Transcript of RuneFest 2011: GGVA Nominees - Best Video 2011

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:22] you
[00:37] I've been hunting this man
[00:40] ever since he took my family away from
[00:42] me on that dreaded day we fought and by
[00:48] the grace of Sarah door I survived since
[00:52] then I have not stopped from request a
[00:54] fighter every step draws me closer every
[00:58] battle makes me stronger
[01:00] for the day when I saw its finding clash
[01:02] again excuse me traveler is this the
[01:06] road to I'll carry indeed it is friend
[01:09] though I would not recommend traveling
[01:11] bet this time they say a dark warrior
[01:14] has been traveling these roads killing
[01:17] anyone he comes across rumor has it
[01:19] killed a whole family in one night not
[01:24] the whole family my lord for your
[01:27] troubles may the blessings of saradomin
[01:29] be upon you this world is a dark place
[01:35] but I do what I must to survive
[01:45] ah
[03:14] other places it's over Ivan brings life
[03:17] eternal
[03:35] Lord saradomin here your Senate spleen
[03:39] and grant me the prayer of retribution
[04:15] you
[05:01] hey
[05:09] you
[06:32] you
[07:13] you
[07:30] shall we
[08:21] you
[08:30] oh I didn't see you there you just
[08:36] caught me between one of the many
[08:38] fascinating tales of God birthday blow
[08:41] several texts say cut out boots limber
[08:45] as I think bomb blow my mind jajaja
[08:48] Mikado some of you may recall the tale
[08:54] of land Gundam salt the mystical golden
[08:57] girl he stopped to Samara he felt
[09:02] obtained this wonderful objects deep the
[09:05] cavers mysterious ones then as a golden
[09:08] girl what happened to disaster
[09:11] afterwards you may wonder
[09:14] it all happens on a normal day since the
[09:19] weather never changed face
[09:32] Oh
[09:41] at last the golden dome is mine
[09:46] ah home sweet home
[09:59] okay let's check with sons it's a hatred
[10:02] graphing be on yahoo yeah yeah the
[10:18] golden dome has been looks so we're on
[10:20] the Lotus what was believed to be a myth
[10:22] has now been proven true and has been
[10:25] found by a no- ventra by the name of
[10:27] Rob's he is very happy and this is what
[10:31] he had to say yeah suck it bum you just
[10:35] got pwned to did did ya come at me bro
[10:39] you bet your tests I will Oh gulp that
[10:42] was a horrible call
[10:57] let's here we are Rob's castle
[11:12] hello let me in sorry who is this he
[11:17] told me to come at you bro yeah everyone
[11:21] says I nowadays I mean I say it like 17
[11:24] times a day very broke come at me looked
[11:27] at funk just let me in mom hey dude yeah
[11:32] i'll let you in meet me on the roof of
[11:34] my castle in five minutes i have to
[11:37] install a new java update first and then
[11:39] probably restart my computer for it to
[11:41] work hate that be ready for me when I
[11:43] get back oh no safety okay sounds good
[11:47] to me so you decided to show up well
[11:54] come at me bro looks like I came at you
[12:09] mother
[12:19] Jerry Garcia blackshot the detail it's
[12:24] over nine come out the Nugget doctor
[12:27] felt about forever
[12:37] you