Transcript of RuneFest 2013: The Big Questions

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:16] so welcome to big questions we're going
[00:19] to talk a little about some of the
[00:21] things that take place around the game
[00:24] some of the important things about how
[00:26] it's paid for how we we make some of the
[00:29] decisions about BOTS and things we've
[00:32] collected some questions from the forums
[00:34] we and we're going to have some time at
[00:37] the end for live questions from you guys
[00:38] so if you've got questions and you can
[00:41] see someone with a microphone try and
[00:43] get there I see if you can get those
[00:44] bring the microphone to you and we'll
[00:47] look at how many questions we get
[00:49] through on here and see who else we want
[00:53] so slides aren't going anywhere
[00:58] don't mind so you've had introductions
[01:00] of these guys does everyone just want to
[01:04] give us a quick rundown of what you do
[01:07] yes I start I'm mod pips or fill I'm
[01:11] loose caps executive producer that means
[01:13] I'm overall head of product and I'm more
[01:33] Jack mom I'm a game engine developer I
[01:36] also works a lot on the bot strategy
[01:38] dealing with that and that issue in
[01:39] reward trading and especially the tech
[01:41] surrounding it so that's mostly why do
[01:44] modern Mg I try to remember what I do in
[01:48] a blank every time basically these guys
[01:51] do all the hard work and I sometimes get
[01:54] credit for it unfairly I'm CEO of jagex
[01:57] and I just help help get stuff done cool
[02:02] thanks boss well boss boss
[02:05] so next so the kind of things we're
[02:10] going to talk about the kind of things
[02:12] we've got some questions on the kind of
[02:13] things we're interested in your
[02:14] questions on bonds recent big thing
[02:17] obviously Solomon's general store and
[02:20] the school of fortune are important bits
[02:23] of the game that we know opinion it's
[02:26] mixed about we can talk a little about
[02:28] bots
[02:29] I'm sure it's that's a topic on
[02:32] everyone's mind real war trading as well
[02:34] and some things related to that if they
[02:37] come up we can talk around those things
[02:39] a little so without further ado let's
[02:43] get on to some questions first one I've
[02:45] got I got a question from the forum from
[02:47] user called mardian will school a
[02:50] fortune ever be improved you'll be cool
[02:52] if yelps were in game with an actual
[02:54] will to spend and some law would you
[02:57] reckon tom to make a fortune so quite a
[03:09] lot of exciting stuff happening in there
[03:11] I don't feel like we have any strong
[03:13] desire to tie it in closely with the law
[03:14] at the moment but if we did bring you
[03:16] out into the game it would be to kill
[03:19] him gets talked about a lot actually
[03:28] if the players decide if they doesn't
[03:30] help scandal is not immortal as far as I
[03:35] know if if if yours can die if players
[03:39] decide I think we could probably guess
[03:41] that yo y'all know that we'll die
[03:45] so question from completion with the
[03:50] release of bonds what percentage of gold
[03:52] farming bots have stopped fell pips
[03:56] sorry so it's about 80% obviously that
[04:00] fluctuates day by day but that's been
[04:03] the average for the last month we were
[04:06] really happy with that obviously it was
[04:07] the reason we put that put it in I
[04:08] thought it would build over time as in
[04:10] soy erode we were trading and coal
[04:13] farming over time but it was very quick
[04:17] that we had that and it's been holding
[04:18] well as it's been holding well too so
[04:21] yeah and it's also not just about the
[04:23] bots on that front it's also about the
[04:25] other the other means they have to
[04:27] provide these gold streams coming into
[04:30] the game we've basically made it far far
[04:33] harder for them to actually inject that
[04:35] sort of gold by all the other methods
[04:36] they do have available other than bots
[04:38] so on the box ID we can also do a lot
[04:41] with our systems so actually a large
[04:44] part of what was really successful with
[04:45] bonds wasn't just the amazing impact I
[04:47] had with the 80% reduction it's also the
[04:49] next step being sort of eradicated for
[04:52] the gold farmers which you know no one's
[04:53] now even going to see so that's been
[04:55] very successful on that front to add on
[04:59] that as we were saying this is just part
[05:02] of the start of the campaign and there's
[05:05] a number of initiatives james's alluded
[05:07] to some of them there that we're working
[05:08] on in the background that really dealing
[05:11] with this now properly for the first
[05:13] timers
[05:14] yeah the results are pretty obvious cool
[05:17] did you did you want to say anything
[05:19] about any of the other problems of gold
[05:22] farmers that this effects I mean you
[05:26] mentioned the other things that they do
[05:28] beside the amount well so there are
[05:30] obviously many ways in which gold
[05:31] farmers get this gold into the game they
[05:33] hijack accounts yeah they although they
[05:36] use bots to farm they also have you know
[05:38] people paid to farm gold across many
[05:41] screens so we we found obviously bots
[05:46] for them scales very well because they
[05:47] can just turn a little BOTS however
[05:49] we've got some very sophisticated
[05:51] technology surrounding bots now which
[05:52] has been very successful so we're not so
[05:54] concerned on that
[05:55] we largely we really want to make sure
[05:57] that you know they can't simply get
[06:00] loads of guys to use all their available
[06:03] resources to do it manually the
[06:05] hijackings also prolific via fishing and
[06:09] also where the problem was cycling
[06:12] around on itself we're actually so many
[06:14] players were buying gold most of the
[06:17] time well I would say most humble large
[06:20] portion of the time they were actually
[06:22] getting hijacked a few months later when
[06:24] they when they'd bought gold all these
[06:25] gold farming sites and giving away to me
[06:27] their details either actually let
[06:29] passwords we did happen in some cases
[06:30] but also just they're too much personal
[06:32] information with their billing details
[06:34] and all this stuff of the Eagle farmers
[06:35] with intake so there's there's a whole
[06:38] remit of it of issues there which
[06:40] sponsors has done a very very good job
[06:42] of largely fixing entirely that's
[06:46] awesome
[06:46] ok slightly lighter question maybe
[06:50] question for Tom jab pit off the forums
[06:54] wants to know do you intend to consider
[06:58] player feedback for Solomon's general
[07:00] store such as suggestions on the
[07:02] Solomons General Store forum secondly
[07:09] absolutely we already do to the feedback
[07:12] I mean the forms every day I don't post
[07:15] very much but I'm reading a lot I'm
[07:16] always looking at those threads so to
[07:19] give a couple of examples right now I
[07:21] believe there's poll on the main page
[07:23] you can look at it right now I hope I
[07:25] think and that gives you a chance to
[07:27] contribute to helping us to create some
[07:30] really cool Christmas outfits for
[07:31] example because it's kind of down to you
[07:33] or do you want to see we can help make
[07:35] that happen
[07:36] another example is that we've got a
[07:38] couple of pets planned right now
[07:40] and they are basically plug as an idea
[07:44] directly from the from someone really
[07:45] wanted a pet we thought it's a great
[07:47] idea sounds really cool we can do that
[07:48] so we're doing it so it does happen it's
[07:51] gonna continue happening I'm personally
[07:53] very grateful for all the feedback and
[07:55] the sort of destructive criticism and
[07:56] all the ideas that suggested just tons
[07:57] of great stuff in the forum so keep it
[08:00] coming
[08:01] you haven't just add to that it's not
[08:05] Salomon specific or anything else but I
[08:07] think it's fair to say almost all of us
[08:09] you know continue read the forums I
