Transcript of Rockfish Pie

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My dearest Kili,

Ah, Kili, if only you could see me now, my love. I got old. Fat too, but mostly old. You'll wonder how I got fat as a prisoner of war, but, well, I got my distillery going, a little makeshift oven off the forge, and, well... The goblins bring me food all the time - they think it buys them favour in that meat grinder up above, poor things. I make a mean rockfish pie!

I poured my life into this place. I'm a master smith now, Pa! I wish you all could see it, what I made of meself in the end. I've made friends down here like you wouldn't believe. The greenskins are mean sons-of-Bandos on the battlefield, no doubt, but I see them here as a people, as children even. Maybe even my children. They're my family now, and I do all I can to help them survive in here, to get out alive. I shed a tear for each that falls, but I'm limited in what I can do to help.