Transcript of RuneCast Pilot #0

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] hello and welcome to runecast every
[00:04] fortnight will be bringing together the
[00:05] best of what's happening with the
[00:07] runescape community and delivering it
[00:08] right into your brain via one handy
[00:11] bite-sized video coming up we've got the
[00:13] pic of your fan videos and artwork as
[00:15] well as hits tips and a competition but
[00:17] first up news about runescape at the MCM
[00:20] expo jagex will be at the excel in
[00:23] London throughout the event from 25th
[00:25] may along with mod mark Paul M mods Lord
[00:28] and Ian from the audio team and one of
[00:30] RuneScape's finest artists mod GG so
[00:33] come and meet the team and join us for a
[00:35] panel on Sunday about bringing
[00:37] RuneScape's characters to life with
[00:38] voice acting there's even a chance to
[00:40] lend your voice to the game as well so
[00:42] we hope to see and hear from you there
[00:45] rin escapes gallery has been around
[00:47] since the dawn of time well that's a
[00:49] slight exaggeration but you get what I
[00:51] mean here's a couple of images that
[00:53] caught our eye this week along the theme
[00:55] of bad jobs for NPCs waffles sent in
[00:58] this image of Max taking the place of
[01:00] the cleaner at the barrack east bank
[01:01] who's wondering how long it takes to go
[01:04] from level 1 to 99 sweeping judging by
[01:07] his face a very long time meanwhile oh
[01:10] ok bye sent in this picture of my
[01:12] knuckles the Goblin cook stirring up
[01:14] some trouble finally ink Guardian has
[01:16] sent in a picture of this 99 agility
[01:18] plushie seems like they've got doll
[01:20] making all sewn up don't forget we have
[01:23] a full new gallery every month on the
[01:24] website just click on the link to go
[01:26] there and peruse at your leisure if you
[01:28] keep a close eye on the runescape
[01:30] community you'll know all about Harley
[01:32] who also goes by the name of ability 44
[01:34] on YouTube he's never short of a few
[01:36] choice words so here's this reaction to
[01:38] the latest runescape news posts first
[01:41] thing I'd like to talk about as the
[01:42] runes fan is a quick easy way to gain
[01:43] runecrafting experience so if your
[01:45] training room crafting you want to head
[01:46] on down to the wizard tower talk to
[01:47] wizard phenix on the second floor and
[01:49] he'll give you a quick tutorial on how
[01:50] the runespan works also the new bonfire
[01:52] update in runescape offers a great
[01:54] alternative to fire making in runescape
[01:55] and by training your fire-making at
[01:57] bonfires was a group of five or more
[01:58] people you can achieve the maximum
[01:59] amount of experience / log also with the
[02:02] new performance improvement update jagex
[02:03] fixes the FPS issues and says no to body
[02:06] boom
[02:08] and ability 44 we'll be back with more
[02:10] musings from his green bedroom in the
[02:12] next show time now for our featured
[02:14] video this week it's an animation from
[02:17] Stoke depicting the first quest of the
[02:18] maraki series called in search of the my
[02:21] wrecking
[02:25] missão to
[02:27] lot right
[02:29] all
[02:31] ya heard
[02:37] looks a bit backwards to me time now for
[02:41] the section of the show where the
[02:42] runescape team solve your in-game woes
[02:44] it's like dear Deidre but with leveling
[02:47] up nygard 321 posted a message on the
[02:49] forums he wants to know how to get 99
[02:51] strength as quickly as possible in real
[02:54] life i'd say eat your greens but in the
[02:56] game try visiting the armored zombies
[02:57] you can have a puppet them and use the
[02:59] nearby altar to recharge your prayer
[03:01] they are in the wilderness however so
[03:03] you do run the risk of losing your items
[03:05] if you die and can't get back to your
[03:07] grave quick enough risk and reward a our
[03:10] next question comes from dar Milton all
[03:12] the way from the land of Gila nor itself
[03:14] hi I'm level 56 runecrafting how do I
[03:17] get my levels up quickly thanks for that
[03:20] Donald in' a nice beard in fact jagex
[03:23] have just released a new update to the
[03:25] rune crafting skill called the runespan
[03:26] there's info on the wiki to help you
[03:28] with this and at the moment it's the
[03:30] fastest way to raise the skill so good
[03:32] luck with that before we go there's just
[03:34] time for a competition to win some
[03:36] signed concept art in fact this piece of
[03:38] concept art on screen now to stand a
[03:40] chance of winning all you need to do is
[03:42] tell us what you think it could be get
[03:44] your imagination working overtime and
[03:46] email me with your answer at vodka be at
[03:48] jagex calm and we'll pick a winner and
[03:50] reveal them in the next show you can
[03:52] also use that email address to send me
[03:54] any of your art videos gaming problems
[03:56] and anything else you'd like to send
[03:58] that's it for the very first room cast
[04:00] thanks for watching in the meantime give
[04:02] the link on screen a poke where you can
[04:04] find out more about our forthcoming
[04:05] community events such as spank the boss
[04:07] cryptic clue fest and monkey spawning
[04:09] also this summer behind the scenes will
[04:12] be coming to every week via the magical
[04:14] medium of video so don't forget to check
[04:16] it out until next time bye