Transcript of RuneFest 2013: Old School Assembly

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:13] hi everybody how you're doing fantastic
[00:17] right now until we introduced ourselves
[00:19] first I'm a modern man ke on the
[00:21] community manager for old school
[00:23] runescape we've got watch over there he
[00:25] is the content developer from school
[00:27] runescape and we've got modric here who
[00:30] does everything else is lead QA he does
[00:32] all the books all that sorry move away
[00:35] for you he also makes our microphones go
[00:37] strange and he's had his hair done
[00:38] especially for you guys today so what
[00:44] we're going to do stay I mean but this
[00:47] sounds a bit loud really but and the
[00:48] what we normally do what I'm sure some
[00:51] of you see we do lots of q and A's every
[00:53] week and we're going to do a very
[00:54] similar thing here we both just can't
[00:58] take your questions what you want to ask
[00:59] about old school and answering as
[01:02] honestly as we can the first thing that
[01:04] I think we need to go into first is love
[01:08] you guys so who here plays old school
[01:11] that's cool that's cool Fuji reckons the
[01:14] highest level old school player here the
[01:18] records were okay who's got a thousand
[01:21] plus left total level who's got 1200 +
[01:26] 1400
[01:29] 1600 what's the max level 22 7722 77
[01:36] okay 1900 saw something over there we
[01:42] lost seven weeks Rose 1800 again he's
[01:46] got more than 1,800 anyone got more than
[01:49] 1,700 total level back there they go
[01:55] backwards on though but if we put the
[01:56] hands down snap cool what's your total
[01:59] level rachi
[02:07] disappoint night and I'm refractive cool
[02:10] right so first thing server disconnects
[02:15] I think that some of a lot of you
[02:17] probably experienced what we've been
[02:18] doing with those who would address this
[02:20] first before you we go to the yuba
[02:22] questions so disconnect we've had a lot
[02:24] of feedback for you guys which we've
[02:26] been looking at and taking on board
[02:27] that's how we identify dogs happening to
[02:28] start with we've been working with a
[02:30] sysadmin team per foot updates in place
[02:33] to the service to make sure they're more
[02:34] secure we've seen in the last what week
[02:36] and a half or so that is a lot better
[02:38] connection and we've had a lot less
[02:39] complaints for you guys coming in we
[02:42] also had changed a death mechanic so
[02:44] that instead of dying and your items
[02:46] appear in few to them for a minute and
[02:47] then a period if everybody else they
[02:49] don't appear to anybody for a minute or
[02:52] three minutes sorry and then they pay a
[02:53] few for one minute and they appear to
[02:55] everybody else after those four minutes
[02:56] which ash can explain why that is the
[02:59] case has to wear that way in 2007 and
[03:03] ruin escapes behavior for dropping items
[03:06] didn't have very much variety the
[03:09] original game mention programming by
[03:10] Andrew Gower back in two thousand and
[03:12] three and four when he wrote runescape
[03:14] too it was all designed to allow exactly
[03:18] what the game needed at the time but
[03:19] there wasn't much flexibility for
[03:21] feeding in different numbers to make it
[03:22] do something different so every commands
[03:26] we've got in the language for making
[03:29] items drop on the floor and then appear
[03:31] to you and subsequently to other people
[03:33] it requires it to be a minute between
[03:35] those things happening simply because
[03:36] there is the command does not expect
[03:38] anything else to be done it was never
[03:40] expected that we need to do anything
[03:41] else with various other changes to
[03:44] runescape with like the trade
[03:47] restrictions in 2008 and some the death
[03:50] rewrites years later and some other
[03:53] stuff in Dungeoneering the engine team
[03:54] rewrote the commands gave them extra
[03:57] arguments we could pass into customized
[03:59] behavior for what we needed but we're
[04:01] still working on the 07 version where we
[04:03] do not have that kind of flexibility and
[04:05] to get it would have involved us going
[04:09] to the engine team and trying to explain
[04:10] what we want how quickly we needed it
[04:12] they might have been able to turn around
[04:14] in time they might not you guys were
[04:16] disconnecting
[04:17] really quite badly all the time we
[04:20] wanted to get something out there fast
[04:21] even if it wasn't the ideal behavior we
[04:24] wouldn't have been able to write a
[04:25] proper gravestone system for example and
[04:27] I suspect from the feedback I've seen on
[04:31] the forums gravestones wouldn't have
[04:32] gone down too well even if we could but
[04:34] some we're hoping this will be an
[04:35] adequate stopgap until the network seems
[04:38] a lot more stable understand from the
[04:41] last emails I've seen that these systems
[04:43] administrators are now and have been in
[04:44] touch with our ISP and other providers
[04:47] and are getting things put in place of
[04:50] their end it's not sadly a matter of
[04:52] flicking a switch it there and it might
[04:53] be a matter of getting a bigger box
[04:55] installer there and then flicking a
[04:56] switch on it but we are assured that
[04:59] things are getting improved and we've
[05:01] certainly seen an improvement in the
[05:02] last week already so I'm hoping that
[05:05] we'll be able to put those death that
[05:06] def behavior back to the normal ASAP
[05:08] cool oops I who has a question anybody
[05:14] yeah I got Mike and everything which I
[05:17] skin exam a personal attack on to thee
[05:19] so this was it based from it there's
[05:22] several reasons behind it on weekly I
[05:24] don't know what the reasons were they
[05:26] were going down absolutely sysadmin team
[05:27] sort out but there were several reasons
[05:30] kind it mostly suit the ISP base rather
[05:32] than stuff that we were dealing with
[05:34] yeah I couldn't go tell you much more
[05:37] about how it is happening but hopefully
[05:39] it'll result soon any more questions
[05:47] ask oh that's cool what we have who has
[05:56] a quest k does anybody you have quests
[05:59] caps fantastic okay one of the things
[06:01] we've been looking at four and four old
[06:03] school is is growing some of the
[06:05] contents in it and going in different
[06:07] directions on runescape 3 has gone in
[06:09] and one of the big things you want to
[06:11] look at is how we can expand some of the
[06:13] quests lives so what we want to know
[06:16] from you guys is what quest lines or not
[06:18] it's only question NPCs or or characters
