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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] hello and welcome to this week's
[00:07] runescape podcast I'm mob Marty the
[00:10] podcast monkey and with me to discuss
[00:12] river of blood today I have multitude
[00:14] unit content developer and modern
[00:17] content developer both of the Guardians
[00:20] team indeed well we've released river of
[00:23] blood this week and it's gone down
[00:24] really wow really impressed when we were
[00:27] working on quest what was what was the
[00:29] aim of the quest why we releasing
[00:31] another one of the meraki quests so a
[00:33] river of blood is the conclusion to the
[00:35] Marquis series it's a seven part series
[00:37] not if you include priest in peril and
[00:40] nature spirit I'm so it's got a very
[00:41] long legacy to it and I aim was to bring
[00:44] that pathetic story to a close is that
[00:46] our longest quest series so far I
[00:48] believe the plagues in beats that one
[00:50] right at your series it's fed fairly
[00:52] close there isn't it here and it's a
[00:55] grand master quest that's right so
[00:57] there's been some discussion on the
[00:59] forums and i'll read it about why we
[01:00] said it's a grand master quest well the
[01:03] tears of difficulty of our quests are
[01:04] determined by the skill and quest
[01:07] requirements yep strictly so although we
[01:09] have some grandmasters that are rather
[01:11] short but very and Avion on combat we
[01:14] have other ones that take a very long
[01:15] time to complete but they might have
[01:17] moderate difficulty in terms of straight
[01:19] classification it's that the school
[01:21] requirements they're determined but it's
[01:22] Grand Master all master right so because
[01:24] it's the end at the end of the chain and
[01:25] it's got lots of skill requirements 80
[01:29] or above yeah it puts into the
[01:30] Grandmaster stratosphere so to speak
[01:33] exactly and it's a it also got a lot of
[01:35] law as well I really twisted all those
[01:38] combat levels probably not as high as
[01:40] some of the other grand mosque yeah it
[01:42] was certainly a challenging one to work
[01:43] on because and so many plot threads have
[01:45] been woven into the series over the
[01:48] course of all this quest and made to try
[01:50] and bring all that to a fitting
[01:51] conclusion okay okay well now we're
[01:54] stopped going to start getting into the
[01:55] really spoilery bits because so far
[01:57] we've avoided any of that so if you
[01:58] haven't played the quest and don't want
[02:00] to know what happens then you probably
[02:02] don't want to listen to any further and
[02:05] so we go on to the rewards I stand some
[02:09] of the roads are quite tasty from this
[02:10] model Ryan
[02:11] yes okay so the players have pretty much
[02:14] fallen in love with the new Sunspear or
[02:17] at least the reformed Sunspear I am so
[02:19] we've hacked off the top of Japan's
[02:22] blade we've got a blister word shaft and
[02:26] we've put a wolfbane dagger on the end
[02:28] of it and we've got this double ended
[02:29] spear now this weapon is not only
[02:33] augmenta beloit it's morphable so you
[02:36] can switch it from a male a spear to a
[02:39] magic staff to arrange javelin it's also
[02:43] degradable it's tier 78 two-handed and
[02:46] so there's all these all of these
[02:49] different functions that it fulfills
[02:51] yeah apparently it's absolutely amazing
[02:54] for Iron Men as well because obviously
[02:57] they're somewhat limited at least in a
[03:00] sensible manner to what weapons they can
[03:02] use yeah as a perfect weapon for them
[03:05] it's got a 600 k reclaim cost right and
[03:09] so it's really good for invention
[03:11] definitely a good way to Train invention
[03:14] and Slayer at the same time especially
[03:16] if you have a via task as well because
[03:18] it tears through them I understand that
[03:21] there's a trick involving reveling goals
[03:23] and using it as well ok so the the
[03:26] ravenous goals is related to the blood
[03:29] essences right but they're also not
[03:32] undead as well so what happens is the
[03:36] Sunspear has extra effects on the likes
[03:39] of buyers and werewolves right ok etc we
[03:44] don't class schools as undead so
[03:46] Sunspear doesn't have an extra effect on
[03:48] those right but if the player wears a
[03:50] blood essence in their pockets lot yeah
[03:53] which obviously they can only get from
[03:55] completing the quest so the ravenous
[03:56] schools have been out for two weeks and
[03:58] no one's really known what this extra
[04:00] effect is yeah they become very
[04:02] aggressive and they will stack up on you
[04:04] and they're very good combat XP in that
[04:07] regard they work very similar to how
[04:09] players train in the abyss and with your
[04:11] Bissell lockers and leeches and stuff
[04:13] now obviously it's still probably worth
[04:16] bringing the halberd there because you
[04:18] can hit through the ravenous goals yeah
