Transcript of RuneFest 2011: "RuneScape 2012" Highlights

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] spring fest 2011 exclusive insider
[00:12] sessions drew to a close runescape lead
[00:15] designer mod mark took to the stage and
[00:18] offered a sneak peek at some of the
[00:19] exciting content fans can expect to see
[00:22] in 2012 and beyond so the stuff I'm
[00:25] going to talk about now is kind of like
[00:27] a little window into my mind I guess a
[00:29] little window just so you can understand
[00:32] the kind of ideas that we want to
[00:34] develop what I want to develop as a lead
[00:36] designer so one of the things that I'd
[00:38] really like to do next year and as you
[00:40] know or hopefully you know the Olympics
[00:43] are in London next year and we're a
[00:44] British company and we're very proud of
[00:45] it and we'd really like to do some stuff
[00:48] to do with the Olympics next year so I'd
[00:50] like to come up with a whole load of
[00:51] different events and different games
[00:53] where you can with gold medal silver
[00:55] medals bronze medals but all different
[00:57] versions of things in the Olympic Games
[00:59] but just a bit more runescape II so I
[01:01] was thinking about the cycling you know
[01:04] it's cycling is a bit strange and they
[01:05] have these team sports where they're all
[01:07] cycling at the same time and they're
[01:08] trying to catch up with each other and
[01:09] it's kind of like a weird kind of relay
[01:11] race so imagine if you're on the back of
[01:14] a battle tortoise when you were doing
[01:16] that how cool would that be so you got
[01:18] bunch of people and battle torts it's
[01:19] all running around the track handing a
[01:21] battle over to each other you know
[01:23] watching their speed or trying to work
[01:25] out how much energy they've consumed as
[01:27] they're running around the track that's
[01:28] the kind of thing I'd really like to do
[01:30] of course javelin throwing would be a
[01:32] lot of fun but i prefer the idea of kind
[01:34] of aiming at a goblin who's like running
[01:36] around on the track so you know distance
[01:39] is important but penetration of goblin
[01:41] you know how far can you stick that
[01:43] javelin through your goblin easy
[01:45] embedded to the floor can you move or
[01:47] not that kind of thing that's really
[01:48] what I'd like to do so this is a graph
[01:52] massive graphical we work rework that
[01:53] we've currently got plans involving the
[01:56] player kit now as you know the player
[01:58] kit in the game has been the same for a
[02:00] very long time what you're actually
[02:02] looking at here is a selection of bronze
[02:04] gear so really really early level
[02:06] equipment which really trying to bring
[02:08] all the equipment up to the standard of
[02:10] the gear that we release with with
[02:13] new content like your tours and things
[02:15] like that we really think that we can
[02:17] improve the quality of the stuff that
[02:18] we're doing we really want to give the
[02:20] idea to the player that there are they
[02:22] are you know their equipment is growing
[02:25] their equipments getting bigger and more
[02:27] powerful and therefore more and more
[02:29] defensive it's a little odd sometimes
[02:31] when you're bronzed and your iron and
[02:33] you're stealing your mithril bodies all
[02:34] look pretty similar it's just a slightly
[02:36] different color so we're focusing on the
[02:39] armor types to start with then we'll be
[02:41] moving on to the weaponry this is
[02:43] something which I'm currently calling
[02:45] the player owned port what I'm trying to
[02:48] do with this is something a little bit
[02:49] different we have a few things in the
[02:52] game which is almost like offline
[02:53] training when you do things like throne
[02:55] of miscellanea you've got this concept
[02:57] that you've got a whole bunch of people
[02:58] that are working for you and gathering
[03:00] resources for you let's just think about
[03:02] it a different way let's say you build a
[03:06] port let's say you build a few little
[03:08] houses and you're trying to attract
[03:11] different captains to your port you're
[03:13] trying to attack attract different side
[03:15] of boats and the reason why you want to
[03:17] do that is because you want to equip one
[03:19] with you want to equip them with all the
[03:21] gear you want to give them the monies
[03:23] that they need and you want them to go
[03:24] out sailing to find you what we're
[03:27] calling recipes recipes are going to be
[03:30] something that will allow you to
[03:32] suddenly find rare resources and use
[03:36] those resources to create top-end
[03:38] equipment to the game and I'm talking
[03:39] about equipment from 85 all the way up
[03:42] to 99 I really like the idea of you
[03:44] having a group of people that you're
[03:47] looking after I like the idea of you
[03:48] paying these captains to attract
[03:50] different sorts of crew mates I like the
[03:53] idea of you saying okay well I'm going
[03:55] to give you lots of money now so you can
[03:57] go off adventuring all over the place
[03:58] you're going to be able to tell me where
[04:00] I can find these rare resources or
[04:02] you're going to be able to bring these
[04:03] rare resources back to me so I can use
[04:05] my finishing skills to create some
[04:07] awesome equipment try to come up with
[04:10] some ideas to do with the creatures that
[04:12] you killed when you you know when you
[04:14] were first playing the game so fact is
[04:19] the queen black dragon I'm a big fan of
[04:23] films like aliens I really like the idea
[04:25] of these big Mother's
[04:26] which have given birth to all these
[04:28] creatures and they're old and they're
[04:30] down there and they're sort of stuck to
[04:32] these egg tubes and you know we we're
[04:35] always trying to be inspired by cool
[04:37] kind of ideas there's lots of different
[04:39] films and and things that have kind of
[04:42] tried to use this kind of idea before
[04:44] but I really like the idea of this kind
[04:47] of old dragon stuck down there now the
[04:51] dragon kin obviously have created most
[04:54] of the dragons that you see in the game
[04:56] some of them are quite old some of them
[04:58] can talk to you some of them are quite
[05:00] clever this thing will be nothing like
[05:02] you've ever met before the next thing I
[05:05] want to talk about and you might have
[05:06] noticed that I'm wearing a different
[05:07] t-shirt now is the new website so we're
[05:10] going to be launching a brand new
[05:12] website next week next month not next
[05:14] week a brand new website all-singing
[05:18] all-dancing are not more attractive and
[05:20] this is the logo the brand new logo of
[05:23] runescape so we've been working on it
[05:26] for a while you can see it's slightly
[05:27] different it's got a different kind of
[05:29] feel to it but the website itself you
[05:31] know we're kind of moving away from that
[05:33] kind of old scrolly parchment thing
[05:35] which we've used for a long time and now
[05:37] it's very fonder dear to my heart but
[05:40] the websites can be absolutely amazing
[05:42] it's really going going to you know
[05:45] almost revitalize a lot of a lot of the
[05:50] the kind of non-game parts of the
[05:52] website we're looking at doing things
[05:54] with our knowledge base making it more
[05:56] exciting we're looking at doing
[05:58] different things with our community
[06:00] pages with our forums really really
[06:02] quite cool stuff