Transcript of RuneFest 2013: Levelling the RS Soundtrack

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:37] ha
[00:49] Oh
[00:54] get to I guess is that it's multiple
[01:04] Oh
[01:15] hurry
[02:04] Oh
[02:26] Oh
[02:55] hello everyone can you hear me okay
[02:58] jolly good we didn't plan to do that
[03:01] that was we just like we're going with
[03:03] the flow today so we've got a ragtag mob
[03:06] in and just random you might hear a few
[03:10] other songs later on if you head to
[03:12] order to the bar area we're doing the
[03:14] cooks assistant musical with the cow and
[03:16] and everything like that and we're doing
[03:20] valerio song and that we've got sisters
[03:22] of the city so the real a VIP and things
[03:27] like that so do come along another
[03:28] answer is it's it's sort of comedy
[03:31] genius but not quite okay so we're going
[03:35] to talk about a leveling got rs3 audio
[03:38] do you'll play with audio on that's
[03:41] probably why you're here I suppose so
[03:44] over the last couple of years since I've
[03:47] been here it's it's been my remit to
[03:49] really bring runescape audio up to the
[03:51] next level and we put an awful lot of
[03:55] work into changing how we're doing
[03:57] things and it's going to take us through
[04:01] the technological side of things but
[04:03] this little talk we're going to talk
[04:04] about how we change the audio tech for
[04:06] the game what we're doing with the music
[04:07] and the orchestra and our sessions in
[04:10] Bratislava how we brought musicians into
[04:15] the building what we're doing with six
[04:16] age stuff and how we're moving the
[04:18] soundtrack forward talk about voiceovers
[04:21] talking about the ambient sounds of the
[04:22] game and then what the future sounds
[04:25] hold for runescape so I'll pass you over
[04:26] to ian's right well hi what thanks ever
[04:30] so much for coming so r is get 3 we
[04:33] wanted to improve the music and we
[04:35] wanted to make it cool really I mean
[04:36] that was the main goal of what we wanted
[04:38] to do so one of the first things we need
[04:41] to look at was the technical side of
[04:42] things and to get this cool music making
[04:45] music working in game if you've played
[04:47] with music for quite a while you're
[04:50] probably aware that some of the music
[04:52] was the older style and it was
[04:54] we call MIDI music which is also a
[04:56] computer-based no real instruments
[04:58] nothing like that but now we're lucky
[05:01] enough so that we can have recorded
[05:02] music and we can have recorded voices
[05:04] and all kinds of sound effects and stuff
[05:05] like that real musicians one of the main
[05:09] things that we needed to do was to
[05:11] change the way that the tech work so
[05:13] we've got dedicated audio servers now so
[05:16] that streams the music on demand so
[05:18] whilst you play the game there's
[05:19] actually completely separate servers
[05:21] which are running all the music and one
[05:24] of the key things that we wanted to do
[05:25] is to have CD quality music so if you've
[05:28] got a really impressive sound system
[05:29] hopefully the music will sound nice and
[05:32] obviously because 44 I don't know
[05:35] whether you like know any of what this
[05:37] really means to a 44 killer 16-bit it's
[05:39] exactly the same as what you get on CDs
[05:41] or better really then what you get on I
[05:44] player or itunes something like that so
[05:48] we hoped that the music now is the kind
[05:52] of quality that you'd expect if you
[05:53] listen to even your favorite cheese just
[05:56] to touch on that and from a technical
[05:58] point of view it's a real challenge we
[05:59] were a browser-based game to actually
[06:01] get CD quality sound there's an awful
[06:03] lot of work gone into the technology to
[06:06] make it all happen so one of the things
[06:14] that we did was we went to Bratislava to
[06:17] record nor costura don't know if you've
[06:18] seen the videos that we've put out on
[06:20] that sort of thing so that the brief
[06:22] that we had was to really create a new
[06:24] epoch runescape theme we wanted to be
[06:27] sympathetic to the old classic theme so
[06:29] it needed to be recognizable but we
[06:31] wanted to bring it up to date and that
[06:33] was the initial brief that we had out of
[06:35] it came a whole hour of new and
[06:38] reimagine music it was played by the
[06:41] slovak national symphony orchestra and
[06:43] we used a lot of musicians back in this
[06:45] country as well that we'll talk about
[06:47] and we use James Hannigan I've known
[06:51] James about 10-15 years and I've worked
[06:54] with him before and the harry potter
[06:55] games so he was the natural choice for
[06:58] us he's done lord of the rings Harry
[07:01] dead space command and conquer he's a
[07:03] he's a big name in in-game music and
[07:07] he's actually here today it will be here
[07:10] about two o'clock if you've got your
[07:12] packs you'll see there's a CD in there
[07:13] that is an hour's worth of all of
