Transcript of Rum Deal journal entry

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  • I have spoken to Pirate Pete, and have agreed to help him find his Family Sword.
  • I have agreed to help Pirate Pete slay Barrelor the Destroyer so that he can reclaim his lands.
  • I have a splitting headache. Captain Braindeath has explained the situation to me, and I have agreed to help brew up a batch of ‘rum’.
  • I have been given some Blindweed Seeds, and told to grow them in the Herb Patch outside. Captain Braindeath recommended that I try and intimidate the Swabs guarding the Herb Patch if I want them to stop attacking me.
  • I have planted my Blindweed Seeds, and should wait for them to grow.
  • I have grown some Blindweed, I should show it to Captain Braindeath so that he can tell me what to do with it.
  • I have shown my Blindweed to Captain Braindeath. He told me to put it into the Intake Hopper.
  • I have added the Blindweed to the hopper. I should ask Captain Braindeath what he wants me to do next.
  • Captain Braindeath has told me to fetch a bucket of Stagnant Water from the Stagnant Lake near the top of the Volcano to the North.
  • Using superior cunning and stealth I have managed to exit the Brewery compound and have collected a bucket of Stagnant Water.
  • I have poured the Stagnant Water into the Intake Hopper. I should speak to Captain Braindeath again to see what else he needs.
  • Captain Braindeath has told me to fish with a Fishbowl and Big Net in the Squid Fishing Spot. Whatever 5 Sea Creatures I dredge up are to be put into a barrel and pressurised.
  • I have pressurised the Assorted Sea Creatures in the Pressure Barrel. I should see Captain Braindeath to check if this is all he needs me to do.
  • Apparently the Brewing Equipment has become possessed. Captain Braindeath has given me a Wrench and told me to sort it out. I should check amongst the Brewers to see which of them can bless it for me.
  • I am now the proud owner of a Holy Wrench. I will take up this Holy Wrench and strike the Brewing Controls until they are very, very sorry.
  • I have banished the Evil Spirit. Captain Braindeath told me there is one more ingredient left. I should ask him what this is.
  • Captain Braindeath wants me to kill a Fever Spider, and put its Body into the Intake Hopper. He told me to wear Slayer Gloves (Available from the Slayer Masters apparently) while I did so, as they carry a nasty disease. Mental Note; do not drink whatever comes out of that machine.
  • I have placed the Fever Spider Body in the Hopper. Captain Braindeath will be able to produce some ‘rum’ when I tell him.
  • Captain Braindeath has filled the Output Vat with ‘rum’. I should take a bucket of the stuff to Captain Donnie and give it to him.
  • I have spoken to Captain Donnie, and have found out the name of his boss, Rabid Jack. I should tell Captain Braindeath about this.
  • I have spoken to Captain Braindeath, who has decided to stay on the island and keep the Zombie Pirates drunk! Despite claiming he has never heard of Rabid Jack he was more than happy with my performance.