Transcript of Ritual of the Mahjarrat journal entry

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  • I spoke to Sir Tiffy of the Temple Knights. He has given me a mission to journey to Mos Le‘Harmless. When I get there, I must head to The Other Inn and speak to an operative named Sir Tendeth.
  • I found Sir Tendeth just in time to survive an attack on Mos Le'Harmless by an unknown foe that rained fiery death on us from above. I should find out what's going on.
  • I spoke to a Mos Le‘Harmless local about the attack. Whatever it was that attacked the town has headed off into the nearby jungle.
  • Sir Tendeth and I ventured into the jungle to see what caused the attack. Sir Tendeth was promptly roasted to death by fireballs. The fireballs are coming from the east. If I want to find out who's behind all this, I will need to advance in that direction, moving from cover to cover, tree to tree, to avoid being flame-grilled myself.
  • I crossed the Mos Le'Harmless jungle, skilfully avoiding fireballs. At the edge of the jungle, I witnessed the creatures that had attacked Mos Le‘Harmless, I reported back to Sir Tiffy. He has taken me to the Temple Knight archive room to see if we can identify the creatures I saw.
  • Lady Table found a strange and ancient note written by Robert the Strong. We should figure out what it means.
  • I have suggested that Robert's note was addressed to me, and that I should seek out Bob the Cat and ask to borrow his collar, which apparently contains a code to a plane called Kethsi.
  • I have obtained Bob's collar, which apparently contains a code to a plane called Kethsi.
  • Bob's collar has an elaborate pattern on it, with Bob's name on the front and ‘DIRAKS' written on the inside.
  • It turns out that DIRAKS is a fairy ring code. I have entered another world, presumably Kethsi. Wherever this is, it's in complete ruin.
  • I used Bob's collar to access a secret stash on Kethsi, which was left by Robert the Strong. It contains two notes, a necklace, the arm of a statue and a stone tetrahedron.
  • I used the statue arm to fix a statue, at which point a bridge formed, allowing me to access more of Kethsi.
  • I found an underground area on Kethsi. It has a locked door and four strange triangular holes in its walls.
  • I have found four stone tetrahedrons hidden around Kethsi.
  • I found a strange device among the rubble of Kethsi. I can check its output and, if I'm on the surface of Kethsi, I will see a series of letters.
  • I placed four stone tetrahedrons in the triangular holes, which revealed the letters.
  • [A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H]
  • [A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H]
  • [A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H]
  • [A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H]
  • The letters and numbers I found were coordinates. I used them to find a Kethsian key hidden beneath the ground.
  • I used the key to unlock the door in the underground area.
  • Behind the door, I found a battered old journal entitled Dathana’s notes.
  • I read Dathana’'s notes. They contained important information about the nature of the dragonkin. This seems worth reporting back to Sir Tiffy.
  • I showed Dathana’s notes to Sir Tiffy. He suggested I consult with Akrisae and the others in Falador Castle.
  • I began discussing the problems of the dragonkin and the Stone of Jas with Akrisae and the others in Falador Castle, when Ali the Wise showed up. I hope he is here to help.
  • Ali the Wise has suggested that we could work with the Zarosian Mahjarrat at their forthcoming rejuvenation ritual in order to defeat Lucien. Akrisae is strongly opposed to this idea. It's going to take some serious convincing to make him think otherwise.
  • Akrisae has begrudgingly accepted to work with the Zarosian Mahjarrat at the ritual. We have bequn to discuss the preparations we will need to make in order to increase our chances of success. There is still a lot to decide.
  • I have said I will lower a rope off the north-west edge of the plateau to the beach and cave below. Akrisae has given me some teleorbs, which I should attach to the Stone of Jas if I happen to find it.
  • Ali the Wise has given me Arrav's heart. I will need to hide it somewhere at the ritual site on the plateau.
  • Before I head to the plateau, I need to speak to Azzanadra at Varrock Dig Site to see if he will ally with us against Lucien.
  • Azzanadra has agreed that an alliance would be mutually beneficial, and has given me some beacons to hide around the plateau to help focus his power. My next task is to actually get onto the plateau. Earlier, Ali the Wise suggested that there may be a way through near Ghorrock, the frozen fortress north-west of the Wilderness.