[07:16] James's music so if you find them get
[07:18] them to scroll his signature on that's
[07:20] got my name on it as well yeah and in
[07:22] will sign it as well yeah an outsider if
[07:25] anyone will sign it for you yeah so yeah
[07:28] we use the world renowned slovak
[07:30] national symphony orchestra well they'll
[07:32] we were there they were recording dead
[07:35] space 3 so we were kind of mixing in
[07:37] with those sessions John said put the
[07:39] next slide on got a little video for you
[07:43] here to watch so this is a little bit of
[07:45] the orchestra setting up the session
[08:46] I should get one of those fine house you
[08:49] can see they're really fast movers so
[08:53] yeah we went to Bratislava that's the
[08:55] building that we went to that
[08:57] upside-down pyramid thing it's a crazy
[08:59] wacky building it's the national radio
[09:01] Center and you see this enormous pipe
[09:04] organ that they've got in the background
[09:06] which was it's a pretty amazing place
[09:08] and when you're looking at that footage
[09:09] it was just mean in the whole auditorium
[09:12] and then you realize there's 70 plus
[09:14] musicians that have dedicated their
[09:16] lives to their craft playing playing
[09:18] runescape music it's a pretty humbling
[09:20] experience that all those all those
[09:22] things come to life and I didn't get to
[09:24] go to practice followed by the way yeah
[09:26] we did we didn't drink any beer while we
[09:28] were there no keys it was all hard work
[09:30] so you want to move on to the next slide
[09:36] that we like
[09:38] chase
[10:01] there's the proof
[10:04] No
[10:20] your explorer
[10:27] with a minor prize did it bring a tear
[10:29] to your eye when he played again
[10:31] yes
[11:08] so we didn't kill this injustice love
[11:10] this wisdom in UK we quilted accordion
[11:14] play
[11:15] while it is
[11:21] Titanic sound
[11:34] does everybody remember the original
[11:36] newbie melody yes so yeah we tried to
[11:41] stay sympathetic to some of the old
[11:43] pieces of music and he was going to talk
[11:46] about some of the stuff that we've done
[11:47] in the UK since since Bratislava yeah so
[11:50] from Millie to maestro I talked to more
[11:53] a minute ago about MIDI about their what
[11:56] low quality kind of sound that we used
[11:58] up in the game but now luckily we can
[12:01] have really good quality audio in there
[12:02] so one of the main things though is that
[12:04] we really need to be sympathetic to
[12:05] runescape music because there's no point
[12:07] in just making brand new tunes and no
[12:09] one kind of recognize it wouldn't really
[12:10] be runescape and you know some people
[12:13] love the music some people might not
[12:15] love the music but it's got sound and
[12:17] it's got a kind of character to itself
[12:18] so it's really you know really important
[12:20] to us that we kind of made it runescape
[12:22] II but better quality runescape be so as
[12:26] they said one of the first things is to
[12:27] have real instruments and it have real
[12:29] players people that have got their own
[12:30] talents and abilities you know to play
[12:32] these instruments so we wanted to work
[12:34] with some of the best SAT session
[12:35] musicians around and so obviously that
[12:37] involved having to go out and find these
[12:40] people which which also involved sort of
[12:43] you know a really quite grueling session
[12:46] of going to gigs and you know going to
[12:48] bars and you know talking to musicians
[12:50] and having drinks with her band having a
[12:52] laugh with them one of the other things
[12:55] about working with other musicians is
[12:57] that they bring their own kind of
[12:58] creativity their own inspiration to it
[13:00] so you know we may have written a lot of
[13:02] the music but there's no point in just
[13:03] saying play that what we really wanted
[13:06] them to do is to kind of either put
[13:07] their own little spin on it and make it
[13:08] sound good and you know we do think that
[13:11] they've managed that really really well
[13:12] and you know we wanted to bring the
[13:14] areas to live the songs to life and
[13:16] wanted we want to rinse cape to kind of
[13:18] really be cool and to be as good as
[13:20] anything else out there which you know
[13:22] we think with them and just a few of the
[13:25] instruments there which you may not may
[13:27] not know all of them I expect that
[13:29] you've probably all heard of a flute but
[13:31] you may not have heard of a bouzouki
[13:32] which is a very kind of cool
[13:35] medieval kind of guitar believe its
[13:37] medieval mandolins guitars violins
[13:39] melodeon the melodeon is the instrument
[13:42] that will was playing a minute that's
[13:44] not actually an accordion it's I'm
[13:46] allowed in there he is with his melodeon
[13:47] yeah and that'll be Nikki there who's
[13:51] also plays violin and viola didn't even
[13:54] put viola all know that I know I
[13:56] disappointed to say they did they did
