Transcript of RuneFest 2011: 10th Anniversary Cake

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] I'm Jeff man four and the executive chef
[00:05] of Charm City Cakes Charm City Cakes as
[00:08] a bakery a bunch of friends in Baltimore
[00:10] I've been working together for many
[00:12] years we were contacted by Jagex
[00:16] to create a giant centerpiece cake for
[00:19] their 10th anniversary of runescape at
[00:22] this year's fest
[00:25] they wanted a runescape cake they had a
[00:28] general idea and we at term see cakes
[00:31] designed this massive cake floating
[00:34] island with a castle and many elements
[00:38] of the game incorporated cake itself is
[00:41] a sponge cake with with our buttercream
[00:44] covered in our rolled fondant that we
[00:46] use and then we give it like a light
[00:49] airbrushing of brown and green just to
[00:51] really give it some depth then all of
[00:53] these these different components that
[00:55] poison arrow pub the camp and that
[00:58] Citadel everything is they're either
[01:01] covered with the same fondant or use a
[01:04] gum paste pretty much every one at Charm
[01:06] City Cakes worked on this cake for
[01:08] inscape everyone did little bits
[01:11] everyone has their own part everything
[01:14] has to be so planned out so that six to
[01:17] ten different decorators can work on the
[01:20] same cake at once as far as what I did I
[01:23] worked on the blue fairy tree house I
[01:26] made a lot of the figures for the cake I
[01:29] did five character and skiddy did five
[01:31] characters the characters are incredibly
[01:36] intricate and each one of them has their
[01:38] own really specific costumes and tools
[01:42] it was very difficult bringing the the
[01:45] characters over to London because
[01:47] there's just they're so fragile and
[01:50] brittle it's like dried sugar they're
[01:53] made out of sugar instead of packing
[01:55] them with the rest of our stuff in the
[01:56] crate we literally held them on our lap
[01:59] in Tupperware's just the whole time for
[02:02] the whole flame I think the most
[02:05] challenging part of this project for me
[02:07] was the castle and the turrets I have to
[02:11] have this whole chamber inside to house
[02:14] the lighting the wires the fog machine
[02:17] the battery all of this so I had to put
[02:20] a lot of effort into planning that we've
[02:24] never created a cake quite like this one
[02:26] before these separate components you
[02:29] know we've we've used fog leave these
[02:30] lights but we haven't ever done anything
[02:33] quite like this we're always up for a
[02:35] challenge any concept we'll try to make
[02:40] happen
[02:40] I think this runescape cake is going to
[02:44] be as tasty as it is fancy when one eats
[02:48] this cake they might be transported to
[02:51] another medieval kind of place in time
[02:56] very delicious