[04:21] unfortunately the spear
[04:23] while it's probably long enough to be a
[04:25] halberd it functions as a spear so it
[04:27] doesn't have that two tiles doesn't have
[04:29] extra reach indeed okay so tell me about
[04:32] blood essences as well ok so blood is
[04:35] really sweetness yeah the pretty cool
[04:38] they each have different niches to fill
[04:40] so for example if you're the type of
[04:43] player that uses overloads and maxes out
[04:46] on buffs when you go bossing then a few
[04:49] of them will not be of use right okay
[04:52] they are mid to high-level ranged but
[04:55] they were designed to be cheap okay
[04:58] we're designed to be accessible once
[04:59] you've completed the quest i mean the
[05:01] quest requirements themselves are not
[05:02] overly high we've got some 80s that's
[05:04] that's fine but once you've gotten to
[05:07] this level and access the blood essences
[05:10] you should still find use for them at
[05:12] least one or two depending on what you
[05:14] want to do yeah so there are six types
[05:16] we've got the vampiric blood essence
[05:19] which works in the same way as the
[05:21] vampirism aura and scrimshaw in the
[05:25] sense that melee attacks will restore
[05:27] health depending on how much damage you
[05:29] deal yeah it's kind of an offensive and
[05:32] defensive you got the heels based upon
[05:35] damage that you do yeah and then we've
[05:38] got the pennants blood essence which
[05:40] works exactly the same as the pennants
[05:43] aura it will deal which to damage to you
[05:46] I believe the numbers are eight percent
[05:49] extra damage for two percent extra
[05:52] prayer based on the damage that you
[05:54] receive okay the aegis blood essence is
[05:58] effectively a shield it will proc every
[06:02] so often and negates and potential
[06:05] damage okay now you won't see that or at
[06:08] least how much damage was negated unless
[06:11] you activate it and use the ultra
[06:14] version of the blood essence which I'll
[06:16] explain shortly I'll carry on through
[06:19] the list so we've got the reflecting
[06:21] blood essence which does what it says on
[06:23] the tin yeah if you receive damage it
[06:26] doesn't negate any of that damage but it
[06:27] does reflect that damage back at your
[06:30] opponent the activated version does
[06:32] fifty percent and the regular version
[06:33] will
[06:34] flett five percent of the damage back
[06:37] and that's over about seven or eight
[06:38] seconds as well which is quite nice yeah
[06:40] so it's not just one hit we have the
[06:43] berserker blood essence which works
[06:46] similarly to overloads except for a
[06:48] shorter duration they can be activated
[06:51] for 20 seconds so your stats get boosted
[06:53] up to I believe it's 133 if you are
[06:57] maxed yeah and that's with potions and
[07:00] such that is the maximum level you can
[07:02] get other than that I think it's
[07:03] possibly it goes up to 117 118 without
[07:09] potions much is still pretty cool yeah
[07:12] obviously if you use overloads all the
[07:14] time for everything then it's probably
[07:17] not worth using it because it doesn't
[07:18] stack with overloads that would be very
[07:20] very overpowered that is the bottom line
[07:22] on that you've had it here yeah we're
[07:25] we're not making it work with overloads
[07:27] despite how many times some people
[07:29] asking a song from it did and finally
[07:32] we've got the tireless blood essence and
[07:35] a lot of players surmise that this would
[07:38] be run speed Raj to be honest wouldn't
[07:41] be that useful it's actually adrenaline
[07:43] and so it gives you a static plus
[07:48] fifteen percent adrenaline as soon as
[07:51] you use it right it's passive effect
[07:54] which took players a good day or so to
[07:56] find out how it worked yeah and was that
[08:00] you have a chance when you kill an NPC
[08:02] to receive adrenaline based on the HP
[08:06] the health points of that MPC right okay
[08:09] am so if you are farming hard you'll get
[08:11] a fair bit extra adrenaline and you will
[08:13] notice it and it has been balanced
[08:15] accordingly it doesn't sound like much
[08:17] because I believe it's one percent
[08:19] adrenaline per two and a half thousand
[08:21] right HP so doesn't sound much on its
[08:24] own but if you are farming and you're
[08:26] just stacked up quite quickly oh wow
[08:28] yeah it does you'll get a full
[08:31] adrenaline bar something like ten
[08:33] percent faster than usual and that makes
[08:35] a big deal yeah it makes me different so
[08:39] so the two different effects with the
[08:42] blood essences we have a passive effect
[08:44] yeah that's like a minor version of
[08:47] there
[08:48] main function yeah and we have an
[08:50] activate effect which is the kind of
[08:53] right click click activate and it will
[08:56] do its large regressive exactly it's a
[08:59] special year and generally you can say
[09:02] that the activated version is about on
[09:07] average 10 times better but you're