[13:59] new versions of sea shanty to and
[14:01] escapes sorrow and what else did you do
[14:05] second harmony Negroes and harmony so
[14:08] things like that and as the famous words
[14:10] of the Persian yeah as Ian said then we
[14:13] use people's improvisation and
[14:15] creativity so that we didn't come in
[14:17] they didn't come in with a set piece of
[14:18] music it's like here's the themes work
[14:20] with them make it into something new and
[14:23] that's how we took the approach to
[14:24] everything we also had a string quartet
[14:25] coming as well we're really cool and a
[14:28] band called most gold teeth who we met
[14:31] up which is great and now we've got over
[14:34] six hours of rework music in the game
[14:37] there's lost this different level so
[14:39] we've got the really really kind of
[14:40] high-quality orchestral stuff and then
[14:42] we've also got the high quality of
[14:44] musicians recorded but we've also did
[14:46] sort of loads and loads of little
[14:48] improvements to songs because there's a
[14:51] lot of songs in real scope so would be
[14:53] there for you know months trying to kind
[14:55] of rework them so it's a process that's
[14:57] something that we're working at but at
[14:59] the moment there's over six hours of
[15:00] rework music so hopefully the experience
[15:02] is nicer now
[15:06] some of the session musicians you might
[15:08] recognize a couple of lightly characters
[15:12] there if you can see because of this
[15:14] bright Sun in November which is slightly
[15:17] unusual we've got another little bit
[15:20] audio clip to pay here the lady at the
[15:23] tough evening McGowan is a really top
[15:26] Irish florist the actually post concert
[15:28] she plays like nothing last night of the
[15:30] proms and things like that really really
[15:32] talented person and we didn't just want
[15:36] to use kind of any anyone we wanted
[15:38] people who aren't good you know only
[15:40] really knelt by now music and I'm sure
[15:42] willingly people you know great i miss
[15:44] you so I so passionate it's what you
[15:46] don't see like you know if you're if you
[15:48] play music if you play whatever you do
[15:50] you know if you're up if you were a
[15:52] botanic you know you really love cars
[15:55] your musician this particular version of
[16:01] harmony we had a half his pep commended
[16:04] unless I can't see that
[16:07] I'll shade the Sun then she played
[16:09] harmony on the full-size half and they
[16:11] got a little folk carp out and
[16:13] harmonized over the top of it and it
[16:15] turned into this really beautiful piece
[16:17] of music that's so amazing working with
[16:20] these guys I mean is it was really new
[16:22] for us as well so we had to use our
[16:23] little kind of office space and their
[16:25] microphones in English you know people
[16:27] coming in and the video team with their
[16:28] doing videos and those leads why's
[16:30] everything like their phone it's a place
[16:34] to run and you know people like really
[16:41] inspired really makes you want to do it
[16:43] to stop
[16:45] other things you want to do more
[16:54] so willingly play this it's like let's
[16:56] just take the scape theme and make it
[16:58] saddens and what they came up with first
[17:00] it's a really really pretty piece of
[17:02] music was just suited when when
[17:04] longbridge got destroyed it felt quite
[17:06] poignant in that particular moment I'll
[17:09] do try to feel tracks this one all
[17:11] season going down Mike recognizer it
[17:13] will be later you're not the florist who
[17:26] play this was personal about a week
[17:28] because you can get it out there some
[17:32] people some people do say that runescape
[17:34] music sticks in their head which is
[17:35] which is the idea at the end of the day
[17:37] that's what we want to happen so six age
[17:42] runescape moves on and it develops we're
[17:46] not just the kind of medieval fantasy
[17:48] type type game we wanted to push the
[17:51] boundaries of the music further than
[17:53] we've ever done before and that included
[17:56] bringing in new types of music new types
[17:59] of sounds contemporary sounds so
[18:01] recently you've been using electric
[18:03] guitars distorted guitars bass drums
[18:04] lots of vocal singing things like that
[18:10] dynamic music as well not so the music
[18:13] doesn't just play wii for the world
[18:16] event little stings come in little
[18:18] interactive parts come in there's all
[18:20] sorts of challenging things that we can
[18:22] do with the audio that that we worked
[18:25] previously able today to talk about the
[18:27] other things in yeah sure well I
[18:29] stylistically challenging I mean what it
[18:32] really means is that i talked about you
[18:33] know risk of music being runescape music
[18:36] obviously if we want to try and do some
[18:38] different stuff we've still got to be so
[18:39] sympathetic to it
[18:41] want to do something this that's so
[18:42] different than no one no one who can
[18:44] recognize the game anymore it'll be like
