Transcript of RuneFest 2014: Meet the Makers - Lore

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] new sessions thanks for coming to a
[00:05] meter maker session today or this
[00:08] session to session we're going to talk
[00:09] about the law of runescape so please
[00:12] welcome the guardians of the law no
[00:19] right guys could you introduce yourself
[00:25] say you are we do and then we stop with
[00:28] a few questions yeah sure i'm mod KOC
[00:31] i'm one of the QA testers some of the
[00:34] more recent law induced things include
[00:37] mighty fall as a recent one Marge wrap
[00:40] memories I also worked on stuff like
[00:42] harbingers of tasker lots of stuff
[00:44] railing all over the place they met the
[00:49] sign for you I'm mod of brawn hello
[00:51] hello I'm the real senior narrative
[00:54] designer models point does nothing so I
[00:56] pulled his strings yeah i'm mod Raven
[01:01] content developer and creator of
[01:04] horribly obnoxious titles I've worked on
[01:08] frantic sagas one of a kind and thing
[01:13] request that I think people know about
[01:14] now oh yeah yeah and i'm working on a
[01:17] question the moment but yeah I'm wats to
[01:21] senior content developer I have been
[01:23] working at jagex for eight years I have
[01:26] worked quite a few quests the death of
[01:28] silvery the brink of extinction a shadow
[01:30] of ashdale I helped out with legs and a
[01:32] little bit earlier in the year and at
[01:35] the moment I am helping out with the elf
[01:37] City betch to working on the heaven and
[01:39] earth or clans thank you so who would
[01:43] like to start with the first question
[01:45] yeah gone are we going to be eating
[01:50] independent quest lines for each of the
[01:52] elf clans leading up to a grand master
[01:56] quest knots an outfit that's Adele full
[01:59] question when I course for me
[02:01] good wife say I'm yes so in terms of the
[02:06] the elves I think that the fought
[02:08] stories that will follow immediately
[02:09] like when I say immediately you know in
[02:12] runescape terms which means in seven or
[02:14] ten years time is though I'd really like
[02:17] to do more with sarin first I hope you
[02:20] don't mind I mean that makes it
[02:21] obviously very sick ng but sarin is in
[02:25] an unfortunate state right now I don't
[02:27] want to keep her like that you know she
[02:29] could serves more so how that happens
[02:33] whether that's a world event whether or
[02:34] not that sequest the vent I think we
[02:36] would do first but I really like the
[02:37] idea of exploring each individual clan
[02:38] is there any clan in particular you were
[02:40] looking for not really no uh just
[02:44] because of skilling why's that your own
[02:45] I identify with the skills that they
[02:47] yeah you see yourself as an automaton
[02:50] yeah awesome ok I hope the answers your
[02:54] question next question right the back
[03:02] here right hi if sarren engages in a war
[03:15] like Sarah dolmens Sam racks banner
[03:18] senora del and if she falls will he
[03:20] openly fall yes
[03:29] and it will be a slow drawn-out painful
[03:33] process there are certain gods that we
[03:40] have determined a kind of sick page in
[03:42] terms of fighting each other fighting
[03:44] the stone of jazz being in world events
[03:45] generally kind of punching each other in
[03:47] the face sarin isn't one of them and so
[03:50] straight enough neither's arrows we have
[03:52] bigger plans bigger arms yes going next
[03:59] is there here we go a question over the
[04:04] side my question is with the death of
[04:09] gothics how will this affect am Sarah on
[04:12] para tab as an interest in one I don't
[04:17] imagine she's currently aware of it
[04:20] because the state should is that she's
[04:22] in if we do ever return her back to that
[04:24] statement they'll definitely going to
[04:26] have a big impact on their emotionally I
[04:27] think just because of she's very
[04:31] emotional as opposed to Cyrus is logical
[04:33] mind so I don't really know where we're
[04:36] going to go with that go on yes so she
[04:43] isn't fully aware i know i'm doing a yes
[04:45] Oh been around you too long and she
[04:50] isn't fully aware of the death of guthix
[04:51] um but she gets at she gets kind of
[04:54] glimpses of a particularly you sir
[04:56] tonight another she goes wait that
[04:57] reminds me of so we've kind of implied
[05:01] there was a very close relationship
[05:02] between sarin and gothics which we might
[05:05] explore a bit later but I think it
[05:08] suffice to say she would be particularly
[05:10] heartbroken when she gets back together
[05:13] and then burnt that you know he's gone
[05:15] completely for our haha and also because
[05:18] when they left they I'm sorry when they
[05:20] left each other as it were when they
[05:22] kind of said goodbye to each other it
[05:24] wasn't the best of meetings so very sad
[05:27] meeting so that's obviously going to
[05:28] make it quite poignant go on who's got a
[05:31] question just put in the front row here
[05:35] will there any of them soon be any
[05:38] storylines dying sarin and zeros up to
[05:41] the Elder Gods I need something that we
[05:48] will be exploring in the future it isn't
[05:51] in the zone the quest i'm working on a
[05:54] moment is the elder gold quest which is
[05:56] the first of the series which i think
[05:58] everyone knows about because it was a
[05:59] plier path the players pol it doesn't
[06:01] features are our source errand in a yet
[06:03] but we will explore in the future at
[06:05] some point it just not immediately all
[06:08] right yeah just remember that we're
[06:09] coming in kind of entry level on each of
[06:12] these three lines i think a lot of the
[06:13] feedback and we're not talk to you guys
[06:15] as well you don't want us to suddenly
[06:17] jump in at the deep end and meet an
[06:18] elder god you don't want to suddenly
[06:20] start you know beating up on dragon kin
[06:22] immediately it seems like you want us to
[06:24] take a little bit more time and that's
[06:26] something that's kind of come very
[06:27] recently and so if we got straight into
[06:29] a sarin and sour sibling rivalry i think
[06:33] you would all tell us all to slow down
[06:35] and what hell are you doing so we're
[06:37] building and there's kind of a long term
[06:39] plan but obviously player power puts us
[06:41] in with different directions you know we
[06:43] go you might come up with ideas and
[06:45] quest lines do you want us to do you
[06:47] that will send us off completely
[06:48] different directions hear me okay and
[07:01] with saran sarin and gothics in a very
