Transcript of RuneCast #5: last of the season!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] Hi there, I'm vodka b and this is Runecast.
[00:04] On the last Runecast of the season, we bring you news of something brand new coming to the Runescape Youtube channel,
[00:10] we've got three more of your awesome fan videos, and Quest Fest is coming.
[00:14] But first... Last week saw the massive milestone of the 200 millionth Runescape account being created
[00:20] and we couldn't let that pass by without a celebration! Here's how it all kicked off.
[00:27] I think RuneScape was one of the first games of its kind and really captured people's imagination.
[00:32] We had about 35,000 paying members I think when I started.
[00:38] People felt that they were working on something that could be pretty cool but I just don't think anybody truly understood exactly how big everything was going to get.
[00:45] There was a real kind of relationship that we had with the players and that is a really exciting place to be.
[00:50] It would be nothing without the players and the community.
[00:53] Before hitting the 200million mark, the call went out to Runescape's Youtube community
to tell the world what 200 million accounts meant to them.
[01:00] There were some very cool videos sent in, and you can check out the Runescape channel's favourite 200 by clicking the link below.
[01:06] And to see which five videos could win themselves lifetime membership to Runecape, have a look at the latest player poll.
There are only a couple of days of voting left though, so you'll have to be quick!
[01:15] Talking of winning stuff, here's last edition's concept art. No one guessed the imp shield correctly in the previous episode,
[01:21] so we were hoping that this time, we'd have a winnerů and we did!
[01:25] Well done "Herculez", you were one of the very few who correctly worked out that
this fine piece of weaponry is the Boogie Bow.
[01:31] Ok, this time we've got something a little easier for you...
[01:34] Tell us what this bit of art is about and you could win a signed copy of it.
[01:39] And you can find out who's guessed the best in the first Runecast of the coming season.
[01:43] It may be the end of the season for RuneCast but, don't worry, in the meantime, there is something new coming to the RuneScape Youtube channel. I caught up with Jagex insider Paul M to find out more.
[01:54] So, what's the new thing coming to the channel then?
[01:57] Ok, so coming very soon we're going to start doing live-streaming; that's going to be live streaming at events, we're going to be inviting guests onto our streams, showing them some concept art from the new updates, and generally chatting about the topics of the day.
[02:10] And on top of that, we also want to have a go at doing a quiz show - I think that should be quite a lot of fun.
[02:15] I'm thinking, two teams of people; players versus J-Mods, whatever, and I think there's a lot of fun we can do with that so right now I'm trying to track down a glittery jacket and come up with a suitably cheesy catchphrase!
[02:27] And when's it all going to kick off?
[02:29] We're going to be starting on Saturday nights; that seems to be the time most suitable to everybody watching.
[02:33] Which Saturday night still hasn't been completely decided as of yet, but it's going to be very, very soon
and I would imagine probably within the month.
[02:42] Do you want to guest on the live stream? Is there someone you'd like to see be a guest?
Do you even want to host a live stream? Paul wants to hear from you.
[02:50] And that's nearly it for this season of Runecast. Before we go, here are three more videos sent to my [email protected] mail box.
[02:57] First up is a message from two of RuneScape's largest questing clans.
[03:01] The Caped Carousers and Clan Quest have teamed up to plan a record breaking weekend.
[Every "Quester" in the game]
[03:05] We are asking for your help!
[03:07] We are going to break the record
[03:10] For the most Quest Cape emotes done at once!
[03:12] We did it last year,
[03:14] We are going to do it this year, but...
[03:17] We need YOUR help!!
[03:21] The Quest Event of the Year
[03:23] Sunday, July 29th
[03:24] 6:00pm BST (Forum Time)
[03:26] At the "Clan Quest" Citadel
[03:27] 20+ Clans,
[03:29] 100s of Quest Capers,
[03:30] YOU!
[03:32] And you can find more details on the event by clicking the link below.
[03:35] GGVA winner, animator, and all round nice chap Stoke has just finished episode one of a brand new series called DarkStrike,
which he describes as an action adventure comedy series
[03:46] Hi people!
[03:47] Are you soaking wet?
[03:49] I have a report!
[03:51] Look at you, you are dripping everywhere!
[03:54] I have sighted enemies heading towards this town, so we can expect lots of fighting, yeah! Yeaaaah!
[04:01] Is that all he's going to report??!
[04:04] And finally, for the last player video in this series of RuneCast, we turn to a Regicidal1 rap battle video.
[04:10] And this time, it's between probably the most famous RuneScape player of all time Zezima,
and the current #1 player; S U O M I. Unleash the beef!
[04:19] No need to introduce myself
[04:20] Cause every RuneScape player knows me
[04:22] Your chat is always empty
[04:23] Cause no one knows how to type "S U O M I"
[04:24] All you freaking do is skill
[04:26] Did you even do a single Quest?
[04:27] You wear a stupid Max Cape
[04:28] While mine hangs up with the rest
[04:30] You got a lot of donations
[04:31] Well according to what I read
[04:32] I think "S U O M I" stands for
[04:34] "Should Use Own Money Instead"
[04:35] But SUOMI stands for Finland
[04:37] That's the country where you reside
[04:38] Now Zez is on the mic
[04:39] So I think that you should run and hide!
[04:40] Battling against you would be a waste of my XP
[04:45] And sadly, that's it from Runecast for now. We'll be back very soon, so keep sending in your videos, stories and questions of course.
Oh, and please please please subscribe to the channel! We'll see you soon!