Transcript of RuneFest 2013: Celebrating Story

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:15] who've we got here last year well the
[00:18] last time we were here we have people
[00:20] from Australia Canada even as far away
[00:23] as Wales how do you think they let
[00:26] people at Wales anymore but for all
[00:28] those people from Wales
[00:29] this is electricity by the way this is
[00:31] what it looks like so who we got here
[00:35] anybody from where any further than
[00:37] Wales Norway
[00:39] okay Belgium I went to Belgium once it
[00:49] was closed very good I like right yep
[00:54] yep all right then no problem anyway if
[01:03] you've been watching the livestream
[01:04] appear on the big screen as you can see
[01:06] or checked it out in your program you'll
[01:09] have seen that there's a packed day
[01:10] ahead so let's have a look so we can
[01:13] start off in a minute with the
[01:15] celebrating story featuring mmod Osborne
[01:18] over here he's going to be blowing the
[01:19] lid off the story's coming then we've
[01:25] got big questions at 1:00 p.m. a look
[01:27] head to the future at to ask me almost
[01:29] anything get 3.not me we've got the rune
[01:36] quiz at for a first look at what's
[01:38] coming to runescape next year I think
[01:40] that's at five and then my favourite
[01:42] event which is going to be coming up at
[01:43] six not on biased or anything he's going
[01:45] to be the golden knows they're smaller
[01:49] than me and I can pick them and steal
[01:51] their lunch money and stuff like that so
[01:53] that's what's going to be going on today
[01:55] so I could see that everybody's ready
[01:58] and raring to go I was going over there
[02:00] so I think if we could warm them up so
[02:02] they can give you a good presentation
[02:03] how about we get some clapping going on
[02:07] okay that's alright that's what the yep
[02:09] can we put our wait a bit of cheering
[02:11] going on there and then let's warm it
[02:15] all up completely with the clapping
[02:17] cheering and stump your feet at the same
[02:19] time you're gonna hear more all right
[02:26] then without further ado I'm going to
[02:27] introduce you you probably know them
[02:29] already but I don't I'm gonna introduce
[02:31] you to what Osborn mulch AK Lord ollie
[02:34] mod raven mod Rowley and mod Anna so
[02:38] there you go thank you very much I shall
[02:40] see you in a while thank you hello
[02:46] everyone how you doing you're right
[02:48] so this is celebrating story which is
[02:51] our opportunity to kind of give you a
[02:52] guided tour of what we want to do in the
[02:54] next few years with our storyline
[02:56] imagine that you're kind of in cozy
[02:58] armchairs you're probably not right now
[02:59] probably all could say seeds but um cozy
[03:02] armchairs with a cocoa lights are down
[03:04] we're gonna play some music for you
[03:05] hopefully as well let's get you in the
[03:07] mood for some storyline little Warner we
[03:10] were warning we will be revealing some
[03:12] spoilers so if you haven't played birth
[03:14] right for the of the dwarfs for example
[03:16] world wakes a couple of others that we
[03:18] are going to reveal some information I
[03:19] am sorry about that
[03:21] so maybe kind of cover your ears and
[03:23] eyes for that bed um there will be some
[03:25] reveals of future quest lines in other
[03:28] sessions as well so if you're around for
[03:31] the 2014 session risk of 2014 mark will
[03:33] be revealing some stuff and I'll be
[03:35] revealing some stuff in ideas for the
[03:37] future who did some elf things which
[03:39] hopefully yes yes I get the absolute
[03:42] pleasure doing that which is grant there
[03:44] won't be a Q&A here they say for I'm
[03:46] asked us almost anything so please bring
[03:47] your all questions to that but for now
[03:50] I'm just going to be asking these guys
[03:51] about their specialities and some of the
[03:54] future content so it starts off we've
[03:58] got oh so I thought models gon sing a
[04:00] narrative design it just worked through
[04:03] we got more dolly so he sports on
[04:05] missing presumed death I'm gonna talk to
[04:06] him about the stone of jazz storyline
[04:08] which you hopefully you've just started
[04:09] playing we've got my Raven he's white
[04:11] don't get on the game Supreme League so
[04:12] I guess blue boys got Madonna who kills
[04:15] things more Jack who's been rummaging
[04:19] around in sour as
[04:20] is past history recently and what
[04:23] brownie it's been working on the O sign
[04:25] quests and also weld oppressed okay so
[04:28] we start with and the first of our
[04:30] pillar story lines because story lines
[04:31] we really want to get you excited about
[04:32] your three of these and one of these is
[04:34] the stone of jazz authority and that
[04:36] starts up so I'd like to get first an
[04:37] inkling of how many of you play missing
[04:39] presumed death just to kind of throw up
[04:40] your hands this is good this is good
[04:42] you're playing the quest that's grand
[04:43] said that if you don't know it it's the
[04:46] first quest in the stone of jazz
[04:47] storyline and there'll be more of these
[04:49] so to talk about that I've got more
[04:51] dolly hey guys
[04:52] all right so first question what do we
[04:55] mean by the Stone Age a storyline okay
[04:58] so it's good to see so many of you have
[05:00] played a missing presumed death
[05:01] basically that's to start at the same of
[05:03] jazz storyline as what was once said so
[05:06] we found out there that this guy has got
[05:07] a stone of jazz and he's offering it to
[05:09] whoever can kill the most gods so that
[05:11] started off this whole new storyline
[05:13] where basically whoever gets to kill the
[05:16] most gods is going to be given the stone
[05:17] of jazz at the end of this big summit
[05:19] the sliska is holding and it's going to
[05:21] be comprised of world events and quests
[05:23] where sort of God's will be you know
[05:25] killing people dying you know it's gonna
[05:28] be a really interesting yeah so let's
[05:30] get a bit further down into the world
[05:31] events in particular so let's start with
[05:32] the world but how did the world rent
[05:33] feature in story this is first time we
[05:35] ever you know the storyline we're kind
[05:36] of outside of quest yeah so I'm so I'm
[05:38] sure all of you who's taken part in
[05:40] world of m1 where we saw saradomin
[05:42] versus zamorak
[05:43] sorry domi obviously coming out on top
[05:44] and there's gonna be lots more of those
[05:46] sort of events where it's a big
[05:48] community decision whereas like a
[05:50] democratic sore vote for who wins and in
[05:53] the future there's gonna be gods to
[05:54] actually die in these world events so
[05:56] everyone's going to have to come
[05:57] together and you know win for the god
[06:00] that they want to survive and and it's
[06:02] not only world events where there's also
[06:05] solid quests as well yeah so the other
[06:07] half that we were talking about is
[06:09] quests they're going to comprise this
[06:10] storyline where you're going to go in
[06:12] and have a more solo experience not on a
[06:15] big large scale like the world events
[06:17] more more small scale and then the
[06:19] decisions you personally make rather
[06:20] than it being a democratic decision it's
[06:22] going to be your personal decisions that
[06:24] affect your own storyline so when we get
[06:26] to this final summit all of you have the
[06:28] same gods that one different world
[06:29] events whereas some of you are going to
[06:31] have different gods there
[06:33] that you might have helped out in your
[06:35] personal story lines so be a different
