Dialogue for Rohak

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • If the Player has completed Recipe for Disaster:
    • Rohak: Hello again, youngster.
      • About your son...
        • Player: How's your son getting on, now that I've rescued him from the time bubble and the culinaromancer?
        • Rohak: My son's fine. I'm not so sure about you, though. Maybe you should lay down in a dark room until the babbling stops.
      • Can I have another rock cake?
        • Rohak: Aye, I've still got enough ingredients from before, but I'll want 100 coins.
          • Okay, 100 coins will be fine.
            • You hand over 100 gold and Rohak bakes you a rock cake.
          • No thanks.
            • Rohak: I'm not doing it for less, even for a mate.
              • (Dialogue ends)