  • Some of the ice near Ghorrock Fortress has very recently melted to reveal a previously hidden tunnel. I have made it onto the plateau! I need to do a number of tasks here:
  • I need to lower a rope from the north-west of the plateau to the beach and cave below.
  • I need to hide Arrav's heart somewhere near the middle of the ritual site.
  • I need to get into Zemouregal’s fortress to see if he has any way of strengthening his hold over Arrav. If I find such a way, I should put a stop to it.
  • I need to hide a beacon on the north side of the plateau.
  • I need to hide a beacon on the south side of the plateau.
  • I need to hide a beacon on the west side of the plateau.
  • I need to hide a beacon on the east side of the plateau.
  • I need to see if I can find where Lucien has hidden the Stone of Jas.
  • I met Movario at the south-east of the plateau. He thinks the Stone of Jas might be on the other side of a nearby wall of ice. He has also detected shadow magic in the area.
  • Using my ring of visibility, I have found a heat globe pedestal, similar to those found in Ghorrock Fortress. It is located towards the south of the plateau.
  • I found a spare heat globe in Ghorrock Fortress.
  • I placed the heat globe in the shadow pedestal, which melted an entrance into the ice wall.
  • While attaching teleorbs to the Stone of Jas, my hand accidentally brushed against it and I had a vision of Saradomin using it during the God Wars! The Stone caused me to become stronger, too. Then, an alarm was set off and I was teleported onto the plateau.
  • Apparently, the ritual is about to start! I ran into my allies on the plateau.
  • General Knazard turned up and revealed Ali the Wise to really be Wahisietel, a Zarosian Mahjarrat! We fought General Khazard and his retinue.
  • We have moved to the ritual marker, where we have found Lucien. He called forth some particularly mean ice titans, but we defeated them.
  • Lucien summoned some ice demons to fight us. Sliske, a Zarosian Mahjarrat, appeared out of nowhere and then summoned the Barrows Brothers! They are fighting on our side! Between us, we defeated Lucien’s ice demons, but we've hardly even scratched him.
  • Lucien unearthed Jhallan, a Mahjarrat I had helped on an earlier adventure, from his hiding place beneath the ritual site. There was still disagreement between the Mahjarrat as to who the sacrifice should be, so the fight continued. We freed Arrav from Zemouregal’s control. He looks more human already and is fighting on our side. Azzanadra informed me that the southern beacon had fallen, so I repaired it.
  • Lucien sacrificed Jnallan to trigger the effects of the ritual. All the Mahjarrat standing around the ritual stone transformed from skeletal beings into what Azzanadra declared to be the Mahjarrats’ true form. Rejuvenated, and with the beacons strengthening him further, Azzanadra invoked the power of Zaros and again we attacked Lucien, but Lucien called forth the Stone of Jas. When all seemed lost, three dragonkin appeared and killed Lucien with apparent ease.
  • They made it very clear they weren't our friends either, by murdering Idria!
  • They then left. Thaerisk, Tiffy and I then cast a spell to hide the Stone of Jas where no one can find it, not even ourselves alone.
  • While teleporting back to Falador, I experienced a very confusing vision. I was in Draynor Village and saw many people I know die. Many of these people are in reality dead already. Then, the dragonkin showed up and told me I was experiencing a vision of things to come. I should report back to Sir Tiffy.
  • I can mine banite ore in the plateau ice wall, and make it into bane arrows and bolts, which can be attuned to be strong against certain creatures with my new Tune Banite Ore spell.
  • The residual energy from the Stone of Jas, where Lucien last stored it, will give me a temporary damage boost when fighting in areas near Lucien's base. The closer to the cave, the greater the boost, but some benefit can be gained in areas as far away as the Black Knights’ Fortress and the Fremmennik Slayer Dungeon.
  • I have access to fight glacors in the cave where I found the Stone of Jas. After the ritual, the orb from the Staff of Armadyl was smashed into many shards, which the glacors found. The shards can be ground into dust to be made into Armadyl runes at the Air Altar. These runes can be used to cast the spell Storm of Armadyl. The shards can also be combined into an orb of Armadyl, which can be used to create an Armadyl battlestaff that, while missing the original shaft, will still increase the casting rate of Storm of Armadyl.
  • I said farewell to Arrav on the plateau.