[08:10] certainly do daily seldom post you know
[08:14] take a ton of takeaways from that good
[08:17] and bad use it's a great barometer for
[08:22] where sentiments Act but also where some
[08:25] of the best ideas on yeah I've just been
[08:28] asked on the floor whether we whether we
[08:31] really reading the forums and we are we
[08:33] all are some some bits are asking the
[08:37] right place obviously but we look at
[08:41] them it's good stuff so gecko robot 59
[08:45] off the forums gotta love them numbers
[08:48] with names in names with numbers in good
[08:51] love something the price of bonds
[08:55] doesn't seem to be rising as hoped
[08:58] do they still compare well to gold
[09:00] farming prices pips would you reckon so
[09:04] they were never intended to and they
[09:06] don't need to I can understand why
[09:09] people might think that I mean that's a
[09:10] fair enough assumption but we're not
[09:12] looking to directly compete with gold
[09:14] farmers that's not our business that's
[09:15] not what we want to do it's not what the
[09:17] game needs it's about not undercutting
[09:20] them but undermining them undermining
[09:22] the reason people might buy gold you
[09:24] know recoring away at the business model
[09:27] i suppose that drives small farmers and
[09:29] allows them to continue the fact that
[09:31] we've had such great success in reducing
[09:33] the amount of real-world trading an
[09:34] amount of gold coming into the game via
[09:37] these types of players I think is a
[09:38] testament to the fact that you know
[09:40] bonds don't have to compete on price and
[09:42] really the point about making bonds kind
[09:47] of putting them into the free market and
[09:48] allowing players to decide the prices is
[09:50] that reaches an equilibrium that the
[09:51] player base are happy with in general
[09:53] and as I said as we see with the good
[09:58] impact its had it's it's working yeah
[10:02] and just a point about the question it
[10:03] seems to just the typical if the price
[10:05] of a bond goes up in game that it
[10:07] undermines the gold farmers more but
[10:08] it's actually the opposite when the
[10:10] price of
[10:12] goes in game to a larger GPU value
[10:15] well that means is actually GP is worth
[10:18] more it's on the cutting the gums less
[10:20] but as Phil said it's not really an
[10:22] issue because what we look at obviously
[10:25] we're concerned about the the problem of
[10:27] your trading gold farming and that and
[10:28] that's our sort of barometer and then
[10:30] what's important is if you do an
[10:32] analysis all round of how all the
[10:33] money's flowing in the economy you can
[10:35] consider real terms values with these
[10:38] things and to make sure the GP is not
[10:41] provided the sort of level which gold
[10:44] farmers will be able to take advantage
[10:45] of so it's not as simple as a very basic
[10:48] competition between price on the golf on
[10:50] the site and price on our situs there's
[10:52] more to it than that to do with the fact
[10:55] that it's not the same product at all
[10:56] this it's actually player selling or not
[10:57] us and and it's also very different
[11:00] mechanism by which that's distributed so
[11:03] I wouldn't say that the price needs to
[11:04] be lower in terms of conversion if
[11:09] you're to look at simply a purchase it
[11:11] doesn't need to go that far and we can
[11:13] already undermine them with the whole
[11:15] ecosystem that the bonds is introduced
[11:17] because as we've already mentioned
[11:19] there's there's a big security aspect of
[11:22] course and the goal the the ball the
[11:25] bonds they're they're an in-game thing
[11:28] they're secure there that's a good way
[11:30] of doing it it's a safe way of doing it
[11:32] other ways of getting gold just don't
[11:33] compete on that front at all ever so
[11:37] another question from the same post to
[11:40] still get her about 59 more shells for
[11:42] for that name also MMG perhaps also why
[11:48] not just sue gold farmers so when we
[11:55] look at this problem we look at pretty
[11:58] much every aspect and how we're going to
[12:00] deal with it
[12:01] and where we can sue we do where we can
[12:06] undermine their business
[12:07] we will where we can you know as we've
[12:10] been doing not even pre bonds making the
[12:12] cost of their operations significant
[12:14] higher but it was a bot problem itself
[12:16] we do and the fundamental problem with
[12:21] most of the ninety nine point ninety
[12:23] percent of the Gulf farming itself is
[12:25] even its kind of based out of China or
[12:27] career and certainly for things within a
[12:30] Chinese jurisdiction effectively you
[12:33] know legally we almost have zero
[12:35] recourse there's some token things you
[12:38] can do but it's almost like a lip
[12:41] service that's a legal system pays ODEs
[12:43] yeah we don't know we don't have a
[12:45] Chinese Nexus it's really hard to get
[12:48] taken seriously by any court or anything
[12:50] else so and for them it's a very good
[12:52] source of foreign exchange so for them
[12:54] Assad probably to solve obviously it's
[12:56] from we to solve and you know bonds has
[12:58] kind of given us that real killer blow
[13:00] but yeah if if these guys were in the UK
[13:04] or North America we pretty with started
[13:07] with that first
[13:07] but they're not that's what makes it
[13:10] particularly hard and that's how we're
[13:11] to come back with pretty innovative ways
[13:13] of dealing with a real multi-pronged
[13:17] approach absolutely absolute but at the
[13:18] same time it's an ongoing thing and now
[13:20] that we've undermined their business
[13:21] more these things are add up and you can
[13:23] always consider more legal options which
[13:25] become even easier when their business
[13:27] is less viable it's obviously that's not
[13:29] something that's just gonna disappear
[13:29] obviously we always look at that
[13:32] okay moving away from bots for a moment
[13:36] mind on the forums our microtransactions
[13:40] absolutely essential to the survival of
[13:42] the game would there be a visible change
[13:45] in update quality or update quantity if
[13:47] we removed general store as guerrilla
[13:50] fortune MMG what you think yeah I guess
[13:54] the short answer is yes look the reality
[13:58] is and I think it's the same
[13:59] misconception as to the the actual
[14:02] quantum that is generated from Solomon's
[14:06] or squeals
[14:08] it's it's significantly less than what
[14:09] membership brings but you know that
[14:11] extra and I don't know the number of
[14:13] hand twenty thirty percent that are
[14:16] contributes is necessary you know we we
[14:20] know the first hand you know we employed
[14:23] great people and we invest very heavily
[14:25] in content technology and various other
[14:27] things to continue to evolve our game
[14:29] and the hard realities that cost money
[14:32] there's no other way to do it if if you
[14:37] know if membership were to double or
[14:39] bonds took took the front stage and
[14:43] compensated then you could kind of look
[14:45] at these things but right now I think
[14:47] it's it's it's it's essential in the
[14:49] commercial mix we're not looking to do I
[14:52] don't think we need to do more of it per
[14:54] se and I think we've got a very good
[14:55] spread looking what we've got now but
[14:57] yeah it is it is meaningful enough that
[14:59] you can't ignore it and it's essential
[15:02] to allow us to do within the runescape
[15:04] team what we need to do not to support
[15:06] where we are now but for the next five
[15:08] to ten years you know it would it with
[15:16] 20/20 hindsight sees better ways we
[15:18] could have done it and what you know III
[15:20] wrestle with these all day long and
[15:22] years after the fact right as you should
[15:24] but I don't think where we were where we
[15:29] are today and stuff yeah we could do
[15:30] without it but look I mean you know
[15:32] we're always assessing these things and
[15:34] as I alluded to earlier and Phil and I
[15:37] had some conversations about those evens