[06:21] you've never had any insight into what
[06:24] you would like to see added to so for
[06:26] example take Molly and her evil sister I
[06:30] don't know about you guys but if I think
[06:32] someone is picking up a sister and
[06:34] dropping up with a big claw into a box
[06:35] who's the evil one there so have you
[06:39] guys got anything you've got something
[06:42] you want to microphone it on oh nice
[06:45] miles to come in that's good happy now
[06:50] whatever happened about the crystal
[06:52] Hallie that was promised at the end of
[06:54] the underground past crystal class like
[06:58] you don't know but we could totally make
[06:59] you one of those yeah we can do that we
[07:02] could do that how would how would you
[07:03] want to pull in to gain what would you
[07:05] like to see do their needs i'm see a
[07:06] reason to come in today
[07:10] rust
[07:15] so
[07:17] crystal alley well if we did it have any
[07:21] thoughts about where you'd like it made
[07:23] available would you I'm not going to say
[07:26] where you'd like it put like would you
[07:29] want it on the end of a quest reward or
[07:31] from a minigame maybe okay hmm this is
[07:39] true I'm scary aren't my thank you very
[07:47] much hope you what plans have you got
[07:55] for developing escaped further and
[07:57] looking at some of the updates that were
[07:59] bought in to escape 3 and perhaps taking
[08:02] some of the better ones and ditching
[08:05] some of the crap ones let's face it you
[08:07] know perhaps developing 07 along the way
[08:12] scape 3 should have been done rather
[08:14] than has been done if that's not too p
[08:16] on PC really now that we don't you mean
[08:20] though that we've got an awful lot of
[08:22] limitations on what we can do because
[08:24] for example HD is big question we get
[08:27] asked all the time we want full screen
[08:29] we want all the nice new graphics I
[08:30] something we're not able to deliver
[08:31] because we haven't got a team of artists
[08:33] the team of developers is basically us
[08:35] three that do everything for old school
[08:38] so we can't go in that direction that
[08:40] does allow us to go in any of the
[08:42] directionally community once I mean
[08:44] we've had I mean for example in fact
[08:47] running right now is the pole for a
[08:48] player design piece of content we put
[08:50] out there which is the rooftop agility
[08:51] course is that a player came up with the
[08:54] Polish the community looks like it's
[08:55] going to pass and that's that's the
[08:57] whole idea for me i'm especially me
[08:59] personally as everything comes in a
[09:01] community that goes in game with the
[09:02] community's blessing and that's the
[09:04] direction I want to take it everything
[09:05] that comes in so we're not going to come
[09:06] along as a hobby I see there you go yeah
[09:12] so yeah we were well aware of how you
[09:14] guys feel about that so but the whole
[09:17] direction is decided by you guys sitting
[09:19] out there and the guys playing at home
[09:21] they they you guys are in control we've
[09:23] got we don't really mind what updates go
[09:25] into game because you know you guys are
[09:27] happy then we are as well we can
[09:30] certainly talk about some of the ideas
[09:31] that be bouncing around slightly bigger
[09:33] ones than the usual a didactic option to
[09:36] this add an NPC you does of that um at
[09:40] the moment we're running the player
[09:41] desired content pole with the agility
[09:43] courses in it beyond that I think it'll
[09:46] be time to and to supply some of the
[09:48] things that Slayers have been demanding
[09:50] it's been a long time that people keep
[09:52] saying we want smoking kills what
[09:53] smoking kills and I'm interpreting that
[09:56] to mean that they'd like a slayer update
[09:57] rather than just the quest with a desert
[10:00] and traps their dungeon and puzzles but
[10:02] i cannot i could see people wanting some
[10:04] of the things that came with it more
[10:06] dungeons with perhaps high-level
[10:08] versions of existing Slayer monsters we
[10:10] could do that we could give you a
[10:13] combination headgear we're pretty sure
[10:16] we can even make you a model of us their
[10:17] whole but if we really try working on
[10:20] that yeah we got out development all for
[10:23] graphics working recently but none of us
[10:26] are professionally 3d modelling
[10:29] whatsoever so we've been toying around
[10:32] with adding existing graphics on to each
[10:33] other and bending them round moving
[10:36] spikes to live in certain positions
[10:37] we've even printed off the old concert
[10:39] off in 2010 for the original sly element
[10:41] and mash is pregnant so I tried making
[10:44] is to spec as that but we've also there
[10:49] are a few people in the development team
[10:50] who have experience in that so we're
[10:53] trying to recruit friends so
[10:54] what Brazil is actually used that tool
[10:56] quite a lot he built quite a lot of
[10:57] things in that total so occasionally on
[11:00] a few lunch times we put him over to try
[11:02] and build us a slayer home and so
[11:03] eventually he might be able to get a
[11:04] slayer helmet that looks exactly like
[11:05] the original one back into also might
[11:09] have just used the spiny helmet and
[11:10] giving it the same code that would have
[11:11] run was there how he did so now we've
[11:14] now we have the additional tools we can
[11:15] definitely the just and build so brand
[11:18] new things and recolor things because it
[11:20] players what really cool my other things
[11:24] we've been looking at as well in the
[11:25] player design content with wonderful
[11:27] piece of wonderful community thing we
[11:28] had about 100 different ideas that came
[11:30] in which is no absolute huge not just
[11:31] little ideas like put souls in it was it
[11:35] was big proper design documents people
[11:37] were sending in and we have some great
[11:39] ideas come out somebody came up with a
[11:40] new skill which as a necromantic skill
[11:43] where there were bones on the floor you
[11:45] raise monsters out the floor and then
[11:47] you could go and kill these monsters to
[11:49] get necromancy XP now we can't do an
[11:51] entire skill as a huge amount of work
[11:52] but the idea of killing a monster having
[11:55] phones fall on the floor do some sort of
[11:57] funky animation then something to come
[11:59] out of those budgets and I want to use
[12:01] definitely next year and get an update
[12:03] which does something with that and again
[12:05] we'll be coming back to you guys and
[12:06] saying this what we can do how are we
[12:07] going to make it work and then the idea
[12:08] is coming for you guys and we will make
