is they are Slayers we're
[26:48] going to do another expansion too slow
[26:49] again we know Slayers very very popular
[26:50] we're going to have new Slayer creatures
[26:52] obviously it's a new continent you can't
[26:54] expect to have the same NP season and
[26:55] your continent as you do on the main map
[26:56] so we're going to have new NPCs for that
[26:58] being guardians of being goddess of a
[27:01] life and death and being as raw and
[27:02] natural as they are obviously they live
[27:04] inside a volcano volcano symbolizes that
[27:06] raw natural power their guardians of
[27:09] Slayer their gardens of bosses they they
[27:11] challenge bosses what better and PC to
[27:14] challenge if you're sort of an engaging
[27:16] warrior than a boss so these are gonna
[27:18] be bossed specific slow masters they're
[27:20] going to assign much limit of the Soul
[27:22] Reaper update the RS we got recently
[27:23] they're going to assign bosses
[27:24] specifically and any toss you get
[27:27] exclusively from them to your bosses
[27:28] we're going to try and introduce new
[27:29] Slayer gear knob viously we had the
[27:31] slayer helmet which is a combination of
[27:33] all the Slayer items which are very very
[27:34] useful tool you built into one helmet
[27:36] and that slayer helmet is rather left
[27:37] alone your left to your own devices to
[27:38] try and find other eye pieces of
[27:40] armature equipped with it doesn't really
[27:41] match anything so we'd like to introduce
[27:42] new Slayer gear specific to these to
[27:46] these tasik all which will help you go
[27:47] through Slayer we can even look doing a
[27:49] slow model update for the slayer helmet
[27:51] put a toggle on it for those of you who
[27:53] are nostalgic enough to really like it
[27:54] but we'd like to do another booster
[27:56] slayer and we thought well since we go a
[27:58] new continent we've got a new race let's
[28:00] put this put some slow masters on it as
[28:02] well so what's next for the new
[28:07] continent well consider it came about
[28:10] 5,000 votes ahead of any of the other
[28:13] suggestions in the previous previous
[28:15] priority poll we're going to be going
[28:17] all out with the development of Zeya as
[28:19] of 2015 so you guys can expect to get
[28:23] constant updates on that throughout
[28:25] and the thing about this is zero is
[28:27] planned to be about fifty percent of the
[28:29] current map so think from prefer Dennis
[28:31] to falador that kind of size we're going
[28:34] to need your help to fill all of that
[28:36] with as much great content as possible
[28:38] so as usual we need you guys to be
[28:40] absolutely throwing ideas out as left
[28:42] right and center non-stop on the forums
[28:44] Twitter right any ideas you have whether
[28:46] they're good or bad or you think they're
[28:48] good or bad send them our way in the end
[28:50] that we're going to help so make sure
[28:51] you're giving us as much feedback as you
[28:53] can this will really turn out to be a
[28:57] community-driven piece of content from
[28:59] the bottom up so anything you have to
[29:01] say about the new continent let us know
[29:03] and I'm going to pass you on to John now
[29:05] to go over corporal beast we get the
[29:11] slideshow back please is it back right
[29:19] whoo right that one all right the court
[29:22] beasts whose hype next week next
[29:25] Thursday it's coming out whoo I've had
[29:29] them for bit more than that but oh well
[29:31] right well I'm gonna talk about is hard
[29:34] evelopment process for the corp take you
[29:35] through the stages that we went through
[29:37] to get it from an idea to be able to get
[29:40] it released and if you're paid when I
[29:42] starting the ground up really my notes
[29:45] have sort of gone already if you paid
[29:47] any former runescape the last eight
[29:48] years six years even you know what the
[29:50] corp is it it was released in two
[29:53] thousand eight in the summer at the end
[29:54] of the spirit of the summer Quest series
[29:55] and it remains to this day when a very
[29:58] popular piece of content and ever since
[30:01] old tools came out you guys have asked
[30:03] us for it but we never really had the
[30:04] resources to be able to deliver it until
[30:06] earlier on this year when alfie is over
[30:08] there joined us and started modeling hi
[30:16] guys I'm not Alfred today I'm going to
[30:18] be showing you the development process
[30:19] of the quarry obese this was my last big
[30:22] project and I hope you guys enjoy it
[30:27] corporeal beast was a big update in
[30:29] runescape 3 and a lot of the old school
[30:31] community wanted to see implemented in
[30:33] game also I've always been building
[30:35] assets in jagged whereas rings good hi
[30:43] guys I'm without iron importers and
[30:44] three models into your element process
[30:46] yes with my last big project enjoy
[30:53] corporeal beast was a big update in
[30:56] runescape 3 and a lot of the old school
[30:57] community wanted to see implemented in
[30:59] game also have always been building
[31:01] assets in jagged whereas runescape 3
[31:03] have been updating and now using 3dsmax
[31:05] I've also been using 3dsmax and for
[31:08] recent updates I've discovered that i
[31:09] can import runescape free models into
[31:11] the article editor the only problems i
[31:14] had well the biggest problems i had was
[31:15] that it was just the base model and
[31:17] everything else needed to be done for it
[31:19] the coloring the labeling the rigging
[31:22] animations everything nothing could be
[31:24] imported into the OS co-editor just
[31:25] because of its limitations so the next
[31:27] step I had was to recolor the whole
[31:30] corporeal beast this was quite tricky
[31:31] because I'd select every single polygon
[31:33] and recolor it bit by bit Oscorp or
[31:36] obese is such a big boss he requires a
[31:38] lot of labeling over 180 in fact and
[31:41] these can range from the front left
[31:43] tooth to the back middle toe the reading
[31:46] stages where we create the bosses
[31:47] skeleton every point in the skeleton has
[31:49] a function a rotate a scale and
[31:51] translate tool this allows me to have a
[31:53] lot more control whilst I'm animating
[31:55] the next stage after reading would be
[31:57] animation every character in runescape
[31:59] has their own unique set of animations
[32:00] and the corporeal beast is no different
[32:02] to give an example of how I build an
[32:04] animation let's take a look at corporal
[32:06] beast def animation so his first frame
[32:09] would be him in his idle position his
[32:11] middle frame would be him in his most
[32:12] exaggerated position and his last frame
[32:15] would be him in his death position in
[32:17] between those animations i would add
[32:19] some tweening to make the animation look
[32:20] a lot more natural and smooth this is a
[32:23] very important stage of the process and
[32:25] all in all it took around 20 to 30 hours
[32:27] to make