[15:38] Gail well actually you know if if if
[15:41] bonds for example becomes the de facto
[15:45] currency in in effect and and its really
[15:48] redemptive and well-received by players
[15:50] maybe it could replace it but the
[15:52] reality is it hasn't and bonds was just
[15:54] part of that mix and bonds is really
[15:56] there to solve a problem more than saw
[15:58] that gold farming from run saw the
[16:00] monetization braum but yeah you know
[16:04] we're always reflecting on these things
[16:05] and you know we'll keep assessing it if
[16:08] if there was an opportunity you know if
[16:10] we could be really purist about us and
[16:12] say you know with just this way of
[16:14] making payment we could do without these
[16:16] you know if ever there was such an
[16:17] elegant solution we probably
[16:18] it the reality is we've never found such
[16:21] an elegant solution but yeah we could to
[16:23] you to explore okay it worries me when
[16:33] they're having conversations but nope
[16:37] it's the the things we've mentioned the
[16:41] microtransactions they're not they're
[16:44] not separate from everything else in the
[16:46] game in the way that they might have
[16:48] been originally now that we have bombs
[16:49] what what difference is that mate will
[16:52] indeed I mean we've been trying to make
[16:54] we kind of see the Solomons and squeal
[16:57] as optional services you can take part
[16:59] you don't have to it's really up to
[17:02] players I think that's even more the
[17:04] case now because they're a lot more open
[17:07] bonds allow you to use your in-game cash
[17:10] to get bond and then to trade it for
[17:11] green coins or or spins and then
[17:14] emerging loyalty into Solomon's means
[17:17] you know the majority of stuff in
[17:19] Solomon's store you can get rid of all t
[17:21] points as well so we kind of want to
[17:23] open up access and I think bonds you
[17:26] know in a kind of really simple way has
[17:28] really blown open the access to
[17:30] otherwise paid services yeah it's been a
[17:33] tremendous catalyst I mean there's I
[17:35] think most people also just look at
[17:37] squeals or not most but a lot of people
[17:41] look at squirrel negativity and see it
[17:43] as a cynical monetization initiative but
[17:48] you know one thing we found and actually
[17:49] haven't found a replacement for player
[17:52] and port's gets close is you know it
[17:54] drives incredible daily activity as a
[17:57] variety as people log in every day to
[17:58] get their free spin and that's wonderful
[18:00] you know and the more regularly they're
[18:03] interacting with the game the more
[18:04] likely to talk to their friends and
[18:06] other things like that too so you know
[18:07] that there is there is a certain halo
[18:09] around it which is also pretty possibly
[18:11] yeah it does work as a reward mechanism
[18:13] and you can play a challenge obviously I
[18:15] think quests have their own rewards but
[18:17] there are some things in the game that
[18:18] we attach squirrels tickets to for
[18:20] instance and that we do see that it
[18:22] results in more people taking part and
[18:24] the more varied stuff people do the more
[18:26] they play the game and will they enjoy
[18:27] it so you know has a sort of secondary
[18:31] and tertiary benefits like that
[18:32] - yeah I know it doesn't necessarily
[18:35] it's not everyone's cup of tea all the
[18:37] time but spinning the wheel is quite
[18:39] good fun enjoy if I do say so okay so
[18:47] spring god of the forums would like to
[18:51] know recent bot nukes
[18:52] have reduced the number of BOTS
[18:54] dramatically do you expect the bots will
[18:57] be back in large numbers in future
[19:01] jakmob yeah well I wouldn't even call
[19:05] them BOTS nukes what we've done recently
[19:06] it's we've spent months now rolling out
[19:11] new tech which is really based around
[19:16] finding a long-term solution to to make
[19:19] these these things intractable to create
[19:21] and we've spent a long time in fact
[19:26] since you know mid January we've been
[19:28] able to see everyone who's botting and
[19:31] you know we've spent a long time making
[19:33] sure that we try things in waves that we
[19:37] have the right logistics sorted out so
[19:39] we have the right guys who are going to
[19:41] be there long term to make sure that the
[19:44] system is correctly adapting to the new
[19:47] attempts of creating BOTS we use
[19:49] majority of our stuff is based around
[19:51] behavioural detection we found that
[19:54] that's been astonishingly accurate I
[19:58] mean so much so that almost all of it is
[20:02] basically turned off because the bots in
[20:03] know when they're sophisticated not to
[20:04] even need it at the moment and if we
[20:08] turned it all on we can actually detect
[20:10] differences between different people
[20:11] they're learned bought some people so
[20:14] even on the same yeah indeed in fact we
[20:18] can we can we can track one guy in most
[20:20] cases we can track one guy switching
[20:21] computers not just even on the same
[20:23] computer different accounts as well so
[20:25] we have a lot of behavioral stuff we can
[20:26] do very sophisticated in our much more
[20:30] technical stuff with our machine
[20:31] learning algorithms but that's not even
[20:34] formed the majority of the work we've
[20:36] had to put in that and that's a win that
[20:37] we've we've been able to produce but
[20:40] actually we've spent a long time of the
[20:42] last few months making sure that we have
[20:44] the right to user interfaces and guys
[20:46] working on this long term internally so
[20:49] that when something anomalous happens
[20:52] and a guy needs to flick a switch and
[20:54] all these sorts of things to deal with a
[20:55] big influx of Gotham as autism you
[20:57] attempt to something which will always
[20:59] be able to pick up that everything is
[21:01] reviewed carefully and the people can
[21:03] feel confident that the you know bands
[21:04] are reviewed obviously almost all Mac
[21:08] rowing fans come in with Appeals saying
[21:11] they didn't bought so we absolutely you
[21:14] know have to be completely sure that
[21:16] that we're not applying just basic
[21:20] heuristics and then saying that's good
[21:21] enough we can we obviously check every
[21:22] check everything multiple times now in
[21:25] fact we found that we've never had a
[21:27] mistake come out of our sophisticated
[21:28] detection systems but we've had have
[21:31] we've had add a few issues related to
[21:35] our much more basic systems what you can
[21:36] simply need to check for a certain set
[21:38] of things and just bound all the people
[21:39] in real time doing that so actually and
[21:43] that's actually some problem with all
[21:45] so-called safety critical systems that
[21:48] you know built there's a big engineering
[21:50] problem it's well understood user
[21:51] interfaces are important for these sorts
[21:52] of things so actually we've done a lot
[21:54] of organization internally so this to
[21:56] keep this process isn't it's not nothing
[21:58] like a bot new cat all it's a long term
[22:00] solution and we you know we it's been
[22:02] fantastic over the last three months
[22:03] that we would used over 99% of botting
[22:06] and that's a permanent thing
[22:07] so no they're not going to come back I
[22:11] mean there's a there's always leeway
[22:14] because botting is not well-defined
[22:15] right at both you can say an auto
[22:18] pickers of what you can say this is
[22:19] about you can you know or this is
[22:21] cheating so obviously new things crop up
[22:23] but the idea that there's going to be
[22:26] some massive bot website in a few years
[22:28] time because we've you know the
[22:29] botanique was ages ago it's not not
[22:32] gonna be the case anymore we're very
[22:33] confident about that you know you can
[22:35] always see small things cropping up but
[22:36] but nothing of what we saw you know a
[22:39] couple years ago because that phrase
[22:41] BOTS nuke we we use that for a
[22:44] particular event indeed in 2011 and and
[22:47] it's all suggests a big explosion