[06:37] mix of decisions that comes to the it's
[06:40] almost like you've got that kind of team
[06:41] at the end one half is being determined
[06:44] by one of you guys together like the
[06:45] course or servers across all worlds and
[06:47] that other half the time about you and
[06:48] that's specific to you and that comes
[06:50] from the quest and that's how we try to
[06:51] get the best of both worlds
[06:54] we don't really know who's going to make
[06:55] it to this final summit yeah it's up to
[06:57] you guys who are going to be the
[06:58] surviving gods and eventually who
[07:00] actually gets the start of jazz well
[07:01] I've got even with the battle numbers we
[07:03] didn't expect in Iraq to win but we're
[07:05] going to react to that and do quests if
[07:08] I just say it maybe it's true so he
[07:10] didn't expect so diamond to win so we've
[07:12] done reactance that would maybe do some
[07:14] samurai content the future anyway anyway
[07:19] um so what kind of stories will we tell
[07:21] what kind of stories are you thinking of
[07:23] doing well obviously we got different
[07:25] gods fighting each other we got gods
[07:26] that come back some that been introduced
[07:28] from the past like a flowerin basically
[07:30] just blows open the doors for all sorts
[07:31] of different quests and different
[07:34] different stories we can tell some of
[07:36] these like with Bandos is you know he's
[07:38] the God of War he wants to cause havoc
[07:40] he's gonna there's gonna be quest with
[07:42] him where maybe he's directly going
[07:43] forced oh maybe I'm trying to kill gods
[07:44] and then there's gonna be a different
[07:46] question if maybe someone like zamorak
[07:48] he was lost a world event he's not gonna
[07:50] be as confrontational so he's gonna want
[07:52] to get the stone another way maybe
[07:54] unseen so there's gonna be some sort of
[07:55] like heist like gameplay there also is a
[07:57] different quest that we can do that's
[07:58] cool that's cool so and how will it all
[08:00] end how do you say tying up will it well
[08:02] obviously there's the way that we think
[08:05] it will end where you know there's gods
[08:07] to get the most kills they get invited
[08:09] to the summit and then one is victorious
[08:11] and it's this guy gives on the stone but
[08:12] I'm guessing most of you guys don't
[08:14] trust this guy who knows what's gonna
[08:17] happen really the stone of jars could
[08:19] end up in anyone's hands
[08:20] cool cool okay so that's if it gives you
[08:22] an idea of one of the pillars that we're
[08:23] gonna be talking about the other team we
[08:24] will talk about in this session and but
[08:26] when we decided we're gonna do the Stone
[08:28] of Destiny line we knew that gods would
[08:29] be fighting each other and then then we
[08:31] had to determine the power levels of
[08:33] those gods what happened with one God
[08:34] went up against each other maybe inside
[08:36] that content so I'm going to talk to
[08:38] what all he's gonna take the stage and
[08:40] take us through the god hierarchy beings
[08:42] are the seven tiers of godhood and help
[08:44] health
[08:44] they are you can do it run it down and
[08:46] kind of UK top 40 Wayne yeah so coming
[08:50] in at tier seven we've got the avatars
[08:52] and aspects now these are sort of
[08:54] fragments of God's or projections like
[08:57] the avatar of bando so you met in the
[08:59] chosen commander and basically they
[09:01] can't be more powerful in the process
[09:03] that created them so the avatar band or
[09:05] couldn't be more powerful than Bandos
[09:07] they do live forever they're not
[09:09] affected by the edicts so that's where
[09:10] they were around while guthix was still
[09:12] sleeping that's why you've seen them in
[09:13] the world
[09:14] then we've got tier six demigods now
[09:17] that's exploring and a musket a lot of
[09:19] your just scenic flowering and missing
[09:21] presumed death basically they're the
[09:22] sons and daughters of gods so those two
[09:24] the product of a relationship between
[09:25] team weaken and a Lidice and they have
[09:29] greater than human strength and magic
[09:30] and a key things remember is that they
[09:32] can open portals or they're small
[09:34] portals so exploring brought the
[09:36] marjorie out into Gielinor but they
[09:38] couldn't bring in like an entire race
[09:39] for instance and they're able to
[09:41] manipulate mortals against their will
[09:43] which we've seen out hammer skip doing
[09:44] and then we've got tier 5 the
[09:46] inexperienced gods they're people like
[09:49] marimbo Brassica prime you've seen
[09:51] before they have greater strength and
[09:54] magical fortitude than the other ones
[09:56] we've just been talking about but
[09:57] they're largely affected by the edicts
[09:59] most of them weren't around when when
[10:01] guthix was sleeping because his edicts
[10:02] were in place but you do have exceptions
[10:05] to the rule Brassica prime who he's an
[10:08] exception to most rules to be honest and
[10:10] they're able to shrink and grow and we
[10:13] got tier for the experience gods
[10:15] these are gods that we've been seeing
[10:17] stuff coming back and finding each other
[10:19] we've got Bandos an armadillo who are
[10:21] familiar with then we got people liked
[10:23] us going skarga off task you will be
[10:25] seeing in some future content scar
[10:26] growth we've seen in the world wakes and
[10:29] interestingly here we've got saradomin
[10:31] and zamorak they were both on this tier
[10:33] before the Battle of Lumbridge zamorak
[10:35] sort of when he lost move down saradomin
[10:38] has moved up and this is tier 3 with the
[10:42] high got the high gods bitter lonely
[10:44] tears just saradomin at the moment so
[10:47] they're able to be destructive or
[10:48] constructive on a huge continent wide
[10:51] scale and they're able to magically
[10:53] manipulate immortals now that's the key
[10:55] because that means that saradomin now
[10:57] able to manipulate other gods on lower
[10:59] tiers so I mean saradomin with that
[11:02] power who knows what he's gonna do and
[11:04] then we got tier two starting to get
[11:06] towards the most powerful God's these
[11:08] are their transcendent gods so here we
[11:10] got gothics Czarist and Saren some of
[11:14] you might not have known that Saren was
[11:15] actually this powerful basically these
[11:17] guys are able to manipulate life to
[11:19] create mutations of that life I doesn't
[11:21] mean they can create life from scratch
[11:22] but they can like like I say they can
[11:24] manipulate it creating creatures such as
[11:27] the guardians of guthix and they're able
[11:30] to escape from their own body to become
[11:31] incorporeal so he saws arrows do that
[11:34] when zamorak stabbed him and then
[11:36] himself and basically he left his body
[11:39] you know in order to survive girl thinks
[11:41] is dead he's not he didn't leave his
[11:44] body is definitely dead and you know
[11:46] finally they're able to manipulate the
[11:47] life force of the world so the animal
[11:49] Monday and that's basically what gothics
[11:52] did when he created the edicts and then
[11:54] say number one we got the Elder Gods now
[11:57] they are able to create life from
[11:58] scratch they're the only people that can
[12:00] do this and they can also create
[12:03] powerful artifacts where basically they
[12:04] focus their power into the artifacts so
[12:06] you've got the stone of Jass that is
[12:08] just literally focusing his physical
[12:10] power into an object and they can also
[12:13] choose to diminish and power down sort
[12:15] of go to sleep and there they cannot be
[12:19] killed the Elder Gods can never be