[12:11] it happen so I mean things like that are
[12:13] great another question over here
[12:15] so with the development of 07 scape I
[12:19] take it we're not planning on doing this
[12:22] the rs3 thing where we're going to start
[12:24] giving away XP by the bucketload for
[12:28] nish and GP by the bucketload for nish
[12:31] and then try to work out how the hell
[12:33] we're going to drag or what is back if
[12:34] you guys want that we will but I thank
[12:36] you guys one that I really would be nice
[12:38] to have a game that we actually have to
[12:40] work out again like we used to we have
[12:42] stead of just sitting on your ass and
[12:43] get anything we've not some people
[12:44] asking for that kind of feature and we
[12:47] are and we have therefore he'll back
[12:48] from pulling that going to feature so
[12:50] we're not we don't want to go that way
[12:52] because that isn't what you want and
[12:56] request the middle mouse button for
[13:00] rotating around oh my goodness I was
[13:05] very angry when they did he pass because
[13:07] let's play like it please yeah can we do
[13:10] a straw poll now who wants yeah engine
[13:17] job you know no I was I was very annoyed
[13:20] with that didn't pass because I couldn't
[13:21] even have that intestinal consider in
[13:24] like a lot of the playerbase actually
[13:25] play 07 like a good number how do you
[13:27] not have a dedicated like graphics small
[13:30] graphics team anything like that to
[13:31] model stuff for you either the original
[13:33] poll I think we had exhausting we polled
[13:37] you write the beginning to say would you
[13:38] got his brought back we had different
[13:39] bands of what you could have if you know
[13:41] that that I a result didn't actually go
[13:44] to having any support team I think
[13:45] development team we talked about it a
[13:47] bit extra in would love to have a
[13:50] graphics team to work with it but will
[13:52] be found and with us three working on it
[13:53] and modern exes at times as well we
[13:56] found that we were able to deliver an
[13:58] awful lot more an awful lot more quickly
[14:00] and the more teams we dragged into
[14:01] things and the more the more people we
[14:04] dragged into the obstacle team will then
[14:05] starts does have layers of management in
[14:07] and we need support team support people
[14:09] are actually working on it and that
[14:10] certainly makes everything a lot more
[14:11] complicated to get an agreement for
[14:13] example you can ask any question here
[14:14] about anything between us three we've
[14:16] got the answer for it if we have a team
[14:18] of 20 people we wouldn't have the answer
[14:22] so release hits the bot yeah that would
[14:25] be what yeah that would be my concern is
[14:27] you know you're sorry Lee the question
[14:32] I'm sorry yeah I'm getting stage
[14:33] directions which I didn't know what they
[14:34] meant so yeah so so in effect we lose
[14:37] control yeah i mean that that would be
[14:39] my concern that the biggest thing is you
[14:41] guys need to stay in control and and
[14:43] that's what I've always thought when
[14:45] excites end up all the reports and
[14:46] weekly basis to everybody in the company
[14:48] to see them is to make sure that is
[14:50] always full front that you guys in the
[14:52] forefront of my mind you guys if you
[14:54] guys don't want it I don't want to do it
[14:55] either no matter how I personally feel
[14:57] the max that's that's that's all the
[15:00] most important thing is really it's also
[15:02] important that a lot of people that work
[15:04] together work very well together if you
[15:06] add more people you're adding new people
[15:08] you have to get you have to learn how to
[15:09] work with I should I have worked on
[15:11] projects we've driven development for a
[15:12] long time now so I considered them to
[15:14] ash and I know how quickly he can do a
[15:16] bit as you can send me issues where all
[15:18] the he knows I can deal with that we can
[15:19] work very very quickly as a development
[15:21] team we also know that we can get max or
[15:23] send those out to the community much
[15:24] much very very quickly as well as we
[15:26] know what might want understand as well
[15:27] so adding more people in will just would
[15:29] not slow us down but it adds another
[15:32] level of as well I'm barrier that we
[15:35] have to sort of get used to do I also
[15:36] don't know how you guys feel about this
[15:38] in particular but there's been a lot of
[15:40] people saying they don't want any new
[15:41] graphics in old school because that way
[15:43] it will stay old school because if we
[15:46] got an artist they'd start changing
[15:48] things and that is bad I don't know how
[15:50] you guys feel about that though it would
[15:53] be nice if we could deliver things like
[15:55] the Slayer helm in and at night in an
[15:56] approval old school style please leave
[15:58] yes so in runescape classic the screen
[16:01] so small you can use a magnifying glass
[16:03] on the computer it's actually zoom into
[16:05] it yes so Ron
[16:07] runescape HD how about logo perhaps just
[16:11] the resize from screen I don't know you
[16:13] know be wandering about that earlier
[16:15] when we there's some cute computer set
[16:17] up downstairs for playing old school on
[16:19] and somebody was coming around just
[16:21] changing the resolution of all the
[16:22] monitors so that it would be bigger for
[16:24] you does that help a lot of people like
[16:26] to play on 800 x 600 which isn't ideal
[16:29] on a widescreen monitor but you use what
[16:31] you get um it would it's interesting
[16:34] idea I don't know if we could get it
[16:36] done or not it would be one for the
[16:37] engine guys and it would be unwise for
[16:40] me to start predicting how long they
[16:41] take through a job particularly asst
[16:44] we've been waiting for that route
[16:45] finding update for quite a while now
[16:49] getting time for them has been
[16:50] challenging for us it feels like quite a
[16:53] bottleneck and we've been pushing quite
[16:56] hard as best we can to make it clear
[17:00] that that would unlock a lot of jobs if
[17:03] we could just get the time from that
[17:05] team on a regular basis yeah woman is
[17:09] there's a huge amount of support for us
[17:11] within drag XO and we can go to the ngt
[17:14] line Phil's been absolutely brilliant
[17:15] with what he's been doing these been
[17:17] working till silly o'clock in the
[17:18] morning to make sure we can deliver some
[17:19] of the stuff that you guys needed to get
[17:21] into game so there's normal i support
[17:24] across but there's not that official
[17:27] official system in place to deliver it
