Transcript of River troll v. The People

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This transcript involves dialogue with Clerk, Judge, Prosecutor, Defender, River troll, and the player.

Court documents[edit | edit source]

Court summons[edit | edit source]

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Court summons
You have been summoned to the Seers' Village courthouse to work on the case of River troll vs The People.

Please present yourself to the court clerk at your earliest convenience.

Character background[edit | edit source]

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Character Background
Suspect: River Troll
Background: The river troll is highly territorial, like most trolls. He is protective of what he considers to be his home, and generally defaults to violence when resolving problems.

Victim(s): Catherby residents
Background: Catherby is the most popular fishing location in the world. This river troll has made Catherby its home, and the residents are tired of cleaning up the mess.

There is no need to interview witnesses in preparation for this case.

Circumstances and evidence[edit | edit source]

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Circumstances and Evidence
Suspect: River Troll
Case Background: Reports were received from the Catherby Constabulary about fishermen being disturbed by whirlpools, and sightings of a violent river troll. No one was hurt, but the beach was strewn with trash. On arrest, the following articles were found near the river troll:
1 Raw tuna
1 Half-key
3 Spinach rolls

There is no need to interview witnesses in preparation for this case.

Pre-trial[edit | edit source]

Interviews[edit | edit source]

River troll[edit | edit source]

  • River troll: I dunno what the problem is

Trial[edit | edit source]

Commencement[edit | edit source]

Opening statement[edit | edit source]

Only if prosecuting.

  • (Transcript missing. edit)

The prosecution's case[edit | edit source]

Only if defending.

  • Prosecutor: Members of the Jury, I am going to present evidence that decisively proves this river troll is a littering menace to the Catherby community. First, I present the spinach rolls. These were found near the suspect when he was arrested. They're soggy and smell of rotting spinach. Would you appreciate getting a whiff of these during a stroll along the beach?
  • The prosecution presents the nightstick as evidence.
  • Prosecutor: Second, I present the raw fish. The suspect was munching on this when he was arrested. It's probable he took this from some poor fisherman.
  • The Prosecution presents the raw fish as evidence.
  • Prosecutor: The Prosecution calls the arresting officer.
  • The Arresting Officer is called to the stand.
  • Prosecutor: You arrested this river troll, did you not?
  • Arresting Officer: I did. We had reports of a disturbance on the beach. When we arrived it was deserted, 'cept for him.
  • Prosecutor: What was the state of the beach when you arrested the river troll?
  • Arresting Officer: It was a litter-al mess. The troll was sat on a pile of junk, as was listed in the report. It even got fish juice on me uniform! I was fumin'.
  • Prosecutor: The Prosecution calls the river troll.
  • The Arresting Officer is dismissed. The River troll is called to the stand.
  • Prosecutor: Do you know why you are on trial?
  • River troll: Der hoomans fink I too messy.
  • Prosecutor: Do you sometimes leave your belongings behind you?
  • River troll: Uh, guess so. I get distracted by fishies an' dem shiny boxes.
  • Prosecutor: Aha! The river troll admits to littering!