Transcript of RuneCast #1 - from the MCM Expo

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:06] you
[00:10] welcome to runecast today we are at MCM
[00:13] expo in London we're going to be
[00:15] checking out the event talking to Jay
[00:16] mods marketer hero will be answering
[00:18] your burning questions and we'll be
[00:20] seeing what you guys in the community
[00:21] have been up to in the last couple of
[00:23] weeks the MCM expo is London's version
[00:27] of comic-con featuring a dazzling
[00:29] showcase of sci-fi comic books anime
[00:32] manga and video games I've made it to
[00:35] the runescape roof before we check it
[00:37] out here's ability 44 with his take on
[00:40] the latest runescape news hey guys
[00:41] ability 44 here from the Woodsmith RS
[00:43] YouTube channel now to start things off
[00:45] Sumi hits the maximum amount of
[00:47] experience displayable on the high
[00:48] scores now of course he still has gained
[00:50] the most experienced in game but his
[00:52] high scores is just kind of like rolled
[00:54] over and as you can see in this video
[00:56] length in the description he's enjoying
[00:57] flying under the radar for a short while
[00:59] since he only scores have been rolled
[01:01] over that means that the rank 1 spot is
[01:03] now held by Jake moving on though Monday
[01:06] the 29th midnight gmt time marks the end
[01:08] of wild weekends but don't worry because
[01:11] mad may is still going on until the
[01:13] first of june and of course when mad may
[01:15] ends the beta testing signups for combat
[01:17] evolution begins that's all for me I'll
[01:19] catch you on the next room cast episode
[01:21] and let's get on back to the people at
[01:22] the expo well i'm here with marc bolan
[01:25] cool how are you doing good thank you
[01:27] how are you I'm good thanks so what's
[01:29] been going on so we're here at MGM is
[01:31] packed it's really hot we've got a
[01:32] runescape stand here we've got half the
[01:34] community seems have turned out to come
[01:36] and join us they're playing the play
[01:37] runescape on the laptop we've got more
[01:39] GG the concept artist who's working its
[01:42] magic we've got the runes own guys here
[01:44] they're demoing the game we're throwing
[01:46] a t-shirts to people we're selling some
[01:48] amazing kind of like game packs with
[01:50] cosmetic items and so on and we're just
[01:52] basically signing stuff and just meeting
[01:54] people and just and checking the place
[01:55] out it's been really great seeing the
[01:57] reaction of people people are coming
[01:58] from Belgium from Canada from the states
[02:00] just to come and check out the
[02:01] RuneScape's down and that's that's
[02:02] pretty special means a lot as ever the
[02:06] incredibly creative runescape community
[02:08] has been busy making video masterpiece
[02:11] here's what we've been watching ever
[02:13] thought about who's better wise old man
[02:15] apart EP regicide a one has decided to
[02:17] answer that question once and for all
[02:19] through the medium of a brat factor yeah
[02:21] there's just so much to say now where
[02:23] should I begin first of all I've skipped
[02:25] every cutscene that you already you're
[02:27] an ugly old man who needs glasses to see
[02:29] but before hot girls always dancing with
[02:32] me give up and rain are forever and on
[02:34] the stupid quest you're not a very good
[02:36] because they caught you on tape two-time
[02:39] golden dome Award winner and 3d
[02:41] animation master Geoffrey son has been
[02:43] keeping himself rather busy since
[02:44] runefest check out this awesome bit of
[02:47] motion capture
[02:58] how does he get such great motion
[03:00] capture footage well it looks like
[03:02] Jeffrey's backflip that room fest wasn't
[03:04] a one-off check this out he's like a
[03:07] ninja if you've seen any amazing videos
[03:16] from or off the runescape community
[03:18] email me at mutt could be at jagex calm
[03:20] and we'll try and get them on to the
[03:22] next show last time on moon cast we
[03:25] asked for your questions and you've sent
[03:27] them in in droves we've got mud mark and
[03:29] watch your hero here to answer them
[03:31] today how are you doing guys pretty good
[03:33] yeah great yeah a lot of good fast
[03:35] brilliant well our first question is
[03:38] from Robin Hood will the combat 99s go
[03:40] to 120 we've got no plans to raise any
[03:43] of the skills beyond level 99 at the
[03:45] moment Dungeoneering is the right skill
