Transcript of Roving Elves journal entry

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  • I have met an elf called Islwyn, the grandson of Baxtorian and Glarial.
  • Islwyn asked me about his grandmother's remains, which I had emptied into the chalice of eternity.
  • When he was told where his grandmother's remains were, he told me that elven tombs need consecration.
  • When I offered to help he said I should talk with Eluned, she will tell me how elven consecration is done.
  • Eluned told me that I must acquire the old consecration seed from the guardian spirit in Glarial’s old tomb.
  • Once I have the old seed I will need to return to Eluned, who will re-enchant it for me.
  • Having defeated the guardian spirit I found the old consecration seed.
  • I have given the seed to Eluned, who put new life into it by singing at it.
  • I have now been told I must plant the consecration seed in Glarial’s new resting place.
  • Planting the seed gave a surprising result as it grew into a small crystal tree. I guess I should go tell Islwyn the good news.
  • Islwyn was so happy to hear about the consecration that he gave me a gift and said I can come back and get a new elf bow or shield any time.