Transcript of RuneFest 2013: Dragon's Decide

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:15] hundreds thousands of hours of
[00:17] development a massive team tremendous
[00:20] research and razor-sharp skills it takes
[00:23] all this to create the epic that his
[00:26] runescape he's brutal he's fierce and
[00:30] nothing less than the exceptional will
[00:32] get past this force of nature it's the
[00:34] content development manager deadly Dean
[00:37] olive with the eye of a tiger this is
[00:44] the runescape QA manager the inscrutable
[00:47] the indestructible Ingo Schumacher
[00:54] always on a quest for supremacy this
[00:56] dragon is impossible to impress the
[00:59] runescape art director the Magnificent
[01:02] Martin sever the ever critical ever
[01:09] frightening design team lead mighty
[01:12] Matthew Holland
[01:19] last but not least it's the final dragon
[01:23] the executive producer himself the
[01:26] powerful the fearsome Phil Mansell
[01:33] so hello everybody I don't know if you
[01:36] can hear me right can everybody hear me
[01:40] sorry what did i do I have no idea okay
[01:45] so hello I don't know if you know what's
[01:47] going to happen here today right now but
[01:50] we've been doing a lot of pitches and
[01:52] feedbacks throughout the day we've had
[01:54] most so many panels listening to your
[01:56] ideas of what would you like to see in
[01:59] runescape they're all your ideas there
[02:02] are all kind of ideas big ones really
[02:05] massive ones small ones really cute ones
[02:07] too well we've done it select it's four
[02:10] of the most interesting ones that we
[02:12] thought had a potential that we going to
[02:15] pick up where I'm not going to pick up
[02:17] luckily I've got five dragons here we're
[02:19] going to make that decision they're
[02:20] going to select only one idea we're
[02:23] gonna make it actually I'm gonna make it
[02:25] myself for you in game the whole world
[02:27] is gonna play that whoever wins this
[02:31] this decision is going to be so famous
[02:34] they're going to be known all over the
[02:36] world it's their idea made by us chosen
[02:40] by the fantastic dragons so I'm not
[02:42] going to take very long I have amazing
[02:45] four contestants here the fifth one
[02:49] Luger says he's not here yet but his
[02:54] idea was cool too but apparently he lost
[02:56] his glasses he can't see anymore for
[02:58] anyway so I've got four amazing
[03:01] contestants here at is as it is so I'm
[03:05] gonna start off the first one that
[03:08] that's one you're gonna like the most I
[03:09] think because I love it well it is we're
[03:12] not going to decide you're not going to
[03:13] decide they're calling the shots so you
[03:16] know but what I would really like you to
[03:18] do is actually whatever you like just as
[03:21] you know just give them give them
[03:23] support to support them you know we need
[03:25] the support they need a lot of cheering
[03:26] they're very nervous backstage so do
[03:29] help them out okay first off I'm gonna
[03:32] oh this is a good one you're excited
[03:35] sorry again
[03:37] okay yes ellie bellie 14 come on join us
[03:49] take it away three minutes and I'm gonna
[03:52] blow a whistle after three minutes I
[04:05] often find that when i'm playing a quest
[04:08] such as the Marais my wreak series for
[04:10] example you will start and finish one
[04:12] quest but by the time you get to the
[04:14] second quest there is something happened
[04:16] between so part of the map quest would
[04:20] be that in the quest interface screen
[04:24] there's going to be a little map section
[04:26] which much like a tree will expand
[04:28] upwards it will show a recommended idea
[04:31] of what quest to do next because I'll be
[04:33] honest we all have come to that point
[04:34] where we've just done a quest and we
[04:36] think what now what do I want to do now
[04:38] and this is sort of like a cheering the
[04:41] challenges for your skills it gives you
[04:43] an idea of what direction you then want
[04:45] to go into a also with this in the map
[04:48] and the quest map interface my
[04:51] recommendation for that would be between
[04:54] two of the quests there's a clickable
[04:57] point that if there is a gap between the
[05:00] end of one quest and the start of the
[05:01] next it gives me be either cut scene or
[05:04] a dialog box explaining roughly what has
[05:08] happened up to that point between that
[05:11] first and second quest a the actual map
[05:16] quest it's a quest map itself if I feel
[05:21] that that would be useful for everyone
[05:23] because well a lot of new players they
[05:25] do maybe the first couple quest so they
[05:28] do the chef's assistant but once they've
[05:30] done through most of the three quests
[05:31] and if they don't do the members they've
[05:33] got those but if they then go on to the
[05:35] members as a new member you don't always
[05:37] know where to start so it can help in
[05:40] that way I imagine it would go along the
[05:43] same sort of interface as the
[05:45] achievements or the
