Dialogue for Riddler crab

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This transcript involves dialogue with Riddler crab and the player.

If the player does not own an alaeite or hasn't discovered it[edit | edit source]

  • Riddler crab: If you answer my fiendish riddle correctly, I'll give you a treasure of my people!
  • Select an option
    • Alright then, shoot.
      • Riddler crab: I'm carrying two swords and eight spears, and dressed in a cow-leather tunic. I peek through a hole in the door. What am I?
      • Select an option
        • A maniac.
          • Riddler crab: Wrong!
        • A spy.
          • Riddler crab: Wrong!
        • A master at arms.
          • Riddler crab: Wrong!
        • A crab.
          • Riddler crab: Correct! Here is your shiny prize!
          • Player receives alaeite.
        • A man.
          • Riddler crab: Wrong!
    • Not right now.
      • Player: Not right now.

If the player owns an alaeite or has discovered it[edit | edit source]

  • Riddler crab: Hello there, master of riddles.