Dialogue for Roger Murray

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This transcript involves dialogue with Roger Murray and the player.

Ask About:[edit | edit source]

The attack. The nightstick. The face mask. That's all, for now. == == Mr. Murray, I'd like to talk to you about the attack. == == Mr. Murray, I'd like to talk to you about the nightstick. == == Mr. Murray, I'd like to talk to you about the face mask worn by the Defendant. You can positively say that the man in this court is the one that attacked you? == == That's all, for now. Thank you.

Roger Murray[edit | edit source]

No problem, guv'nor. I'd just won a pocketful of cash from betting on some ferret racing. As I was counting it, walking down a street in Edgeville, a guy in a mask beat me and took all my cash.So, you reported this terrible attack to the local authorities and identified this man as the attacker? == Roger Murray == I sure did. There was no mistaking him. == == Had you provoked the attacker in any way? == Roger Murray == Only by holding the cash in my hands, in plain sight. That was enough for the Defendant to jump me, it seems. I didn't even get to have a victory beer.

Can you positively identify this as the weapon used by the Defendant to attack you? == Roger Murray == Yes, yes I can. It even matches one of my bruises; the arresting officer checked.

Roger Murray[edit | edit source]

Yes, I can. I mean, the mask makes it hard to say for 100%, but I'm definitely 80% sure it's him. Yeah, completely, 80% sure. == Numb8202 == Er, you mean you have never seen his face? == Roger Murray == Well, no, not entirely. But black masks aren't all THAT common. So, I'm definitively, positively, 80% sure it's him.