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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] Hello and welcome to RuneCast!
[00:03] I am Vodka B, bringing you all the latest Runescape news, previews and interviews.
[00:08] In this episode, Mod Rathe gives us some hints and tips on how to get the best out of the Combat beta,
[00:13] We've three more player vids,
[00:15] Ability44 is back,
[00:17] we reveal the results of our XIelvenIX NPC naming contest,
[00:21] and we kick off a brand new machinima competition from the tongue twistingly named Gizzy Gazza and Deadlox.
[00:27] First up though, George Sampson of Britain's Got Talent and StreetDance fame recently came to visit.
[00:32] He got to meet the team, ride the tank and show us a move or two.
[00:35] Let's see what he made of Jagex.
[00:44] I was 11 years old when i first discovered RuneScape
[00:47] and it was basically through my friends, their older brothers,
[00:51] my older brother so it was just kind of passed down through the family.
[01:00] Hello everyone, it's Ability44 here and I'm going to be recapping on the Runescape updates that happened in these past two weeks.
[01:04] The first Runescape update I want to tell you all about is Carnillean Rising, it's the new quest in RuneScape.
[01:09] Now to start this quest you must be a member, you must have 33 Thieving, 31 Construction and 50 quest points.
[01:17] you must have also completed the Hazeel Cult quest and the Blood Pact quest.
[01:21] Secondly, Combat beta weekend started up last weekend so make sure to leave your comments
[01:25] on how you liked the featured event and what you think about the Combat beta altogether.
[01:28] There's just a few more things I'd like to tell you before i hand you back to Vodka B.
[01:31] One of those being that RuneScape is nearly at 200 million players since launch which is a really great achievement
[01:37] so make sure to keep an eye on that countdown on the main RuneScape page.
[01:40] Also make sure to check out the new RuneScape video from behind the scenes for Social Slayer and the Gielinor Games
[01:45] and also for account security make sure to check out Rogie's video on how to properly secure your RuneScape account.
[01:50] Thanks for watching this segment of RuneCast, I'm going to hand it on back over to Vodka B.
[01:56] Thanks, Ability44.
[01:57] The Combat beta is possibly the biggest and most exciting update to happen in RuneScape's history.
[02:02] Last weekend, RuneScape members got access to the test servers for the first time.
[02:06] Before the doors were thrown open, Mod Rathe handed out some top tips
[02:10] on how to make the most of the new tools at your disposal.
[02:14] If you use a shield, you've got access to two powerful abilities called "Resonance" and "Reflect",
[02:19] these can cause you to heal instead of being harmed
[02:22] and they can also reflect damage back at your opponent,
[02:26] so it's always something to bear in mind whether you should use a shield or not.
[02:29] And if you didn't make it onto the servers last weekend,
[02:31] there's another chance to try the Evolution of Combat for yourself next weekend.
[02:35] Check out for more details.
[02:39] It's player video time now,
[02:40] first up it's part 3 of KKComic's machinima masterpiece:
[02:44] Project Justice where he questions if the alter ego has truly made a difference in RuneScape.
[03:05] More epic storytelling through Machinima going on here in Cloud5380's amazing and imaginative series - The Crystals Of Chaos.
[03:11] This is his latest episode, but be sure to go along and check out the rest on his channel.
[03:32] And finally, something a little bit more melodic.
[03:34] It's a homemade music box that plays the RuneScape tune Autumn Voyage.
[03:42] Every home should have one.
[03:44] If you've seen, or even made a RuneScape vid that could top these ones,
[03:47] do what these guys did and let me know - drop me an email.
[03:50] Last time on RuneCast, we kicked off XIElvenIX's NPC rap video competition
[03:55] and asked you to name all the NPCs mentioned in the vid.
[03:58] We had thousands of entries,
[04:00] did you get them all?
[04:01] Red pens at the ready, here are some of the answers:
[04:27] Each RuneCast, we show you a piece of concept art and ask you to tell us what it is.
[04:31] Get it right and you could get yourself signed concept art.
[04:35] Last time, we had this:
[04:36] the Imp Shield! Nobody named it correctly so I'll be taking it home!
[04:41] Here's another image straight from RuneScape's cavernous vault of concept art.
[04:45] If you'd like some signed artwork, tell us what this pic is all about. Good luck!
[04:49] Before we go, we've one more competition to tell you about.
[04:52] Runescape machinima makers Gizzy Gazza and Deadlox today launch their very own machinima competition.
[04:58] Tell us about the competition, guys:
[05:00] You have until the 30th July to make us the best 3 minute machinima video you can.
[05:05] The video can be about anything as long as it's machinima based
[05:08] The winner gets 20mil GP in game, gold ranks in mine and Deadlox's friends chat,
[05:13] a chance to work with me and Deadlox in our machinima videos
[05:16] and we get to work with you on one of your videos and Jagex signed concept art courtesy of Jagex, thanks guys!
[05:22] For full details, the rules and to check out my killer channel, hit the link.
[05:27] You have until the 30th of July to make a kickass video. Get going!
[05:30] Good luck!
[05:33] And that's it for another RuneCast.
[05:34] Don't forget to subscribe.
[05:35] See you next time! Bye!