[03:47] to have up to 120 but we've got no other
[03:49] plans to do it with any of the other
[03:51] skills not combat not not anything will
[03:54] you bring the bow system back for
[03:55] rangers if you mean our range is going
[03:58] to be able to use bows again rather than
[04:00] being forced to use crossbows definitely
[04:03] one hundred percent well this new system
[04:05] give max players a lot more
[04:07] individuality oh yeah a lot more one of
[04:10] the problems that we see with runescape
[04:11] is at the top end of the game there's a
[04:13] very limited amount of choice in terms
[04:15] of combat equipment but sometimes it's
[04:18] not always about the equipment it's what
[04:19] you do with the equipment and it's
[04:21] really important to be able to give the
[04:23] players choice you know as much choice
[04:25] as you can so they have genuine variety
[04:27] in their gameplay you know I'd really
[04:29] like to introduce a new level of skill
[04:32] with combat and we'll the community get
[04:34] a chance to use their voices in game
[04:36] again whilst we like using professional
[04:38] voice actors we like doing a little bit
[04:41] of stuff in the house and we love to use
[04:42] our community me you know the end of the
[04:44] day we're all about the community and
[04:46] the more stuff we can do with them the
[04:47] better healthy community makes makes the
[04:50] game so
[04:51] Maureen get involved even just with
[04:53] small little things the better I mouse
[04:56] has asked us if you can give us any
[04:58] hints to future penguin questo oh it's
[05:01] far to see crow it's hot party six if I
[05:04] don't think we can tell you anything
[05:05] about this oh go on there must be
[05:07] something you can tell us how to release
[05:09] date or requirements well I watched
[05:14] photos is this you we've got a very
[05:16] strong storyline we know where we want
[05:18] to go with the direction of the quest as
[05:21] with the last quest where we had a real
[05:23] sort of link to the older Hunt for Red
[05:26] October film we've got another real link
[05:28] to another classic film seriously though
[05:31] I did see one of the NPC's from that
[05:33] quest when I love football partners his
[05:35] death the other day I was in fits of
[05:37] laughter I just I just a long ball it
[05:39] was um there's some very very funny
[05:42] stuff in there and I sent in a question
[05:43] asking if there's going to be any more
[05:45] hairstyles or hair colors added to the
[05:47] game actually very recently we've been
[05:49] gathering a lot of feedback from the
[05:51] forums and we've given those suggestions
[05:54] over to the graphics department and we
[05:55] are expecting to have a pretty cool
[05:57] haircut update in you know within within
[06:00] this year finally as part of the
[06:03] community myself am a member of plan
[06:05] quest I was wondering if there's going
[06:08] to be any
[06:08] for plans this year yes absolutely I
[06:11] mean obviously last year was the year
[06:13] the clan so we're not gonna have as much
[06:15] time and resources to do as much work as
[06:17] we did last year but there is a project
[06:19] that is in development it's called the
[06:20] clan avatar project and I think there's
[06:23] some very cool things about it it's
[06:24] involved essentially a clan mascot that
[06:27] you can take out on the surface well
[06:29] it's customizable up to a point you'll
[06:31] be able to use your show your clan
[06:33] colors and clown logo on it and it will
[06:37] also have some pretty handy little
[06:39] gameplay help as well we've labeled it
[06:41] it won't just be there to look pretty
[06:42] you'll be there to help you out that's
[06:45] nearly it for this runecast from London
[06:47] MCM expo before we go it's time to give
[06:49] some things away last week I asked you
[06:51] to tell me what was happening in this
[06:52] piece of concept art it is of course
[06:54] someone about to have an uncomfortable
[06:56] experience with a queen black dragon mr.
[06:58] AK 67 was a winner and will receive that
[07:01] very piece of concept art signed by mod
[07:03] GG and because we're here at the expo
[07:05] was throw in a very limited edition MCM
[07:07] expo t-shirt too don't worry if you
[07:09] didn't win because here's another piece
[07:11] of concept art and if you can tell me
[07:13] what it is you can be winning all this
[07:14] great stuff that's it for this room cast
[07:17] I'll see you for another room cast in
[07:19] two weeks bye