[18:46] kind of you know taking saradomin you
[18:48] know coloring him orange or something
[18:51] like that I no no I'm would get it you
[18:52] know so it's important and also with
[18:55] dynamic music we want to do more and we
[18:57] try to now kind of introduce stuff so
[18:59] things like jingles and little things as
[19:02] Steve said when some of the in the world
[19:05] event when some of them the kind of
[19:09] while they're the units and that kind of
[19:11] stuff they the the saradomin and zamorak
[19:16] well that's champions turn up they have
[19:18] their own kind of pieces of music that
[19:20] play and it all sort of mixes in with
[19:21] the soundtrack so and we hope to do a
[19:23] lot more stuff with dynamic music of the
[19:25] future as a technology improves and as
[19:27] we have more time to do music basically
[19:29] some of the big changes that we've made
[19:30] for things like missing produce death
[19:32] and another recent quests we really
[19:36] we've really challenged ourselves and
[19:38] some unusual really unusual music going
[19:40] on in there so that's the sort of thing
[19:42] that we want to take further and further
[19:44] and just see how far we can push it
[19:46] really before people start to complain a
[19:49] little bit that's right that's another
[19:53] here's a little clip of some of the
[19:54] things we've done recently
[20:00] so this place when it's worth it is
[20:03] Indian leaders
[20:06] guys Karina
[20:12] my
[20:24] Carrie sneezes yeah we drafted lots of
[20:29] people too
[20:49] the composer did this
[20:54] in part and the person right it goes the
[20:58] music that he brought my guitar back to
[21:00] be broken
[21:08] we've got backwards guitars in this case
[21:12] so with the old midi stuff we never used
[21:14] to be able to do any really cool
[21:16] the built-in sounds that you can sound
[21:19] hard so it's okay but they say they can
[21:22] record a guitar and the old media tosses
[21:25] rubbish well hopefully not a pretty
[21:30] rubbish but
[22:11] so runescape is a very eclectic game
[22:15] there's all sorts of different styles
[22:17] that we can bring in we can different
[22:19] areas can sound different like Al
[22:21] Qaeda's very very much this kind of
[22:23] style and we hope to do that all over
[22:25] the whole game world that everywhere is
[22:26] themed everywhere runs a little bit
[22:29] deeper into the law and to the to the
[22:31] gods and to the stories that are taking
[22:33] place that's not that many games where
[22:35] you get like a fiery kind of like God
[22:38] and wilderness and then next door to it
[22:40] you get a cabbage that you can kick
[22:42] around and stuff like that so yeah it's
[22:44] quite a challenge with runescape ilysm
[22:46] you can do pretty much anything with the
[22:48] audio one of the things that you
[22:51] hopefully that you've been enjoying is
[22:53] the voice voices and there's thousands
[22:56] of npcs in game and we never used to
[22:58] have the ability to put voices him but I
[23:00] mean this is a really cool way to bring
[23:02] the dialogue to life and a lot of people
[23:03] have said to us that you know when you
[23:05] listen to the voices it kind of gets you
[23:06] into the story more and hopefully sort
[23:09] of immerses you you know that that you
[23:11] listen to the chat and local look for
[23:13] the chat box instead of kicking through
[23:14] them kind of get into the story and the
[23:16] law behind it as well and there's over
[23:19] 50 actors on our books now and the
[23:22] studio that we use is in London it's
[23:24] called our mu K and stevis works with
[23:27] them for quite a while now so I've got
[23:30] good working relationship and they've
[23:32] got loads of cool people in fact some of
[23:34] the answers you get there that there's a
[23:36] comedians this wasn't someone on
[23:38] Coronation Street yeah and we have
[23:40] Thomas the Tank come in the it's almost
[23:41] a tank legend that's right I won't tell
[23:43] you which character he played no that's
[23:45] right and the process I mean there's
[23:48] there's quite a lot to it I mean you
[23:50] know the first thing we need to do is to
[23:52] look at the bios the biographies of the
[23:54] characters themselves I mean we've got
[23:55] to get a voice if you want a voice for
[23:57] serotonin you know there's no point in
[23:59] choosing a fourteen-year-old girl to do
[24:02] that is not going to work so luckily
[24:05] we've got really really cool artists and
[24:07] they produce these amazing concept art
[24:08] we should probably see and that really
[24:10] helps the actors look at those kind of
[24:12] pictures and then we show them clips and
[24:14] videos on the game as well and you know
[24:16] they get into it and they get really
[24:18] good into current
[24:18] and they kind of you know they spit out
[24:21] all sorts of different voices and then
[24:23] we can choose the ones that we like
[24:24] obviously when we're casting you know we
[24:26] might we may get kind of like five or