[12:20] killed so something interesting to know
[12:22] about them well obviously you've got
[12:22] jars full and the fresco Creator God so
[12:25] that is all the god tears probably not
[12:29] because there are so many kind of things
[12:31] going on in mauritania and I don't think
[12:34] we can really do justice all of them in
[12:36] the marquee series so we've got the
[12:38] werewolves and I think they kind of
[12:39] deserved their own quest rather than
[12:41] just being a bit part in murky and we've
[12:43] also got day out or which a lot of
[12:45] people talked about on the forums and
[12:47] and it's not as important as people seem
[12:49] to think it is I mean it'll be featured
[12:51] but not it won't be like the main thing
[12:53] and we've also got the splinter group so
[12:57] this was a group of zamorak Ian's and
[12:58] saradomin is trying to circumvent edicts
[13:01] which isn't really relevant anymore and
[13:04] so probably not going to include them
[13:06] and but they're still around they might
[13:07] still be used in another developers
[13:09] concert developer could pick them up if
[13:10] they've got a story to tell
[13:12] do you consider the vampire storyline to
[13:13] be sick aging a god quest and yeah I
[13:15] consider it to be sick sage not
[13:17] necessarily a god quest because I'm not
[13:19] planning on bringing the gods into
[13:21] Mauritania in the Mark II series and I
[13:23] just think partly it's not really
[13:25] relevant to the monarchy because if you
[13:27] think about it
[13:28] Japan still got a stronghold the
[13:30] vampires are very powerful in mauritania
[13:31] marquees still got that struggle that is
[13:34] kind of the core of their quest line and
[13:36] also the gods kind of have other things
[13:38] to do right now like battle each other
[13:40] over lumbridge and stuff so they're not
[13:42] being like storming into Mauritania and
[13:44] also it's quite nice to have content
[13:45] that is kind of yeah yeah okay so um
[13:50] anna has a habit of killing things if I
[13:53] make us cursed branches of dark now
[13:54] world wakes they all had a choice in
[13:56] them most of those choices resulted in
[13:58] probably the death of a major character
[14:00] so recourse it was the best choice to
[14:01] take us through the choices you have
[14:03] made and content are revealed kind of
[14:04] percentages of you the chose certain
[14:07] certain options if I can get off this
[14:09] chair it's just terrifying okay so yeah
[14:12] I'm gonna kind of run you through a few
[14:14] things the things we track about your
[14:16] decisions and partly we track these for
[14:19] our own interest and partly because it's
[14:20] really useful to us to see what people
[14:21] are deciding and kind of how the
[14:23] mechanics and the context of the
[14:25] decision affects your choices so the
[14:27] first one we've got this is in the world
[14:30] wakes if you did a puzzle incorrectly
[14:32] you could kill Fiera or ferrous core
[14:35] both of them if you're particularly bad
[14:36] at the puzzle and how many of you
[14:39] actually killed her it is only four
[14:43] point two percent so that's really low
[14:45] and then we've also got ferrous care and
[14:47] he was only 2.4 percent so again really
[14:50] really low and I think this could be for
[14:53] a few reasons I mean it was in a puzzle
[14:55] rather than being decision so many
[14:57] people don't want to get the puzzle
[14:58] wrong and and also this is kind of an
[15:00] older piece of content it was out at the
[15:01] beginning of the year ish and and so
[15:04] many people will have used walkthroughs
[15:05] to go through it so obviously they
[15:07] wouldn't have the characters dead the
[15:09] next one is an older one this is reefs
[15:11] in the blood packed
[15:12] basically you could decide if you wanted
[15:14] to kill
[15:14] as I'm working cultists or cultist or
[15:17] spare his life and I actually looked
[15:20] this up and I didn't kill him
[15:21] surprisingly on my character and only 40
[15:24] percent did actually kill him so
[15:26] apparently runescape players are quite
[15:27] nice and a little bonus there in this is
[15:30] an the void stairs back at the end of
[15:31] the void night series you could choose
[15:33] to sacrifice Jessica or Carosi and most
[15:36] people sacrifice Jessica which seems
[15:38] quite sensible seeing as karate was kind
[15:39] of a warrior and he needed that so the
[15:43] next three ones more godly ones were
[15:46] still kind of sticking on death and so
[15:48] this is in the world wakes I don't like
[15:50] to bring it up because everyone's angry
[15:51] with me and you could kind of choose to
[15:54] side with the zero seon's he wanted to
[15:56] wait gothics and talk to him or the
[15:58] fixin's he wanted to just leave him
[16:00] sleeping don't touch him don't do
[16:02] anything or kill gothics which was kind
[16:05] of a saradomin adoption video it was
[16:06] kind of representing everyone else or if
[16:08] you didn't want side of anyone and just
[16:10] kill him anyway
[16:10] and so this was quite surprising to see
[16:13] the result of this because there was a
[16:14] lot of 0c and support on the forums at
[16:16] the time however it was actually a
[16:19] massive amount of people wanted to
[16:21] protect garvik's and leave him sleeping
[16:22] and I think this was we kind of shot
[16:25] ourselves in the foot with this one
[16:26] because during the quest we made the
[16:28] Gothic of the Gothic seon's kind of
[16:29] likable and so people kind of came
[16:32] touched to them and gothics and didn't
[16:33] want to kill him so only a tiny portion
[16:36] wanted to kill him
[16:38] this is missing presumed death so quite
[16:40] recently sorry if you haven't done it
[16:41] yet and this was when Sasuke was kind of
[16:43] saying he wants to do a second god wars
[16:45] and you could side with one of the gods
[16:46] and say you know I agree with this
[16:49] person so the results of this kind of
[16:51] interesting so you've got eight Thor in
[16:53] at the top there and which is surprising
[16:56] because he's a kind of newly presented
[16:58] God he's been around for a while but we
[17:00] haven't featured him that much so it
[17:02] might be because he was kind of featured
[17:04] a lot in the quest but also because his
[17:06] opinion was I don't trust this guy which
[17:08] is kind of an obvious one to go with and
[17:10] it's also interesting to see gothics
[17:12] there when he's dead and and options two
[17:15] and three are actually unlocked by
[17:16] content so people might have clicked on
[17:18] them just because they saw unlocked and
[17:20] was like I have to click on that
[17:23] it was God emissaries so again you could
[17:25] side where the God show your allegiance
[17:27] and here's ours came out way on top
[17:31] sadly band offs and the godless at the
[17:33] bottom and yeah clearly X Lauren should
[17:37] have had an emissary as well and then
[17:41] these three are just kind of random ones
[17:42] which you may not think that we track
[17:44] but we do because we'd like to know what
[17:45] you're doing
[17:46] so this is how many people gave up the
[17:48] wand saradomin death in death of
[17:50] chivalry so this one was he could
[17:52] resurrect people with it and it was only
[17:54] meant to be used by the pure of heart
[17:55] and I was determined not to give it to
[17:58] saradomin
[17:58] at any cost however seventy nine point
[18:01] three percent of you did give it to him
[18:03] which is quite disappointing
[18:06] although I suppose it is quite scary
[18:07] having a God tell you to do something
[18:09] and also 70 percent gave blood
[18:11] yourselves and I did clue we don't trust
[18:14] so her in very much then we've got this