[17:30] all which is what slows things down and
[17:32] also
[17:35] also stops was having to worry about
[17:37] managing that side of things as well
[17:39] which which keeps us everything in our
[17:42] control yeah we're not trying to explain
[17:44] how our priorities compare against the
[17:46] priorities of every other departments
[17:47] and every project they've got running at
[17:49] the same time that is challenging yes
[17:52] are we are a fair few favors around the
[17:54] office yes like I seriously had to be
[17:57] yeah when you got the world's with a
[18:00] free-to-play restrictions on them for
[18:02] mostly for pvping on the email records
[18:05] show that we got that delivered at two
[18:07] in the morning from the engine guys who
[18:09] just decided to put an all-nighter and
[18:10] deliver it for us because we really
[18:12] really wanted it it's some we're getting
[18:15] that kind of support from them pushing
[18:17] them to do boys well not the way to go
[18:20] we need to get in a bit we need to get
[18:23] something a bit more official in place
[18:24] and I think given the number of players
[18:27] we've seen the number of things that we
[18:29] could delivery of only we're making a
[18:31] good case for it I mean what game no
[18:34] more noise you guys make about the
[18:36] updates you want the more that has to
[18:38] help us get what you guys leave so keep
[18:41] talking please so given the the progress
[18:47] that you make him without service cape
[18:48] and the amount of support in the amount
[18:51] of players you've got going how long do
[18:53] you think before we can get the whole
[18:54] goddamn game Rob later when you need it
[18:58] you've got us let's just do it just do
[19:02] the whole lot really yeah i mean i've
[19:05] got i got a meeting tuesday about extra
[19:07] resource for old school what's going to
[19:09] happen to that meeting I don't know but
[19:11] some lucy see what happens when
[19:14] yeah for the 07 service could we
[19:17] consider a lobby service like instead of
[19:20] having to log it completely and log back
[19:22] in with username and password could we
[19:24] have a lobby system I would like that it
[19:26] would enable with quite a lot of things
[19:27] that would work better in particular the
[19:31] lobby firm other runescape rs3 that's
[19:34] programmable by the content team which
[19:36] means that i could build menus into it i
[19:39] could run build a warning into pvp
[19:41] worlds things that i currently cannot do
[19:43] because the engine knows exactly what I
[19:46] login screen looks like and it just
[19:48] loads graphics from a file put some
[19:49] entry to find places and has like three
[19:54] states of first menu the one where you
[19:57] type and the one tells you what went
[19:58] wrong it doesn't have anything else so I
[20:00] can't build into it so I would love a
[20:02] lobby it was a lot of flexibility and I
[20:04] think it's a better experience for you
[20:05] guys it is however a substantial amount
[20:08] of work to get some that kind of thing
[20:10] done I recall how along the engine team
[20:12] spent doing it for the other room skate
[20:14] when we first got the lobby from there
[20:16] it was quite a long time and there were
[20:18] lots of them working on it and getting
[20:21] it stable took a long time as well as I
[20:23] recall especially as some testing in our
[20:25] environment which is not quite the same
[20:27] as the live system it was rather hard to
[20:30] work out where the chat was working not
[20:31] at any given point so it's something
[20:34] we'd like it's a big ask though cool um
[20:38] any more questions out there you go on
[20:40] it with the slab house
[20:46] mask commute was I gave a theme might
[20:51] feel a bit clearer size over the slam
[20:53] ask I've got a black mouse computed
[20:55] would you be able to impute it into the
[20:58] mask it's it'd be a waste of the middle
[21:00] one what we were thinking is that we
[21:02] don't have the hex crestor focus site so
[21:05] and we don't have strike worms so it
[21:08] would be a school away at any of making
[21:10] a full Slayer helm using an imbued black
[21:14] mask which has the ranging bonuses and
[21:16] the magic bonuses so I would be inclined
[21:18] to use the imbued version to make that
[21:20] and therefore the imbued points you
[21:23] spent would carry their value over to
[21:25] making you a better slayer helmet I hope
[21:28] that would take the boxes for you cool
[21:32] any more questions out there no called
[21:35] right okay um minigames that's something
[21:41] a lot of feedback we've had over the
[21:42] last few weeks about minigames is very
[21:44] difficult to find people about mini
[21:45] games to help play them you're sorry
[21:49] no no no Seto topic but we'd like to
[21:53] yeah I only gain ever that carry on now
[21:57] this minigame we've got in mind is we
[22:00] create these randomly generate nope
[22:02] we're here Oh what we think about mini
[22:07] games is the feedbacks come from you
[22:08] guys is we won't play castle wars we can
[22:10] find three people play castle wars we
[22:11] want to go and whether the trouble
[22:13] brewing livestream last week coming the
[22:16] week before and we had 140 people
[22:19] actually in their plane it at the same
[22:21] time because the only time people would
[22:22] ever find anybody else because we
[22:24] thought went out there so let's all go
[22:25] play trouble through it that's go in
[22:27] there and find it so one of the things
[22:28] we've identified is that finding groups
[22:30] people to play minigames is an issue so
[22:33] what we want to do is we want to put in
[22:35] a thorn avoiding matchmaker but it's a
[22:38] system we flag yourself has been
[22:39] available to play minigames and drop you
[22:41] into a clan chat room so you can find
[22:43] other people want to play that mini game
[22:44] you'll be great to get what you guys
[22:46] think about that any thoughts on that
[22:49] from anyone cool lots of nothing I like
[22:52] that I got thumbs up I'm living that I'm
[22:55] living that I know that's my coming your
[22:59] wedding it develops something like that
[23:02] can't you take it a stage further and
[23:04] use something similar to the xbox system
[23:06] where you put yourself out there yeah I
[23:08] want to play this that it just grabs a
[23:10] load of randoms throws you into the
[23:13] party job done random
[23:17] let's see um could be a little
[23:21] challenging in the 07 engine I i sat
[23:23] down in 2010 to try and write something
[23:25] like that for Dungeoneering because
[23:27] every minigame or tab something like
[23:28] that and what that one did was it that
[23:32] you define yourself as on the party