[05:49] the different items you can get from the
[05:51] different seas for doing these different
[05:53] tasks so it will be a similar idea to
[05:55] the task system I imagine a apart from
[05:59] that is mainly for giving you some sort
[06:02] of idea of continuity throughout so as
[06:04] you're living your years through the
[06:07] runescape world you get a better idea of
[06:10] how everything is flowing instead of
[06:13] maybe doing such as some of you all have
[06:15] done world weeks and then go back and do
[06:17] some of the quests that were previous
[06:20] two World wakes which makes a seem out
[06:22] of order so it can sometimes be like
[06:24] where does this quest fit in with the
[06:26] grand scheme of things so I hope you are
[06:29] interested in what I had to say and if
[06:31] anyone has any questions please do ask
[06:33] yes I like that already
[06:40] bingo take it away thoughts I like it
[06:49] sorry I need to Mike sorry I like the
[06:53] idea general I think it's a good idea I
[06:55] think the good thing about this is that
[06:57] you think about the variety of player
[07:00] groups with thought which fast is always
[07:02] interesting and you know we always need
[07:03] to make sure that you know we have all
[07:05] the player basis so yeah I think it's a
[07:07] good idea so far elected so you're in or
[07:09] you out I would I would give you my boat
[07:12] yes wing goes in one vote a couple of
[07:17] questions first if I may is there any
[07:18] combat in this update right okay and
[07:27] this is this specifically for the law
[07:28] and the way the logos or is this about
[07:30] the unlocks and the requirements why the
[07:32] quest riaz i'll call it would you
[07:48] consider changing the idea to also
[07:50] include the unlocks because a big
[07:52] problem in runescape i forgot microscope
[07:53] well I had to use many a website to find
[07:55] the right route the unlocks the mini
[07:58] game to get to this is that something
[08:00] you would consider before I give my
[08:02] judgment sorry I'm being handed Mike's
[08:06] everywhere and yeah I mean having the
[08:10] quest list actually interface with them
[08:13] up a bit better might also help if
[08:15] you're able to go through the squarest
[08:17] interface and click on the specific
[08:19] quest it might be able to tell you what
[08:21] is in that quest and wait what unlocks
[08:23] for complimenting things instead of
[08:25] having to like google it or a use any of
[08:27] the fan base websites
[08:32] it's the lack of no combat I'm out sorry
[08:39] we've got two more dragons to go Martin
[08:42] take it away yeah okay so um how would
[08:47] you see this map actually been
[08:49] represented in the game 3d 2d on your
[08:51] culous rift how would you think well I
[08:55] imagine that the map could be interface
[08:57] a much like the actual world map itself
[09:00] have it sort of expand up as a sort of a
[09:02] tree in the same way that you have the
[09:04] skills tree in all the eating the skill
[09:07] gates along with it there is the
[09:10] potential of me making an actual
[09:12] physical map that you can sell on the
[09:14] website as well so it would give someone
[09:16] a physical thing they can hold on to and
[09:18] check off as they go instead of looking
[09:21] at this digital version and think or
[09:24] where demo on this map hey where do I
[09:27] want to go from here so it's just so the
[09:31] way it progresses that I would be
[09:33] working out sorry sounds good well as an
[09:35] art director I think it takes lots of my
[09:37] visual boxes and I think it could look
[09:38] pretty cool in 3d kind of flying around
[09:41] it and kind of really cool so uh for me
[09:43] I'm in yes thank you so I have to admit
[09:50] I'm a bit skeptical so doesn't this take
[09:55] away some of the adventure of working
[09:59] out the becks best thing to do either
[10:02] exploring the world or even exploring
[10:03] fan sites and guides to find out the
[10:06] best possible thing well a my idea for
[10:09] the quest map isn't actually so much for
[10:12] telling someone this is the route you
[10:14] should take for being the best at quests
[10:17] or getting the best rewards or unlocking
[10:19] the most things it's just much like the
[10:21] task system and much like the
[10:23] achievement system it's just a
[10:25] recommendation of what they can do next
[10:27] there's no there's no saying that if the
[10:29] quest map is seeing do this next that
[10:31] you actually have to do that next you
[10:33] can do any question you want you think
[10:35] if we put a checklist in front of
[10:37] players they won't want to do it in that
[10:39] exact order as efficiently as possible
[10:41] well you're obviously got always going
[10:43] to find someone that is going to want to
[10:45] do
[10:46] in that exact order but there's also the
[10:49] potential of in the quest map that from
[10:51] one quest there is two quests the branch
[10:54] off and then it's up to them as a choice
[10:56] nor to the same two players might not
[10:59] make the same question I'm there no I
