Transcript of RuneFest 2011: Real-World Skilling

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:11] runefest brings the world of runescape
[00:13] into reality and here gamers can try out
[00:16] the skills they know in the game in real
[00:18] life Paul Maher tells us more about
[00:20] those activities you will roam around
[00:23] runefest you'll be picking up different
[00:24] activities different activities give you
[00:26] different tokens you collect all of the
[00:28] tokens together you collect your one
[00:30] master token we have arts and crafts we
[00:33] have the gaming pit downstairs which is
[00:35] just immense last year it was great this
[00:37] year it's amazing at the Halloween party
[00:38] last night it was incredible absolutely
[00:41] Rams you can throw a chicken to a portal
[00:43] which sounds pretty random it is right
[00:44] quite random if I'm honest but but it's
[00:46] going to be great there's a clan camp
[00:48] there so we're getting people to hook up
[00:49] with each other they're showing their
[00:50] details and then all going to meet up
[00:52] and create new plans which is obviously
[00:53] great for the community tell us about
[00:54] finding penguins Wow ok so finding
[00:58] penguins to the uninitiated runescape
[01:00] player is something that people like to
[01:01] do in game and we're asking people to
[01:03] find all of the Penguins note them all
[01:04] down and they can win a prize what about
[01:06] the crafting as well there's a room
[01:07] where people are doing like leather work
[01:09] and and pumpkin carving yeah well it's
[01:11] halloween of course and what else you do
[01:13] at halloween other than scare people you
[01:14] also carve our pumpkins and here we have
[01:16] a lovely phone this is Bob the jpegs car
[01:19] Hannah for mean it's a really nice RT
[01:22] crafty way in a runescape kind of theme
[01:24] it sort of fits with the game it fits
[01:25] with the crafting skills that you get in
[01:27] the game itself I have several treats
[01:29] you can pick from me Who am I
[01:34] dungeoneering has always been like
[01:35] puzzles and you need a group of people
[01:37] to ever see the Crystal Maze I remember
[01:38] it well ok was a little bit like that
[01:40] it's a little bit the cube in there is
[01:41] it and also of course it's Dungeoneering
[01:43] which is obviously one of the biggest
[01:44] new skills who put into runescape in
[01:46] quite some time zte's dungeon is a
[01:48] separate entity in itself but you have
[01:49] to complete the task before you can move
[01:51] on it started off quite easy but it gets
[01:53] harder as it goes on so if you couldn't
[01:55] make it to room fest this year then you
[01:58] know it's a shame you've really missed
[01:59] out as anyone here with a test the
[02:01] tweets have been going mad the facebooks
[02:02] been mental there's people video and
[02:05] uploading YouTube clips all the time but
[02:07] at least there's always next year I'm a
[02:09] lot to say where it is next year yet
[02:10] that's going to be a big surprise but
[02:12] we've had a lot of feedback and we're
[02:14] going to sponsor that feedback