Transcript of Royal Trouble journal entry

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  • I talked to Advisor Ghrim, who told me about King Vargas and Queen Sigrid declaring war.
  • I talked to the Prince and Princess. Prince Brand suggested I persuade the King and Queen to marry.
  • In Etcetera:
  • Queen Sigrid wants me to find who stole her subjects' items.
  • The Etceterians said Miscellanian solders {{sic}} took their items. I told Queen Sigrid about this.
  • I found the Etceterian items in a box deep in the caves below the island. Queen Sigrid was happy to have them back. She gave me a letter for Vargas.
  • In Miscellania:
  • King Vargas wants me to find who took my subjects' goods.
  • The Miscellanians said the Etceterian army took their goods.
  • I told King Vargas about the Etceterian soldiers, and he said that Advisor Ghrim might know more about suspicious arrivals in the kingdom.
  • I talked to Advisor Ghrim, and he advised me to ask the sailor at the jetty about any recent arrivals.
  • The sailor said that Miscellania now has people living in the dungeons, and the most recent visitors were teenagers from Rellekka who went to the dungeons.
  • King Vargas gave me a scroll to prove I had access to the dungeons. He also told me to investigate rumour of monsters in the caves.
  • I showed the guard the scroll, and he let me enter the dungeons.
  • I found out that one of the dwarves has seen a monster in the caves. He's in the inn at the moment.
  • I talked to the dwarf. He said he'd seen a giant monster with huge teeth and eyes, and warned me about the caves. He also gave me a mining prop so I could get through the crack in the wall.
  • I used the mining prop, and got into a cave with a high ledge and a broken lift.
  • I fixed the lift, and climbed along the high ledge and through a tunnel.
  • I found pages of a diary in some fires, and made them into a complete book. It seem that someone's been trying to trick King Vargas and Queen Sigrid into war.
  • I found the writer of the diary and four of his friends. They were the teenagers from Rellekka the sailor talked about.They were also the ones who pretended to be the Miscellanian and Etceterian soldiers!
  • They told me that the stolen goods were in a cave guarded by a giant sea snake, and asked me to kill it so that they could from the caves.
  • I killed the sea snake, and found a box with the Etceterian items in.
  • I told King Vargas what had happened, and gave him the letter from Queen Sigrid. He was pleased with what I'd done, an gave me a reward for my hard work.