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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Hi there, Vodka B here and on the day that the
Evolution of Combat beta kicks off,
[00:06] this is RuneCast combat special!
[00:10] On this RuneCast, I meet up with some
of the team behind today's beta launch,
[00:14] there's a combat flavour to this week's
video selection,
[00:17] Ability44 checks out RuneScape's fansites,
[00:20] and there's plenty of stuff to be won
with news on 3 competitions.
[00:24] First though, the Jagex Clan Cup
is upon us once again,
[00:27] and sign ups for skilling, combat and
combined cups are on.
[00:30] I caught up with Steve from Community
Management to find out more.
[00:34] How are the preparations going for this year's Cup?
[00:36] Yeah, it's going really well,
[00:38] we've been totally blown away by the response.
[00:40] We've had 10.000 people sign up for the Cup already,
[00:42] so it's looking to be one of the best ones ever.
[00:44] Can you remind us what cups you'll be
awarding this year?
[00:47] Yeah, so there's the Combat Cup,
and there's the Skilling,
[00:50] and then the Combined cup,
which takes place in Stealing Creation,
[00:53] but as well as that, we've got some
smaller tournaments running alongside,
[00:56] for people that have perhaps lower levels
or haven't been playing it before -
[01:00] and then there's my personal favourite,
the 20 v 20.
[01:04] And what's new this year?
[01:06] Well, we're really keen to see how
Combat works for Clans,
[01:09] so as soon as the combat beta is finished,
[01:11] we'll be looking to do some
exciting events later in the year,
[01:13] we got some cool stuff planned,
so keep an eye on
[01:16] to find out more about that.
[01:18] Steve W there. And we're looking for Runecast
Clan Cup sports reporters,
[01:21] but we'll talk about that in the next Runecast.
[01:24] Coming up, I'll be meeting up with the team
behind the launch of the combat beta,
[01:28] but first, Ability44.
[01:30] Hey guys, it's Ability44 here from the
WhatsUpwithRS Youtube channel
[01:33] on the 25th of this month,
Combat Beta made its release into RuneScape,
[01:36] and there's a few notable people who
wanted to give their opinions about the Combat Beta.
[01:39] So here they are.
[01:41] Hey guys, I'm EgoDomino, part of the
RuneHints monitoring staff.
[01:45] Adrenalin bar is going to be a great addition
for replacing the old special attack bar.
[01:50] Hi guys, Illustrial here from
[01:52] With regards to the evolution of combat update,
[01:55] personally, I cannot wait for this update
to be rolled out into the main game,
[01:58] as it really is going to add a whole new
dimension and layer of skill to combat.
[02:02] Well, uh, I myself am more of a skiller.
[02:05] Fighting scares me.
[02:07] But the combat update looks pretty good!
[02:10] But what this game really needs is cow suits.
[02:13] Hey, I'm Silentcore, I'm really
looking forward to seeing
[02:16] what type of pures can be created with
the new combat level calculator.
[02:19] It's also going to vastly help low level skillers,
[02:21] who are going to now be able to utilize
more healthpoints, prayer
[02:24] and even Summoning for a pak yak,
[02:26] without affecting their combat level.
[02:28] Hello everyone. Shane here from RS B and B.
[02:31] The combat update will bring the biggest change
[02:34] to RuneScape since RuneScape HD.
[02:36] And it's possibly gonna be one of the biggest updates
[02:39] since the game first launched.
[02:42] Hope you'll enjoy the opinions,
and I'll see you on next RuneCast.
[02:45] And Ability44 will be back next time.
[02:48] With the Evolution of Combat beta launching today,
[02:50] you could be forgiven for thinking that the combat
[02:52] team are high fiving each other and
booking trips to Paris to celebrate.
[02:55] But as I found out earlier, it turns out that
the Beta is just the start.
[03:01] So how do you feel, now that the Beta is live?
[03:03] I feel brilliant, I think all my animators do as well,
[03:05] well I know they do.
[03:07] It's been a lot of work,
a lot of planning,
[03:09] and it's taken a lot of effort and focus
[03:11] to remain consistent with all the animations,
[03:14] and make sure everything's in the same quality,
the same great quality.
[03:17] It's just a massive relief to see it all come together.
[03:19] Obviously, it's been a massive project,
[03:21] I mean, we're all a bit shattered, because
we've been doing hideous amounts of overtime
[03:24] but, like I said, it's been a team effort,
[03:26] and it's just a relief to see it all gone,
and I hope it's as exciting when you guys play as well.
[03:29] So what do you expect to learn from the Beta?
[03:31] Well, we've got something really cool with
the Evolution of Combat,
[03:34] and it seemed like the perfect project to try this beta testing,
[03:36] and so we can really stress test products
[03:39] and really get the players' feedback on it,
[03:42] because it's a really important part of the game.
[03:45] Yeah, the feedback is a massive point for us.
