Transcript of RuneFest 2014: Meet the Makers - Oldschool Runescape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] welcome guys welcome to 2007 meet the
[00:07] maker session two thousand tell you at
[00:11] your place old school old school meet
[00:15] make a session yes I'm mod for slip this
[00:19] is mobs RL UK can't say your mod name
[00:22] we're going to be passing the microwave
[00:23] for questions in a moment but first one
[00:26] to introduce you to your panel we have
[00:29] ma dash in the middle here you all know
[00:32] my dash next we have Modric rolling our
[01:03] communal ease with his own very very
[01:07] special ghostly name there is mud ghost
[01:16] okay so um given the guys little
[01:20] introduction but will you guys just tell
[01:22] us a little bit more about what you do
[01:24] we all know they work on old scape right
[01:27] great gone started off my Johnson I play
[01:31] the game
[01:35] no yes I'm the goldspell QA tester it's
[01:39] my job to break the things these guys
[01:40] right for you which happens to offer
[01:43] than I'd like Dan but yes that's what I
[01:46] do don't even start I'm not even talked
[01:51] yet I am modernen okay the bowl I'm the
[01:56] community guy for old-school always on
[01:58] reddit Twitter the forums all of that
[02:00] nonsense so get on there and talk to me
[02:03] hey I'm ash I do content development for
[02:06] old school and if you need something
[02:09] made its half chance of me making it or
[02:12] him I guess I'm the other half of what
[02:16] gosh does which is making content
[02:18] usually stuff that kills you or you can
[02:20] kill I'm I do quite a lot of it am I
[02:24] more ghosts I did graphics and animation
[02:27] and concept art and I generally work
[02:29] with say Dan and ash to sort of bring
[02:32] their visions to life right so we're
[02:40] going to start passing this mic around
[02:41] just if we can keep it to one question
[02:44] at a time just you know don't holcomb
[02:46] mind like it make it fair for everybody
[02:47] so who is question who's this
[02:55] this one goes to mod ghosts is there any
[02:58] plans to have a graphical update on the
[03:00] our middle God sword well basically
[03:04] anything that you want we have to pull
[03:05] so kind of like just put your ideas and
[03:07] we put it to the players and then if
[03:09] these guys are happy for me to go ahead
[03:10] with it still then I shall start
[03:12] redesigning until then I have no
[03:14] authority on the matter unfortunately
[03:15] it's all down to you guys this one goes
[03:20] to all of you and I just want to us what
[03:23] you think about sweet butter loses AGS
[03:25] boy protectin item knows you have a very
[03:29] nice age yes i must say i don't want to
[03:36] stand up but anyone that wants to answer
[03:38] this for the ultimate iron man account
[03:39] you mentioned if you die you lose all of
[03:42] your items as if your skull what about
[03:44] items that are in like nightmares own
[03:46] coffers or your kingdom you know where
[03:49] you can store gold in 10 your permanent
[03:52] inventories like nightmares own coffers
[03:54] miscellanea poh etc they'll be fine this
[03:59] one goes to John see what do you think
[04:01] of skill specs is two sets
[04:12] brick this one's to mod Ronin why I've
[04:23] got bomb coming cow a question why don't
[04:27] you cause it got a pic knows this is
[04:46] base paper all of you curious you know
[04:48] with the obviously corpse coming out
[04:50] dewdrops is there any chance we've been
[04:52] have anything we can work on for a way
[04:54] of splitting I know when the live game
[04:55] there's a drop where it splits evenly
[04:57] just pieces you could turn it in for an
[04:59] item is there any way we can stomach
[05:00] that for old school well well we
[05:04] certainly could do shards sharing for
[05:06] items like that whenever the topics
[05:09] arisen on our livestream what we
[05:10] normally see is a whole lot of people
[05:12] saying don't do that so we certainly
[05:14] could but we've kind of come away with
[05:16] the impression that there's not a lot of
[05:18] people would favor it now what we could
[05:20] can do with some of the engine features
[05:22] we got recently is trying to write
[05:24] something a bit like Lou share so that
[05:26] the item is you know given to one person
[05:30] but the luck gradually gets shared
[05:32] across the chat channel there in if
[05:34] that's enabled for them those engine
[05:36] features were created for clan wars
[05:38] oddly enough because back in two
[05:40] thousand seven we had those energy she's
[05:42] made for loot share and I wrote clan
[05:43] wars out to the mandir in my spare time
[05:45] so we've done it back was this time
[05:47] we've got those engine features for clam
[05:48] balls and now we could write Lou share
[05:50] out of them so that would help a bit I
[05:52] think for that boss and various others
[05:54] as well
[05:57] who's next with the question hands up
[06:05] this is mostly to jhansi but can we get
[06:09] waffles in the game so you repeat that
[06:11] can we get waffles in the game I do love
[06:16] waffles sure is we've just got a problem
[06:19] and find out how much they're gonna heal
[06:20] I like waffles you know I like waffles I
[06:31] lost team trip to London he found out
[06:33] that he like swats remember we are
[06:35] filming and this will be going out next
[06:36] week please keep it clean this is for
[06:41] anybody if you could have your choice
[06:43] what project would you work on base i
[06:50] already got my wishes in i got bank tabs
[06:52] i got clam balls beyond that looking for
[06:55] another dream project i would like to
[06:56] work on resizable mode mynaa becoming
[07:01] 2015 there'll be the snake boss no
[07:05] really yes after talking about it for
[07:10] last year for a long time I finally gave
[07:11] you bounty hunter which was number one I
[07:13] think a raid boss is my next I think I'd
[07:16] like a corporal base was nice but I
[07:18] think I'd like I'm not saying much
[07:19] bigger much more exciting and much more
