Transcript of Rules of RuneScape (book)

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Contents[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

RuneScape is home to millions of people from many countries and walks of life and, like any community, there can be a few bad apples. Just like in the real life, you are not always going to get along with everyone. You have tools such as the Ignore list and your chat settings that should enable you to deal with these situations. In certain circumstances, however, you may feel the need to use the Report Abuse feature. If you do send in a report and the player is deemed to have broken a rule, we will take action to minimise the disruption caused by that player within the community. If a player commits a low level offence, they will get a temporary mute or ban. If the same player persists with this type of rule breaking, they will find that the punishments get longer and longer. If they keep going at this level, they may find themselves getting permanently banned or muted. Some players don't deserve a second chance, and if the offence is particularly bad, we will permanently ban or mute their account. We have divided the rules into three core areas: honour, respect, and security.

Honour[edit | edit source]

We hate being cut up in traffic. We hate people jumping their turn in a queue. We hate people 'borrowing' things and we never get them back, but most of all we get really wound up when we see cheaters. In our games, you earn your levels; there's no room for cheats! Those who work hard in the game and master their chosen skills should feel proud that their dedication has paid off. No one likes cheaters and we are no different! A few examples of things we hate more than bad drivers are:

Macroing/use of bots/third-party software;
Real-world trading/buying power-levelling;
Buying/selling/sharing an account;
Exploiting a bug;
Jagex staff impersonation;
Password/account/bank PIN/item scamming;
Advert blocking (the adverts pay for the game you play!);
Encouraging rule-breaking.

Respect[edit | edit source]

Imagine you own a bar and one of your regulars constantly gets a bit disruptive with the other customers - it's not good for business, because it's not a pleasant place for people to hang out and have a quiet drink with their mates. You'd probably have a chat with the offender and ask him to stop, but if they continued you'd most likely bar them altogether; our community is no different. It's not rocket science, but here are a few things that might get you 'barred':

Discrimination, e.g. insulting someone based on their race, nationality, gender, sexuality, religion or physical impairment;
A real-life extreme threat;
Sexual, obscene, or inappropriate language;
Referencing illegal drugs;
Misuse of forums.

Security[edit | edit source]

There's one golden rule: if you wouldn't tell a stranger on the bus where you live, your telephone number or where you work, or other really personal details about yourself, then don't tell a stranger in RuneScape either. We want you to have friends and have fun, just remember to be careful. To make everyone feel safer and to keep things fun, please don't do any of the following:

Asking for or providing contact information;
Breaking real-world laws;
Advertising websites.