[11:05] think you're nuba fighing runescape i'm
[11:07] out i'm not sure who was supposed to be
[11:13] anymore cuz these guys are giving really
[11:15] strange answers I heard this earlier in
[11:17] the day so I ask you some questions then
[11:19] your your answers were okay I liked the
[11:22] merch angle but how we can update that
[11:25] if it's if it's physical are we gonna
[11:27] have to ship a new one all the time on
[11:29] this new quests all the time well you
[11:31] could always go the Apple approach like
[11:33] their phones just start off with a very
[11:35] basic in terrible version and then just
[11:37] make every one every couple of years
[11:39] bring a new bit of a basic and terrible
[11:41] version ok so the functionality is great
[11:48] for lots of kinds of of people and I
[11:52] really think we ought to make it but i
[11:54] think we are we looking for something
[11:57] spectacular from this and we're looking
[11:59] for something really cool and catchy
[12:01] tune oh oh well oh you should see mine
[12:06] I've got one of these in html5 just
[12:09] there's a dev tool for us I I don't
[12:14] think this is a big sell for lots of the
[12:16] existing players who've already done
[12:18] lots of the quests but I'm in any way
[12:23] thank you good not bad at all that
[12:29] you've got quite a few words there I'm
[12:31] very happy with you okay thank you very
[12:33] much there you go
[12:39] it's all right i forgot to mention one
[12:42] thing i'm mod game assess by the way and
[12:45] i work forever for the graphics team i'm
[12:48] the UI artists i taught just in case
[12:50] you're interested okay uh so enough
[12:54] about myself the next contestant is now
[12:57] going to be here okay are you ready for
[13:00] this this is a good one seriously I love
[13:02] him so much it's unbelievable um he more
[13:06] than you Martin it's come to this he's
[13:09] your boss oh yes okay I take it back I
[13:12] love you a little bit less than Martin
[13:14] but Rose 00 222 bring it on oh you say
[13:26] holding over there you go right this is
[13:29] a suggestion from person called will
[13:33] miss it and I'm just helping him in
[13:36] putting towards his idea which is like a
[13:39] skilling boss where you have to use by a
[13:42] certain amount of skills like fishing to
[13:44] get something to help heal yourself or
[13:47] defeat the monster oh maybe woodcutting
[13:50] to chop its roots when it wants to like
[13:52] stun you like kind of like an evil tree
[13:53] and then you can be like something like
[13:59] dungeoneering way you can do solo but if
[14:02] you have more people than the better XP
[14:05] you get and it will be randomly spawns
[14:12] in the wilderness she get better XP
[14:15] because you're risking like your
[14:18] supplies in your armor if you want to or
[14:21] you can do it a safer way where you
[14:24] could just do it spawn around the world
[14:25] the lungs there's no NBC's that randomly
[14:27] attack ii like muggers and legible i'm
[14:32] done there really yep there is so sweet
[14:36] the sweetest I've ever heard what
[14:38] do you think
[14:39] really and and also it's not just that
[14:44] as he said it's his friends he's doing
[14:47] it for him so he's here because his
[14:50] friends not here so he did he there you
[14:55] go so when when do we want to him to win
[14:58] again I don't know double win because he
[15:04] had a very good divination idea as well
[15:06] but you know he has only three minutes
[15:08] so he went for his friend yeah a Bravo
[15:11] for you so in go take it away what do
[15:14] you think so skilling boss right it's
[15:16] always saying that's kind of in my area
[15:19] I love skilling I love fishing
[15:20] especially and but I think if you have
[15:24] been down to a dance yes it's the main
[15:26] stage there yeah that's basically I
[15:30] think where we just announced the
[15:31] skilling boss right like so sorry I'm
[15:34] forward but we're doing it anyway so no
[15:37] way you know what I mean yeah it's
[15:40] pretty much coming anyway I mean yeah so
[15:44] I have to be against it
[15:51] you can also argue we basically say yes
[15:54] because it's already you know that's
[15:58] better Dean Oh give me that one um yeah
[16:06] I know it's actually an interesting idea
[16:08] and it does pain me a little bit inside
[16:10] the school is would do bosses and but
[16:14] basically the one thing we need to do if
[16:15] we've been committed to this in the last
[16:17] meeting sorry last presentation that i
[16:19] wasn't in we need to make sure there is
[16:21] basically a penalty in this risk we
[16:23] can't have someone going in then sitting
[16:24] there fletching and then making 100 mil
[16:26] it's just not going to happen and it can
[16:27] I have like that feed yeah let's see
[16:31] what we come out with on that one I'm
[16:33] out base happening okay so was the as a
[16:42] runescape our director what's in it for
[16:44] me with where's the big WOW factor
[16:45] what's going price me to actually go
[16:47] back up of resources into this a well