[07:23] involving yeah yeah sure I was going to
[07:27] say the snake boss as well just can't
[07:28] wait to design that snake it will be
[07:30] epic apart from that though I'd kind of
[07:32] like the idea of dealing with sailing
[07:34] although people turned it down hey don't
[07:36] attack you know I think sailing be
[07:38] wicked we discussed it a lot in our last
[07:40] meeting out didn't we and yeah it sounds
[07:42] like a great idea but yeah
[07:49] I was just wondering um if there is any
[07:52] talk about bringing stealing creation
[07:54] into 2007 I don't know when it was
[07:56] released but that's actually something
[07:58] that I enjoy I think we're still in
[08:01] creation and minigames in general with
[08:03] the time it would take to make those
[08:04] assets or copy them is quite I mean it's
[08:07] not it's not a quick job and Gareth can
[08:08] do it but porting other models means we
[08:11] have to then we re poly them we label
[08:13] them re sort of sort out their structure
[08:15] and it takes a long time if we were to
[08:17] do that we might as well make a new mini
[08:18] game I think still in creation has that
[08:20] feel where it made the game too easy it
[08:22] was a good minigame I like the mini game
[08:23] I don't know how many other people like
[08:24] the mini game and I'd certainly think we
[08:26] can achieve something like that mini
[08:27] game but I think recreating it at that
[08:29] point we might as well make our own mini
[08:30] game something so silly with something
[08:33] stealing creation esque but it's not the
[08:35] cars we can do it something similar we
[08:38] can do something similar note definitely
[08:40] it's not impossible for us to do we can
[08:41] achieve that it's rather not you'd like
[08:44] something different just for the sake of
[08:46] having something new or you just like
[08:47] the same basic copy that you remember
[08:49] from the original loops for example take
[08:53] what Alfred said in the video that we
[08:55] played this morning on the stage for
[08:56] those who saw it he said that some just
[08:59] getting the court model and the dark
[09:01] core and all that into the game took him
[09:03] I think 40 hours he said and well that's
[09:07] one that's to NPCs the corp and the core
[09:09] and maybe five kinds of projectile if
[09:11] that and some graves for to put down on
[09:15] the ground and that took him a lot of
[09:17] time now stealing creation or any mini
[09:20] game is going to start with hundreds of
[09:21] models even say the Halloween 2007
[09:24] update that we've recently polled I
[09:26] really found that's got 900 things in
[09:28] the model folder for it so re-creating
[09:30] the whole of an old piece of content is
[09:33] a very big job indeed for not a huge
[09:35] amount of extra benefit at the end of
[09:37] the day if on the other hand we created
[09:39] it looking different you might feel it
[09:41] wasn't seeing creation in the first
[09:42] place because it doesn't look like you
[09:43] remembered so we're always cautious when
[09:46] people say copy that thing from the
[09:47] other game because we won't get it
[09:49] looking the same unless we spend a huge
[09:51] amount of time on it which isn't really
[09:53] worth it and if we made it not looking
[09:56] the same you probably wouldn't thank us
[09:57] so much
[09:58] thank you um dragon claws powerful ain't
[10:14] my nevertheless some Alfie did make the
[10:17] model before he left the company we
[10:18] should probably take that as a message
[10:20] should we anyway we thought they were
[10:27] that popular and we thought 75 cents
[10:29] people would get behind them could do if
[10:32] on the other hand it turns out like a
[10:33] divine sigil I wouldn't be that
[10:35] surprised okay so i'll come back to the
[10:41] front of a minute this is to all of you
[10:48] what are you doing it's combat real word
[10:50] traders and staking clans such as
[10:53] mainstay kurz we don't actually deal
[10:57] with that we have a guy for that isn't
[10:58] actually on stage at the moment we have
[10:59] no involvement with that whatsoever I
[11:01] mean I should I turn up to work and we
[11:03] open an editor we make content John does
[11:05] the same thing Ronan opens read it and
[11:07] go home Gary firms the modeler we have
[11:09] no involvement with the at all so Tom
[11:11] who's in the other room who he did all
[11:14] of that he's the one investigates
[11:16] everything we have no real exposure to
[11:17] that so we know he's done in something
[11:19] about it we can go on Reddit and we can
[11:20] see this huge list of things that have
[11:21] happened people complaining about things
[11:23] but we have no we have nothing to do
[11:25] with anything like that unfortunately I
[11:27] class one question is not isolated but
[11:30] do any of you mods watch EastEnders no I
[11:35] can't really bring myself to watch that
[11:36] I don't like I don't watch your not say
[11:39] racial is the one I think I think it's
[11:43] gone John's got an excess of you okay
[11:49] there you go
[11:54] best best question so far where the
[11:58] questions at the front it doesn't matter
[12:02] who answers but um adventurers log is
[12:05] there any chance of getting that in
[12:07] maybe the next you know six months or so
[12:10] difficulty of adventurous logs is it
[12:12] goes on the website rather than in the
[12:14] game well we have a fair amount of
[12:15] control of what goes in the game and how
[12:17] its displayed the website is handled by
[12:20] different team and that team has a lot
[12:22] of backlogged work from all departments
[12:24] of jagex so we can't make promises and
[12:27] commitments about what they will and
[12:28] won't do and by large we find that we
[12:31] can develop things to a much more
[12:33] predictable schedule if we just don't
[12:34] involve them very much nevertheless we
[12:37] started tracking a lot of stuff like the
[12:40] boss kills the number of treasure trails
[12:42] you done things to Castle Wars and
[12:44] that's kind of inflation we can put onto
[12:46] an interface for you to read any way you