[24:27] six different people in to do the voice
[24:29] and then we can choose one that we want
[24:30] which is really amazing and then it's
[24:32] obviously next bit is the recording
[24:34] session where we either come to London
[24:36] to do it in the studio or we do via
[24:38] Skype and then of course you can't just
[24:42] have an ordinary voice if it's the voice
[24:44] of a god or a creature or something like
[24:46] that you know you need to process it so
[24:48] that's another stage that takes a while
[24:51] and is allows us to be creative with
[24:53] about backwards voices in you can put
[24:54] some really kind of cool stuff in and
[24:56] then once it's processed and recorded
[24:58] then we've got to put it in the game
[24:59] that's also takes time and it's a fairly
[25:02] complicated part of the process but I've
[25:05] got a future well some of these a couple
[25:07] of these in my for my kind of favorite
[25:09] voices in game there's a few different
[25:11] ones see how many you recognize so
[25:27] you've learned to channel that energy I
[25:31] was really a girl's forehead any moment
[25:34] now it'll overwhelm you I'm gonna
[25:38] believe you are more likely to admit the
[25:41] sound on one with remaining gears you
[25:45] demon this is one of my latest quest the
[25:59] last one
[26:06] anyone know what the LA last night bus
[26:08] one was it's def def of course and also
[26:16] on top of music and voiceovers we've got
[26:19] sound effects as well another really
[26:21] important part I know a lot of people
[26:22] play with sound effects on so they know
[26:24] when things are going on if you're going
[26:25] to get spelled or you know someone's
[26:27] going to kind of run up behind you and
[26:28] kill you it's quite nice to be able to
[26:29] hear things and also you know some
[26:32] people play and there you know maybe
[26:34] reading something or you know looking at
[26:36] another website or something like that
[26:38] and then we know that people use sounds
[26:40] to kind of help them play the game it's
[26:44] important to us to try and get the place
[26:45] that the air is and the the regions and
[26:48] the game sounded cool and you know we
[26:50] talked i talked about areas being
[26:52] immersive and an ambien and one of the
[26:55] key things about that is making cool
[26:58] ambient sounds you know hopefully
[26:59] they're cool yo again we got 16-bit
[27:02] technology on that so it's kind of the
[27:04] same as pretty much the same as a music
[27:05] CD quality meats it's greater clarity a
[27:08] lot more detailed sounds and a lot more
[27:10] realistic soundscapes we can put a lot
[27:12] more stuff in now than we ever used to
[27:14] the jungles and the wilderness and
[27:16] various places like that I mean they're
[27:18] now got all those creatures and all
[27:20] sorts of sounds in there and there's a
[27:22] couple of stages to that the first bit
[27:23] is designing the sounds making them
[27:25] we've got big libraries of sounds that
[27:27] we can pick from then we process them
[27:29] and put them in about the other cool
[27:31] thing we can do now it's live recording
[27:33] so for instance mod Adam are I don't
[27:36] know with you it was in one of the
[27:36] behind-the-scenes videos but you
[27:38] actually went round the office with the
[27:39] microphone and recorded various into
[27:41] recorded the tank and made a really kind
[27:43] of cool sound effect which was used in
[27:45] the bridges of Gyllenhaal yeah the
[27:49] origins of Gillan or what was it for the
[27:51] planet going past his birth of the tank
[27:53] that's that's right Corey and he
[27:55] recorded some of the this server room
[27:57] and the air conditioners and stuff like
[27:59] that and so some of the sounds you hear
[28:01] are actually the sounds of jagex
[28:03] yourself I mean it's like also loads of
[28:06] little Sun sound effects of people
[28:08] making creature growls I mean I did the
[28:10] sound of a demon once before
[28:12] we've got people that did the sounds of
[28:14] vampires and all sorts of stuff so and
[28:17] yes we do the sound of yelps yes one of
[28:19] the audio team is is the sound of yelps
[28:21] arguably one of the most popular
[28:23] characters in the game so we like to
[28:26] remind him about that sometimes so
[28:32] future sounds a runescape what we're all
[28:34] or nearly fell off my chair where are we
[28:37] going next with it we've done orchestral
[28:40] recordings are we going to stop there
[28:41] we're going to continue working with
[28:43] session musicians there is over a
[28:46] thousand songs in game if you play the
[28:49] runescape music back to back it will
[28:50] take you three days to listen to it
[28:52] that's the you know like doing six or
[28:54] seven eight hours worth is only
[28:56] scratching the surface so we've got a
[28:58] long long way to go so we're going to
[28:59] take more of the classic tunes and
[29:01] melodies rework them bring more
[29:03] musicians in and really go to town and