[09:10] limited to doing it once per minute
[09:12] roque an example of that would be that
[09:16] the aegis blood essence which would
[09:19] normally negate some damage will negate
[09:22] fifty percent of the next hit that you
[09:25] take so it's really useful for some boss
[09:28] fights where you're expecting a good
[09:30] kind of wallop exactly you can put your
[09:33] shields up and brace for impact let's go
[09:37] to goods or some goods usability that
[09:39] yeah I think they're very niche and but
[09:41] the fact that they're quite cheap and
[09:44] also one thing I'd like to mention as
[09:47] well don't know if players realize this
[09:49] yet is they are over chargeable when you
[09:52] create a blood essence it starts with a
[09:55] thousand charges you use one charge per
[09:59] passive activation right and fifty
[10:01] charges for an activated version you can
[10:05] actually use congealed blood on the
[10:07] blood essences after you've created them
[10:09] to charge them up to 5000 total charges
[10:12] right okay it certainly makes them last
[10:15] a fair bit longer and because they don't
[10:17] degrade to dust yeah players will
[10:19] eventually find this out and it will
[10:20] become more apparent cool cool so given
[10:25] that we've now got to the end of this
[10:27] series is that the end of vampire quest
[10:28] now then it's the end of the Marquis
[10:30] quest series so that resistance group
[10:32] fighting against the vampires in the
[10:34] fifth age that storyline is concluded we
[10:36] thought the memorial to the Marquis and
[10:38] they're pretty much disbanded the
[10:40] purpose has been served but in terms of
[10:43] the vampires and the the other creatures
[10:46] of mauritania we'd like to do more with
[10:48] that environment and those characters in
[10:49] the sixth age yeah it's not something we
[10:51] plan to do anytime soon it's not on any
[10:53] release schedules we'll see what players
[10:55] want as their priorities for future
[10:57] updates we certainly would like to focus
[10:59] more on do
[11:01] other fourth age series in the interim
[11:03] yeah because mauritania is now 50 h is
[11:06] done from Mauritania it's now up to date
[11:08] so there are other 5th aged always we
[11:10] want to catch up on thurs exactly so
[11:13] given all those changes what's going to
[11:15] happen in Mauritania next we'll have to
[11:18] wait and see at this stage we've had
[11:21] various story threads that we wanted to
[11:22] resolve and there's a few dangling plot
[11:25] threads that can be explored further in
[11:27] the sixth age the effort the splinter
[11:30] group for example which you actually
[11:31] wrote the book for very grateful to you
[11:34] for that thank you so that was one of
[11:37] the things that we could have tied up in
[11:38] a neat bow but we wanted to see if we
[11:41] could discuss that further in a 68
[11:43] environment so that that's one thing
[11:44] that's this thought dentling this the
[11:47] new political power play that's been
[11:49] established from cephalon as an heir
[11:52] apparent to the vampires and you have
[11:54] the ICN come back with a representative
[11:57] and there's an uneasy truce how that
[12:00] might potentially play but at the stage
[12:03] that's really a story land to be
[12:06] considered in the future and it's not
[12:08] like we plan to address any time soon
[12:09] and what about the werewolves the poor
[12:11] werewolves I also wear balls did have
[12:14] some representation in the quest not as
[12:15] many as chaos lupus would like I'm sure
[12:17] funny enough funny if that was one of
[12:20] the people i saw this question meows
[12:21] yeah I had a feeling worthy yes he's
[12:23] very passionate and yes I we wolf quests
[12:26] are also something that could
[12:27] potentially happen in Mauritania in the
[12:28] future I know Cecily key internet I'd be
[12:30] interested to see how many other players
[12:32] would be and whether that's a a
[12:34] appropriate use of resources so one of
[12:36] the things that had a great response was
[12:38] the hallucinogen sequence oh yes the the
[12:42] post poisoning sequence so that group
[12:46] entire graphical sweet as you roll up
[12:48] through cross ultracaan how did that
[12:51] come about so that was quite fun to
[12:54] develop em so mod rally decided that we
[12:59] should be poisoned by the weird right
[13:02] and experience some kind of maybe fourth
[13:06] wall breaking and slightly weird effects
[13:11] for the player to experience them so I
[13:14] spent a morning kind of prototyping
[13:18] camera effects so to those of you who
[13:20] were somewhat nauseated by I apologize
[13:24] but not really that was the intention
[13:26] yeah the intern today was to make people
[13:29] feel discomfort it wasn't yes but that's
[13:31] where that camera does that sway in that
[13:32] pulse exactly it's supposed to feel
[13:35] weird and disorientating so a quick
[13:38] funny story from development I purposely
[13:41] made it really bad so that it would
