Transcript of RuneCast #2 - J-mod Q&A

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] hi I'm vodka be member of Clan quest
[00:04] completa of the cryptic clue fest and
[00:06] proud holder of the quest cape and this
[00:08] is runecast this week runecast comes to
[00:10] you from the home of runescape the jagex
[00:12] headquarters here in cambridge today
[00:14] I've been on a J mod hunt getting you
[00:16] guys some answers to the questions
[00:18] you've been emailing it we've also got
[00:20] three more choice videos for your
[00:21] delectation and yes those loads of free
[00:23] stuff to be one too we'll get to your
[00:25] questions and those answers in a minute
[00:27] but first here's ability 44 with his
[00:29] runescape news hey guys its ability 44
[00:31] here from the what's pathar s youtube
[00:33] channel and i'm gonna be telling you
[00:34] about the runescape updates that
[00:35] happened in these past couple of weeks
[00:36] first off I'd like to remind everybody
[00:37] to sign up to the combat betta these
[00:39] signups are open until the 19th so you
[00:41] might want to hop on that quick if
[00:42] you've been a member of runescape for 12
[00:44] consecutive months you will
[00:45] automatically be accepted into the
[00:46] combat better and for those of you who
[00:47] haven't been a member for 12 months
[00:49] consecutively on runescape there's still
[00:51] 50,000 spots open that you can actually
[00:53] place in bed of signups so make sure to
[00:55] sign up through the combat bed and now
[00:56] if you already happened secondly I'd
[00:58] like to talk about the fish flingers
[00:59] improvements now first off with the fish
[01:00] flingers improvements they great in the
[01:02] accessibility to actually get into the
[01:03] fish flingers dnd by placing permanent
[01:05] fisherman all throughout runescape they
[01:06] go over the wait time that it takes to
[01:08] start a new competition in the time that
[01:09] a fish flingers competition last for now
[01:11] was lowered to 10 minutes you can now
[01:13] receive two fish flingers tickets daily
[01:15] by speaking to any of the fishermen set
[01:17] up throughout runescape now now you can
[01:18] access the reward shop from any of those
[01:20] fishermen as well they've also updated
[01:21] the gameplay and made some awesome
[01:22] graphical improvements through the
[01:24] interface lastly they've added some
[01:25] awesome rewards one of which being the
[01:27] fisherman's outfit which will give you
[01:28] two point five percent more experience
[01:30] and fishing while all four pieces are
[01:32] equipped thanks for watching this
[01:33] portion of room cast I'm gonna hand it
[01:34] back on over to back Ka'Deem I love
[01:37] French people and ability 44 we'll be
[01:39] back next time with more green world
[01:41] news earlier on I went on a little jagex
[01:43] Safari and hunted down some j mods i
[01:45] quizzed them with your questions so here
[01:47] are some of the answers god wars are
[01:51] sent in a question asking if there any
[01:52] new skills in the making or as
[01:54] dungeoneering the last one we'll see
[01:55] well Dungeoneering is definitely not the
[01:57] last skill that we're going to say well
[01:59] we're hopefully going to be working on a
[02:02] new skill to be released next year I'm
[02:04] looking for something a little bit more
[02:06] simplistic we might even go as far as to
[02:08] suggest we release two skills at the
[02:10] same time
[02:11] I could build a skill you know something
[02:13] where you'd you know collect all your
[02:15] resources and actually you know build
[02:17] the things that you're going to use and
[02:18] then another skill for actually using
[02:20] them there's nothing like a new skill to
[02:21] get the playerbase excited so definitely
[02:23] there will be a new skill anything about
[02:25] sailing sailing as a myth sailing was
[02:28] something that the players thought we
[02:29] were doing based on a crazy screenshot
[02:31] that we released a lot of the ideas that
[02:33] we have for dungeoneering about groups
[02:35] exploring and doing different things
[02:36] together could work with something like
[02:38] sailing the player and port piece of
[02:40] content that we're working on for the
[02:41] end of the year it's going to be there's
[02:44] be elements of sailing that are involved
[02:46] but it certainly won't be a skill on its
[02:48] own so verte 131 has asked whether we're
[02:50] ever gonna see what ceris's Empire was
[02:52] like at the height of its power um I
[02:55] could see why you'd want to there's a
[02:56] bit a lot of cool is racing and
[02:58] followers in the past got zamorak and
[03:00] Lucien obviously the ones we've seen
[03:01] recently like char and it has an Andhra
[03:04] um I think I'm more interested in what's
[03:07] going to happen next with Zara sees
[03:09] followers you've seen a child coming
[03:11] back and she's looking to bring showers
[03:13] back from Phi Omega scares we had
[03:15] perjuring twice burnt their loss touring
[03:17] and obviously got his hotel and as an
[03:19] agile in which all of the major I'd
[03:21] looking to bring back saris so he kind
[03:23] of only these things came to coming
[03:25] together to some kind of focal point um
[03:27] he might see something happening with
[03:29] Zara Singh future rather than what
[03:30] happened without in the past Stark's
[03:32] cooties tweeted to ask whether there's
[03:34] any plans to graphically update the