[12:48] like so maybe if we didn't look at
[12:51] adventures logs on the website and focus
[12:53] on ways we could try and get that sort
[12:54] of stuff in game we might be able to
[12:56] give you something a lot well sooner
[13:05] anyone can answer but a way to pay for
[13:07] membership in game without having to
[13:09] transfer over to Rs 3 I think we've
[13:14] touched upon old school bonds before and
[13:16] the reaction was rather mixed that's
[13:19] possibly because bonds have an
[13:21] association to micro transactions which
[13:23] again know everybody feels very strongly
[13:25] about whilst that would not be the case
[13:27] it has it has that that link so i think
[13:33] we'd like a system we'd like to create
[13:35] an official system which transfers gold
[13:37] from one game to another something that
[13:38] you don't have to do for a plan but you
[13:41] know it's something we can look at for
[13:44] the future and I think we'd like to do
[13:45] at least because we Nunsense gamma clans
[13:46] exist there's no reason for it to be
[13:48] that way
[13:51] actually it's not something designed
[13:56] into the trading post to be honest the
[13:58] Trading Post is a way of advertising
[13:59] trades to other players in the game
[14:02] rather like you could buy standing in of
[14:04] town shouting only without all the spam
[14:06] and with a better search feature so no
[14:11] the Trading Post doesn't lend itself to
[14:12] that but we probably need similar things
[14:15] from the engine guys to do cross world
[14:18] trades pointing rs3 rather than an old
[14:20] escaped for the moment that's not
[14:21] something they've built in and I can't
[14:24] say I'm surprised because it's a rather
[14:25] random thing from to built it on the
[14:26] side without I was asking for it there's
[14:29] probably going to be overlaps but for
[14:31] the moment it's not something we've
[14:32] thought about much one more for John now
[14:35] that the front pages full escapes our
[14:39] answer this most live streams we will do
[14:41] one eventually but if we're gonna do it
[14:43] we're going to do it right with an
[14:44] awesome emote that Gareth will probably
[14:46] hate me for making him do because he's
[14:48] had a tough time with the animation
[14:50] editor recently but yet to justify that
[14:53] kind of dev time you need more than 25
[14:55] people probably do one at some point
[14:57] next year and I'd like to do something
[14:59] like 200 milk eggs with them and
[15:01] probably doing music and achievement
[15:03] diary kept as well and anything else
[15:05] that people want at the same time we
[15:09] could but Mars will round it down to 100
[15:11] we don't have any skills that go up to
[15:13] 120 yet 200 mil seems fair okay oh yeah
[15:18] I know what you want 120 okay this is a
[15:24] question apart from others we spoke
[15:25] about earlier took our car I'll put you
[15:28] think about in editing game okay it's
[15:34] I'd like to do an expansion at fight
[15:36] caves may fight case very very popular I
[15:38] think the kiln was very very nice I
[15:41] think we can definitely do something
[15:43] like that for sure I wouldn't like to do
[15:45] the killin again I'd like to sing a bit
[15:46] better the idea of having to Jazz's on
[15:48] you is pretty good but I'm Tiffany I'm
[15:50] for a key on Cape I think the idea of
[15:51] ripping up your fire cape to get a
[15:53] better fire cake with a nice touch and
[15:54] I'm not a lot of people like that so I
[15:56] think we can definitely something like
[15:57] that the future for sure
[16:00] what's your general general thoughts on
[16:03] Dungeoneering in the game just some sort
[16:05] of Dungeoneering I'm not a fan of the
[16:12] mini game I thought it was the world's
[16:17] best mini game the thing about
[16:19] dungeoneering is it in it quite apart
[16:22] from all I'm sorry quite apart from
[16:25] other dungeoneering things there's also
[16:27] a complete remake of almost every skill
[16:29] in there so um okay yeah so you like
[16:35] whole new woodcutting expansions fishing
[16:37] expansions and crafting expansions and
[16:39] you sets of armor that's a huge amount
[16:41] of content frankly it's a home you could
[16:43] fit the whole of runescape in
[16:44] dungeoneering if you wanted to and to
[16:47] all intensive purposes they did and we
[16:48] almost tried launching it's a standalone
[16:49] product once that would've been weird
[16:51] but some so trying to create
[16:54] dungeoneering as it was would be a
[16:56] massive amount of dev work for a team
[16:58] this size especially from the art
[17:00] department perhaps creating
[17:04] Dungeoneering without all that stuff
[17:06] would actually be much more feasible and
[17:08] although it wouldn't be dungeoneering
[17:11] anymore because it wouldn't be anything
[17:13] like you remembered it now Dan's been
[17:15] talking a lot about raids and ways of
[17:18] making it random so it's not the same
[17:19] every time and that is a lovely bit of
[17:23] gameplay and I would very much like to
[17:24] well help work on that kind of thing
[17:27] when we wouldn't necessarily go in pitch
[17:29] as a dungeoneering skill though or even
[17:32] a mini game but it is a very good piece
[17:34] of gameplay and we would like to try and
[17:36] get something like that evening it's not
[17:37] the same you voted for a skill as the
[17:41] fourth I believe most priority most more
[17:43] your biggest priority we've managed to
[17:45] narrow down to for an hour and
[17:47] dungeoneering was included just just
[17:49] throwing that out there however we've I
[17:51] was actually we've raised the
[17:52] feasibility of it but it is something we
[17:54] have considered oh sorry the top three I
[18:00] believe we had sailing we had sailing we
[18:03] had dungeoneering and what was the third
[18:05] one some earlier we talked about
[18:07] summoning because obviously we have that
[18:08] in our archive there's a lot of work to
[18:11] do for summoning but they were obviously
[18:13] we have
[18:13] because we have one of those skills we