[16:53] detailed bosses like it's maybe like
[16:56] kind of like mutated like one have roots
[16:59] that means a represents like the
[17:01] woodcutting and then like fishing light
[17:03] represents like the liquid inside of it
[17:05] and maybe like ruin crafting where you
[17:09] two seem old et like kind of like
[17:10] floating kind of like rocks and then you
[17:13] got like solid rocks at cars for mining
[17:16] so like mutated kind of looking creature
[17:19] okay sounds sounds pretty interesting
[17:21] sounds like fun don't think it's quite
[17:23] got the wow factor for me and for that
[17:26] reason I'm out so I'm really intrigued
[17:32] by agile quite like it I've got a few
[17:35] questions though well got one main
[17:36] question during if you fighting a boss
[17:39] or any monsters in combat you've got a
[17:41] kind of a to and fro you've got the
[17:42] dance of combat and your kind of trading
[17:45] damage taking damage it's affecting your
[17:47] health you've got a real easy measure
[17:49] you can lose your health over time if
[17:51] you're not doing so well and it can kill
[17:53] you but that makes sense in combat
[17:54] because comments all about doing damage
[17:56] yeah how do we have that kind of analog
[17:59] to and fro which is
[18:00] well I think it might be needed for a
[18:03] boss but when there's no combat going on
[18:05] how do you do that kind of trade of
[18:07] success and failure well kind of like
[18:10] with agility where you have to like
[18:12] avoid these things and like kind of
[18:14] stealth your way through also if you
[18:19] when you do take them into depending on
[18:21] light your life point bonus and if you
[18:23] are a scalar then the damage will be
[18:25] like maybe quarter of your health gone
[18:27] but there will be like food there but
[18:29] you need to like fish it from the
[18:31] monster and then cook it and then and
[18:33] then eat it that way to keep on
[18:35] surviving that's a really good answer
[18:38] yeah I'm in oh wow okay so bearing in
[18:44] mind we're very got a minute once you
[18:45] divination idea oh really really okay I
[18:51] need to use this now Shh sorry right
[18:56] okay the skilling boss Dean's what Dean
[19:01] says we can fix that how would you fix
[19:05] the risk thing you can like I don't know
[19:11] like banking like there might be like a
[19:13] deposit box where you could just Bank
[19:15] your valuable items but if you want to
[19:18] bring like more valuable items like
[19:19] armor or even jeep like GP i think the
[19:23] higher the risk you take the more XP get
[19:27] to put it in that way instead of light
[19:29] anyone can just go in with nothing or
[19:31] barely or very low level gear and they
[19:34] could just get the same XP which is kind
[19:36] of unfair for some people yep there's a
[19:39] good answer that that fixes you I'm in
[19:43] Wow good well net is in as well behan
[19:48] for
[19:51] Rozier 02 22 ok that was amazing thank
[19:59] you very much ok are you ready for the
[20:03] next one who isn't ready for the next
[20:05] one why are you not ready for the next
[20:08] one because he's amazing ok so get
[20:11] yourself ready you need some some some
[20:13] would you call it lucozade or something
[20:18] ready he's getting there getting there
[20:21] ok good enough ok so now oh my god
[20:25] you're gonna love this primal mousse is
[20:27] coming on the stage oh yeah I'm right
[20:36] Maya def is you've got a lot minigames
[20:38] at a moment like trouble brewing pest
[20:40] control that sort of thing they're all
[20:41] becoming sort of people are going less
[20:43] less less than one in particular that
[20:45] I've been trying to play recently quite
[20:47] recently barbarian assault but yes so by
[21:07] bonus oh it's become sort of relatively
[21:09] dead content the rewards are still
[21:10] really good especially the experience
[21:12] but people just don't do it and as I've
[21:14] got max combat I can just walk into it
[21:16] now and it's kind of not really a
[21:17] challenge so my idea is barbarian
[21:20] assault hard mode where by liking
[21:22] dungeoneering for the monsters their
[21:24] their combat levels are all raised up
[21:26] it's a lot more challenging but I also
[21:28] want to see it where you rely on each
[21:29] other a lot more because at the moment
[21:31] the attack is attack stuff and then they
[21:33] sit back and twiddle their thumbs the
[21:34] defenders they're running its arse off
[21:36] trying to get to the runners and all the
[21:38] other stuff making it more interactive
[21:40] so perhaps the attack is sort of have
[21:42] some input to attacking the healers oh
[21:45] the run is sort of trying to raise the
[21:48] internet into connectivity between them
[21:49] all and and then as part of the rewards
[21:52] for it they could be say a penance like
[21:54] master version for example where the
[21:56] levels are a bit more the stack should
[21:57] be better to make it more in line with
[21:59] what ears the ears he's brought and also
[22:01] rings that
[22:03] link to the tier that you've maxed out