[07:05] intimate close relationship is there a
[07:07] possibility that when saran could have
[07:09] ended up getting pregnant with like
[07:10] ethics of hey babe I thought I don't
[07:16] think so just because of the the being
[07:18] that she is I think sarah hands are also
[07:21] a bit misunderstood just because that
[07:23] shown as being so masculine and feminine
[07:25] they're very unique creatures fruit
[07:30] basket
[07:31] so when mod Marco made it to me and we
[07:34] were talking about the world event at
[07:36] the notion of my identity remember the
[07:38] last wing fest I was talking about sarin
[07:40] being world event imagine if you were
[07:41] all gathering together pieces of hair
[07:42] and rebuilding her and maybe that would
[07:44] be a novice like waves his first thing
[07:47] that he said was oh yeah and she could
[07:49] be pregnant you can find out will you
[07:51] please all together I'll be like a kind
[07:53] of baby shard or something in his eye no
[07:55] stop oh this is horrible so um if it was
[08:00] in mud marks hands definitely be having
[08:03] a sarin gothics love child but we have
[08:06] something else we want to do there
[08:07] there's um something that kind of
[08:09] represents their relationship that has
[08:11] happened but I I don't know I'm getting
[08:14] very bad at keeping things to myself so
[08:16] I'm going to keep it there that's all
[08:17] right I'm sorry hello Hey okay in the
[08:28] player impact player and half the Ori
[08:32] there's the second plan with you
[08:35] musicals invalid what planet is it you
[08:40] hit a question you'll see it was a
[08:42] review question
[08:49] let me hear my weinerman different so
[08:52] the actual solar system that Gila nose
[08:54] in hasn't really been explored we've
[08:56] said that is an heiress is the moon of
[08:58] Gillan or that beyond that I think we
[09:01] said Cassie's probably the closest place
[09:03] we've actually been to and perhaps ubs
[09:07] beyond that and then everything else is
[09:08] really far away and requires the
[09:09] WorldGate to get to what about the land
[09:11] of snow and of snow how disappointed
[09:15] would you believe that second planet was
[09:16] the land of snow what are you sailing in
[09:22] the first place you go will be so
[09:24] disappointed so and the plane on map is
[09:28] something that's only just become really
[09:30] important to us so we were sat down and
[09:32] determining basically for fate of the
[09:34] gods and how the old gods worked because
[09:37] obviously other gods are very important
[09:38] effect of the gods and we determined
[09:40] that there was a planar map and this was
[09:43] because the older gods took a certain
[09:46] method a certain path to creating no art
[09:48] and so that meant that there were
[09:49] certain ones that were closer to us
[09:51] certain younger worlds because we are
[09:52] the youngest world killin all that is
[09:54] then that is so I think that when poh
[09:59] was created that was way before we
[10:01] determined that were you're playing a
[10:02] map I think we need to get on that is
[10:03] basically what I'm saying Landis noez
[10:10] okay sorry yeah actually my question
[10:15] ties in quite nicely with the planar
[10:17] theory um okay so i was there was a
[10:20] better mention earlier about FB our
[10:22] spaces the voyager is the abyss i was
[10:24] hide this in conversation and and Jack
[10:26] Jack's opinion was that the ideas that
[10:28] take a metaphorical approach with your
[10:30] best in that so there's a space around
[10:34] every planet like for example designers
[10:36] would come under gellan origin area so
[10:38] and then if you go beyond that rather
[10:40] than coming to our space you would come
[10:42] to the abyss but my question is how
[10:46] would you explain me a base in regards
[10:48] to if it's not a bit okay there's not
[10:50] literally everything and everything so
[10:51] if you were to pass through the abyss
[10:53] you go in a straight line cook you from
[10:56] for example from Dell
[10:57] you could go in a straight line could
[10:59] you come to another planet does it work
[11:02] does it work like that let me tell you a
[11:05] story so imagine that I mean so there's
[11:09] something akin to a solar system as
[11:12] we've said there's given or listen RS
[11:14] let's land of slang all in this kind of
[11:17] bubble as this is one of our solar
[11:19] system's around that we have the abyss
[11:21] and now the abyss forms are kind of a
[11:24] sponge enero bubble or a switch cheese
[11:27] or something else that's got two bubbles
[11:29] in it and we have a very definite notion
[11:33] of what this abyss is the service is
[11:35] very important and it relates through
[11:37] the Elder Gods this is something you
[11:39] want to tell you more about in future a
[11:40] Bissell quest content and around and if
[11:44] you as you say if you went in a straight
[11:46] line from Gillan all and you went off in
[11:49] a different direction it may be that you
[11:51] hit another one of these bubbles another
[11:53] solar system within which you might find
[11:55] I don't know him it's lovely what's your
[11:58] solar system from one of a kind iya iya
[12:02] see might come across i er if you went
[12:03] to one particular direction which was in
[12:06] a large bubble so they couldn't see you
[12:08] know other planets or there were even
[12:10] stars perhaps in that area so yeah it's
[12:13] it's the best is a giant kind of coral
[12:17] of stuff really quite interesting place
[12:19] that we're going to deal Ward more in
[12:20] for a person under stiff neck amount of
[12:22] points someone said um he said he's
[12:25] close to going on yes with that mean a
[12:27] burn-up would also be close to Gillan or
[12:29] because our module mentioned KFC was
[12:32] right beside a burner and missing
[12:36] presumed dead would that be fair to see
[12:37] as fantastically remembered and has a
[12:39] really impressive so I believe that a
[12:42] burner is relatively new yeah and it's
[12:45] in different oh okay um so I think
[12:51] Albert a burner is comparatively nearby
[12:54] to Cathy but it's not it's not in part
[12:58] that the same kind of system yeah we've
[13:00] got classifications Vanessa me it's not
[13:02] in the same classification no it'sit's
[13:05] yeah it's also the abyss is a weird special
[13:07] case anyway cuz it's kind of gone
[13:09] that's a great sound effect there it's
[13:12] because it's exploded into various
[13:15] differences of shattered bits of it so
[13:17] it's in it's a bit of a weird planet it
[13:20] also has other reasons why it's a bit