[23:34] here's what I want in my party I want
[23:37] more majors more ranges I want a minimum
[23:39] skill total of this a maximum combat
[23:41] level of that minimum comment of all the
[23:43] other and you'd be listed people could
[23:45] click on your party see who else was in
[23:48] it apply to join it you're this has to
[23:50] be shown that part of you could accept
[23:52] them or reject them when the when all
[23:54] five will however many the party leader
[23:56] wanted were in place it would turn into
[23:57] a dungeon ear and party and fire you
[23:59] down demon I'm and you could go mini
[24:02] game to your heart's content and get XP
[24:04] but some 47 there's a lot of stuff we
[24:07] don't have any engine that I use to do
[24:09] that in particular we don't have from
[24:11] the ability spawn AI units with
[24:15] dynamically allocate memory the amount
[24:19] of memory available for our NPCs is kind
[24:22] of the same for every NPC in the entire
[24:24] world which means if we give one of them
[24:26] more memory every NPC get including imps
[24:29] which is a big-ass wasted memory and
[24:32] might make the server fall over if we
[24:34] went too far so when it comes to some of
[24:37] the processing we're a bit limited there
[24:38] but some if we can at least get you in
[24:42] touch with other people who want to play
[24:43] and maybe give you a button that when
[24:46] you're ready you click it it's a
[24:48] teleport to the mini-game you have most
[24:51] of the stuff in place most of them have
[24:53] bank chests you can deposit stuff you
[24:54] don't want to take into the mini game
[24:55] with you we could maybe make sure you
[24:58] can access your items you do need for
[24:59] the mini game we should be able to get a
[25:03] lot of that even if it doesn't
[25:04] automatically fire off with randoms but
[25:07] we got you into the right place players
[25:08] are pretty good at handling themselves
[25:09] on that point anyway
[25:11] let's go no questions
[25:17] would you ever add any more random
[25:19] events as well we'd be willing what
[25:23] we're mota singh is people saying please
[25:24] take the existing ones away so i think
[25:26] new ones didn't really look like the
[25:28] directions killing i think we can do if
[25:31] we can take my random events we can
[25:33] maybe pop them into a sudden accountant
[25:35] idea i used to go about a nursing home
[25:38] for random events or take them out the
[25:39] game pop into this nursing home and
[25:41] allow them to sort be looked after in
[25:43] this nursing home where you guys can go
[25:44] there and you can go and just take part
[25:47] in the random events as we want to loose
[25:48] you know we could stick some cow one we
[25:50] talking about a cow 10 the cow the cow
[25:52] one yeah I'm gonna care random event a
[25:55] long time ago um a guy who was in the
[25:58] team at a time who was who'd written the
[26:01] brim Haven agility arena and the birth
[26:03] or games room and the original duel
[26:05] arena um he wrote an idea to ideas
[26:10] random events one of them turned into
[26:12] prison Pete the other was going to be
[26:14] the Duke of bridge lung inscape room he
[26:18] summons you to bridge lung which looks
[26:21] like the lumbridge cow field repaints
[26:23] this a desert and he says all these
[26:26] people been killing my cows look I've
[26:27] got all dead cow parts here on the floor
[26:29] I want you to pick up the dead cow parts
[26:32] and reassemble them so you get this
[26:34] interface on your screen with spinning
[26:36] cow components on it like a spinning cow
[26:39] head where you see on the neck and the
[26:42] other bits and the tail and he'd say
[26:44] okay pass me the cows udders and you
[26:47] have to identify which bits the cows
[26:48] others as distinct from the other end of
[26:50] the count and you don't click on that
[26:53] and you've got it in the right order it
[26:55] would spoil a cow next to you and he'd
[26:57] say well done now do another one where
[26:59] have you got it wrong then it would
[27:00] spawn a gauzy mutated kind of island of
[27:04] dr. Moreau miss shapen bovine
[27:07] monstrosity and you Denny say that was
[27:10] wrong do it again we got quite a lot of
[27:13] graphics for that I've tweeted a few of
[27:15] them out to the players and post it on
[27:16] the forums and they got quite a response
[27:20] mostly of you
[27:22] unfortunately QA tester who was you
[27:24] first looked at it after he got some
[27:26] code in there he said oh my god you
[27:28] cannot you can't do that you just can't
[27:30] do that which is fair play there was all
[27:33] pink ghastly bloody bits showing inside
[27:36] the cow components and it really was
[27:38] quite difficult to spot which one's the
[27:39] front legs which one's the back legs if
[27:41] you didn't know where the others were
[27:42] meant to be stuck on so we didn't
[27:45] release that one in the end but we could
[27:48] have done yes yes cool right so many
[27:52] games backs mini-games um what's your
[27:53] favorite minigame what minigame needs
[27:55] the most love let's say pest control we
[28:00] want pest control go to go back to how
[28:01] it was before it got updated in what was
[28:04] it shave july two thousand seven
[28:05] something that's sort yeah yeah the
[28:08] shield's on the portals and different XP
[28:10] rates or something one taken little
[28:13] overpowered it was open to such a
[28:17] perfect bill yeah it was quite hard to
[28:19] even get easier what about Castle Wars
[28:22] who plays castle wars three people play
[28:25] castle wars why does nobody else play
[28:27] castle wars button again
[28:33] there isn't a specific world there is no
[28:36] specific world and one things you were
[28:38] looking at wasn't it limiting the world
[28:39] to castle wars we can certainly turn off
[28:41] castle wars on specific worlds in fact
[28:42] we've turned off in PvP world so it's
[28:44] not hard to life on other worlds as well
[28:46] and yeah that would help get people
[28:49] together so we left it just to Castle
[28:52] Wars worlds maybe you know one in case
[28:55] the other falls over happens then and we
[28:59] also added this player find a thing the
[29:03] match make that we don't want to call a
[29:04] matchmaker to help you get your parties
[29:06] together and find like minded players
[29:07] that might help you get a bit more
[29:09] traffic in two castles maybe and do the
[29:12] same for Barbie assaults okay a
[29:13] barbarian assault and perhaps trouble
[29:17] brewing yeah I shouldn't call them at
[29:20] monash hello as you're referring earlier
[29:23] to the partnering system you said the
[29:26] memory space for an NPC but rather than
[29:29] why couldn't you use say a command code