[03:47] We're going to try and find out what they like,
[03:49] what they don't like, what's overpowered,
what's underpowered,
[03:51] and everything in between basically,
[03:53] and then iterate on that, and try to
make everything everything it can be,
[03:55] and make sure everyone enjoys it to the best of its potential,
[03:58] obviously, see that everyone's happy with it,
and get a full release.
[04:01] It's really important with a project of this size,
[04:03] you work on it for so long, that you get very close to it
[04:05] and it's quite hard to keep objective about it really,
[04:07] and you make certain assumptions about
what the players are going to like,
[04:10] but there's nothing better than actually getting
their opinions on what you're creating.
[04:14] So what was the hardest part of changing combat?
[04:17] Literally the sheer volume of NPCs and items
that we've got in the game.
[04:21] There's literally thousands of items and
thousands of NPCs
[04:23] that we just needed to just go through and rework.
[04:26] From an animation point of view,
[04:28] it gets very complicated very quickly,
[04:30] when you start having the ability to mix weapon types.
[04:33] One in one hand, and a different
weapon in the other hand -
[04:36] on top of that, you put in the ability anims,
[04:39] suddenly you've got multiples of each animation.
[04:42] That multiplies up very quickly to a lot of work.
[04:45] I had to plug it all in, all that system
of swapping your hands in combat,
[04:49] and then the spear goes from here to here... nightmare.
[04:52] But we got there in the end.
[04:54] And then the dual-wielding -
obviously, there's just so many permutations,
[04:57] and the old system didn't do that,
so it's a complete rewrite from scratch,
[04:59] this script as well, so built
from the ground up in every team basically.
[05:02] We've had quite a few questions from players.
[05:05] TrickyTime wants to know:
"Will special attack specs be Ultimates now?"
[05:08] Some of them will be, yes.
[05:10] Some will also be basics and others
will be threshold abilities.
[05:13] We've kept a lot of the old special attacks,
[05:15] but many of them have been removed,
which were only the unpopular ones.
[05:19] So special attacks from weapons such as
claws and godswords
[05:22] will still be kept in one way or another within the new system.
[05:26] 'Look over there' wants to know,
what happens in multi-way combat?
[05:29] Well, we've now put multi-way combat
across the whole game.
[05:32] There's no single way combat
areas anymore.
[05:35] This has allowed us to do really cool things,
like AoE abilities and stuff now.
[05:38] During the beta, we're erring
on side of caution,
[05:41] so things aren't going to be quite as aggressive
as they might used to have been,
[05:45] so we'll take player feedback on that.
[05:48] I know you're busy, so just one more question.
[05:50] OmegaMage asks,
"how will this new system affect Pures?"
[05:53] Pures can still exist.
[05:55] I mean, we haven't removed the Defence skill,
we don't force you to level it,
[05:58] we just heavily encourage you to level it.
[06:00] Armour obviously carries a lot more lifepoints in the
new system, so if you don't have access to that,
[06:05] there's a chance you're going to get hit for
damage you can't mitigate through armour.
[06:09] So, it's going to be very interesting, because I think
there will be room for
[06:12] people with 40-50 Defence,
but the higher stats to wear mid-level armour,
[06:15] and still be really competitive in PvP.
[06:18] Cause you still have access to the damaging abilities,
[06:20] it's just they've gotta be very careful
with the damage they take.
[06:22] Should be very interesting, I'm looking forward
to that specifically as well.
[06:25] And don't forget:
If you want to get in on the beta,
[06:28] you can register by heading to the link
on-screen, below.
[06:32] Time now to check out some more of your videos,
[06:32] and this week, it's all about the combat.
[06:36] First up is this vid of Woox soloing the
QBD in under 3 minutes.
[06:48] Our next fight takes us way back to where RuneScape
pking all began, RuneScape classic.
[07:03] Finally, here's another video that's a bit of a classic.
[07:07] KKcomics imagines RuneScape
from a whole new perspective,
[07:10] and yes, don't panic,
he's got combat covered.
[07:19] If you've seen a great RuneScape video,
send me a link
[07:21] and it could be in the next Runecast.
[07:24] Now before we go... triple competition news!
[08:05] As Jagex get ever closer to the
200 million account mark,
[08:09] there are lifetime memberships, t-shirts
and concept art to be won in celebration.
[08:12] Send in a video telling the RuneScape team
about your favourite RS moment to win.
[08:16] Click for details!
[08:18] The winner of last week's concept art comp is
[08:20] DeathofDays, who wins a bag full of RuneScape stuff.
[08:23] For your chance to win signed artwork,
[08:25] just email me and tell me
what this week's art is all about.
[08:27] But what's competition number 3?
[08:30] Well thanks to RuneScape's rap genius XIelvenIX,
you could win yourself
[08:32] lifetime membership, mousemats, one of the
handful of MCM t-shirts left remaining,
[08:37] and a pile of signed concept art.
[08:40] You can enter on facebook, on the forums,
[08:42] or by emailing me for this or any
Runecast competition at [email protected]
[08:49] So, to win all that stuff, tell me
which NPCs feature in XIelvenIX's new track,
[08:54] which we'll play you out with.
[08:56] See you next time!