Transcript of RuneFest 2011: Game Play

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] without runescape there simply wouldn't
[00:12] be a runefest it's the 10th anniversary
[00:14] of the most popular free MMORPG in the
[00:17] world and I got to talk to the two guys
[00:19] that started it all
[00:20] all an Andrew Gower I'd always wanted to
[00:26] make an RPG I've been playing a few sort
[00:29] of tech space ones in my spare time I
[00:31] wanted to make my own I thought I'd
[00:33] distinguish it from the earth
[00:34] competition by making have a few
[00:35] graphics and I didn't really expected
[00:37] any any bigger than all the other games
[00:39] I'd made previously it was just another
[00:40] game I was making and when we launched
[00:42] it just exploded I guess this is a
[00:44] multi-generational game it's been around
[00:46] for 10 years what type of people play
[00:48] and enjoy runescape oh I mean there's a
[00:50] huge huge range of demographics really I
[00:52] mean if you look at the people here
[00:53] today there's many many people over to
[00:56] WebSphere there's people ranging all the
[00:57] way puts a big pension as the getting
[00:59] people here uni and the kids there and
[01:01] they've come to their parents and their
[01:02] parents player and actually higher level
[01:03] than the kids so you've got the gaming
[01:04] pit down here what our game is playing
[01:06] on today oh they'll be doing a mix of
[01:08] all sorts of different content I think
[01:10] they'll probably be more likely to be
[01:12] engaging in the more social content
[01:14] whereas you should have somebody in the
[01:16] same room as yourself so there's people
[01:18] playing things like the dungeoneering
[01:20] skill because you can go into a dungeon
[01:22] with the people people around to you now
[01:25] gamers can play Dominion tower today can
[01:27] you just explain what Dominion tower is
[01:28] and yeah and what games can expect to
[01:30] get from it Dominion tower is largely an
[01:33] op opportunity to Rivet we visit some
[01:36] the various boss monsters which you
[01:39] fought in various quests that's been our
[01:41] seeing it but we've got sort of sneak
[01:42] preview at runefest so exclusive to the
[01:44] people here
[01:49] I've been paying on the Dominion tower
[01:51] it's really great
[01:53] you can kill also spices I bought nomads
[01:56] twice in a row which is absolutely
[01:58] brilliant and it's lovely we're doing
[02:01] all the quest buses Bostic wait toughest
[02:03] and the handicaps are gonna Israeli
[02:06] stack up and stack up and stack up and
[02:08] that allows players like my safety test
[02:10] ourselves to the absolute greatest
[02:11] that's fantastic content
[02:18] so we've been running a competition in
[02:20] the game where the clans were doing a 5
[02:23] vs. 5 battling the game using a feature
[02:25] called clan wars and the winning plan
[02:27] that the most dangerous plan in the game
[02:29] all got invited to runefest to fight a
[02:33] pro team of jagex mods we lost really
[02:36] badly and there was the pro team and
[02:38] they lost not quite so badly it just
[02:40] goes to show just how good the players
[02:42] are at the game the better than we are
[02:44] today
[02:45] we thought the first we thought the
[02:47] Jagex all-stars which like Andrew Garen
[02:49] a couple of well-known people who work
[02:51] for jagex and such and after that we
[02:52] thought they are the professional team
[02:55] that they put together which would be
[02:57] the best the best speakers they have it
[02:59] was a good fight they tried they tried
[03:01] pretty good so a good job is a lot of
[03:05] what we're doing over the next 10 years
[03:06] isn't fully found out because a lot what
[03:08] we've driven is but driven by what the
[03:09] players are telling as they want we do
[03:11] spiff we see how people react you know
[03:13] as much of it's coming from from the
[03:15] communities it isn't coming from us so
[03:16] we don't sort of sit down and say here
[03:17] is our 10 year roadmap but I'm sure that
[03:20] we lots and lots upcoming this is not a
[03:21] knock game where you stand still