[18:19] was in the ariane quest you could do
[18:20] kind of a little quiz to see which was a
[18:22] tower you belong to you
[18:24] reasonably actually evenly spread most
[18:27] people of blue sera diamonds nice very
[18:30] few balanced players sadly and the last
[18:33] one this is at the end of birthright of
[18:34] the dwarves basically sorry he haven't
[18:37] done this already
[18:38] but um Velda ban asks you to kill him
[18:40] because he's turning into a chaos dwarf
[18:41] and if you kill him you can get either
[18:43] the consortium or the drunken dwarf as
[18:45] the leader of tell grim if you don't
[18:48] kill him you can get killed a consortium
[18:51] or Valda ban as the leader so most
[18:55] people actually have King bailed man as
[18:57] the leader of children which is kind of
[18:59] strange seeing as you had to go through
[19:00] two steps to get him and the consortium
[19:02] had kind of double the chance of being
[19:04] leader and clearly people just hate
[19:07] killing characters I'm quite upset about
[19:14] okay so on to the other pillows so this
[19:17] is the Elder Gods the older gods said we
[19:20] were going from death to a little bit of
[19:21] creation now sorry hopes hopefully a
[19:23] lighter moment for you now so um to talk
[19:26] to you I've got to talk to my jack hello
[19:29] so which is who are what are the older
[19:32] gods and as he said they're the only
[19:41] deities that can create life but they
[19:43] can do a lot more than that they're the
[19:44] deities that created the worlds of the
[19:46] deities that created the universe as we
[19:47] think of them they're their most
[19:50] impressive act and in a sense their
[19:52] final act was the creation of Gielinor
[19:53] itself which is the the final world the
[19:56] perfect world and something we never
[19:58] revealed about the only gods before is
[20:00] that they're actually still there they
[20:02] created it they were pleased with it and
[20:03] then they fell asleep on it
[20:04] so this world we've been on they're
[20:06] still here they're still dealing here
[20:07] yeah we and you've interacted with them
[20:09] although you may not realize how you
[20:10] been directed and they're kind of unused
[20:13] to like for me they so when they created
[20:16] Gillan or there they'd be created
[20:18] planned and so they created this lush
[20:22] pastoral wilderness and found a very
[20:24] pleasing went to sleep they're going to
[20:27] be waking up probably these mighty
[20:31] mighty creatures not do anything with
[20:34] them so really to have a story involving
[20:35] them they're gonna have to wake up and
[20:37] when they wake up they're gonna find it
[20:38] is crawling with creatures and monsters
[20:40] and murder and biological entities
[20:44] they've never English like renting a
[20:45] flat finding it's got cooperated exactly
[20:47] and they're they're not gonna be happy
[20:49] about that because this is not what they
[20:50] wanted and and the presence of all of
[20:52] these creatures is is is messing with
[20:54] the reason they created given or in the
[20:56] first place so when they wake up they're
[20:58] gonna want to do something about it
[21:00] they're gonna want to get rid of the
[21:01] life on Gillan or and the thing about
[21:03] being a tier 1 God the the tiers are a
[21:05] little slightly misleading because they
[21:07] imply that all four is a bit lower than
[21:09] 3 and 3 is a bit lower than 2 and a tier
[21:11] 1 god he's much more powerful than a
[21:13] tier 2 god Sara Aceros is more powerful
[21:16] than Sara diamond but but he's got
[21:18] nothing on the two on gods thing if they
[21:19] want to be raised all life on the planet
[21:20] they can they can't think I'll do it in
[21:22] a blink of an eye younger gods couldn't
[21:23] stop them younger gods would have no
[21:25] yeah which is where the plant comes in
[21:28] because the player is the world guardian
[21:29] he's gonna be the only one who can stop
[21:30] them so we like to put choice in our
[21:33] content something where we're really
[21:35] keen on but the problem with the other
[21:36] gods is that what they really want to do
[21:38] is they want to exterminate everything
[21:39] and we can't really let that happen we
[21:42] can't give the player the choice to side
[21:43] with them and kill everyone because then
[21:46] there wouldn't so you're setting anymore
[21:48] there wouldn't be a game anybody
[21:49] wouldn't be able to do any skilling
[21:51] there wouldn't be any more quests
[21:52] and so the player I'm afraid to say he's
[21:55] gonna have to be against the Elder Gods
[21:56] on this but the other gods are different
[21:59] I mean there are five of them they've
[22:00] got they're quite different approaches
[22:01] they've got quite different
[22:02] personalities and so the way in which
[22:04] you deal with them is going to be quite
[22:05] different yeah and although they need to
[22:06] be stopped that doesn't mean that you
[22:07] have to stop them in the same way
[22:08] perhaps there's a way you could turn it
[22:10] to your advantage and the the five gods
[22:13] vary quite heavily in sophistication so
[22:15] jazz who's the most sophisticated of
[22:17] them maybe he could be reasonable if
[22:18] maybe there's a way you can explain to
[22:20] him not to do this but with some of the
[22:22] some of the less sophisticated ones that
[22:24] maybe are capable of communicating him
[22:26] so clearly perhaps you're just gonna
[22:28] have to stop there we gonna have to trap
[22:30] them or imprison them we'll fight them
[22:31] they can't be killed remember but
[22:32] perhaps they can get diverse any other
[22:34] in some way yeah exactly
[22:36] um so we haven't encountered nobody got
[22:38] to focus in obviously the origins of
[22:40] Gielinor common emotion comment but how
[22:42] would you describe them whatever so
[22:43] early in the most significant thing
[22:45] about that mister there is they're
[22:46] absolutely enormous I mean the things
[22:47] the biggest thing we have in the game is
[22:48] the clean black dragon the other gods
[22:49] are vastly bigger than that they're so
[22:51] large we we can't really put them in
[22:52] game as entities they can't walk around
[22:54] the fight because you wouldn't even be
[22:56] able to see one's foot on the screen at
[22:58] the same time let alone the whole thing
[23:00] but so sorry that's behind it so sorry I
[23:05] mean they are very different from the
[23:07] young gods so in the makeup of what they
[23:09] are they're they're they're giant they
[23:11] are finger that's not I guess we we've
[23:13] met well we very sighs Don as female
[23:15] they're not biologically female because
[23:17] they're not biologically gender but but
[23:19] we're gonna we're gonna be portraying
[23:20] them as female just as much as anything
[23:21] to have a bit of a break from the
[23:23] sausage fest that's all the rest
[23:26] you very first sausagefest the green
[23:28] fest and and they they haven't
[23:31] encountered life before which makes them
[23:32] in comprehensible in a say they they
[23:35] wouldn't really see any reason for
[23:37] communication I mean they they can
[23:38] communicate with each other but but they
[23:39] don't really understand these creatures
[23:40] but but they have they have needed to
[23:42] communicate in the past I mean there was
[23:44] that whole thing that's don't chat and
[23:45] and so when they need to communicate
[23:47] it's something they do so through the
[23:48] top part yeah creations and each of the
[23:51] Elder Gods will have a translator that's
[23:52] tethered to the mother in slave and
[23:54] those would be something that's small
[23:55] enough to interact with yes I'm gonna
