Dialogue for Robin

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This transcript involves dialogue with Robin and the player.

Before Ghosts Ahoy[edit | edit source]

  • Choose an option:
    • About the Task System...
      • (Transcript missing. edit)
    • Talk about something else.
      • (If the player doesn't have a bedsheet:)
        • Player: It's nice to see another human face around here.
        • Robin: Leave me be, peasant - I am relaxing.
        • Player: Well, that's nice!
        • Robin: Do you know who I am?
        • Player: I'm sorry, I haven't had the privilege.
        • Robin: I, peasant, am Robin, Master Bowman. I am very famous you know.
        • Player: Oh, Robin, Master Bowman, I see.
        • Robin: So have you heard of me?
        • Player: No.
        • Robin: Would you do me a favour? I appear to have run out of bed linen. Can you run along to the innkeeper and get me a clean bedsheet?
        • Select an option
          • Anything for a famous person such as yourself.
            • Player: Anything for a famous person such as yourself.
            • Robin: Now that sounds more like it. Run along now, get me my sheet.
          • Go and get it yourself.
            • Player: Go and get it yourself.
            • Robin: Oh charming. You just can't get the staff these days.
      • (If the player has a bedsheet:)
        • Player: I've brought you a clean bedsheet, Robin.
        • Player has bedsheet removed from them.
        • Robin: Well it's about time. Run along now, I need some Robin time.