[13:22] weirder but that's if we ever do the
[13:24] quest so with the recent I with the
[13:35] recent addition of being able to choose
[13:38] sides with God's and able to act against
[13:40] God's now that with the possibility of
[13:43] sarum a turning or once she does return
[13:46] Willie for curiosity's sake it will be
[13:48] possible to act against her from then
[13:51] onward that's up to you really but I
[13:56] would imagine that like zeroes that'll
[13:59] probably won't be one of those ones
[14:00] where we don't necessarily give a choice
[14:02] I think the majority would want to put
[14:04] seront out together i I can't
[14:07] immediately imagine that being a desire
[14:10] for enough people would be worthwhile to
[14:12] have a meaningful choice there I think
[14:14] it's better to stick to one linear
[14:16] solution that is going to impact the
[14:19] elves on a larger scale so you've hit
[14:24] upon one of the difficulties of doing
[14:25] narrative design in the sixth page yeah
[14:27] it's a real kind of some people wanting
[14:31] cyber tamarac some people don't want to
[14:33] but we decided to do is create a number
[14:35] of entities that were not side with a
[14:37] ball silica is one of them we decided
[14:39] but that's not a person that's good
[14:41] continuous antagonist somebody will
[14:43] always fight against the problem is some
[14:45] people are looking at this game going
[14:46] that cook that guy's a dude on a side
[14:49] with that guys like the Joker is awesome
[14:51] so remote put some delicate inflections
[14:53] in their but and you can imagine the
[14:55] trouble with something like the samurai
[14:57] christ quest which ops you wanna poll
[14:58] recently in that it's going to be very
[15:01] difficult to put in something that will
[15:03] allow you to fight for zamorak or
[15:05] against them in a heist format so we've
[15:08] talked over a number of things and so
[15:10] this is just to give you an example of
[15:11] how the set of this errand bless my work
[15:13] but I don't know if you've seen Charlie
[15:15] in the Chocolate Factory I like using
[15:17] this analogy a little bent right at the
[15:19] start Charlie's approached by somebody
[15:21] an old man who whispered into his ear
[15:23] and says you know once you've been
[15:25] through the factory if you could steal
[15:26] some of the secrets and I pass it on to
[15:28] us then we'll give you millions of
[15:29] millions of dollars millions of pounds
[15:32] and so it's that kind of Willy Wonka
[15:34] choice somebody will approach you at the
[15:35] start and say okay but what you can do
[15:37] all of this but when it comes to that
[15:38] final moment in the quest and there's a
[15:40] Mike heist then you could portray him
[15:42] and that that's the kind of thing you
[15:44] can do without completely changing the
[15:47] makeup of the quest so we'll be using
[15:49] things like that and I'm no doubt you'll
[15:51] be able to do so not so beside with
[15:54] sarin or not with saying the great thing
[15:56] that that sort of thing is you can
[15:58] reflect on past past choices within your
[16:01] quest so missing presumed s was a great
[16:03] one a lot of the chat just with all the
[16:06] characters around on the Citadel it was
[16:08] very different depending on whether you
[16:10] but what side you took in world wakes
[16:13] and the world of that the first world
[16:15] event there was lots of other examples
[16:17] of that and it doesn't make a massive
[16:19] impact on the storyline but you the the
[16:21] the chat that you have with their and
[16:23] the things that you'll feel from that it
[16:26] can be very different from Player to
[16:27] Player and we've pledged faces we're
[16:30] getting better some of you've decided oh
[16:32] sorry I've obviously pointed out that
[16:34] you don't necessarily so if you you
[16:36] voted for Sarah diamond in the world
[16:37] wakes doesn't necessarily mean you're a
[16:39] sourdough minused so we are being better
[16:43] in terms of letting you change your
[16:45] choice or better articulate what you
[16:47] wanted to say them hello I have a
[16:53] question about the portal energy and
[16:55] kind of the origins of energy itself
[16:59] like there i guess it was or is able to
[17:04] draw energy from the portal but is does
[17:06] he draw water from the destination or
[17:08] just draw energy from this nation or
[17:10] like the cracks of space that the portal
[17:14] creates and if it's the latter then
[17:17] energy coming from yeah um so it's a bit
[17:24] of a tricky one this but he's more I I
[17:27] see it as he's drawing the power from
[17:29] kind of the effect of the portal the
[17:31] crack it great so when you to use a real
[17:34] world example if you look at a black
[17:36] hole black holes suck in all the sort of
[17:39] matter and those of emptiness but they
[17:41] radiate out vast quantities of energy
[17:42] the portal works in a kind of similar in
[17:46] terms of its no magic wishy-washy a
[17:49] wizard did it kind of approach but they
[17:52] draw the power from that portals and
[17:54] teleportation in runescape in general it
[17:56] a is fairly interesting we have a law
[17:59] that goes with it that kind of explains
[18:01] how it works and how it works has a kind
[18:03] of impact and the grander scale of
[18:05] things as well if you think about it
[18:06] carefully so we'll be looking more of an
[18:10] yeah super I've lost what I was saying
[18:12] so it's drawing kinda from the
[18:15] connection between worlds and kind of
[18:18] passage through them really if that
[18:20] makes any sense and with um kind of the
[18:23] research of magic it's not something
[18:25] that we're going to give on give up on
[18:26] and the spell crafting quest was we're
[18:29] up for a poll recently and we love the
[18:30] idea the idea of meeting somebody who
[18:33] had created the bones to peaches spell
[18:35] and asking what what are you thinking
[18:38] just like there are entities behind each
[18:40] spouse we're going to do more of that
[18:41] you know I can imaginary am being behind
[18:43] that and I think it's fair to say be
[18:44] able to God quests in his earlier plot
[18:46] talks about kind of researching magic
[18:48] sand and yeah whatever is behind magics
[18:51] a kind of key where teleport being a
[18:53] part of that but that's not giving too
[18:55] much away don't worry we're not spoiling
[18:56] anything promised yeah magics a real key
[19:00] element to the universe effectively the
[19:03] rune spawns a great example of just raw
[19:05] magical enemy which is energy which is
[19:06] just flying around and yeah drawing it
