Transcript of RuneFest 2011: "A Decade of Gielinor" Highlights

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] as part of rune fest 2011 exclusive
[00:12] insider sessions runescape founders Paul
[00:15] and Andrew Gower joined lead designer
[00:17] mod mark to reflect on the first ten
[00:19] great years of Gillan or in the early
[00:22] days we wanted to sort of get as much
[00:24] sort of gameplay time into your quest as
[00:26] possible because there was when I was
[00:28] just the content team I wanted to sort
[00:30] of get some reason amount of gameplay
[00:33] with only one developer so the were
[00:35] things which we did just to make the
[00:36] quest last longer some of the biggest
[00:38] examples that we can see in the game are
[00:40] like the massive long fence that used to
[00:42] continue along the side of Lumbridge
[00:44] before you could get down to the swamp
[00:46] or or the dig site fence or my personal
[00:48] favorite them epically long fence just
[00:51] along by the side of a rock so you have
[00:52] to walk on a merry way just to find out
[00:54] where Lucille and that wasn't just about
[00:56] meeting the quest a song that was also
[00:57] about making a map feel bigger oh cuz
[00:59] you're not really small were Matt wasn't
[01:00] that big we put a huge amount working to
[01:02] building it but there's any you know a
[01:03] couple of was putting it was just mr.
[01:04] Lin when we lost it wasn't that big we
[01:06] wanted to make it feel bigger who puts
[01:07] all the fences that force you to sort of
[01:09] zigzag back and forth across it to try
[01:10] and make it feel bigger let's talk about
[01:12] the world map now the world maps changed
[01:15] quite a little quiet can you tell us how
[01:17] it evolved we did map out a fair chunk
[01:21] of area which we wanted to build in the
[01:22] first place so I did actually have on
[01:24] paper how I wanted a Miss filling and I
[01:27] was garni Iturbi but then we should have
[01:29] came to the end of that area and then
[01:32] after that things sort of grew a little
[01:33] bit more organically we should have
[01:35] brought things a little bit on the side
[01:37] we finished I'm going to leave them when
[01:39] we were made it up as we went along
[01:40] which has produced a few oddities on the
[01:43] map oh yeah tell us about the sort of
[01:46] choke point of the mountains oh yeah I
[01:48] mean yeah the white wolf mountain is
[01:51] obviously a point you have to get to get
[01:53] through if you want to get through to
[01:55] the west side of the world unless you go
[01:57] by boat or teleport or something if you
[01:59] wanted to walk you have to go through
[02:00] white wolf mountain which when we first
[02:02] put it in you had to go to white wolf
[02:04] mountain just to get to a little area
[02:07] which was just cover be and Camelot then
[02:09] obviously we didn't intend that volume
[02:11] almost the entire members mappa be on
[02:13] the other side of it but
[02:14] having put a little bit members content
[02:15] they're like well we want to put new
[02:17] members content next to the old members
[02:18] content so it ended up on the other side
[02:20] of white wall mounted as well he may not
[02:21] grow in the whole map back down again so
[02:24] that weird sort of shape with that choke
[02:25] point was meant to be just blocking off
[02:27] a little bit and it ended up sort of
[02:28] choking off the whole side of the map I
[02:29] me talking about the evolution of the
[02:30] map evolution of mountains we had a good
[02:32] number of attempts at building a
[02:33] mountain so our first mountain was ice
[02:35] mountain we thought it'd be really nice
[02:36] to put mountain in the game we built it
[02:38] with a whole map square big I me and
[02:41] then you know a few weeks later were
[02:42] like it's not like a hill with snow on
[02:45] it to be honest with you we'll try again
[02:47] we'll build a bigger Mountain so we
[02:49] built white wolf mountain and that's
[02:51] like several map squares big and we had
[02:55] a bit with technical challenge with it
[02:56] because the actual amount of height
[02:58] difference that the map editor allowed
[03:00] wasn't that great and so we sort of
[03:03] laughed we went uphill is but we
[03:04] actually ran out of space we couldn't go
[03:05] any higher long before would reach the
[03:07] middle of the square so what we did with
[03:09] wild mountains we built it in tears and
[03:10] it goes up in a sudden cliff which we