[29:31] I understand that on old-school service
[29:34] if you'd like to turn toggle the roofs
[29:37] you could go the colon colon top roof in
[29:40] order to get rid of them you could go
[29:42] colon colon and then add in the mini
[29:44] game if you wanted to and then you go
[29:46] into a loading screen and wait for a
[29:47] party the thing is some when we've got
[29:50] where we're writing those things what we
[29:52] need is for some part of the game to be
[29:54] remembering you as the player who wants
[29:57] to play this game and also half dozen
[30:00] other people hopefully a lot of other
[30:02] people's castle wars and finding
[30:04] somewhere to put the memory somewhere to
[30:07] store that memory is challenging for us
[30:09] simply because the NPC's we've got are
[30:12] so limited in how many things they can
[30:14] remember at any time at the moment an
[30:16] NPC could remember the player who last
[30:18] hits it its owner if it is a cat which
[30:22] means all npcs remember their owner even
[30:24] if they don't have 12 numbers and a
[30:27] coordinate and their poison that's about
[30:29] it really and
[30:31] some if we wanted NPC to remember I'm
[30:34] dealing with a party of five barbarian
[30:35] assault players that's five people it
[30:37] wants to remember what else translates
[30:39] you'd avoid the use of an NPC if we
[30:43] don't have one of those we couple the
[30:44] memory anywhere at all it's some kind of
[30:47] the way things were written if Andrews
[30:50] idea was that if you had all the memory
[30:52] tied to each NPC or to each player and
[30:56] things like that then you could never
[30:58] end up with memory getting left behind
[31:00] by mistake because eventually the player
[31:02] would log out all the NPC would be spawn
[31:04] therefore we'd never have to worry about
[31:06] memory overflow problems it's maybe not
[31:11] the way the engine team would design the
[31:13] game if they were thinking about it with
[31:15] the last 10 years of experience but some
[31:18] it served runescape very well up back in
[31:21] the very old days when Andrew couldn't
[31:23] for top puts on very high end servers it
[31:27] got us a long way but yeah 2007
[31:29] technology is not what we really wanted
[31:31] 2013 sometimes even if it gives us the
[31:33] retro feel that we like probably won't
[31:38] be dancing I reckon
[31:41] no idea what that is yeah if you can't
[31:43] hear us then please share and will find
[31:45] here you as well okay so reward castle
[31:50] wars are the rewards good in the
[31:51] fo'castle wars do we need extra awards
[31:53] the castle wars we're not like it makes
[31:55] good maybe there's only platelegs at the
[31:58] moment we could give them the skirt no
[32:01] ok cool so um us we have a question oh
[32:12] right what about a max cape max k we can
[32:17] do it max Caine we need some graphics
[32:19] from somewhere so we can cobble
[32:21] something together we also need more
[32:22] than one match vs yeah haricot we got
[32:25] Jeff room at the moment and making
[32:28] hummus that's used engine yeah ya do I
[32:30] might also want a nice Evo team it was
[32:33] going to be a max cape and we're really
[32:34] quite happily forgetting those you can
[32:37] make them but none of us can make them
[32:38] so we can probably find a friend who's
[32:41] win to have a go for us cool right why
[32:45] don't you talk about your white dragon
[32:48] my boss yeah this room bergman to be
[32:55] heard I mean I think one of the few
[32:58] requests that came through with coming
[33:00] from quite a lot was more bosses summer
[33:01] season until God was launched the only
[33:03] real box you had was Calif like Queen
[33:05] and kbd which all badd chain is d chain
[33:09] is a nice board but it's not did not
[33:11] reward that he's very exciting so I'm
[33:13] gotta move forward parently I got move
[33:15] forward alone or not because if it works
[33:21] so one of the things I concept it was
[33:25] everybody's everybody's familiar with
[33:26] virago I take it the boss in main game I
[33:28] I wanted something similar to that in
[33:30] old-school a boss with stages a boss
[33:33] with different mechanics dynamics pawns
[33:35] very sort of dynamic gameplay so I'm
[33:38] saying different saying it wasn't just
[33:40] going in there hitting it hoping you hit
[33:42] high and in waiting three minutes the
[33:44] cable TV example you can go down there
[33:46] you can hit it once go make a coffee and
[33:48] come back you might have killed it
[33:49] there's no real interaction so I went to
[33:51] the boss which was very very engaging so
[33:54] I constantly something very very briefly
[33:56] which was just armor which was white
[33:58] white dragon which is the D chain
[34:01] default helm d legs and pretty much
[34:04] every dragon item recolored white
[34:05] actually looks really really nice I
[34:08] learn from that responses on Twitter
[34:10] came I should release the boss with it
[34:13] so from those kids pulling the idea if
[34:15] we need we really need a new boss in old
[34:18] school obviously you've got God was
[34:20] recently but again you go in there you
[34:22] hit them you wait you have to do
[34:24] anything occasionally you might have to
[34:25] have a specific tank for like randos but
[34:28] there's nothing that which is that which
[34:29] is stage based no real immunity in those
[34:32] stages either so similar to virago I
[34:34] wanted to do something very similar to
[34:35] that expression on actually
[34:39] I was wondering you've got the giant
[34:41] mole which kind of digs and you can
[34:43] maybe give that on that day because
[34:45] that's kind of not it's a boss but it's
[34:47] not a boss Susie you can maybe update
[34:49] the time that's the sort of phase that's
[34:51] that's pretty much the only boss in also
[34:53] which has a phase in it because
[34:54] obviously you get to a certain people
[34:56] hit-boy level and it disappears there is
[34:59] no other boss in the game which has even
[35:00] remotely similar mechanic to that so
[35:03] taking that I want to do something with
[35:05] that so the idea i had for white dragon
[35:07] was when you get certain HP to dragon
[35:08] kin was born it would be immune you had
[35:11] to kill them before you could start
[35:13] attacking again he would then have been
[35:16] vulnerable for a specific amount of time
[35:17] you would have to I want to include
[35:19] skills it is also not a skilling boss
[35:20] but for example they would have to lure
[35:22] him over a fight it much like corporal
[35:24] beast when you're doing the Pacific
[35:25] question if de lis remember a fire pit
[35:26] so I wanted to include mechanics similar
[35:29] to that the joy moore i'll say there's