[23:57] and find out more about the history I
[23:59] mean have we got that look so I mean
[24:01] we're not gonna say too much more here
[24:02] because otherwise we'd have nothing left
[24:03] to do quests about but we do have a
[24:05] backstory worked out for them there yeah
[24:06] we know where they came from we know why
[24:08] they're here
[24:09] you know why they made the world why
[24:10] they made Gillan or why they consider
[24:12] Gillan more to be so special as climbing
[24:13] for yeah why they make the artifacts
[24:15] what's done of jazz's don't show those
[24:17] things what it really is yeah so when do
[24:19] we get to see our first older god
[24:21] well the the first piece of content
[24:22] Bolton Elder Gods gonna be early next
[24:23] year probably by April we hope ya
[24:26] there's hope that hopefully that's
[24:27] caught through 2014 that's were aiming
[24:28] for that's always and and we're gonna
[24:30] see our first our God there and I
[24:32] mentioned earlier they vary a lot in
[24:33] sophistication so jazz wise may be
[24:35] reasonable quite sophisticated this God
[24:37] is the opposite God and I think we have
[24:40] a thank you much yeah so these are some
[24:45] kind of concert heads very early concept
[24:46] heads we've done at them and one of
[24:48] those heads is one of them that we've
[24:49] kind of pursued so you might have a
[24:51] favorite there so maybe no that's when
[24:53] you're going to see so that's upcoming
[24:55] content yeah so hopefully you'll hear
[24:57] more more about them in the future um so
[24:59] the sixth age is about really for us
[25:02] kind of characters you've only heard
[25:03] about or read about what's great about
[25:06] that is you know you've read about it
[25:08] Lara in Samara you never really not
[25:10] really seen them that's why they're part
[25:12] the joy of the sick page and another
[25:13] character that we haven't really been
[25:15] able to explore up until now is Sarah's
[25:17] so I'm going to what's more Jack about
[25:19] Sarah's now so who is Alice so alignment
[25:25] to Lena is the most ancient and
[25:29] mysterious of the gods he's he's a
[25:32] character that if you start playing
[25:34] runescape and you've only played it for
[25:35] maybe a hundred hours you may not even
[25:37] know exists because to even to even find
[25:40] out that his name you have to have
[25:42] played some relatively high level
[25:45] relatively high level quests and so and
[25:50] then to meet any of his followers you
[25:52] have to play even more quests and so he
[25:53] said he's a real mystery but he has this
[25:55] huge role in history I mean at one point
[25:57] he he conquered nearly the whole surface
[26:00] of the of the world yeah and so he is
[26:03] tremendously important to the history of
[26:04] the setting tremendously important to
[26:06] the other gods who all knew him or knew
[26:08] off him or fought against him so it's
[26:10] that gonna change is he no longer gonna
[26:11] be high level do you see ah no we we
[26:14] think Daryl should stay high level
[26:16] content he's gonna be his enemy quest
[26:18] quest based he's gonna be high level
[26:19] quest based because he has that sort of
[26:21] exclusivity yes yeah I mean what kind of
[26:24] contact you imagine him featuring in so
[26:27] I mean the three pillars for example
[26:30] yeah so I mean he's eros is relevant to
[26:33] all three of the pills he's he's
[26:35] obviously interested in the battle
[26:38] between the gods that's something a lot
[26:40] of interesting yeah and he's gonna be
[26:42] talking about
[26:43] yes who find out little bit more in a
[26:45] moment when we go through the third
[26:45] pillar the dragon cannon um will he be
[26:47] featuring in rodents no he's not really
[26:50] a world event kind of guy I mean the
[26:51] thing about world events is their big
[26:53] noticeable flashy they give you away
[26:55] you'll make me paint your target on
[26:57] yourself I mean that's what Sarah
[26:58] diamond and zamurai could do it they
[26:59] were just no come on like me kill me
[27:01] Sarah Sedaris isn't gonna be doing that
[27:03] that's not the waiting thing so I mean
[27:05] maybe he's wrong maybe 6,000 years ago
[27:07] he would have thought like that but he's
[27:08] learned since then yes the betrayal is
[27:10] changed yeah
[27:11] empathy yeah so he's it's all about
[27:17] becoming a kind of insidious faint but
[27:20] some players some players are a bit
[27:21] worried that because he won't feature in
[27:22] world event that means they won't really
[27:24] have any any chance to interact with us
[27:26] any any any control over what happens in
[27:28] the storyline but that's definitely not
[27:30] the case I mean the quests are gonna
[27:31] have him in the player will be able to
[27:33] make a lot of choices yeah we've got
[27:35] kind of twice baked into average you can
[27:37] either help or you can hinder yeah yeah
[27:39] if we're potentially going to do any
[27:40] content with him and they were also
[27:43] putting idea of a final twice yeah we
[27:46] see him in the combination content
[27:47] actual obviously what Rawlings gonna
[27:48] talk hours it's gonna be right there
[27:49] yeah yeah be there to decide so he's
[27:51] fundamental tool three storylines and
[27:53] what comes afterwards in our so pound so
[27:56] is there anything that you can reveal
[27:57] about Sarah's obviously we go we've got
[27:59] mark wants to talk about Tim he's gonna
[28:01] talk what I'm a bit later we can seize
[28:04] eros is back go and check there it is so
[28:08] we've been a bit cheaty well Michael
[28:11] will show you some more stuff about
[28:13] sours he's gonna we kind of tried to get
[28:16] him to come back a little bit not show
[28:17] everything by Phillies were gonna reveal
[28:19] quite a bit so what we've got with
[28:21] stolen houses back so John to take us
[28:24] through this is arrows from the Second
[28:29] Age he's got some fancy looking shoulder
[28:31] pads the fact that it just stops below
[28:33] his belly shoulders there is an
[28:35] indicative of the fact he's just a
[28:36] floating tools that's just the concept
[28:39] art doesn't hit all the rest of his body
[28:40] but see if you can guess what he looks
[28:42] like from the front yeah you might find
[28:44] out later who knows
[28:46] okay so keeping with subjects for the
[28:48] lure hounds encounter you all in that by
[28:49] the way we're gonna move on to the
[28:51] dragon can so that it's the final one of
[28:53] our three pillars storylines I'm gonna
[28:55] talk some more only about that
[28:56] hello say who want the dragon kit okay I
[29:00] think we'd be hard-pressed not to find
[29:02] to find somebody in this room who
[29:03] doesn't know who the dragon in are the
[29:06] incredibly vicious angry scaly beasts
[29:10] who come and wreak havoc whenever you do
[29:12] anything with a stone of jazz they're
[29:15] cursed by jazz so that whenever somebody
[29:19] does use this stone that's what they do
[29:20] they go on a rampage and they kill the
[29:22] foolish user yeah so um do we have an
[29:26] idea of how many go wrong for example
[29:29] yeah so there aren't too many dragon can
[29:31] we we don't think there's masses and
[29:33] masses of them so the ones we typically
[29:36] seen so far are those violent ones those
[29:38] ones who give in to their rage who go
[29:41] all out to kill and there's probably a
[29:44] handful of those maybe half dozen or so
[29:47] yeah and we we don't necessarily have
[29:50] them as factions as such but we think
[29:53] internally we're kind of referring to
[29:54] those group as the necro 13 yes the
[29:56] necrosis yeah and we kind of also see
[30:00] that there's a schism within the dragon