[03:35] heroes basement or tablet dungeon where
[03:37] the dragons and demons are we're
[03:39] actually up the updating every
[03:41] environment and every NPC so those areas
[03:43] and NPCs will get updated eventually I
[03:46] can reveal that at least one of those
[03:48] areas are already been done and we're
[03:49] releasing the very near future so mod
[03:51] Raven drayden's sent in an email he
[03:54] wants to know if you're planning
[03:55] anything in game to celebrate the
[03:56] Olympics with planning on having a few
[03:59] things running a number of events that
[04:00] particularly runescape Ian style so
[04:03] rather than long jump or hurdles we've
[04:05] got things like cheese wheel role in
[04:07] which is of course very runescape
[04:09] e-resource race click everything you can
[04:11] I don't want to say too much we have
[04:13] other events going and I don't give way
[04:15] to much now but it should be typically
[04:17] runescape be silly and should be lot fun
[04:19] so ww2 has asked
[04:21] when the 10-year veteran Cape will be
[04:23] coming out um and we'll come back to
[04:26] that in just a minute first though it's
[04:29] time to check out some more of your
[04:30] videos plucked from RuneScape's annals
[04:32] of history our first video has been
[04:33] around for a while but with a great tune
[04:36] by cage the elephant the lazy spoon has
[04:37] put together a film that's still one of
[04:39] the finest RSM visa
[04:52] speed drawing rocks and this vid from
[04:55] regular YouTube every tune is a great
[04:57] example
[05:09] our final vid this week comes from the
[05:11] animation powerhouse that is our cantos
[05:13] swore a cantos imagines what skill cape
[05:16] emotes would be like if skills went up
[05:17] to 120 this one's for Slayer but if you
[05:21] want to see more check out his YouTube
[05:22] channel if you've seen a great video
[05:24] that should be shared with the world let
[05:26] me know just email the link to me add
[05:27] vodka be at jagex calm it's time to get
[05:32] back to my j mod interrogations when we
[05:34] left it maje hero was just about to tell
[05:36] us about the veteran case so we're
[05:37] definitely doing it I've seen some the
[05:39] concept art we've decided we wanted to
[05:40] wait a little bit after the first point
[05:43] where players could be eligible for it
[05:44] because we thought if we released it now
[05:46] only a handful of players will be able
[05:48] to get hold of it while in a few months
[05:49] time oxygen line there's going to be
[05:51] quite a few more so we'll be doing it as
[05:53] soon as you can do after that so it's
[05:56] definitely coming and it's going to look
[05:57] cool can you tell us anything about the
[05:58] email I'll keep that as a secret I'm
[06:00] afraid but yeah we'd be it's it's a
[06:04] tricky thing to come up with something
[06:05] which is cooler than the five year vet
[06:07] cape and I think we have done Andre 987
[06:10] has asked whether you're gonna add voice
[06:12] acting to any existing quests oh yeah
[06:14] that's a really good question yeah it's
[06:16] something we really like to do you know
[06:18] we've been putting voiceover into some
[06:19] of the new quests like song from the
[06:21] depths and one piercing note but we've
[06:23] recently finished one of the old quests
[06:25] you'll have to wait and see which one
[06:26] that's going to be but yeah we
[06:28] definitely like to do more of that in
[06:29] the future are there any more old quests
[06:31] you would like to add voice overs too
[06:33] we're looking at a few of them yeah so
[06:34] but I can't really reveal too much at
[06:37] the moment but maybe in due course dan
[06:39] mo said has tweeted asking about
[06:40] apprenticeships at jags are there any
[06:42] opportunities available unfortunately we
[06:45] don't offer an apprenticeship scheme as
[06:47] such sharing our dev teams we offer an
[06:49] industrial placement scheme though which
[06:51] is opportunity to spend a year in
[06:53] industry here as part of your university
[06:55] a qualification degree so we look for
[06:58] promising graduates to join us spend a
[07:00] year with us in our player support and
[07:02] dev teams and best place to find
[07:04] information I guess we'll be jagex calm
[07:06] / careers which is where we list the
[07:08] vacancies in the next room cast I'll be
[07:10] catching up with the developers band IVA
[07:12] Lou
[07:12] of combat if you have a combat related
[07:13] questions that you just have to know the
[07:15] answer to email me and if your question
[07:17] is featured you'll be the lucky
[07:19] recipient of some combat concept art
[07:21] signed by the team talking of concept
[07:23] art last week I asked you what's going
[07:25] on here Lima Peru we knew that of course
[07:27] is a thrower troll from troll hein so
[07:29] well done Lima you win a pile of signed
[07:31] concept art and a very limited edition
[07:33] MCM expo t-shirt if you like the idea of
[07:36] winning stuff then why not enter this
[07:38] week's concept comp just email me with
[07:40] what's going on here and you could be in
[07:42] line for your very own bag of runescape
[07:44] stuff that's it for another room cast
[07:49] next time we'll be coming to you on the
[07:51] launch day of the evolution of combats
[07:52] beta and in celebration I'll be meeting
[07:55] the team behind this epic update in the
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