[13:42] freak out most of the QA team and and i
[13:46] made over fifty percent of the QA team
[13:48] feel nauseated or ill and they hated me
[13:52] for a day mission accomplished guys
[13:55] don't get back down from that yes yeah
[13:57] we adjusted it accordingly and it's only
[14:01] really bad for the first part of the
[14:04] hallucinations right okay observant
[14:06] players will notice that you do calm
[14:08] down the camera pulsing specifically
[14:11] calms down as you go up the castle yeah
[14:15] it's like it's wearing off and certain
[14:18] things will trigger it you're the color
[14:20] shading appears and disappears depending
[14:23] on things that you do in the castle so
[14:26] again spoilers you've already gotten
[14:28] this far when you kill the skeletal
[14:31] hellhound hallucination yeah in the
[14:33] castle took our courtyard and that's
[14:36] after you've just spoken to saffle on
[14:38] you have to kill them to get past a
[14:40] barrier that barrier is again all of
[14:43] this is hallucinations you know you are
[14:45] practically fighting against your own
[14:47] mind at this point and that was one of
[14:49] the better ways we could convey that was
[14:52] to just bring back past memories of the
[14:55] Mikey series such as the hellhounds and
[14:57] vanished romantic on the things that you
[14:59] know are already dead and you have to
[15:01] fight them once again things like van
[15:04] Strom's blood Feld called Harold yeah up
[15:07] on the first floor of joke on so you've
[15:11] got a ver Titas holy water and you're
[15:14] currently hallucinating and everything
[15:15] is that kind of film noir Sin City color
[15:18] grading yeah black and white and red
[15:21] very bloody and vampiric in essence
[15:25] anyway and as soon as you throw the holy
[15:27] water on Harold your hallucination
[15:30] dissipates and your color grading goes
[15:31] back to normal yeah the pulsating comes
[15:34] down then all of a sudden you walk
[15:36] through and you see the grand exchange
[15:38] hang on what the hell is the grand
[15:39] exchange doing in castle rock on yeah
[15:42] the color grading appears again you you
[15:44] feel nauseous again you go up to the
[15:47] next floor you blow up the stone of jazz
[15:49] you chop up a blister wood tree and see
[15:52] that its stump is spurting blood into
[15:54] the air yeah everything's a bit weird
[15:56] everything's not quite right yeah that
[15:59] was really fun to implement we had a few
[16:00] other ideas we wanted to include some
[16:03] with teleport animations and maybe
[16:06] actually have buyers that the venatores
[16:09] going through the windows as they smash
[16:11] right those of you who rushed through
[16:16] the quest and you silly silly people you
[16:19] might not have noticed that we had all
[16:23] of the Mikey heads yes on a bookshelf oh
[16:28] yeah first floor and you can talk to
[16:31] them and they give you small hints about
[16:32] the quest so we noticed that a few
[16:34] people got stuck on the stone of jazz
[16:35] part because the fire pit is not very
[16:38] visible yeah again these are all kind of
[16:42] we've tested these and decided that they
[16:43] were okay we wanted you to spend a good
[16:46] five minutes in that room searching
[16:48] around for us so there's not a few of
[16:49] the right solution it's a puzzle at the
[16:50] end of the day and it's very similar to
[16:53] the older Mikey quests and even quite
[16:56] similar to the original elf City quests
[16:59] as well in the sense that you know this
[17:00] is the few of these items in a room how
[17:04] do you get to the next part so one of
[17:07] the one of the things that's come out of
[17:09] the quest is there's a whole bunch of
[17:10] people requesting they can have a filter
[17:12] I assume that's technically difficult
[17:16] it's not technically difficult at all
[17:19] it's actually quite easy to achieve the
[17:22] issue is implementing it in a way that
[17:24] is sensible and safe and also so that we
[17:28] don't overwrite other effect yeah
[17:31] our intended so feel free to go and try
[17:34] this but there's the Sun and night
[17:37] stones I believe from God walls dungeon
[17:39] if you use that in hallucination areas
[17:43] you do get artifacts in that you
[17:45] overwrite various rather than
[17:47] hallucination effects and we haven't put
[17:50] anything in place to manage that yet I
[17:53] think something in future would be to
[17:54] have an environment color grading
[17:57] management system both hands so that all
[17:59] of the developers could plug into that
[18:02] and it would certainly make it more
[18:03] streamlined ok ok it's possible so
[18:07] another one of the common questions is
[18:09] what didn't you get to include well we
[18:12] started by designing everything we
[18:14] wanted to do yeah it was a glorious and
[18:17] massive amount of objectives and plot
[18:22] threads and characters that were
[18:23] included there would be recruiting
[18:26] mercenaries from Temple trekking am dr.