[30:01] kin race and there's probably another
[30:03] half dozen who we're referring to as the
[30:06] dactyl who were the more cerebral
[30:08] scientific dragon kin the ones who are
[30:10] trying to break free of the curse and
[30:12] not give in to it and those are the ones
[30:13] who created dragons and Dragon kind
[30:16] although that was a failed experiment
[30:18] and if you've played the Queen black
[30:20] dragon content you'll know keropok from
[30:22] that indeed for example please know my
[30:23] children's of the dactyl so the the
[30:28] necklace surtees there's one kind of
[30:29] one's giving in to the urge to kill
[30:31] they're going to do something very
[30:32] different from what we know of the
[30:34] dragon king
[30:35] yes so as we revealed in content that as
[30:39] the stone of jazz gets used the dragon
[30:41] king grow in power so that they are
[30:43] capable of destroying the Fox user who's
[30:45] using the stone and as we saw a missing
[30:48] presumed death just one of them now is
[30:50] giving a god-like flower in a run for
[30:53] his money so we think they're in terms
[30:55] of power they're probably knocking on
[30:57] tier five by now yeah but because
[30:59] they're they're kind of powering up a
[31:01] little bit more the thing that they're
[31:02] doing that we can reveal now is that
[31:05] they're actually starting to make use of
[31:06] elder artifacts themselves
[31:08] yeah so something they may have seen is
[31:10] heresy they were here to protect the set
[31:11] of jazz and sliding wait Wayne they're
[31:14] now giving in and just using the older
[31:16] artifacts there's gonna be something
[31:17] you're gonna see more of in that Dragon
[31:18] King storyline are we kind of giving up
[31:21] on the older Jack McKean storyline you
[31:22] know Rob the stronger Bob the cats
[31:25] obviously no no I mean these these old
[31:27] story friends we still need to deliver
[31:29] on so yes Robert the strong is going to
[31:31] feature in future Dragon King content
[31:33] that's what Bane or and all of those
[31:35] other things that we we've linked to
[31:37] them in the past so what will play be
[31:39] doing in the a dragon can store at all
[31:41] so again it's kind of like the older
[31:44] gods in that you're not really going to
[31:46] be able to reason with and side with the
[31:48] nekross 80s
[31:49] if you come face-to-face with them they
[31:51] will kill you
[31:52] so the choice more for the Dragon King
[31:54] storyline is going to be dealing with
[31:56] the DAX hill and and how we can deal
[31:58] with the curse whether we remove the
[32:00] curse whether we cursed and further or
[32:03] destroy them some sort of choice along
[32:04] those lines yeah thinking I mean we've
[32:06] talked about some other characters that
[32:07] can feed into the storyline as well
[32:08] things like the Dragon Riders yes that's
[32:10] true as well so we've kind of drawn
[32:13] parallels or seen parallels between
[32:14] Dragon and the dragon riders they both
[32:17] have this issue with infertility
[32:18] effectively so the idea that we could
[32:21] roll the two ends together and perhaps
[32:23] one is the solution to the other or vice
[32:25] versa yeah yeah I just see a dragon
[32:29] rider Frankie so how does the Dragon
[32:32] King storyline end do you see it so of
[32:37] the they're one of the three pillars we
[32:39] have the stone of jazz storyline we have
[32:41] the Dragon King storyline we have the
[32:44] Elder Gods storyline and these are their
[32:46] Dragon King are pivotal to all three so
[32:49] as we play through quests within the
[32:52] pillar and another content it was going
[32:54] to be that escalation and we're going to
[32:55] resolve a number of issues within each
[32:57] of those pillars but we see that at the
[32:59] end of all of these pillars there's
[33:01] going to be some sort of mass
[33:02] Grandmaster culmination quest which
[33:04] brings everything together in one big
[33:07] payoff
[33:07] yeah fantastic all right
[33:10] so thank you very much that's the end of
[33:13] celebrating story yeah so um that's
[33:17] hopefully giving you an insight into
[33:18] three storylines that you're going to be
[33:20] playing
[33:21] the next over the next few years
[33:22] hopefully we I do believe and I'm hoping
[33:26] we have some concept art for you to
[33:30] weave selling all of those I'm gonna go
[33:32] try to find it so as you leave make sure
[33:35] you grab some we call Sundays
[33:36] individually because some of the artwork
[33:38] will include the old our middle artwork
[33:40] the old and our salvaged hopefully you
[33:42] know we'll never be seen in game
[33:43] unfortunately so you get to keep it
[33:45] hopefully frame okay so thank you very
[33:47] much for joining us
[33:56] amazing right now we are going to talk
[33:59] to pull who isn't actually sat next
[34:01] immunity is empty she's gonna wait a few
[34:03] moments for him to sort of won the round
[34:05] the camera and slide onto the set in a
[34:07] very smooth manner in a bit he'll be
[34:09] dishing out one of the golden domes so
[34:11] he can tell us about that he can tell us
[34:12] about what he thought from that inside a
[34:14] session that we just watched he can tell
[34:15] us his last name and also he can tell us
[34:17] why he thought it was appropriate to
[34:19] write on here to Craig tell us your best
[34:21] wolf pun is that is that a sensible
[34:23] thing to write to somebody to say to a
[34:25] door I don't know if I'm comfortable is
[34:26] that right I don't know Paul welcome
[34:31] what's your favourite wolf pun little
[34:36] fellow I think it's my favorite too
[34:42] awful Benny the whole time the whole
[34:45] time so tell us about yourself tell us
[34:47] what you do
[34:48] tell us about your golden gnome Wow okay
[34:50] so I'm a video production manager Jagex
[34:52] which means I had the pleasure of
[34:53] sorting out like video contents we do
[34:55] the behind the scenes every week here
[34:58] I've been helping sort out this this
[35:00] sort of livestream situation which has
[35:02] been a really great fun thank you so
[35:03] much a great time awesome that's really
[35:06] good to know I'm a read later and the
[35:07] and the golden names that I've got this
[35:09] actually here oh it's heavy because he's
[35:15] made obviously the pure gold you want to
[35:16] touch it yeah the weighty nope don't do
[35:21] a little that do you want to rotate him
[35:24] yeah oh now sniffing sniffing Oh like
[35:30] that I think we should he does that
[35:36] little bit it's got that's amazing that
[35:39] smelled quite strongly of a sort of
[35:40] aerosol paint yeah that's it's a
[35:43] coincidence oh that's just what known as
[35:45] it turns out that's what nose smell like
[35:46] if ever you've got metal on that's what
[35:49] they do okay so what can tell us about
[35:51] the awards so the golden domes this year
[35:53] is gonna be a bigger and a broader event
[35:55] than it has been in previous years that
[35:56] means we're going to be rewarding more
[35:58] players than we've ever done before
[35:59] previously it's all been about videos
[36:01] yeah this year we want to be recognizing
[36:03] people for things like their artwork the
[36:06] cosplay there's even gonna be a Lifetime
[36:08] Achievement Award
[36:09] like and we've also got there's even
[36:12] more for a top-ranking player so I
[36:13] wonder who that's going to be anybody
[36:15] know who that is I do I know who it's a
[36:17] no no surprise I want to surprise to be
[36:20] later how many awards are there so we've
[36:22] got 15 order this year and we've got
[36:24] about 50 minutes to award them all so
[36:26] where we are going to be machine gunning