[18:15] naturally have to include it Salem
[18:16] because what the hell not and
[18:17] dungeoneering because again it's a very
[18:20] very popular skill / minigame that we
[18:23] know a lot of people like and there's an
[18:24] awful lot of benefits to having it so we
[18:26] talked about that one naturally so
[18:29] what's the next of what's the first
[18:31] thing the new ancient developer is going
[18:33] to do well I'd like to get the time that
[18:42] you've spent in game added to something
[18:45] you can access like so you click on a
[18:47] dude in lumbridge or whatever or read a
[18:49] sign post somewhere ask hands I'd like
[18:51] to get that information available to you
[18:53] because we understand from what Jack mob
[18:55] it's not a big job it just needs to be
[18:56] done and the new engine guy could start
[19:00] on something small like that also AM
[19:02] frames per second week on our screens we
[19:06] can see the FPS of the game in fact if
[19:08] you've been up to the corp you'll see it
[19:10] there and there's no way of turning it
[19:11] off it would be very easy indeed for an
[19:14] engine guy to just change whether the j1
[19:16] checks in or not and give that access to
[19:19] you just as a very small quick win um
[19:23] you'll notice I'm not talking about make
[19:25] getting the engine guide to start with
[19:27] something humongous and worth changing
[19:29] that's cuz well new colleagues we
[19:32] generally don't yeah we did with our
[19:36] fear we slightly did with gareth as well
[19:38] and with the engine go maybe we won't
[19:41] are you going to make fire making useful
[19:47] yep counter skill fire marshaling just
[19:50] use buckets of water on open fires I had
[19:56] an idea for the continent I planned to
[19:58] make fire making a survival skill is
[19:59] then you need it survive in a particular
[20:01] area we're talking about polar area to
[20:04] really bring some life to that and I
[20:05] think if we were to do bonfires unlike
[20:08] the non bonfire you got riginal II I'd
[20:11] like to have a flaming pit going just
[20:13] for this sort of emphasis of exploring a
[20:16] bomb fire but I think fire-making
[20:17] definitely needs a boost because I think
[20:19] Andrew once said it's his favorite skill
[20:20] because it took minutes to make yet
[20:22] wasted hours of your life so what I'd
[20:24] like to sort of balance that little bit
[20:25] he later said that in public I think it
[20:27] was a true first he said it love ya so
[20:31] this is for a day Naresh with court
[20:34] basically how much we've we've you know
[20:37] put into soloing today and kind of gonna
[20:38] feel for it it looks like well no one's
[20:41] even gotten past fifteen hundred damage
[20:42] on it so the soloing is going to be
[20:45] pretty tough without things like you
[20:47] know overloads or stat hammer different
[20:51] things that you know we're just going to
[20:52] make a little bit more accessible to get
[20:53] all the way through so is there going to
[20:55] be anything pushing towards that to make
[20:56] it a little bit more feasible in the
[20:58] future we're going to just basically do
[21:00] plus you know what would you like I mean
[21:03] we should like it to be a little bit
[21:05] easier or would you like the challenge
[21:07] of trying to see if you can do as it is
[21:08] I mean Woakes managed to do it in 2008
[21:11] casinghead see he had summon he had
[21:13] summoning granted he also had stat
[21:16] hammer but I've spoken to him quite a
[21:18] lot over the past few days about Corp
[21:20] trying to get all of his safe spots out
[21:21] of him he's given me the most of them
[21:22] and I think he doesn't seem to be under
[21:25] the pishon it's not possible and I've
[21:27] taken his word not as gospel but i do
[21:29] believe him so I'm fine with it as it is
[21:31] i think if you get the elysium drop
[21:33] that's going to help you massively i saw
[21:34] a lot of people switching between odium
[21:35] today which helps and I think if Elysium
[21:38] was out of we actually had that we might
[21:39] have seen so different output but I
[21:41] think it's definitely possible just from
[21:44] a very very experienced very very lucky
[21:46] turn
[21:48] it would also be a bit some strange to
[21:51] know something before launched on the
[21:53] grounds that some nobody's managed to
[21:54] killing on a beach server we've launched
[21:56] things where nobody managed to kill it
[21:57] in testing before I think jad springs to
[22:00] mind I don't think anyone in the company
[22:02] had managed to kill complete the fight
[22:03] caves before we launched them we put it
[22:06] out there and if we'd found over time
[22:08] nobody ever did manage it then we try
[22:10] and react but some I'm not looking for
[22:13] pre-emptive nerfing on this one just now
[22:16] okay go on to unpause question he
[22:18] mentioned the stat hammer would you
[22:19] recommend other sorry not recommend like
[22:21] think about putting in PvP arm or
[22:23] anything like that I'm a big advocate
[22:26] for PvP arm I'd like to just die like us
[22:29] to poll it again but this will be the
[22:30] third time we've done it and I think
[22:32] when we were talking about bounty hunter
[22:34] originally I would have liked to get the
[22:35] stat hammer vestas spear in there as
[22:37] well just to have a balanced fork or
[22:39] more specifically for call but again
[22:41] we've pulled it three times and I don't
[22:43] think the other guys are very very you
[22:45] know on on the same wavelength as me
[22:47] with regards to PvP armors the problem
[22:50] is that even just the suggestion of PvP
[22:52] armors no matter how much we nerf them
[22:54] people have the association with pvp
[22:56] armors and getting one shot by a vestal
[22:58] longsword so they'll never let it
[22:59] through the pole there's no lot if
[23:02] incredibly unlikely but there's nothing
[23:05] stopping us doing something new like a
[23:06] dragon Warhammer with a similar special
[23:08] attack that doesn't hit 60 they can also
[23:10] low your opponent's defense that could