[19:09] from there and forcing into runes and
[19:12] you know just generally it's a core
[19:16] element that we're going to look at a
[19:17] lot more in future as you can imagine
[19:19] runescape was when it first started
[19:22] what's not necessarily didn't have
[19:24] didn't necessarily have a story for the
[19:25] teleport magic that was coming on and
[19:27] it's one of those things it's great fun
[19:29] as a narrative designer to look at all
[19:31] of these things and just kind of draw
[19:32] them all together see if we can get a
[19:33] story down there so if we get everything
[19:34] the correlates interrelate to me and and
[19:38] that might mean that the occasional
[19:40] thing contradicts and we might do
[19:42] something about that but it's always
[19:43] it's always a difficulty of a narrative
[19:45] design so when you say that Gilliland
[19:52] all is the perfect world so how much do
[19:55] you mean by that so is it like just the
[19:57] planet or is it like the solar system or
[20:00] like the whole universe so you want to
[20:05] know the secret of life the universe and
[20:07] everything I have an on-set it may be
[20:11] two numbers okay given always the
[20:16] perfect world in the sense that it was
[20:19] ideal optimal for something to happen
[20:23] this is tied into question pillar
[20:25] storylines that you'll learn more about
[20:28] but ultimately it had the ability to
[20:34] produce an overflowing anima Mundi I
[20:36] think is probably the best way of
[20:37] answering that and that anima Mundi is
[20:40] the life force of the world then will
[20:42] become more and more important as the
[20:43] stories go on is yet another one of
[20:45] those questions or can you please wait
[20:46] I'm sorry yeah divination zakiya a key
[20:55] tie into that which will have to explore
[20:57] more in future there yeah the energy of
[21:01] the world the animal munbe generally is
[21:02] is the lifeblood of the world and that's
[21:06] really why it's the perfect world is it
[21:08] certainly has the most dunham um be of
[21:09] any planet in the universe at this time
[21:11] so much got juice everywhere also
[21:15] related to the Elder God quests
[21:18] we have first the research quest will
[21:23] the other quests involve researching as
[21:26] well because you have to find the other
[21:27] box and in yeah how much research will
[21:34] there be and how big will the impact be
[21:37] when the Elder Gods wake that's a bit
[21:41] well the impact when the other gods wake
[21:43] will be a very big impact yeah before
[21:49] that though I mean the first Elder God
[21:51] quest is we saying it's a research West
[21:53] but it's more what players asked for
[21:55] when we did the part of the players for
[21:57] the first quest was not so much a telus
[21:58] taletellers so much as a sort of seed
[22:01] the Elder God ideas sort of get the some
[22:04] of the information out there get sort of
[22:05] begin molding it so the Elder Gods are
[22:08] actually almost secondary to the first
[22:10] of the Elder God quests we have another
[22:12] story line going through it which makes
[22:14] me laugh a lot but I had to not do what
[22:16] was going to do but certainly as it goes
[22:20] on we're going to learn more ice I
[22:23] imagine we'll do a couple more research
[22:25] ones just to be more aware like fully of
[22:28] what they are but then I think it's
[22:29] going to cut off the big sort of action
[22:30] things that we have planned yeah I'm
[22:34] sorry I interrupted you well it also
[22:37] wolf the others as you just mentioned
[22:39] the link between the Elder Gods and the
[22:43] others the others oh I with your best
[22:47] sorry I do apologize so um the abyss is
[22:52] something that is tied equally to the
[22:55] older god storyline and the dragonkin
[22:57] actually both of those pillars are going
[22:59] to have ramifications what the abyss is
[23:02] totally far more because it's far more
[23:03] importantly you probably think and yeah
[23:07] they'll feature heavily and you'll
[23:08] hopefully get to go there and again
[23:11] another hopefully as a footnote it'll be
[23:13] graphically we worked we separated it
[23:19] Abbas storyline yeah the other go so I
[23:23] wouldn't necessarily think that isn't a
[23:24] bit storyline it's more a case of the
[23:26] abyss will be a almost the character is
[23:29] probably the best way of putting on is
[23:31] the character in both dragonkin and
[23:32] elder good storage items so it may well
[23:35] feature in so and as mr. Raven said it
[23:40] may well be that we do set couple of
[23:41] research I'd like to talk to you guys a
[23:43] bit more about that but then once we
[23:45] talk to you and we're going to see full
[23:46] and thick and when maybe one of those
[23:49] stories those individual Elder Gods
[23:51] stories will take us into the abyss
[24:03] because shibe over this one the mess you
[24:10] on no that's a very good question I can
[24:12] completely understand so with the with
[24:15] the movement from the 52 the sixth age
[24:16] we wanted the sixth age to be playable
[24:20] by a great number of people we can want
[24:23] the six age to being as exclusive as the
[24:24] other city because simply put we
[24:27] couldn't justify all of the resources
[24:29] that would go into that so all of these
[24:31] stories we wanted to tell to meet gothic
[24:33] six hours to meet zamorak you would
[24:35] never be able to do those unless they
[24:37] were at the end of a monolithic west
[24:39] line we'd be able to get one of those
[24:41] out once every three years perhaps maybe
[24:43] you'd argue that that's what you want it
[24:44] so what we've done is and I wanted to
[24:48] kind of move from the 5th to the sixth
[24:51] age and instead of having some kind of
[24:52] narrative can see your time traveling or
[24:55] its amnesia or something like this I
[24:57] wanted to kind of respect you as players
[24:59] that you could just kind of make that
[25:02] mental switch from fifth to sixth age
[25:04] with certain quests but we haven't done
[25:06] and what we have failed with selling on
[25:08] my part because it's just about getting
[25:09] the amount of time to do it it's
[25:11] signposting letting players know which
[25:12] of these quests are fifth age which
[25:14] quest do lead narrative Lea and Cory to
[25:17] the sixth age and that's somewhere where
[25:19] we felt it fell a little bit behind I
[25:21] think just in that kind of constant mana
[25:22] juggernaut of trying to put more and
[25:24] more
[25:25] out there for you it's kind of got a
[25:27] little bit forgotten and I would like to
[25:28] do more of that I went to st.