[35:32] one of the only bosses in the game of
[35:33] the moment or if you peek all our boss
[35:34] everything's easily get moment which has
[35:36] a mechanic base to it we could to update
[35:39] the giant mole but the only update I'd
[35:41] want to do is stop it digging because I
[35:43] hate having to look for it the rewards
[35:45] are nice but it's not really worth I
[35:47] mean to find it all over again no those
[35:52] stars the bosses go there's no I haven't
[35:54] really done much work to it but the if
[35:55] you haven't seen it my dragon armor days
[35:57] yeah I placed it on the forums on
[35:58] twitter anyway but it's just I dragon on
[36:01] my ivory painted white as she looks
[36:03] really really good two hours to make it
[36:06] as well so fortunately when he was doing
[36:09] that we learned a lot about how to
[36:10] recover things there's been very handy
[36:12] for other updates since then so time
[36:14] well spent in a sense it took five hours
[36:17] to turn one shade of red white do I see
[36:21] a question cleansed in the middle well
[36:23] it's more of a request ok really good we
[36:26] like those but um if there's any sort of
[36:30] like future developments can you please
[36:33] never ever forget to count stuff that's
[36:36] in your player owned helps EG constables
[36:40] i think we will remember them such like
[36:42] because yeah bit painful really
[36:46] thankfully we have the power of
[36:47] hindsight with our score being that with
[36:49] with with issues like that we have them
[36:51] already
[36:51] so before if we do a project which is
[36:54] pre-existing like god wars we can look
[36:56] back at what we pre existed as a bug for
[36:58] god wars and then fix it already because
[37:01] we know what it was women issue like I
[37:03] don't there's very few people out there
[37:06] that weren't affected by that so and
[37:09] with your suffering very vocal about it
[37:10] would be very hard to forget put Italy
[37:13] sorry if we did it and with customers
[37:14] points like that we'd be developing it
[37:18] and we know about it seemed probably
[37:19] good yeah and the other thing as well as
[37:22] every time I'm the way to fall system
[37:23] worst we always put our dev blog before
[37:25] the actual pole those lives we get your
[37:27] feedback on the questions first so if
[37:28] you were to do something like that one
[37:30] of you guys are going to crop up as I
[37:31] have you thought about this and if we
[37:33] have that's good if we happen to be like
[37:34] that about it then but because my
[37:36] developers taken place at that time you
[37:38] know it's no hardship for us to change
[37:40] our plans and do anything else so so
[37:42] that is always a good check for us yep
[37:45] more questions any question was one over
[37:48] here he's a microphone for you can you
[37:50] put a warning on when you when you
[37:53] right-click pumpkins not to eat them
[37:56] because i didn't like three already all
[37:59] bitten confuse with the jack-o'-lantern
[38:01] ours are they like 10k each at the
[38:03] moment anyway well thats expensive feel
[38:06] like a shark but some yes we certainly
[38:10] can one way we've often done it in the
[38:12] past was too may eat the right click
[38:14] option valve on the left click option so
[38:16] that when you're clicking around your
[38:17] inventory you end up with use pumpkin
[38:19] which does nothing and that way you
[38:22] don't have you can still eat it during
[38:24] combat if you wanted to because a
[38:26] warning screen would stop you eating it
[38:28] in combat but if we made it the right
[38:30] click option then I think we cover all
[38:32] the bases while making it use Wars food
[38:33] for them as once too so it was that's a
[38:37] hand going up
[38:38] going it'd be good to get clothes set up
[38:42] to the same was there are asleep yeah
[38:44] plan plan well plans in itself I got you
[38:49] handle out onto and all about tapers
[38:51] either well unsurprisingly the 2007 game
[38:55] engine didn't know what clan wars they
[38:57] are attempt to give us some kind of
[38:59] clans is the chat channel system known
[39:01] as friends chat these days I think that
[39:04] unfortunate is all we have at the moment
[39:05] to get the engine team to build in
[39:08] proper clan integration it would be nice
[39:10] it's all not wish list already but it's
[39:13] not very high up the wishlist
[39:14] unfortunate because it's such a very big
[39:16] ask and clans well they were making
[39:21] their own arrangements for a very long
[39:22] time before jagex got involved we were
[39:24] hoping they'd be willing to kind of keep
[39:26] doing so until such time as we can get
[39:30] some more support in there for them yeah
[39:32] it would be very nice we agree i'm part
[39:34] of the clan culture especially back into
[39:36] that or prior to 2007 as well it was
[39:38] very much you had plans you had jagex
[39:41] they didn't interact too much and a lot
[39:42] of the study of the pvp clams right now
[39:44] still want to keep in that sort of vein
[39:46] so you know there that even when we
[39:49] release the stuff for rs3 they didn't
[39:50] come across they stayed on their own
[39:52] websites they stayed doing their own
[39:53] thing and maybe had a cities or some did
[39:55] some didn't so I mean a clam thing
[39:59] that's fantastic I mean I worked a lot
[40:01] of timber when that was all happening
[40:02] and it was fantastic to see it going
[40:04] going in fact the original Klan idea
[40:07] came from a player and it was emailed to
[40:10] us in 2005 with a forceful list of
[40:12] everything that came out and then it
[40:13] developed over time to what came out
[40:15] there that's complete assignment
[40:16] involves going to Sasha up now all right
[40:19] any more questions I think about the fan
[40:21] butterfield in that seventh context
[40:22] because I really enjoyed working on that
[40:24] and giving you guys a map editor where
[40:25] you could build your own battle arenas
[40:27] and customize your own rules with patch
[40:29] to flag or balls or just combat or BOTS
[40:32] to kill but that's AI BOTS not the kind
[40:35] of mattress or and it would be very nice
[40:39] if we could have that
[40:40] again even if it wasn't I declans sadly
[40:42] I think that's well outside what the
[40:44] engine will do for us but I did like it
[40:47] sorry questions any more questions we
[40:50] were out of questions power was good
[40:55] well we could talk about the idea we had
[40:56] for a minigame where you going to
[40:58] randomly generated dungeons and collect
[41:00] loot and fight boss monsters and solve
[41:02] puzzles we thought their big crack in
[41:04] mini game for old school and it we also