[23:13] might be a route that's worth exploring
[23:14] if you really want one hello hey John
[23:24] John why was the sorrow sword upgrade so
[23:27] bad because the better one we offer
[23:32] didn't pass simple as that if you want
[23:36] to upgrade it again give us let us know
[23:38] what you wanted to do we can offer it
[23:39] but hmm maybe you're just bad
[23:45] shots fired have we ever looked into me
[23:53] I don't know if we have have we ever
[23:54] looked into may connect the slash and
[23:56] the crush melee changes more impacting I
[23:59] can't make more of an impact so that PK
[24:01] another type of supplying or more varied
[24:03] I like it we like it apparently as a
[24:08] design thing on the other hand making
[24:10] changes to the game as it currently is
[24:12] to rebalance well melee is perhaps going
[24:17] to be controversial if we change in a
[24:18] way that turns out not to please some
[24:19] people and it's going to be rather hard
[24:21] to explain in advance exactly what
[24:23] affect everything will have or get a
[24:25] sense of whether people were definitely
[24:26] going to like it from the numbers so
[24:28] while that might be a better bit of game
[24:30] design whether we do it to an existing
[24:32] game especially in existing old-school
[24:35] game is another question entirely okay
[24:44] are you going to have the new shield
[24:46] like the Elysian reflect when the it's
[24:49] in use like you do with the Pharaohs
[24:51] equipment so doesn't the Elysian reflect
[24:54] damage so would you show that we could
[24:59] have it do it at the moment moment it
[25:01] doesn't but we can definitely do it no
[25:07] yes we could definitely do it
[25:17] tormented demons are though possibility
[25:21] definitely I think the graphics were
[25:24] awesome we'd have to look to care for
[25:26] that the mechanics are definitely doable
[25:29] as well we're going to do those on the
[25:31] snake boss I believe because I think the
[25:33] idea of switching prayers and switching
[25:35] attack style based on what texts are you
[25:37] used quite frequently in opening a
[25:38] shield and what not having a specific
[25:39] item to take that down definitely
[25:41] popular we can definitely do it and I
[25:43] think we are as for the graphics or if
[25:45] you want specific tormented demons this
[25:47] would be on man also one more question
[25:50] is it a possibility to get a controlled
[25:52] option on the leaf plated sphere very
[25:54] sword yeah yep good day is there any
[26:06] chance of rebuffing the kalphite Queens
[26:09] drop table because it's terrible but
[26:11] there's no reason to go to boss right
[26:12] now yeah I'm up for that it's about it a
[26:15] list of things I want to do that's a
[26:17] ronin and agility shortcut from the
[26:19] start of the hive or something yeah the
[26:21] the shortcuts I've got slightly down for
[26:23] achievement diary rewards when we come
[26:25] to do those but if forever reason that
[26:26] doesn't make it into game would find
[26:28] another way to do it I want to have to
[26:29] retouch that drop table because women's
[26:32] just tanked everything in a minute
[26:33] anyway a little bit OCD ish within view
[26:45] drinks are just running can I be
[26:47] enlightened and talk a little bit bit
[26:49] lighter color I put that job and I wish
[26:51] list for polling yesterday right before
[26:52] we left her infest as I doubted that all
[26:55] in view drinking and a lot of question
[26:58] um it's not a troll question but I mean
[27:00] on hand cannons will there be introduced
[27:05] to the game from the noise that I just
[27:08] heard I'm not sure that 75% yes
[27:15] hi guys I thought if you can reveal but
[27:18] I've never seen a fern edged weapon in
[27:19] Oz old school so I just want to know
[27:22] like the right if you can reveal that
[27:23] that'd be great for getting one from a
[27:25] hard run elite so that'd be great if you
[27:28] could just tell me so I could stop
[27:29] searching yeah I've not actually
[27:32] released these robberies yep I'm happy
[27:33] to do it now if I can remember the
[27:34] numbers or I believe you have when you
[27:37] completely clue scroll you have four
[27:39] rolls and you have a 1 in 25 chance on
[27:42] each of those of getting a rare drop I
[27:44] think we've got 32 rare drops on elites
[27:47] one of which is a jump to the mega rare
[27:49] table and then there's a one in 12 no
[27:52] one in 16 chance of lending on the Third
[27:54] Age table and then a 1 in 16 chance of
[27:57] it being a third day's long sword or
[27:59] another one in 16 of being a third HK
[28:01] I'll double-check those numbers and
[28:02] tweak them too but yeah we've got no
[28:05] that long swords no cloaks three ones I
[28:08] pool and two bows thank you mad thanks
[28:12] guys yeah ok so I'm a obviously a big
[28:23] fan of every all the new stuff that gets
[28:26] run the games I feel it you know it
[28:27] expands in brings new people in the only
[28:30] thing I don't like is when we release
[28:32] new items it tends to devalue old things
[28:34] you know with a dragon boots when they
[28:36] came out we'd hold you know if they
[28:37] could have the spike to the rune boots
[28:38] which obviously failed but is there a
[28:40] chance for when newer jobs come out
[28:41] before we just make a new item to be
[28:43] like oh well it's buff an old items so
[28:45] it still stays like able to have a
[28:47] reason to get it you know that's
[28:49] something we've been creasing been
[28:50] trying to do by launching things like
[28:52] the saradomin tier the abyss all
[28:54] tentacle that kind of update whether it
[28:56] was designed to eat the previous version
[28:59] of the item rather than just making it
[29:01] work not worth having anymore and yeah
[29:04] we are very happy to keep developing
[29:06] things in that way to when we invent
[29:09] item ourselves rather than copying
[29:11] things like dragon boots from elite from
[29:13] other versions of the game we've got the
[29:15] flexibility to design it in a way that