[22:50] followed by everybody being terrified
[22:52] and that that wasn't it the strategy is
[22:57] this song going into at that time there
[23:01] was bought nuke that was a quick tech
[23:02] thing what it was actually a major tech
[23:05] thing which was very useful for our for
[23:08] our office cash and code deployment
[23:12] processes it's actually been very useful
[23:13] internally on all the projects and
[23:15] internally refactoring code I think it's
[23:17] been a very useful technology we've
[23:18] actually applied it in other areas but
[23:21] the side of that was only a temporary
[23:24] thing and that was obvious from the
[23:25] beginning it was in fact the time when
[23:27] this what what stuff was first being
[23:29] worked on inside Jagex
[23:31] it was sort of redone with a different
[23:33] strategy starting at the beginning 2013
[23:35] but a lord protect was actually not in
[23:37] 2012 starting towards that behavioral
[23:39] stuff so yes that bot nuke was always
[23:43] known to be a temporary thing it had a
[23:44] big impact it wasn't it didn't work for
[23:46] a few months because the bots the guys
[23:48] would quite slow about it but but I
[23:50] think the main point of that was to make
[23:51] send the message of course people were
[23:53] very skeptical about whether we wanted
[23:54] to deal with what's right and and I
[23:57] think 2011 basically showed that were
[23:59] willing to do that and we've obviously
[24:00] turn it now and so it was it was an
[24:02] important step but but that's what it
[24:04] was it was it was a step to this
[24:05] longer-term solution
[24:07] cool thank you how are we doing for
[24:10] ideas in questions anyone got those
[24:13] ready I are going to do a couple more
[24:15] from the vet paper and then we'll come
[24:17] to some to some live questions so he's a
[24:22] quick one quick to ask Red Baron with
[24:25] spare spare are I says how many bonds
[24:30] have been traded so far I left my stats
[24:35] so I've brought some along so I'm gonna
[24:36] run through them okay so we checked this
[24:39] I think was on Thursday or Friday so
[24:41] he's the rundown over 15,000 bonds
[24:44] gifted to other players over 12,000 what
[24:49] we call long-term free to play players
[24:50] who are now members because they've got
[24:53] bonds over 3,000 years of membership
[24:55] eight million rune coins 50 billion sunk
[24:59] GP in the trade tax I think there's a
[25:01] hundred of you here using bonds which is
[25:03] France
[25:04] a stick and now we've got the charity
[25:06] thing set up over ten thousand dollars
[25:09] just in what we four days through bonds
[25:12] and I think we're will be thirteen
[25:14] fourteen thousand dollars through GP
[25:15] that's that's not bonds bit but yeah so
[25:19] yeah they're doing well you know they
[25:21] never supposed to take over the game
[25:22] they were another scene another way for
[25:24] players to you know get access to
[25:27] services so these are lovely things they
[25:31] obviously secondary to the original
[25:32] intention but it's really nice that
[25:33] we've got these these are positive side
[25:36] effects
[25:36] okay so forum question from player
[25:44] called soma cruise soma truth perhaps
[25:47] well bonds ever be a reward for in-game
[25:50] activity such as a minigame reward or a
[25:53] monster drop now that's quite a quick
[25:55] answer no definitely not
[25:57] we see pawns as a financial instrument
[25:59] they need though their GP value can vary
[26:02] based on what the players want their
[26:03] real-life value and what are the things
[26:05] you can redeem it for need to remain
[26:07] fixed and absolute so we will never
[26:09] discount the sale of them we will never
[26:11] give them away in no kind of random
[26:14] drops or anything like that in the game
[26:16] okay
[26:17] Questers from from Dolson milady tom
[26:22] will there be more items available for
[26:24] loyalty points in future yes well it's
[26:34] not going process as we progress and we
[26:36] come up with new ideas and new things we
[26:37] can put in the store well absolutely
[26:38] definitely pudding be putting more items
[26:41] for loyalty points into solid store
[26:42] there's possibly some new ores as we've
[26:45] already mentioned a couple of times the
[26:47] whole bonds thing is a great another
[26:50] great way if you just want to sort of
[26:51] get something from the store but you
[26:52] don't wanna pay real money
[26:53] get some bonds use your gold get some
[26:55] bonds convert them getting room coins
[26:56] you can buy status in that way as well
[26:59] yeah actually so neat on the last point
[27:01] so many people here today I've already
[27:02] said that to me going there was all
[27:03] these things I wanted in yeah Solomon's
[27:05] but I've never cash and I just use bonds
[27:08] to to get them that's very cool yeah
[27:10] we've got I know sorry I'm gonna back on
[27:12] my stats again I like my stats and on
[27:14] those points I think it's worth
[27:15] mentioning
[27:16] about 50 to 55 percent of bonds
[27:19] redemptions membership so then probably
[27:22] another organic my master on like 30 35
[27:24] percent is room coins so it's only a
[27:26] minority of people really quite small
[27:29] chunk that redeemed bonds for four spins
[27:32] so I like that that ratio okay couple
[27:39] quick questions more well I know how
[27:42] quick so d'instruction on the forum
[27:44] wants to know since free-to-play it's
[27:48] becoming quite popular in one online
[27:51] games do you think the runescape will
[27:54] move toward a business model focusing
[27:55] primarily on month on micro transactions
[27:58] rather than subscriptions we see the
[28:05] current model as the game is
[28:07] free-to-play there's an absolute ton of
[28:09] extra stuff and benefits if you become a
[28:12] member and there's kind of a icing on
[28:14] the cake being some optional MTX
[28:17] services we're comfortable with it like
[28:19] that players have had it like that for
[28:21] well the games you build around
[28:22] membership players we've always
[28:23] understood that they're comfortable with
[28:25] it we're gonna keep it like that
[28:28] indefinitely yeah I mean interestingly
[28:30] to me and now with bonds
[28:33] it is free-to-play right if you play
[28:36] enough because it comes free and I think
[28:40] now for the first time players actually
[28:41] have those two pars they can choose it's
[28:44] truely yeah I'll pay my 5 quid for a
[28:48] membership or I'll you know trade some
[28:51] of my items and I'll use a bond to to
[28:54] fund my membership and we in a
[28:56] significant amount as you said I think
[28:57] it's more than 30 or 40% of the the bond
[28:59] redemptions now goes to goes to
[29:02] membership which is tremendous so I
[29:03] think in a way bonds has become that
[29:07] free-to-play mechanism again it would
[29:08] not not by design
[29:09] but it's wonderful that it enables them
[29:12] okay thank you last paper question and
[29:15] then we'll go to the audience so a
[29:18] player on the forum called Ron Weasley I
[29:22] don't know if it's the same Ron Weasley
[29:24] I don't remember the books or the films
[29:27] having a zero in
[29:28] like that but anyway have have you
[29:34] considered I was wondering whether we
[29:36] was in weather are we gonna get some
[29:37] feedback and Roger please read it sir
[29:39] have you considered adding runescape
[29:42] classic access with bonds or perhaps
[29:44] reopening it for members we talked about
[29:48] it we want to make sure we do it for the
[29:50] right reasons I think so what so what I
[29:54] wouldn't like is if we open up access to
[29:57] classic for everyone people go in for
[29:59] five minutes they realize it's not for
[30:00] there maybe they've got their classic
[30:01] cape and for the few people that you
[30:03] know are long-term classic players
[30:05] they're going to get a really disruptive
[30:06] game and actually what's happened is
[30:08] we've just got this kind of cycle of
[30:10] normal players coming through and then
[30:12] leaving again I mean that's not the end
[30:14] of the world
