Transcript of RuneFest 2011: Highlights!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:22] it's RuneScape's 10th anniversary and
[00:25] this is green Fest 2011
[00:32] there's really dedicated people that's
[00:34] shown up really early very impressive
[00:36] what you're looking forward to seeing
[00:37] today busting sessions go be graphing
[00:39] there's not one thing you could pick
[00:41] that I really looking forward to the
[00:42] most I'm looking for a tell I'm in the
[00:44] golden own category they wanted last
[00:48] year so we all met up are you here to
[00:52] entertain aware you're here for fun
[00:53] today I'm here to kill everybody
[00:59] rude best for us is a player's
[01:02] celebration it allows the fans meet with
[01:05] the developer to produce the content and
[01:07] as well as also meet a fellow clan
[01:10] members fans site administrators and all
[01:13] of those cool things so it's a way of
[01:15] the community coming together and get to
[01:17] know us and vice versa are you guys
[01:18] having a good time yeah brilliant we
[01:20] just had a look at the bot busting
[01:21] session I was just been wandering around
[01:23] having a go at the sort of the penguin
[01:25] hunting and all the little discs so and
[01:27] we had to get done to doing which was
[01:28] really funny I always maintained anyone
[01:31] will listen we've got the best community
[01:32] in the world and you know I think if you
[01:34] look around the room today you get to
[01:35] see that that's very cool it's on the
[01:41] main stage we had inside of sessions
[01:42] gamers can talk to the developers meet
[01:45] the team
[01:46] ask questions and as of CA a number of
[01:49] topical issues that were covered which
[01:51] is very exciting
[01:52] dancers and engineering people taking
[01:55] part in challengers puzzles competing
[01:58] for prizes collecting tokens there was
[02:00] that for panels you had to hit the red
[02:02] button wherever they appear doing and
[02:04] that was praying Dana the work as a team
[02:06] can all action gamers got the chance to
[02:08] play Dominion tower for the first time
[02:10] it was absolutely fantastic
[02:12] I fought a couple of awesome buses I
[02:14] bought Nomad twice in a row which is
[02:16] absolutely brilliant
[02:17] welcome to the golden dome it's the
[02:22] second year that we're running two
[02:24] golden domes we have some incredibly
[02:25] talented creative fans out there and
[02:29] yeah there's the golden domes as it
[02:30] wants you one of those great ways of
[02:32] celebrating that and showcasing that and
[02:35] the winner is BumBum007
[02:40] yeah suck it bum you just got home -
[02:44] dude dude thank you all again so much
[02:47] for voting for me if it wasn't for you
[02:48] guys it wouldn't be making videos you
[02:50] guys and all my peers you're the reason
[02:52] that I make video so I thank you all so
[02:54] much
[02:58] we had a fantastic Halloween party it
[03:02] felt right that were celebrating our
[03:04] 10th birthday that we really had a
[03:06] massive party once remember for all the
[03:08] party is amazing mints captions here are
[03:11] amazing - I even joined the party and I
[03:13] having a great time I tell you what this
[03:16] is what girls hear your voice maintain
[03:20] runescape is a social network on its own
[03:23] side but it's always been in a virtual
[03:25] world and bringing that together in a
[03:26] real world it's just tremendous thank
[03:31] you very much for supporting us over the
[03:33] last 10 years you are what makes the
[03:35] game what it is it's been really great
[03:37] and one who's made the effort to come
[03:38] out here we know a lot of you come a
[03:39] very long way and thank you everyone