[22:04] so for example like a the medic or the
[22:06] healer ring could provide a boost in
[22:09] game for example like maybe a five
[22:10] percent boost all the food that you eat
[22:12] or something like that and that's my
[22:14] dear so they're working here yeah the
[22:23] core pitch is a rework of it right but
[22:26] it's the cottage the heart mode but the
[22:29] general we were going deeply into more
[22:31] technical mechanics and this it's a
[22:38] working yeah yeah don't yeah the hard
[22:40] mode is the main pitch but also every
[22:42] words try make it more in more
[22:45] interesting basically more appealing for
[22:46] new players and stuff what I like about
[22:48] it is you know the couple of phrases use
[22:51] that were kind of indicating a bit more
[22:53] depth technical depth and you know
[22:55] that's kind of stuff I like so got my
[22:57] vote definite good and I'll said i'm in
[23:00] i just wanna give you the feedback it's
[23:02] actually a really good idea i think we
[23:03] need some work on Barba so let's get
[23:04] back going do so potentially like to
[23:07] link that to the group and system that
[23:08] I'm actually would get the volumes of
[23:09] players in there the thing I'd like to
[23:11] explore though is the Rings you
[23:12] mentioned on the rewards that could be
[23:14] really good and assist with the
[23:15] abilities and give buffs on abilities
[23:17] for instance or sang cool like that and
[23:18] that tactical variation really good
[23:20] pitch really good idea I'm into us kind
[23:24] of my phone as my vote okay you're out
[23:26] next time well that's that that's my
[23:30] question it's been well fall through
[23:31] it's a good presentation uh seems to be
[23:34] liked by generally or the public but
[23:36] same question what's in it for me what
[23:38] do I get out of it I'm an art director
[23:39] show me something amazing and Wow and
[23:41] flashy you've just got the Barrows hard
[23:43] made us having a look at downstairs
[23:44] below I've was thinking that you could
[23:46] baby sort of make the penance the Pens
[23:48] hard mode even more sort of dark and
[23:50] dangerous that sort of thing I've
[23:51] forgotten forgot to mention my original
[23:53] bit as well you've got pendants Queen in
[23:55] the moment and you've got like you had
[23:56] the king black dragon I'm thinking an
[23:57] alternate Helens king that could then
[23:59] also have new mechanics like the Queen
[24:01] black dragon brought to the game that's
[24:03] all thing as well so you'd have a new
[24:05] boss monster effectively to sort of sink
[24:07] your teeth into trying a new boss
[24:08] monster
[24:09] as far as part as no no is it there now
[24:14] and dark and dangerous is my middle name
[24:17] and for that reason i am in yeah i like
[24:24] it it's really timely we're talking in
[24:26] the other sessions about really sort out
[24:29] some of the dormant content in the game
[24:30] as d mentioned grouping system
[24:32] matchmaking it's going to put a lot more
[24:34] focus on mini games and things like
[24:36] Barbra saw I do have a question you
[24:39] talked about some of your ideas for hard
[24:40] mode do you see any of those coming back
[24:43] into the normal barbasol as well are you
[24:46] thinking exclusively for hard mode no I
[24:48] wanted to see like also while the levels
[24:50] of the monsters anyway maybe making them
[24:52] scale up based on what the average team
[24:53] combat level is kids sort of am i off I
[24:56] normally play the likely plan members
[24:57] most of a lot level 200 so we go through
[24:59] and the attacker to be done within 30
[25:02] seconds then they sit there for next two
[25:03] minutes why are we trying to dress the
[25:04] work so maybe sort of making the
[25:06] mechanic so it scales it up but then
[25:07] also introducing the EEOC combat to the
[25:10] attack is a toy to like the rangers and
[25:13] the Mellie warriors to try and make it a
[25:15] bit more difficult as well a bit more
[25:16] challenging yeah I like it good idea
[25:18] well time yeah I mean okay
[25:25] so we've got the the current one is
[25:28] based on picking roles and working
[25:33] together with each person doing a
[25:35] different job you keep in that they're
[25:39] being there being kept but rather than
[25:41] it just being purely like the medic so I
[25:43] came calling in a minute the healer just
[25:45] has to heal people and poison the
[25:47] healers may be introducing another sort
[25:49] couldn't I haven't thought through okay
[25:52] but okay in general so if I want to see
[25:54] it more interactive that was a that was
[25:56] a we're keeping it but we're going to
[25:59] put more in rather than we're keeping it
[26:01] but I want to hide it you like the roles
[26:06] I like the roles but I think that
[26:08] they're very soft that's a point where
[26:11] they get some sort of level comment do
[26:12] much else like the collective yeah yeah
[26:14] sure egg egg egg but that's all they can
[26:17] do okay like what I do i force I pass
[26:19] with the eggs maybe making something