[30:14] have you read interested and see what
[30:16] everyone thinks is it something I think
[30:18] it'd be valuable to them we could
[30:20] consider it more so we're you know we're
[30:21] not absolutely settled but you know
[30:24] we've got we've got our doubts yeah okay
[30:27] sorry I just want to echo those doubts I
[30:31] think yeah classic says it is right and
[30:36] I think keeping it or paying homage to
[30:40] kind of as original as it was I think is
[30:43] a key part of its charm I don't just
[30:45] think it's nostalgia I think it's a
[30:47] certain retro feel and dependability of
[30:51] it's just like this and it's not and I
[30:54] don't mean to disrespect it but it's not
[30:55] particularly negative like we are in the
[30:57] main game it's not evolving at the pace
[30:59] the main game does and for some that's
[31:01] the comfort right and I think we would
[31:05] think quite long and hard before
[31:06] anything like bonds because it pretty
[31:08] rails directly against so it doesn't
[31:10] mean it's a bad idea but I think that
[31:12] almost need to be player driven I think
[31:14] that would be a something we put to a
[31:16] poll they've ever even got that far but
[31:18] we still kind of wrestle over but is it
[31:20] classic but it's a classic and it's not
[31:22] currently it's clearly not classic so
[31:25] that's the first hurdle we've got to get
[31:26] over before we leave and open up to the
[31:27] community because classics community
[31:29] they they are as large as as the main
[31:34] game war old scape but the they they are
[31:37] a real community there's a bunch of
[31:39] and they like the way it is we talk
[31:41] about classic apology it's an classic
[31:45] classic bloody hell yeah
[31:47] so no definitely not I think that's I
[31:48] mean I don't think we can update that
[31:50] yep yeah on the tech side there are also
[31:52] issues with it we can do it it's just it
[31:54] would be something would have to you
[31:56] know put aside time for indentation yeah
[31:58] take it and so you know it's not it's
[32:00] not a switch at least it open up I mean
[32:03] it really has been sitting there ageing
[32:06] yeah classic was a very reliable service
[32:08] it stayed on for many years but you know
[32:09] it hasn't been updated for a long time
[32:11] we would have to obviously also consider
[32:13] they will take some time out of
[32:15] development to make sure we're happy
[32:17] with the impact we've we've locked off
[32:18] communication from classic to main game
[32:19] didn't because of issues you know the
[32:21] communication between our modules are
[32:23] actually quite complicated but we have
[32:24] to consider amount of traffic going
[32:25] between all our servers would have to be
[32:26] careful about it so it's it's not also
[32:30] as easy as it sounds as you guys know I
[32:32] like to say Tech's not like rut good red
[32:34] wine it doesn't get better with age and
[32:37] that takes really really old okay thanks
[32:42] for that that's a good selection of our
[32:44] prepared questions so I don't know if
[32:48] we've yep
[32:49] oh we're gonna presenting the line
[32:51] microphone out there there's there's
[32:53] lots of questions the the people the
[32:56] people I noticed with questions the last
[32:58] time I asked before everyone else had
[33:00] more chance to get them we're in this
[33:02] corner
[33:02] so perhaps Jeff in the front row will
[33:06] try and be quite quickfire because it
[33:07] looks like there's there are there are a
[33:09] lot of questions should I be putting
[33:10] greet them keep them quick Oh would you
[33:14] ever like create a different world with
[33:16] like different currency instead of like
[33:19] having gold pieces just like for example
[33:22] gems may be about creating a world where
[33:33] you can have different currency I don't
[33:37] think so I'm not sure I'm not sure
[33:39] another line point would be a currency
[33:44] of some sort wouldn't have an exchange
[33:52] rate between
[33:54] would they work like gold piece yes
[33:58] different color oh yeah are you sure are
[34:01] you asking for it so it's a clean
[34:03] ecosystem so that so that you can
[34:04] basically play through the content
[34:06] without the disruption of the economy
[34:08] that that's obviously something that the
[34:09] players control I know a lot of players
[34:13] do I've seen this max cake from scratch
[34:16] series where basically it's DIY and
[34:18] other people done DIY series so if
[34:20] you're looking at from that point of
[34:21] view it's not something we've thought
[34:22] about as far as I'm aware we have talked
[34:25] about kind of potentially doing a like a
[34:30] blank slate restart server a little bit
[34:32] like the old school but with the main
[34:34] game maybe doing on our beater service
[34:36] for a test we've got a few ideas like
[34:37] that I think we'll talk about some a bit
[34:39] later in the day in the other sessions
[34:40] not really is the answer not as a
[34:43] high-priority thing but again like we
[34:46] really want these ideas coming out the
[34:48] community if something like that gets a
[34:49] head of steam you know it's not crazy
[34:52] it's not crazy hard for us to try it out
[34:53] but it would probably be as a more
[34:55] experimental service certainly to start
[34:57] with okay perhaps press if you'd like to
[35:02] go wherever is best for you next I had a
[35:10] question about Solomon's general store
[35:12] just before you know the loyalty points
[35:15] were able to be used to buy some son
[35:17] stuff I know the whole stuff can't be
[35:19] bought with very points but I spend no
[35:22] money of really Queens before the lawyer
[35:24] plants were able to be you know used for
[35:26] some of the John's store and I was just
[35:28] wondering like you know did you get any
[35:32] you know heat from fans or well what was
[35:35] your opinion on us not spending money on
[35:37] real you know rune coins with real money
[35:40] before you know then all of a sudden oi
[35:41] point stuff just comes like that okay
[35:47] actually so the question is how did we
[35:49] do did we get any heat how did we feel
[35:52] about people buying things for one
[35:54] currency just before we made them
[35:55] available for it yeah you guys know I
[35:59] think it's much hated by the market team
[36:01] I have this shirt called worst update
[36:03] ever their way around the office most
[36:05] days
[36:06] because no matter what we do they'll be
[36:08] certain port percentage of the community
[36:11] you know hopefully and usually if we do
[36:13] it well it's a small percentage who rage
[36:16] about that as far as that goes
[36:19] yeah the sentiment around the time was
[36:21] actually very positive and I think most
[36:22] people like excellent you're rewarding
[36:24] me for my longevity I've been pious
[36:26] community for a long time I've been a
[36:27] member for a long time you know and
[36:29] thank you for that and I think a lot of
[36:31] people also saw through then gone
[36:32] actually basically by jagex providing us
[36:34] the system it makes no money right so I
[36:37] saw this place all that as a benevolent
[36:38] thing for us to do I think that kind of
[36:40] created a really positive sentiment but
[36:44] you know I fully recognize your point
[36:45] you're going but I paid now it's free
[36:49] but by and large the the sentiment was
[36:52] overwhelmingly positive we was very
[36:54] positively received yes I it's quite
[36:57] it's quite tough for us because you know
[36:59] if you add more access if you kind of be
[37:02] a bit more generous with things
[37:03] obviously people like the change but
[37:05] people who spent beforehand fill little
[37:07] bit disenfranchised so we know we don't
[37:08] like that happening but on your hand we
[37:10] also don't want to not open up access
[37:13] you know don't make too much of this but
[37:15] generally if people are really worried
[37:17] about those things if it if people get
[37:22] in touch with them as well I mean we're
[37:50] not looking to do like a major shift
[37:52] where suddenly everything is available