[29:06] try and update the whole of the
[29:08] soundtrack in time more dynamic control
[29:12] which means them the music is going to
[29:14] be more responsive whether you're in
[29:15] battle or wandering around it's going to
[29:18] be more reflecting what you do stronger
[29:22] musical themes for areas and races like
[29:24] I said we're going to get more into what
[29:27] are the themes are the gods
[29:28] stylistically you know what what kind of
[29:31] motifs can we bring out of that a lot of
[29:34] the saradomin stuff is very like coral
[29:37] lots of champs and things like that
[29:38] samurott was very dark and dark textures
[29:41] dark moods and will certainly build on
[29:44] and build on those sorts of things
[29:46] jingles and level up music is a big
[29:49] thing that we want to do is that's about
[29:50] time that it had a big a big upgrade so
[29:53] we're going to flourish that with lots
[29:55] of nice orchestral little motifs and for
[29:59] the longer term real time effects so
[30:01] built in things like reverb and filters
[30:05] if people know what they are like sound
[30:07] sound a bit dollar if they're behind
[30:09] walls and it just allows us to put a lot
[30:11] more control into the fighting a dragon
[30:14] in the cave yeah oh really where the
[30:16] bucket yeah well so what it's all called
[30:19] DSP functionality and obstruction and
[30:22] occlusion and things like that be
[30:24] you wouldn't want to know it's all our
[30:25] friends in the tech department again but
[30:28] they're all they're all proper effects
[30:31] and tech that will make the game sound a
[30:33] lot more realistic right now the main
[30:38] part of the talk you guys now have the
[30:43] chance to directly influence the game
[30:45] and what we'd like is a little show of
[30:47] hands about what area you'd like to hear
[30:51] improve next so we picked out three with
[30:54] with the music so far the main area we
[30:57] concentrated on was missile in lumbridge
[30:59] for rock all these kind of regions the
[31:02] kind of wandering areas that a lot of
[31:04] people new BB players will listen to and
[31:08] so we thought okay let's pick three
[31:10] areas that could really do with an
[31:12] improvement mauritania the jungles in
[31:14] the wilderness I'm sure you know where
[31:17] all these areas are in the game and I
[31:19] don't know whether you know what the
[31:20] tunes there are at these games and other
[31:21] the tunes that use in these areas are
[31:23] not but we'd like you guys to choose and
[31:27] then this is going to be the next one
[31:28] that we do okay so a show of hands for
[31:32] mauritania please number one two three
[31:35] four five six seven eight nine below
[31:39] next is the jungles any jug jungle
[31:42] takers too oh dear ah the poor jump by
[31:46] vote jungles you don't care what talk
[31:49] about jungle can a jungle music I'm
[31:52] talking about you know monkeys and stuff
[31:54] and last but certainly not least the
[31:57] wilderness number three four five six
[32:01] seven I think we're going to go for
[32:02] mauritania then mauritania it is
[32:06] excellent thank you very much for
[32:08] helping and that's pretty much where
[32:13] we're at right now but if anybody would
[32:16] like to ask any questions then I'll sign
[32:19] any cds or anything like that then we're
[32:21] we're around for the next 10 minutes 10
[32:25] or 15 minutes 10 sorry Connor
[32:28] any questions anybody question at the
[32:32] fronts mics not on hello hello yeah well
[32:40] I was wondering for instance accurate
[32:43] the music has been reworked but why did
[32:46] you choose to not play the old music
[32:49] anymore in that specific area well I
[32:52] mean this is a compromises and they're
[32:54] like I said before we have to be sort of
[32:56] we have to be complementary to runescape
[32:59] but we also want to do new stuff as well
[33:01] so it's important that we try and mix a
[33:03] little bit of both I mean some of the
[33:06] music doesn't translate very well
[33:08] because it was written on you know just
[33:10] keyboard so when you now play that on a
[33:12] violin for instance it sounds quite
[33:14] different and also our career opens us
[33:17] up to lots of new textures and
[33:19] instruments that we could never use with
[33:20] MIDI before so so when we're using like
[33:24] dudes and bazookas and crazy violins and
[33:27] things like that we it just wouldn't
[33:28] have worked on MIDI so it's almost like
[33:30] we we can play CD quality music so we
[33:34] can do what we want and we can really
[33:35] stylistically theme it out however we
[33:38] want to do that so also released to the
[33:40] quest of course at that time it was the
[33:41] double bill of ozone wasn't there so you
[33:43] know we wanted a new soundtrack for hoes
[33:45] at really we wrote an awful lot of music
[33:47] for those questions about where the
[33:50] 30-yard trash I think something like
[33:51] that yeah that's right any more
[33:55] questions anyone else
[34:00] thank you do you think you'll be