[25:30] necessarily we failed I think that you
[25:31] just have to look at the interest in the
[25:33] sixth page and then what the stories
[25:34] that we can tell with the sick page
[25:35] content and there's a lot of
[25:37] continuation press that we haven't
[25:38] forgotten about either so I'm just
[25:40] hoping that in the future the balance
[25:42] that we've struck will be better for you
[25:44] and you won't feel like we've messed up
[26:03] yeah there's a lot of reaction to that
[26:05] as a as a implementation as well the
[26:08] people didn't like that implementation
[26:10] either but I think what this has done is
[26:13] it means that we can we have been able
[26:15] to accelerate quicker being able to
[26:17] accelerate to the point where we can do
[26:18] world events and we skip three can
[26:20] really you know when it first came out
[26:22] but really feel like a new experience
[26:23] for people who are coming there so i
[26:25] apologize obviously then it wasn't quite
[26:27] as successfully it out as you want it
[26:29] but I'm hoping you're still engaging
[26:31] with in liking all of the sick dataquest
[26:32] cool all right next question please okay
[26:37] yeah
[26:40] over here oh hello hello so I don't have
[26:45] to look like yellow with a game as big
[26:47] as runescape with a lot of law in it do
[26:50] you have some kind of like handwritten
[26:53] Chronicle that has all the law in it and
[26:56] if so would it be made available to
[26:58] players to read freely because I've one
[27:00] would like to read the whole past that
[27:03] runescape in as greater detail as
[27:06] possible so that document is cool
[27:08] Gower's mind bulldozers are working
[27:14] talking low Bible when he was when he
[27:18] was with us and everything went through
[27:20] him and he had all of the kind of spider
[27:22] web content of what he wanted to do up
[27:24] there and I money left it kind of put
[27:26] together a number of documents like
[27:28] seven or eight documents on individual
[27:30] storylines very saw them going what you
[27:32] imagine the magic we're doing I imagine
[27:34] it would be like to meet certain God's a
[27:36] little bit about planar stuff but not
[27:38] quite as involved as we got it and
[27:40] ultimately no that didn't exist I don't
[27:43] know why we don't have a giant tome
[27:45] handwritten illustrated by mud Raven
[27:50] beautifully bound in leather in the skin
[27:52] over yeah skin of demons or something
[27:55] like that it should exist but now we've
[27:58] got something we've got kind of a Bible
[27:59] online on our conference on our
[28:02] documents and I'll unfortunate it's not
[28:04] very printable there's a lot of stuff
[28:06] there and it tends to be a lot of
[28:07] scratch post where other curators
[28:08] because we got curators like you are
[28:10] curated Penguins creator of the song for
[28:13] example a kind of sketching down what
[28:14] they would like those individual races
[28:16] to be doing so I'm giving a little
[28:18] feedback here and on my job is to keep
[28:21] an eye on all of those make sure there's
[28:22] a core storyline which is my basically
[28:24] six age that ties together all of those
[28:26] terms of putting something out there
[28:27] that'd be awesome I still want to do the
[28:29] planar map that's going to come soon
[28:31] I've got the tears of their major actors
[28:32] well ready to go out on side and edited
[28:35] it a little bit so they'll be they'll be
[28:37] more stuff and we've got another Lauren
[28:38] histories involving krez know if you
[28:41] know where's so they'll be more
[28:42] detailing without CRA's and his life
[28:44] during the Third Age
[28:47] I think the best I think one of the best
[28:52] things about it is we put so much
[28:53] feedback in from all of the teams so
[28:56] everybody if they find a clash with
[28:58] anything or they think there's something
[29:00] could go better throw it in there and of
[29:03] course when it gets to QA we spot
[29:04] anything this out of place or just
[29:07] totally clashes with something else we
[29:09] can raise it then and everything
[29:10] generally because it's going through
[29:12] enough people will catch everything
[29:13] anyway yeah it's an evolving story the
[29:19] great majority of it is within models
[29:22] bones head we did it kind of transplant
[29:24] and transferred various parts of pork
[29:28] hours brain into yours hopefully you
[29:30] will live forever fortunately elves are
[29:32] quite known for their longevity so as
[29:35] long as you stick around with all that
[29:36] continue that story but it is something
[29:38] that's evolving with each update that we
[29:41] release and we didn't I those elements
[29:44] together and you have a commendable job
[29:45] of making all that work hello well that
[29:52] will the mighty fall be the only
[29:53] question as a dedicated wholly to the
[29:56] Benghazi and culture or will like the
[29:58] sort of like meeting history solar quest
[29:59] will you go back in time and then you
[30:01] know some of them eat more sort of
[30:04] Andorian characters and it's certainly
[30:09] not on the cards right now but there's
[30:12] nothing to say we can't go more into it
[30:13] we put a bit more backstory on Zara door
[30:16] at the end of the quest certainly races
[30:19] we haven't gone into in great detail
[30:21] like ogres and we've got my yoga Zork
[30:23] sorry little bit in the fair requests
[30:26] there's the hanging around the Gulf Wars
[30:28] dungeons okay so I'm going to reveal
[30:31] something so that a lot the time we
[30:35] obviously brainstorming and we're kind
[30:37] of coming up with things that we want to
[30:38] do and one of those things that keeps