[37:54] with loyalty points and then we're gonna
[37:56] look at it over time on a case-by-case
[37:58] basis yeah well hopefully you won't that
[38:01] won't happen and if it does you can
[38:04] email us through building support and
[38:06] you know we'll talk to you about it and
[38:08] try make it make it good okay
[38:13] I probably should ask the questioners
[38:17] and maybe the panel that if we can get
[38:19] them a bit more quickfire we're sorry
[38:21] enjoying it that's yeah well I mean it's
[38:23] good stuff and I hope that everyone's
[38:24] interested in the answers if real-world
[38:33] training wasn't such a prolific problem
[38:35] do you think bonds would still be an
[38:37] overall positive and would you have
[38:38] introduced into the game well that's a
[38:42] good question I'm not sure it was
[38:44] definitely you know the cat the catalyst
[38:46] was where we got with the issues with
[38:49] voting and goal farming and real world
[38:50] trading and that was there okay like
[38:52] we've really got to do something else
[38:53] about this we need another was the
[38:56] phrase stream to our bow to try and sort
[38:58] it out from where we are now there's
[39:00] those of other positives about it so
[39:03] yeah I don't know actually I'll be
[39:05] honest I'm not sure yeah I for me
[39:08] exactly what you said that was never the
[39:12] intent and and you know dealing with the
[39:14] gold farming issue was really the
[39:15] catalyst that drove this for me seeing
[39:18] the you know the holistic benefits of it
[39:21] I would say now like a lot of us we
[39:25] didn't envisage a lot you know we didn't
[39:27] see also how positive eight possible to
[39:31] predict how positive it would be
[39:33] well-received
[39:34] it was just what we have to do is cuz
[39:35] the right thing to do and surely people
[39:36] understand we're everything we do is for
[39:38] long term in the game but seeing how
[39:41] well it was received seeing how it's
[39:43] allowed people who you know don't have
[39:45] the financial means to experience
[39:47] content you know clans to be reunited
[39:50] and all of these other things the fact
[39:53] that actually now we have a game that is
[39:54] truly free to play to the other point I
[39:56] would say yes we would but it was only
[39:59] as a result of us learning I don't think
[40:00] in a vacuum without these issues we
[40:03] would have been brave enough in fairness
[40:05] to say we're going to do this because we
[40:06] could not have known about all the other
[40:08] positive side effects but now that we do
[40:09] I'm you know I think about other games
[40:12] as a way this is kind of a template for
[40:14] the future I think giving players this
[40:16] ability to choose how they pay you know
[40:18] and rewarding play I think is phenomenal
[40:20] if you can reward play without you know
[40:22] the environment with where people are
[40:24] cheating pots and things like that so
[40:26] it's Jay
[40:26] you playing and you've invested that
[40:29] time I'd love to reward the time you
[40:30] spend in this game and that to mean
[40:31] something to you but a large reason we
[40:34] did the bonds thing now is obviously
[40:36] because over the last few months we have
[40:37] built up the infrastructure we need an
[40:39] or to be able to analyze and know a lot
[40:40] about the games economy and it almost
[40:43] but it came out of over the surprises we
[40:45] had in that analysis so and that was of
[40:48] course related to what you said the the
[40:49] real trading issue so I suppose it's
[40:52] probably unlikely that we would have
[40:54] done bonds now I've had been for a while
[40:56] trading but it is obviously a positive
[40:59] in many ways I haven't waited up but you
[41:02] know wouldn't be a bad update anywhere
[41:05] yes some of these things can we can we
[41:08] have the microphone for the gentlemen is
[41:09] crazy hat and and I'll speak while you
[41:13] move thank you but I mean we described
[41:16] some of these things as surprising but
[41:18] but really from from the earliest
[41:20] discussions of bonds I've been really
[41:21] excited about this thing of opening the
[41:24] game up to people who do want to earn
[41:26] their subscription in game I think
[41:28] that's great yes so thank you you have a
[41:32] question and a microphone is he on topic
[42:00] that is indeed a very serious question
[42:03] that's an experience question I will try
[42:06] give it a serious answer the rather
[42:09] thoughtful answer the reality is I would
[42:13] soak all of us I think would describe
[42:16] ourselves independently when you where
[42:18] else from outside of us as gamers
[42:20] ourselves yeah as you know we like to
[42:22] make games would like to play games
[42:24] we're gamers through and through you
[42:27] know for me in my position I also
[42:29] happened to have to run the business and
[42:31] I have to say hire great people and
[42:33] build good technology and solve real
[42:35] problems and you know tried my best to
[42:37] serve as a community and run a game
[42:38] service so that there is a certain I
[42:41] don't to say tension because it's not I
[42:44] don't think the two need to be mutually
[42:46] exclusive but sure there's a great
[42:48] question of where which all the line and
[42:49] I think you know I'd hope people would
[42:51] see when we do updates the reasoning
[42:53] behind you know we talked earlier on
[42:56] about loyalty points for ruins that most
[42:59] of what we do is actually try to say
[43:00] look what's the fairest way of doing
[43:02] this what's the what's the what's the
[43:03] way we can still achieve a good outcome
[43:04] and be really magnanimous to the
[43:06] community rather than cynical gaggle is
[43:09] gonna make a lot of money and let's tax
[43:11] us and tax that and tax that so there's
[43:15] a there's a there's an element of you
[43:16] know we can only make runescape we can
[43:18] only continue to invest in runescape if
[43:19] we're a successful and profitable as a
[43:21] business and you can't shy away from
[43:23] that fact because otherwise we'd have to
[43:25] you know stop simply put so we can't do
[43:29] it as a charity but at the same time we
[43:32] always try and put the game first and
[43:34] you know I think anyone who knows us
[43:36] would know that about us that's how we
[43:38] rationalizing way through through
[43:40] challenges and and and new opportunities
[43:43] you can get is this good for blows is
[43:44] good for choice doesn't provide you know
[43:46] different entertainment or variety or
[43:48] portunity and that's really how we look
[43:50] at it yeah there's there's a there's not
[43:52] a single truly single cynical MBA on our
[43:56] payroll is like oh okay we're gonna make
[43:58] so much money with like it doesn't
[44:00] that's not how we work you know the
[44:02] ideas we have the systems the way the
[44:03] things are balanced it's done in this
[44:05] team and that's it's not done as a sum
[44:07] me I've done in the business so so I
[44:10] don't think there's a tension oh we
[44:12] haven't found it to be attention I can
[44:16] see how it might be perceived as how
[44:17] much is game how much is business but
[44:19] the reality is if we're successful as a
[44:21] company as a product we'll be around for
[44:23] another 20 years we'll continue to grow
[44:25] continue to invest to make great content
[44:26] hire great people have great parties
[44:29] with you guys so it's important we might
[44:32] not always get the balance perfectly
[44:34] right but we do strive to and there's
[44:36] been different periods especially I
[44:38] think certainly through last Sun sorry
[44:40] the summer before last in 2012 we were
[44:42] trying different things we probably
[44:43] overstep the mark a bit too much on the
[44:45] insights Squealer fortune we tried to
[44:46] rebalance it we need to find the right
[44:48] equilibrium and they might always think
[44:50] it we really do listen and read what
[44:52] everyone tells us and writes and we'll
[44:55] keep trying to adjust that over time and
[44:57] even just a sorry I know we kind of