[26:21] that can slow down like bolos for
[26:22] example where they can make it bolo that
[26:24] slows down the runners pitch the
[26:25] defender okay then yeah I'd be the the
[26:28] roles is my favorite thing about rubber
[26:31] and salt I really love that kind of team
[26:34] picking roles everyone does something
[26:37] different every one has a responsibility
[26:38] everyone gets it done teamwork so it's
[26:41] brilliant idea and I've got a reputation
[26:43] to keep up so I'm out oh are you serious
[26:48] seriously okay because you can't take
[26:51] back your decision if you're out you're
[26:52] out oh oh god I thought it was gonna be
[26:55] a home run that's shame but how good was
[26:59] that it was amazing love you
[27:06] okay that was nearer epic don't you
[27:10] think so that's a tough one to follow to
[27:13] be honest but if anyone can do it the
[27:16] next contestant can do it because she's
[27:19] just brilliant okay so you know who it
[27:21] is any ideas yes lowkey its low key one
[27:27] bring it on and my idea is actually
[27:39] quite simple it's just a simple update
[27:41] to dungeoneering warts um I'm a general
[27:46] in a community Dungeoneering clan and
[27:48] it's been really noticeable since the
[27:51] beginning of you particularly the drop
[27:52] off and interest in dungeoneering across
[27:54] the board um and there's a lot of very
[27:57] logical reasons for that it's been
[27:59] easier notice all than ever was before
[28:00] and there's an awful lot of new content
[28:02] that's very interesting and pulling
[28:04] people away from from dungeoneering and
[28:07] crucially one of the pieces of content
[28:09] and there's been released as an awful
[28:12] lot of high-level armor and weaponry um
[28:16] which means that one of the main draws
[28:18] dungeoneering the chaotic weapons and no
[28:20] longer quite so attractive to people so
[28:22] my idea is a dungeoneering Awards rework
[28:26] to release level 90 items that have a
[28:32] very very high talking cost I've learned
[28:34] about a million talking's which is
[28:37] completely achievable from somebody
[28:38] who's training from level 99 to level
[28:41] hundred twenty a million is a very
[28:43] reasonable figure they'd have to still
[28:46] be degradable and I think those two
[28:49] things are necessary in order to avoid
[28:51] crashing the other high-level weapons
[28:53] that are already there bartley
[28:56] dungeoneering when it was released there
[28:58] was a reason it was released at level
[28:59] 120 instead of level 99 because it's
[29:01] supposed to be aspirational end game
[29:03] content and if you want to keep it
[29:05] relevant and still release on the new
[29:07] content in the game you have to
[29:08] occasionally tweak the updates to tweak
[29:10] the rewards so that people still keep
[29:12] going back and still have that interest
[29:13] and still genuinely want to work towards
[29:15] the rewards of this
[29:17] not just to dry and away until you to
[29:19] the level so put something in that is
[29:22] merely weapons or mad or a major
[29:24] arranged weapons that equate to the best
[29:27] in the game and that people can buy with
[29:30] their tokens and give them something to
[29:32] can to keep going and working towards
[29:33] that's it Wow do you like it so and your
[29:43] main pitch is around you want to change
[29:46] only the high level rewards or do you
[29:49] want to change all rewards as in a
[29:51] totally work of all rewards just halo I
[29:54] think the de wardes up to 99 are quite
[29:56] quite and bounced as the I I do think
[29:58] that there is space for additional once
[30:00] we brought in for example wand in an orb
[30:02] is an obvious one and but I think that I
[30:06] mean the mean point when the interest
[30:08] weems little ways because it's really
[30:10] long road from 1920 and then if you're
[30:13] going on again to 200 million then it's
[30:15] even even further along and you need to
[30:17] give people a reason to keep to keep
[30:18] working towards and I think when it was
[30:20] originally released everybody wanted
[30:22] chaotix because they were number one in
[30:24] the game and that was one of the best
[30:26] things that keep people coming back not
[30:28] just to get the levels but also to come
[30:29] back because they need more points to
[30:30] recharge them and so I think basic just
[30:33] because time is going on there's been so
[30:34] much new content it's about time that we
[30:37] got something epic and for dungeoneering
[30:39] so it would keep it that relevance and
[30:41] it being the endgame content this man
[30:43] you know I agree with your reasoning
[30:45] your you know points are very valid and
[30:48] you get my vote for this Wow good thing
[30:50] goes in uh yeah you're hundreds on right
[30:53] and we said is the reason I don't do
[30:55] dungeoneering and I stopped I got my
[30:56] level 90 weapons and then you don't need
[30:58] to carry on and I would be wary would
[31:00] you want to outclass the DPM or DPS of
[31:04] weapons i can buy via a GP or by doing