[36:28] them out long speeches yeah well no no
[36:30] no speeches are gonna be cut super super
[36:32] short holiday
[36:33] Oscar music like get people off the
[36:35] stage no tears yeah we've got a massive
[36:37] hook and we're gonna basically like
[36:38] leave a people off of it gets a bit much
[36:40] yeah are all of the gnomes sort of
[36:42] holding spades
[36:44] yes we have some fishing gnomes is there
[36:45] a variety of no no no I like a bit like
[36:47] a uniform approach to my notes and so I
[36:49] went out the doesn't I I tracked down
[36:51] all gnomes this year I thought yes
[36:52] spades why not this has spaces the thing
[36:54] important question how are the gnomes
[36:56] judged and I don't mean how did you pick
[36:58] gnomes of spades I mean how did you pick
[37:00] the winners of the golden domes with the
[37:02] space so different people from different
[37:04] areas of Jagex who have nominated some
[37:08] of the gnomes a lot of players have also
[37:10] nominated too especially the video ones
[37:13] registrable and silent core picked out
[37:15] our best livestream category our team
[37:19] pulled out the best art known as you
[37:21] expect yeah yeah so so we tried to find
[37:24] the relevant people who were best place
[37:26] to pick out the best gnomes cool and
[37:28] what more viewers expect when when we go
[37:30] to that soon I'm gonna go to the gnome
[37:32] Awards what they can expect to see they
[37:34] can expect to see some things being
[37:35] given out for various categories I would
[37:37] imagine it's very straightforward yeah
[37:39] yeah yeah there's gonna be well it's
[37:40] gonna be a show with we're gonna have
[37:42] the lovely Craig who you met earlier
[37:43] he's young coming on awesome and a host
[37:46] of j-mods who who just can't wait to
[37:48] give up their own harmed in the making
[37:53] of these I'm a bit concerned well they
[37:56] obviously all got a bit of a sniff of
[37:58] aerosol so this one I think I might have
[38:01] possibly blinded so you know turns out
[38:04] the names can see in the dark so it just
[38:05] thrown out there right yeah take the
[38:08] Spade away this is father Christmas
[38:11] isn't it
[38:12] I was definite about the hair of a hat
[38:14] it only slight only for copyright
[38:16] reasons he doesn't have a bobble on the
[38:17] end of it
[38:18] space earlier what is it no other than a
[38:20] little miniature father Christmas in
[38:21] different colors so to have 15 minutes
[38:23] your Santa Clauses sounds pretty awesome
[38:25] I love I'm up for that yeah
[38:27] now everybody at home so far what you've
[38:30] been watching is us sat in this studio
[38:31] and the entire sessions however our
[38:34] roving reporter Matt Cole has been about
[38:36] today finding out what's going on he was
[38:38] here at the crack of dawn to meet people
[38:40] as they came in and he's made a little
[38:41] video for you to watch this is that
[38:43] video bring it so we are here at the
[38:51] tobacco dock for a rune fest
[38:52] three and there are hundreds of people
[38:54] queuing up get inside and have a go at
[38:57] loads of things meet the devs meet the
[39:00] mods have a go it's killing and pressing
[39:02] a have a good time
[39:07] follow come come here there Thunder
[39:10] crater
[39:11] let's meet some more costume people what
[39:13] are you this guy doesn't even speak
[39:16] English do you actually speak yeah
[39:19] monster where we come from today we've
[39:22] come from your new castle I am here to
[39:24] bring light and order to the chaos that
[39:28] is runefest
[39:29] and I am samurai out of this place have
[39:37] you come dressed as myself in game right
[39:39] excellent this is your in-game character
[39:41] basically very nice three years of rune
[39:47] first check this out this is a proper
[39:49] runescape fan you've still got these on
[39:50] yeah
[39:51] these you haven't taken off for years
[39:53] that's dedication mod marks come to meet
[39:58] the crowd excited and what marks laser
[40:05] dragon get inside get into runefest
[40:11] three we've got these fantastic
[40:13] characters that have come out to
[40:14] entertain a crowd this is some sort of
[40:16] dragon with a something going on there
[40:19] it was obviously you've been injured by
[40:21] some dungeon here that's coming out of
[40:23] going
[40:27] three has begun great stuff from Matt
[40:40] Paul and I he's moved over here BC yes
[40:43] getting cozy yeah although people that
[40:45] are ins like body language have said
[40:46] this is negative this crossed leg away
[40:48] from me yeah now we're talking right we
[40:52] are joined in the studio by Jane and SJ
[40:53] ladies please tell us about yourselves
[40:55] I'm ma Dane I work in communities
[40:58] management and we do reinvest I'm modest
[41:02] and I work full MMG I'm his PA I'm
[41:06] working very hard fought really hard for
[41:08] this event yeah the last time you sat
[41:10] down that wasn't right now I don't
[41:12] remember my feet hurt so much this is
[41:14] actually so comfortable really doing I
[41:16] don't wanna leave feel free to like that
[41:18] yeah I have not been to bed no why
[41:23] because there was so much to do and so
[41:25] much preparation that we just went
[41:27] through the night so what we did all of
[41:30] the really boring operational stuff
[41:32] about events and planning like golden
[41:34] gnomes and just making sure everything
[41:36] was gonna be smooth so players could
[41:37] just come in and have a wicked time so
[41:39] how long have the two of you been
[41:40] working on this day couple of my it's
[41:45] been this is like our biggest biggest
[41:47] rush job ever like two months and we
[41:50] just worked hard and the jaemin's have
[41:52] helped us loads so it's been really
[41:54] great and Paul's been awesome - we just
[42:03] got a room down in the office and we
[42:05] kind of called it green Fest HQ and you
[42:06] just have a way you know that sort of
[42:11] like a Barrack Obama when he sat inside
[42:13] it's kind of like his bunk oh yeah it's
[42:15] a bit like that I come in there the one
[42:17] where he's like yeah I don't want to
[42:18] round it yeah we won that one yeah it
[42:20] was awesome yeah I miss something -
[42:23] she's leaning in is it in that picture
[42:25] oh she didn't visit reused come on hey
[42:28] let me sort out now we've just seen in
[42:31] the video from that that the people
[42:32] outside - started eight were absolutely
[42:34] buzzing to get involved they're here
[42:36] they're very excited how does it feel
[42:37] for the two of you have been working
[42:38] this day for so long that it's finally
[42:40] here is it like Christmas or is it more
[42:42] exciting than Christmas is it worse than
[42:43] Christmas real real and it's way more
[42:48] exciting than Christmas definitely I
[42:50] mean everyone's coming character as well
[42:53] in costume it's amazing the efforts that
[42:56] everyone's gone to is it's just yeah my
[42:58] um the event that the players really
[43:00] bring so much to it and without them
[43:02] yeah it wouldn't be what it is so will
[43:07] you just relax for the rest of today can
[43:09] you enjoy the day until like 11 o'clock
[43:14] tonight and then we're gonna have a very
[43:16] large well-deserved glass of wine
[43:18] definitely nice we're not promoting sort
[43:22] of alcoholism in any way shape or form
[43:23] other alcohol drugs are available other
[43:25] spirits
[43:26] yeah that's wrong go in fact so I'm a
[43:28] large glass and I have one of all maybe
[43:31] one of it sounds reckless what are you
[43:34] two most excited about throughout today
[43:36] what's the thing that where you've been
[43:38] building up to it you've been thinking
