Dialogue for Rimae Sirsalis

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Player: Hello there.
Rimae Sirsalis: Welcome to the clothes store. How might I help you?
What can you sell me?

Opens up shop interface

Do you have any use for suqah teeth or hides?

Player: Do you have any use for suqah teeth or hides?
Rimae Sirsalis: Most certainly! The hides are great for making clothes and the teeth are particularly useful for broaches, necklaces and the like. But I won't accept them from anyone.
You need to complete the Fremennik elite tasks to unlock this facility.

It's a very interesting island you have here.

Player: It's a very interesting island you have here.
Rimae Sirsalis: Why thank you. It's been our haven for a great many generations.
Player: Everything seems to have a magical feel to it.
Rimae Sirsalis: Of cource. We integrate magic into all our areas of our lives. It is part of everyone, so why deny it? It's best to make the most of this innate gift we have all been given.
Player: What sort of things do you use your magic for?
Rimae Sirsalis: Take a look around. We use it in our day to day lives, from making a cup of tea to travelling around the island. You see our ancestors were the ones that found the first rune essence and put it to use! The various factions were eventually created, with people having different ideas on how the essence should be used (or not in some cases!)
Player: What has kept you so secluded on this island?
Rimae Sirsalis: It may be a bit beyond you, but although magic comes from within, we are all strongly linked to the moon and the effects it has on us cannot be denied!
Player: It can't?
Rimae Sirsalis: Of course not. This very island has a great link to our moon, which helps us understand ourselves - especially our dreams, which is the path to understanding magic.
Player: I think I will just have to take your word on that.

I'm good thanks, bye.

Player: I'm good thanks, bye.