[30:39] coming up over and over again is the
[30:41] idea of God sagas the notion of hopping
[30:44] into the bodies of God's finding out
[30:46] their origin stories to use Marvel and
[30:49] DC s overused term so the notion of what
[30:53] it would be like to see
[30:55] the becoming of zamorak from his
[30:56] perspective or from a band of succumbing
[30:59] to ascending to godhood through his eyes
[31:02] is something that we were all really
[31:04] interested in yeah so I wouldn't be
[31:07] surprised if we go in that direction at
[31:09] some point in the future too basically
[31:10] I'm just trying to get you to petition
[31:11] me to do it so I can actually do it so
[31:22] I'm sorry so on the know of their elder
[31:25] gods in the first quarter first
[31:27] versatile be involved in a lot of long
[31:29] players can already does it show their
[31:31] allegiance with the gods through right
[31:33] through items and is there any will it
[31:36] really be any way for players to treviso
[31:38] align with the different elements or are
[31:40] they more ethereal or are they something
[31:43] that the adventure the adventurers can
[31:46] only sort of aspire to so they can say
[31:48] say with title without be awaited to
[31:52] align with different Lt Col ok so the
[31:56] sort of what we call the transcendence
[31:57] gods which of the gods like zamorak
[31:59] bandos etc are relatable there they have
[32:03] personnel so you can understand their
[32:04] kind of human ish in nature the Elder
[32:07] Gods are utterly utterly alien things I
[32:11] mean you just need to look at man how
[32:13] little she considers anything to see how
[32:16] the the Elder Gods kind of think what's
[32:19] the player could certainly say hey I
[32:20] support full full wouldn't even
[32:23] acknowledge your existence oh yeah it's
[32:26] like slits k and r alonia that you get
[32:28] sit there going look at me look at me
[32:29] and they over God gun nope so the yeah
[32:34] the Elder Gods are two alien a kind of
[32:37] concept whaley in a set of beings to
[32:40] really kind of relate to it will be up
[32:43] to the prior to say to themselves that
[32:45] they would be I we might do things like
[32:47] like titles or something maybe but I
[32:50] don't think we're going to let you
[32:52] choose kind of an elder gold as a
[32:53] faction because they're just too bizarre
[32:55] so I don't get my stoner jazz hat
[32:59] danette oh I forgot what I was going to
[33:02] steal the microphone awfully
[33:04] I was too busy with my stone of jazz hat
[33:06] jazz hands oh yes I'm so Bo need so the
[33:17] older gods haven't encountered life
[33:19] particularly often nothing as best way
[33:22] of putting it and the one time that
[33:24] we've got of them kind of a record of
[33:26] them meeting life was the dragon kin and
[33:29] you saw what they did to the dragon can
[33:31] so you can only tied to the stone of
[33:35] jazz if you want by imagine you don't
[33:41] for zamorak will he be making a power
[33:45] play in the sixth age to try and kind of
[33:48] hedge his bet with the heist like will
[33:50] he send his black nice to try and take
[33:51] over paladin or something like that I'm
[33:54] not sure what we're gonna do with domick
[33:56] in that regard it's certainly going to
[33:58] be a big point in the upcoming quest and
[34:01] we're definitely going to do a lot with
[34:02] him in regards to taking territory and
[34:05] things I don't think we can do that
[34:07] without doing a big world event I'm not
[34:09] sure it's particularly within his sort
[34:11] of aims to do that anyway I mean you
[34:15] guys are working on the grass down here
[34:16] just just starting to kick up on it now
[34:18] that halloween quest is kind of starting
[34:21] to wrap up the at the moment zamorak has
[34:25] been embarrassed he has been chained
[34:27] with a battle of lumbridge his modus
[34:32] operandi is is kind of been to take a
[34:35] power and use it in such a way that
[34:39] those who deserve power can have it they
[34:41] keep it so he's thoroughly ashamed and
[34:45] his his priority right now is to get
[34:47] that power back and I think the samurai
[34:51] Christ will be his opportunity and he
[34:53] will grab it and he will take it and
[34:54] it's just up to you about whether or not
[34:57] you help him to do that
[35:04] so the six age has been great the gods
[35:06] are really good fun but where are you
[35:10] hiding Drakon and when can we have him
[35:12] back ah Madonna really should be here I
[35:17] feel horrible talking about the my
[35:19] request without my Donna and I reckon
[35:22] Madonna asks me roughly once a week
[35:24] whether or not you can do in my rec
[35:26] eQuest so we try to get a variety in
[35:30] every year so we sit there and look at
[35:31] already scheduled and we go by offering
[35:34] it we need a kind of a mix of things
[35:36] that includes a 6-h quest that includes
[35:39] a continuation quest that includes you
[35:41] know the word weird ones like to enter
[35:43] the quest that we just have to do you
[35:45] know are we going to do some Halloween
[35:46] stuff we want to drop in some polled
[35:49] things and so obviously that means there
[35:51] is a sore foot continuation quest next
[35:52] year at the very least at least one slot
[35:54] I would argue that there should be more
[35:56] in terms of what that that should be if
[36:00] I was the vote and I think if a lot of
[36:01] the runescape staff would vote it would
[36:03] be a vampire quest the there are some
[36:07] who would say 461 which I'm also quite
[36:08] interested in I must admit but with that
[36:12] one and what we keep on doing and I'm
[36:15] going to I'm going to blame everybody
[36:17] apart from me here is that we keep on