[43:39] hey what I can't make people to see that
[43:40] or for that to happen some may form an
[43:43] offense perspective it's great to get to
[43:45] the party and that's the time when like
[43:47] everyone just chills out the j-mods just
[43:49] chill out we don't have to work as hard
[43:51] there's a couple of drinks there's some
[43:53] food and you actually really get a
[43:55] chance to talk to plate then rather than
[43:56] kind of running around with the headset
[43:58] trying to make sure that foods getting
[43:59] to the right place so for me it's the
[44:02] party I think for me it's actually
[44:05] meeting up with the community because we
[44:07] speaks them on the forums all the time
[44:08] but we never really get to meet them so
[44:11] running into them and and sort of like
[44:14] putting their face to the name is just
[44:15] being brilliant Texan we didn't ask for
[44:19] tweets earlier we're not cool we did us
[44:21] with some sweet it's okay to get my
[44:25] phone out do that alright okay what has
[44:27] the feedback been like when you've been
[44:28] around question islet follows okay right
[44:33] another question is this the most
[44:38] exciting day of the year for you because
[44:40] you work so hard for this one day is it
[44:43] worth it even it's the most rewarding
[44:45] day like green Fest is the most
[44:46] rewarding projects will ever wear
[44:49] and yes for me because you haven't even
[44:51] slept how are you even how even talking
[44:56] so exciting and I'm just yeah I don't
[44:58] even feel tired there's just so much
[45:00] adrenaline pumping to it
[45:01] and I think it was really difficult this
[45:04] morning we were in a taxi on the way
[45:06] here and we were kind of sitting there
[45:07] and we were like we're tired and then as
[45:09] soon as we got here it kind of all came
[45:10] to life we put some music on and now
[45:12] we're here and it's it's awesome yeah
[45:17] sniffing oh hey sniff my knife we will
[45:25] sniff the gnome but this one just in
[45:28] case there's any confusion as to what
[45:30] you're on about their pork and sniff oh
[45:32] no I don't think I do I think I need to
[45:34] now I think you should we've been sat in
[45:39] office yeah yeah yeah thanks probably
[45:50] the best sentence I've heard today if
[45:51] you want to tweet about sleep and if you
[45:54] want to get involved in this if you have
[45:56] any guess as to what this might smell
[45:57] like even though it's my baritone get
[46:00] involved we've got a little video tells
[46:02] you how this is that video
[46:23] right there you go that's how you get
[46:25] involved let us know
[46:26] hashtag sniff the gnome yeah okay guys
[46:30] loads of people here today
[46:32] loads them in fancy dress what is the
[46:33] best costume you sing today well I guess
[46:37] the two dragons that I've seen running
[46:38] about they're pretty awesome
[46:40] yeah I've seen one I don't I haven't
[46:42] seen well I've seen a bit a massive red
[46:44] dragon I saw him in a fight as well
[46:46] which is pretty good it was a roleplay
[46:47] for I wasn't an actual flight yeah just
[46:49] drunky and yeah
[46:51] I saw a girl in some in some amazing
[46:53] costume but I can't actually put a name
[46:55] to what that costume would be cool so
[46:57] I'm going to say the girl in the really
[46:58] cool red costume with the body on my red
[47:02] face like silver kind of like body armor
[47:05] wielding a weapon
[47:08] well maybe we could drag you in later
[47:10] that's a good idea hey girl if you if
[47:13] someone sees that girl possibly seeing
[47:15] this even though you're downstairs
[47:17] Gallaher send her up here we're upstairs
[47:19] banged out fits and Rodeo WN is another
[47:23] guy who's been tweeting his costume as
[47:25] he's been building it over the last
[47:26] couple of weeks dark and yeah he's got
[47:28] like a crown that lights up his face is
[47:30] blue he's Sarah Dominus which which will
[47:33] mean a lot is God yeah he looks pretty
[47:35] amazing yeah and so we've got cosplay
[47:37] competition in the in the golden domes
[47:38] and yeah we'll be basically bringing
[47:40] them all up on stage too you mentioned
[47:42] the dragon What's Wrong earlier on the V
[47:44] T I think if you look down there your
[47:45] sim who is this come on they go who is
[47:47] that dragon I don't know be taken I
[47:50] haven't seen that track in yet hopefully
[47:52] that one I've seen a Red Rock incredible
[47:55] outfit it's in it with dangerous imagine
[47:57] wearing that on the tube do that imagine
[48:00] mine on the tube you there I'm not
[48:02] sweaty that'd be like uncomfortable be
[48:05] probably getting free can you jump a
[48:07] barrier in a dragon costume I I'm gonna
[48:09] question that I don't think anyone would
[48:11] question it but nobody you could
[48:12] physically do it could you if you've got
[48:13] this huge dragon costume on you would
[48:15] need a dragon catapult you would need a
[48:17] catapult some description have you seen
[48:19] any good outfits I mean yours are very
[48:21] nice um started domain which is one of
[48:28] the Rescate gods and
[48:30] that is a really awesome outfit you
[48:32] should definitely get him on the
[48:33] livestream just setting that's Phil okay
[48:36] right they are nearly ready for us okay
[48:40] so this is what's coming up the big
[48:42] questions
[48:48] I'm the design team leader my team and I
[48:51] look after the design of game mechanics
[48:53] and systems and we work closely with
[48:55] content developers the big questions is
[48:57] about important things around the game
[48:59] we're going to talk about BOTS which is
[49:01] a topic very important to us and to
[49:03] players we're going to talk about the
[49:05] recent introduction of bonds and the
[49:06] thinking behind them and then there's
[49:08] Wheel of Fortune that everyone's got an
[49:09] opinion on that
[49:10] the big question session has really
[49:13] strong panel really relevant people and
[49:15] this is going to be your chance to put
[49:17] questions to those people and get the
[49:20] answers you need their sessions are
[49:21] really important chance for players to
[49:23] hear what we plan to do to give us some
[49:26] feedback on them ask us questions about
[49:28] we're hoping that players can take away
[49:30] a greater understanding and more clarity
[49:32] on these topics and that they can see
[49:34] that we're all on the same side here
[49:36] the big questions session is about
[49:38] giving honest answers to the pressing
[49:40] questions this session is really
[49:41] important for us at jagex because we
[49:43] really want to be having this
[49:44] conversation with players we hope it's
[49:47] really important to players because they
[49:48] want to be the other side this is a
[49:50] great platform for us to far cast on the
[49:52] table and cut through the myth around
[49:54] these topics we love the game as much as
[49:56] you do and we've determined to have it
[49:58] going from strength to strength
[49:59] the last big question session was
[50:01] fantastic this is going to be
[50:03] this is going to be a chance to grill
[50:04] the big guns of runescape on issues that
[50:06] really affected so that is what's coming
[50:11] up very very shortly any spoilers pull
[50:14] no not at all I'm not giving anything
[50:16] away I want to leave to the guys on the
[50:17] stage that's exciting isn't it - boys I
[50:20] don't know to be honest I don't I don't
[50:21] know I've been so busy you know making
[50:23] sure we got the right sofa but you did a
[50:26] great job it's an amazing sofa it's
[50:27] pretty comfy it's really comfy okay now
[50:29] we're going to go to Craig on the main
[50:31] stage for the big question
[50:46] you