Transcript of RuneFest 2013: Highlights!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:20] buzzes even
[00:22] even better than the people around me
[00:24] like meeting friends if you love the
[00:27] game you should be reversed it's been
[00:33] all about the insider sessions have been
[00:34] on the main stage for either day that'll
[00:36] be on the side stage but mostly main
[00:38] station has been awesome to anything
[00:39] we've done a little bit celebrating
[00:41] story reveals more too much that we
[00:42] should have when you meet the people
[00:44] behind what we do and see how much they
[00:46] care about the game of the community
[00:48] that really changes things it's also a
[00:52] great opportunity to network with the
[00:53] community and share a bit about what
[00:55] we're doing it's great to get a ton of
[01:06] feedback about things players loves it's
[01:08] an eight yeah then they valuable an
[01:10] equal measure
[01:23] we've been to a couple of the insider
[01:26] sessions we are joined in the studio by
[01:32] question who's going to talk to us about
[01:33] exclusive gaming content on this was
[01:45] kind of a first time experience since I
[01:47] never usually try content before it
[01:50] comes out admiring its amazing cosplay
[01:56] this kind of goes back to the first room
[01:58] for more intimates I'm delighted we
[02:00] could do share this with the community
[02:02] on livestream it's level ten thousand
[02:06] people watching this today I was invited
[02:17] on behalf of given tog records to
[02:19] oversee this Guinness World Records
[02:20] attempt tonight with a longest Christmas
[02:22] cracker pulling chain it was a really
[02:24] nice record to adjudicate because
[02:26] everyone was really exciting everyone
[02:27] follow the guidelines set up a Guinness
[02:29] World Record
[02:45] it's been absolutely fantastic I'm
[02:48] really looking forward to the next one
[02:50] make sure you there