[45:00] things short but it just echo what you
[45:01] were saying again you know everything is
[45:03] done with the best intent and even where
[45:05] we perhaps might have been through
[45:07] through no fault of our own except we've
[45:08] haven't done this before slightly
[45:10] ham-fisted with things like squeal or
[45:12] perhaps not as elegant as we are today
[45:13] it was simply from not having the
[45:17] experience of what awesome looks like as
[45:20] a team as you know we were building it
[45:22] from scratch in a way we were learning
[45:24] from scratch but we responded very
[45:26] quickly as we saw challenges and you
[45:28] know most important pointers were film
[45:29] eight such as we always do everything
[45:31] with the best intentions we don't always
[45:32] go right but you know we do our
[45:33] damnedest to get it right and we work as
[45:36] quick as we can to remedy it if we
[45:37] haven't put it right and thankfully
[45:39] typically it's obviously the business is
[45:42] to make a good game yeah so it's the
[45:45] best way of making the money very
[45:50] quickly please
[46:02] so that's a really really important
[46:04] point to make is when we do stuff on
[46:06] squirrel Solomons it is not detracting
[46:08] is not taking effort or resource away
[46:10] from the other stuff we have a small
[46:12] team that from is part of who dedicated
[46:15] to doing some of that kind of optional
[46:18] stuff but that has never tailed or cut
[46:21] away at the other stuff it was a
[46:22] additional group who work independently
[46:24] so the two are not in conflict in terms
[46:27] of our the efforts that the team make I
[46:29] mean it has a very practical example I
[46:31] mean Tom it's you and what four or five
[46:33] other people
[46:48] thirteen people out of a hundred so it's
[46:51] 13 people who work on monetization
[46:54] didn't catch the second number 100 and
[46:57] we have a hundred and seventy nine
[46:58] people director in escapes job and it's
[47:01] like another honeymoon you do other
[47:03] services we've mentioned we've mentioned
[47:05] we didn't mention the exact number
[47:06] because none of us had it to hand but we
[47:08] did mention that those things are a not
[47:15] a majority but a pretty decent
[47:16] proportion of the income and they let us
[47:19] do much more than those people we have
[47:23] to use to to keep running them so those
[47:26] people are a smaller proportion of the
[47:28] team than their work pays for
[47:31] essentially so it's a single-digit
[47:33] percentage however you look at it as the
[47:35] overall team place they're very small
[47:37] okay thank you for that thank you thank
[47:41] you to everyone else thank you to the
[47:43] panel shout to mod Necron for helping me
[47:46] pick the questions and have a good rest
[47:50] of the day we will be around many of us
[47:54] are doing other things we're wondering
[47:55] if you can catch some of us and you had
[47:58] more questions then try and ask them
[48:00] then thank you very much everybody thank
[48:02] you
[48:09] hope you enjoyed all that and learnt
[48:11] lots whilst that was happening I've been
[48:14] given a t-shirt and I went to the
[48:16] starfish queue and I got my night
[48:18] squishy toy that we were talking about
[48:19] before get one and I got my wristband
[48:21] from renée's queue so that's pretty cool
[48:22] it's not so cool but yeah it's really
[48:25] hard
[48:27] toy yeah it's like a squeezy it's really
[48:30] hard like foam more do you know you know
[48:34] how like a stress toys you to you can
[48:37] sort of give it a squeeze and out yeah
[48:39] this is really solid
[48:41] it's more of a model dad's well I got
[48:43] stressed me out this is yeah it's just
[48:45] causing me problems dress outdoor
[48:47] another yeah I can't cope with it we've
[48:48] also got those other stuff look we made
[48:49] our table noise got the t-shirts and
[48:51] concept art but yeah say all that room
[48:52] press back and also I've got like a shot
[48:55] of lager in a room runefest three I
[49:01] don't really kind of strange there you
[49:05] go got that Lee hashtag oh pretty good I
[49:08] just saw the other insides session the
[49:10] second one and I just came back from
[49:12] pretty much my lunch break so I'm
[49:13] finally back on the stream and I just
[49:15] got to see a bunch of people and meet a
[49:17] lot of fans and people who support it
[49:19] how was you done ch good it was okay I
[49:21] had this I don't really know what it was
[49:22] being American I had this weird sandwich
[49:24] thing I know what it was
[49:25] forget yeah I was a baguette yeah nice
[49:27] so so what'd be the highlights of you so
[49:29] far
[49:29] ah so far I just saw actually Ollie's
[49:33] insider session and it was really
[49:35] interesting learning more about the lore
[49:36] and just getting into more of the behind
[49:38] the scenes game of stuff like that like
[49:40] the stuff that goes into it that people
[49:41] might really not catch on to like extra
[49:43] things in quests and extra stuff that we
[49:45] don't know about so it's really cool
[49:47] they just find out more about that kind
[49:48] of thing that was really seamless you
[49:49] know I like how Lee said about Ali's a
[49:53] new thing and who's Olly
[49:54] this is only jolly holly
[49:58] joins us in the studio Olly who the hell
[50:00] are you
[50:01] I'm Molly and I just released a quest
[50:05] called missing presumed death and I've
[50:06] just done that insider talk as you said
[50:08] I'm a Content developer at jagex missing
[50:12] presumed death was incredibly
[50:14] popular went down pretty well yeah what
[50:16] did that mean to you there's my first
[50:18] release at Jagex so it meant a lot to me
[50:20] like sort of much my Twitter and the
[50:22] forums and blew up with people being
[50:24] really excited about it so it's just
[50:25] like his awesome see did you anticipate
[50:26] that kind of reaction not at all really
[50:28] like I knew it's like a big quest
[50:30] there's a lot - it was a lot of sort of
[50:32] exciting law and there's a big twist but
[50:33] I didn't expect anywhere near the
[50:35] reaction that it got so that was
[50:36] absolutely awesome do you like it I
[50:38] thought it was great I personally loved
[50:39] it I decided I chose arrows at the end
[50:42] I'm a shadow supporter I like how that I
[50:44] saw the smoke there I think Brassica
[50:46] Prime was more of a distraction these
[50:48] arrows being present at the thing with
[50:49] the smoke so yeah I liked a lot there's
[50:52] a lot of tips and tricks and the
[50:53] voiceover was fantastic for it to do
[50:54] everything all of that was spot-on
[50:56] that was great excellent right Olli are
[50:58] you having a nice day I'm having a great
[51:00] that it started kind of ropey and I
[51:02] missed the coach yeah a coach was at
[51:07] 6:30 and I woke up at 6:30 one and I
[51:11] come from
[51:12] I've come from Cambridge so it's not
[51:14] like miles but that's supposed to get ya
[51:17] my alarm was set to weekdays only backup
[51:21] cake
[51:22] our backup coach was at 8:00 and I got
[51:24] there an 8:02 there was a backup code we
[51:27] used to be here last night oh yeah I was
[51:29] at Namco and then fair enough yeah cuz I
[51:31] was still in Cambridge and I had to jump
[51:33] it's a shower like really fast
[51:35] jump my car and like get down in really
[51:36] fast so what's the best thing we've seen
[51:38] so far today seen it quite for you like
[51:41] cool things there's like an end there's
[51:43] a couple of dragons but the best thing
[51:46] I've seen is probably the old dude
[51:47] dressed as saradomin I
[51:49] he looks brilliant he's got a GoPro on
[51:51] his staff is one yeah I'm sorry
[51:52] I saw him earlier explaining how the
[51:54] lights in the in the yeah I always stop
[51:56] and Crown about yeah best out for
[52:00] identify Holly he's in short have you
[52:02] been outside I've worn jeans like twice
[52:05] this year
[52:05] Wow I just wear jeans like short Ali has
[52:09] got mental problems why you think my
[52:12] legs don't work like soft knees down
[52:14] from shoes I get cold