[31:06] my killing no i don't i think you'd have
[31:09] to be very careful not to crash the
[31:10] existing stuff that's already there but
[31:12] there's a different sort of player I
[31:13] mean they're people who will want to go
[31:15] on boss and do that sort of high-level
[31:16] high-risk activity and then there are
[31:18] people who are more comfortable just
[31:21] doing a community thing like
[31:22] dungeoneering which is much less
[31:25] intensive combat but because of the the
[31:28] duration of it up to level hundred
[31:30] twenty and beyond
[31:31] and you want to get something that is a
[31:33] very large substantial reward for that
[31:35] as well because of the amount of effort
[31:36] that goes into it so I don't think you'd
[31:37] want to outclass the the weapons that
[31:39] are there but I think you want to give
[31:41] that different sort of player access to
[31:43] a similar sort of weaponry and but
[31:45] within as a reward for the sort of game
[31:47] period they're already doing so just as
[31:49] compras for instance say we you put the
[31:51] equivalent of dry cause seismic and
[31:54] dissensions on there exactly the same
[31:57] same balance with that suffice so the
[32:00] sort of the people who can make the GP
[32:01] and are interested in that route can get
[32:03] it and then you guys would have
[32:04] something kampar is that what you're
[32:06] kind of suggested i think so i think
[32:07] you'd have to be very careful to have a
[32:08] very high talking cost for it and you'd
[32:12] have to be very careful but how quickly
[32:13] it degrades but i think because as I say
[32:15] there's a balance involved but I do
[32:17] think that that's something that would
[32:18] be very valuable Lee people would then
[32:20] aspire to to earning and that we've come
[32:22] back no it's a really good idea it's
[32:25] close to my heart and if it gets me
[32:26] dungeoneering I'm in thank you okay so
[32:31] it sounds sounds like good simple kind
[32:33] of thought our idea um how would you
[32:35] differ with you for these from from
[32:38] other weapons say what's gonna make them
[32:39] stand out graphically the way you
[32:42] designed Wow okay pretty sure that
[32:45] you'll be able to cover what super
[32:46] better ideas nothing that's not my job
[32:52] anything I don't see I'm brother Daniel
[32:54] and I mean I think you know in terms of
[32:56] weapons are obviously one of the most
[32:58] demonstrative items everyone wants to
[33:01] have the next new fancy sword or ones or
[33:03] whatever and so I think that that in
[33:05] itself could be a very big job but I
[33:07] really haven't got an idea of what they
[33:08] look like it's more just in terms of
[33:11] there is a gap in terms of functionality
[33:12] and there's a gap in terms of rewards
[33:14] and I think this would be a really good
[33:15] thing to fill it with terms of what they
[33:17] look like that's you know entirely up to
[33:19] you oh well in my best Scottish voice
[33:21] and sir poorly conceived notes besides
[33:26] has no interest for me at all that's my
[33:31] it's got no visual interest for me at
[33:34] all really I want big explosions and
[33:36] flying saucers and aliens and dragons
[33:38] flying flying saucers and for that
[33:40] reason I'm out I'm afraid thanks so I'm
[33:45] really torn I totally agree we need post
[33:49] 99 Dungeoneering rewards I'm not at all
[33:52] convinced that putting them straight up
[33:54] against level 90 weapons is is the way
[33:58] to do it is there anything you can do to
[33:59] convince me that these wouldn't go
[34:02] head-to-head and undercut the existing
[34:05] rewards do you have alternatives do you
[34:07] have ways that would differentiate them
[34:08] apart from token cost I certainly have
[34:10] alternatives I mean if you don't want to
[34:13] do a weapon based award there's an awful
[34:16] lot of other things that could be done
[34:17] those for example hatchets and pickaxes
[34:20] the things like they're stealing
[34:21] creation tools which are a lot less use
[34:23] now than they used to be so something is
[34:26] similar in function to that is another
[34:27] example there could be chaotic fragments
[34:29] which you could use to open dragon armor
[34:31] things like that too that could be used
[34:33] to boost already existing items and you
[34:36] could even add them onto the level 19
[34:38] items that are already in game okay it's
[34:42] just the idea that there'll be something
[34:43] there that is higher than the tier that
[34:45] we have in the moment that gives people
[34:46] a reason to keep going and it can be
[34:48] anything you're so close but I think you
[34:52] haven't fleshed out all those things are
[34:55] you haven't got an alternative I don't
[34:57] think to the to the weapons
[35:04] Thanks no I'm out oh I was close though
[35:12] it was very close ok so the pitch was
[35:16] great the the answers to the questions
[35:19] have been particularly good apart from
[35:22] Phil's question because really if you if
[35:24] you if you're up pitching something and