[36:19] ending quest lines where the next quest
[36:21] has to open up a new city and really you
[36:25] have to go into Castle joke on you have
[36:26] to and so with my request so um I think
[36:30] we can do that I don't necessarily think
[36:31] that has to be crazy expensive i don't
[36:33] thing has to be in the elf city in the
[36:34] middle of course would recover but i
[36:36] would love to do that and and there's
[36:40] going to be talks today about how you
[36:42] will have more power entire power and
[36:45] how you will have the ability to pitch
[36:46] more things like this cool thanks up
[36:49] vote metaphors men of us with just as
[36:59] for a clarification it's been said that
[37:02] in the previous cycle there have been
[37:05] several different mortal races that the
[37:08] Elder Gods first recognized a tan
[37:10] been said that there hasn't been and
[37:12] like with one-of-a-kind the echo Jess
[37:15] recognizes you as an accidental being of
[37:19] creation meaning they must have met life
[37:22] mortal life at some point so was the
[37:25] last cycle like when ma was supposedly
[37:29] malformed into this cycle was the last
[37:32] cycle the exact time where there were
[37:35] the most mortal species for the Elder
[37:37] Gods to be able to recognize something
[37:39] was wrong um so I think what tavern
[37:42] there is this man a faint sort of
[37:44] misunderstanding of what it what the
[37:47] echo of jazz meant when it said
[37:51] accidental being of creation because
[37:54] they have encountered like all they
[37:56] encounter the dragon kin before and the
[37:58] dragon kin were as far as they're
[37:59] concerned accidental you know beings of
[38:01] creation and the Elder Gods just lump
[38:03] all life in is the same thing it doesn't
[38:06] if you look at the sleepers the statues
[38:09] they you can tell them you're a dragon
[38:10] kin and they go oh okay because they
[38:13] don't see a difference Elder Gods don't
[38:15] see a difference so there haven't been I
[38:17] mean there have been more braces that no
[38:19] longer exists but I haven't been you
[38:20] know countless bunch of them in the
[38:22] previous incarnation it's just that it
[38:24] acknowledges you as as a life form that
[38:28] it didn't create that it isn't part of
[38:30] the plan of the Elder Gods and this will
[38:33] be the same for any life form that it
[38:35] comes across so i think really now is
[38:37] probably the time whether the most races
[38:40] i think definitely yeah I'll have a go
[38:42] about it also raises the interesting
[38:45] point of whether or not the Elder Gods
[38:46] remember previous cycles as you call it
[38:50] if that is the case then why do they
[38:53] start building rubbish planets first so
[38:57] there's that there's a number of
[38:59] questions here don't worry we do have
[39:01] answers for them
[39:04] sorry that was it sorry calling friends
[39:10] that's it how I know I don't know if
[39:12] he's gonna answer this or no we know we
[39:13] we have not working from my plagues and
[39:15] that elves used originally went for
[39:17] decades and sir Ian's magic placing them
[39:20] restore gave them stay centuries how
[39:22] long do Ellsworth for kanika can you
[39:24] give an estimate on that why is there
[39:26] because there was confusion about
[39:27] whether or what they were once a more
[39:28] alert they could work for thousands of
[39:30] years earth is now only a few hundred
[39:31] years his resident idea of how long the
[39:34] average elf can live for how long and
[39:36] every significant well the original
[39:43] prettiness was sec end of second age was
[39:47] exhaled and later lady trehearne has
[39:50] lived at least that long so we're
[39:52] talking well well she wit with the
[39:55] fringe she's a fringe case okay but none
[39:58] of the other health leaders lasted that
[39:59] long so late Shahan is the extreme case
[40:02] and she's lived for the cob wars which
[40:04] of three thousand years four thousand
[40:07] second age was 240 sorry was 2000 so
[40:12] we're talking sort of 6,000 years there
[40:14] so probably not any longer than that
[40:17] yeah remember lady Chauhan has something
[40:20] of a life-support going on that is
[40:22] somewhat unique to her but we I think
[40:27] that again there wasn't a pattern before
[40:29] we came to it but our notion is that the
[40:33] average elf will live for centuries
[40:34] certainly perhaps into the thousands if
[40:38] they are lucky if they are you know look
[40:40] after their carbs therefore runs every
[40:43] day the lords and ladies are all fringe
[40:47] cases mostly because they each have ways
[40:48] of kind of extending their life as well
[40:50] so we have literature on being the
[40:52] extreme case but the others have ways of
[40:54] doing so Lady Mary a kind of plays
[40:58] around with potions and does weird
[41:00] cheeky business that way around and I've
[41:02] been around mod egg too long and Lady
[41:06] hyphen dissolve a kind of meditating and
[41:10] weird secret elf hearts which has
[41:11] allowed her to live longer but most
[41:13] elves don't have anywhere near as long
[41:15] as the Lord's
[41:15] yeah it's a few centuries Lord Kristen's
[41:18] opened a tree yea Lord chris's turned
[41:20] himself into a tree another I am NOT
[41:22] went well I'm going to spray plane by
[41:24] and I worth clearly do something evil
[41:35] I've been very good buy this for a long
[41:37] time when you go to the Varick museum
[41:40] there is the kudos guy and he tells you
[41:44] that after I think 100 or 150 kudos you
[41:47] could go to a certain island and there's
[41:50] archaeology stuff there will that any
[41:54] time I've been waiting for that for
[41:56] maybe not longer than alpha D with a