[18:28] Harlow even from the Vampire Slayer
[18:31] crisp who can be there all over the
[18:34] place you'd have your final words with
[18:35] the nature spirits and you'd have pots
[18:38] going into port apes' mattes and you'd
[18:41] be luring a wreck sites out because
[18:43] apparently vampires are terrified of
[18:45] spiders the end attempts to sabotage via
[18:49] Kemp's and you'd be able to go into the
[18:51] ruins of the I seen castle and explore
[18:55] their we work every environment
[18:57] graphically know if we had six months to
[19:00] a year to do all that it would be an
[19:02] amazing thing in practice though yeah
[19:04] there is only so much we can do a
[19:05] request was that was there anything you
[19:07] didn't get to include model Ryan that
[19:09] you were tinted not overly because when
[19:12] I joined the team yeah the storyline had
[19:16] mainly been fleshed out this is your
[19:18] first big project with the team yes yeah
[19:20] that's right and then swiftly moving on
[19:23] to eastern lands afterwards yeah I
[19:25] joined about halfway through the project
[19:27] and a lot of the objectives had been
[19:29] planned out the storyline was already
[19:32] there yep and I got given a lot of the
[19:35] tasks within this project that were very
[19:37] self-contained yep so I could bring my
[19:40] experience from previous jobs like the
[19:43] God books for example
[19:45] blood essences and Sunspear and then I
[19:47] got to try my hand at a bit of the quest
[19:51] with the hallucinations the cast with
[19:52] jacquard sequence and stuff like that so
[19:55] I think I got to include everything that
[19:58] I wanted to but my scope was smaller
[20:00] right okay so that's that's probably why
[20:02] there were some hallucinogens you get
[20:05] some Lisa nations rather hey you wanted
[20:07] to include that yet not included but yea
[20:09] indeed you got most of it in that yeah I
[20:12] believe so I mean if I had the chance
[20:14] more and more weeks on hallucinations
[20:17] which would have probably been a bad use
[20:19] of time yeah I would have teleported the
[20:22] player around the world and done very
[20:24] silly things but then it could also
[20:26] verge on confusing for the player okay
[20:29] okay so you might have lost some of the
[20:32] narrative drive through the castle yeah
[20:34] indeed it's very difficult to stay
[20:38] within the confines of sense and
[20:41] nonsense yeah while hallucination while
[20:44] hallucinating okay and my last question
[20:47] for you both what's your favorite part
[20:49] so I really enjoyed the mausoleum I
[20:54] really enjoyed the particle effects and
[20:57] the cutscene we got there the the blue
[21:00] and purple explosion yeah you kind of
[21:04] pour this liquid into the south yeah
[21:07] that was visually really appealing to me
[21:10] yeah and also felt rewarding it felt
[21:12] like I was this is the part where I'm
[21:13] going to mess things up for finesse q
[21:17] ler yeah my favorite part was
[21:20] differently in the first act when you're
[21:22] restoring this old barrier that section
[21:24] was intended to be a call back to the
[21:27] earlier question series which were less
[21:29] hand holdy where you're exploring around
[21:31] mauritania you're given a very vague
[21:34] thing you're trying to resolve but it's
[21:37] down to you two remember we're certain I
[21:40] think things are and pestle it out for
[21:41] yourself you are unveiling the history
[21:43] of Mauritania and [ __ ] around with
[21:46] strange mechanisms and yeah old books
[21:49] and things and trying to work it out for
[21:51] yourself that we will explore your key
[21:53] ology color thing absolutely yeah yeah
[21:55] saying that mud happened did very well
[21:57] went to ensure that that was well
[21:58] represented brilliant well thanks very
[22:00] much it's a great quest and look forward
[22:04] to seeing what you do next thanks bye
[22:06] bye
[22:25] you