[29:17] while you're describing doesn't devalue
[29:20] our existing items so badly when we were
[29:22] just copying in God Wars never on those
[29:24] you get dragon boots from that
[29:25] it would have been very hard to get a
[29:27] big consensus around changing it but for
[29:29] new things we design we can do that that
[29:31] way we're very very conscious of things
[29:35] like that and it's it's a pattern that
[29:38] not everybody launch to lose the sort of
[29:40] value of their old items so if we look
[29:41] at the dragon defender I probably like
[29:43] it to include the rune defender just so
[29:45] we don't ruin the room defender style I
[29:47] think as I said we've got the epistle
[29:48] tentacle now and the abyss ille sort of
[29:50] whip so we like to include the Epistle
[29:53] within that just so it's not a
[29:54] completely useless item you still need
[29:55] it even if you're not going to use it so
[29:59] it's kind of follow on from the last
[30:01] question I was going to ask about if we
[30:03] could have glacials and instead of the
[30:05] normal beach drop you could have like
[30:07] steadfast would be an attachment like
[30:09] van dos Flavin's like an attachment to
[30:13] brain injury ranging roots and ravens
[30:18] and attachment infinity boots or
[30:20] something along those lines I think if
[30:22] we were to introduce those boots we
[30:23] definitely do what we just talked about
[30:24] adding them to existing items glaze
[30:26] sauce have a really nice set of a
[30:28] special attacks i think chris l did
[30:30] those when he were doing which lou is it
[30:32] which'll of the module it was richland
[30:33] large rock we can like i'd like to do
[30:35] that boss I wouldn't want to copy it
[30:36] exactly I want to make a new one just
[30:37] have the the same mechanics but if we
[30:39] were to solve have those that have those
[30:41] boats we definitely have the items which
[30:42] used them and then added to breeze their
[30:44] existing items because everyone likes
[30:46] their ranger boots no wants to give up
[30:47] their ranger boots so if we always so if
[30:49] you wanted them and make such make sure
[30:50] they were still valuable you just add
[30:52] item students to upgrade them hello
[30:57] something that I really enjoy while AFK
[31:00] a skill is to actually go on to your
[31:02] Twitter feeds and look at other players
[31:05] achievements with screenshots to advance
[31:08] some experiences using the front page of
[31:11] runescape is there a way that we can
[31:13] incorporate screenshot availability so
[31:17] you'll find when taking screenshots and
[31:20] then trying to submit them to just on
[31:22] stream in the general chat nobody wants
[31:25] to click them because everyone seems to
[31:27] think it's a virus could we use
[31:29] runescape web page as an upload
[31:34] um and there'd be some way of making
[31:37] sure it's not a virus right okay we can
[31:43] easily use RSS feeds to do things like
[31:44] that obviously it would have to be
[31:45] monitored in some sense because there's
[31:47] no no real way of stopping anybody
[31:48] submitting anything dangerous or
[31:51] pictures of certain body parts but we
[31:54] talked about we did talk about once
[31:56] having sort of imagined sort of
[31:58] old-school calm / streaming where it
[32:00] would jump to the top food stream or we
[32:03] could rotate through stream so you could
[32:04] watch twitch and integrate interact
[32:06] through twitch through our website for
[32:08] example and you could open links from
[32:10] Max you use your runescape account as
[32:12] for submitting Twitter images I think
[32:16] Ronan's got something very similar to
[32:17] that on the forums I think we could
[32:18] probably do that on the one the web page
[32:20] for sure because I think as you say we
[32:22] do tweet a lot images we do retweet a
[32:23] lot and I think it's nice to be able to
[32:25] see everything we've got and I don't
[32:27] know how your thing on forms on the
[32:29] forums is just it's an embedded twitter
[32:33] feed so we could just set it up so if
[32:35] you use a certain hashtag it comes up on
[32:37] this feed like Dan said it would need to
[32:39] be monitored is the main problem we
[32:41] probably have to manually tweak them all
[32:43] out certain time in the day or something
[32:44] like that it's a possibility the only
[32:48] thing I would say is it if people are
[32:49] not clicking on your links just use an
[32:51] image your link and they'll click it
[32:53] without any worries at all people tend
[32:56] to trust it because it's a very
[32:57] legitimate website you're talking about
[33:05] the Bissell tentacle on the Kraken
[33:07] tentacle you say it doesn't divide the
[33:10] whip but doesn't it not devalue the
[33:11] actual crack in tentacle because you
[33:13] only ever need theoretically one in your
[33:16] whole room skate career unless you
[33:18] somehow die with it so it does you know
[33:21] raise the value of the whip but it does
[33:22] devalue the value of actual accessible
[33:28] this is correct and we looked at various
[33:30] ways of approaching this with the
[33:31] saradomin tier so that some in some way
[33:34] both of them would go out of the game
[33:35] and maybe you'd be left something else
[33:36] entirely sometimes we're a bit
[33:39] constrained by
[33:42] and sorry Ebola yeah sorry that's what
[33:52] happens if I don't have any tea for a
[33:54] while arrow that aside sometimes we're a
[33:57] bit constrained by the need for a PK to
[33:58] be able to get something when they kill
[34:00] you and you've got one of those you need
[34:03] to be able to drop something the pka can
[34:05] have turning into coins is one way of
[34:07] going about it although it's not a very
[34:10] nice way of going about it necessarily
[34:11] um what we usually like is where we can
[34:15] try and drop it in old state like
[34:17] barrows does where the PK gets something
[34:19] worth having but some it's but there's
[34:22] no confusion about what state it's in
[34:23] when they get it it's some the
[34:27] difficulties with things that degrade