[41:07] maybe give you some replayability beyond
[41:10] just leveling and getting stats and XP
[41:13] it might give you something to
[41:15] repeatedly do with a group we thought we
[41:18] could maybe make a version that wasn't
[41:20] tied to just five people and a bit more
[41:23] freeform okay I'm when limited by what
[41:25] we can do with a memory and handling but
[41:27] some we think there's possibilities and
[41:30] I see a question coming up about it yeah
[41:33] you're not ever going to confuse that
[41:35] with a skill or anything I got a skill
[41:38] to me sounds like the world's best video
[41:39] game he'll be lovely win again well the
[41:43] idea sort of vision that we have and
[41:45] it's horrible way to use vision but the
[41:47] vision is you find 150 your friends
[41:50] you're in a clan and get a whole lot of
[41:51] people we go into a room and then you
[41:53] have a puzzle to solve you solve this
[41:54] puzzle opens doors up to a series of
[41:56] mini bosses you kill the minibosses
[41:57] opens up another set of door so
[41:59] dungeoneering it seems basically but
[42:02] without the skill involved and lots and
[42:04] lots of people raiding it all at once
[42:06] and that sort of the how big we can make
[42:09] it happen and you don't have to go out
[42:10] and mine a bit to make different items
[42:12] you can take your items in with you and
[42:14] do stuff like that so it's a proper
[42:17] proper raving dungeon more than anything
[42:19] is what sort of the individual was yeah
[42:22] there's a few things we have to work a
[42:23] little differently in particular in our
[42:25] instance Darius that's areas we generate
[42:27] dynamically on the fly for you we can't
[42:30] add more terrain once you've already
[42:32] once the instances were being created
[42:34] that was added the engine for
[42:36] dungeoneering specifically a long time
[42:38] later but we can still generate you a
[42:40] cave out or random bits put together
[42:43] it's just not quite feel the same but
[42:46] that'll keep us different from other
[42:47] runescape happily enough how far can the
[42:52] engine that you've got for us could take
[42:53] us I mean if you keep an offering update
[42:56] of the poles how can you keep on going
[42:58] with your reasoning cities God pours and
[43:00] will it take us the thing that holds us
[43:05] back often is in terms of updates that
[43:08] came in two thousand seven eight nine
[43:10] what's holding us back isn't always
[43:11] engine it's the fact that all the
[43:13] graphics were made in the format of 2008
[43:16] onwards and of course 2008 was the year
[43:19] you got the HD update every model in
[43:21] runescape was redeveloped to have
[43:24] textures in it so the file format was
[43:27] changed to support them the resolution
[43:29] was changed to give the graphics guys a
[43:31] bit more control over how things
[43:33] appeared I think the palette may have
[43:35] changed and the human base was
[43:37] redesigned to change the shape of
[43:39] everybody which means if we've got hold
[43:41] of the graphics from those days they
[43:42] wouldn't actually match our engine and
[43:45] even if they did match our engine they
[43:46] wouldn't match the rest of your bodies
[43:48] which were your manner of embarrassing
[43:50] if your head slightly in the wrong place
[43:51] or the wrong size that would look funny
[43:54] actually
[43:55] that aside so importing a quest from
[44:00] 2009 or mini game for 2008 is a problem
[44:03] for us for that reason even if we got
[44:05] hold of the assets that we had from
[44:07] those days we can't use them directly
[44:08] and of course the engine may not turn
[44:10] out to be suitable now that's why we
[44:13] often encourage people to pitch ideas to
[44:15] us not just to bring in the corporeal
[44:17] beast bring in soul wars bring in clam
[44:19] balls free for all portals but to maybe
[44:22] come up with something may be in the
[44:25] same vein but different so instead of a
[44:28] corporeal beast we don't mind giving you
[44:29] a great big monster that's wrong in both
[44:30] the spheres give them a use for samurai
[44:32] xperia for a change but it may not we
[44:36] may not want to call it the corporeal
[44:37] beast because it probably wouldn't look
[44:38] like one of those if I were told now go
[44:41] make a quarrel Beast I'd go take jad
[44:43] because he's about the right shape give
[44:45] or take and I'd go recolor him a kind of
[44:48] pale beige color and I spot him down in
[44:50] a light brown cave and say go and a lot
[44:54] of people say that's not the corporeal
[44:55] beast so maybe if we didn't start trying
[44:58] to go with the exact thing we had before
[44:59] we might come up with something of oil
[45:03] instead that's not so disappointing and
[45:05] maybe just better well so we've had a
[45:08] two-minute warning thing to remember I
[45:12] mean about old school is that it's what
[45:15] goes into it is decided by you we don't
[45:18] have any any desire to make any changes
[45:20] that you don't want to do we've got no
[45:22] ulterior motive which I think a lot of
[45:23] people feel we would have when it first
[45:25] came out I mean I hope that we've shown
[45:27] over that six months or so that we don't
[45:29] have an ulterior motive we're happy for
[45:30] you guys to lead the development of the
[45:33] game as much as possible indeed you get
[45:35] to vote every time we want to make a
[45:37] change and that's that's that's probably
[45:40] most important thing from our point of
[45:42] view is that you guys are in charge
[45:44] you walk away feeling that is true and I
[45:48] hope you do thank you all very much for
[45:51] coming and we're downstairs all day
[45:53] we've got a nice little area we've got
[45:54] some a computer set up with old school
[45:56] on them come see us and and love to talk
[46:00] to you all on one to one basis that's
[46:01] great thank you very much for coming
[46:20] you
[01:09:23] hi still goes but the stream ends here
[01:09:26] I'm afraid we've had an amazing time at
[01:09:28] brewfest 3 we've lost lead somewhere he
[01:09:30] should be here as they goodbyes but he's
[01:09:32] vanished into them it's all that so we
[01:09:34] hope you've had a good time we've
[01:09:35] absolutely loved it yeah we've loved
[01:09:36] it's probably down there watching that
[01:09:38] lady with the fire HD fantastic today
[01:09:40] we've seen people outfit she's getting
[01:09:43] crazy down there I've been playing games
[01:09:45] they be meeting the modular cause
[01:09:46] they've been getting involved with the
[01:09:48] runescape itself as well so that's it
[01:09:51] moon fest 2013 out thank you very much
[01:09:53] and see you next year hi