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  • Romeo: 'A lovestruck Romeo sings a street suss serenade...'
  • That song sounds familiar.
    • Player: That song sounds familiar.
    • Romeo: I've been down here since 2010 and I still haven't gotten used to it.
    • Player: Gotten used to what?
    • Romeo: All the references. Up in Gielinor there are loads of references all the time, but no one ever talks about it.
    • Player: Oh yeah, didn't they remove you from the game because you were too blatant a reference?
    • Romeo: Down here though it's all pop culture all the time.
    • Player: Why do you think there are so many references in the game?
    • Romeo: There's two good reasons and one bad one, I reckon. Good reason one is to show respect for a source of inspiration. All art is imitative, and a well-placed reference acknowledges that fact without disrupting the flow of the
    • Player: Oh, like homages?
    • Romeo: Yes, exactly. Good reason two is to create a sense of camaraderie with the audience. Including a reference signals to the audience that the author shares their life experiences and loves all the same things.
    • Player: What's the bad reason?
    • Romeo: When it's used as a substitute for actual content. Using a lazy reference because you couldn't think of a line yourself is as bad as using a cliche. One other important thing is, the perfect reference is visible to those who get it, but invisible to those who don't.
    • Player: Hm?
    • Romeo: If it's obvious that it's a reference but you don't know what it's referencing, that makes you feel excluded from an in-joke.
    • Player: You must hate this quest then?
    • Romeo: Yeah...
    • Player: You've put a lot of thought into this.
    • Romeo: Surprising, isn't it? I'll be honest though, on any other subject I'm still the same randy old dog as always.
  • Goodbye
    • (Ends Dialogue)