[35:26] you're going to be specific the first
[35:27] time then plow on with it and try and
[35:31] get the original to work rather than
[35:33] going back to something more general I
[35:36] would be I'm sort of aware that my vote
[35:39] probably doesn't matter now I would be
[35:42] very very worried about putting new
[35:47] weapons up against dry girls and friends
[35:51] and we would definitely need something
[35:55] to make a difference between them some
[35:59] choice between them ideally enough
[36:01] choice between them so that players
[36:02] would want both ultimately i mean if if
[36:05] if the the players who are rich or
[36:10] committed to engineering a rockin one or
[36:13] the other but they are different enough
[36:15] the players who are rich and rocking and
[36:17] committed to dungeoneering can have want
[36:20] both and choose between I I probably
[36:25] would have been out just because of the
[36:28] risk of promising to make something that
[36:31] ultimately we might not be able to
[36:34] balance against the existing stuff but
[36:37] so yeah I probably have to be out but
[36:41] but with with pitching like that and
[36:43] answers to questions like that you ought
[36:45] to consider a career in game design yes
[36:47] that was really evolved ok that's a good
[36:51] one I love that thank you very much like
[36:54] II one that was amazing
[36:59] wasn't that amazing that was great okay
[37:02] but these this bunch is just stuff
[37:04] really and I I'm a developer so i can
[37:09] say that i deal with that every day so
[37:11] that is tough but i think we've got a
[37:15] winner do you want to reconsider because
[37:18] i'm gonna call them all here look at
[37:21] their faces they're cute lovely faces
[37:24] come on ellie bellie 14 I want to look
[37:27] at you buddy I want to look at all of
[37:29] you come here primal moose Loki come
[37:34] look at that face I mean how can you how
[37:39] can you not say I'm into every single
[37:41] one of them they were amazing well
[37:43] another applause for the contestants
[37:47] they've been amazing they were so brave
[37:50] to come here you know none of you could
[37:53] do that but anyways so yeah well I know
[37:58] my chart is telling me who has got the
[38:01] most votes you guys probably have a
[38:04] little bit of idea who ya know you're
[38:07] happy you said pretty much no to
[38:09] everybody but now not really no no half
[38:13] and half half and half okay so what's
[38:17] gonna happen is I'm gonna tell you who
[38:19] is one the final verdict did it Adam
[38:26] okay it is the hard mode barbarian
[38:32] assault it is the private moon
[38:37] yes and you know what gonna happen to
[38:44] you now you're gonna be famous in the
[38:49] whole world can you take all the
[38:50] paparazzi can you deal with the fame
[38:53] really I think you can deal with it very
[38:56] well what you gonna get is a little
[38:59] certificate come here and our dragons
[39:03] are gonna sign it for you you're gonna
[39:05] keep it for the rest of your life and
[39:10] yes that will be amazing put in your
[39:12] living room or whatever you wherever you
[39:14] want to put it get it son from the
[39:15] dragons and the rest of the world is
[39:17] going to see your barbarian assault
[39:19] shortly that's that's not happening how
[39:24] soon you asking me it's getting on the
[39:32] next update exactly a month wow I want
[39:41] to say yes so bad right now but I can't
[39:45] i think i heard full graphical rework
[39:47] yeah yeah not really no no no
[39:50] okay take it easy in the UI area oh
[39:54] thank you very much okay it's all you
[39:56] guys thank you that's that's making me
[40:00] taking care of a cut for the next couple
[40:02] of months but congratulations Robin move
[40:10] and once again thank you very much to
[40:14] the lovely amazing contestants you have
[40:16] no idea how many ideas we had these guys
[40:20] have come so close they just cut off
[40:23] everybody else and they want the
[40:24] pictures they're here it's not a small
[40:26] thing so you know Bravo to you guys and
[40:30] thank you very much to each and every
[40:32] dragon thank you so much i love you for
[40:34] life thanks for being here thanks for
[40:37] your lovely opinions and your feedback
[40:39] that is still amazing and thank you guys
[40:42] I love you so much thank you very much
[40:59] the pie still goes but the stream ends
[41:02] here I'm afraid we've had an amazing
[41:03] time at brewfest three we've lost lead
[41:06] somewhere he should be here to take a
[41:07] body but he's vanished into them it's
[41:09] all that so hope you've had a good time
[41:11] we've absolutely loved it yeah we've
[41:12] loved it's probably down there watching
[41:14] that lady with a flyer I just been
[41:16] fantastic today we've seen people just
[41:19] going crazy down there they've been
[41:21] playing games they've you mean the more
[41:22] than bored they've been getting involved
[41:24] with the game runescape itself as well
[41:25] so that's it boo fest 2013 out thank you
[41:29] very much and see you next year hi
[41:47] you