[52:15] yeah yeah right you're cold I would
[52:18] imagine I don't know how you're not I'm
[52:20] not someone who definitely got cold was
[52:21] Matt cuttle who will be hearing from
[52:22] throughout the day earlier he was
[52:25] learning how to ice sculpture
[52:27] it's pretty cool ice sculpture I don't
[52:29] know how to do that video I'm here with
[52:37] Amy and we're looking at ice sculptures
[52:39] which is something that actually won't
[52:40] go out today baby
[52:43] how long would it take to make something
[52:44] like oh okay so there's a bit cheating
[52:58] here there is some risk on one machine
[53:00] we've got what I'm here which is having
[53:02] a pre-cut has it one of it and so this
[53:05] is this is what I was saying about the
[53:06] CNC machine oh that's easy I'm just
[53:09] gonna remake that
[53:19] nothing I'm wearing quite a white
[53:21] clothes for the job
[53:40] I saw a practice and there are plenty
[53:57] more activities going on and Matt will
[53:59] be taking part in all of them pretty
[54:00] much and talking about them to us
[54:02] throughout the day which is very
[54:03] exciting now we are joined by Martin
[54:06] hello hello Martin no tell us all about
[54:08] yourself me
[54:09] I have possibly won the best jobs in the
[54:11] world our director for runescape very
[54:14] very talented team and just churning out
[54:17] in content so much fun
[54:18] so as art director what what do you
[54:20] actually have to do all very diverse so
[54:23] I will give feedback to all the lead
[54:25] teams so I had a mission concept our
[54:27] environment arts work with kind of
[54:30] animation say and kind of effects and
[54:31] that kind of stuff I work with closely
[54:33] mainly with concept artists to kind of
[54:34] get that initial kind of concept off the
[54:36] ground and I kind of looked kind of
[54:37] right and then also kind of keep an eye
[54:39] on kind of consistency and also look
[54:42] into the future you know what we're
[54:43] gonna do a runescape and how we're going
[54:44] to push that stylers new kind of tech
[54:46] comes online so when you when you're
[54:48] working on something yeah
[54:49] how long until that becomes part of the
[54:52] game huh uh when it can be like you know
[54:55] big start off on a Monday and we
[54:56] released end of the week or we can be
[54:57] like for six months you know it really
[54:59] is varied it's um it's no two weeks of
[55:02] the same every Jagex really aren't so
[55:04] you're working or anything at the minute
[55:05] you can tell us about I know I mean the
[55:17] world event is coming up that's looking
[55:19] very very nice and there's some new tech
[55:20] involved in that and you'll seen the
[55:22] kind of emergent of a new kind of style
[55:24] for off a runescape what you should see
[55:27] kind of washing through the world fairly
[55:28] soon with kind of a quest
[55:30] come out I actually have two questions
[55:31] here so what's your favorite thing that
[55:33] you've drawn or came up with their
[55:35] concept art wise but was the best thing
[55:36] that you like nice question good
[55:38] question that's all good
[55:41] I think possibly the range slacker the
[55:44] kind of varied in kind of blue conic it
[55:46] was pretty good that's and boskie was
[55:49] good fun the massive he was kind of
[55:50] cliff path cliff half monster was it was
[55:53] really really good tonight and also
[55:54] what's the hardest part of doing this
[55:56] whole art directing thing like what's
[55:58] the heart like it is there one part of
[55:59] the art design or concept art that you
[56:01] come up with you're like crap what do we
[56:02] do here like is there anything that's
[56:04] hard at all I think I think the worst
[56:06] but for me is long we have to kind of
[56:07] you know maybe cut a Content and there's
[56:08] not enough time to get it finished and
[56:10] maybe it gets shelved for later on you
[56:11] know but sometimes these guys kind of
[56:13] work really really hard and work right
[56:14] in tonight and get the stuff out and
[56:15] then it slips and kind of you know get
[56:17] delays over six months or so that's
[56:20] worth bit for milk questions you have
[56:23] any more questions I'm good for if I
[56:27] think one in mind was just who are you
[56:29] yeah great cut line you haven't really
[56:31] and why you are my so I'm there for the
[56:34] bear actually hey take it it's good I
[56:37] mean don't get the glasses get it down
[56:38] you suddenly got crazy uh uh are we
[56:42] allowed to incredible I don't know if
[56:45] that's a lame-o right that might watch
[56:47] martin session after 7:00 p.m. when
[56:49] we'll be playing content we couldn't
[56:51] show you live and we will be streaming
[56:52] until 10:00 p.m. GMT yeah because people
[56:57] in different countries are watching now
[57:00] though little bit shun yeah yeah roll up
[57:03] and it's gonna tell you what is coming
[57:05] up over the next hour enjoy
[57:26] excellent good hour coming up I think
[57:29] one of the best ones of the of all the
[57:30] hours mm-hmm and there are a lot of them
[57:31] now we have another video to show you
[57:33] which is a little teaser of what is
[57:34] coming up in the next insider session
[57:36] ideas for the future
[57:43] ideas for the future he's looking at
[57:45] 2014 and beyond we're gonna be showing
[57:47] you some of the ideas that we've been
[57:48] designing we're gonna be getting your
[57:50] feedback on them every update we make
[57:51] aims to improve the game and ideas for
[57:53] the future is going to show you the
[57:54] stuff that we haven't put into the game
[57:55] yet so that you can tell us how we're
[57:57] doing we get to our really extravagant
[57:59] ideas straight out here and we're gonna
[58:01] be into geing just on the Ordnance
[58:02] reaction if it's a good or bad idea that
[58:05] way you know we're not wasting our time
[58:07] and we can purely focus I think of stuff
[58:08] runescape there are two things players
[58:10] can get out of this the first is you'll
[58:12] get to see some of our ideas in their
[58:13] very early stages and the second is
[58:15] you'll get to see what our ideas look
[58:16] like before they're really finished I'm
[58:18] really excited about the event I've
[58:19] never actually been to this before so
[58:21] we're quite nice to actually meet a lot
[58:22] the players in person the previous two
[58:24] runefest were a brilliant opportunity to
[58:25] interact directly with the players who
[58:26] loved the game we talk a lot on forums
[58:28] and on Twitter but there's something
[58:29] slightly different about getting to
[58:30] interact face-to-face the unique
[58:32] opportunity for this is that you get to
[58:34] speak to straight after work just in a
[58:35] presentation so if you've got any
[58:37] concerns or if you really love the idea
[58:39] please come and tell us and we're more
[58:41] than happy to listen well I can't talk
[58:42] much about what we're gonna be saying
[58:43] because if you want to know that you'll
[58:44] have to watch the session yourself but
[58:46] you may have heard rumors about the
[58:47] 200th quest they'll be telling you a bit
[58:49] more about that showing you a couple of
[58:50] pieces of content time I'm really
[58:52] looking forward to reinvest and I'm
[58:53] really looking forward to talking to the
[58:54] players one-on-one but to be honest I'm
[58:56] terrified of going up on stage it's
[58:57] really not my natural environment but
[58:59] it's worth it because we really need to
[59:00] get these ideas out we really want to
[59:01] expand on runescape as much as possible
[59:03] and with your help we really think we
[59:05] can do that
[59:08] so that is what it's coming up very very
[59:10] soon we're gonna go and watch it what
[59:13] are you hoping to hear Lee I'm hoping to
[59:14] hear some really good ideas for the
[59:15] future I'm hoping to hear some new
[59:17] content reveals or anything like that so
[59:19] I'm looking forward to it yeah me too
[59:20] right let's go find out what happens
[59:22] guys this is the ideas for the future
[59:24] session
[59:37] you