[34:28] like it might be a fully charged well it
[34:30] might be a near dead one and we always
[34:33] ever have to try and find some solution
[34:34] whereby the peak air know they're gonna
[34:36] get something worth having regardless
[34:37] what state it's in and yeah those two
[34:41] the solution we ended up with this one
[34:43] where the tentacle never goes out the
[34:45] game and alters the tier that of course
[34:48] is why the tears so what massively
[34:49] expensive in the bounty shop cracking
[34:52] tentacle is also takes a fair bit of
[34:54] getting but yeah you have a valid point
[34:56] there and it's something we will be
[34:58] trying to design around with future
[35:00] items another possible um gobbles drop I
[35:04] just thinking with the guard elements
[35:06] and God elements such as Sarah diamonds
[35:08] whisper would you think by that that's
[35:14] the new amulets right one for each class
[35:16] yeah that kind of familiar with them I
[35:20] think we could we'd be happy to do them
[35:23] and they're easy enough to create but
[35:25] it's again it's new items that have to
[35:26] be polled and then you have to work at
[35:28] the mechanics make sure they don't
[35:28] devalue anything rebalance them again
[35:32] it's something we can do and are willing
[35:33] to do part of the community want it have
[35:38] there have been talks of agility
[35:39] affecting combat have agility affecting
[35:43] combat
[35:45] or is that kind of the same as what we
[35:46] said earlier if I were going to change
[35:50] combat such that agility was a combat
[35:52] stats I'd be very surprised if 75 cents
[35:56] of people in this old school game we're
[35:57] willing to get on board with that but
[36:00] again it might be a reasonable thing to
[36:02] do in a combat system but some I
[36:06] wouldn't necessarily go and do it now to
[36:08] an existing game so I've got a question
[36:22] for what Ronan how's the air clan
[36:25] website going on it pretty much isn't at
[36:30] the minute I mean it was only ever going
[36:32] to be like something so I can quickly
[36:34] whip up images for any of you future
[36:35] client cups it was never going to be a
[36:37] massive all-encompassing game battle
[36:41] style website I'm nowhere near good
[36:43] enough to do that kind of thing yeah so
[36:46] one more question so I love peeking on
[36:49] old school that's probably one of the
[36:51] activities i'll do the most however what
[36:54] happens is people tend to use the same
[36:57] web as it just gets really repetitive
[36:59] with it possible to introduce maybe more
[37:02] spec weapons to just make it a bit more
[37:05] colorful bit more you know buried we
[37:11] can't just introduce SPECT weapons for
[37:12] the sake of introducing spec weapons we
[37:14] kind of need to have some sort of
[37:15] substance for them to come through like
[37:18] bosses or new Slayer creatures I agree
[37:21] that we do have very very say me say me
[37:23] weapons whips dds is d maces spears or
[37:27] whatnot so it's nice to have a lot of
[37:29] variety I think it as a PK I mean I
[37:32] don't know do you would it be worth it
[37:35] having a variety of different weapons
[37:37] that you're not entirely sure I mean a
[37:38] new person that comes back they're
[37:39] seizing weapon they've never seen before
[37:40] um completely decimate somebody in the
[37:43] wilderness would that change became too
[37:44] much
[37:54] well when we talk about new Slayer
[37:56] creatures I think like the presentation
[37:58] today we had the abyss 'old a go there I
[37:59] mean we can definitely add variety and
[38:01] you add new mage staff side new daggers
[38:03] at new range weapons with that we're
[38:06] down for because we have to really
[38:07] something with a new boss or a new piece
[38:09] of content they like even including a
[38:11] treasure trails we introduce a few
[38:13] weapons there the other problem is that
[38:16] if you want to introduce a new spec
[38:18] weapon then you're going to have to make
[38:20] the spec up and do something so people
[38:21] actually want to use it and they're up
[38:23] against an AGS so if you can come up
[38:27] with an idea that is comparable to an
[38:28] age yes that can hear what like 76
[38:30] something ridiculous like that then we
[38:33] can absolutely do it as long as it's not
[38:34] going to completely unbalanced the game
[38:36] and make everyone freaked out right this
[38:42] is a question for anyone that knows the
[38:43] answer with the server disconnection is
[38:46] becoming more frequent is there a solid
[38:48] solution that you guys can have to fix
[38:50] this or is this kind of completely out
[38:51] of your control it's completely out of
[38:54] our control I mean we don't see the
[38:56] server side things like this is admin
[38:58] team do they're completely responsible
[39:00] for our infrastructure they're
[39:01] responsible for our network and we we
[39:04] have to wait for an answer so when we're
[39:05] not giving you an answer it's because we
[39:06] don't have an answer we're waiting for
[39:07] an answer just as long as you will when
[39:09] we get one we usually tell you but we've
[39:11] done some in degrees of some sort of
[39:12] we've done content changes outside like
[39:14] the temporary death mechanics or sort of
[39:15] kata that as something we can do but on
[39:18] the other and other side of things we
[39:20] have no input on that unfortunately what
[39:22] we can tell you though is that they have
[39:25] worked on a fair few things to try and
[39:27] mitigate this there's one or two things
[39:29] been done already and there's one or two
[39:31] other things that are in progress as
[39:33] soon as save them well finished
[39:35] controlling reinvest really so it's
[39:39] being worked on not by us though so we
[39:41] can't go into detail and frankly I
[39:43] wouldn't go into each oven if I could
[39:44] because it's not something I want to
[39:45] publicize the details of I'm sure you
[39:49] understand why but unfortunately we're
[39:52] seldom going to be in a good position to