[34:02] updating their some chunky hunt anytime
[34:05] soon chomping up whose do very lucky I
[34:08] yeah oh yeah I'm guilty I'm guilty of
[34:10] that yeah what most of the songs were
[34:12] Ian's ian has been at jagex over 10
[34:15] years he's actually employing them
[34:17] before after that after the GAO is so
[34:19] he's been here since the dawn of time
[34:23] and most well as walls yeah so jumpy
[34:26] hung is only 21 when you're going to be
[34:29] updating Chompy hung shot behind I
[34:31] should we update your be hun shibly you
[34:33] think what do you do what do you lot
[34:34] think should we update champion how does
[34:36] chumpy hunt go are you want me to sing
[34:38] there's open I found I'll tell you a
[34:40] i'll update Chompy hunt if you can hum
[34:43] it okay go on yeah okay you know it did
[34:53] we have we record that that's good we'll
[34:56] use up there we go update sorry jumpy
[34:59] hun he wants the next track dude we can
[35:01] do it all this race makes life really
[35:03] easy actually now we can get a basic
[35:08] guitars don't be fun good sound quite
[35:10] cool yeah i'm not sure what the this
[35:13] wasn't my gonna ask i just thought about
[35:14] now okay there's one song i think it's
[35:16] Underground it's them but it's all good
[35:18] we've made some lyrics for it where it
[35:20] goes drunk and dwarves mining lots of
[35:23] coal and that's the one that we we
[35:25] started to now we've got the ability to
[35:28] put songs in I mean Steve's a real
[35:29] advocate of singing in the game you know
[35:32] I mean but I'd Stevie's is also like
[35:35] really would like to do kind of like a
[35:37] rich guy musical i think but i would
[35:38] love to do a proper runescape musical
[35:40] italy and then castle i'll probably have
[35:41] the week off with our first no but I
[35:44] mean it's amazing to put their release
[35:46] it
[35:46] you know I mean like wending through the
[35:48] Willows and stuff like those these
[35:49] tracks are really kind of resonated
[35:51] people in listen to like that but if you
[35:56] want to submit the lyrics to us well you
[35:58] know do you see perhaps you can join us
[36:00] in our live performances later and we'll
[36:02] do a live rendition to your into your
[36:03] lyrics definitely up for that I was
[36:06] going to ask a serious question a couple
[36:08] years ago well three years ago with the
[36:10] ring the first green fest you reworked
[36:13] some old old songs there was I think it
[36:16] was animal Apogee and into two different
[36:18] ones well that that never kind of
[36:20] happened again in every word them again
[36:23] I mean there's different reasons why
[36:24] we've updated music I mean though
[36:26] obviously for this time round we had a
[36:28] big big increase in technology but at
[36:31] one time we found out that a lot of
[36:33] people playing on other browsers like
[36:34] map and stuff using macs and stuff like
[36:36] that weren't even hearing the music so
[36:38] it was really really important that we
[36:41] kind of moved away from just a pure kind
[36:44] of like using a sound card and made our
[36:47] own set of instruments basically and
[36:50] even back in those days it's still
[36:52] simple but it was rly know that if we
[36:54] found out that people weren't being able
[36:56] to listen to to the music so it was
[36:58] important that we updated them
[37:00] unfortunately that did change some of
[37:02] the character of some of the songs and
[37:04] you know some of them hopefully sounded
[37:07] better some of them might not sound that
[37:08] is good I mean obviously people you know
[37:10] get nest nostalgic about stuff like like
[37:12] music and they love it so but those
[37:17] songs have always been really popular
[37:19] actually I mean I'm animal apple juice
[37:21] is one that we hear a lot of good
[37:22] comments about so you know in time we're
[37:26] probably going to do even more with with
[37:28] with those centerpieces whether they go
[37:30] more like the original ones or turn into
[37:32] something a bit newer we're not too sure
[37:34] we don't want to you know upset people
[37:36] and you know change us on so much that
[37:39] everyone rants on the forums about how
[37:41] much you've ruined the runescape sales
[37:43] rack you know obviously that's not what
[37:44] we want to do but we want we want to tap
[37:46] into is like that nostalgia so people
[37:48] can hear a theme or a motif and it's
[37:50] instantly recognizable it takes them
[37:52] back but it's it's something in a new
[37:54] way it's treated in a new contemporary
[37:56] modern
[37:57] that was the best thing for me
[37:58] personally is reading the forums of
[38:00] reading reading post comments Korean
[38:02] three and it's like a dream come true
[38:04] because this is how often he's imagine
[38:06] these songs from day one but the
[38:09] technology never allowed them to you
[38:11] know to be interpreted the way he wanted
[38:13] them so that's right here it played by a
[38:15] full orchestra or live musicians coming
