Transcript of RuneFest 2011: GGVAs Nominees - Best Animation

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:41] king Roland and his men slaughtered in
[00:45] Mauritania kept your copy today I'll say
[00:52] this is matt if auntie indeed say did
[00:57] you happen to hear who is going to be
[00:58] taking her but a throne of Eric while
[01:01] heard is going to be the King's advisor
[01:02] fellow I never liked that guy always
[01:05] seemed to be a wee bit strange good walk
[01:11] I've waited long to see the King dead
[01:14] thank you my lord dragon everything is
[01:17] going on quite well yes but there is
[01:21] still much to be done oh yes of course
[01:24] it's more we'll commence with the
[01:26] draining of the river salv good I also
[01:30] couldn't help but notice that you shave
[01:32] your beard roku moved thank you my lord
[01:37] your forces will have no trouble moving
[01:40] across them I've got to tell someone
[01:43] about this
[01:54] that open up its rel though you want to
[01:58] buy battle stuff nah man I got some
[02:01] serious news to tell you though come on
[02:03] in so you're telling me a guy who seems
[02:06] to be at the vote seller dolmus is
[02:08] actually working for Lord dragon yeah
[02:13] how interesting zaf we have to do
[02:16] something about this oh yes of course I
[02:19] actually have a few ideas in mind what
[02:23] can I do for you gentlemen we were
[02:26] wondering if you could kill someone for
[02:28] us just because of a barbarian doesn't
[02:34] mean have a heartless killer what's your
[02:43] next idea actually that last idea was
[02:46] the only one I had well I guess we're
[02:49] gonna have to do the dirty work
[02:50] ourselves and hey look there he is
[03:02] sir that humans slime that was your
[03:06] servant was killed yesterday Mon by a
[03:09] bear it's in the paper if you want to
[03:12] read it yourself
[03:25] bye
[03:38] these barrows are shaped by an attempt
[03:41] to protect the world we live the world's
[03:48] full of ideas but some ideas can change
[03:51] things forever for the seven brothers it
[03:55] was Sarah's the youngest yet brightest
[03:57] brother who came up with such an idea he
[04:00] concluded that he and his brothers were
[04:02] very strong but with just their bodies
[04:05] it didn't get to use their strength in
[04:07] the most efficient way that's why he
[04:09] came up with the idea finding a way to
[04:12] most optimally utilize the human
[04:14] strength all services brothers were
[04:17] immediately sparked to find that way and
[04:19] they all had their own idea of Jeet
[04:22] Sarah's was very proud to see all six of
[04:25] his brothers working day and night to
[04:26] realize his idea despite the fact that
[04:29] their ideas were shaped in the form of
[04:31] unique weapons because weapons have
[04:33] their own strength and power you could
[04:36] win a fight even without human strength
[04:37] nonetheless he was impressed the most by
[04:40] his eldest brother Aaron who seemed
[04:42] convinced that magic was the ultimate
[04:43] way to push human powers to the limit
[04:46] after a while service watched the
[04:48] competition between the six brothers get
[04:50] out of hand because he saw that their
[04:53] weapon became so strong that soon no man
[04:55] would ever have the power and
[04:56] responsibility to handle them anymore
[04:59] therefore Sarah's decided to warn Irene
[05:01] they were sharing his concern Orion
[05:04] convince Sarah's that he would never let
[05:05] that happen despite Irene's reassuring
[05:10] words the brother starts to lose grip on
[05:12] the world as they were obsessed with
[05:14] their weapons incredible powers so I was
[05:17] realized that he had to stop his
[05:19] brothers right now from the very
[05:21] beginning serves up the simple idea to
[05:23] just put some extra weight around his
[05:25] fists and feet so he could use his
[05:27] strength really efficient and because he
[05:30] didn't have to carry a large weapon it'd
[05:32] still be very agile services brothers
[05:35] were so obsessed with their weapons that
[05:37] they totally forgot about their own
[05:38] strength
[05:39] knowing this and considering the fact
[05:41] that it was way more agile than his
[05:42] brothers sirs thought you would stand a
[05:45] chance of defeating his brothers and
[05:46] saving the world from the consequences
[05:48] of his own idea so he challenged and
[05:51] fought them one by one
[06:49] syrup is broken down inside because we
[06:52] knew that he had to kill his 6th elder
[06:53] brothers because of his own idea that's
[06:56] why he decided to honor them by building
[06:58] each of his brothers a large tumor on
[07:00] the battleground where he defeated any
[07:02] deep one of these tombs cells doesn't
[07:05] knows where he hid his brothers weapons
[07:07] in a large chest so nobody would ever
[07:09] again be able to use them the idea that
[07:13] Sarah's killed his own brother's slowly
[07:15] drilled in the night and they didn't
[07:16] feel so guilty but from the day he hid
[07:19] the weapons into your now it can be
[07:20] found rating as a brother sparrows
[07:33] I
[07:41] you