[39:53] give you a full account of it
[39:58] could you please unban volumes 1 I think
[40:01] he was a great member of RS community no
[40:11] is there any way to change the samurai
[40:13] chemosphere special attack so it's not
[40:15] the same as the dragons here special
[40:17] attack have nice easy one yes let us
[40:22] know what you want it to do we can pull
[40:23] it and if it passes we can do it hello
[40:32] again is there any chance of bringing
[40:34] back in the ancient curses and in
[40:37] correlation to that is next to
[40:39] possibility because I know she also uses
[40:41] the curses as part of I've already
[40:45] copied next over I have necks we've
[40:48] already talked about next being possible
[40:49] next is possible as for curses soulsplit
[40:53] was a game changer so was turmoil i
[40:55] think i'll split remove the the need for
[40:57] food really in a lot of cases we could
[41:00] do it done down version a sauce with it
[41:01] that's pretty cool I'd like the idea and
[41:03] I think a new spell book in general is a
[41:05] good idea but as for next next is
[41:07] definitely possible and I didn't explore
[41:09] next first I got the model I tweeted it
[41:11] once I got the old model of the original
[41:13] model from launch I think I said done
[41:15] with Chris sell at one point to talk
[41:16] about what Nick's could do slightly
[41:17] differently because obviously I can't do
[41:19] that update as much justice as twisted
[41:20] it changed the game but when you have
[41:23] next you also got to consider taller and
[41:25] pernix and virtuous obviously which are
[41:27] very very powerful armors but we can
[41:30] definitely do next next is possible as a
[41:31] boss and all of our mechanics are
[41:33] definitely possible for us are you guys
[41:37] playing to expand the prayer book yeah
[41:42] as I said a few minutes ago we've talked
[41:44] about a new spell book and prayer book
[41:45] they're definitely possible whether or
[41:47] not they'll be specific to curses we can
[41:49] definitely have a new prayer book for
[41:50] sure just what you wanted to do
[41:58] I got i canna pole like or grin like
[42:02] Ricker like soon sometime like again we
[42:08] do have the absorption for new spell
[42:09] books and we can do new new prayers as
[42:13] well so we just need somewhere to put
[42:15] them I recall we did pull them in fact
[42:17] on the mini-game reward shop and the
[42:19] consensus from the players is don't put
[42:20] them there so we'll very happily put
[42:22] them somewhere else I'm sure your let us
[42:23] know where to put them ok thank you well
[42:29] we have a seat bowling
[42:35] do you think they'll go 75 percent
[42:37] support honestly the pecan communities
[42:40] we knew especially multi PA and it dies
[42:42] very quickly people don't want to risk
[42:43] like 100 properties in the world mostly
[42:46] that's a lot of money in game like if
[42:47] you're a more eager very last it
[42:49] actually made teams want to go out it
[42:50] does take expensive gear they still
[42:52] fight it makes the world a little bit
[42:53] more volume we could almost certainly
[42:56] implement the code for them and obtain a
[42:59] graphic for them if they if enough the
[43:02] people wanted them
[43:12] is there any plans to expand high-level
[43:16] would playing we actually pitched a few
[43:20] in the artisan skill blog and although
[43:23] it didn't pass we've got all those ideas
[43:26] still knocking about and could dig them
[43:27] out again separately from the skill idea
[43:29] so um yeah we could have a lot more wood
[43:31] up there and we've also do yes and we
[43:35] can also do them other possible updates
[43:39] as well if you had something different
[43:40] in mind rather than just different kinds
[43:41] of tree to chop different trees of
[43:44] course might imply you know more bows
[43:46] and things like that which they don't
[43:50] have to but if you want something else
[43:52] entirely like something in the sawmill
[43:54] for example or something like the
[43:56] artisans workshop was for smithing then
[43:58] by all means that there's no more
[44:00] details of what you had in mind but yeah
[44:02] I do believe quite strongly and fleshing
[44:04] up the skills all the way to the top
[44:05] we've been doing it gradually with
[44:07] Slayer but some hunter and is the one
[44:11] that really springs out to me it's
[44:12] needing it woodcutting also though what
[44:17] about making IVs it f king isn't all
[44:25] that popular as a game mechanic and I'm
[44:28] loath to introduce much more than we
[44:30] already have okay one last question
[44:33] before we in this session
[44:45] mission for old school like turtle
[44:48] twitch integration for like when we
[44:53] talked about twitch integration for rs3
[44:55] I did ask the guys if it's possible to
[44:56] get it for old school and there are
[44:58] certain rules that twitch when when you
[45:01] when you're trying to Duke which
[45:01] integration twitch send you a list of
[45:03] things that you're expected to comply
[45:05] with some of those things weren't
[45:07] possible for old school so we did look
[45:09] at get an imposter look again in those
[45:11] features some from engine some from web
[45:13] but again getting any time for the web
[45:14] team is very very difficult and whilst
[45:16] obviously managed it we'd probably go
[45:18] and now we'd enter at the bottom of the
[45:19] list it would take while while but I'd
[45:21] certainly like to have something like
[45:22] that for old school for sure I believe
[45:24] the webcam was a particular problem we
[45:26] yeah we do have to enable web cams for
[45:28] you unfortunately but even if you choose
[45:30] not to use it which was a particular
[45:32] problem for even runescape 3 so I think
[45:34] with us especially with we've got engine
[45:37] dev now but at the time we were talking
[45:38] about it it just wouldn't have been
[45:39] possible for us right really sorry guys
[45:43] but we've run out of time thank you for
[45:45] coming for a brilliant session give it
[45:47] up