[38:17] in is is you know really really pretty
[38:21] cool it was amazing I mean having the
[38:23] musicians in as well which was just just
[38:25] amazing you know to work with these kind
[38:27] of people and to really let the
[38:29] imagination sort of take hold but you
[38:32] know we're going to do more we're going
[38:33] to do more stuff plenty more pieces of
[38:36] music to rework any more questions
[38:38] anybody one down here hi hello one of my
[38:44] favorite tracks is a rice hero but the
[38:48] issue here is that you can't play it in
[38:50] game right it's only on the download
[38:52] page oh okay and it's just the a minute
[38:55] longer believe so it's impossible to add
[38:57] it into the game and extend it a little
[38:59] bit they may be the trouble is we got so
[39:01] many pieces of music in the game down
[39:02] that we're probably going to have to
[39:04] change the check again see so that we
[39:06] can have more tunes in the music play
[39:07] out I mean it you might be aware we're
[39:09] coming up to a thousand songs so that
[39:11] can be unlocked at least in the game so
[39:12] we want to do something called for that
[39:14] as well and some of the songs are
[39:17] deliberately designed to not be
[39:19] unlockable and played in the music play
[39:21] because they're just there to kind of
[39:22] compliment a quest or you know something
[39:25] that's happening a boss fight or
[39:27] something about that all the most well
[39:29] important pieces that we can see that we
[39:30] try and unlock them but I think arise
[39:33] here is a good one no I think that's one
[39:35] we're definitely put in is a really
[39:37] strong theme so yeah I mean anything
[39:39] like that you know obviously you know we
[39:41] always say so if you don't get in touch
[39:43] with customer support you could even
[39:44] submit a bug report for something like
[39:45] that you know we do look at them and
[39:47] obviously anything to do with audio
[39:48] because we're such a small team we
[39:50] really love to read that stuff and yeah
[39:53] if there's things that need to be done
[39:54] working we'll try and get on with them
[39:56] yeah ask on the forums or send me a
[39:58] tweet or something like that so you
[40:00] don't believe me that way that's fine
[40:01] twink my lord yeah jagex lord jagat
[40:04] sauce
[40:05] any more questions are we good for time
[40:11] are we done two minutes two minutes
[40:14] excellent we let everybody go early yeah
[40:17] far away uh what would you say were your
[40:20] most fun projects to work on musically
[40:24] yeah musically I die I really liked the
[40:28] kind of like the door stuff i mean i did
[40:30] some of that i did some reworks of the
[40:31] dwarf recently the taught music which
[40:34] you may I have you played that the the
[40:36] last the birth rate the doors quest that
[40:39] was really good fun kind of working
[40:41] although it wasn't acquire we recorded
[40:43] it was really great to have them in
[40:44] there and give the Dewar's a real sort
[40:45] of you know meaty heavy kind of sound
[40:47] but I mean I like fun tracks and stuff
[40:49] like that I like kind of like the really
[40:51] kind of quirky so strange music as well
[40:53] falou Saladin took was like was a quite
[40:56] a popular one I mean the aren't you
[40:58] heard the a little bit of it that would
[40:59] play before you know actually got some
[41:01] Congress and bongos that I borrow for my
[41:03] friend of mine so it's not finished but
[41:05] I came in and kind of like played those
[41:07] those have got to be you know integrated
[41:08] into it but I mean with so many pieces
[41:11] of music it's it's a copic favorite you
[41:14] know those r in scopus is a really cool
[41:17] going to work on and you know it's got a
[41:19] bit of everything my favorite ones
[41:21] probably going to bratislava for three
[41:23] days was terrible yeah i mean that's
[41:27] yeah is a pretty special moment as doing
[41:30] that to be honest and the complete
[41:32] contrast to that i like doing the comedy
[41:33] stuff so I wrote the port stuff and the
[41:36] cook's assistant musical and do all the
[41:39] videos and my life has turned into a bit
[41:41] of a parody I think these days and
[41:43] whether it's going down the right way I
[41:44] don't know but I get a real kid you just
[41:46] do that news I'll savor that all will be
[41:48] well yeah so I like the singing songs
[41:50] like I wrote wending through the Willows
[41:52] and valerio song and things like that so
[41:55] those are my kind of favorite things
[41:57] particularly with words I've got we're
[41:59] actually written a new song it's not in
[42:01] game yet but it's it is some to the
[42:03] runescape theme which sounds a really
[42:05] strange thing to do but it's it's quite
[42:07] an emotive song so maybe maybe we'll
[42:09] that will crop up in game at some five
[42:11] right well that's it that's all we've
[42:14] got time are we done thanks ever so much
[42:16] really apprec--
[42:17] ok