[41:59] long time I've been Berg really long I'm
[42:04] so sorry to make you worry I think so
[42:07] mod mares put together brought museum
[42:09] and I think what she sneakily did there
[42:13] was put in a project that she really
[42:15] wanted to work on in the future and hope
[42:17] that it will put on the release catch
[42:18] okay so what and we've got a number of
[42:21] names for this there's been kudos island
[42:24] in house we prefer the term fossil
[42:26] island and this that's no secret you
[42:30] know we've called it that multiple times
[42:31] and those certain people mod mark mod
[42:35] mares who would do it in a heartbeat but
[42:38] there are other people who think that I
[42:40] mean if you're doing a priority less
[42:41] than you've got men of phos you've got
[42:42] up Sandra Asher on there are a number of
[42:44] places that require you or really we
[42:47] feel like we we r do making them for you
[42:49] I guess but fossil Island I mean
[42:52] dinosaurs the dinosaurs and that'll be
[42:56] great what we've done is with umpire
[42:59] imports expansion three we've gone on
[43:01] forums and ostry whether or not you be
[43:02] interested in going to the line and
[43:03] violet by the ports or whether or not
[43:05] that's just the cheat whether or not you
[43:06] actually just want to go there
[43:10] ultimately I think that there may be
[43:13] things that you hear about today that
[43:15] could make this more likely but fossil
[43:20] Island unfortunately not in the near
[43:21] future I would say
[43:24] okay just a quick question you've
[43:27] dropped us with a ton of bosses these
[43:30] past months but no more linking them to
[43:32] anything virago just fell out of the sky
[43:35] a rack sir just fell out of the sky
[43:37] tusca release the arabs and just didn't
[43:41] come at all so are you planning on
[43:43] linking them to something or just
[43:45] dropping him here and not caring about
[43:47] them anymore sure Silverado has a little
[43:49] bit of chat which brings him he's we're
[43:53] certainly aware of the anima Mundi in
[43:55] the Elder Gods and how he's born but
[43:58] there is a little bit bug spray that
[44:00] we've not going to into how he's
[44:02] originally defeated with the mall of
[44:04] omens and who was who did that a rat's
[44:07] or just sort of came out as a boss we
[44:10] could essentially tie some things into
[44:12] mauritania with that is one of the few
[44:15] creatures the vampires are afraid of so
[44:17] there's a nice kind of delicate theming
[44:19] but you're right there's no your drops
[44:20] or journals sure so whether we do that
[44:24] via quests or more log drops or suchlike
[44:28] gobbles dungeon we lure drops in with
[44:31] each boss so we put a lot of the back
[44:32] story with virtus panics and tova in
[44:35] with the next drop there so there's
[44:38] potential to do it in all sorts of ways
[44:41] Veronica quest could be quite nice going
[44:43] into the backstory of the mall of omens
[44:44] and what happened there yeah all you'd
[44:46] have to do is defeat for our go slowly
[44:48] and then you go into that quest good
[44:50] luck GG um but with with tasker I said
[44:56] the harbingers of tusko was certainly
[44:57] not just dropped in I mean we didn't
[45:00] thrust us going to the world wakes for
[45:02] example just for for the giggles of it
[45:04] and we've got real plans for tuscan i
[45:07] really like the notion that because the
[45:10] the requirements that come a god don't
[45:12] necessarily mean that you have to be a
[45:13] sentient kind of intelligent life form
[45:16] can mean that a beast kappa gamma god i
[45:19] think that's really quite interesting
[45:21] and so tuska as this kind of more
[45:24] thing the thing we're really cool and
[45:27] I'm hoping that some of you my Queens
[45:30] click 2015 which is a session in Scott
[45:31] coming up yeah not be really cool go see
[45:33] it it's really good right guys I'm
[45:37] really sorry we've run out of time so
[45:39] this is our last question ok so we've
[45:43] seen samurai fkin saradomin bike we see
[45:46] in our medellín bandos we've seen
[45:49] marimbo and brassica pride what's next
[45:52] on the cards are we because Sarah
[45:54] dominant arm Adele have always been
[45:55] considered a lie so would you be going
[45:58] for a top god sort of thing I really
[46:02] like the idea of it can I mortal kombat
[46:04] just had the semi-finals now on to the
[46:07] finals fight I don't like I think you
[46:11] can overstate how much armidale and sell
[46:14] Bowman are on the same side I think
[46:16] those certain ideological principles
[46:18] that are very different between the two
[46:20] one is very very active in terms of
[46:23] trying to I don't know make the world
[46:26] safe the other one not so much yeah so I
[46:30] think that would be really quite
[46:31] interesting we have with the idea of a
[46:33] world event hasn't gone we still love
[46:35] the idea of both events if they don't
[46:37] write and I don't think that necessarily
[46:38] they have to be competitive if I don't
[46:40] think necessarily they have to be kind
[46:41] of popularity contests either I think
[46:44] there are going to be some exciting
[46:45] things for you to hear in the runescape
[46:46] 2015 session on that topic right so this
[46:51] is the end thanks guys ently you had the
[46:56] answers you were looking for obviously
[46:57] the guys are here all this afternoon for
[46:59] use throughout the day to reply to oil
[47:01] of your questions and if you you know
[47:04] need more once sir get in touch on
[47:05] Twitter your another drill next session
[47:09] will be about players vs monsters thank
[47:12] you very much for coming and see you
[47:13] soon thank you guys