[03:12] hope you notice there's a very shallow
[03:13] gradient back down again which we kind
[03:15] of hoped you wouldn't notice and then it
[03:16] goes back up again it's actually zigzags
[03:18] up and down and we're trying to get the
[03:19] illusion that it's higher than it is
[03:20] another thing that sort of changed and
[03:22] sort of helped shape the way that the
[03:24] game world works is mini games produced
[03:27] noble that was round about when we were
[03:30] starting to produce RS 2 which is a
[03:32] great big huge project and it was taking
[03:34] a lot of our stuff away from producing
[03:37] the regular updates that about once
[03:39] every three weeks at the time and so we
[03:41] said to one of our we said to my
[03:42] developer mod Tom can you come and
[03:44] produce a whole bunch of small updates
[03:47] which we can sort of Tardos over while
[03:49] we make an RS 2 so we can have a few
[03:51] updates each so no ball was something
[03:53] which was fairly small little update but
[03:55] we felt because it was something which
[03:57] you could play over and over again it
[03:59] might keep people going quite a while
[04:01] for the small amount of development work
[04:03] again like everything we talked about
[04:04] it's evolved beyond all recognition for
[04:06] a long time people like mini games yeah
[04:08] they're not ex I thought minimal yeah
[04:10] and then we did castle wars at the kind
[04:12] of landmark to the first being sort of
[04:15] popular successful mini game we were
[04:17] mean again we were really delighted with
[04:19] the response to that there was people
[04:21] stuck you know certain people like mini
[04:22] games something launched it everyone was
[04:24] playing it there was people storming the
[04:25] wall shooting the catapults
[04:28] every time some you had a visit to the
[04:29] office we would proudly so show them
[04:30] castle look at all these people and then
[04:33] this isn't even the main game so you
[04:37] know that kind of set a new bar we
[04:39] should be then every subsequent games
[04:41] had to live up to so our final topic
[04:44] today we're going to talk about holiday
[04:45] events so holiday moments have changed
[04:47] quite dramatically over the years from
[04:49] kind of the early days of loving things
[04:51] on the floor and these days we have a
[04:54] huge fantastically crafted halloween
[04:56] event and even build like an event like
[04:58] this around the holiday event that we're
[05:00] doing so tell us about pumpkins pumpkins
[05:02] were the very first holiday event
[05:05] basically all that was was before who is
[05:07] Halloween it'd be nice maybe to give
[05:09] somebody the players a little bit of a
[05:11] memento for Halloween so we just quickly
[05:14] put together a publican objects it's
[05:16] like it was food so we made it so you
[05:17] could eat it to heal yourself and then
[05:19] we wanted around the game and gave it to
[05:22] the players yeah we we manually gave
[05:24] every single pumpkin out Easter eggs
[05:26] next right yeah I mean we did it took it
[05:28] a while to really work out that wasn't
[05:29] working I think we did them the same way
[05:30] right but ultimately we changed it so
[05:33] that they're busy you know a character
[05:34] in game clincher Santa just appeared in
[05:36] the middle of varrock square and the
[05:37] neat splurt could get one yo-yo from
[05:39] Santa i thing is we always notice at the
[05:41] whole event is very very popular even
[05:42] though they were very you know them just
[05:44] an item start with very little effort
[05:45] but when one was talking about the forms
[05:47] as the whole of what was the invite i'm
[05:48] going to be when they got it Willy was
[05:50] talking about was how many they got it
[05:51] was massive amount of buzz so we really
[05:53] i was very early on that they were quite
[05:55] accidental sort of but very you know
[05:57] sought-after things so we've been in
[06:00] response to that making a bigger and
[06:01] bigger and bigger building more and more
[06:03] elaborate events you know the last few
[06:05] holiday events have been full-blown
[06:06] massive areas right huge amounts of
[06:08] scripting & animation this year is one
[06:10] of the biggest yet and we've got a whole
[06:12] sort of real-life thing I haven't played
[06:13] this year's holiday event yeah I'm going
[06:15] to be playing at the gaming pit late
[06:17] this afternoon okay saving it for room
[06:18] first